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Excerpt of His View on Education by Charles Spurgeon, Greatest Preacher of Britain in the 19th century


Link for Christian activists (LOVE AND PEACE "Gospel-ists" FOR CHRIST, no violence or angry speech or hate, please), via David Wildmon's American Family Association On-line:

American Family Association On-Line

Conversion to Christ the Savior is the way for people to change their minds and take Biblical views (it is the work of the Holy Spirit, not anything people say), but there are legitimate ways to counter and confront subtle as well as blatant liberal biases in the news and media:

Family Research Council, Defending Family, Faith, and Freedom

There is nothing wrong with satire, even sarcasm to make a point. The Bible has sarcasm, as the prophets expose the absurd and stinkingly rank hypocrisy of the people of God who love to make a fine show of worshipping God but are really far from God in their hearts and even serving the most blood-thirsty and filthy idols when they are not in "church" or synagogue or the temple. The sarcastic remarks and observations of the prophets are too numerous to mention! But they were used when pastoral kindness was shrugged off by a sinful people so that the prophet had to come down on them with a hammer to get them to listen to what God had to tell them.

Telling the truth can hurt, but it is necessary as a surgeon's scapel is necessary to every operation--but we must always remember one's own frailty and sinful background, so that pride does not creep in and we as Chrstians administering correction think we are somehow better than the ones in error or in outright sinful lifestyles. We become clanging cymbals--a deafening noise without any redeeming value or godly purpose--when we speak truth without love--as Paul testifies in his immortal "Love Chapter," I Corinthians 13. Every activist for Christ ought to have this chapter as the basis for everything said and done, to keep on track with humility and the proper spirit. We also need to follow the example of Christ--who corrected and even rebuked people who were in error--he could be harsh, even use a whip to drive the unjust money changers and animal dealers out of the temple (twice in his public ministry!), but he had first used love and teaching of God's word with these same people, day after day, and when that had utterly failed his judgment fell--but only then!


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