"Christian Greats,"

by Ronald Ginther


On the doorstep of a godly, peasant woman's humble hut seeking refuge in a dangerous time, King Alfred, Great Anglo-Saxon King of Wessex, (later organized the yeoman militia into an army and unified the small, vulnerable Anglo-Saxon kingdoms into the nation state of England), who saved his whole country fighting off the invading the huge incursions of pagan Danes, Confining them by treaty to the Danelaw region cent ered on York, Rebuilt Schools and Churches Destroyed by Invaders, Restored Literacy and also Bible Translating

King Alfred, Christian King of Wessex and Founder of Kingdom of England, Bible translator, Had the Bible copied for Wide Use, Rebuilt Christian churches, schools, spread Bible literacy

Great Novel Writer in the Romantic Period, Popularized Scotland's late Roman and medieval and Christian History and Culture in Britain, thereby preserving Christian foundations and Christian civilization in English and Scottish letters

Cotton Mather was a leader in Colonial New England's Puritan Heritage by preaching, teaching, and writing many theological books.

Evangelist Who With Brother Charles Wesley led Great Revival in 1800s in British Isles. Methodism spread to the colonies and many were converted to Christ

A converted lawyer, Finney was chief figure in the Second Great Awakening Revival in America

Faith-Based Man of Prayer in London, Founder of Many London Orphanages

Composers and World-renowned Singers and Writers and Sports Champs (Handel composed THE MESSIAH, the oratorio performed more often than any other piece of authentic music in the world)

Pioneering Missionary to the Moslem North Africans in Algeria

Christian runner in the Olympics, gained great world-wide fame for his record wins and his Christian testimony, but went to China as a missionary and died in a Japanese prison camp in Singapore for foreign internees. The latter half of his career gained him the crown of martyrdom, but this best half of his Christian life was not covered in the film, "Chariots of Fire," just as the Von Trapp family's ministry was not covered in the film, "The Sound of Music."

A world-class contralto and a great singer, denied an appearance in Carnegie Hall by the president of the D.A.R., she endured the discrimination that came to her as a black woman and became all the greater as a dignified woman of God.

Leaders in Pentecostalism and Healing Gifts of the Spirit

Carrying on the legacy in England of the great Welsh Revival of the early 1900s, his ministry formed the basis for the Elim churches of the British Isles.

Great American War Hero in World War II, Col. Doolittle Who Led Daring Bombing Raid on Tokyo, after Lifting off an Aircraft Carrier

Long a leading star on Broadway in musicals and on the stage, Miss Waters took in her latter years until her passing to boost Billy Graham crusades with her banner song, "His Eye is On The Sparrow". Her biography was also very popular and reached a wide audience.

Persecuted Pastor in Communist Romania, Founded Voice of the Martyrs Ministry and Magazine and Wrote a Classic on Christian Martyrs and Suffering for Christ, "Tortured for Christ". His and his wife Sabina's ministry for the imprisoned people of the Soviet Union was "Voice for the Martyrs," delivering at great risk millions of Bibles and all manner of material aid to the enslaved Christians who were often too destitute and watched by the state to produce their own Bibles. Richard Wurmbrand and his wife were both inmates in prisons, and Sabina too was in a work camp set on the infamous Danube canal that killed thousands of men and women sent there as slaves. Separated from their young son, the suffering they experienced was made even greater. They were living martyrs, indeed!

Leading Charismatic evangelist to this day, years after her death, through YouTube videos, books, TV videos, ministry videos, articles, books, etc. Her influence and legacy will not end, but continue to be powerful, as she was the equivalent of many notable Christian leaders in one frail, idiosyncratic, big-hearted, powerfully-led woman of God. Her healing ministry was as important as her preaching ministry. But she gave all glory to God for the countless miracles that millions witnessed at her evangelistic meetings in person and viewed for years on her TV broadcasts of her meetings. God bless her continuing legacy's ministry to the millions!

"Duane Smith Bio," by Ron Ginther, colleague with Duane in the Bible School courses

"Rev. Jerry Falwell, A Requiem and Unneeded Defense, by Ronald Ginther


"Chosen Mothers," Tribute Poem by the late Sister Mary-Constance of Oregon and New Jersey

Biographical Note About the Jesus-Loving Poet:

Mary-Constance, a Sister in a Prayer Ministry she founded and led, established houses of refuge and healing in Oregon on the north coast and her home state of New Jersey and even ministered in Mexico to orphans and castaway elderly women, Her first house of healing was for HIV Aids and disabled individuals. Her first house guest, a young man named David, came to repent and be born again before he died at the home. Her books are self-published, and she wrote poetry and prose to the glory of God, as she witnessed that she owed all to Jesus. She was a personal friend to the editor and my mother, to the last of my mother's life at age 101, and she continued to be my friend to the last of her life a couple years following. She self-published two books of prose and poetry centered on Jesus, "One Foot in Heaven" and "Doorway to Earth." Poor and afflicted with various illnesses, she was an obscure but truly a Christian Great who, by her love and compassion for them, affected many people wherever she went and lived, due to her burning love for Jesus and for the oppressed sick, poor, orphaned, widowed and elderly castaways of society. She left one son and one daughter and their families. Blessed be her memory and legacy in Korea, Central America, the U.S., and Mexico!--Ed.


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