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In the Lord, may your '08 be great!--Ronald Ginther, Founder, The Emmaus Walk Messianic School of the Bible


A Messianic School of the Bible

The Emmaus Walk offers courses on Genesis to Revelation highlighting Messianic texts and Types of Christ. Aimed at ordinary people (such as ourselves!), to help reveal the core Messianic meaning of the Bible, which is the very reason for the existence of the authoritative Word of God, eternal and everlasting.


WORLD'S GREATEST BOOK CAN BE UNDERSTOOD IF GIVEN A CHANCE: Beyond question, the greatest book in the world is the Bible, and the greatest Book is about the greatest Person, Jesus Christ (Yeshua the Anointed). The scriptures mean nothing, ultimately, aside from the Messianic theme--for the Bible is not really about religion or Jewish history or various famous Hebrews and Jews or festivals and religious laws or the temple or the tabernacle--all that together can't hold the edifice of the Bible up or make it stand as divine truth, able to save individuals and an entire world. The Bible is also like a lantern. Jesus the Messiah is the light in the lantern--and the lantern goes completely dead and dark without Jesus lighting it from within with his own divine light. And then there is the tree--try making a tree with just branches and deleting the trunk--all you will get is a pile of branches on the ground--good for nothing but kindling! But with the trunk in place--Jesus--the branches are part of a living organism, a tree that will stand tall forever. We are the branches, He is the trunk (Jesus said: "I am the Vine, you are the branches."). With this understanding, you are on your way to unlocking the scriptures and opening the door to Yeshua--for the Bible is, at the living core, a living Person, Jesus (Yeshua), who delights in His Name, the Word (John 1:1 and in the fact He is the Word of God since before the foundation of the world: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

The Books of the Bible


I am the Bible.

I am God's wonderful library.

I make known to all, Him who is Truth.

To the weary pilgrim, I am a good, strong staff.

To the one who sits in black gloom, [like the Dalit or Untouchable in India, or the drug or porn addict or the victim of abuse or neglect, or the tortured Christian in Laos or China or Burma or Nepal, or the Sudanese Christian slave abducted from Darfur, or the well-off American enslaved by materialism and self-indulgment and self-centeredness and ease] I am glorious light.

To those who stoop beneath many burdens, I am sweet rest.

To him who has lost his way, I am a safe guide.

To those who have been hurt by sin, I am healing balm.

To the discouraged, I whisper a glad message of hope.

To those who are distressed by the storms of life,

I am an anchor, sure and steadfast.

To those who suffer in lonely solitude,

I am as a cool, soft hand resting on a fevered brow.

Oh, child of man, to best defend me, JUST USE ME.

The Bible is God's road map as you travel through life.--from Faith Magazine, Author Unknown

Over 75% of the students at the biggest evangelical seminary in America, polled, have stated that they do not believe in the inerrancy of the Bible. Most Christians do not read the Bible either, preferring to let it gather dust or lie on their coffee tables. Though the world's best seller, it is not being read by the majority of Christians in this country. This is the tragic truth--and it is no wonder that our nation and society are in rapid decline.


The history and discovery of the Essene Scrolls is so important for our Christian faith and their role in Christian apologetics is so foundational that we have a whole page devoted to them, and we will be adding new material from time to time:

"Essene Scrolls Center

The beautiful and unique Scriptorium (or Bible Writing/Manuscript) building with wonderful exhibits on how we got the Bible written and compiled into one canon-authorized Book, on view and for touring at the Holy Land Experience "theme park," now the property and ministry partner and outreach of Trinity Broadcasting Network in Orlando, Florida. Go experience the trip of a lifetime with your family or friends or just view it for yourself:

The Holy Land Experience, Orlando, Florida

THE MESSIANIC SCROLL IS AVAILABLE! Zola Levitt Ministries has available a most wonderful Messianic Scroll, which would make an absolutely fantastic Christmas gift for someone you love and respect, like loved ones or even your pastor, giving Messianic prophecies from the Old Testament (the Torah) along with the Fulfilments in the New Testament.

VIDEO/DVD ON JEWISH TEMPLE AVAILABLE: Vision Video has many wonderful videos to show you the history and the chief places of the Bible. Among them is the video on the Jewish Temple (starting with Solomon's). This package includes five items and a DVD. The cost is $79, marked down from $129.00, certainly a wonderful gift at Christmas or any time, not just for others but for yourself. Buy it and share it! Give one to a Sunday School or church if you can. Donate one to a library--so that children or young people or even adults can access it who ordinarily cannot go to a church or a Christian home.

Vision Video for the Temple Video and DVD


The Bible's Messianic Texts are thus named because they are passages in scripture that point specifically to the Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus in Latin-English Gentile terminology). Foremost in consideration of these texts, Christ Himself chose it when conducting an informal Bible class with two distraught and troubled disciples who had left Jerusalem just after the crucifixion and were on their way to Emmaus, a village seven miles from the Holy City. This spiritual trek inspired the logo graphic at the top of our home page, and in Judaea in the time of Jesus (see the map) Emmaus is near the bottom, located close by Jerusalem.

Our current secular humanist-dominated 101st Congress has shown it could not care less about the Bible AS THE ONLY AUTHORITATIVE WORD OF GOD ON THE PLANET (The Rig Vedas, the Koran, the Book of Mormon, the Masonic Books, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the books of Confucius, the philosophy of Buddha, Hare Krishna, the Sybilline Oracles, the Way of Tao (presently preached on TV by an American Taoist-New Age spokesman), Roman Catholic Mariology, Indian tribal religions, Feminism's agenda, Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth," Mary Baker Eddy's books on Christian science and healing, etc., are not divine truth and never will be, they are mere products of religious but fallen, sinful men and women). In the names of and on behalf of the secular humanist gods of Tolerance and Diversity and Multiculturalism, the 101st Congress is calling in Moslem clerics and Hindu priests, instead of Christian ministers and chaplains, to pray at the beginning of legislative sessions! What will that gain our nation spiritually? Absolutely nothing! It actually brings shame and God's disapproval upon us, and we do not need more than we already have! This defiant act of our secularist Congress denigrates the Christian heritage and foundations of our nation, slaps God in the face who honored our forefather's covenant with Him in establishing this new nation of America. This also denies and challenges the fact that the Bible alone is America's Book and that America was founded as a Judaeo-Christian nation and civilization. But what did the Father of our Country think and say about the Bible, which the 101st Congress holds in such contempt? Here is the Father of our Country's own recorded words (and listen up, Congress, your time of reckoning before God is fast approaching!):

Words of wisdom that ought to be quoted to every school child in America, but it will not happen, as the schools' administrations, for the most part, do not know our president said these things, and they would object to the children being exposed to them if they did know:

"It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.

"In tendering this homage to the great Author of every public and private good, I assure myself that it expresses your sentiments not the less than my own...No people can be bound to acknowledge and adore the Invisible Hand which conducts the affairs of men more than the people of the United States. Every step by which they have advanced to the character of an independent nation seems to have been distinguished by some token of Providential agency.

"Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair; the rest is in the hands of God."--George Washington

Israel--still the most important piece of real estate on Earth, as far as God is concerned! The pernicious, false, even stupid heresy of Replacement Theology disagrees, but the Bible has the last word on the State and Land of Israel, the Covenanted, Holy Land given to the Jews by God everlastingly. Just read Revelation, and how the 12 Tribes of Israel are all known and accounted for! Paul refers to them too in Romans, so he did not know the tribes were missing persons--a myth I think was got up by anti-Semites who hoped it was the case. God has providentially preserved the tribes, they were never really lost (though they were displaced and scattered for hundreds and thousands of years, to be sure)--and when God re-gathers them all in the glorious land, as he is starting to do now, they will be given their full allotments of the Israel God platted out, according to the Abrahamic Covenant (and as portrayed by Ezekiel), during the Millennial Age when Christ will rule the Earth from his capital city, Jerusalem! Maranatha!

Zola Levitt Ministries

"Bible Atlas & Map Center"

B.I.B.L.E.--"Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth"--Acronym by John Hagee

GRACE IS NOT CHEAP, FOLKS! GRACE IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE THING ON EARTH. IT COST GOD EVERYTHING DEAREST TO HIM, HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, AND IT OUGHT TO COST US CHRISTIANS THE SURRENDERING OF OUR LIVES TO GOD, IF IT REALLY MEANS A THING TO US WHAT GOD DID FOR US! AND NEITHER IS OUR ENGLISH LANGUAGE BIBLE, WHATEVER TRANSLATION WE USE, A CHEAP THING WE CAN BUY FOR A FEW BUCKS AND THEN THROW ON THE COFFEE TABLE TO IMPRESS PEOPLE! We casually pick up our English language Bibles (if we read the Bible at all) and peruse it without appreciating the fact that such Bibles once cost the writers and Bible scholars who translated them into English their property and even their LIVES AND FAMILIES AND HEALTH AND FREEDOM AND ALL THEY POSSESSED IN SOCIETY--as they were arrested, imprisoned for long years, tried before kangeroo courts, pilloried and scorned and demonized, then burned at the stake by religious courts and kings who did not want people to have the Bible in their own possession and readable in their own languages! Translating the Bible from the Greek texts or the Vulgate's Latin into English was once a heinous capital crime! Possession of Bibles in vernacular languages people can read is still a capital crime--and meeting in Christian churches as well--in Communist China (despite the hypocritical show of religious tolerance by the Three-Self Religious system of China, which is just a means of the dictatorial government to exercise editorial control of Christian churches and what they preach and teach). Once Great Britain acted like China still does, denying that there are such inalienable rights as freedom of conscience and freedom of religion. Every day pastors are arrested, dragged off to prison, tortured, even to death, somewhere in Communist countries like Viet Nam, China, Laos, and even in Myammar and Cambodia. Moslem Indonesia has many instances of the beheadings of Christians, even little Christian girls walking home from school are set upon and beheaded. In Pakistan churches are routinely, savagely attacked and bombed while services are going and the sanctuaries are full of worshippers doing nobody any harm. In India valiant, selfless, gospel-bearing pastors are slain (even Western missionaries and children brutally murdered in their own homes and vehicles) and churches burned down. In Ethiopia (supposedly Christian for a thousand years), evangelical Christians are persecuted, their homes burned. In the Southern U.S. scores of churches are torched, most of them white congregations, not black churches, as the media likes to portray the church burnings as racist and doesn't report the true facts. In Sudan hundreds of thousands of black Christians have been slain, enslaved, run out of their homes and villages, their churches burned, their hospitals bombed, the men murdered, their wives and children maimed and raped and forcibly converted to Islam--all by the fundamentalist brotherhood of Moslem Arabs in Khartuoum (the devilish capital of Sudan) either in league with the Sudanese Government or a part of it, the raiding militias aided by the Government's army with helicopters, bombers, guns, explosives, whatever they need to conduct genocide. In Hindu-Buddhist countries such as Nepal Christians are also bitterly persecuted, imprisoned, and mistreated. Red Maoists are in league with the old Hindu monarchy to power share, while waging a war to destabilize the government, but the persecution they will wage against the Christians will be the same as the monarchy's, so little will change even if the Maoists take over completely. In Columbia and Venezuela, evangelical Christians, pastors and congregations, and missionaries, are bitterly persecuted and even executed by men firing right into the pastor's faces after armed gangs invade church services. Venezuela's Chavez did an amazing thing is allowing Benny Hinn to conduct services this now, but it remains to be seen if he will turn back from his anti-Christian, anti-democracy policies. Such persecution of Christians goes on worldwide--virtually ignored by the world press (the BBC especially) and the United Nations and the human rights organizations.

How precious then is a Bible, more precious indeed than all the gold and jewels on earth, when printed in one's own language, and the freedom to read it, without fearing arrest, imprisonment, torture, and death! But our forefathers did not have it so good, for in Great Britain, as we said, it once was a capital crime to render the Bible into English that the common people, that is us, could understand. The history of this time is recorded in sites such as this (and you don't need to buy anything to access the history offered):

The Timeline on How We Got the English Language Bible:

Great Site

Vita of Ronald Ginther, Founder of the Emmaus Walk Messianic School of the Bible:


"Autobiographical Sketch of a Sparrow," by Ronald Ginther

A short profile: "My own conversion came at age 15, at a Christian church-supported high school in South Dakota, Augustana Academy in Canton, S.D. in 1957. I was a Christian, born again and saved, for a couple years, until I turned 19 and was about to enter college. I was ignorant of how to live a Christian life, and ignorant of the Holy Spirit, and so I easily jettisoned my faith in Christ to get my life back under my own control and do whatever I wanted. Fifteen years of backsliding, apostasy, and sinning followed as I went through years of college, working in landscaping, then the Air Force, and then college once again to finish getting my degrees. I was an agnostic, dabbling in New Age Religion and an occult book, but while at college Christ came back into my life and heart--sovereignly, not by my own choice or action as much by his divine intervention. Secularism and atheistic humanism had ruined me for faith in anything but the things that were drawing me away from God, yet this is how Christ triumphed over my agnosticism and secularism of thoughtlife. I read the Greek dramas in a Humanity's Class, and it restored my knowledge and belief that there is a moral order in the Universe. The Greeks believed there is a moral order in the Universe--the secularists do not. But I accepted that the brilliant Greek dramatists presented a better case! In the same course we read Job. This book of the Bible, I realized, was of a higher moral level than the Greeks, and the poetry of it was even more magnificent than the finest passages of Sophocles, Euripides, and Aeschylus. That impressed me that the Bible had merit, for how could I ignore that fact, having seen that Job surpassed the best that Greek dramas had to offer.

Next, I had been reading the Master, William Shakespeare, all along through college training in literature, and Hamlet, King Lear, and other immortal plays by the Stratford-on-Avon genius convinced me that man has honor and meaning to his existence. This too secularism and humanism had destroyed in me, but Shakespeare restored it for me. So now, added to my belief in a moral order in the Universe (and a respect for the Bible, particularly Job), was my belief that man is not meaningless as taught by the Existentialists and the secularists and other great thinkers in their books, plays, philosophies, and dramas. To the contrary, man is a meaningful being! He has a future and a hope. But what were they? Next "it happened" one day that someone left a Gospel of John on a bannister of the staircase in the dorm which I routinely used to get to my room on the second floor. I picked it up and took it along to my room, then opened it like any book of literature or philosophy and began reading attentively and seriously. I had never read it before like this, but I read it through in one sitting, giving it my critical attention. As I read it, I saw that the case it was presenting was perfectly credible, well-evidenced and set forth, and when I closed the book, I said to myself, having come to my inescapable conclusion at the end of the events of Jesus's Crucifixion and Resurrection: "He's the Son of God!"

I realized that the book told the truth, and I was convinced by its case and evidence for that belief, and I thought no more of it that day. But that opened the door to God I had closed fifteen years previously when I set off on the prodigal's path to self-destruction. When I ended my reading of the Gospel of John, I had testified to myself (I thought I was alone) that I believed that I had accepted the truth presented in the Gospel of John, that Jesus is the Son of God. But Someone else must have been there with me! I did not guess that just doing that brought not merely God, but Jesus Christ back into my heart and life to be my Savior and Lord. But it did! I began hearing from the Spirit, and being urged to leave on graduation and take work in Minneapolis with my Christian uncle and aunt in their landscaping business, I left Eastern Washington University, Cheney, Washington (a once small college town in the Potholes/Palouse Wheat Country of Eastern Washington) and moved to Minneapolis. I immediately was ushered into a new life in Christ, taken to a real, living, Bible-based church of the Lord, where I could begin to grow in the knowledge and stature of the Lord Jesus under Bible-based preaching and study and prayer and fellowship with the church.

I had lost fifteen years of my life in terrible folly and sin and spiritual apostasy, yet God restored me to himself and his kingdom, and saved me from death and destruction where I was surely headed. I could not remake the past, nor redeem the shameful deeds of my sinfulness, but Christ could! It doesn't all happen at once, but He makes all things new as the scripture says. I became, due to the grace of Christ and his power to save and restore, a Christian, something I had fifteen years before this vowed not to be again! I gladly ate those foolish words, as I wouldn't dream of returning to a life of sin and self-serving indulgment of this world and its pleasures and poisons. That was death, not life, I found. That was error, not truth. I had taken a wrong path and now had been set back on the path to life. I am so glad Christ saved me--again! I want the truth, I want life, I want the happiness and light that only Jesus can give. The bumper stickers you used to see were wrong, in my experience. I didn't find "it". "It" found me! That makes all the difference in the world.--Ronald Ginther

Welcome to the Emmaus Walk!:

"Welcome to the Emmaus Walk, or How to Walk out of Darkness and Deception Into the Light!", by Ronald Ginther, Founder of the Emmaus Walk

The following document represents the last time our Congress acknowledged publicly in law the truth that the Bible, the only authorized and absolutely true Word of God bequeathed to us all by the Jews, is the cornerstone of our nation and people and the Source of America's greatness.

"CONGRESS DECLARES BIBLE THE WORD OF GOD," Public Law 97-280, October 4, 1982, Statute 1211, Approved October 4, 1982


"I recognize the sublime truth announced in the Holy Scripture and proven by all history that those nations only are blest whose God is the Lord.

"I believe that it is the duty of nations as well as of men to own their dependence upon the overruling power of God and to include the influence of His Holy Spirit to confess their sins and transgressions in humble sorrow, yet with assured hope that genuine repentence will lead to mercy and pardon...

"We have been the recipients of the choicest bounties of heaven; we have been preserved these many years in peace and prosperity; we have grown in numbers, wealth and power as no other nation has ever grown. But, we have forgotten God"--Abraham Lincoln


We take the Word of God, even the precious Gospel, which brought us light and salvation and also guidance for our walk with God in this wicked world, for granted. But the angels do not! They are in continual wonderment and amazement over it! They peer into the Gospel and the events of the Birth, Life, Crucifixion, Burial, and Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus Christ--and are totally amazed and struck with awe. This ought to shame us a bit--as we are not so awestruck as they are. If we were, we would take up the Great Commission and transform the world with the Message of the Ages, which is that Jesus came and died for the sins of every sinner in the world, and came to be Lord and Savior and King forever!

"The Ten Commandments," How We Have Broken Them All in America, by Ronald Ginther

Walt Disney has just released an animated film, "The Ten Commandments," which all families can enjoy without any problems of content or language--I have heard, though I have not seen it. This is a film that Christians should support, since Christians voting with their feet and pocketbooks will encourage Hollywood to do more Bible-based films, not less! How can we complain if we do not support good films such as this one, which has been recommended highly by Daystar and also TBN?

Course Articles are now listed in the new "Course Articles Center" page:

Ten Required Subject Courses (plus six elective courses to be added soon) are now on-line. Questions are being appended to those subjects and courses, so please return for them.

Required Subjects:

1. Christian Education

2. Prayer

3. Holy Spirit

4. Biblical Science

5. Foundational Principles

6. Witnessing (includes Apologetics) and Discipleship

7. Types of Christ (OT)

8. Bible Covenants/Israel/Bible Atlas

9. Christian Hope and Character

10. The Prophetic Calling

"Course Articles Center"

At long last, questions are being appended to each article, which is the most practical way to provide quizzes and tests, I have discovered. 10 T/F questions are now on-line for "Part III, Christ's Prayers, and Ours," by Mrs. Bernice Schaefer (the late Mrs. Schaefer is Ronald Ginther's beloved aunt, who was the wife of a Bible scholar and was very active as a leader in church and prayer meetings for her whole adult life, so she knew her subject, effectual or "direct line to God" prayer.


"Requirements for Certificate"

The Emmaus Walk Certificate of Excellence

Zola Levitt Ministries offers 12 courses in the Institute of Jewish-Christian Studies. These courses are all excellent, since Zola Levitt was no small authority on the Bible and Jewish studies (and he enlisted a number of experts and authorities in Bible scholarship as well), so you may want to do most of them, or all, but the course, "Messianic Prophecy," is one in particular that you might want to do in order to satisfy a major elective requirement in the Emmaus Walk. ZLM will charge you $49 for this one course, or something close to that amount. You can find out about this Institute by going to ZLM:

Zola Levitt Ministries, and The Institute for Jewish-Christian Studies


Daily Bible-Reading Guide for a Year

A Reading Through the Bible guide is also available at the back of "Light For My Path," Illuminating Selections from the Bible, by Humble Creek Press. See the details below on this page.

Some Bible Resources:

"The Bible, The Whole Story," is now on DVD. "Seven major doctrines of Scripture are explained in Zola's clear and informative style. The Bible is covered from Genesis to Revelation. A useful teaching tool for beginner and expert alike."--from the "New and Updated from ZLM" catalog list. In this book Zola Levitt teaches about the Abrahamic Covenant, The Law, Prophecy, The Messiah--Why Jesus of Nazareth?, Grace--the Gift of Absolute Forgiveness, The Church, and the Kingdom (the future thousand-year reign of Christ on Earth). Please contact Zola Levitt Ministries for this DVD. It is #DBWS, $39, for 2 DVDs.

"Bible Resources Center"

"Messianic Christology" is a must read for all Bible students. It will give you information you won't find most everywhere else--and from a Jewish perspective too, which can open windows of insight and illumination that Gentile sources have no access to, unless by quoting Jewish sources.

We highly recommend this on-line bookstore for Christians, the Faith and Freedom Bookstore. Categories of its offerings are: Bibles, Books, Children's Music, David Barton (American heritage) books, Audio Books, DVDs, Christian Bestsellers, Christian Parenting, Christian Business and Leadership, Magazine Subscriptions:

Read and do a review of this absolutely terrific book, and you have your Christology requirement for the Emmaus Walk degree certificate half taken care of. I cannot draw from it here, as it is copyrighted, but the material is excellent, and the appendices are also wonderful, every word of them, so don't stop reading when you come to them!--Founder of Emmaus Walk

"Faith and Freedom Site/Bookstore"

Another Bible resource:

Crosswalk Bible Website

Recommended Books List:

Be very selective, and sensitive to the Holy Spirit, in what books you order and buy. Most all ministries offer "packages" of books, CDs, and other materials for about $40. A single book is often offered for a "donation" of $40. This is not all on the up and up. The books churned out by the mega-ministries on TV are not really books--they are published from verbal notes recorded from the popular ministry heads and speakers and are run off the presses almost simultaneously. These books are not really from the Holy Spirit, though they may be titled with the Holy Spirit or refer to Him or to themes that seems so Biblical. These are cheap and easy potboilers. They may have something of value in them, but they are not worth $40. The mega-ministries generate hundreds and thousands of these "books" and book/CD "packages" in order to draw in vast revenues from the mass market in the Christian community, which is worth billions nowadays in America alone. Please don't be fleeced by them--be selective, guided by the Holy Spirit. The ministry heads are so persuasive when they offer these "good deals," to "help you" in various need areas of your life--after presenting some wonderful program to get you in the right buying mood. It is not necessarily a cynical Madison Avenue sell job, but it amounts to one, as these books and packages are not really motivated by the Holy Spirit and by faith (even if the leaders and speakers say and believe they are). Giant industries such as these ministries have become are not faith ministries, even if they seemingly must run on faith to generate the necessary revenues to keep afloat for each day's operation. That is not what the Lord put on these leaders--they took the burden on themselves. If you are confused and want to know what a genuine faith ministry is--it is not one that relies on mass mailings and appeals, urgent appeals to keep the ministry afloat in a time of dire need for this or that, based on the needs of starving children or orphans or whoever they are trying to help. The Gospel needs to get out, orphans fed and clothed and housed, houses built, flood victims fed and relocated, Bibles printed and given out in communist lands, but that has always been the case. Every single ministry of any size operates in one or more of these areas, so there is a great overlapping going on in these ministries' work. That is not very efficient, as administrations are needed for each ministry, are they not? Huge amounts of people are needed, and most are paid, so when we give and support a dozen mininstries to do these basic things they do, we are multiplying the number of people needed to administer the ministries and the funds we give in support. Again, that is not efficient, and it is wasteful of the Kingdom's resources. This will go on until the Lord returns, of course, but why should we continue ignorantly. So let us prayerfully consider our giving and to whom. Yes, most Christians are tightwads, and that is wrong, when Christ gave everything for us and we give so little in return. But Christians are also the most giving people on earth, next to the Jews, that is (it is hard to out give the Jews, who are not even motivated by Christ as we are!). We all could give more, if we would manage our resources better perhaps. But what we do give, is that done wisely? Are we buying into these packaging schemes promoted by mega-ministries on TV and radio? These methods are not faith-based, no matter who claims what about them. Measure them by George Muller, who founded numerous orphanages in London in the 19th century ON FAITH ALONE. He had no means to do so, but faith in God to provide--and God came through for him and his thousands of orphans, miraculously. That is real faith. George Muller did not fall back on mass mailings and urgent appeals, nor on book and CD packages, nor on mass media presentations. What did he do? He got down on his knees and prayed until the need was met by God moving on the hearts of people to give an offering to the orphanages. Jesus does not fail. Ministries, under pressure to generate millions of dollars each month or go bankrupt, have caved into the methods of the world system, which is Satans, all the while championing their causes as faith ministries, when they are not. They will have to acknowledge this to the Lord someday. They know their ministries are not faith ministries, claiming it, yet it is not true, and they are not operating as true faith ministries like George Muller operated, probably because it is so hard, you have to spend most of your time praying and crying real tears, and you can't dress up and parade yourself in front of TV audiences. Enough said! They will answer for their actions, but we must answer for ours too--and that has to do with our giving. Is it wise, is it born of the Holy Spirit, or is it supporting the methods of the world operating in the oftentimes carnal ministries on TV and radio and the book publishing/CD industry. Music too has to come under scrutiny of this same kind. They too are not faith ministries, despite the claims. Let them offer their CDs free of charge, and then maybe they are faith ministries!

I have often thought that when the economic crunch comes, when there is a true melt-down of the U.S. economy, these mega-ministries will be the first to go belly up. A day is coming when the leaders of these "faith ministries" will be sitting in their million dollar mansions (one of the several they have) and be unable to pay the light and heat bills. What then? Who will want to buy such white elephants even if they choose to sell the mansions and downsize a bit? In a real depression, nobody! They will be left to starve in those mansions, if they don't get out and find some real work to do. That will be hard for most of them--as they have lived so high on the hog for years, they won't be able to adjust easily to doing manual labor just to survive with the rest of us common workers and laborers. What will their teachings on seed-faith and prosperity do for them then? It will be interesting to see! But I don't want to see their fall. It is coming, but there is no delight in seeing what the Word of God warns us will happen to all who take the path they have taken. The bubble they are riding is going to burst, sooner or later. The bubble that once was so glorious, that a while back burst under Tammy and Jim Baker, it is going to burst under Joyce Meyer, Mike Murdock, Jesse Duplantis, Richard Roberts, Paula White, etc., and a host of music makers with them. There is no point in trying to separate chaff from wheat at this time. Time will show what these ministries are really made of at the root, and if the root is bad, the whole plant is going to collapse, wither, and blow away as if it had never existed--when the Big Crunch comes. We're going to see it--only I hope these people, and smaller fry of this numerous tribe, have something real that will not perish in the coming hard times.

This can be a needed warning to us all. On what foundation are we building? Are we riding a bubble of our own making? If so, it is not going to last. Bubbles never do, however beautiful they are, or how high they fly.

The missionary to Muslim Algeria (which is a centuries-old bastion of Islamic religion), Lilias Trotter from London, a rich socialite and very fine painter (according to Ruskin, the foremost art critic of his day), produced many fine pictures of Algeria, which are reproduced in this book. Her life inspired the classic hymn, "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus." That is what she did---she turned away from a London socialite's position in high society, with prestige, a rich family, and the career of a leading artist, to bring the Gospel to the Muslim world in Algeria, a place where few Christian men would go, a place called "the missionaries' graveyard," for Christians from long experience fear cruel deaths by the Moslem clerics and the mobs of ignorant people they whip up against the Christians. Lilias Trotter braved all the hatred of Christianity, the dust, disease, and lack of civilized amenities, and did it for the rest of her long life--for the sake of Christ and the saving of these wretched, dark, Muslim souls bound by Satan! She has many crowns indeed in heaven for her magnificent self-sacrifice and her epic achievements! She pioneered many of the methods now used routinely in missionism and on the mission field. Truly, Lilias Trotter was a "blossom on the desert." Is the blossom still alive, or has it died, and nothing come of it--no souls won to Christ since her time? See the Anchored Magazine's New Year Number, "A Smoking Flax shall He not Quench," by Harold Carter, p.11.

This exciting story about Algeria is via an April 2000 Campus Crusade for Christ letter. George Otis, a Christian researcher, reports that in 1315 A.D., a lone Spanish missionary came to Algeria in northern Africa. "He was the first missionary to Algerian Muslims, ancestors of the Kabyle people. His message of "Christ crucified and risen" met with great resistance. It is recorded that, while he was proclaiming the gospel in the marketplace of a small town, he was stoned. Some accounts say he died on on the spot. Others record that he died later on board a ship. After rejecting the gospel, many generations of Kabyles lived and died without knowing about Christ. Then God honored the death of this martyr.

Near the spot where his blood was spilled, two Kabyle men were having morning coffee in a cafe. One was visibly disturbed. For the night before, he had a vivid dream, like a vision. He told his friend about a Man in white who stood before him, saying, 'I am Jesus. I am the way, the truth, and the life. If You want to know God, you must know Me.'

As he shared his story, the jaw of his friend dropped and his eyes grew wide. Stunned, he was certain that his friend thought him crazy. I suppose he might have feared he could have reacted against him violently.

Instead, his astonished friend leaned over the table and said, 'I had exactly the same dream last night!' Others in the cafe had been listening. One by ne, each reported they had had the same dream! Eventually, it was learned that every man, woman and child in that little town had seen the risen Christ in a dream!

During the next six months, the people of the town sought out the gospel and 400 people gave their lives to Jesus and were baptized. From this little town alone there resulted an 18-fold increase in the number of Christians in the entire nation!"

After this incident in the cafe took place, transforming the town, almost 700 years had passed since the lone Spanish missionary had died after being stoned in that small town on the seacoast of Algeria. Just two years afterwards the "JESUS" film was completed! This film is going out to the entire world, reaching not just hundreds of millions but billions of the formerly unreached, including those in the Muslim world.

Is there a connection? In the Kingdom of God, no drop of blood spilled by any man, woman, or child slain for Christ's sake will ever cease having a great effect, as this incident proved.--Ed.

Don't deprive yourself of this very special treat and testimony of God's awesome, miracle-working power:

To order "The Heavenly Man," the story of how a Chinese pastor, Brother Yun, was tortured repeatedly by communists, but survived even the worst treatment they could think to use on him to break his spirit, and was divinely set free from prison and his captors, just as Peter was by angels:

Back to Jerusalem Vision and Movement, with Contact Information about Brother Yun

Don Piper Ministries and Book, "Ninety Minutes in Heaven"

Zola Levitt Ministries, for "Bad Moon Rising," the exposure of Islam's world-wide deception and menace to the world by Dr. Self. I have not yet received my copy, but I plan to read and review it, as it will be a good examination of Islam, coming from Dr. Self, a proven Bible expositor and a Messianic Jewish believer.

Book Reviews Center:

To obtain the book, ACLU VS. AMERICA, by Alan Sears

Or go to James Robison's LIFE TODAY website.

"90 Minutes in Heaven." Don Piper's Story of how a Baptist pastor was killed instantly by an 18-wheeler crushing him in his Ford Escort on a bridge over the Trinity River in Texas, with his trip to heaven and spending 90 minutes there, and his return to life and unbelievably painful recovery in the hospital for many months, but with a testimony he is taking to the entire world to encourage Christians and reach the unsaved for Christ. Reviewed by Kathleen Lawrence-Smith, in Anchored Magazine:

"Review of "90 Minutes in Heaven," by Kathleen Lawrence-Smith, Editor of Anchored Magazine, Worcester, England

"Mini-Review by Ronald Ginther of McTernan's book, "As America Has Done to Israel"--showing the direct connection between disastrous weather and the unbiblical, tragically flawed, secular humanist-tainted and misguided Presidential and State Department foreign policy toward Israel and the Palestinians.

"Book Reviews Center"

From the Book Cover: This Christian classic, "God Sent a Man," is the story of Joseph who allowed himself to be prepared of God to play a crucial role in the history of Egypt and especially in the development of what became the nation of Israel. In the person of Carlyle B. Haynes, God also sent a man. An evangelist for many years, Haynes later served as a church administrator in both North and South America. He was instrumental in setting up the General Conference Press Bureau which eventually developed into the Department of Communications. During World War II, Haynes was director of the Seventh-day Adventist War Service Commission. But he is perhaps best known as a writer, for he authored no less than 45 books, including the classic in its field, "The Other Side of Death." You will seldom find a more interesting, insightful, teaching book, full of wisdom, along with the adventure, love interest, and the twists and turns of any whodunit.

O House of Islam, your Russian missiles (thanks Mr. Putin, for the missiles your Arab terrorist friends are shooting at innocent people, the Jews!--God sees YOUR name on every Katyusha rocket that strikes His Chosen People!), black ski masks, your tanks, your green jehadist flags, your hideous, devilish posters of hate and threats of death against us, your Russian and Iranian- North Korean nuclear-tipped missiles once you get them--but you don't frighten God, and Israel, God's holy nation, will survive whatever harm you intend to do to her, and come out triumphant over you and your many allies, while you sink into the abyss of suffering and shame called Hell and the Lake of Fire! Repent now, save your souls, for Christ is not Issa, a second rate prophet after Mohammed, but Christ is God's holy, true, only-begotten, Saving Son. President Bush is dead wrong about the Godhead. Allah is not the same as the God of Christ, and never can be, for even the Moslems can tell him that, but he won't listen, since he prefers his New Age beliefs to the Bible truth. Jesus came to this earth, sent by God the Father, to save you too, Sons of Ishmael! Listen to Him and his preachers! They offer the only way out of the cycle of death and destruction that will doom every last one of you, O House of Islam.

Islam for Christ Center:

A liberating message for Muslims and Christians and Palestinian-supporters together! We can know the truth, and the truth WILL SET US FREE of hatred, falsehood, tyranny of men, and religious bondage of all kinds, if we will let it speak to us!

"Five Big Lies Muslims Tell," by Stan Goodenough

"Islam Center"

According to the black Christians who are being targeted and persecuted by the terrorist state of Sudan, ruled by the Muslim Arabs of Khartoum, there may not be any Christians left in Sudan in ten years. Two million may have been killed already (the 100,000 figure used by the United Nations and the liberal media--which for years denied there was this genocide going on--is far too low). Darfur is located to the west of the capital Khartoum, and Sudan is located directly south of Egypt. This rogue Islamic, terrorist-supporting country is a flashpoint along the Great Rift of Islam and Christianity in Africa. The black Christians, numbering in the millions, say they are black, therefore called slaves by the Arabs. Being Christians, that makes them infidels on top of being a slave class of people to the Muslims. Muslim Arabs thus feel justified in attacking and killing or enslaving them, and this is called "ethnic cleansing," but it is nothing but Islamic genocide, conducted against black Christians (and some Islamic sects and animists who also live in the area). Islam claims to know no racism ("we accept all races and peoples who believe the Koran and his Prophet Mohammed"), but, in truth, it is racist at the core, as the Arab Muslims of Sudan are not denounced by the Arab Muslims of other nations for their anti-black bias. The Sudan's Arab Muslims despise the blacks of Darfur and consider them slaves and treat them accordingly. Muslim Arabs all other North and Saharan Africa, historically, enslaved tribal blacks and sold them to slave traders who took them to the coasts for sale to British slave ship captains in the 18th to early 19th century. But slavery in Africa, perpetrated by Muslims, has gone on since the 7th century. It is still going on, in Sudan, though the government's spokespeople in beautiful offices in Khartoum, whenever asked by BBC reporters, routinely deny enslavement of black Christians in Sudan by Muslims. This situation will continue, as it has for twenty years now, until the Sudanese Government is given an ultimatum by America to cease and decist or cooperate with the UN teams in Darfur or face military reprisals. Until then the Khartoum regime will continue to kill UN personnel and play games with the world community while continuing to kill and enslave more black Christians in Darfur.

Human traffiking is a hugely profitable "business" worldwide. This is slavery that brutalizes and exploits human beings for sex, labor, and even sadism. One million women and children (though the number is much, much higher if you include the mistreated, abused, virtually unpaid women of the Philippines and other poor Asian nations who go to work for filthy rich Muslims in the oil rich sheikdoms and kingdoms of the Middle East) are yearly sold into slavery, according to the KCTS Public TV report, entitled "Sold Into Slavery," last aired December 9. The Northwest is a hotbed of human traffiking. 20,000 slaves are yearly brought into the U.S. and worked and abused by their owners. In my own state, Seattle is one of the main entry points on the human traffiking circuit that includes Honolulu, New Orleans, and Portland. It is natural to my mind that a secular humanist, liberal dominated "paradise" like Seattle would be a major entrepot on that circuit, despite all its trumpeting of human rights and tolerance and diversity. What a dismal joke! "Emerald City", it calls itself, when it ought to be called "Emerod City"--emerods being the hugely swollen, bubonic-plague infected pustules and nodes of a dying human being. Trong and Rani Hong, a married coupe who wereo former child slaves have survived and now work to build up a ministry, an underground railroad, to these slaves kept in bondage, and bought, sold, and treated worse far than animals in many cases. If the slaves try to escape from brothels, for example, they are tortured and killed, with the other slaves made to look on as children even as young as five years old are raped (this was reported on the program r by the actual witness of the rape, who broke down weeping at the memory). Go to the Public TV channel to view the special program airing this terrible human traffiking going on in our quiet, upscale, suburban neighborhoods in Portland, Seattle, and New Orleans (as well as other cities in the U.S.). That nanny in the beautiful home next door (if you happen to live in one of those upper middle class neighborhoods), may be a slave. Don't be surprised either. Troni and Rani Hong know the statistics, and their foundation, the Troni Foundation, serves to inform the public of this atrocity going on in the Northwest and the rest of our "free country" right under our noses. Type in "Slavery" in the search box on the KCTS home site, and you will get "Sold Into Slavery" as the first offered program. Beneath you will find a number of links to other sites and resouces on the subject.

Human Traffiking in America Program


"Tract Center"

Missions Center:

"Missions Center"

Testimonies of Martyrs Center:

One of the most notable Russian martyrs of the 20th century was young Army soldier Ivan Moiseyev, who never gave up his faith in Christ despite all the torture of the KGB and the Russian army inflicted on him:

"Testimonies of Martyrs Center"

Music Center with original and also added lyrics to famous Christian anthems and songs:

"Music Center


"Christian Activism Center"


"Friendship for Israel Center"

Dave Hunt's Documentary Video, "Israel, Islam, and Armageddon"

"Speak Tenderly to Jerusalem:

"Speak Tenderly to Jerusalem"

Giving the history of a mistaken, unBiblical policy that will never bring peace to the Middle East--"Israel Divided," by Katie Morris of Eurovision, the International Ministry of Evangelist David Hathaway, is now on-line:

God chastised the tribes of Israel, even let their enemies take the rebellious tribes to foreign countries and resettle them there, but God's eye never left them. He always knew their whereabouts, even if the Church lost track (or didn't care, due to Replacement Theology). Again, the tribes of Israel are not lost--God knew where they were, no matter where they were scattered across the world! How do we know that? God's almighty hand is presently re-gathering them back to their home, Israel! This is a fulfilment of prophecies in the Old Testament. Learn about the rediscovery (by fellow Jews) of their tribes and whereabouts in "Quest of the Lost Tribes," by obtaining the DVD (awarded the Genie Award in Canada, the equivalent of the Oscar), a video that can be obtained from Jewish Voice Ministries International, P.O. Box 31998, Phoenix, AZ 85046-1998, or, in Canada, P.O. Box 81750, Toronto, ON M2R3X1.

"Israel Divided," by Katie Morris

Is Israel really "His Land"?--meaning Christ's? Come now, is it really? Is this just the right-wing pentecostal nutcases's cockeyed idea, or the plain truth? Does Israel have the prior claim to all of Israel, up and including southern Lebanon and Syria, and extending all the way to the Euphrates on the eastern border? Or is it the so-called Palestinians' ancestral homeland, to stuff with guns and missiles and whatever else they like to throw at their neighbors?

You can usually tell something is not right, when a pastor or religious authority is silent about Israel or the Jews. That is really strange, when the Bible is a Jewish book, composed by Jews under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and it is centered on a Jew, Jesus Christ! In that person's mind and theology, something is askew, no doubt, when he does not acknowledge these simple facts of the Christian faith, and does not celebrate them. Dr. Billy Graham is not ignorant of the Bible he has preached as the inerrant Word of God all his adult life, and as far as I can tell he is no promoter of Replacement Theology, for he urges Christians to tour Israel (which means next to nothing to anyone subscribing to Replacement Theology, and they go there, if they go at all, as critics of Israel and friends of her attackers, the terrorist Palestinians):

"Why Christians Should Visit Israel," by Dr. Billy Graham


"Against All Odds," DVD, by Bill McKay, Order #S-0708, c/o John Hagee Ministries

Preface to "Fire Over the Holy Land," the 1967 war of Israel and Arab nations, by Gordon Lindsay

"Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Three Branches of Judaism," by Rich Robinson, August 2007 issuer of Jews for Jesus Newsletter. To order this free newsletter, contact Jews for Jesus:

Jews for Jesus Newletter



As David Barton points out in his new book, "Original Intent," the so-called "doctrine of separation of church and state" IS NOT IN THE CONSTITUTION. REPEAT: THE SO-CALLED DOCTRINE OF THE SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE IS NOT IN THE CONSTITUTION!

"America's Re-Education Center

"Revival Center"

It may seem too late to influence this leader, who has turned like Tony Blair to appeasing secular humanists and their agendas, but why not send a letter or two, or call the White House, just to let him know that you stand for Israel and the Bible and God's Covenants? You need to do that. It is your Christian duty, unless the Bible has no claim on you or how you act in the society in which God has placed you as a citizen. You can use this petition to express your views on Israel, the Bible as the Word of God, and America's best hope, Jesus Christ, not secular humanist politics. Carving up Israel is a secular humanist agenda, which the President supports, though he sent a congratulatory letter to the Israel-supporting organization of Christians United For Israel (CUFI) founded by John Hagee that recently held its conference in Washington. President Bush, though officially a born-again Christian (led to Christ by Billy Graham, it was reported) is grossly ignorant of God's Covenants regarding Israel and its land. He refuses to listen to evangelicals on these matters. That is obvious, or he would never be promoting "land for peace" and his "Road Map to Peace." Yet we need to make our voice heard--or be utterly ignored and run over by secular humanists in control of our government and evewn the White House. They sometimes change course, and it only happens when thousands of Americans let their views be known. As for issues, please do your own activism, and don't just send money to groups and organizations that appeal to you via mass mailings for support. Most are bogus, they are mere self-serving lobbyists who take advantage of issues people care about to gather in contributions from millions of Americans, but do nothing to really change America for the better, through prayer and righteous engagement with the society and government leaders.

Dear President Bush,

I join with millions of Christians in asking you to NOT sacrifice Israel on the altar of appeasement.

The Word of God says this about Israel:

"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. They shall prosper that love thee."--Psalm 122:6.

"I will bless them that bless thee, and curse them that curse thee."--Genesis 12:3

Mr. President, based on the above scriptures, I believe that the future of America lies in our support of Israel. I prayerfully beg you to boldly stand with the Jewish people and oppose those countries who seek to destroy the Bible Land by dividing it and bring great suffering and pain to all of God's children, Jewish, Arab and Christian alike. Division is not the answer, or it would have solved the problem long before this time, either there or anywhere else that can be named. The land in question was divided--was it not?--back in 1948 by the British authorities in Palestine, and fierce, all-out war immediately erupted, unleashed by five neighboring Arab states allied to the Arab Palestinians, which they waged against the Jews who had just declared, legitimately, an independent state of Israel in their own territory under the British and United Nations mandate. The Arabs have never changed their position since that time when they first repudiated the UN mandate dividing the land into an Arab or Arab Palestinian territory and a much smaller Jewish Palestinian territory. That same repudiation is written into the Palestinian charter and espoused by all the neighboring Arab states, as well as Iran. Clearly, division is a roadmap to war and continual aggression against Israel, to get all the land back allotted by Great Britain to the Jews under the United Nation's mandate.

We have all seen clearly, repeatedly, that religious divisions cannot be healed politically, however well-intentioned our State Department is in promoting "land for peace" and a Palestinian State along side of Israel. Whatever treaties are signed only serve as mere pretexts for gaining time and military advantage in order to launch the next all-out attacks against Israel to wipe it out of existence.

Mr. President, this is not a problem that can be solved by human means--it is God's to solve. That is the cold, stark reality that must be faced by all human government and their agencies. It is, indeed, an act of hubris to think that humanity can solve the world's ills, much less the Mideast's Arab-Jewish conflict. Human governments and agencies and the United Nations have altogether failed to "solve" the Mideast Arab's conflict with Israel in the past, and they will always fail. I am praying for wisdom for you in your office of President, and may God bless America, may God bless Israel, and may God bless the oppressed Arab people, and may God bless you.



If you like, you can print off this message, or copy it by cutting and pasting to a page of your own and then printing it. Then you can sign and send it to President Bush, care of the White House, Washington, D.C. 20500

President Bush's White House number is: (202) 456-1414; his automated comment line is: (202) 456-1111. His website is:

The website will give you his email address at the Whitehouse.

VOO DOO AND WITCHCRAFT ARE EPIDEMIC IN AMERICA CAST SPIRITUALLY ADRIFT BY ITS FOOLISH SHEPHERDS AND SELF-SERVING POLITICIANS AND GOVERNMENT LEADERS: Ever wondered how our Government, including the White House and president, can make such incredible mistakes as history has repeatedly shown they make, yet never learn from them? Wickedness and misgovernment are endemic in the U.S. capital--for good reason--it is a center of witchcraft rivaling the hellish, riverine fleshpot of New Orleans. For years psychics and fortune tellers and other such crooks have introduced witchcraft and its demon spirits into the highest echelons of our government, invited there even by First Ladies including Nancy Reagan, as the record shows! Those demons, once invited, do not leave the Lincoln bedroom, folks! They stay, they take over the whole White House and Congress and Supreme Court, and then begin to influence and run the policy makers and their decision-making process, precisely in order to turn America into Satan's kingdom and destroy the unique America founded by our Puritan and god-fearing forefathers.

With her juggernaut of a TV show, Oprah Winfrey has built up a mega-billion dollar business (book promotions, TV sponsors and ads, endorsements), and seduced the soul of America, with Dr. Phil, who is her "subsidiary" performing on a male version of her female-oriented program. What is their primary stock in trade? People would go "ho hum" and there would be no rave ratings if Oprah presented just tear-jerking appeals for money for needy people or promoted social causes of various politically acceptable kinds. What does this gourmet chef of witchcraft do? She cooks up a tantalizing stew in her witch's cauldron by adding her humor and personality and witty quips, sex, high fashion, economizing tips, conspicuous acts of her charity giving, dieting, health tips, home makeovers, personal body makeovers, interior decorating, hair styling, how to mix double martinis, trips across America with her girlfriends--anything culturally hip and interesting and "compassionate and caring" to the mass market--with the causes, of course, primarily sex abuse, spousal abuse, abuse of women and children by predatory men, drawing frequently on sympathetic audiences with her own sex abuse history as a child. But the individuals and couples that make her show so extremely popular, along with the rest, are the the degenerate and mixed up Americans, mostly young, whose stinking, dirty laundry is dragged out of dark closets and aired to the entire nation and the world, day after day after day. This is the big money maker, the big draw, for her. She couldn't possibly cut it. The ratings might drop precipitously. America is bashed, which is politically right at this time, and Christianity too, since everyone can plainly see that Christian America and its traditional moral values is an absolute failure and a farce in the testimonies of these degenerate guests telling all their dirty little secrets on primetime. Not once is the Gospel of Jesus Christ offered as a solution to their lost conditions. It would result in the cutting of that segment automatically! No, the only Solution must not be mentioned--though Oprah knows it by this time, having interviewed thousands of people and met some real Christians--because the program must go on making money, and it does that by rehashing the garbage and filth of America's degenerates and lost souls. God help Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Phil, when they wake up to what they are doing, or are forced to look at what they are doing for the money, fame, and ratings. With America trashed, with Christianity trashed, with Jesus the Savior trashed, Oprah is free to present New Age religion, which she actively promotes as her gospel to the world. God also help T.D. Jakes and others on Christian channels who promote Dr. Phil or appear on his programs as part of his team of "experts."

Chicago once gave us the illustrous Moody Bible Institute and the unadulterated preaching of the Gospel, but now we get the Witch of the North, Ms. Oprah Winfrey! She has created the biggest church for the New Age Religion in the world! Her membership is something over 20 million--but she greatly influences many more millions than that. America is under her spell, with Dr. Phil assisting her like an altar boy.

America is chock-full of devils, thanks to decades of liberal domination and non-biblical preaching in the pulpits, and the rejection of the Bible by the Supreme Court, and also the re-education of America back into the darkness of paganism, hedonism, and even outright satanism and witchcraft by teachers, professors, writers, text book editors, and NEA union heads. We have plunged, by choice, into Satan's meshes, and his devils are having their full way with us--just witness the havoc and abuse and violence and immorality and murders and perversions that are now common, everyday events in our society--these are the direct result of Satan and devils ruling over our lives and having their way with us and our children! Let us inform ourselves, and seek ways to set ourselves free by God's power and deliverance! Let us not sink into the absolute hell-hole of a voodoo-dominated Haiti--that is where we are headed, fellow Americans. Look at Haiti, and see where all this is taking us.

"Sorcery in America," Preface, Vol. I, by Gordon Lindsay


"Negroes for Sale!"

SIMON DENG, FORMER SLAVE BOY IN SUDAN, TELLS IT ALL (AND LISTEN UP, CONGRESS AND PRESIDENT AND THE UNITED NATIONS AND HOLLYWOOD!): By going to Breakthrough on the internet, Pastor Rod Parsley's site that contains Bridge of Hope, the ministry that for the last ten years has brought food and water and also bought the freedom of hundreds and thousands of black Christians being attacked in Sudan by government proxies, the Muslim militias, you will find Rod Parsley's interview of Simon Deng. He was abducted at age 9, taken to the north of Sudan and given as a slave to a Muslim family. His treatment was horrific. His slave price was $10, so he was worth less than most any goat or sheep that he herded for the family, sleeping with them on the ground they grazed, with no safe bed of his own that wild animals and snakes could not enter. He tells us about why slavery is a taboo subject in today's world, what it is like to be a slave, why the Muslim Arabs governing Sudan attack black Christians, and what is their religious reason (the 20 year government program of Islamization of Sudan) for doing it. Two million slain by the Muslim Arabs in southern Sudan, not just Darfur, is Simon Deng's figure. 7 million have been displaced, which is more, he says, than any other group being forced out of their homes by violent Muslim gangs and militias. That total is 9 million slain and displaced, not to mention the countless others who are suffering worse things as slaves from starvation, overwork, torture and brutality under their Muslim masters. What kind of Christmas will these black Christians enslaved in Sudan have this year? God's heart goes out more to them, than to us amidst all our comforts, I can tell you that--unless we too have a heart for the people, our own Christian brethren, suffering persecution in Sudan, China, and other oppressive societies. What are we doing for them? I believe God will hold us to account for having the opportunity and not doing much of anything--when we could do much! Much! Each of us can do much for them--though it may not seem like much. We can pray, pray, pray. We can also give monetarily. None of us has no money. We can always spend on our own luxuries and amusements, but what about these suffering black Christians in Sudan? What about them? Are you closing your heart to them even as you read this? Are you thinking, "Let someone else do something, I have my own problems!"

All Moslem Slave Holders and Moslem Nations, sexual gulag human traffikers, and even polygamous Mormon groups in Utah who reduce young girls to sex slaves of lustful, polygamous men-- "Let My People Go!" says their God, the God of the Oppressed.

The remarkable news (though the Bible says such things will happen to those who do evil against their neighbors) has broken that certain wicked Moslem Arab tribes in Sudan that were prominent in attacking and enslaving black Christians in Southern Sudan are now savagely attacking each other (thieves and killers turning on each other, which is quite a switch!), causing many of the defeated tribes to flee to refugee camps. This is a taste of their own poison! (Yet we must not rejoice over this, as they are doing it ignorantly, without the light of the Gospel to set them free from false Islam, superstitution, and hatred and fear and sin!) The Bible says that those who take up the sword will perish by the sword. "What goes around, comes around eventually"--as the old saying and truth is restated in the vernacular. God wants to save the souls of these wicked, cruel men. You should see their pictures--they look like hopeless men who have lost all moorings in life--as everything they had waged war for against innocent people has now turned brutally upon them and their families and villages, destroying all their ill-gotten gains and driving them away from their own families to seek shelter in the very kind of camps they were formerly raiding for slaves, women to rape, and men and boys to kill or enslave.

Creation Science Center:

For a love gift of any amount, TBN will send you "The Privileged Planet," a DVD that will show you the true, proven, scientific case for creationism, for if given an equal hearing, there is no question that evolutionary theory will be rejected by the scientific community. Many discoveries about how the universe is "fine-tuned" and "anthropic" in so many ways to make life possible on this one inhabitable planet are making creationism an inescapable issue for scientists who still hold blindly and uncritically to evolutionary theory.

Gordon Lindsay, in his book, "The 1970's, in Light of Prophecy," has this to say about evolutionary theory being taught in the U.S. public schools:


On June 17, 1963, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that it would be unconstitutional for any school to authorize Bible reading and recitation of the Lord's prayer. But nothing was said against the teaching of evolution in the schools, a teaching which implies the Genesis record of creation to be a myth, while claiming that man sprang from the brute beast. This rank hoax, the religion of atheists and infidels is being taught in the schools and colleges. Parents who believe the Bible should find out if the Christian college or public school to which they send their children uses these textbooks. Such teaching can rob their children's faith in God." (page 27)

New Creation Museum in Kentucky

Answers in Genesis


The Terrorist-Supporting State of Iran has killed many American soldiers in the last several decades but hasn't yet killed forty million Americans, though its rulers would certainly like to, adding six million Jews to the tally too, if it could get its hands on sufficient nuclear firepower! Yet there exists and operates in America an organization of the greatest malevolence and ferocity that has already killed OVER FIFTY MILLION AMERICANS (enough to populate TWO AND A HALF Canadas, AND THIS FIGURE IS FIFTY PER CENT TOO LOW, SINCE ONLY HALF THE ABORTIONS ARE REPORTED!--and it is none other than Planned Parenthood (sic), which claims to offer "prevention" for unwanted pregnancies but is actually the world's largest abortion provider, making it a mega-billion dollar industry based on genocide and eugenics! Follow the billion dollar money trail and discover the people in its pay! Yes, Congress's hoggish snout has got a golden ring in it, and that ring is Planned Parenthood, wouldn't you know! With Planned Parenthood's nose-ringing of Congress, hundreds of millions of our tax money go to fund this octopus of death, and as yet we cannot stop this evil, this "planned unparenthood" and Nazi-like eugenics, from devouring an entire generation. We need to write and call our Congress's senators and representatives--or take responsibility for more genocide than we have already witnessed. We cannot pretend we don't know this is going on--for we do know!

WHEN WILL AMERICA'S BLACK PEOPLE WAKE UP TO THE GENOCIDE BEING WAGED AGAINST THEM FOR THE SAKE OF PROFITS AND LIBERAL POLITICS? It is hard to say. They have consistently voted for the liberal party (Democrat) that has pushed abortion on them primarily through Planned Parenthood (a eugenicist organization). Millions of black babies have been liquidated by this fiendish organization and its affiliate abortion mills. Just as it does everywhere else, there is a Planned Parenthood clinic stuck right on Martin Luther King Way, a main street on Tacoma, Washington's primarily black Hilltop community. How convenient! The blacks, targeted from the beginning by Planned Parenthood Founder, Margaret Sanger the eugenicist, who aimed to eliminate blacks, the uneducated, the retarded, and misfits of her own definition, are supporting this decimation of their own population, by their votes and by their indifference and largely their ignorance of what is plainly going on in their own homes, neighborhoods, and cities. Even their churches will not address the rampant infanticide against blacks, making it known to their people that they a targeted group of Margaret Sanger's genocidal organization. I don't know who sent it out, but a letter went out to black churches in my own area, addressed to pastors, telling them that abortion was one topic they should not speak about. They did not need that warning letter, as they were not speaking about it anyway. Now the blacks of America have slipped behind the Hispanics who, thanks to the illegal, open border policies of Presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush Sr. and Reagan, have become our biggest minority (making us, according to the American Bible Society, the world's fifth largest Spanish speaking nation). It will have serious political consequences which the blacks will not like, for the Democrat Party will now turn with favoritism toward the Hispanics, to do what they did to their black supporters--give them in exchange for their votes the old plantation system of public doles of bread and circuses through welfare and Affirmative Action while killing as many of their babies as they can through abortion on demand and Planned Parenthood. Democrats (the secular ones with no God to love and serve other than human gods) lust for power and money but do not value loyalty they have already bought--they despise their chattels, the black Americans. Blacks are contemptible to the party that supposedly has compassion for all the oppressed of every race except the white race. The political plantation system they substituted for the old one of the Southern cotton planters has now found a new class of potential, vote-rich slaves to exploit--the Hispanics! Can politics get any uglier than this? A party that is so exploitive and cynical, as to target its own constitutencies for liquidation after they have secured power through their votes? I really do not think the Democrat Party has any redeeming value. The Republican Party is far and away the most spineless and compromising group imaginable, so it is not much better. Our nation's first president Washington hated parties (he was not elected through the party system, by the way--it was just the people of the United States that voted him in as their first president). He believed that parties would ruin this nation, and they certainly have! And we think we have a moral edge over the old, decadent Europe that produced the Wars of Religion and the Inquisition and Hitler and the pogroms of Russia and later Stalin!

Remember Roe vs. Wade, the decision by the Supreme Court that opened up the wave of genocide and abortion in America under the guise of promoting a "woman's right to abortion or reproductive choice and privacy"? That decision is not constitutional, by any stretch of the Constitution! Everybody who knows anything about the Constitution cannot argue for its constitutionality--but this extra-constitutional decision stands to this day, decades after the idiotic "creative" framers of the Roe vs. Wade atrocity, members of the infamous Warren court, showed they were out of their minds in trying to be "fair" to the lawbreaker. Justice, if it merits that name, cannot always be "fair" to the criminal and remain justice. Someone is going to have to suffer when a crime is committed, and it ought to be the criminal, not the victim! Justice is based on God's laws issued for the good of mankind and reflecting his own righteousness as a holy God. Justice is God-based, not man based. But out of a liberal's hatred of guilt and punishment for crime, man-based justice has now been substituted for God's, thanks to our Supreme Court, which has long liberated itself from all "notions" based on the Bible and the Ten Commandments. They prefer modern psychology, which puts the blame on environment for crime, not on the criminal that commits it. This man-based justice has created the greatest holocaust of victimization of innocent people in history, and has damaged and ruined the lives of countless millions, all in the name of "fairness" to criminals, Chief Justice Warren's favorite litmus test for the rightness or wrongness of any law under scrutiny by the highest court--according to Pat Robertson in his book, "Courting Disaster", published by Integrity, 2004. Supreme Court justices, such as Sandra Day O'Connor, no longer cared very much about the constitutionality of any law in question and under review by the court--she and others with her on the court had long made up their own "non-textualist" rules about how the United States should be governed and what law should be instituted and enforced. These unjust, runaway, irresponsible justices cannot be impeached (it is useless to try), nor can a spineless, secular humanist-dominated Congress rein in an activist, unconstitutional cadre of liberal justices on the Supreme Court bench. All we can do is pray to be delivered from them--who are reigning as kings over us! Their decisions have already ruined and destroyed our country, and it is fast sinking into the pit. Infanticide to the scale of at least ten holocausts or Shoahs in America, is a direct fruit of the Supreme Court's liberalism and activism and defiance of God's laws. But infanticide is but one fruit. There are many other evil fruits that can be directly traced to the Supreme Court of the last four decades. But the Supreme Court is not all to blame. We have ourselves to blame--as Christians and Americans. We did not take responsibility when we should have, ignored the warning signs and ominous developments, and then when it was too late to stop the process before grave harm was done by the Supreme Court and our society as well, we started hearing preachers calling us to action. Yet we can still pray, as it is never too late with God, if we are sincerely repentant. We may not escape a host of terrible consequences of our unChristian disengagement from society and our own moral irresponsibility (failing to be salt in this ungodly mainstream culture), but we can find mercy with Him and He can show us how to repair some of the damage.

Justice Blackmun, appointed by President Nixon but not following Nixon's values and conservative beliefs, is best known for the passage of the 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision of the Supreme Court and its companion case, Doe v. Bolton (also 1973). He is chiefly responsible for what Pat Robertson, writing in his book "Courting Disaster," describes as a total disaster for America. He states: [these two cases and rulings spearheaded by Justice Blackmun] ...will live in infamy for the immeasurable harm they have done. For as long as our nation survives, these cases will be remembered as the basis for the most ghastly holocaust in human history. By any accounting, more than forty-five million children have died in this country alone since that fiat judgment of 1973...However you measure it, the Court's record of imposing its values on the nation, repeatedly, and in a manner that is contrary to both the will of the people and the original intent of the Constitution, is shocking and ought to elicit a universal cry of alarm."

In other words, a man in black, looking like a harmless, little old grandpa turned out to be our own American version of Genghis Khan, or a a fellow mass murderer, Tamerlane, who destroyed something like 50,000 cities and villages in Asia, murdering five million people, a disaster from which Asia did not recover. Multiply that by ten at least, and you get the number of Americans this kindly-looking "grandpa" figure murdered with the stroke of his pen (just as the kindly, grandpa-ish Pol Pot, commander of the Khmer Rouge, murdered millions of his own fellow Cambodians in the most horrible, brutal ways with the stroke of his pen as supreme authority and leader of his benighted country). You don't have to throw bombs or shoot anyone to be a mass murderer these days. Just be a judge, a Supreme Court justice with a pivotal vote like Justice Blackmun utilized, and you can wipe out over one third of a generation with your little black pen! He even thought Roe vs. Wade and its companion atrocity were his chief legacy from his years on the bench! For every single innocent life he signed away, may his name be spat upon, execrated, debased, abhorred, and consigned to everlasting infamy! It would have been better if some men had not been born. Immorality is bad enough, and most of us must admit we have "been there, done that." But killing helpless, human lives in the womb, never giving them a chance to be born and grow up, experience life, play, go to school, get married, work at jobs, develop talents, travel, get married, have children and families of their own, live to be grandparents, etc--to deny life and all that makes up human life in all its complexity and challenges and triumphs and failures...for the sake of "reproductive rights" and "Privacy," to deny what we the living have to others who have already been conceived and are on their way to entering our world, to yet voiceless in the womb human beings who had the misfortune to be in the womb, unable to vote or speak out for themselves, well, wouldn't the mother of such a one suffer regret for having given birth to him or her?

I know nothing about the mother or the parents of Mr. Blackmun. I know just a little about his background, from Pat Robertson's book. He was a lawyer representing the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, for some years, a most prestigious job. Then he went from there to the bench of the Supreme Court, to play his part in an anti-human rights conspiracy and usurpation of powers not given it under the Constitution of the United States by passing rulings on abortion that unleashed the worst genocide in human history that we have recorded.

How did Justice Blackmun happen to go down this road to perdition, taking our nation with him and over fifty million murdered fellow Americans? We may never find out, but at least he must be made to serve as a warning. He died in 1999, so he did not live to see the horror of 9/11, a Muslim terrorist attack on a chief icon and financial center of this nation (which was part of a fundamentalist Muslim, masterful, many-pronged strategy, to strike down New York City's finances and transportation system, and even the government in Congress, the White House, and Defense Department in Washington simultaneously).

Every day, thanks to the late Justice Blackmun's legacy in the Supreme Court, we suffer the deaths of over 4,000 innocent human unborns, or one 9/ll daily. This is just half the real number, as 50% of the murders in the abortion clinics are not reported, according to an abortion clinic owner and operator I have watched interviewed. Our nation is drenched with the blood of these innocents, and that blood is crying out every minute of every hour of the day and night unto God for justice, you can be sure. Innocent blood has a voice and reaches the ears of God! Abel's blood is still crying out to God, the scriptures say, even after thousands of years passing from the time his brother murdered him. God is just. Mercy is meaningless if there is no divine justice. To let all criminals go indefinitely would make a mockery of a Just God. That cannot happen. Our Just God is merciful, but he must punish us and our nation for these deaths if we continue to refuse to repent and stop the killings. All these murdered souls are alive in heaven, and there they all demand our punishment for the crime of murder, which in God's justice system requires capital punishment, or death, eternal death. They have a right to demand justice for our killing them. Yes, Christ died for all our sins, including the murders of 50 to 100 million unborn Americans, but if we are not saved and born-again, can we be forgiven? If we refuse to repent and stop the killings, can we be forgiven, even if we are saved and born again? We will be held responsible, to the degree that we are guilty.

Christ provided forgiveness for all murderers when he died on the cross for their sins, but they still go to hell if they do not repent and gain the gift of grace and forgiveness. It is not their right, it is a gift, which we must access through forgiveness, as it does not automatically go to us--whether we repent or not.

Again, since we are so confused as evangelicals, Christ forgave all murderers on the Cross even those who crucified him (and who among us did not crucify him by our own sins and rebellion against God?), but murderers and anyone who commited any sin still pay a penalty, or should, of death by execution. Sin is that terrible in God's eyes--sorry! He is holy, and cannot condone sin--not every! Thus the Bible says that the penalty of sin is death--period. The guilty cannot blame their environments, though they do in modern America's law courts. Cain was held responsible by God for killing Abel his brother, even when there were no law courts, other than the one presided over by God, the Divine Judge himself. If Cain with the absence of a written law code and court system with lawyers did not escape the judgment of law for his crime of murder, how can we, who have all these curbs to human crime and the laws on the books to remind us what is legal and what is not? We can point to these decisions of the Supreme Court to justify the killings, but that does not change the Commandment, Thou Shalt Not Kill, or supercede or annul it in any way or degree. God's commandment against murder existed before the crime was ever known to be a crime, as we found out in the Cain vs. Almighty God case in Genesis. God did not kill Cain on the spot, it is true, and there was no maximum security prison to put him in--and let him run off from his own family to the land of Nob, but he did not get away from his guilt, he was an exile, a renegade, living beyond the law the rest of his days, branded with God's mark to keep other people from putting him to death for his crime. That living death was God's punishment--since he could never rectify the crime however long he lived and busied himself with things to try to forget it, and he would have to suffer guilt and remorse the rest of his days, always wondering if somebody would do to him what he had done to his innocent brother. Death on the spot would have been more merciful. But God allowed him to live, so that he could learn to see the full extent of the crime he had committed against his brother and against his Creator.

How then can we escape blame for killing all these unborn Americans? Did our environment cause us to do this? Passing the blame game, or playing the victim, both will not work for us. We are accountable in God's eyes, and He is the Supreme Judge, not the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. God is the Supreme Court too--not the high court of kangeroos in Washington that carries that exalted title, and hardly deserves it.

We really should repent as soon as we can--or suffer the consequences, the deserved judgment and destruction of our nation and people. We do not deserve to continue as a nation and people, while perpetrating such crimes of inhumanity as mass infanticide and genocide against innocent unborns. We are living on borrowed time in an age of grace, but grace, as the Bible testifies, runs out eventually. It is not unlimited--for justice still exists, and it must exact the penalty awarded anyone who breaks divine law.

Will we fail to repent and change our ways--change by repealing these horrendous, barbaric, criminally murderous rulings of the Supreme Court and shutting down the abortion/infanticide/eugenics mills from coast to coast in time to avert the full force of God's punishment for our crime? Do we have another day, or a week, or a month to do so? Will we stop the killings, or will we go defiantly on, meanwhile indulging our lunatic orgies of self-gratification, drug use, violence, perverted sex, TV voyeurism, pornography, and defiance of law, and ridiculing of anything moral and Christian, rejecting the very concept of right and wrong as we teach children to adopt a lifestyle what is completely contrary to a normal life?

Even as I write this, I have to wonder if our enemies, China and Russia, and their confederates such as Iran and Venezuela and the Muslim dictatorships, are not plotting in conferences the destruction of America, through a surprise attack on us from all sides--sending missiles and nuclear-armed warplanes in from east and west, north and south to strike all our major cities and ports and reduce us to chaos and radioactive embers in a single day? It happened once to Nineveh, the greatest power on earth at one time--the glorious capital of an empire infamous for military preeminence, violence, wealth, cruelty, and arrogance. It was a juggernaut--a Soviet Union and America combined. Nobody could seriously challenge its war machine up to the day of its destruction. But its enemies nursed their grievances and secretly gathered strength on the edges of the Assyrian empire, then at the right moment they were all watching for swept in on Nineveh and the heartland of Assyria and wiped that all-powerful, haughty superpower off the map in a single day! It happened before, many times in history to other superpowers. It can happen to us and our beloved America. We are the next Assyria to fall. We are fattened for the kill.

Justice Blackmun, like Cain, had years to think over his terrible, terrible crime, and repent and get it right with God. Did he? We can only hope he did. I do not know if he instead died congratulating himself for his crime, instead of repenting it. But the statistics were rolling in, about the epidemic of abortions that had spread all across the country, amounting to tens of thousands, then hundreds, then million, long before he finally drew his last breath. He had ample time and opportunity to reflect and entertain second thoughts about what he did on the bench regarding the sanctity of human life. He had more than enough time. Did he use it wisely, or did he not? Eternity may tell us, we will have to wait to see.

Meanwhile, heaven has become a gigantic nursery, where the multiplied millions of aborted children are cared for most lovingly by angels and the saints. Most are Chinese babies and childrten, reports have it, as China's one-child policy has murdered even more millions than America, though we cannot be far behind the Communist genocidalists ruling that country. The aborted/murdered babies are being raised through childhood to adulthood. They will never know their lives on earth that God had planned speciall for each of them. I know they are in a perfect place, with much happiness and beauty and peace, but still there is the loss of missing the experience of having parents and family and what could have been if they had been allowed, as was their basic human right, to live once they had been conceived.

On earth the right to life (is a life human at birth? at conception? and so on, ad nauseum) is a highly profitable legal argument ACLU lawyers can test their casuistic skills on for millions in lawyers' fees. In heaven there is no debate whatsoever. Human life began at conception, because the souls were formed even before conception, and were implanted in every newly conceived individual. God created these souls prior to conception, and then implanted them by the Holy Spirit's wonderful ability. No evolutionary or physical process could possibly create a wondrous, unique individual human being created in God's image. Physical, natural process may create an animal soul (and I doubt that too very much), but never a soul stamped with God's divine image and created to live for eternity, whether in heaven or hell, as the case would be. Again, lawyers confuse the issue, and the Bible is quite plain, clear, and abundant on this "issue," which is no issue at all in the Creator's eyes. But we do not have to rely on the lawyers and the ACLU for what the truth is, thanks be to God and His everlasting Word in the Bible! We can know the truth, whereas they will debate the laws in man-made courts and legislatures until the cows come home, and never, as the Bible says, come to a knowledge of the truth.

"Infanticide in America Center

Aleksandr Solzenitsyn, the Russian who dared to stand up to the Soviet Union's worst abuses of inhumanity and also warned the West of Soviet plans to destroy the Western democracies, embodied the conscience and soul of Russia crying out for the voiceless, which included not just the oppressed citizenry but the imprisoned wretches of the slave labor "gulag" camps in Siberia. Any nation that turns cannibalistic against its own people as the Soviet dictatorship of Lenin and Stalin up to Gorbochev did, that in our case of America, today devours its own children and the unborn for profit, forfeits its right to exist in the commonwealth of nations. We have many gods in America. The great evangelical thinker and theologian, Francis Schaeffer, was right to name two of the main ones Personal Peace and Affluence. I believe they are America's chief gods, for which we Americans will sacrifice anything, including the most helpless and innocent. Our nation's forefathers and founders would turn over in their graves if they knew what is going on daily in America, and what a horror we have turned America into. Our politicians dare to call it right, when it is genocide and infanticide--this slaughter of the innocents for profit and political gain, that is euphemistically called "abortion." It is not "abortion," it is murder, pure and simple--premeditated homicide in the first degree. That is not my personal opinion. It is God's. He said so, clearly for the world to see, in his Ten Commandments. He said so a thousand other places too, in his holy Word the Bible. We ignore His commandments and His hatred of murder to our peril. Just as happened to the Soviet Union, so it will happen to us--we will collapse and fall, only more bloodily, not fading away as the Soviet Union did, crumbling into its constituent states. Our end will most probably be with nuclear destruction coast to coast--a fate our enemies have planned for us, and are daily implementing to carry out as soon as they can, to simultaneously destroy Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Houston, Las Vegas, New York, Miami, and Boston. That might eliminate forty to fifty million Americans in one fell swoop, and bring down America as a nation to the dust at the same time.


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Doing my own investigation on a televangelist whose fixation on money and wealth building and his continual appeals for contributions bothered me, I went to internet sources and found more than enough information to make me wonder how Prosperity Preacher Mike Murdoch can get away with his extravagant lifestyle, spending millions on his mansion, property, vehicles, jet, and personal adornments such as Rolex watches, and still be allowed to solicit even more millions via such handy Christian networks as TBN and DAYSTAR (networks I love and support, by the way!) God isn't against His children having Rollex watches--but if people have to go without so you can satisfy your own vanity and taste for luxury--well, that is clearly wrong, and has the appearance of evil (vanity, luxury-loving, pride, conspicuous consumption, etc.) to boot. Best not play with such temptations, dear friends! We don't need to play with fire, for there is plenty of fire around without our fanning it with our own hands!

Despite all the scriptures warning us about the great temptations of riches, the televangelists who ignore the scriptures plunged on in their extravagance, forgetting Jim Baker's fall, and others as well after him. "Prophetess" Juanita Bynum's wedding gala, aired on Christian TV, was surely one of the most vulgar and sickening displays of this kind, exhibiting an extravagance you could not have imagined a Christian would indulge in, accompanied with Ms. Bynum's immodest, unbridelike behavior. Dancing around at the altar, running down the aisle after the ceremony--really! It was Hollywood in the church! Carnal Christianity, at its ripest. She and her fashionable bishop husband are now in the scandal-mongering business, exchanging charges against each other on secular interviews as the watching world laughs and says, "I told you so! These Christians are all about money!" Well, these were--obviously. She is claimed to be a prophetess, but she obviously had no foreknowledge of the 100 mph smashup of this union nor of the smash-up of her high-flying, spectacular television ministry! I have to wonder if she ever was a true witness of Christ from the beginning--to get married in the way she did, lavishing, reportedly, a million dollars on her own lust for luxury and show and the world's approval. That sent up a big red flag for me--but I had been wondering at her preaching before this, I think--it just didn't minister to me, and I could not make sense of her message and her prophecies.

If you can enjoy Joel Osteen's trendy, upscale, upbeat preaching and think it's the Gospel or even a fair approximation of it, you need a Bible-based Reality Check. Where in the Bible is this Gospel? He is enjoyable, that is true, but where is the Gospel, where is the Bible-based teaching of Sin, the Cross, Salvation in Christ--historic fundamentals of the Christian faith? He scarcely ever quotes a Bible verse, and it certainly won't be along the lines of "Take up your cross," or "Deny yourself." There is a good reason for that--the Bible contradicts what he says, so he can't quote much of it, or his message will take a hit by the truth and look like the heresy it is. In truth, he is a New Age religionist, who has adapted Christian salvation to his own benefit and tastes--not being centered on the Gospel as it has been historically known and preached--he went to India with his preacher Dad on many ministry trips, and absorbed the religious spirit of that most religious nation, which is so earnest and powerful that poor, impressionable Joel went away deluded and thinking that those people had to go to heaven too, they were all so sincere and earnest (while worshipping rat gods and monky gods and snake gods and elephant gods, gods ad nauseum (India's Hindus worship something like 200 million gods, at last count, which Joel won't mention of course, since his theology is so cockeyed, horrible and absurd, Biblically).

All Joel Osteen does is improve the ugly, rotten old, carnal flesh--the flesh is not crucified in his theology and preaching--just buffed up, polished, dressed in designer clothes that give a positive, upbeat impression and look to the old you! But inside the fine exterior, despite your appearance, you are still the old you, unfortunately. Nothing really has changed. You haven't been transformed, from the inside out. You are not carrying your cross, you are letting it carry you--in style! Yours is a carnal, worldly Christian walk not worthy of the name of Christ attached to it, but you are doing it with thousands like you, so it seems to be right and okay. But it does not square with the Bible, with the examples of tried and tested saints portrayed in the Word, and the Lord's example himself. Doesn't that bother you a bit? You can be like Joel Osteen, but wouldn't you rather be like them, and especially like Jesus? Jesus wasn't like Joel Osteen--try as he does to make the comparison stick before his TV audience and his mega-church congregation. Jesus was the real thing--so to speak. But Joel Osteen? In his interview of Joel Osteen, the poster child of the latest televangelism scene and the megachurches of America, Larry King, a fallen man of the fallen world, could see right through this Muppet of Mammon, masquerading as an evangelical Christian when he is really a New Age guru. Why can't Christians see through his trappings? It is because they do not know their Bible. They accept what false shepherds like Joel Osteen tell them about it, without knowing the Lord well enough and listening to the Holy Spirit and finding out for themselves what it really teaches and doesn't teach. They are set up for a fall, and are easily beguiled and enticed and led away by false shepherds and wolves. They sit there by the thousands in that arena-church of Joel Osteen's with pen and notebook ready to take down more of the soap-bubble gospel of this false leader, and all they get is fluff from him--but they can't seem to get enough. And he turns it out in abundance, without fail, like Lawrence Welk's old champagne music and his bubble machine!

But why not go and check him out and decide for yourself, with your Bible in hand? He is being interviewed by a top Television personality, Larry King, and as the pastor of a mega-church and TV ministry should be able to express his own views clearly enough for us to understand where he is really coming from--unless he is trying not to make himself plain in order to deceive us and wants (something that gives Larry King, I think you will perceive, a bit of a challenge as he tries to pin Osteen down, whether he believes or not on the particular point of inclusive salvation based only in Christ that is the main evangelical church position):

"Joel Osteen, True or False?"

Some good things to say about this man (even if his Gospel is not Bible-based) are that he is a genuine loving family man, and lives simply, well below his means! That is what is called "a good example." It is rare today, in this covetous, materialistic pagan culture. It is also true that Christians can have the right beliefs and doctrines, but live like the Devil, or lack love or simple common sense. Orthodox believers can be the most loveless individuals, whereas often you find heretics who are kind, compassionate, loving! If only the life matched the beliefs and beliefs matched the life--that would give you the likes of John Wycliffe, the Translator of the Bible into English, a man who comes along once in every six hundred years or so, if you survey history and the Church! Please see the further comments on Wycliffe, in the magazine section.

Lamb and Lion's magazine, Lamplighter, also mentions other questionable but highly popular, international ministries and their promoters and founders that are not leading people to the Cross (self-denial? surrendering your own will for God's? sacrificing your flesh to the spirit? Just the reverse!) but to a monotone religion of just one note: me-me-me!

Bible Greats, as Portrayed by Eben:

"Bible Greats" by Eben

Christian Greats, as Protrayed by Eben (including the piece about Rev. Jerry Falwell, the brave evangelical Christian leader who kicked the churches, kicking and screaming, back into the public arena where the church belongs, reaffirming the historic, fundamental Christian faith as a marketplace faith):

"Christian Greats Center"

Notable Quote Center:

The good and the better are the enemies of the best. If you want the best, you are going to have to make the journey into the unknown."--John Hagee, Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, Texas


"Prophecy Center"

"Resurrection Center"

Big Bad Wolf Business Center:

What is a Big Bad Wolf in the business world? Simply: businesses that have adopted the ungodly, anti-Christian, anti-morality secular humanist agenda, which includes special status and treatment and even promotion of homosexuality, are not going to prosper and receive God's blessing. We see major corporations, world-wide conglommerates, international firms, founder and forced to file Chapter 11's, time and time again, because their politically correct, secular humanist-dominated CEOs and management boards have chosen to go down the wrong road, the one of unrighteousness and the defiance of God's Word and His commandments. Some continue to prosper, in a financial way--but inside these corporations you will find a snakes nest of hopelessless, fear, insecurity, greed, envy, hatred, racism, immorality, corruption, theft, and all manner of evil. They still look very impressive and powerful on the outside, but the inside tells a completely different story of the destruction of human lives, the true cost of their slide into darkness. Microsoft is one of these impressive-looking corporations, but its days are numbered. Other firms and other magnates in what were Third World nations are now reaping bigger fortunes than Bill Gates--so he is being surpassed daily (in case you think he is the world's richest man, which he is not).

Businesses that go the fatal secular humanist route are also going to exploit people, including their own workers. They will justify it too--while throwing tons of money into conspicuous, politically correct celebrity-studded charities and causes here and world-wide. Meanwhile, they are running sweat shops over in Southeast Asia, paying pennies to people for a whole day's work, employing actual slave labor, even prisoners, and outsourcing jobs to areas where they can best exploit the desperate poor. Yes, pennies are more than nothing--but they do not have to pay pennies (less than $1 a day to laborers) in order to make a huge profit.

We have mentioned this monster before, but it merits another: Royal Dutch Shell Oil (a multinational, British-Dutch founded octopus) is one of the world's worst in exploiting the poorest countries and their labor forces while polluting vast areas that are inhabited by both people and wild animals, even promoting tribal warfare in Nigeria in West Africa if it suits the company's interests. Shell Oil is world-wide, and its filling stations are a national chain in America (please try not to tank up there if there is another station available). This is a particularly nasty case of greed, exploitation, and devilishness. Nobody will do anything about Shell Oil. It is just too big to rein in, apparently. There are no more Teddy Roosevelts. This unabashed Christian President dared to take on the greatest magnates and robber barons of his day, and he whipped them!

"Big Bad Business Center"

"Global Warming Hoax Center"


I dare to put in this page from an Easton Press advertisement appearing in American History Illustrated (Jan-Feb. 1993, giving them an unpaid for "plug"), to show that English Literature commands a leading place on the world literary stage, and ought to be accorded that distinction by our own English teachers in public schools and universities (which it is not, due to the current idiotic secular humanist bias against our own English and American Literatures). There are ten world-famous authors represented here, and please count how many are English-American authors. We count five out of ten--50%! Surely, that deserves honorable mention at least. Without American-English authors, world literature would be impoverished. That is what secular humanism does, it impoverishes the culture, impoverishes the nation, impoverishes the world, and ultimatly the civilization declines and loses all its redeeming, civilized values and ideals.--Ed.

Back in the days when real poets, and great ones, still walked the earth:

Walking with Alfred (Lord) Tennyson in his garden, a friend asked him, "What do you think of Christ?" The great poet, stooping to examine a flower at his feet, replied: "What sunshine is to that flower, the Lord Jesus Christ is to my soul!"

Lord Alfred Tennyson, England's poet laureate in the late 19th century, wrote "Idylls of the King," dealing with King Arthur, "In Memoriam," a tribute to Arthur Hallam his dearest boyhood friend who died while a young man, "The Lady of Shalott," "Flower in the Crannied Wall," and many other outstanding poems that are included in every standard anthology and text of English literature. I can read his poems and am always reminded how great his thoughts were, and his ability to express them beyond that of most any poet you can name. It was not fashionable, when Darwin's theory was circulating in intellectual circles, to declare faith in Jesus any longer--but Lord Alfred Tennyson did--not caring what it might do to affect his reputation as England's finest poet of the time. We in America and Britain have had no poets of his stature and sensitivity since his time that I can think of--though some fine poetry has been written by Robert Frost and a few others. You need a grand world-view, coupled with extreme sensitivity and high character, which only Judaeo-Christian civilization can impart along with genuine, Bible-based Christian faith, and that is almost non-existent today. Another Milton is unthinkable today--we simply could not produce his intellectual greatness, moral authority, and poetic ability (we have probably killed him anyway, in the over 50 million aborted babies since 1973's Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court ruling!). Shakespeare? One such would not be possible for another thousand years at least--as we slowly recuperate from this age of secular humanism. I imagine that only during the Millennium will there be a recovery in literature, and great poets and painters and musicians and writers and thinkers will again arise, comparable to or even greater possibly than the geniuses of the last two- three thousand years of Judaeo-Christian civilization.

Take a "gander" of a look sometime into the Christian romance poem, "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight." The immortal icon of King Arthur and his knights and court are featured in this wonderful tale. It stands among the finest achievements of English literature, coming from a contemporary of Geoffrey Chaucer. When Stephen King's name is buried deep under twenty or thirty feet of debris and moldering, unread books, "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" will still be alive and well and enjoyed! That is what great literature has earned for itself--a lasting place in the hearts of men, women, and children. This is truly great literature, every bit as exciting as the potboiler-spewing Stephen King and all his host of imitators. We will excerpt some of this exciting tale soon, we hope.

"English Literature Heritage Center"

The Truth that the secular humanists who preach Tolerance most hate: Jesus said: "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no man comes to the Father but by Me."


1. Jimmy Carter has earned a permanent professorship and corner of the room chair in this department of idiocy. His Habitat for Humanity is his one admirable achievement. You cannot fault him for providing homes for the homeless. It is a wonderful ministry, to which volunteers contribute their time and skill. There should be more of this being done. He is filling an enormous need area. Let that stand, but all the rest will be blown alway and be burnt up as wood, hay, and stubble--as it should be. His image should be carved in stone and set up in Washington as a permanent reminder of his extremely bad leadership as president and his even worse follow-up. Let his be a warning to the younger generation. A Christian friend confessed to me that he had voted for Jimmy Carter. I was staying with and working for my aunt and uncle in their Minneapolis landscaping firm at the time of the Carter-Nixon races for the presidency. I must have listened to the Lord, for I voted for Nixon instead of Carter, whom a dear Chrisian Jewish friend voted for instead. He was wrong, as it turned out. He did not get peace as he supposed with Carter, just the reverse. But the Jews got peace! Nixon gave his last presidential directive before his resignation, calling for all aid be given by the U.S. military stores to Israel after it was attacked by its Arab neighbors in the Yom Kippur 1973 war. I felt badly that Nixon did what he did in the Watergate affair, and he had to resign (which I prayed he would do). But now after all these years the true facts have come out, thanks to Bill McKay's docudrama of "Against All Odds," which gives Nixon's critical role in the saving of Israel when it looked like its Muslim Arab enemies would conquer Israel and destroy the Jewish people once and for all. I am so glad I voted as God wished--not as I desired, hoping for "peace in this world,' when Christ said he came not to bring peace but a sword of division. Peace desires can lead to choosing the anti-Christ, so we must beware. Carter was just a warm-up to the anti-Christ, and exposes the temptation to choose a supposedly good, Christian leader to achieve that peace of the world--but look what we got! Look at the terrible price we paid, and are still paying for is terrible caving in to evil forces and folly and liberal agendas! It was an abyssmal failure of judgment, voting for Jimmy Carter, by no doubt millions of well-meaning, wishful Christians (like my Jewish Christian work partner in Minneapolis in landscaping, and my friend here in Washington State who lately confessed he had voted for Carter). We cannot afford to be be misled or wishful. We must hear from the Holy Spirit. My prayer is: "Please, O Holy Spirit, You guide us, as to the choice of Jesus Christ in this coming election. You alone! Your will, not ours, be done! Amen"

There are so many interesting parallels with the Titanic and our own society, it is difficult to number them all. It is intriguing that many or most people aboard did not know that a fatal collision with an iceberg had occurred. They couldn't even conceive such a thing happening to them! Many tried to explain it away, or they trivialized it, relying on the seemingly unsinkable appearance of the iron ship under their feet and around them to banish all fears or thoughts of mortality. Some denied it altogether (the ship was "unsinkable" in their opinion, due to its scientific, "wateright doors" and compartments. Others trusted in the ship to stay afloat indefinitely until help came. Only a few people, the ship's architect, and the captain, and maybe a few alert passengers, knew the ship was doomed and going to sink, probably with great loss of life. Some even treated the collision as an opporunity to have fun--thinking it was nothing serious and they might as well enjoy the novelty of it all. These folks were dancing with death--and death swallowed them!

Why didn't it end well, even though there was a collision with an iceberg. Other ships had recently rammed straight into icebergs, then were towed to a safe haven, without sinking and losing many lives. Other ships were in the area, doubtless, and could come and save the passengers. Other ships had heard about it and were on the way, to rescue them. Certainly, it could all turn out right--but it did not, we know. It turned out to be a terrible, tragic disaster the world still considers one of the greatest disasters at sea that ever happened.

All sorts of variables existed, chances that a possible disaster could be averted even after the collision. But each chance slipped away, and the ship took on more and more water and finally broke up and sank in two main sections, casting all the souls aboard into the water or dragging them down in the stern or in the forward portion. We have sustained a fatal collision too, as a nation and society. I believe it happened in 1973 with the opening of the abortion/infanticide floodgate with Roe vs. Wade, and a bit earlier too, with the earlier notorious decisions of the Supreme Court prohibiting public display of the Ten Commandments and prayer in public schools. I have the proof--the Congressional Record published by Congress, detailing each year's decline of our nation in every major category. Our decline has been, without exaggeration, catastrophic. It is straight down--just like the Titanic, which sank over two miles to the bottom of the North Atlantic just off Newfoundland. All sorts of things can be blamed for the ship's sinking--but clearly it was not the hull's brittle, sulphur-rich iron, or the glancing blow of the iceberg that tore a hole across a fatal number of iron plates covering airtight compartments, or the bad management decisions by Ismay and Smith, or the S.S. California's lazy, incompetent, irresponsible, self-serving captain who didn't heed the signs of distress or the white rocket flares or the radio transmissions of the doomed liner--or anything else like that, though they certainly contributed to the disaster.

People will debate all the factors that led up to or contributed to the disaster--and it is an endless debate that will probably never be settled. But what really caused the great Titanic to be utterly destroyed? Genesis will tell you. Man has not changed, nor has the Devil. Pride took down Lucifer, and made a doomed devil of him, and pride doomed Adam and Eve. Their descendants are also doomed by pride. Pride came at the Fall and before each of our own falls. Satan tempted Eve with special knowledge, to become "as God," and she took the bait, out of pride. We know all the rest (and that includes the Titanic, which was conceived, designed, built, and launched with all the earmarks of the old sin of pride by Lucifer as well as Adam and Eve, our First Parents.



The excellent "Levitt Letter," the newsletter of the Zola Levitt Ministries, has a recent article in the May 2007 issue that every Christian in America should read, entitled, "How do Christians Live With Muslims?", authored by Frank Pastore, Another timely article, "Muslims Accept Israel's Messiah," is offered in the February 2007 issue of Levitt Letter, and it details the turning to Jesus by millions of Muslims, country by country. This is information you probably won't see anywhere else, and it will no doubt astound and encourage you. You can try the web address of Mr. Pastore. Otherwise, the excellent Levitt Letter magazine can be ordered or the article by Mr. Pastore can be accessed, perhaps, by going to the Zola Levitt website.

Zola Levitt Ministries

A magazine that will inform you as a Christian!

Get set for a double whammy of a reality check Lamb and Lion Ministries! Dr. Reagan's articles in the September-October issue of his Lamplighter Magazine are about the most powerful you can find on Anti-Semitism and Replacement Theology.

Care to be informed? Here is the magazine that will do what most other magazines (including TIME and other liberal rags) will not do--tell you the plain truth without the usual liberal spin. We have ordered this magazine after reading one sample sent in th mail.

David Hathaway's Ministry Magazine telling of his healing/evangelistic campaigns in the almost totally atheist countries of the former Soviet Union and Soviet-dominated Eastern Europe--this is a visionary magazine founded on the prophetic Holy Spirit fire to fall on Jerusalem and the churches for revival world-wide, starting in Jerusalem. Look for a reprint of his article, "Do You Love Israel and the Jews?" by David Hathaway to be listed on this page in the links--it is an answer to the odious Replacement Theology and its equally odious sister, Anti-Semitism--one more nail in their joint coffin, praise God!

Sometimes another nation's experience can shed clear light on what is happening to ours--in this case it is Britain's situation under its ungodly, secularist leadership, that has much to say about what we in America are facing. Britain has gone farther down the secular humanist path than America, and so we can learn from its follies, which are tragic, and try not to commit them too. David Hathaway's analysis and overview, with his remarks about the Gospel being uppermost our responsibility (not social gospel, the environment, or any other cause) as Christians, is brilliant and concise. There are few voices in America who can speak and "cut to the chase" as he does in this editorial. Every word, I think, speaks directly to us, even prophetically, in America-- and we need to heed this wonderful message of truth and go to God in prayer for our country, while the dispensation of grace still covers our grave sins as individuals, as a people, and as a nation. Can America be saved? Yes, just as Britain can still be saved--but only through revival. All else, however important or pressing at the moment, according to David Hathaway, does not change men's hearts but simply their environment. We need our hearts to be changed--not just our environment! When men's hearts are changed and transformed by the preaching of the true Gospel, then the nation (and with it the environment) will be restored and saved too.

David Hathaway's Message About Britain's Greatest Need, the Gospel

In connection, please go to the following "updated" prophecy by Eben for Britain, "The Burden of Britain," as new quotations by David Hathaway are included and new remarks added to the preface and postscript to the prophecy, concerning the glorious Christian example set by King Alfred of Britain, the man of the hour who saved England from total Viking conquest and destruction. Winston Churchill says of this valiant Alfred in his "History of the English Speaking Peoples," Volume 1: "This sublime power to rise above the whole force of circumstances, to remain unbiased by the extremes of victory or defeat, to persevere in the teeth of disaster, to greet returning fortune with a cool eye, to have faith in men after repeated betrayals, raises Alfred far above the turmoil of barbaric wars to the pinnacle of deathless glory." I think Churchill only praised another champion, the prophetic soldier-savior of France, 19 year old Joan of Arc, in the same terms. She died in the bonfire as a martyr and a saint set by the invading English armies and religious authorities condemning her as a heretic , but she died after saving her country from conquest, crying "Jesus!"--her last word on earth. Churchill himself practiced what he describes in his history concerning these great Christian leaders, following the examples of Alfred and Joan of Arc, as he stood up virtually alone to the threat and later the armed might and global conquest schemes of Hitler and Nazi Germany.

"The Burden of Britain," by Eben

2008 must be "The Year of the Penguin"--as I see penguins everywhere for some reason. In the beautifully penguin-decorated New Year issue of Anchored Magazine is the Don Piper story of his miraculous return to life after being crushed to death in his car by an 18-wheeler running over his Ford Escort on a bridge, with also his 90 minutes in heaven described. This story is a review of Don Piper's book, "90 Minutes in Heaven," by Kathleen Lawrence-Smith, a British book author and also editor of Anchored Magazine who has been my Christian friend for years and still resides in her home town of Worcester, England.--Ed.

"Crossing the Bridge," a Review of the Don Piper Story of Sudden Death, Trip to Heaven, and Return to Life and Recovery, by Kathleen Lawrence-Smith

A Bible Smuggler in Thailand, Myanmar, and elsewhere in Moslem countries tells his own story about a recent foray into Laos with 1,000 contraband Bibles:

"Sowing the Seed," by Tony John, Bible Smuggler

On a different note from miracles of resurrection and healing and Bible smuggling, here is one for those who feel dreams have died a final death and can't be resurrected--it is all over! Well, not with God--if you truly want God's will. Yes, times are truly dark, but there is glorious light too still available by God's grace. We all need encouragement. Read this article in the Anchored Magazine, and your hope will revive if you let the words minister to you and don't let cynicism and despair dictate the extent of God's mercy, grace, and power you experience today in a difficult time (the resources of the Lord which the Bible says are unlimited!):

"A Smoking Flax Shall He Not Quench," by Harold Carter, Reprinted from Anchored Magazine, New Year Numer issue, 2008

This November 2007 issue contains excellent apologetics, or reasoned defenses of the Christian faith--in very clear, down-to-earth terms, not exalted logical principles and obtuse theological language. The articles are: "The Battle For Your Mind," "Faith on the Field," "Defending the Faith," "Q & A: A Conversation with Lee Strobel (former Atheist)," and "To the Point (the joys of telling others about the Savior)". This issue is a true "saver." You can probably order the issue or access it by going to the Billy Graham library archives, or you can backorder it from the magazine itself.

Billy Graham Library

Apologetics, or a Reasoned Defense of the Christian Faith, is a part of the Emmaus Walk's program. It is necessary, for the Bible says we should be ready to give account of our faith in Christ to anyone who asks.

Resources that will help you give a Christian explanation why you believe in the Lord: "To Learn More [about defending your faith in Christ]," by Alex McFarland, from Decision Magazine, November 2007:

"To Learn More," by Alex McFarland, Decision Magazine, giving resources for apologetics and how to defend Christian beliefs

This truly outstanding 1983 issue of CHRISTIAN HISTORY magazine (which can be backordered) featured John Wycliffe, Bible translator and scholar of the 14th century in England, revealing his role as the brilliantly shining Morningstar of the Reformation, a great precursor of Martin Luther, who inspired Hus in Bohemia and other Christian leaders to stand up for the primacy of the Bible and the preached Word of God in a corrupt Roman Catholic Church age that denied access to the Bible to the people in their own languages. Churchill's series, HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH SPEAKING PEOPLES, Vol. I, page 264 and on, tells about Wycliffe. This history series is worth your while, as it will tell you how Britain got to the place where it is today--a secular humanist-dominated nation that is sliding rapidly toward a place among the European Union's roster of doomed, secular humanist, anti-christ nations that are set to make an empire ultimately ruled by Satan himself.

Spreading the Gospel and social reform, General William Booth travelled 5 million miles (no planes, no cars, just trains, ships, and horse drawn buggies and carriages, bicycles and foot traffic) and preached tens of thousands of sermons, but the pillar and impetus and intellect behind the giant was another giant of equal Christlike, crusading spirit, Catherine. This issue tells the full story of this magnificent Gospel team and marriage and family, and how two people in deep love with each other created a world-wide change and transformed their own native Britain as well for the better, bringing reform and revival into the worst and most hopeless lives and depressed and crime-ridden slums of urban society. The revolution they provoked was joined by tens of thousands of Salvationists one in spirit with the Booths as they marched forth and produced radical, beneficial changes in people and society. The Salvation Army was created from almost nothing but the Booths' own burning desire to make a tangible witness to Christ and His power to transform lives and human society. It is a global ministry now, but it was at the beginning a world-changing ministry, spreading throughout Britain and then to the wide world by targeting the lowest and most sinful of the people rather than trying to appeal to the rich and refined and respectable people. It took only two people, Catherine and William--two who loved Jesus enough to surrender all to Him for His use. How about you? How about me? That's two people, too. WE can transform the world, if we just choose to surrender all to Christ as William and Catherine Booth did back in the 19th century.

This newsletter from the Tacoma Seafarers Center is a true ministry of Christ's love for all men, and it will never produce an extravagant ministry leader of the type we see frequently on TV on DAYSTAR and TBN and other networks and channels. The people who serve this center are mostly all anonymous, donating their time and labor sacrificially and joyfully without pay, and even the ones listed on the Mooring Lines newsletter staff would prefer not to be known and recognized, for they are humble people. My mother has supporterd this ministry for many years, and she has nothing but highest praise for it--and it has never changed, not even when the leadership changes! The ministry remains true to the spirit and words of its mission statement. The ministry's mission statement is given here, but Pastor Eckhoff, chaplain for many years and head of the center until his death, expressed it in just a few words: "We must show them we care, before they care what we know." Isn't that what Jesus did with the woman at the well in Samaria? How can we find a better way than the way He chose to touch that woman's heart and gently lead her to faith in Him, by showing her first that He cared for her as a person?

Now who, in his right mind, would turn away a Christmas wrapped box of useful items and goodies put together with love and given in love and without any strings attached? NOBODY--not even atheists and free thinkers, nor Muslims either! They all love the Christmas gift boxes--and like the Grace of Christ that goes with them, they are FREE to the recipient.


"We distributed your gifts around the world (not in one night). Thank you for your generosity to be able to give ovr 1400 Christmas packages to seafarers from over 20 nations of the world. We gave to grateful men and women from Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Poland, Greece, Romania, Germany, Egypt, England, Italy, India, China, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Japan, Turkey, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Ukraine and the Philippines. Seafarers from all religions gladly received your gifts, including Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and Free Thinkers (no religion, no commitments). Here are some stories of our encournters with seafarers."

Two articles from the Mooring Lines tell of the giving of over 1400 Christmas gift boxes by the center to seafarers in 2007, and the first on-line here tells about a special gift, a Christmas tree (cut living on a tree farm), presented to a ship full of Ukrainians!

"O Christmas Tree!" Account of Seafarers from Ukraine Receiving a Fresh-Cut Christmas Tree Aboard Ship

"Christmas in Egypt," Excerpt from the Mooring Lines at Christmas


This is not a cartoon, but it is harmless fun to do. Look at the little dots in the center, then close your eyes and turn your head up. You will see the Lord--or you should. I tried it, and it worked!

"Cartoon Center"

"Bible Quiz Center"


"Saint-Building Center"

These valuable messages of Stuart Maxwell Hawkins' will furnish one or more of the six elective subjects as they come on-line with study questions or quizzes.

Stuart Maxwell Hawkins's message, "Forgive Me," is now on-line, and will also carry Study Questions soon.

"Forgive Me," Message by Stuart Maxwell Hawkins


Though denominational churches are almost impossible to avoid in this Church Age (misnamed, as it ought to be called the Denominationalist Age), we should not be of a sectarian or denominational religious spirit as Christians even if we are attending a church that is part of a denomination. We should and must reach out to all, regardless, as Christians are one in Christ--period! Denominationalism is not of God, and is not Biblical. There is no Roman Church either whose claims to primacy are recognized in heaven--that too is a divided, man-made denomination (it has the Western Roman half centered in Rome under the Roman Catholic Papacy or Pope, and the Eastern Greek half under the Greek Orthodox patriarch of Istanbul (formerly Constantinople). They split apart in the 11th century in what is called the Great Schism, but they were deeply divided before that final rupture. There is the State Church of England, also called the Anglican Church (split off from the Roman church by King Henry VIII), and the various state churches of the Scandinavian countries, as well as a thousand other denominations (maybe more) that splintered off from the Lutheran Church (also a state church at one time in Germany) and the other Reformation church movements (Anabaptist, Zwinglian, Moravian, etc., etc.). Despite all these church bodies, the Gospel of Christ goes forth, mainly in the Pentecostal movement world-wide. The Gospel is impeded by denominationalism and its spirit of division (which Satan uses against the Gospel to stop and subvert it), but yet it is triumphing, and will sweep the world and convert it to Christ if time permits. But there will not be time for this to happen. We know the total conversion of this present world (and the majority of Jews as well) to Christ will not happen before the Second Coming, as the Bible says so. But the question of whether denominationalism, the splitting of God's church into innumerable factions, is of God or not is settled by the Apostle Paul writing in Ephesians 4: 1-6:

"I therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, beseech you to walk worthy of the calling with which you were called.

With all lowliness and gentleness, with longsuffering, bearing with one another in love.

Endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called in one hope of your calling:

One Lord, one faith, one baptism;

one God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.

Joyce Meyer's gospel, which she calls "Enjoying Life Today," is not Biblical and it certainly is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What "covenant by sacrifice" has she and her followers made with God? None! Zilch! I don't see her Crossless, uncovenanted gospel in scripture. Do you? What watered-down, trendy, easy-does-it translation are you reading, if you do? Jesus said those who deny themselves will gain themselves, and whoever loses himself, will find himself. Did the Lord Jesus do as she does and "enjoy life today" with any real denial of self? Yes, he went to a wedding in Cana and dinners to which he was invited out and family get-togethers at Lazarus's house and wasn't averse to a laugh and a song. He enjoyed life (after all, he created the incredible beauty of this world, and loved to be in the Sea of Galilee district, one of the world's most beautiful regions). But he did not live life as Joyce Meyers proposes we should. According to his own words, according to the Bible record, He came to earth, not to enjoy life, but to go and hang on the Cross, destroying the works of the Devil for our sake. I am so glad he did not choose His own will and convenience and pleasure and do as Joyce Meyers urges Christians today to do--enjoy life today. That is not our main purpose on life (though it does not exclude enjoying life, to be sure). Yes, we are not to go about joyless, without hope, and grim--so true! But her gospel is at the core, false, not based on the Cross and the preaching of the Word as set forth by the Apostles. They would not recognize Joyce Meyer's gospel as true to Jesus Christ. Yet it passes muster as the kerygma, the core Gospel message, with most evangelicals and Pentecostals (American Pentecostals and evangelicals) today, it seems. She is very popular and her conferences in huge arenas and fancy hotel venues pack thousands in everywhere she goes. But look at her message. It appeals to the privileged and well off (about 2-4 per cent of the world's population, is my best guess) in America and the West. But what about the other 98%? The billions of poor people can look on, like starving, cold, half naked and wretched beggars peering through the windows of an overstuffed bakery or candy shop, but the Sees chocolate truffles and the fancy, many-tiered cakes go to the rich, not to them, who cannot afford to even get in the door, and would be thrown out if they tried! She does some excellent charity work in Asia, feeding people and helping orphans, but I have to wonder what she is thinking, when she presents a gospel that can help only a select group of comfortable (mostly women) Westerners. Yes, they have so-called "problems" (some of which seem serious, like spousal abuse, child abuse, major illness, terrible accidents happening to loved ones, or other traumas, admittedly), but most Asians and Africans and South Americans would give their vital organs to have most of the "problems" these people on her programs cry and complain about if only they could have food on their table and something to feed their children each day. Joyce's teachings (which you can order in countless books she runs off her presses, seemingly night and day) can solve most anything, of course, in these "unfortunate, abused, dysfunctional" Christians with this gospel of hers, "Enjoying Life Today." How she arrived at this gospel, I do not know--though she tells about her own sexually abused girlhood (which is like Oprah's, who also tells us the whole story too). Paula White also tells all--which I can't imagine qualifies her any more than it does Oprah and Joyce to use such tragedies to bring in vast revenues. Yet "Enjoying Life Today" fits the Laodicean Church perfectly--and pays her ministry enough to put her in Forbes 500. I don't know if it is entirely fair, but she is being investigated by Senator Grassley as one of the televangelists who are known for extravagant lifestyles, millionaire mansions, jets, limoisines, etc. True, she has several beautiful homes (can she live in more than one at one time?), and wears as many as twenty different outfits in one TV program showing of "Enjoying Life Today," (how she finds enough time to make all those changes, I have no idea), but a $23,000 toilet? That item was officially explained in a letter by her ministry as part of an ensemble of furniture ordered by her ministry staff--and the item in question was a chest of drawers, not a toilet, the letter states. Whether it was something anyone could rest his or her "blessed assurance" on or not, it hardly matters, Senator Grassley, as YOU routinely wink at the squandering of billions "earmarked" and fraudulent sequestered (by tacking them on the ends of valid bills) by your own Democratic Party Congressional buddies on all sorts of pork barrel schemes we poorer Americans are so hard pressed to pay for. You strain at Joyce Meyer's gnat in comparison, while swallowing a Democrat-controlled Congress's camel (in biblical parlance)!

But, gnat-straining Grassley aside, what is Joyce Meyer's gospel? Is it truly the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Does it in any way compare with Paul's? Yes, it maybe helps people adjust to the modern consumerist culture of America and become better wives and mothers and Christians, but does it lead them to the Cross on a daily basis, and does it truly produce the self-sacrificing life of Jesus in people? Or is it like Joel Osteen's, a carefully tailored sales pitch to the old Adamic flesh, remaking it in a nicer format, but leaving the nasty, stinky stuff inside still in charge of heart, mind, soul, and spirit? This is sad. By her own account, she fought and clawed her way to where she is (all the while looking as if she doesn't have one hair out of place)--but where is she really? Did Jesus raise her up to her present exalted position, or did Joyce Meyers do it on her own power and perservance? The Lord knows. But the fruits--what are they? They tell what she really is about. Does her gospel produce what the true Gospel of Jesus Christ is supposed to bring forth? That will tell us what she is really about. Jesus says: "You shall know them by their fruits." What are her fruits?

Jesus Christ to the Church of Laodicea, which is popular Christianity in America:

And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write: These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God: I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked: I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eye with eyesalve, that thou mayest see. As many as I love, I rebuke, and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent."--Revelation 3:14-19


Jesus Christ first, and all the rest will fall into line.

Site scriptures: "Our God shall come, and shall not keep silent, a fire shall devour before him, and it shall be very tempestuous all around him.

He shall call to the heavens from above, and to the earth, that He may judge His people.

"Gather My saints together to Me, those who have made a covenant with Me by sacrifice."

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