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As this revival in the New Hebrides Islands in the Pacific tells us, revival can start, and often starts, in out of the way, obscure, even forgotten places.

You probably cannot find a place on earth that is inhabited that is more obscure than these islands! It is out of the beaten paths of transpacific and transatlantic or transIndian Ocean shipping lines. It gets mail, yes, but only at certain times when the boat can reach the islands with the mail, and it is very difficult to unload it without the harbor facilities that insure safe anchorage in a sheltered port.

How can revival get going in such a nook or cranny as this one is? Who cares about such a place anyway? It has nothing really the rest of the world wants. There is plenty of sights to see elsewhere a lot more convenient to get to. What do these islands have the rest of the world doesn't have in more abundance? Do you get the picture of what this place is like? You will probably never see it with your own eyes, and wouldn't think to travel all the many thousands of miles to do it, since there appears nothing worthwhile to draw you there to put out the effort and expense to go and see it.

But God sees who are sincerely, earnestly, truly seeking Him, no matter where they are! He cares nothing about circumstances and locations. He will go to that praying soul and answer with his mighty power and deliverance! Just as he did when he answered the prayers of two praying sisters on a tiny island lost in the vast Pacific Ocean, who were earnestly interceeding for the souls of the young people on the island who were being led astray spiritually by a worldly teacher who would rather organize dances than teach them the Bible and the Christian morals for a worthwhile life.

The pastor could do nothing about it, but these sisters prayed, and God came and visited the island, flooding the young people with conviction so that they left a dance in progress and ran to the church repenting!

It appeared hopeless. It was hopeless, almost. But two little, old sisters prayed at their breakfast table in their dwelling, and the revival started on this island spread from there to the other islands in the Pacific, and who knows how far it spread?



You may recall that godless song, which went, "New York! New York! It's a $g%&6!#** town!" Yes, it was exactly that, a blanket-blank town! Right at the heart of America's most cynical, worldly, sophisticated, sex-crazy, money-mad, pleasure-seeking city, right in Times Square, but that is precisely where God sent his man--David Wilkerson.

Wearing a travel-crumpled, unfashionable, hardly chic Woolworth's mail order suit and tie (it may have appeared), a countried fellow from the Midwest described by Nicky Cruz the ruthless gang leader as hayseed or hick, Wilkerson seemingly had no experience of urban life and any means to cope with the gangs and prostitution and organized crime that plagued the streets all across Manhattan.

So? It was a big deal, he could get himself killed in short order, that is the deal!

One thing was going for him despite his extremely awkward fit in the urban rat-race of downtown NY. He felt a strong calling to preach the Gospel, and a revival broke out from the time of his arrival there that is continuing years afterwards to this day.

Location, location, location! That's what all the real estate people cry is the most important thing in the real estate business, but no, not with God, though Times Square is strategic for reaching the whole of New York City.

Rather, the only location God seeks to use is a heart truly centered on Him, surrendered to him, and humble, and rendered obedient to HIm. He need possess no particular talent for what he is being asked to do, except he knows the Word of God. The location of the revival, well, that is secondary with God, if it matters at all. And as for the instrument he uses, well, he or she may appear almost laughable. And you can believe a lot of New Yorkers laughed at Wilkerson trying to preach repentance into them, the least likely people on earth to buy his message from the Bible of Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life, able to turn them around from sinners to saints, and deliver them from all kinds of addictions and follies and even miraculous heal terminal HIV illness due to homosexuality or prostitution or dirty needles.

Other Calls to America by David Wilkerson:

"When God Departs," by David Wilkerson

"Growing Cold," by David Wilkerson

"His Eye is on the Sparrow," by David Wilkerson

A Prophecy by David Wilkerson




America's Second Great Awakening Revival under Charles Finney:

Revival, Part I and Part II, Voice of Triumph Ministries, Portland, Oregon, 1982

CBN University Press has published a 700 Club Edition in 1978, of their Christian Classics series book, "Revivals in Religion by Charles G. Finney". We would very much like to give you excerpts, but the entire book is hard to select out of, since it is all so cogent and equally good, a choice or selection would have to be arbitrary. Please go and order the book, if you are tempted by the following chapter titles:

Lecture I--What a Revival of Religion Is,

Lecture II--When a Revival is to be Expected

Lecture III--How to Promote a Revival

Lecture IV--Prevailing Prayer

Lecture V--The Prayer of Faith

Lecture VI--The Spirit of Prayer

Lecture VII--On Being Filled with the Spirit

Lecture VIII--Meetings for Prayer

Lecture IX--Means to be Used with Sinners

Lecture X--To Win Souls Requires Wisdom

Lecture XI--A Wise Minister Will Be Successful

Lecture XII--How to Preach the Gospel

Lecture XIII--How Churches Can Help Ministers

Lecture XIV--Measures to Promote Revivals

Lecture XV--Hindrances to Revivals

Lecture XVI--The Necessity and Effect of Union

Lecture XVII--False Comforts for Sinners

Lecture XIX--Instructions to Converts

Lecture XX--Instructions to Converts, Continued

Lecture XXI--The Backslider in Heart

Lecture XXII--Growth in Grace

My copy is listed as a rare book at $124.95 on Amazon, and mine is mint condition, acquired free at an estate sale. But you can get used copies at $6 to $8 on Amazon. I would never sell it, however! But I will take better care of it from now on, as I was not sure it was worth anything, being an old book that is published in 1978, making it 44 years old.--Ed.



With some help from Presidents' wives who from poor, grieving Mary Todd Lincoln onward brought in psychics to help them deal with the pain and stress of their positions, Barack Hussain Obama must have gained help from evil spirits just as psychics do in order to achieve the presidency without having done a stroke of honest work in his life that anyone can identify. Satan has been known in recorded cases to "puff" or bless his evil instruments, raising them to spectacular heights of popularity, fame, and fortune. I know of one case that shows Satanic blessing for sure, the Mr. Fischer of Fischer's flour company, the fellow whose scones are the most popular item sold in big state fairs.

Does that come as a surprise? It shouldn't. A sinister occultic hand has been reaching into it for many years, until now it has the whole White House in its grasp and control:

What hope then is there for America, if the very top levels of government are in Satan's firm grasp, and Satanism is the coming religion of America, not Christianity?

For our "take" on the Mid-Term Elections Results, see "Postscript: November 2006" toward the end of the article on witchcraft and poverty in America:

"Witchcraft in America, Part 1, by Ronald Ginther

"Witchcraft in America, Part 2, by Ronald Ginther

"Life Lessons from the Titanic," is a tract message that will be given here, at least in an excerpt as time permits, as further confirmation of the above view on witchdraft religion in America.



The disastrous Mid-Term Election brought Destruction and Judgment upon the Secular-Humanist God of America!.

Just as the towering gods and titans of American finance, gold, and greed, and power and pride, were struck down to a dusty, burning grave by the mostly Saudi Arabian Wahib Sect Muslim terrorists on 9/11, the rest of the nation will soon be dealt the same fate.


Saudi Arabia, if the unpalatable truth be known, is America's greatest enemy, rapidly subverting and taking over this society from within with our own oil money, by buying our educators and university departments with unlimited grants--as Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese Christian now a U.S. citizen, can testify, since she and her family were victims of the Muslim aggression in her homeland of Lebanon [more about her later, with contact information).


America's chief god, the deadly hydra-headed god of secular-humanism, will be struck down, which even now is rejoicing in the hearts of a majority of Americans who voted against the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the Mid-Term elections.

These people were simply being tested by Almighty God, weighed in the divine balance, and we see what was in their hearts, as they have voted to take themselves and the whole nation down to the pit. They chose their false, lying god over the One True God, whom their forefathers knew, loved, and died for when they established a new nation in North America, conceived in biblical principles, beliefs, and liberty.

What mistakes they made (and those who came after them made much bigger ones), does not nullify our nation's Founders their great and immortal achievement.

But all these misled, bad actor 21st century American voters opting for the rule of a false god are not naive prodigals who can experience a change of heart if their wrong choice is pointed out to them--no, they are sold out to the devil, children of darkness, slaves serving the spirit of anti-christ.

They trust in their riches, in their human strength and intelligence, in the gods of money, pride, and vaunted American technology--now let these vain things save them from destruction, if they can!

Soon now Almighty God will allow a flood of destruction to sweep across the whole of America, from within, and from without--until all the high towers of humanism are swept away!

NO ONE DARES ASK THE QUESTION "WHY" IN AMERICA ANYMORE WHEN GREAT DISASTERS STRIKE US: Why is "Why?" worse than a four letter word in the public sphere today?

The answer is what wicked people fear most they may hear from some brave or foolhardy, God-fearing soul: America has abandoned the One True God.

That would be the Truth, you see, and James Russell Lowell was spot on when he wrote: "Truth is on the scaffold" in America. Consequently, the God of Truth is wroth with us, to be sure, for our apostasy and abandonment of Him, and his chastising hand is everywhere seen, afflicting America. He does this as a severe mercy to wake us up and cause us to seek Him! He is not out to punish us with no redeeming purpose in the disasters he allows to fall upon us, the most recent as of mid-December 2021 being the monster tornado cutting a 230 mile swatch of devastation through six mid-southern States.

Whoever clings to America's false gods will be swept away with them, as it surely must have happened in the six-stat e cyclonic catastrophe. But the people who covenanted with God through obedience and sacrifice, they will be spared, though they suffer much.

God's imperishable, all-victorious Word proclaims to this repentant remnant of the Pilgrims in America: "Come and see the works of God; He is awesome in His doing toward the sons of men. He turned the sea into dry land: they went through the river on foot. There we will rejoice in Him. He rules by His power forever; His eyes observe the nations; do not let the rebellious exalt themselves. Oh, bless our God, you peoples! And make the voice of His praise to be heard."--Psalm 66:6-8.



"Is America an Evil Empire?", An Answer to America's Critics, by Ronald Ginther

"Christless Pentecost," Review by Ronald Ginther and Reprint of David Willkerson article in CharisLife "Tough Love", 1984

Part II, "Christianity in America" series, by Ronald Ginther

I am richly blessed by God to have great spiritual resources in the form of wonderful, godly forebears as well as relatives who are Gospel ministers such as my uncle Joseph Rangen, whom I asked some "burning questions" to which he gave some "candid answers" (and the last question and answer have much to do with America's maybe last chance to repent and not perish):

"Burning Questions and Candid Answers," by Pastor Joseph Rangen (Retired) and Nephew Ronald Ginther

Part I, "America's Urgent Decision: Spiritual Revival or Disaster," by John Kittleson, Lay Evangelist, published September 1988, but right on time for NOW!!

Part II, "America's Urgent Decision: Spiritual Revival or Disaster," by John Kittleson, Lay Evangelist, published September 1988, but right on time for NOW!!


"AMERICA IS A COVENANT NATION," EXCERPT FROM PETER MARSHALL: Please return soon for the excerpt of a message by U.S. Congressional chaplain, Peter Marshall, in which we are reminded that America is a Covenant with God Nation. That is exactly how we were founded, in a solemn, official, binding covenant with Almighty God, a fact Peter Marshall told the whole nation and which nobody who knows history in least part can truthfully deny. That is really what is meant by the phrase in the Pledge of Allegiance, "one nation under God." We are "under God," because our forefathers, the Pilgrims and Puritans, and the Founders, instituted this nation in faith in God, in subjection to His rule and His commandments--not founding our nation in human wisdom, human law, and human striving. We are a "God-Nation," not a replacement to the Chosen People and Nation of Israel, but, nonetheless, a nation that covenanted with God. That makes us different from every nation on earth exept Israel. That is why we have an affinity for Israel, traditionally, in America, and why America has been so blessed, singularly, by God, and also why we have freedom and liberty. That is why we need to return to a knowledge of this holy Covenant and acknowledge our responsibilities under it.




Where does China figure in to Bible prophecy in the book of Revelation? It is frequently mentioned as "the kings of the East," but where is America involved? Will China be one of those nations of the East that the Lord uses like a hammer to smash us in a coming time of judgment on America? We need to take firm hold of where we are as a nation, and then see how we have failed terribly and repeatedly in regard to China in the past, even the recent past. We have, as a nation, ignored China, to our great hurt.

China is a great red dragon, a communist beast power of vast population and increasingly formidable econonmic, military, and political strength. It is not yet a superpower, but it is fast growing to that level. America and China are on a collision course--there can be no other way to describe what is happening (if your eyes are open!), though at present we are engaged in a tremendous, one-sided trade relationship, with our nation funding or "feeding" the great red dragon.

Will China turn on us and devour us, as dragons proverbially are known to do to the unwary? Right now China is keenly observing us, identifying every chink in our national armor while stealing our nuclear technology or buying it outright from our soul-selling companies--just as our other mortal enemies, Iran, North Korea, and the Al Qaeda terrorist network are doing--all the while sharing information and perhaps lethal weapons of mass destruction.

China is not an innocent bystander, just a trade partner like any other we have. China is calculatingly, meticulously gathering necessary strength, training, bases, weapons, and the whole array of technological, military, and electronic means to destroy us when the moment is ready to strike us. China's universities are constantly used as bases to hack, penetrate, infect our data systems and glean secrets from our top military web sites. China is strenuously seeking space flight and satellite technology, so that she can deal with us in space as well.

Will she use what all she has gained from us against us, when she decides she is strong enough to crush us? The attack is coming. The only wild card is the Christian church in China--nestled in the dragon's breast, though not willingly accepted there (if you know anything about the tremendous persecution that is on-going in China). Will that vibrant, persecuted, suffering church now reaching upwards of 80 million Christian believers by one expert's estimate be able to turn the Great Red Dragon of Communist China from carrying out its deadly plan for us? We shall soon see!

"Feeding the Dragon," A View of China and U.S. Relations Since 1949, Parts I and II, by Ronald Ginther, with Excerpts from Gordon Lindsay's book, "Red China in Prophecy, 1973, and Conclusion and Summing up by Ronald Ginther

PROPHECY OF THE LORD, GIVEN TO HIS PEOPLE THROUGH HIS SERVANTS AT HIS CHURCH IN THE SHEEPSHED IN EDEN PRAIRIE, DECEMBER 1973: "Oh My children, I have chosen thee as instruments of praise in My hand. I shall bring forth from thee a melody of praise and rejoicing. I will free thee from the prison house and thou shalt exalt thy God in liberty of spirit. Let thine heart be encouraged for a new day is dawning--a day of repentance and a day of gathering for My people, saith the Lord. For they shall not continued barricaded and isolated behind walls of prejudice...I am the Lord, and I will be worshipped in Spirit and in Truth. The world is waiting for a robust church to minister to its needs; and how can an ailing, dismembered Body bring healing to a sick and dying world? Surely I will pour out My Spirit and by prophesies, by signs and wonders, by healings I will reaffirm the veracity of My Word and bring the message of the Gospel to many who would otherwise never give heed. Stand firm in Me. Never waiver. So praise me continually, for Praise worketh Faith. Loving Me never fails to bring Me to thy side. Rest in Me."

Note: This prophecy was given my family by my aunt and uncle who were deacon and deaconess (true, Holy Spirit led, Biblical offices, not the sort that are generally appointed in churches) at the "sheepshed" church in Eden Prairie where this word was given sometime in 1973. The church started as a Bible study in the home of my aunt and uncle's, as a reward for their obedience and faithfulness in following the Spirit of God despite the persecution of others, including a pastor, in their own church after they refused to enter into an ungodly church merger. The new home church expanded mightily, as the Word came forth in powerful Bible preaching and teaching, and new ministers full of power and grace were raised up in their midst. The church had to be moved from their home, it grew so big, and from then on, as a mother church, it established over twenty other churches in the U.S. My aunt and uncle have since gone on to the Lord and received their great rewards, but their legacy is enduring, as it is now spread across the world in yet more vibrant new churches, missionaries, and missions.

Dreams about the Nuclear Destruction of America, and the Rise of the Anti-Israel, Anti-Jewish Spirit:

"Prophetic Dreams," by Ronald Ginther:

"Prophetic Dreams," Warnings about America's Nuclear Destruction and the Rise of Anti-Jewish Persecution, from 1960s to 1980s, by Ronald Ginther

A MESSAGE TO THE CHURCHES AND AN INVITATION TO THE BROKEN PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: The One True God, the God of Christ, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob His servants, has called you, and is calling you, and yet you are still giving your right hand to your bitterest enemies in friendship, and your other hand rests in the laps of false gods--for you welcome the prayers of heathen people along with godly prayers, even calling for these false prayers on your behalf. Where is that in My holy Word, says the Lord? Where is this sanctioned by Paul My Apostle? Did he call for the prayers of the heathen on his behalf? But you do! Well, how have these false prayers served you so far?

They have broken and humbled you, nearly casting you headlong in disgrace from your seat of power--and now (even as you bluff and puff and plead without dignity with them and their allies, enemy nations round the world) your bitterest enemies have been encouraged to attack with all their many, terrible weapons. Why do you not call your erring nation back to God, to repent of their many sins, and cease offending Me, saith the Lord God? I have been waiting for you to do this, waiting and waiting. Turn back to God--while you still can. You shall receive strength, even when the nation is destroyed around you in a tsunami of fire and destruction, but your life will be spared. The whole nation is a stinking Niagara Falls of lies overflowing before My Eyes, says the Lord. All of you lie and deceive, from great to small. Do you not lie, cheat, and steal from every man his neighbor? You kill a man's family while he is away fighting to defend his country and even burn his house down! You commit every sin known and unknown, and boast of it before the whole world in your films and television programs, but it is Your lies, brazen lies, that offend Me above even your base immoralities and the legalized killing of the innocent unborn for vast profits. Turn away from your false, lying gods, and he will receive you tenderly, with forgiveness. You sinned following the gods of Interfaith Religions and the pride of your father and the foolish advice of your counsellors who do not seek My wisdom but trust in their own. I will not allow you to serve both Me and false gods, so choose life and not death! You have built your house on sand; it must be founded on Me alone, the Rock, Jesus Christ--or it will be swept utterly away, and your name will be accursed to the next generation in this destroyed nation. Turn away from all of your false gods now, for your sake, and the sake of many people stumbling blindly with you into the ditch.--Ronald Ginther

Please look soon for the excerpt from the story of Peter Marshall, taken from his message, "The American Dream," which proclaims that America is a Covenant Nation.

WHAT FAITH CONQUERED THE MIGHTY ROMAN EMPIRE? IS THERE A LESSON HERE FOR MOSLEMS IN ISLAM? It was Christianity, of course, that conquered ancient Rome. The Roman Empire had many popular, flourishing religions and cults--Mithras, Isis, the Roman Pantheon of Jupiter down to Mercury, and many others, including the deified Emperors themselves--yet the Christian faith took over the Roman empire, which was a world state. How? By force? With the sword? Not at all, it was by peace, by the preaching of the Bible and the Gospel, by the conviction of sin, by the move of the Holy Spirit upon the sin-darkened, unregenerate hearts of men and women, that enabled them to turn from darkness to light and become true, born-again children of God. Islam knows nothing of these means (there is no being born again by the Spirit of God, no miracles of healing, no Holy Spirit, no regeneration of man's dead spirit into the Spirit of Christ)--being a religion of legalism and religious rituals and works righteousness propagated by force, oil money, and sheer numbers of an exploding population growth rate. Force, oil money, and population growth work--Islam is conquering the world. Secular Humanist apologists for Islam in the West deny the need for any real resistance by the West against Islam. Are they correct or just politically correct? Please read how a nation, even such as America, can be divided and conquered by the "enemy within" and a "peace-loving sheep" that is really a ravening wolf.

"Divided America," A View of the Tactics and Techniques of Islam to Defeat the West, by Ronald Ginther


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