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I Peter 4:8: "But the end of all things is at hand; therefore, be serious and watchful in your prayers."


WORLD'S GREATEST BOOK CAN BE UNDERSTOOD IF GIVEN A CHANCE: Beyond question, the greatest book in the world is the Bible, and the greatest Book is about the greatest Person, Jesus Christ (Yeshua the Anointed).

The Books of the Bible


I am my neighbor's Bible,

He reads me when we meet;

Today he reads me in my home.

Tomorrow in the street.

He may be relative or friend,

He may be strange to me;

He may not even know my name,

Yet, he is reading ME.

"The Forbidden Book," Exploration Films

"Essene Scrolls Center

Jewish Newswire Website for Sam Goodenough's Article about President Bush coming face to face with the Bible and God's Covenant with Israel

"The Holy Land Experience," Orlando, Florida

The whole Bible on microfilm, miniaturized, is available in this beautiful display holder, for a love gift of any amount to Trinity Broadcasting Newwork, PO Box A, Santa Ana, CA 92711-2101:

As the law is used to ban the Bible in America, because it contains scriptures against homosexuality and calls it (and every other sin) a sin and an abomination in the eyes of God, this microfilm Bible may become invaluable, as printed Bibles may become a capital offense if found in anyone's possession. It has happened in many other countries many times before in history, and it is a capital offense (or something that will put you in prison in Saudi Arabia and get you tortured, fined, beaten repeatedly, and possibly beheaded--no water treatment only as in "brutal" American-style "torture" in Iraq) in a number of countries right at this time in a so-called civilized world.

The Bible scriptures can be found on these little scrolls, and they can be "spooned" out with a tiny wooden paddle, one a day. What a delightful gift for someone dear, or get one for yourself and others for family and friends! Your Christian bookstore ought to have it, or they can order it.

"Bible Atlas & Map Center"

B.I.B.L.E.--"Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth"--Acronym by Pastor John Hagee, Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, Texas.

We have our own Acronym at the Emmaus Walk: For the youth specifically, with a space exploration slant: B.I.B.L.E.--"Blasting Into Blessing, Life Eternal". How about yours? Make an acronym of your own with your own special meaning!


The Timeline on How We Got the English Language Bible:

Great Site

Founder of the Emmaus Walk Messianic School of the Bible:


"Autobiographical Sketch of a Sparrow," by Ronald Ginther

"A Short Profile of a Made, not Self-Made Christian," by Ronald Ginther

Vita II, With Reference to "The Mystery of the Red Admirals," by Ronald Ginther (Permission to reprint the Red Admirals story being sought)

Welcome to the Emmaus Walk!

"Welcome to the Emmaus Walk, or How to Walk out of Darkness and Deception Into the Light!", by Ronald Ginther, Founder of the Emmaus Walk

"CONGRESS DECLARES BIBLE THE WORD OF GOD," Public Law 97-280, October 4, 1982, Statute 1211, Approved October 4, 1982

"His Eye is on the Sparrow," Excerpt of Message by David Wilderson, Pastor of Times Square Church, New York City, NY

Pastor Ron Phillips has a message on this dark time for Christians in America, when things get worse, not better. Please go to his ministry and church website for it.

Pastor Ron Phillips, Message on "What to Do when things get worse."


My mother's family, Papa, Mama, and her two brothers and six sisters, piled in to the cutter sleigh and the horse pulled them over hill and dale to the church for Christmas Eve service! This was no fairy tale for them--it was a real yearly event, and they all looked forward to it with growing expectation each year, as then they received a bag of candy (if they went to a church in the country nearest them where candy, instead of just fruit, was given to each child). The ACLU and the other sinister, anti-Christ forces at work in America, are determined to eradicate Christmas and all its joy--but that is not going to happen. Christmas will always be celebrated in our hearts as long as we are alive. The ACLU would have to kill every last one of us to destroy Christmas out of America and the world. I am certain it would do so if it had the means, it is so satanic and hateful an organization, but God will not allow it. We thank the Lord that we are still alive and able to celbrate the Grand Event of His Birth in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago! I have been to Bethlehem, resided there in a missionary's home, and enjoyed the stars of Bethlehem shining through my bedroom window at night. How beautiful and unforgettable they were! I had no difficulty imagining the events that Luke describes at the Nativity of Jesus my Savior, even in summer when I was visiting Israel. But the snowy scene above is beautiful too, and my mother's memories (even at age 99) are still sharp and clear when she recalls going to church by sleigh on a snowy evening.

Judge Moore (pictured here) became Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court when he voted in by the citizens of Alabama to show their overwhelmingly favorable support of him and his stand for the Ten Commandments. This happened after an arrogant fathead of an activist liberal judge in Alabama denied him the right to exhibit his own plaque he made picturing the Ten Commandments in his courtroom! Denied his own court, he ran for the office of the Supreme Court chief justice and won it handily! But the anti-Ten Commandments judge did not give up the battle against God and His laws. He and his gang won further cases against him and got the Ten Commandments memorial removed from the Statehouse that he had put there--and it went to a church, I hear. Oh, what is the Legislature and courts of Alabama based on then, if not the Ten Commandments? Men's laws? If so, then men can deny the freedoms we have, and we have no appeal. But our Bill of Rights and Constitution affirm, state most clearly, that we are granted our inalienable rights of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness by God, not by men of mortal flesh and blood and sinful ambitions to tyrannize over others and take advantage of them. What God has granted, wicked men in black robes are now going to take away if we let them. Judge Moore stood up for our inalienable rights, and he was most wrongfully removed from his judgeship, and later his beautiful, dignified memorial was removed from the Alabama capitol building by state troopers obeying the dictates of activist, unconstitutional judges and activist, unconstitutional kangeroo courts. Thank God for Judge Moore, a defender of our cherished rights and liberties in America that our forefathers fought and sacrificed for, and even died for. Except for men like Judge Moore in our past, we would not have the freedom the rest of the world was and still is denied. Yet now our legacy is being destroyed, and 21st century patriots like Judge Moore punished for simply displaying the Ten Commandments in his court room, which he set there for criminals to reflect upon before they go and plot to commit more crimes against society. With the Ten Commandments banished, why then will they be restrained from more evil-doing? What is to prevent them, if they have no conscience, or anything that reminds them there is a God who will hold them responsible for their wicked deeds? Clearly, we will have a howling, tooth and claw jungle, where anything goes, the strong preying upon the weak, if the restraining, protecting law of God is removed. Look around you, fellow American! Isn't it a howling jungle getting worse day by day? We got this horrible state of affairs by banishing the Ten Commandments from schools and now from courtrooms! The Ten Commandments were created by God, and they represent more genius than Einstein ever could muster. They create a civilized society, in all respects. But remove them, and you get the opposite: an uncivilized, barbaric society that is in decline, and will prey on its own members self-destructively. Does that description fit America?

"The Ten Commandments," How We Have Broken Them All in America and Warrant God's Judgment Upon Us and our Nation, by Ronald Ginther

Course Articles are now listed in the new "Course Articles Center" page:

The course article on Exodus was deleted by mistake, but we are searching for it and will have it back on-line as soon as we can.

Ten Required Subject Courses (plus six elective courses) are now on-line. Questions are being appended to those subjects and courses, so please return for them.

Required Subjects:

1. Christian Education

2. Prayer

3. Holy Spirit

4. Biblical Science

5. Foundational Principles

6. Witnessing (includes Apologetics) and Discipleship

7. Types of Christ (OT)

8. Bible Covenants/Israel/Bible Atlas

9. Christian Hope and Character

10. The Prophetic Calling

Electives (this is a partial list):

1. and 2. Christology (based on Christology book offered on this page)

3. Intro. to Hebrew (Zola Levitt book, information how to order it offered on this page)

3. Intro. to Greek

4. "Messianic Prophecy" Course by Zola Levitt (information on it and how to order it on this page)

5. History of the Cradle of Judaism and Christianity, the Middle East, as well as the history of Islam and some of the other anti-Christ cults and atheistic philosophies and environment, secularist, and animal activist moveents (including Darwinism) affecting Christianity significantly.

"Course Articles Center"


"Requirements for Certificate"

The Emmaus Walk Certificate of Excellence

Zola Levitt Ministries offers 12 courses in the Institute of Jewish-Christian Studies. These courses are all excellent, since Zola Levitt was no small authority on the Bible and Jewish studies (and he enlisted a number of experts and authorities in Bible scholarship as well), so you may want to do most of them, or all, but the course, "Messianic Prophecy," is one in particular that you might want to do in order to satisfy an elective requirement in the Emmaus Walk. ZLM will charge you $49 for this one course, or something close to that amount. You can find out about this Institute by going to ZLM:

Zola Levitt Ministries, and The Institute for Jewish-Christian Studies


Daily Bible-Reading Guide for a Year

A Reading Through the Bible guide is also available at the back of "Light For My Path," Illuminating Selections from the Bible, by Humble Creek Press. See the details below on this page.

Some Bible Resources:

"The Bible, The Whole Story," is now on DVD. "Seven major doctrines of Scripture are explained in Zola's clear and informative style. The Bible is covered from Genesis to Revelation. A useful teaching tool for beginner and expert alike."--from the "New and Updated from ZLM" catalog list. In this book Zola Levitt teaches about the Abrahamic Covenant, The Law, Prophecy, The Messiah--Why Jesus of Nazareth?, Grace--the Gift of Absolute Forgiveness, The Church, and the Kingdom (the future thousand-year reign of Christ on Earth). Please contact Zola Levitt Ministries for this DVD. It is #DBWS, $39, for 2 DVDs.

For one elective credit for the Emmaus Walk:

"Bible Resources Center"

"Messianic Christology" is a "must-read" for all Bible students. It will give you information you won't find most everywhere else--and from a Jewish perspective too, which can open windows of insight and illumination that Gentile sources have no access to, unless by quoting Jewish sources.

We highly recommend this on-line bookstore for Christians, the Faith and Freedom Bookstore. Categories of its offerings are: Bibles, Books, Children's Music, David Barton (American heritage) books, Audio Books, DVDs, Christian Bestsellers, Christian Parenting, Christian Business and Leadership, Magazine Subscriptions:

Read and do a review of this absolutely terrific book, and you have your Christology requirement for the Emmaus Walk degree certificate half taken care of. I cannot draw from it here, as it is copyrighted, but the material is excellent, and the appendices are also wonderful, every word of them, so don't stop reading when you come to them!--Founder of Emmaus Walk

"Faith and Freedom Site/Bookstore"

Another Bible resource:

Crosswalk Bible Website


Book Reviews Center:

"Book Reviews Center"

BIBLE PICTURES OF ITSELF is a wonderful thing, is it not? The Bible describes itself as LIGHT, FIRE, SEED, BREAD, MILK, HONEY, MEAT, GOLD, SWORD and HAMMER. You can order this tract from: Faith, Prayer, and Tract League, Grand Rapids, MI 49504, Bible Book Mark No. 162 ($1.80 per doz., $11 per 100).

Can you name other things the Bible is? The Gideon Pocket Bible lists a number: The Traveller's Map, the Pilgrim's Staff, the Soldier's Sword, the Christian's Charter. I thought of the Navigator's North Star. How about Water for the thirsty? Or a Lifejacket for the drowning sinner? Or... Surely, there are more.

Click on Healing Channel or for the "The Story of Jesus" booklet

Missions Center:

"Missions Center"

Testimonies of Martyrs Center:

"Testimonies of Martyrs Center"

Music Center with original and also added lyrics to famous Christian anthems and songs:

"Music Center


Another message recently aired is also excellent, "The Wonderful Word of God," preached by Dr. Jackson at Rejoice in the Lord, Campus Church in Pensacola, Florida. H49 is the number to use to order it. Tapes are $7.50, and DVDs a little more.

"Darwinism and Its Children," by Ronald Ginther.

"Christian Activism Center"


"Friendship for Israel Center"

Dave Hunt's Documentary Video, "Israel, Islam, and Armageddon"

"Speak Tenderly to Jerusalem:

"Speak Tenderly to Jerusalem"

"Against All Odds," by Bill McKay, Order #S-0708, c/o John Hagee Ministries

The trailer and a behind the scenes/production video can be accessed on the Against All Odds web page, with information on how to get the series that is offered for $22 on video. English friends: "Against All Odds" can also be sent in video to you directly in Britain from the John Hagee office in Britain. The cost in English money is something over 10 pounds.

Against All Odds Trailer, & CD

Also, Levitt Letter, March 2008 issue, carries an excellent review of the docudrama, "Against All Odds," by Sam Goodenough,


"The True Furqan" at

Christian TV, when it isn't preaching the false gospels of prosperity (the Bible declares it false, not me, in numerous places), self-deification, self-enhancement, good diet, marriage and sex, etc., but is serving to spread the pure Gospel of the Old Rugged Cross, is still very effective in the saving of souls, for you can see for yourself this is true by going to World Net Daily and reading about the Hamas terrorist leader's son, Sheik Masab Yousef, who has recently accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. Levitt Letter, October 2008, also carries the astounding World Net Daily story.

World Net Daily, for Story of Sheik Masab Yousef's Believing in Jesus Christ



Almighty God, we make our earnest prayer that Thou wilt keep the United States in Thy holy protection; that Thou wilt incline the hearts of the citizens to cultivate a spirit of subordination and obedience to government; and entertain a brotherly affection and love for one another and for their fellow citizens of the United States at large.

And finally that Thou wilt most graciously be pleased to dispose us all to do justice, to love mercy, and to demean ourselves with that charity, humility and pacific temper of mind which were the characteristics of the Divine Author of our blessed religion, and without a humble imitation of whose example in these things we can never hope to be a happy nation. Grant our supplication, we beseech Thee, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

"Who knows what God might do if His people began to PRAY FERVENTLY for spiritual revival? Perhaps one reason Satan has gained such a hold on so many lives is because we don't pray enough."--Billy Graham.

"Lord, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, O Lord. Renew them in our day, in our time make them known; in wrath remember mercy."--Habakkuk 3:2.--from Billy Graham Association.





"Revival Center"


"Oh Lord, please deliver us little children! Obama says he wants babies in their mommies' tummies killed if their mommies don't want them, and they are to get killed even if they get born somehow and their mommies still don't want them. And please, God, don't let him hurt doggies and their puppies too! And, dear God, thank you for one mommy and one daddy who love me, and my puppy too! Amen!"

Did you know that in New York City, half the babies in the womb won't be allowed to live? Fifty per cent! That is a culture of death. Any civilization that kills half its population, is a dying culture, a culture of death. America has become a culture of death. Ugh! Who really wants to live in a culture of death? I for one hate living with this mass murdering for hire going on--4,000 lives a day snuffed out for sheer profit by Planned Parenthood and the abortion mills! Hitler would be jumping for joy, for many of them are Jews! How about you? Whom do you vote for? Do you vote for abortion-supporting candidates? Well, if so, then you are voting for a culture of death. This country is being destroyed right before your eyes, because 50% of the children are already missing from the society, schools, from playgrounds, from homes and families, from churches, from future productive jobs, from our military, from our research laboratories, from our universities...and just think how the value of life is cheapened, but you can kill your own child you conceived and be applauded for it! So you can go pay somebody to kill a real living person in you who has a future and wipe him or her out, just for your own convenience! You can enjoy life that was given to you, but turn around and deny life of someone else? Abortion makes a total mess of human life and human society. It is condoning murder for "justifiable reasons." You can't build a life and a viable society on that! Murder has been made legal in our culture of death. Murder is now socially acceptable (as long as you don't call it what it is), but in God's eyes it is an abomination, a terrible sin, and he will never accept it. Oh, you are not a murderer? You don't have to shoot someone with a gun to commit murder. You or I can murder someone with our words, with our evil tongues and gossip (which is verbal assassination). God commanded: "THOU SHALT NOT KILL." Yet we kill, we kill the most helpless and the most voiceless among us, and no child is safe anywhere in the womb, where a child ought to be most protected, most safe of all. Planned Parenthood has gone to war against the human race. It is an industry of evil profiteering off murdering innocent unborn babies, and is based on shameless lies. It is the world's biggest abortion industry, and receives hundreds of millions (it is rewarded!) by Congress, which steals our tax money and gives it to Planned Parenthood over our protests! And if you aren't protesting? Well, you are complicit then with the murders of millions--and must share in the judgment of God for them. You cannot claim ignorance. This has gone on for over forty years, and Planned Parenthood is everywhere, and its abortion mills are operating full blast in tens of thousands of locations across the land. God recognizes no "fetuses," or blobs of tissue in the womb. He calls them children, which they are. His Word says: "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations."--Jeremiah 1:5. God shows no partiality. What he said to Jeremiah the prophet, he says to every child in the womb--he formed them, he knows them, he sanctifies them, he ordains them for a special destiny. When you kill a baby this way, you strike at God their Creator. Care to stand before him, as you will, and defend your killing children that He created? What will you say then?

For going against the tide of death and poisonous, individual-initiative- destroying welfare dependency in their own black community, brave Christian blacks of integrity (true Christians) are being attacked by blacks for standing against abortion! Can you imagine that! They are called every name, including the "n" word, for trying to protect the lives of unborn black babies! Imagine that! It is incredible, how duped and deceived millions of church-going black people have become, voting Democrat and liberal year after year, now voting a fanatical Marxist demogogue and radical abortionist in as the next president (God forbid!). God forgive them! And God protect the brave black men and women of godly principle and love for their own people who are bearing the brunt of these attacks, not just the Mormons, for opposing the genocide being waged by Planned Parenthood, the Democrat Party, the NAACP, and mainline black Protestant denominations, against all black people. In previous articles on the subject, we have given the names of some of the courageous black ministers who are crying out against the genocide of these Devil-led groups.

WAKE UP AMERICA, WAKE UP BLACK AMERICANS! In a sinking culture of death, which America has become, there is a 50% chance you will elminate by abortion the very person who could, as a doctor, save your life, or marry your son or daughter and give you grandchildren, or teach your children, or protect your family on some battleground, or employ you in a good position or hire you for it, or be your best friend or your children's best friends, or do research and discover the means to cure the deadly new diseases that may someday kill you and your loved ones. PLUNK YOUR VOTE IN THE DEMOCRATS' LAPS, AND YOU ARE KILLING OFF YOUR FUTURE, YOUR MEANS OF SURVIVAL AND A BETTER LIFE FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, YOUR CONSCIENCE, EVEN YOUR STANDING WITH GOD IS RADICALLY AFFECTED--IS IT WORTH IT? WHAT ARE YOU GETTING IN EXCHANGE FOR YOUR SUPPORTING LIBERALS AND DEMOCRATS AND CORRUPT DOCTORS OF DEATH AND ALL WHO PROMOTE THE CULTURE OF DEATH FOR THEIR OWN PROFIT?

Bible Greats, as Portrayed by Eben:

"Bible Greats" by Eben

Christian Greats, as Protrayed by Eben (including the piece about Rev. Jerry Falwell, the brave evangelical Christian leader who kicked the groggy, sleeping churches, kicking and screaming, back into the public marketplace of ideas where the church traditionally was and still belongs, reaffirming the historic, fundamental Christian faith as a marketplace faith):

"Christian Greats Center"


The greatest miracle may well be the Incarnation, but for this all encompassing reason: All orginating in the Father's will and plan, Christ came to be born a man, so he, the sinless lamb of God, could die for sinful men, paying the sin penalty before a Just and Holy God who cannot tolerate sin in any shape or form and must punish it. He did not come for any other reason: that is it! But for there to be any good from his death, he had to rise from the dead! A dead Savior is no good at all. He had to physically rise from the grave. No story, no wish fantasy, no hoax, no hallucination: it had to be absolutely real for there to be any good for us sinners!

Without the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, our faith in God would be in vain. We would be going nowhere after this life you or I would want to go. Without the Resurrection, it would be the grave, to await the judgment and then the casting of our souls into hell. Some future that would be! But thanks be to Christ who died for our sins, that we might have eternal life! We are free to receive the free gift of God, Jesus Christ, as our Savior and Lord! He is the Light of the World, shining into a sin-darkened cave full of the devil's bats, but He will pull us right out of that cave and into His

"I am the Resurrection, and the life; he that bewlieveth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live."--Lord Jesus Christ, John 11:25

Jesus is the true and greatest Morning Glory. He, like the flowers of the vine that open while it is still dark just before sunrise, rose in Resurrection glory from the dark grave just before sunrise!

"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly!"--Quote Sent to my mother, author unknown

You can enter the Lord's glorious, shining Kingdom. He has promised to let you in, the moment you call sincerely on His Name Jesus, believing in Him for your salvation, asking him to forgive your sins and make you a true child of God. You can do it any place, any time, at any age! Do it now! He will then be your Savior, Lord, and Guide, and Protector as well. He cannot lose you to the Devil and the world, if you don't want to be lost. He is a winner of souls, not a loser of souls. You have to work hard to return to the world and Satan your former slave master. But it will start with small sins, unconfessed, and little Bible reading, and much tasting of the world's worldly entertainment and its pleasures, and maybe even engaging in outright sins knowingly, because you think grace will cover them, and you don't have to change and quit sinning once you are a saved and born again Christian. Sorry, sin, the Bible says, leads to death. That is sin's wages. What you reap, you will sow! You can bank on that truth. But Jesus wants the best for you. He wants you to be a New Creation, and continue a New Creation, changed from one degree of glory to the next, as he purges you daily by the Word and discipline of you of the old leaven of sin in your mortal members. You are saved from destruction in hell, given a new heart and a new spirit in Christ, but your body and soul are still the battleground of the Old Adam's sin that you were conceived in. That requires the Lord's help, you cannot defeat it with your own strength or good behavior. Only Christ can defeat it in you. The Bible says so! The same Lord who defeated sin and death and the Devil on the Cross through his suffering and death and the shedding of his innocent blood, He is the only One who can defeat the sin operating still in you as a born again and saved Christian believer. But he has given you many helps, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, and the fellowship and counsel of the saints in the churches, as well as Bible-based teaching and preaching in the true church.

So, giving all these helps, He can lead us now, and we can now walk in His light. His light is Himself in us, and He gives it to us now--not later on. Want His light? He is available now, this instant. Just call on Him, pray to Him, and abide in Him moment by moment. Everything said here is true, as the Bible teaches it is true. So read your Bible! Immerse yourself in God's Word! Let Jesus speak to You and guide and enlighten you. He will do it all. He is faithful, He is the Good Shepherd.

"Resurrection Center"

Big Bad Wolf Business Center:

Latest news is that the bailout for the corrupt Detroit auto unions and the corrupt auto companies failed to get the votes to pass it! Praise God!

A very easy format to follow, the Prayer Journal can be made by simply following this example, using lined paper in a notebook for convenience:




"Little prayer, little power, more prayer, more power, much prayer, much power"--quote from Pastor John Hagee's mother, who is a woman of powerful prayer at age 95.

Prayer Center


Scientists reported that Antarctica gained in ice mass last year, despite all the Doomsday hoopla by Al Gore about it splitting up and floating away. Another little thing that won't get reported in the mainstream media: The world's temperature went down in 2007, one whole degree, not up! But Al Gore won't tell his virtually brainless, adoring audiences that fact either!. We are supposed to "buy green" and "drive green" hybrid cars--what nonsense! They end up costing more money! Those batteries, which polluting factories make in a lot of different foreign countries, wear out! What do you do with them then? The ethanol puts water in your engines, and that necessitates very costly repairs. Go ahead, go green and clewless, but you will pay dearly, without one single effect you can prove scientifically that will benefit the global environment! When the chief promoter of the Global Warming agenda produces one of the biggest carbon footprints of any individual in the world, then you know for certain he is nothing but a hypocrite and a shyster.

"Global Warming (Climate Change) Hoax Center"


John Hagee Ministries to Order "Pilgrim's Progress"

The card is pretty, but the reality? It was very difficult and dangerous to travel long distances, in winter, to find the Christ Child. Also, that stable that he was born in--it was a stable. What is a stable like? Go to one, and find out, if you don't know. Usually, they are not the subjects of cards, as they are stinking, and ugly, and full of...yes, beasts of one kind or another. But that is where Jesus, the Savior of the World, the King of the Jews, was born! Not Buckingham palace, not the White House, not even a middle-class house in suburbia--no, a reeking, dirty, noisy, animal-filled stable.


One of Britain's truly great men of letters, T.S. Eliot, describes what it was like for the Wise Men in his priceless poem below that has many foregleams of Christ's suffering, crucifixion, and death--the very reasons why he came and was born in Bethlehem.

"Journey of the Magi," by T.S. Eliot

"A cold coming we had of it,

Just the worst time of the year

For a journey, and such a long journey;

The ways deep and the weather sharp,

The very dead of winter."

And the camels galled, sore-footed, refractory,

Lying down in the melting snow.

There were times we regretted

The summer palaces on slopes, the terraces,

And the silken girls bringing sherbet.

Then the camel men cursing and grumbling

And running away, and wanting their liquor and women,

And the night-fires going out, and the lack of shelters,

And the cities hostile and the towns unfriendly

And the villages dirty and charging high prices.

A hard time we had of it.

At the end we preferred to travel all night,

Sleeping in snatches,

With the voices singing in our ears, saying

That this was all folly.

Then at dawn we came down to a temperate valley,

Wet, below the snow line, smelling of vegetation,

With a running stream and a water mill beating the darkness.

Then we came to a tavern with vine-leaves over the lintel,

Six hands at an open door dicing for pieces of silver.

And feet kicking the empty wineskins.

But there was no information, and so we continued

And arrived at evening, not a moment too soon

Finding the place; it was (you may say) satisfactory.

All this was a long time ago, I remember.

And I would do it again, but set down

This set down

This: were we led all that way for

Birth or Death? There was a Birth, certainly.

We had evidence and no doubt. I had seen birth and death.

But had thought they were different; this Birth was

Hard and bitter agony for us, like Death, our death.

WSe returned to our places, these kingdoms,

But no longer at ease here, in the old dispensation,

With an alien people clutching their gods.

I should be glad of another death.

"English Literature Heritage Center"


Cover story tells how the Pilgrim's experiment with communism flopped dismally. When they turned capitalistic, each person producing as much as he could according to the Christian Puritan work ethic instead of taking what he or she wanted from the communal store regardless of what he put in or how little he or she worked for it, the colony survived and took off and there was plenty to thank God for!

For the article in the section, "Israel in the News," showing Barak Hussain Obama's lie to the national conference of American Jewry (AIRPAC), which he later said to Fareed Zakaria of CNN, was mere "poor phrasing" in his speech and not being careful enough about his "syntax," please go to the Israel My Glory website and visit Arutz-7:

"Israel National News, Arutz-7, Concerning Barak Hussain Obama's Shameless Lie to AIRPAC and Cover-up to CNN

I read this issue cover to cover, it was well worth the time spent. There are articles by Billy Graham, Anne Graham Lotz, Don Piper, and Richard Bewes. I really liked the article on Egyptian evangelistic efforts by Egyptians, by Steve Starr.

This issue of DECISION has Peter Marshall's stunning evocation of Christmas, "Let's Keep Christmas!" Don't miss it. You will never see its like anywhere else. He died a young man, while a Chaplin in the U.S. Senate, and his ministry impacted millions, and continued through his devoted wife, Catherine Marshall, an author, in her books. Again, don't miss it! Go to the Lamplighter website and see for yourself, and have that issue sent to you--you really won't regret the little effort it takes. I can guarantee that!


We heartily recommend the cartoons of the Levitt Letter, which are clearly the best in the magazine world. You cannot possibly find their equal--just try! And I won't hold my breath!--Ed.

"Cartoon Center"


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Don't pick up this piece of Christianeze, or motivational fluff, if you can help it. It is not worth the bargain basement price of 25 cents. You could not pay me to take a copy! I have newspapers to line the garbage can if I need to do that job, or cover the floor of the dog house, or some such thing. His father could not have been this off, to produce a book called, "Become a Better You." Really! Rehashing the Old Adam, that is going to get a person to heaven? Never in a million or a billion years, Joel Osteen! Yet he is just trying to make a buck by this Christian potboiler, and he will probably make thousands no doubt from it, which he does not deserve in the least. Flee from such garbage, and do not buy it and give it at Christmas to another Christian, lest you feed their weakness in their walk with God with such tripe as Osteen's ways to "better" yourself. The Bible is not about "bettering yourself." It is about the death of self by submission to the Cross! It is about transformation, New Creation, Salvation, Regeneration. Bettering yourself instead of dying to self is something Satan would highly recommend, since he knows he can still retain title to all these "bettered", carnal souls Osteen is shepherding at his vast arena-filling megachurch. I am surprised Satan does not appear on the cover or the fly jacket recommending it, as I am most certain he does. Polish a dung heap, and it is still a dung heap (a stinking manure pile, if you don't know Biblical language and how graphic it really is in the original wording). It may look better on the outside after Joel Osteen is done with you, but you will still be sinful and reeking of unrighteousness inside. Jesus ran into Joel Osteens in his preaching campaigns. They were then called Pharisees. He accused them of cleaning their exteriors, whitewashing them to look clean and bright and pure, but inside they were filled like whitewashed tombs with foul rotten flesh, worms and dead men's bones. That was not a nice thing to say to the sanctimonious, super-pious Pharisees of his day, and Joel Osteen wouldn't like it either if it were applied to his preaching and his book in particular, "Become a Better You." Pfui!

You have revealed what you are, Mr. Osteen! Just from that one title! Is that why Jesus came to earth, suffered and died? Just so we could become better pigs in the filthy old pigsty? I was a lost sinner, condemned by my sin, rotten and stinking, a slave to Satan, bound in chains! I desperately needed forgiveness, deliverance, and transformation, and cleansing from all sin! Only Jesus could give me that! Only his Cross, and daily denying myself as Christ said, could give me that! I needed no less than that--but to simply "become better"? That would have been a Band-aid in comparison, Joel Osteen! You are another false shepherd among the televangelists! Offering Band-aids, super cool and scented and in various flavors, with sparkling colors and razz-matazz to please the eye--but they are only Band-aids, which you offer to the perishing and dying sinner, and they can't help save any soul one bit! You can't save a dying man with a Band-aid when he has a terminal tumor or aneurysm exploding in his brain, or someone else with a cardiac arrest or heart attack, or collapsed lungs, or someone who is losing all his blood from a fatal gunshot wound in his main organs or from a bad accident of some kind! How foolish and cruel you are, to offer a cool and trendy Band-aid to perishing and the deeply wounded souls, who are utterly ruined and going to die in their sins if they don't hear the true Gospel that can still save and redeem souls from sin and death.

You aren't even trying to square your preached and televised messages with the Word of God, the Bible, which I notice you seldom quote as you preach. Why would you need the Bible anyway? You do very well with your own foolish and vain and worldly philosophy of life. It is called New Age religionism. It is not Christianity. You are dressing up New Age Religion in an evangelical sheepskin, but you are still a wolf out to devour men's souls and lead them to hell and eternal destruction. You will go to destruction yourself, if you continue on this way! Were you ever a Christian, truly born again? Jesus only knows that. But your preaching is not from the Bible, it is not promoting the Gospel of Christ centered on the Cross, and your manner of life as well as your personal reported statements on LARRY LIVE and other TV programs show clearly that you are a ravening wolf, not a sheep following Christ the Shepherd, and that toothy grin of yours, why, that only proves that human wolves like you can grin and smile as they are about to devour the hapless, clewless sheep!

Keep offering your professionally packaged and marketed Band-aids! Duped by Madison Avenue marketing gimmicks and techniques, people will still buy them by the millions, and put them on, but they will not change anything in a true spiritual sense, or advance a soul one inch toward the kingdom of God and heaven! They'll just look a little better! But millions of Christians will march one day, looking good like you, right into the jaws of Satan--willingly, joyously, trustingly. Come out from among these people, now, the Bible warns us. Flee the City of Destruction, Pilgrim! Do not join in their folly and destruction. Return to the truth of the Bible and the full-orbed Gospel, not joining in with this Band-aid peddler, Joel Osteen and his ilk.

God can use the secular authorities, and in this case the FBI, to bring oppressors and corrupt leaders to trial. The Governor of Illinois, a friend of Obama's from his years of wheeling and dealing in Chicago's Tammany Hall like politics, tried to sell Obama's senatorial seat which he will be vacating. This is illegal, a felony, and so he was arrested. Good riddance to this piece of Chicago riff raff! Unfortunately, Chicago's hopelessly corrupt political machine has plenty of crooks just like him to take his place.

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"If the Ship is Sinking," by Pastor Paul Anderson, Director, Lutheran Renewal, November 2000 Issue of Lutheran Renewal Newsletter, which as the Focus, "For Those Seeking the Empowering Presence of the Holy Spirit"

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The spirit of delusion has a muscled wrestler's iron grip on Christians in America today! Evangelicals are fast coming under its influence, as in the case of evangelical leaders, one after the other. Rick Warren, who authored the blockbuster, "The Purpose Driven Christian," and the "Purpose Driven Church," with other books no doubt selling millions of copies too, are two of those delusion-propagating ministers. He behaves in a way Christ did not behave: he compromises with the world and its rulers. You never saw Jesus buddying up to Herod and Pilate or the equally corrupt and cruel Jewish high priests Annas and Caiaphas and getting a consensus brokered before he said or did anything. He did not consult them at all! He even called Herod a "fox," which was a term of contempt, as foxes were unclean scavengers, in Jewish opinion, and could not even be touched without contaminating a person! The immensely popular author and Pastor Rick Warren is of an entirely different stripe, however. He is a consensus-builder. He can consort with terrorists in Syria, as easily as with someone from the Kiwanis Club, apparently. He hosted the "debate" of Senators McCain and Obama during the presidential campaigns. Now he is going to be the "purpose driven" clergyman doing the Invocation at the inauguration of Barak Hussain Obama (God forbid such an abomination!). Look, Christian, for more such accommodation, as it is well-described in the Bible as spiritual "harlotry." Israel was guilty of that sin, tremendously, all through its history until the Babylonian Captivity. Chained and dragged to Babylon, the Jews got their fill of an idol-worshipping culture, as the Babylonians had the most hideous and obscene idols installed on every street, and worshipped in hundreds of temples stuffed with thousands of gods that the Babylonians celebrated and did everything to please, even with human sacrifice and temple prostitution. Cured by Babylonian paganism and idolatry, the chastened Jews returned to their land in the time of Ezra (read the books of Ezra and Nehemiah for this event), purged of idolatrous tendencies at long last. They now served Yahweh, the Lord God of Israel alone, and no heathen gods along with him. It was a severe purging, indeed, which cost them their country and their freedom for seventy long years, not to mention thousands of Jewish lives. Judah remained a tiny province in the Persian Empire, and so it did not regain national sovereignty and freedom even with Persian patronage of the restoration of Jerusalem and the Temple. But they were cured of their terrible sickness, their spiritual harlotry. This monotheistic, Yahweh-centered Jewish faith, however, lapsed soon into legalism and empty, showy ritual, so that by the time Jesus was born, there were few faithful believers in God left in Judaea. Then John the Baptist rose as a prophet sent by God to call the people to repentance and back to righteousness and faith in the Lord God of Israel.

Have we learned anything by the Jewish experience? Apparently, we have not! We in the Evangelical churches are lapsing into spiritual harlotry, into ungodly alliances with the devlish world system, which is clearly shown in the alliances of eminent evangelical leaders such as Rick Warren joining forces with the likes of Barak Hussain Obama, who stands against every evangelical belief and principle you can name. His anti-Christ, anti-morality, anti-marriage, anti-sanctity of human life views were expressed by him in the presidential campaign, and even at Rick Warren's debate or symposium at his Saddleback church at the televised meeting--so we need not repeat them again here. Go to Obama's website, if you want to hear them again. Rick Warren well knows what Obama believes, and yet he will go to Washington to officiate as the man of God in the Innvocation of Obama's inauguration! This is a most devilish and disgusting act on his part, to be sure. It shows his true colors. He is just the same as the Evangelical Lutheran Church pastors who flocked together to support the candidacy of Adolf Hitler, whom they touted as the German "Messiah." They actually called him that! Obama is touted as the messiah or primary agent for America's "Change." What kind of change to the good can come from one so depraved and anti-Christ as this Chicago bred shyster, Democrat party hack, friend of crooks, and Marxist ideologue? You tell me! But I don't have to guess. I know that whatever superficial good he seems to produce in a crisis, we will pay blood and tears for later, just as the German people (many of them evangelical Christians in the Lutheran Churches) paid after their "German Messiah" restored the prostrate, inflation-ruined German economy by military manufacturing orders for his war machine only to seize absolute power and turn into a raging, bloody monster devouring most of Europe while killing 6 million Jews in his gas chambers. Obama does not seem that sort of super monster now, true, but given the opportunity and the power, this little monster from Chicago has all the capability within himself of becoming another full-blown Hitler, as he wields world power from his office of president in the White House and really begins to strut his stuff on the world stage that office has given him.

Put your ear to the ground? What do you hear? I hear the drumming hoofbeats of the Four Horses of the Apocalyse! War, Famine, Disease, death! They are unleashed upon the feckless world! They are now galloping toward us all, bringing unimaginable horrors and disasters. We know that the spirits of anti-Christ, operative in the world since the time of the Apostle John (see his letters), are combining in a spirit of anti-christ that will direct the Anti-Christ himself. Hitler was a forerunner of this Anti-Christ to come. That is very clear. But Obama? He too is a forerunner, that is also clear, though many with the spirit of delusion blinding them cannot see it (for their own lusts, greed, compromising, and guile have led them away into grievous error and outright evil-doing, such as this abominable Invocation by Pastor Rick Warren).

The spirit of delusion has put the catchwords into the flapping mouths of these compromisers with the world and its anti-christ spirits. What are they? Listen! I hear them increasingly. These people are calling out the catchwords and buzzwords of the new apostasy, the Apostate churches' gospel, which is: "Join together, Christians, let us unite and join together, and put our differences aside, for the common good, for the Gospel!" This is the call, and it comes from the pit of hell. Did Jesus join with Herod, or Caiaphas, or Pilate, or Caesar in Rome? No, he did not. "My kingdom is not of this world," he emphatically told Pilate right to his proud and mighty Roman face. Jesus did not compromise one iota with the authorities of this world system ruled by Satan, but right now we see high churchmen and evangelical leaders such as Rick Warren stumbling over their own feet to get to Obama and join in the elevation of this Chicago scumbag to the highest office in the world as if he were some kind of saint. Sorry, the office of president is not so revered and santified an office, that it can cover sins and follies. That is what the Democrats teach, but it is a false doctrine of secular humanism. The Bible only teaches godliness and righteousness, truth and justice, with the Way of Salvation in Jesus Christ alone. The Bible does not teach spiritual harlotry or compromise with the satantic, anti-christ world system. Rick Warren, unless he repent, will go to a judgment of shame, reserved for false shepherds. To officiate at the Invocation of Obama is to condone an unrighteous Obama and his anti-christ, anti-moral, anti-marriage beliefs and totalitarian Marxist agenda. You made a specious show of moderation and conciliation and truth-seeking at the Saddleback debate, but you are now showing your true colors, you have swung over to the support of Obama and his agenda, whatever the cost to your evangelical beliefs, if you really had any to begin with (which is a question now in my mind).

You, fellow Christian, will be led away with them to destruction if you heed these compromisers, who will seduce you with your music and their charming words and their prestigious monikers (Bishop, Doctor, Prophet, Pastor, etc). Others are celebrities with instant name recognition nationwhide in sports or entertainment or even televangelism ministries. They too will be singing Obama's praises and the need for Christians to join, to unite, to link arms and clasp hands for the grand common good of America and the world! DON'T JOIN THEM! DON'T SING "WE ARE ONE IN THE SPIRIT," OR "KUMBAYA" WITH THESE MULTITUDES OF STRAYING SHEEP! DON'T TAKE THE MARK OF COMPROMISE AND DELUSION AND FALSE UNITY ON YOUR FOREHEADS! YOU MAY DO IT AT THE ULTIMATE COST OF YOUR SOUL, AS THIS RICK WARREN-DRIVEN DECEPTION WILL LEAD TO WORSE AND WORSE DECEPTION, UNTIL THE DEVIL HAS YOU FULLY IN CONTROL, UTTERLY IN THE DARK ABOUT YOUR TRUE SPIRITUAL DEMISE. WHY NOT RICK WARREN AS THE FALSE PROPHET TO THE FALSE MESSIAH BARAK OBAMA IN A FORTHCOMING MOVIE ABOUT THE GREAT TRIBULATION PERIOD? THEY COULD PLAY THEMSELVES IN THOSE ROLES. IT WOULD BE A VERY TRUTHFUL FILM, AND TOO TRUTHFUL FOR THE WORLD'S AUDIENCES, WHO WOULD CALL IT HATEFUL, SINCE THEY WANT TO BELIEVE THAT OBAMA IS THE HARBINGER OF WORLD PEACE THROUGH HIS STILL UNDEMONSTRATED AND UNVERIFIED GENIUS IN DIPLOMACY.

When you see a Lincoln historian go on TV and compare Obama to Lincoln (which I just heard tonight on a book and author interview program), then you know for sure the spirit of delusion has a fatal grip on educated and uneducated Americans alike. If I had not heard it for myself, I could not have believed the report about it. It is sheer lunacy to make such a comparison.

Now, you cannot say to the Lord Jesus you were not warned. You have been warned, here on the Emmaus Walk. I don't care if few see this warning, and fewer still heed the warning, which really comes from the pages of the Bible, not from a human source. The Bible is shouting this warning at you, in fact, the ENTIRE WORD OF GOD SHOUTS IT! DON'T TOUCH THE UNCLEAN THING! FLEE FROM IT!

Having warned you as I have, I do not have to take responsibility, as a watchman, as a fellow Christian, for your drift into apostasy, by your joining in with the compromisers, the Rick Warrens, luring you into the grip of the depraved world system ruled by Satan.

I watch Daystar and TBN fairly often, and the heads of these networks do not have a clew about compromise and the spirit of anti-christ and the dangers involved, though it is preached often on those venues. They include the most egregrious charlatans on their stations, week after week, along with true men of God. True men of God also consort, blindly, with these charlatans, which Ic cannot in the least way explain. I don't have to take responsibility to warn the men of God, as they ought to know what their Bible teaches and what the charlatans, such as Joel Osteen and Mike Murdoch and others, preach does not line up with what the Bible teaches. Perhaps, they do not want to confront the TBN programming system and be thrust off. That is just too bad, as they will pay a heavy price, if they are continuing with a network that they know is not squaring with the Bible and faithfully handling the trust of millions of Christians world-wide. The heads of TBN and Daystar evidently think they are acting responsibly, and the dozens of men of God go before the camera with these heads and seem to have full fellowship with them, with no major problems as to the charlatans that also appear on these networks, but the Bible still stands, it is not mocked, and God is not mocked. God will sift out the chaff from the wheat ultimately, but it will be a very painful ordeal to those involved. It need not be so painful, if we would only do more self-examination, and hold one another more accountable in Christian ministry, than we do. We will all pay a very heavy price when we stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ, which may be very soon, if we come to the Lord with our present terribly compromised and increasingly apostate and idolatrous church. God have mercy on us sinners! We are denying the Bible record, seeking to be free of it, while ensnaring ourselves anew in Satanic delusions and lies. We are mixing unrighteousness and righteousness, and calling it brotherhood and unity and progress and change. But God sees it for what it is: sin and abomination. Let us flee from it now, while we still can! Let us not touch the unclean thing! Let us flee to the Cross of Jesus, cling to it, for only He and His Cross are a safe haven in this evil and perverse generation.

Dr. David Cooper, pastor of Mount Paran Church, proclaimed the simple, unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ, while telling the TV audience of TBN also what the Gospel is not. Our focus must only be Christ, Christ, Christ! The Christian faith is not about religion. It is about Jesus, a relationship with him. It is not foundational, or one thing among other things in a Christian's life. It is the ONLY story, the only thing that really matters. Love to tell the old, old story? Do you need a good teacher of ethics or high principles? Well, you don't need Jesus then, though he did teach the highest principles known to men in the Sermon on the Mount. There are good teachers galore, dead or living, available. The world flocks to them, and pay them big bucks too, just to hear the words of wisdom drop from their lips (actually, it is not wisdom, just worldly knowledge dressed up as wisdom).

But a man dying of thirst needs real water--not high quality photographs of of water. He has to have the real thing to survive. In the same way, if you are honest and truly needy see yourself as a sinner, you need something more: and then ONLY JESUS WILL DO!


No other Person (no Good Teacher) can save and transform a sinner into a saint--there is no real competition with Jesus the Savior, friend.

Dr. Cooper studied all major religions and says: There is only one Savior, one man who made that claim, that he was our Savior, and could save us from our sins. Nobody else could--not Buddha or Mohammed or Lao Tze, or Confucius, or Zoroaster, or any other great religious teacher. They taught various things to better humanity, but they couldn't deal with sin and transform a sinner into a saint. Jesus's Name means SAVIOR. JESUS IS THE SAVIOR! HE IS THE ONLY SAVIOR! HE CAN BE YOUR SAVIOR, IF HE IS NOT! HE IS MY SAVIOR! Dr. Cooper's Gospel preaching was electrifying. It cleared the prosperity gospel right out of the studio--at least temporarily. The economic downturn is really no problem for a Christian. Economies go up, and then they go down, and then they go up, and then they go down--they always will. We should not be concerned about the economic so much. One thing is certain: heaven, or hell. The worst thing that can happen, Dr. Cooper said, for a Christian, is that he dies and goes to heaven. All the things we worry about and that concern us so much now do not really matter, compared to Him whom the Gospel reveals and proclaims.

This card picture of Mr. Redbreast and his friends was sent to me by my friend in England of many years, and was designed by Happy Snaps UK, and is made for Torch, a charity for people with sight loss. I take the liberty to use it here, as you may want to order them for your own Christmas greetings. Please go to:

Sparrows in Flower Pot, via Torch Trust Charity, England


Jesus Christ first, and all the rest will fall into line.

We hold to the historic Christian kerygma, the truths expressed in the Nicaean Creed in its entirety! Read it. Believe it. It expresses the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ, and was recognized and approved by the early church council at Nicaea, as the everlasting testimony and proclamation of the Church that the Lord Jesus, the Head of the Church, founded.

How about an old-fashioned German-style Christmas?

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