"Christian Greats,"

Portraits by Eben, And Articles

On the doorstep of a peasant woman's humble hut seeking refuge in a dangerous time, King Alfred, Great Anglo Saxon King of Wessex, (later unified small kingdoms into England), who saved his whole country fighting off the invading pagan Danes, Rebuilt Schools and Churches Destroyed by Invaders, Restored Literacy and also Bible Translating

Bible Translator and Martyr

Great Novel Writer in the Romantic Period, Popularized Scotland's History and Culture in Britain

Evangelist Who lead Great Revival in 1800s in Britain

Faith-Based Man of Prayer in London, Founder of Many Orphanages

Evangelist in the Great Awakening Revival in America

Leaders in Pentecostalism and Healing Gifts of the Spirit

"Rev. Jerry Falwell, A Requiem, by Ronald Ginther

Leader in Colonial New England's Puritan Heritage

Composers and World-renowned Singers and Writers and Sports Champs (Handel composed THE MESSIAH, the oratorio performed more often than any other piece of music in the world)

Missionary to the Moslem North Africans in Algeria

Great American War Hero in World War II, Col. Doolittle Who Led Daring Bombing Raid on Tokyo, after Lifting off an Aircraft Carrier

Persecuted Pastor in Communist Romania, Founded Voice of the Martyrs Ministry and Magazine and Wrote a Classic on Christian Martyrs and Suffering for Christ, "Tortured for Christ"

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