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Renowned Broadway actress, film star, singer, and vibrant Christian, Ethel Waters wrote her exciting authobiographic book, which is here in review:

"Ethel Waters Book Review," by Ronald Ginther

Signature of Ethel Waters on our copy of her book:

"NONE BUT THE BRAVE"...wrote English poet and playwright, John Dryden.


One virtually alone British woman, not in good health either, blazed a trail for Christ right into, through and across Algeria, all the way to the border of Tunisia to the east and into the southern deserts of the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara--Lilias Trotter. Born and bred a high class Londoner in the 19th century, this privileged, highly educated, rich young woman turned her back on the real prospect of an outstanding worldly career in the fine arts. She was a most accomplished painter (which she had already proven herself to be to Britain's foremost art critic, John Ruskin), yet she declined his help to enter world-class painting as a career to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Moslems of Algeria at a time when the world was really, even moreso in the patriarchal North African society, a man's world in which women had little say and influence or rights over their own lives. That was a tough choice, but an even tougher reality awaited her: North Africa included Tunisia, and North Africa because of its Moslem religion was infamous for being "The Missionaries' Graveyard."

Review of the Lilias Trotter biography:

"Lilias Trotter Book Review," by Ronald Ginther


John P. McTernan has written a myth-buster of a book that, if it is allowed to tell its message, will explode the misconceptions and confusion in the evangelical community in America about whether God is punishing America for her many flagrant sins or just giving us "wake-up call" after "wake-up" call.

Actually, he is doing both, according to McTernan in this very convincing review of America's disasters which occur, many of them, on the very day that America commits a particularly heinous sin, in God's eyes. How is this? McTernan's book shows the direct causal connection between our mistreatment of God's Chosen People, the Jews, and their nation of Israel and the horrendous hurricanes and fires and terrorist attacks our nation has been struck with in the last ten years.

Yes, we have been Israel's friend, but we need to qualify that substantially! How can a "friend" force an ally to give up land to its enemies who have sworn (and written in their founding constitutions) not to recognize Israel's right to exist and also that they will do everything they can to destroy Israel off the face of the map! Yet in our presidents' "land for peace" gambit, also called the "Road Map" by President George Bush,

we are twisting Israel's hand behind its back and forcing her to give up land that God Almighty gave Israel in a covenant that God says in His word the Bible is an everlastingly binding grant!

Would you knowingly violate or disregard or trample God's Covenant? That is what our nation's leaders have been doing for years, and we are paying a heavy, increasingly heavy price! Under Biden now, alack and alack, the U.S. is again twisting Israel's arm, to not hold claim to the so-called part the PLO and HAMAS enemies of Israel claim is their capital, "East Jerusalem". Israel will gain, if that is turned over to them, a launch pad for riots and rockets in the heart of Israel. That is a given. As for us, we will not escape divine wrath. We may even pay with the final destruction of our nation as we know it--if we continue on this disastrous path of violating God's everlasting covenant with Israel and her people the Jews.

"Mini-Review of John P. McTernan's Book, "As America Has Done to Israel"


Nelson Bell was the missionary father-in-law of Billy Graham, so you know the father of Ruth Graham, a most notable Christian in her own right as well as the devoted wife of the world's greatest evangelist since St. Paul, many would say (though we would hold that his high standing is due in large part to Ruth Graham's supporting role as a woman of prayer and a mother to his children who often missed having a father in a home due to his going to conferences and crusades most all his adult life that lasted into his 99th year).

Nelson Bell, a missionary doctor to China when it was hardly easy to be accepted by the the very backward and traditionalist agrarian peasant society, is the subject this book, "A Foreign Devil in China." His book opens not only the lives of the Grahams in China to our view but also gives us a wonderful panoramic view of China and her astonishing people and culture in the early 20th century.

The story is still very pertinent and timely to read, for China has much of this culture still intact, and still resists change in many ways, despite the superimposed veneer of hitech and electronic industrial development, along with market economy and stock exchanges and a booming, Western style, consumerist society.

Communist China has well over 1 billion souls, most of whom do not know Christ, since this is a communist country. Yet China, which bitterly persecuted Christians in the 19th century in the Boxer revolt (as an insurrection against the Western colonial foreign colonies in the country is called) and which still bitterly persecutes its own Christian people today, needs people to be informed about it.

China is a rising superpower--able to subjugate or at least disrupt the entire world with nuclear arms and missles and anti-satellite technology--and has been a sleeping dragon for centuries and centuries. But now China is awakening and flexing her muscles.

The Red Dragon, as China is called by some, may be the power of the east that sends an army of 200 million to fight in the Middle East, an event that is prophesied in the book of Revelation.

But before then, this land has already produced more Christians than Europe now contains! This country is surpassing even the U.S. in the number of evangelical or Bible-based Christians.

With a Chinese innovating style to fit their hostile society, they are actually Pentecostal, the offspring of the Azusa Street in California's outpouring of the Holy Spirit at the beginning of the 20th century.

They are sending out missionaries to the Moslem nations, knowing full well they are going quite possibly to their martyrdoms. Having endured persecution, imprisonment, and even torture for their faith in Jesus Christ at the hands of communist rulers in their own land, these Chinese evangelists are prepared to turn the high-walled, hostle-to-Christianity Moslem world upside down for Christ and the Gospel! Some may even go to Europe to evangelize that Dark Continent, where only a tiny fraction of the population continues to know and follow the Lord and where the rest are godless hedonists and perversion-practicing, hell-bent sophisticates (they manage to look good and are affluent, but are Satan's children).


Octopi are uncannily clever creatures and elastic beyond belief, as their prey learn most often too late. They can squeeze into any place they want to go, through the tiniest hole. You can try to shut them out, but they will get in! Many people, including Christians, know little or nothing about the secret societies that pervade much of American society and even the Christian churches. The Masonic Rite, so-called, is one of the most pervasive and powerful, secret societies. What do the Masons believe? What is this organization all about? Is it a do-good, community-minded, philantrophic union of men or something more? What is its world-view? Is it founded on Judaeo-Christian principles and beliefs, or is it something that is really New Age Religion and paganism from Scotland and other strains of anti-Christ religion and philosophy? The booklet of a man who repented from his Masronry and seeks to bring the truth to Masons still in the thrall of this "rite" can be a real help to them, to help set them free of Satan's delusions and falsehoods. You can contact the author to obtain a copy.

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