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Experiencing the "post-Easter blues"? Come now, let us be real for a minute. Is Easter over for you? Maybe you are uncomfortable with "Easter" like I am, and prefer "Resurrection Day." No matter. Are your left-over colored Easter Eggs going stale in your refridgerator, and it's time to throw them out? Have your kids eaten all the chocolate Easter Bunnies they want to for at least another year? If so, I have to ask you, did the miracle of Resurrection Day ever really start for you? Or did you just go through the motions, and now you've gone back to the usual as though it never really happened?

This ought not to be--if you truly know Christ. Do you truly know Christ? Do I? I have to ask myself questions all the time like that. The Resurrection, then, ought to be the cornerstone of yours and my faith and you and me too walk as a Christian. If it isn't, or is less than it should be in that respect, then let us together explore it a bit more--even in these days following the official day of Easter (whatever that official church holiday really signifies).

We might consider some helps out there on this subject. There is some excellent Bible teaching still available on the Resurrection. Charles Stanley has a CD, "His Resurrection, Our Assurance." You can obtain it by going to his website, or I will. Google gives me Charles Stanley and his The Impact of the Resurrection" on YouTube video, Apr. 19, 2019.

Also go to this resource if you wish:

"Classic Messages of the Resurrection," by Charles Stanley, also his "Life Principles Bible

Dr. Michael Youseff, Senior pastor of the Church of the Apostles in Atlanta, Georgia, who used to regularly appear on Daystar, had a DVD for "The Resurrection: Evidence That Demands a Verdict."

So these helps and resources exist, and there must be hundreds of others, but I have just named a couple to start off. To continue, I want to get closer to where we really think, feel, believe as Christians if I can.

We as Christians do not blindly believe that Christ rose from the grave just because we were taught it in Sunday School. We should know it as an incontrovertible fact that can stand the full scrutiny of any court of law where the laws and rules of evidence are upheld. This fact is centered, personified in Jesus Christ himself! He declared: "I am the Resurrection and the Life. He who believes in Me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in Me will never die."

"Resurrection Reasons: Why We Believe Jesus Rose from the Dead"

Since it is fact you can establish in a court of law even today, why aren't we more certain and more excited about it in terms of our own lives and the lives of others?"

"Comments on Resurrection Reasons," by Ronald Ginther

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is probably the greatest event in Christianity--but the one we are most ignorant of--oddly enough. See if this isn't true. Take our fun quiz and find out how little you may know (and didn't know you didn't know):

Easter Egg Hunt Quiz

Josh McDowell and Bill Wilson co-authored "He Walked Among Us," published by TBN. Chapter 14, page 278-290, is "The Reliability of the Resurrection Reports." They look at the three main areas of evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ:

(1) the early origination of ther reports;

(2) the historical nature of the reports, and

(3) early Christian belief in the resurrection of Jesus.

Think about these three areas. They are very, very critical in coming up with a true, factual foundation for believing in the Resurrection. We need not believe blindly. The Bible never asks us to believe blindly. I challenge anyone to show that it does! God opens eyes and our understanding, he doe not blind us and dim our understanding. God is light, not darkness and confusion or believing blindly in hearsay. God is truth, not feeling, whimsy, and conjecture. God is established truth, fact, reality, not conjecture, not fairy-tales, not fiction, not a good feeling you might have. He is all the Bible says He is! Nothing about him will ever change or diminish or fall into the shadows. He dwells in inapproachable light. He is love. He is unchangeable.

Josh McDowell, a Christian apologist who produces excellent defenses of our Christian beliefs, also wrote the book, "The Resurrection Factor."


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