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Go to the nearly 90 year old British evangelist David Hathaway's Eurovision website based in Dewsbury, England, for his most recent plans of ministry in Israel. He has been invited a number of times to return, after having given much aid to the Covid-19-economically impoverished Russian Jews of Israel, mainly in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. His messages are available on-line as videos you can click on for free. Or call +44 1924 453693


Michael Freund, Chairman of Shavei Israel ("Shavei Israel," meaning "Those Who Would Return to Israel"), who worked in the administration of former Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel, has recently come in contact with a people in Northwest India who claim to be the Lost Tribe of Manasseh.

Manasseh was the tribe affliated with Ephraim as descendants of the two sons of Joseph by those names. Genesis 46:20: "In Egypt, Manasseh and Ephraim were born to Joseph by Asenath daughter of Potiphera, priest of On."

The people from NW India call themselves the "Bnei Menasche," which means, "Sons of Manasseh." Freund and others have met with representatives of this people in Jerusalem, and also gone to India and met with the people, studying their customs and manuscripts and history to determine if they truly are what they claim to be. Freund is satisfied that they are Manassehites.

The Chief Rabbi of Israel has also reviewed their case and declared they are true sons of Israel.

The Bnei Menasche said to Michael Freund that they want to return (make the aliyah) to Israel. 800 have emigraed to Israel so far, but there are thousands remaining. In the meantime, Freund and supporters established two schools in India for them, and are doing other things to facilitate their return to Israel. It is about 2,700 years since they were forcibly taken with hooks in their hoses attached to fish lines in the hands of their captors from the Northern Kingdom by the Assyrians (which, since history "habitually" repeats itself, may well be the way America's secular-humanist leaders will be led to their decapitations by Muslim death squads) if they do not see the error of their "diversity" and "multicultural", radically far left ways!

If you wish to know more about this epochal reunion of Jews of the Lost Tribe of Manasseh with their people in their homeland of Israel, Hal Lindsay's interview with Michael Freund can possibly be accessed yet on YouTube, we have hope to believe. He is currently 91 years old and not expired, as rumors have tried to get people to believe.

Michael Freund's web address and webpage will be given too.

Or contact Michael Freund:

Michael Freund, Shavei Israel

Michael Freund has also written the book, "The Everlasting Hatred of Islam," which can be made available to him by using his website. Michael Freund's email address is:

Jerusalem, from the Mount of Olives

We Christians who believe the Bible and who spit on replacement theology for the false doctrine of the Devil that it is, need to support Israel, the apple of God's eye, in prayer and any other way we can, now that a survey has shown it is the most hated country on earth--which it has done nothing other nations have not done throughout history and across the world today to earn a singled out condemnation like this one! No nation is faultless, but Israel had not earned this singular status as the world's most hated, pariah state!

Israel is no different from the U.S., UK, France, Brazil, Argentina, China, the Philippines, New Zealand, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Mexico, Panama, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Barbados and Trinidad, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Algeria, Sudan, Jordan, Lebanon, you name it, every last nation on earth in that it has a right to defend itself when attacked--no thank you, United Nations General Assembly, which has condemned Israel countless times for defending itself from attackers.

The Arab nations have preemptorialy attacked Israel again and again without any cause that would stand up in a court of international law--and been defeated and sent fleeing with their tails between their legs, thanks to God's covenantal protection and sovereign intervention.

In the survey Iran is right down there at the bottom, too, but Iran has richly earned its low rating, thanks to its president threatening Israel and also Americans with nuclear annihilation once it gets its nukes strapped on to its North Korean and Chinese-manufactured missiles (thanks to President Clinton, the guidance systems technology was given and sold and the remainder was stolen outright by Chinese agents, highly classified guidance technology that was needed to guide these missiles to targets in Israel, Europe, and even the U.S.).

America is also given a very low rating--also not earned. Hal Lindsay discussed this survey on a broadcast, and you can see if you can access it on YouTube still.

An excellent view into events in Israel is found in Benny Hinn's website. Don't be so biased against televangelists, if you are, since they have many fine assets and contributions they make to making the world better for us all, as well as going to the aid of earthquake, hurricane, forest fire, and tsunami victims in, yes, Moslem countries, such as Franklin Graham's Good Samaritan rapid response teams do routinely before any U.S. aid gets there or any oil-rich Moslem country like Saudi Arabia sends aid (don't hold your breath on that happening!). We are talking about the real world here, televangelists and their ministries get a bad rap, just as Christian ministries and Christians in general get a bad rap, because they stand for Christ as Savior and Lord over the whole earth, something most all nations reject, as it means giving up their false gods or the religion of atheism or secular humanism for the One True God.

Just go to Hal Lindsay's website and click on the window on the left hand side of his page, entitled Israel News Today. Article after article is offered. There is also video of his various programs taped in Israel, programs interviewing Christian leaders in Israel. Exciting, timely stuff!

Israel Today News, via Benny Hinn Ministry

Note on an Anti-Semitic former U.S. President: Jimmy Carter revealed his virulent anti-Semitism when he publicly accused Israel in his book, dishonestly calling Israel an apartheid state (or racist state) oppressing the Palestinians.

But Israel has well over 1,000,000 Arabs as resident Israelis, and the number is growing faster than the Israeli Jewish population! How about 1 million plus Arab Israelis, Mr. Jimmy Carter? Don't they exist in your equation? That says you, sir, are lying through your famous toothy grin--the same type of grin that the Jihadist-preaching mullahs wear, by the way. You know that fact as well as anyone--that Israel has well over a million Arabs and Moslems who prefer to be Israeli and vote and have representatives in the government of Israel. The Arab states, on the other hand, are truly, 100% racist and apartheid, since they do not allow any Israelis to reside in their territories--not one! That is the dirty, little secret of the United Nations which condemns Israel hundreds of times for defending itself against aggressors!

Israel also includes Moslem Druzes, who are a Moslem Arab sect, and they choose to fight in the Israeli army for their country of Israel. How about this, Mr. Jimmy Carter? There are also about 700 Samaritans, from the ancient race of Samaritans, who resided in their country Samaria (which was formerly Ephraim before Assyrians carried off the northern tribes of Israel into captivity). How about this, Mr. Jimmuy Carter? You are shown once again to be a liar. Israel also includes Americans, British, Norwegians, Russians, Armenians, and so on--communities who have lived in Israel for many years, and numbers of them are citizens as well. These residents can be Lutheran, Catholic, Armenian Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Pentecostal, Messianic Jew, whatever they wish to be.

How about this, Mr. Jimmy Carter and all the Jihadist mullahs and clerics who stand with you against Israel and pocket in their private bank accounts the millions you give them from your Habitat for Humanity donors as well as the oil-rich sheikdom rulers who support your attacks on Israel?

You know about them all, yet you lied in your book, approving the terrorists and their strikes against Israel until Israel gives up all its land to the terrorists--a thing that God who gave the land to Israel forever will never, never permit. You will be brought to shame before the footstool of Jesus Christ, a Jew(!) one day, along with all liars and men of violence, Mr. Jimmy Carter.

May you repent and escape the punishment of your crimes and lies against God's Chosen People and what amounts to dancing with the anti-Christ spirits of apostasy!


On my first trip to Israel, a tour Ben Israel of Minnesota led in 1979, one of the highlights was a visit by bus to this site by the Dead Sea, called Qumran. Essenes, a monastic sect of Judaism, was thought by many scholars and archeologists to have lived in the ruins and copied manuscripts of their sect as well as Bible books, which came to light in caves, discovered by "Wolf," a Bedouin, who was a young fellow searching for a goat at the time on the cliff-face of Qumran. This was not known to him, he found scraps of leather and parchment in old jars in the cave, but he took the leather scraps to a shopkeeper in Bethlehem, five miles from Jerusalem, and asked they be made into shoes for his feet! The shopkeeper saw these were not suitable for shoes, rather they were of a nature that would surely raise the eyebrows of scholars at the Rockefeller Institute in Jerusalem! One thing led to another, and then the news broke upon the world, the Ms. of Isaiah, almost the entire scroll of it, was among the finds in the cave! This scroll dated to hundreds of years before Christ, and now at last Bible scholars could compare these writings of known books of the Bible with the Masoretic Hebrew Texts copied by Jewish scribes in the 900s A.D. to see if there were any substantive changes that occurred in the intervening couple thousand years. They found scarcely any difference! This discovery rocked the world community and the reverberations continue. The Bible was authenticated as never before as being reliable, to the point where anyone who claimed it was full of errors could be laughed out of the room!

Thank you, Wolf! May your memory be blessed wherever the Bible is genuinely revered and studied as the Word of God. The whole world owes you, an obscure but persistent Bedouin goatherd determined to track down a lost goat, an immeasurable debt of the ages for your contribution to Biblical scholarship!


When living in and touring Israel, I found a copper engraving plate thrown away in Jerusalem that pictured the Druze Arab Moslem sect that lives as citizens in the country, even proudly serving and fighting in the Israeli Army to defend their freedom, so now I will share it with you in the various pictures featured here. I copied the negative that came with the copper plate, and you will see a Druze woman from the village along with a collage of her village and its inhabitants. These villages are not costumed for tourists to take pictures of; this is how they normally dress each day!

A Dark Side to Druze Culture, Unfortunately:

The Druze community has recently been in the news, over the incident of a Druze young woman who was going to compete in the Miss Israel contest, hoping to win a car and scholarship and money gift--but she withdrew to hide in her home after she heard of plans by relatives to kill her according to the so-called Moslem "honor killing" custom permitted by the Moslem religion, evidently practiced even in this Moslem sect which is supposed to have some far more humane Jewish rituals and beliefs mixed in. She is a beautiful young lady who hoped to climb out of her family's poor prospects for a girl like her in this way, but now she cannot--which says not that Israel is a bad place (for there is more than enough opportunity for her in Israeli society) but that the Moslem practice of "honor killing" is an odious crime against humanity that her exclusive religious Moslem community is holding on to even in the 21st century. This is a crime and intolerable situation which the hypocritical secular humanist media and the radical Feminists of the U.S. and the U.K. will say nothing against in the Western press and media. Why? They had years to denounce the self-immolations of Moslem wives in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other Moslem countries and they would not do it. Why? My only conclusion is that they gain nothing politically from these oppressed women who seek to escape from abusive husbands probably forced on them as child brides. Even if adults when married to the men, they have no rights if the marriage goes sour and abusive. He had all rights over her, she has none over him in the courts. So the Feminists see nothing to gain by defending them, as they are primarily interested in making over the United States and the U.K. into a genderless, socialist, secularist humanist society--and poor, oppressed, despairing, burned victims of men's abusive treatment of them can just suffer, invisibly, without any advocates whatsoever except Christians. Shame on the Feminists of America and the West for this inhumanity to women going on unprotested and unchallenged!


Christians United for Israel is having a grand congregational meeting of all who love and support Israel in Washington at the Capitol. Pastor John Hagee, hosting the event, says there will be no singing "Amazing Grace" on the grass until they get sunburned, but they will be going instead to meet with the legislators and ask support for Israel. This is an epochal event, which can turn the tide which is running, world-wide, against Israel--something this brave little democratic country surrounded by a sea of Moslem despotisms does not merit in the least. You can become a supporter of Israel in a real way by joining this organization, "Christions United for Israel."

"Christians United for Israel"

Yet another excellent Israel resource is "Levitt Letter," the newsletter of the Levitt Ministry. It is worth ordering, for it is jammed with fascinating news and articles you may find no where else. Joel Rosenberg's article, "Muslims Accept Israel"s Messiah,' tells how a Muslim cleric, Sheikh Ahmad al Qataani, declared on the infamous, anti-Western Muslim-extremist, jehadist-supporting television station Aljazeera (which is the Devil's mouthpiece or orifice, to put it kindly) that more Muslims are converting to Christ than ever before. Does this not make their report all the more credible, since they hate Christ so much? The sheikh reported, "Every hour 667 Muslims convert to Christianity. Every day, 16,000 Muslims convert to Christianity [Hallelujah!--Ed.]. Every year, 6 million Muslims convert to Christianity." He called it a tragedy to the stunned interviewer, but the angels in heaven are rejoicing--for Christ is tearing down the walls of Islam faster than they can be built back up! It is just a matter of time before crosses rise in Mecca over every minaret and every mosque and shrine, put up by the people themselves whose lives have been transformed by the Good News of the Savior and Lord, Jesus (Issa) of Nazareth, the only Son of God! Even while this evangelization is going on, Satan is working over-time to destroy these nations before they turn to Christ the Son and Savior sent to Earth to save the Moslem people. He knows his time is fast running out to keep them enslaved to his darkness and lies and deception.

Joel C. Rosenberg, author of "Muslims Accept Israel's Messiah," can be reached via his website. He is a bestselling author too.

Joel C. Rosenberg

The times are growing late, dear friends. Be a true friend now to Israel and the Jews, for there is little time left to take advantage of the opportunities to undo and rectify a part of the horrendous mistreatment suffered at the hands of "Christians" from the early centuries of the Christian church until the present year of 2007 (this is now 2022, but the same conditions prevail, what with the almost constant attacks of Hamas with thousands of rockets aimed at Israel, and fired into southern Israel's communities and farms and orchards with virtually no protest of the watching world).

Can we say we are innocent of all those centuries of anti-Semitism and the Christian replacement theology relegating the Jews to the trash-heap? We can remain indifferent (and indifference is the worst anti-Semitic crime of all) or take some real action to change and bring some measure of good to the Jews and Israel. Some Christians in Jerusalem are doing just that! They aren't ignoring the Jews, or pretending that they don't exist. They are loving them unconditionally. They celebrate the "One New Man," Christian and Jew, in worship together to God. Whether you agree with that theological position or not is beside the point, really. It is a real way to reach out, essentially, practically, to the Jews in love and consideration and respect. At least they aren't sitting on their hands, like 99.9% of the Christians in this world are doing, regarding the people Jesus calls His Chosen People.

Let them see that we aren't all like Jimmy Carter, strangely enough, a professed born-again Christian and church elder who states, in his latest book (an abomination in the eyes of God that I hate even to name), that the Israelis should be attacked by the terrorists until they give in completely to their demands, including handing over Jerusalem.

Let them see we love them "unconditionally," to use the term given by Pastor Hilsden of the Pavilion Church of the Kings of King Community in Jerusalem. They have a prayer pent-house tower on a tall building overlooking the city, in which prayer goes forth continually, for the whole world and the peace of Jerusalem. A vision for this place was first given Pastor Hilsden, and he contacted people and they confirmed that it was God's idea, not man's. Contributions poured in, and it is a reality today. He speaks Hebrew, having lived in Israel for 25 years or more. The church worships in Hebrew too. You can learn about this unique, bridge-building group of Christians and Jews who have come to the faith in Yeshua as Messiah by going to their website:

King of Kings Community

If you want to go and see this bridge-building community church for yourself, you can arrange to visit, and also be taken on a tour of the prayer center on the topmost level of the building. Pastors, tour groups, and churches, even indviduals on their own, this link is the one to use for contacting and setting a date for your visit:

Lydian Intercessors is yet another ministry of praying women based in Israel that continues to hold up Israel to the Lord for protection and safety in the midst of its enemies.

Now there is a valid question that goes around in evangelical circles, to wit: "How can you befriend a Jew without telling them of the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ? A Jew is not saved, just beecause he is Jewish, and even if he is a practicing Jew, Judaism saves nobody!" I have to agree with this view, since it is Biblical. I know that some evangelical big-names are not sharing the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ with Jews who are their friends because that is "proselytizing"--a "no-no" today in the New Age Religion-dominated, secular humanist world society. The Jews for Jesus people are always being criticized by these people for insisting that Jews must be saved through the Gospel and accept Jesus as Savior and Messiah--though they have their own religion, Judaism.

Christian Gentiles are giving to Jewish charities that do not sanction or teach that Jesus is the Messiah, actually quite the opposite. I have given to such charities, since they aid the elderly and the orphans and other disadvantaged Jews and Israelis that I can't see being reached altogether by Christian ministries and charities. I will continued to do so, as I am able. But I am also always aware that the Gospel is what these unfortunately Jews and Israelis need most of all. But how do they accept the Gospel, if they are hungry, cold, naked, and friendless? Our Tacoma Seamen's mission--which my mother has supported for many years--had a wonderful director who always said (up to his graduation to Heaven): "We must show them that we care, before they care what we know." I do believe this applies to the way we must approach the Jews and Israelis in their physical and spiritual needs. When we minister to their physical needs, they will be opened in their hearts to spiritual ministry--but probably not before.

"Jerusalem Praise Experience, King of Kings Community, Jerusalem

Christ loved us sinners, before we were Christians and even His enemies, unconditionally. Can we love His people unconditionally as we were loved by Christ? That is the question put to us by such groups as King of Kings Community in Jerusalem. What humble people they are, if Pastor Hilsden is representative of them--so they are not pointing accusative fingers at the rest of us--they are simply welcoming us to join in blessing and loving the precious people of God, the Jews, unconditionally, whether they "convert" or not. That is the way of Jesus--who showed us the true meaning of "unconditional love."

Isaac Herzog, Israeli Ministry of Tourism for information of travel in Israel

Give a Helping Hand to the Jewish Settlers Evicted from Their Homes in Gaza, Something that the Middle East Strives to Do with the Whole State of Israel, So Much For the Two-State Hoax!

Click on "English" on the Hebrew Text Home Page of Gush Katif. The U.S. gave 1 billion for the resettlement of the evicted Israelis, but has it been enough to really help them? No! It barely put a roof over their heads. They live in flimsy, stiflingly hot little prefabs that are more like tin cans than real homes. They have no businesses or means to improve their lives where they are--all lost to the Arabs who then wantonly and stupidly and hatefully destroyed them rather than operate them to the benefit of their communities in Gaza! It took the owners many years to build them up from scratch, but they were all destroyed in a few hours. Have you seen the map that Levitt magazine has of Gaza and Israel, an aerial view that is worth a thousand words? It shows the desolation of the Arab cities in Gaza, which shows no sign of humanity, compared with the lush and productive activity,the business and farming going on just across the Gaza border in Israel.

Update: We know nothing, but wonder what has happened to these people who have been so ruined by power politics played by Washington and the Terrorist enclave of Gazastan (our term for this rump state going nowhere because it is controlled by Hamas, a terrorist organization). The United Nations could care less about these evicted Israeli Jews, since Jews are the ones who have lost everything and as recompense gained nothing but patches of sand and prehabs in the sweltering heat. The Lord God of Israel sees it all. The nations involved in this crime will pay dearly when their leaderships are called to account in the Judgment, you can be sure.

You can order a free copy of this exciting book, along with the MP3 CD, by going to the following websites:

"True Potential Publishing Company" for the book/CD, "The Great Treasure Hunt," and "Breaking the Treasure Code," by the Biblical visionary, Jim Spillman (his picture is on the back cover)

"Breaking the Treasure Code: the Hunt for Israel's Oil," by Steve Spillman, Joel Rosenberg, and others, can also be obtained by visiting the Zion Oil and Gas Company website:

Zion Oil and Gas Company

Or email the company at:

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