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A Messianic School of the Bible

The Emmaus Walk offers courses on Genesis to Revelation highlighting Messianic texts and Types of Christ. Aimed at ordinary people (such as ourselves!), to help reveal the core Messianic meaning of the Bible, which is the very reason for the existence of the authoritative Word of God, eternal and everlasting.


WORLD'S GREATEST BOOK CAN BE UNDERSTOOD IF GIVEN A CHANCE: Beyond question, the greatest book in the world is the Bible, and the greatest Book is about the greatest Person, Jesus Christ (Yeshua the Anointed).

Friend, are you unable to read the Bible, that is, make sense of it? Or do some parts make sense, but others, such as Leviticus or Revelation or Romans seem totally bewildering? Are you desiring to go deeper, or reach a higher ground, spiritually, but your difficulty in comprehending scripture is holding you back? It may well be you need to consider that the Bible is essentially Messianic--that is, it exists to tell you about the Messiah and Savior, and virtually everything in the Bible points to Him. With this understanding, you are on your way to unlocking the scriptures and opening the door to Yeshua--for they are, in truth, a living Person, Jesus (Yeshua), who delights in His Name, the Word (John 1:1: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

The Books of the Bible


I am the Bible.

I am God's wonderful library.

I make known to all, Him who is Truth.

To the weary pilgrim, I am a good, strong staff.

To the one who sits in black gloom, [like the Dalit or Untouchable in India, or the drug or porn addict or the victim of abuse or neglect, or the tortured Christian in Laos or China or Burma or Nepal, or the Sudanese Christian slave abducted from Darfur] I am glorious light.

To those who stoop beneath many burdens, I am sweet rest.

To him who has lost his way, I am a safe guide.

To those who have been hurt by sin, I am healing balm.

To the discouraged, I whisper a glad message of hope.

To those who are distressed by the storms of life,

I am an anchor, sure and steadfast.

To those who suffer in lonely solitude,

I am as a cool, soft hand resting on a fevered brow.

Oh, child of man, to best defend me, JUST USE ME.

The Bible is God's road map as you travel through life.--from Faith Magazine, Author Unknown

The history and discovery of the Essene Scrolls is so important for our Christian faith and their role in Christian apologetics is so foundational that we have a whole page devoted to them, and we will be adding new material from time to time:

"Essene Scrolls Center

THE MESSIANIC SCROLL IS AVAILABLE! Zola Levitt Ministries has available a most wonderful Messianic Scroll, giving Messianic prophecies from the Old Testament (the Torah) along with the Fulfilments in the New Testament.


The Bible's Messianic Texts are thus named because they are passages in scripture that point specifically to the Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus in Gentile terminology). Foremost in consideration of these texts, Christ Himself chose it when conducting an informal Bible class with two distraught and troubled disciples who had left Jerusalem just after the crucifixion and were on their way to Emmaus, a village seven miles from the Holy City. This spiritual trek inspired the logo graphic at the top of our home page, and in Judaea in the time of Jesus (see the map) Emmaus is near the bottom, located close by Jerusalem.

"Bible Atlas & Map Center

Vita of Ronald Ginther, Founder of the Emmaus Walk:


"Autobiographical Sketch of a Sparrow," by Ronald Ginther

"Have you ever met God?", a Reply to a Radio Show Host's Question by Ronald Ginther

I had experiences almost exactly like what Samuel described in his true story of how God came through for him in a desperate situation in graduate school at the University of Washington. Here it is, republished for your benefit:

"As I Walked Alone That Night, a Gentle Wind Brought His Help!" by Samuel

Our late Emmaus Walk instructor, Duane L. Smith, is sorely missed, more than we can say, in fact. This man finished his short life like an Eric Liddell, an Olympic champion runner--with a final surge in the last forty yards that carried him through every obstacle and barrier that Satan could throw at him and God was using at the same time to test and refine him. The "Adjectival Biography" of the Late Duane L. Smith--a great Bible expositor and man of God, who fought the good fight of faith, ran the good race, and won an imperishable crown, is our very humble attempt to eulogize this champion of faith and Biblical principles:

Various reminiscences come to mind of late. I had gone to pick him up at his home and take him to a restaurant where we could enjoy food and conversation. On the way God touched him right in the car--delivering him from a problem that had dogged him no doubt for years and years. He was in tears of astonishment and gratitude, he was so thankful to God. It happened unexpectedly and sovereignly. I have never seen anything like this happen to anyone, and I have gone to countless church services, Pentecostal ones too! Truly, Duane L. Smith knew a gracious, delivering, merciful God. He loved him passionately too--and God responded!

"The Adjectival Biography of Duane L. Smith," by Ronald Ginther


"Requirements for Certificate"

The Emmaus Walk Certificate of Excellence

"CONGRESS DECLARES BIBLE THE WORD OF GOD," Public Law 97-280, October 4, 1982, Statute 1211, Approved October 4, 1982


The unjust and corrupt bill that would legalize millions of Mexican illegals who purposely broke our laws to enter our country for their own gain has just gone down in defeat in the Senate, after millions of Americans wrote and called and emailed in to their representatives, unable to passively accept the pillaging of the Social Security and Welfare systems by these illegals, who would, under the bill, receive amnesty and be accepted as legitimate immigrants!

Such an outrageous act against law-abiding citizens is seldom seen--yet it received the full approval of our President! We need to pray for him, for he is misinterpreting this to the nation, and calling it a failure of Congress to act on a problem that the American people want to see solved. This is not so. It is not a problem we want to see solved, we want to see the present laws enforced that are already on the books--which includes the building of 700 miles of fence along the Mexican-U.S. border, by the way!

We believe there is a real, even a terrible "problem," but it is chiefly one the Government created, by not enforcing our border and the laws governing immigration, legal and otherwise. This is a lack of Federal enforcement of existing laws, covered by a dishonest, blanket amnesty, which will not fix anything but, rather, unleash an even greater flood of "immigrants" from Mexico along with who knows how many terrorists masquerading as Mexicans. Courts have added to the damage and the outrage, by striking down local state and community laws that would seek to control the illegals flooding into their communities and committing all sorts of crimes and strain on their resouces--these kangeroo courts need to be slapped with fines, or the pig secular humanist judges (to use Dr. Martin Luther's Germanic terminology) given one-way tickets to Tierra del Fuelgo where they can contemplate their navels.

Thank you, Almighty God! You had great mercy on America and the people of America yet another time--despite all that a mistaken, misguided, misleading leadership in Congress and the White House has sought to do. We have a transnational leadership that cares nothing for America's borders and the rights of law-abiding citizens--all for gain of various sorts, political and financial. Follow the money and voting trail--it leads straight to the very people who are pushing this now failed bill! This cynical, brutish, autocratic move of mainly Democratic Congressmen (with some spineless, renegade, compromised Rhino Republicans adding to their ranks) to circumvent the will of the people (polls and surveys showed that a whopping 85 per cent of the American people rejected the Senate's smoky, back-room bill) has been stopped in its tracks, despite the loss of Congress to the Democrats by the Republicans in the last election. It will come up again the the 2008 election, but that gives us Americans and Christians (regardless of party) time to pray. We need brave, new leaders who have integrity and backbone and will stand up for the right things that make America free, great, prosperous, and just--not the freak of a society where there is no law and order and no morality, a living hell that pig secular humanists think is a paradise and want to see reconstructed on the ruins of our once great Christian country. How could we ever have law and order again in a society without meaningful borders, a country totally overrun by tens of millions of illegal trespassers who are legitimized by a government that no longer respects the rule of law. Race has nothing to do with it. We either have the rule of law in this country, or we have a jungle, ruled over by the imperial lords and ladies in Congress and the White House and Supreme Court for their own advantage.

An unjust judge has recently come under judgment for his own crimes on the bench against truth--it is the case where he judged guilty innocent young white men in order, apparently, to garner votes from the black community. You may know the man, but he deserves no name here. I pray God will save his soul. Racism is being promoted and used for gain by politicians like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and even talk show hosts like Oprah Winfrey. Look at her stride into her television studio church. She is cheered and idolized by a crowd of fanatic worshipers who pour such love and adulation upon her that you think she has to be divine--a sort of Madonna or a goddess worshipped by millions! Hitler enjoyed such hysterical, mass adulation as she gets every day on the show--but it never seems to be enough for her--she always has to have more, and more, and more.

Remember Cassius Clay the boxing champion of America who gave up his colorful name for his ridiculous moniker from Islam? Mohammed Ali (the self-styled American Moslem) toured Africa triumphantly, then came back to America and said to the newsmen crowding round him, "Thank God my grandpa got off the boat!" No one can deny the horrors of the "boat" that carried his people to American shores--but how far he had come, as a representative, since that time! He was Number 1--as well known as any president! He had millions in his wallet. He had acclaim, his name appearing, along with his self-praising, egomaniacal poetry, in the major newspapers and magazines and on TV. Where else but America could this happen? Name me one country! There isn't one.

Oprah Winfrey constantly calls America to task for racism, for oppressive acts against her po' abused, black people, yet there she is, America's leading talk show host with a fortune in the hundreds of millions, enjoying a vast popularity and a celebrity's position no black woman would be in if she lived in virtually every other country on earth! She owes it all to this "racist" America she decries in program after program, the one that is supposedly putting down black people. Despite her sob story of sexual abuse when she was young, she knows absolutely nothing about oppression. Let her go and live in any country in Africa of her choice (except a Christian one, please, as she doesn't obviously rate her own country of America as Christian or a moral one at least), as a private, unknown black person, and find out what real oppression (by black leaders or Moslem Arabs, by the way) is all about. She will then be able to return to this wonderful country she thinks so lowly of and tell us what real oppression is all about. She will be a changed person, I can assure you! Her problem is that she has not known enough to make real comparisons, and see things as they are, so she has swallowed an ideology and sees things through blinders put on her by that ideology--which is basically a secular humanist, liberal world view. Millions are like her--tens of millions. She is perpetuating a dependent plantation victim mentality--keeping herself and her own people in real bondage--making them eternal "victims" of an opppression they have created and accepted and promoted for themselves and their children. It is time for them to wake up to reality in this world--and realize what wonderful freedom and opportunity they have been given--and quit throwing this precious, hard-won freedom away for the sake of maintaining a victimization plantation syndrome for the various benefits they think they are getting through abject dependency on the old plantation, which is the pig-radical-hijacked Democratic Party of today.

To see how we have broken all Ten Commandments in America (and not only broken, but spat upon, profaned, ridiculed and trashed publicly and privately, the whole nation joining in the rebellion against God and His laws), go to:

"The Ten Commandments," How We Have Broken Them All in America, by Ronald Ginther

Course Articles are now listed in the new "Course Articles Center" page:

Ten Required Subject Courses (plus six elective courses to be added soon) are now on-line. Questions are being appended to those subjects and courses, so please return for them.

Required Subjects:

1. Christian Education

2. Prayer

3. Holy Spirit

4. Biblical Science

5. Foundational Principles

6. Witnessing and Discipleship

7. Types of Christ (OT)

8. Bible Covenants/Israel/Bible Atlas

9. Christian Hope and Character

10. The Prophetic Calling

"Course Articles Center"

At long last, questions are being appended to each article, which is the most practical way to provide quizzes and tests, I have discovered. 10 T/F questions are now on-line for "Part III, Christ's Prayers, and Ours," by Mrs. Bernice Schaefer.


"Bible Verses for May"

Reading Through the Bible--May

Some Bible Resources:

"Bible Resources Center"

We highly recommend this on-line bookstore for Christians, the Faith and Freedom Bookstore. Categories of its offerings are: Bibles, Books, Children's Music, David Barton (American heritage) books, Audio Books, DVDs, Christian Bestsellers, Christian Parenting, Christian Business and Leadership, Magazine Subscriptions:

"Faith and Freedom Site/Bookstore"

Check out this book, if you can locate it at the library or through "The Titanic's Last Hero" by Moody Adams tells the story of a valiant pastor aboard the sinking luxury liner in 1912.

Another Bible resource:

Crosswalk Bible Website

Recommended Book List:

"Recommended Book List Center"

Book Reviews Center:

Alan Sears had just appeared on James Robison's TV program, and has Robison's full support. Alan Sear's book, ACLU VERSUS AMERICA, shows the nationwide search and destroy attack of this powerful communist-founded organization which has offices and thousands of lawyers all across the country; its total assault upon our nation's Christian foundation and morality and the family is not going unnopposed, as formerly, as Alan Sears seeks to coordinate Christian lawyers and resources to fight back in the courts for our religious liberties that the ACLU and pig-Americans United for Separation of Church and State (and all their affliated brown shirted fascisti pressure groups and organizations) are working night and day to eradicate.

To obtain the book, ACLU VS. AMERICA, by Alan Sears

Or go to James Robison's LIFE TODAY website.

Ever wondered why we are getting hit with such horrific, devastating hurricanes and other calamities? I have been wondering, increasingly, particularly since 9/11. There is a reason--and this book pin-points not Global Warming but the causes that lie within our own state policy in Washington D.C. and the agendas of certain presidents in regard to Israel and the Arabs who want to see Israel destroyed (not co-existed with).

"Mini-Review by Ronald Ginther of McTernan's book, "As America Has Done to Israel"--showing the direct connection between disastrous weather and American foreign policy toward Israel and the Palestinians

"Book Reviews Center"

Books and Excerpts Center:

"Speak Tenderly to Jerusalem"

Islam for Christ Center:

"Islam Center"

"Tract Center"

Missions Center:

"Missions Center"

Testimonies of Martyrs Center, with Russian martyr Ivan Moiseyev's account:

"Testimonies of Martyrs Center"

Music Center with original and also added lyrics to famous songs:

"Music Center

"Persecuted Church Center"


Did you, like myself, think George Washington is portrayed in the statue on the top of the U.S. Capitol dome? I was dead wrong. I just came across Roger Brun's article, "The Embodiment of Freedom," in the 1993 issue of American History Illustrated magazine, telling about the statue, which turns out to be a pagan goddess, a supposed guardian of freedom bearing a shield, wreath, and a sheathed sword. It cost not quite $24,000 originally, but restoration in 1993 cost $750,000. Why this terrible waste of taxpayer money for this ridiculous, extravagant, tasteless, neo-pagan depiction of freedom? A Puritan forefather, or a Pilgrim, or a golden Bible, and better yet, the Cross of Jesus Christ, would have been a far better emblem, and truer to our nation's founding and character than this pagan, feather-crowned atrocity. This neoclassical pagan folly stands atop the U.S. Capitol where perpetual follies are being perpetrated by the two houses of Congress, all done in the name of freedom but for personal greed, partisan advancement, and evil and corrupt political agendas of all sorts. In this sense, the statue is appropriate, for it stands for the revival of paganism in America, which is here full-blown in our present state, flourishing with all its attendant evils.

It is high time for all Christians who love America and love God to stand up against this "piggification" and paganization of America. Our whole society and governmental systems are being paganized at the same time Islam is being given more liberties and rights every day that it does not have coming (including taxpayer-funded footbaths for Moslems in airports!)

How can we take it back, after giving it nearly all away to the piggish secular humanists (ala George Orwell's classic, "Animal Farm" where the pigs took over the Farm as the ruling class and enslaved the other barnyard animals), who now sit like the worst corrupt, arrogant despots in both houses of Congress, swilling bottled mineral water and passing anti-Christian, anti-moral, anti-American bills, one after the other? Well, to begin with, we must re-assert the godly, God-fearing traditions of this country, the ones begun by our Founding Fathers.

We must, for instance, revive the church in the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol. It was not New Age (such as you find in the National Cathedral, where Islam, Apostate Churchianity, and New Age religion share services). It was evangelical Christian, based on the preached Word of God. We must begin services again under the Rotunda, as a sign to God of our genuine repentance and return to Him as well as a shot over the bow of dominant secular humanists that tells them this our nation is returning to her Christian foundations, with or without them!

We must lay down our lives and livelihoods for this, if necessary. The Founding Fathers did this for us--if you know what happened to the vast majority of them (if you don't know, go to David Barton's Wallbuilders sight and get the facts). We cannot legislate our way back piecemeal--a restoration of our nation has to be by courageous and sacrificial and uncompromising re-assertion of the sort that Islam is now using to overturn Western Civilization and Christianity and American Democracy.

We must carry the struggle for America's soul right into the public sphere, and where is a more fitting place than the U.S. Capitol Rotunda--where some of the first church services in Washington were held regularly, as well as at the U.S. Treasury building?

This is not really a radical, right-wing idea--it is simply a restoration of American tradition of the original foundation. Prayer and praise of God and fellowship in Christ needs to take place at the very site of our nation's governance as a new, free, Christian-founded nation.

Anything else and anything less will not work. A revival must start at the very epicenter of our national life--this last time of opportunity before our end as a free nation. It can spread to Washington from somewhere else, but it will not make even a passing impression--as Washington has gone just too rotten and cynical and anti-Christ as the core. It is a totally rotten apple, in truth. The nation's gods must be purged at the Pantheon, which is the Capitol polluted by secular humanism, and Christ put back on the throne of America where he once reigned supreme. He has been deposed, but if we rise up as true Christians and carry the holy ark of Jehovah back to the Capitol and put the Ark, which is Christ, as our Lord and king at the very head of our nation, our nation will survive the coming destruction and judgment that is our just desserts. Jesus Christ alone made our nation the greatest and richest on earth. Without him American civilization cannot exist--it will collapse and be replaced by a hybrid of secular humanism and Islam, with an Islamic Republic eventually suppressing and overcoming the secular humanists.

The time has passed that we should just seek to influence and persuade Congressional leaders to vote this way or that way on particular bills. The issue goes far deeper than that. We must have a second Revolution, only this time it must be not for another government of human type but one of Christ's alone. He alone can save America. Only He can save us, if he has mercy on us sinners. All our present leaders will fail--they have demonstrably failed us even at this minute. Congress is broken as an institution. It no longer protects our liberties--it is subverting and retracting them, one after the other--for political and monetary and personal gain. We the Christian people must carry the banner of Christ in a literal way and march literally to the Capitol and take the Capitol for Christ, literally. It is a real place, not merely symbolic. We are either real or we are not. We are literal, or we are merely symbolic. We cannot be saved by symbolics or symbolic gestures. We must act, with prayer, but we must act. This is not violence or a violent overthrow--it is the move of God, using humble Christian people--who are not duped by secular humanist propaganda and know their true American history and our nation's Christian foundations. As Judah of old revived its original love for God and returned to the rule and overlordship of Jehovah, so we must revive our love for God to the extent we will also restore the leadership of Jehovah at the nation's Capitol with a true church. Closer to our time, we must follow the example of Martin Luther the brave, uncompromising Reformer and tack our "theses" to the door of the nation at the Capitol! We don't need ninety-five theses--just one that states, uncompromisingly, that America belongs exclusively to the Lord Jesus Christ, who is Ruler and King Eternal over all the earth. It is from His hands alone that our inalienable rights and liberties flow--not from any man or human institution as the liberal, secular humanists ruling over us as elites would have Americans believe.

A nation that once had a church (and a very large one of over a thousand in attendance!) operating under the Rotunda must have one again--and not one compromised with the New Age religion that is so popular in this depraved, post-Christian culture, but a true, Bible-based, evangelical congregation. God will not countenance the foul and stinking and contaminating gods of this secular humanist age. We must throw all such false gods and idols into a pile and burn them like rubbish should be burned. You could (until just lately after a protest was made against Capitol police harrassing those who tried to pray) be confronted and stopped from praying on the steps of the Capitol. David Barton and his tour group was one such. But we must go further than exercise our right to pray at the U.S. Capitol. We must have fervent supplication to God, singing of hymns and anthems of worship, and the thunderous preaching of God's holy, convicting Word such as George Whitefield and Charles Finney and D.L. Moody used to bring to the pulpits and open fields and marketplaces and city squares of America! This will reinstate the tradition begun by our Founding Fathers at the Capitol. It is high time--now on the very eve of our destruction by our foes in the hostile, jehadist camp of militant Islam. It is high time--now on the eve of our destruction by our foes in the hostile, jehadist camp of secular humanism. Two great and implacable enemies are simultaneously crushing our nation as in a vise and destroying all our precious freedoms and liberties--and only Christ can save us out of their cruel clutches. They will not rest or relent until we are utterly destroyed--so this two-front war seeks our unconditional surrender. But with God, we can overcome them instead! That is the will of God--not our surrender and abject bowing to our enemies' false gods.

I for one will follow the Almighty God of our noble Founding Fathers, and choose to follow Him, regarding my country in this 21st Century in which I am living. Is there anyone else? Will you do nothing and let the pagan and heathen Midianites (as in the time of Gideon) take the whole country away and drive any surviving evangelical, Bible-based Christians into the holes and dens of the earth?

Pig-secular humanists and pig-atheists in the anti-American organization, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, will immediately brand this a call for a theocracy. This is not a call for theocracy--a state ruled by swine-headed clerics (such as you find in Islamic "Republics" which are Islamic dictatorships). Rather, this nation is already a theocracy. It was founded as such. Read the Mayflower Compact, read the charters of the colonial provinces and later the constitution conventions of the newly Federalized states--they all recognized God and Christ as supreme over their civil societies and institutions, and appointed and voted in righteous Christians--not Buddhists, Islamicists, and atheists and deists--but evangelical Christians. Catholics and Jews also participated freely in various states, as Christianity does not oppress them, when there is no established, one-state-authorized church, as in America, to oppress them. Catholics were, despite some hindrances, freer here than they were in Catholic Spain, or Catholic Italy, or Catholic South America! Those nations were always greatly oppressed by an established state church, which was the Roman Catholic Church. Jews were freer here than anywhere else on earth--freer here than they ever were in Israel too, under most of its kings, who were almost all, reprobate or apostate tyrants running from the One True God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and worshiping Baal and other idols instead.

America, therefore, does not need to be established as a theocracy, a nation governed by God the Almighty through his ministers, elected and appointed by the people. It is already a theocracy. The die has already been cast--over 150 years before 1776! The Constitution of the United States is concluded, not in the name of Reason or Man or Evolution or Humanism (such as in atheistic, secular humanist France from the time of its revolution against the monarchy and the Catholic Church) but in the Name of the Lord, who is Jesus Christ! All our rights and liberties are stated as deriving from the Deity of God and His Son, Jesus Christ! They come from no man or nation or human institution--they come direct from God, the God of Christ and the Bible! There is no denying this, based on the founding documents of this nation and the re-affirmations of the Supreme Courts of the first to the second century of this nation. Only in the 1960s did secular humanism entrenched in the Supreme Court of Chief Justice Warren usurp the truly God-inspired theocracy of America and overthrow God as ruler over this nation--throwing out His holy law, the Decalogue, or Ten Commandments, throwing out prayer to God in the public schools, throwing out even the right of students to pray silently to God (how can a human agency think to intervene between an individual and his or her God anyway?). There will never be another America on this earth, if we fail to stand up and secular humanists destroy this one. it cannot be replaced. It is unique.

Despite that judicial rebellion against God--despite that utterly ruinous decision by an atheistic, unconstitutional court that has utterly lost its moral and spiritual compass as well as all judicial precedent--America's foundation cannot be changed. America can be moved off it and its history debased and revised beyond any semblance of truth and fact--but in doing so the fractured, falsified, ersatz, faux America will crumble and split and break apart, and nothing can possibly put it back together--no amount of money, or government programs, or laws, or Supreme Court rulings, can make America work--it will self-destruct, as it is now doing right before our very eyes, fellow citizens and Christians!

The phrase "Under God" can be struck out by an unconstitional lower 9th Circuit Court from the Pledge of Allegiance, yet the incontrovertible fact remains, this nation was founded under God--the God of Jesus Christ. That is the thing the secular humanists hate with all their hearts--and seek to eradicate with all their might and formidable means at their disposal--but they are running on a Big Lie--that America was founded on the separation of church and state--which is an absolute, untenable myth. All they have is a contrived myth to stand on in their de-Christianization of American society and government. Myth! They have no facts, truth, or evidence. They have sheer myth.

America remains, as founded, a Christian theocracy with a representative government based on the republican system of checks and balances and divided powers. No established church, or single state-authorized church sect, is allowed exclusive rule. All sects are equal in this theocracy-republican society and government. It is a church, if you will, but of a kind where we vote for our elders and leaders over whom our supreme President is Jesus Christ.

I did not make up this America from my own personal ideology and religious faith or dogma. This is the America that the founding documents authorized and proclaim. There was and still is no nation founded like this one (unless it was Israel). This nation was founded for what reason? Not to make money! Not to tyrannize over its neighbors and grab territory and create an empire based on force! Not to enjoy its national assets and live high and for self-gratification and pleasure and thrills! Not for purposes of power and prestige and academic honors! Not for any of these things--no, America was founded expressly to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the world. This nation's reason for existence was to establish freedom of worship for the Christian God, a God chosen freely according to individual conscience and conviction of sin by the Holy Spirit, not force of man or human agency. People who did not choose, by conscience, to subscribe to the Christian God could remain free and share in the freedom and happiness of this society, but they must not impose their views by law on others--which would be contrary to Article 1 of the Bill of Rights, which states: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise there; or abridging the freedom of spech or of the press..." Now we witness an unconstitutional, authoritarian Congress, run cavalierly by secular humanists, who are doing just what the Bill of Rights in this Article prohibits. They are seeking to restrain freedom of speech by Christians (while they retain THEIR rights to say anything they want, and hatefully, against Christians!) as well as prohibit the free exercise of religion by mandating "hate speech" and "hate crime" curbs of the reading of Bible passages against homosexuality and immorality and the preaching of the same Biblical tenets.

Despite the destruction of the Constitution by the Supreme Court (as well as by lower courts run by the same stripe of secular humanists) and the Congress and even the Presidency, the words remain as they were written, and the record stands as to what the Founding Fathers and the writers of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights meant--for they are preserved beyond destruction by an "accident" of fire or some other means to get rid of them. We also have the testaments carved in stone, all over the Capitol buildings and the various public memorials and edifices of Washington--that this is a singular nation founded under God, the God of Christ (not Mohammed, or Buddha, or Vishnu).

No matter what is said by revisionists to deny or misrepresent this gigantic record of the ages--it still stands, silent and stern and disapproving, while the secular humanists rant and rave and strut about in their present influential public positions, seeking to mislead and blind the American people whom they seek to enslave and rule over as tyrants.

Are we all blinded? Are we all duped? I for one am not! If there are any others, let them say so, in the public arena. Christianity is a marketplace faith--a closet Christianity is no Christianity at all. Come out of the closet--if you are hiding in one--and be a genuine Christian. This nation needs genuine Christians, for it has suffered long enough from the Midianite hordes of secular humanists who are trying to subvert the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and the state charters and constitutions and the Mayflower Compact that established the magnificent foundational covenant with God that started America from nothing but wilderness.

It is time to reclaim the Rotunda for Christ, in whose honor, under whose governance and rule, it was constructed. It is time to reclaim, from there, the whole of this once free and brave land. It is time to make this nation great again as she once was--precisely as the Founders intended, a springboard to the world for the glorious, liberating Gospel of Jesus Christ.

No ideology, however humane or clever, can liberate humanity like the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It sets people free mentally, intellectually, socially, and spiritually. No political theory or organization (and certainly not the incurably corrupt and venal United Nations!) can do that. Only the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the preaching of His holy Word from the Bible, can set free the oppressed of the world, save their souls, and provide the opportunity and means for their advancement, materially and in every other way. We have seen this happen in this nation (despite all that Oprah Winfrey and people like her think about it). Yes, there have been grevious mistakes, in not extending freedom to all races and to women when it should have been--but the mistakes were recognized and rectified, were they not? It takes a long time for prejudice to be worked out of generations reared in the mental habits of prejudice. Nevertheless, we are not Bosnia or Serbia or Libya or Sudan or Egypt--we do get our prejudices worked out over time and a very bloody, costly Civil War was fought to not only preserve the Union but to emancipate the black people, so that all Americans, regardless of color, could advance together to a higher level of justice and opportunity. This opening wide of the door to a better life with all its freedoms now prevails for all in this country, irrespective of their race, color, or creed. We have our Christian foundation to thank for this--not anything else.

Thank God for America, a unique theocratic, free nation founded under God, and founded upon the enduring rock of Christian principles and the Word of God!

Are you aware that Britain is going through much the same trauma and crisis as we are seeing develop here due to, primarily, secular humanist legislators, judges, and other people in the ruling elites and even the White House? My dear Christian friend in Britain writes this as editor in her Anchored Magazine for the Summer issue:

"The Battle of Britain Is About to Begin"--They were Winston Churchill's words: "If we fail...all that we have known will sink into the abyss of a New Dark Age." My friend comments on Churchill's quote and also on that generation of Britons who stood up to Hitler and his dark Nazi hordes: "Because of the new Dark Age into which our country has slipped...and our battles with the state over moral standards and political correctness, we stand with the stalwarts who stood their ground courageously delivering God's message at His command, in the past. After each battle, alone in some secret place they knew that the war still went on and they must have felt, oh, so weary. They trod a lonely path and we salute each one who remained faithful to the end of his day."

May we too remain faithful to the end of our days, fellow Americans and Christians!

Dr. James Kennedy, who is proof, by the way, that you do not have to check your brains at the door of the church, made this comparison of Haiti and the United States in a recent Coral Ridge ministries broadcast from his church pulpit:

He said, with his slow and majesterial enunciation, "Consider Haiti and America." He went on to explain. Haiti and America--what could they have in common? Well, virtually nothing! Here is the reason. Both were founded about the same time as free and independent countries, but that is the only thing they have in common. The former French colony of Haiti declared its independence from France, but at the same time its misguided leaders (all French-speaking black people) turned their nation over to Satan and voodoo. That was the highway for disaster that Haiti was set upon to travel by its foolish leaders!

Now for America. America, already a Christian land of thirteen Christian colonies under British rule, declared independence from Britain and instituted a government based on the Bible, on Christian and Biblical principles, righteous, Christian leadership, and an electorate that was nearly all Christian, with some very significant Jews and Catholics in the mix. Blacks, sad to say, did not join as equals at this time. A law to emancipate them failed by only one vote, though they already had participated in the army and the war for independence most valiantly.

What happened to these two countries after starting off in two opposite ways as these? A major result nobody can deny: Haiti is now the poorest country in the world (as reported recently), and America the richest. Despite the fact local Haitian evangelical Christians like Bishop Jeune, with help from Christians in the U.S. like Jan and Paul Crouch and some other ministries, confronted and overturned the horrible, satanic stronghold of voodoo in Haiti, causing its main worship centers to be deserted, it is a slow process for the economy to be rebuilt from the ashes and a hopeless, impoverished Haitian people given means to pull themselves up from absolute squalor and absolute poverty and rampant diseases including AIDS. This comparison is most striking and true. Yet our country is choosing to go Haiti's disastrous route, down the same road of Satanism and voodoo and witchcraft to utter oppression and utter poverty! Howso? For one thing, we are supporting with tax money the Satanic chaplains in the U.S. military while Christian chaplains are forbidden by Army regulations to name Jesus in their prayers! It will now take a presidential decree to restore the right of the Christian chaplains to name Jesus in their prayers for U.S. servicemen and servicewomen. Yet Satanist chaplains are free to name Satan (or Lucifer, his other name), and Moslem chaplains, known to have terrorist ties, are absolutely free to name Mohammed and Allah and preach Jihad against America! Surely, this nation's leadership has lost its mind and we are galloping as "headless" as old Icabod Crane on his nag down a dark, perilous road to disaster! What a grotesque specter Washington Irving created in his charming way--but the reality is not so charming. Just look around or listen to the nightly news. But who is listening to Dr. James Kennedy in Washington or the White House? White House staffers may well be watching so they can monitor him just to be able to forward ammunition to the IRS for its next attack on a major evangelical ministry that the Establishment in Washington wants to suppress for telling the truth about the government's misdeeds, but will they take it to heart and choose to do the right things? We shall see. So far they have not taken the truth to heart--but we must not be discouraged by the Government's doleful record. We have God on the side of righteousness and truth (which have never changed an iota!)--and for Gideon, Deborah, and David, and countless others who are unnamed, that proved more than enough to turn the dark tide that was sweeping over God's country and His people. We, as Christian citizens of a gloriously Christian-founded nation, have full right to hold church services in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda if we so choose. Let us choose to do so! It is high time to take territory stolen from us and re-assert Christian leadership at the very heart of our government and nation. Right now Christians are praying on the outside--but they need to be indoors where they have full right to be! And no other religion need apply--as they--Atheism, Secular Humanism, Deism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.--were not part of the original foundation, and no amount of law or judicial fiat or Congressional Affirmative Action bill can make them that. If Orthodox Jews wish to join in joint-services, that is a very reasonable request, as Jewish colonists were part of the American revolution, in financing, and also served courageously in the army of George Washington--and also because this nation was founded on Judaeo-Christian principles. We have no other foundation than this one. It is time to uphold it and act on the basis of it, before we, by default, lose it altogether to pig-secular humanism and atheism, with pig-jehadist, triumphantist Islam riding to victory on their pigtails.

With Christ, however, we can see our mightiest enemies overthrown and silenced. See you next year under the Rotunda in church!

"Christian Activism Center"


"Against All Odds," DVD, by Bill McKay, Order #S-0708, c/o John Hagee Ministries

"Friendship for Israel Center"

The propaganda-spewing, anti-American, U.S. news media like to make absolutely false comparisons to confuse us Americans on Israel and the Moslem Arab states. You can see this almost every day on the news in the way the Gaza disburbances are reported, always casting the blame on Israel for retaliating against the missiles fired from Gaza. They always make Israel the mighty, merciless, aggressive lion (picture MGM's logo lion) attacking the poor, little, under-equipped, underdog Arabs (picture Snoopy the dog in an Arab headdress) who have only rocks and pebbles to throw at rampaging Israeli tanks. This is hardly the case! In war after war forced on Israel, Israel's Moslem Arab enemies have had armadas of the very best war machines--jets, tanks, artillery, now missiles--given them by France, Russia, the U.S., Iran, and others. The map shows the true facts the media constantly cover up with their lying reportage: Israel, as your eyes can plainly see, is the little mouse surrounded by the jaws of a lion. It is said to be the size of Maryland, or possibly New Jersey, with a population of 5.6 million, as compared to the Moslem nations' couple hundred million and more! The yellow is Israel, whereas the black is all the Moslem states, Arab and Turkish and Persian. The only way to prove this case is to not only look at the map and consider the overwhelmingly disparate relative populations and the resources represented, but to consider the population of Israel vs. the hostile Arab and Moslem world population of 1.3 billion arrayed against her very existence, which has been joined by the anti-Israel European Union's population of over 400 million, added to many other anti-Israel nations represented by the anti-Israel United Nations Organization. These nations have united on one issue: Israel. They are committed to one goal: Israel's extinction. Jihadist Moslems seek to destroy America (which they call the "Great Satan") in order to destroy Israel the "little Satan".

Israel has only a handful of friends--all the other nations are her enemies, for no reason Israel has given or that they can reasonably justify. Israel is not the oppressor of Arabs--she is their greatest hope for a better, freer life. Their own rulers are their worst oppressors in Arab and Moslem lands. They will never be free, never be prosperous, if their rulers continue indefinitely in power. Israel represents the best hope of Arabs and all Moslems--economically and politically--if not spiritually. That is what the masters of the Moslem world do not want to exist--and so they are committed, to the death, to the destruction of Israel, for as long as Israel exists, their lies, their oppression of their Moslem brethren, their unrighteous grab of most of the oil wealth for personal pleasure and lust and greed and power, their wastage of their nations' huge oil resources and their uncontrolled governmental corruption--all this and more is held up to a mirror.

"Say I am beautiful and ravishing, O Mirror!" the Moslem World commands the mirror, a mirror which is actually Israel by virtue of its very existence as an oasis of incredible productivity and free enterprise and democratic government stuck dead center in the midst of poverty, hopelessness, wastage of resources, exploitation of the poor, and misgovernment.

But, horrors! There is no beauty whatsoever to be seen in the face of Islam! The mirror tells only the truth: the reality of the Moslem World nations is far, far different from what is so ardently desired. That is the reason, added to the most humiliating military defeats Islam has ever suffered since Vienna and Tours and possibly the surrender and fall of Turkish-held Jerusalem to General Allenby's British forces, why Israel is so hated in the world. The present world, Moslem and secular humanist and anti-Israel, cannot stand the bare, unadorned truth about itself.


"America's Re-Education Center

"Revival Center"

IT'S A HIGHWAY TO DISASTER, NOT HEAVEN: The latest report is that President Bush is going full steam ahead with his intracontinental toll expresssway-boondoggle that will channel traffic from Mexico to and through the U.S. and on to Canada and Alaska. This is a terrible, vast blunder spun from his father's transnationalism and one-world geopolitics, I believe.

Like the fiasco of NAFTA which devastated Mexico's small farmers, according to my own relatives who live down near the Copper Canyon in Chihuahua State and know the tribulations of its small farming communities, it is not justified or needed. I always opposed it, by the way, suspecting it would not be beneficial, and I was right! Now this transnational Highway to Disaster is being built by a Mexican firm, though there are plenty American firms who could do the job as well or even better, without all the kickbacks and payola to Mafia gangs and corrupt government officials and corrupt unions and and drug cartels who seek to benefit. It destroys untold thousands of acres of Texan farmland, not to mention the farmland it destroys in the rest of America's prime, food-producing Midwestern plains. Without security checks, without being subject to Federal and U.S. intertate transportation and commerce laws, it will no doubt channel terrorists and their explosives to us and Canada just as our present leaky borders are now doing, only more ineptly. Now the terrorists only have to hop aboard a freight truck! This project is being perpetrated upon the nation without any real prior information from the President. Americans are mostly ignorant of it. How can this latest gambit of the President and his advisors be explained, except to mark it down as yet another symptom of the horrible hold witchcraft has on this man. No one can explain him and his actions--if you give any credence to his own advisors and Mr. Tony Snow. They should know him, but they don't claim to know him and what goes on in his head. This is a dangerous leader, as he is proving again and again. Only prayer can be effective to turn him away from committing disastrous mistakes--as he apparently listens to no evangelical leaders, though he likes their votes. Thanks to his incredibly myopic lack of action on his "watch", with the added advantage of this superhighway to disaster crossing the Texan border from Mexico, our numerous, committed enemies will be able to bring in any amount, any time they so choose, of explosives and arms for street fighting and even nuclear bomb components and tactical nuclear weaponry. How else can this be explained, unless it is a direct result of years and years of bewitchment of the highest circles of government by magic and voodoo and satanism, making Washington a virtual stronghold of the Devil?

For programs dealing with the Founding Fathers and the values of our heritage:

Christian Broadcasting Network


"All Moslem Slave Holders and Moslem Nations, Let My People Go!" says their God, the God of the Oppressed.

"Slavery Center"

For buying the freedom of slaves and giving them enough food to go back to their homes in southern Sudan:

Rod Parsley, World Harvest Church and Breakthrough Ministries"


"Infanticide in America Center


Check out "Joel Osteen, True or False?" in Dial-the-Truth Ministries (and click on Articles or Search to go straight to the article):

"Joel Osteen, True or False?"

MSN Search will also take you directly to the excellent, well-researched Joel Osteen article, which is well worth the visit, as it is full of scriptures that show conclusively that Joel Osteen is way, way off center in Christian doctrine and the Bible and the Gospel. I was New Age, so I know the territory well. He is dead center in the New Age movement that has invaded evangelical Christianity. My take on him is that he is not a conscious wolf, but he is a most zealous and sincere New Age religionist, who promotes his "feel good" religion for all it is worth because it works superbly for him--which it obviously does! Like a lot of well-meaning cultists, he does a lot of helping people who are less fortunate--and that is very creditable--but that won't save him from the judgment of Christ for his false shepherding and false Gospel. If only he had stayed out of his father's pulpit and kept his New Age beliefs to himself! He might have grown out of them in time. But now he is in for a terrible reckoning someday for misleading millions of people. It is a serious thing to "go public" with one's mistaken beliefs as a teacher and preacher and evangelist. The Bible warns us that judgment will be a lot more severe for anyone mis-ministering in those holy offices. Heresy with a Happy Face, such as Joel Osteen's perpetually smiling face, is still heresy. Truth will not change for anyone--even Joel Osteen.

"Heresy and Correction Center"

In connection with Oprah Winfrey's agenda of self-centeredness or solipcism--the emphasis on ME FIRST that is at the heart of her whole approach and highly lucrative programming--she is always proclaiming, "You can have it all!"--look at Francis Schaeffer's exposition of the growth of humanism in "How Should We Then Live?", in which he mentions the runaway solipcism of religion in America and Western culture as one of the signs of our decline.

For the history of this anti-Christian organization that is effectively destroying the Christian heritage of our country and attacking every cross and nativity scene and Ten Commandments plaque in sight:

Quotes on ACLU and ACLU Founder, Roger Baldwin

"The Burden of America," A Last Call for Americans to Repent and Escape Destruction, by Eben

Bible Greats, as Portrayed by Eben:

"Bible Greats" by Eben

Christian Greats, as Protrayed by Eben (including the piece about Rev. Jerry Falwell):

"Christian Greats Center"


"Prophecy Center"

"Resurrection Center"

Big Bad Wolf Business Center:

Other than Planned Parenthood, probably the most evil company world-wide is Shell Oil. This global company is an octopus that exploits people shamelessly, creates vast pollution, generates genocidal tribal wars in Africa, trades with terrorist states, and does it all for immense profit of course. This company is a joint Dutch-British firm. Shame on the Dutch and the British for not sinking a harpoon in the vast, bloated leviathan of Shell Oil. The EU, hypocritically, attacks Microsoft and Boeing while letting its own Shell Oil perpetrate any atrocity it wants on oppressed, hopeless, Third World countries. This is colonialism in the business world--and needs to be stopped!

Cisco and Yahoo are two major U.S. internet dot coms (two particularly nasty-toothed wolves) that are presently at the top of the list of U.S. companies that are ignoring U.S. laws and selling internet tracking expertise to the Communist Chinese so they an track and arrest dissenters and anyone who is struggling for human rights and liberties in that benighted country. Thanks to these two companies, hundreds and even thousands of brave Chinese who love freedom will be caught and imprisoned, tortured, and killed in prisons across China. They have come under investigation by the U.S. Congress (a notably corrupt institution itself!). I can hope that they will get what they deserve from U.S. prosecutors.

Cisco and Yahoo are doing this for profit, traffiking in the suffering and destruction of human lives. I say, "God judge these companies and cast them into bankruptcy if they do not change their ways!"

Yahoo bought out Geocities, which was and still is our internet site for a number of our family heritage sites. We cannot change that now, but regret what Yahoo has done and trust that God will deal with this company soon--so that the damage can be stopped that it is doing to Christians and freedom advocates in China.

"Big Bad Business Center"

"Prayer Center"


"Prayer Target Center"

"Global Warming Hoax Center"

Brainwashed by the liberal-dominated U.S. and BBC media, the American public is going increasingly for this absurd, unscientific hoax. Remember the Piltdown Man?--it turned out to be an Evolutionist's hoax, supposed evidence for the evolution of man based on fragments of bone that turned out to be non-human! This is Evolution at its core--if there is no evidence, then cococt something! So somebody did!

Now we have the spectacle of people who do not learn any lessons from history, which they deny applies to them. We see former Presidential contender Al Gore campaigning like Billy Sunday for Global Warming based on carbon emissions by developed nations such as the U.S. He has writen a book of concocted evidence in support of his scientifically untenable link between Global Warming and human carbon emissions. The link is so tenuous and miniscule that it cannot be accurately measured, a leading scientist has declared, but that doesn't bother Gore and the Hollywood stars and sexpots who follow his lead. They will still promote this "Son of Piltdown Man," only now the name is Global Warming/Carbon Emissions. Man is the problem with nature--that is the basis of their agenda. The Earth would be perfect without man causing all sorts of problems. This is hardly a Biblical view--and is anti-Christian and atheistic as well. Surprising to me, some top evangelicals have got onboard Gore's bandwagon. They need to review his evidence in light of true science--which is verifiable universally and not based, as Gore's "evidence" is, on "scientific consensus." Concensus never can be used as a valid basis for science--as the base is totally different from majority rule. Majority rule does not establish a single fact about nature, though it is useful to establish and promote an ecological and political agenda. If Gore's brainstorm is adopted, it will cost us trillions when the various schemes for reducing carbon emissions are implemented. They are not going to work, and will create vast poverty and hopelessness and more terrorism than before. Meanwhile the elites who are promoting his hoax will continue to enjoy their multiple palatial homes, private jets, and the lifestyles of the rich and famous while the rest of us are reduced to Third World poverty.


A great 20th century poet's account of the Emmaus Walk:

Britain's greatest 20th century poet and playwright, arguably, was T. S. Eliot. In 1922 the classic post-modern manifesto, "The Wasteland," which encapsulated the despair and existential angst and meaninglessness of modern secular humanist life and culture, was published and received world acclaim as a masterpiece. Later, he received the Nobel Prize for Literature. But there is more to his story, he became a Christian, finding his true meaning and purpose in Jesus Christ on the Cross and his death-payment spent for his sin--giving him the undeserved grace and mercy and reward of eternal life and fellowship with God that most modern writers and poets have completely missed finding. Eliot did not check his brains and great poetic gifts at the door of the Church, however, upon his conversion. Many have done that, for no good reason. He continued to write, but he wrote as a Christian, not a despairing intellectual with no meaning in life but an arbitrary, hopeless, individually-imposed one. His Wasteland epic, however, has echoes of Christian faith in it, or possibly "foregleams" of his conversion before it actually happened. Even in "The Wasteland," though he is despairing, seeing the light dying out in Britain and all of Western Civilization (which was true to the situation of the Western World at that time), he sees something gleaming in the Bible's account of Jesus walking on the Emmaus road with his two disciples. A figure appears, hooded, that has to be divine, walking along with other travelers on a lonely road.

"The Emmaus Walk Excerpt" from T.S. Eliot's "The Wasteland"

"English Literature Heritage Center"

"Bible Atlas & Map Center"

THE PAULINE GOSPEL IS POLITICALLY INCORRECT IN TODAY'S EVANGELICAL CIRCLES! Who preaches "Christ crucified" today? I can identify only a handful on Christian TV. The others preach everything from soup to nuts (and literally, since some evangelists are promoting foods and diet as their main gospel!). Paul would not recognize their Gospels--they would be worthless fables in his sight. Positivism, New Age, Self-Deification, Self-Development, Success, Optimum Sexual Performance, "Enjoying Everyday Life" like a regular materialistic and pagan American, "How to Win Friends Who Will Advance You and Avoid the People Who Won't"--these are just a few on the menu, are they not? Aren't you getting disgusted with these cotton candy gospels? They are making my spiritual teeth ache, and my stomach is rumbling for real spiritual food. Yes, they say some good things--but that is the sweetener that makes the poison go down all the easier. The Devil does not give us evil without first dressing it up, wrapping it up attractively, to deceive us. A lie is easily spotted, but add "some truth" to it and you can sucker most people. False gospels abound today, just as the Bible warned us. We must stay founded on the Word of God alone--and not be led astray by these false evangelists and teachers.


"The Negro National Anthem"

Here is another good reason why the black people of America need to be re-emancipated!

The Fisk College Choir in the following picture were true believers in the glorious God of Abraham, El Shaddai, who foresees and provides for His children faithfully, and went out not knowing how they were going to be provided for except by divine Providence, but launched forth into the unknown for the sake of their beloved Christian college when it was about to run completely out of money to operate and possibly go bankrupt. They succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, though they didn't even have winter coats when they set out, and barely food enough to eat came along the way, because at first the offerings at their various venues were so meager. As they persisted and persevered, still trusting in God, they gained new invitations and went to Europe and performed before kings and queens and enthusiastic, generous audiences who gave the equivalent today of millions of dollars to Fisk College, rendering its finances in the black. It was a true epic of faith--their spiritual journey like Abraham launched into the unknown territory of Canaan-land. This is the physical-spiritual template we must return to, if we are to return to God in America. He is our Provider, El Shaddai. We must trust Him alone for our nation. Our vaunted economic system will crash sooner or later, due to the fiscal irresponsibility of Congress, the Presidency, and Wall Street itself. "Hedge funds" is the latest, cockininny gambit on Wall Street that will reap terrible meltdowns in the future, sooner or later. We are re-creating the very conditions that led to the Crash of 1929. FDIC will not be able to hold back the avalanche of sell-outs of worthless stocks and bonds no longer worth even the paper they are printed on. What then? Are we trusting in this world and its institutions and busineses and political party and government programs, or are we trusting in God alone, like the Fisk College singers did? They survived and flourished, but will we? They were operating on the right foundation--faith and dependance on God alone for provision--but are we? Are we building on sand? Or on the Rock which is Jesus Christ alone? The storms that are coming will tell which it really is.


ARE THE KINGS AND TITANS OF HOLLYWOOD DANGEROUSLY FLIRTING WITH THE UNPARONABLE SIN? James Cameron, one of our past dunces featured in this gallery of dunces, is the Hollywood filmmaker who should stick to secular subjects (where he does a brilliant job), rather than turn out more inept, unscholarly and unscientific "info-documentaries" that are really his barely concealed vicious attacks on the foundations of Christian faith. He obviously got a major ego boost from his Titanic film epic's success, something he did not need to add to an already inflated ego.

In his latest "documentary," he pounces on some Jewish graves called ossuaries in a Jerusalem cemetery that supposedly contain Jesus and his family and parents (this is most strange, since they were not Judaean and resided in Nazareth in Galilee, so why should they be buried in Jerusalem, Mr. Cameron?). The names Jesus and James and Judas and Mary and Joseph, as any archeologist knows, were common Jewish names of that day, such as Rick and Shawn and Caitlyn and Kristine are today common among Gentiles. These names are the only "proof" he has to show--which is proof of nothing relating to Jesus, whose resurrection is the best documented event you could hope to find recorded among the major events of history and the history of the Jewish people in particular.

As his contemporaries and the writers of the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John attest, Jesus rose from the grave, Mr. Cameron! Hundreds of people saw him after the Burial and Resurrection, and even ate and talked with him, touching the scars of his wounds.

The Lord Jesus Christ has not one single bone in this old earth, Mr. Cameron, for you to tabulate. He has never left a bone here, for he is alive! He is sitting on the right hand of the Father in heaven, alive and well and holding all power and authority in his possession! He will soon return to judge you for your ignorant, stubborn, blind unbelief and now your blasphemy against him, if you do not soon repent, Mr. Cameron.

Why are you showing yourself such a buffoon, when scores of greater, more intelligent people than you have been convinced by the abundant evidence of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, overturning all previous conceptions and philosophies they had, even to casting aside their atheism and doubt to become not only believers in Jesus but ministers of the Gospel and missionaries. Some of these testimonies of such people we have tried to offer on this page from time to time.

It is a wonderful thing, that Jesus said he would forgive anyone who blasphemed against him. Just don't blaspheme or sin against the Holy Spirit, the unpardonable sin, Jesus warned us. Perhaps Mr. Cameron ought to take special note of that. He is coming awfully close to the unpardonable sin--by deliberately attacking the Christian faith in a way meant to reach millions across the world in order to discredit Christianity and possibly to help destroy it. It will never happen, Mr. Cameron. The arch-infidel and atheist and libertine, Voltaire, thought he was able to do it, but died in anguished defeat--and yet we see that Christianity is, despite all that Voltaire tried to do, the fastest growing faith on earth. If Christ does not return very soon, the whole world will be evangelized and turn to Christ in the next 20-30 years despite all that secular humanism and Islam are trying to do to stop it.

HOW ARE WE TO UNDERSTAND THE LATEST MUSLIM TERRORIST ATTACKS IN BRITAIN? Are there any greater dunces or more pathetic dupes than the terrorists and jehadists of Islam? They are taught by their wicked-hearted mullahs to think they will win 72 virgins (who are nothing but sex slaves to them) to take to bed and cavort with in heaven for all eternity as a reward for blowing up babies, mothers, and children and all sorts of other innocent people who are doing nothing to them that could possibly warrant such barbarous attacks. It was announced that about 300 terrorists have just graduated from a terrorist school over in Pakistan or thereabouts. Some are young as 12 years of age! They are said to be headed to Germany, France, Britain, and the U.S. to do their dirty work of blowing people and whole cities up. We now have the spectacle of the attempted bombings on the London airport, plus the driving of a burning vehicle into the Glasgow airport in Scotland--terrible acts perpetrated by none other than four doctors. My dear Christian British friend and her countrymen cannot understand how British-citizen Muslims, given all the advantages of British society and the high economy and educational system, can turn and stage deadly attacks on the British people. It is almost impossible to understand, unless we see that the heart of religious man is essentially evil--did not Cain slay his brother over a failed sacrifice he had made to God? Resentment, bitterness, and lack of forgiveness, plus some envy and rivalry, contributed to the growth of a bitter root of hate in Cain's heart. Soon it dominated him and his actions, and he acted it out in the cold-blooded, brutal murder of his innocent brother Cain. If this could happen in God's first human family on earth, what happened in Britain just the other day is hardly inconceivable--it is to be rather expected. The Muslim people, oppressed by their own leaders for centuries, resenting the more affluent and progressive West, are now acting out their centuries-old resentment, bitterness, lack of forgiveness, plus some envy and rivalry, are they not? Never mind the 72 virgins--all this evil boiling away under the surface of Muslim men and women and even the children has got to express itself in violence, if it is not repented of. As long as Cain blamed his brother for God's disapproval of his sacrifice of vegetables while approving his brother Abel's, he could not change. The evil in him continue to grow, until it expressed itself in murder. Now the Muslims (not the Presbyterians, Baptists, and Pentecostals, or even the Mormons) are lashing out against innocent people in the West, trying to terrorize them into submission to Islam and the tyranny of the mullahs and their repressive, undemocratic Sharia Law. Cain's spirit, obviously, is ruling these slaves of the Devil in the Muslim religion. But thank God Abel's spirit is still crying out from the ground in his spilt blood. The Bible says it is still crying out as a witness against Cain's evil act. Murder is always wrong--for it cannot be justified by any religion. God holds all Muslims to account for their violence and acts of murder against Westerners and their own people as well--and the Day of Reckoning, the Judgment before the Great White Throne of Jesus Christ, is coming soon to deal with them!

Martin Mawyer's excellent expose about the true nature and agenda of Islam (both by terroristic jehadists like Osama bin Ladin and also by the equally dangerous, government-financed and supported radical Wahibist Moslem clerics of Saudi Arabia) can be obtained by going to his his Christian Action Network website:

"Jihad in America!" by Martin Mawyer

The excellent "Levitt Letter," the newsletter of the Zola Levitt Ministries, has a recent article in the May 2007 issue that every Christian in America should read, entitled, "How do Christians Live With Muslims?", authored by Frank Pastore, You can try the web address of Mr. Pastore. Otherwise, the excellent Levitt Letter magazine can be ordered or the article by Mr. Pastore can be accessed, perhaps, by going to the Zola Levitt website:

WWW.TOWNHALL.COM for Frank Pastore's article, "How do Christians Live With Muslims?"

"How do Christians Live With Muslims?" by Frank Pastore, c/o Zola Levitt Ministries




"Cartoon Center"


"Bible Quiz Center"

Finding Your Spiritual Gift(s) Self-Exam:

WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOUR GIFTS ARE WITHOUT GUESSING? "Finding Your Spiritual Gifts," the Wagner-Modified Questionnaire" may be a big help to you. This self-exam and questionnaire will "help you discover and understand your spiritual gifts" and was recommended and sent to me by the late Duane L. Smith who took the self-exam. It is available for a small charge when you order it from C. Peter Wagner of Fuller Theological Seminary.

It is a wonderful thing to celebrate our freedom and have some honest, wholesome fun doing so, but we must remember always that it is not free--it came with a terrible price to countless thousands. Over 400,000 U.S. fighting men and women died in WWII fighting both Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan to preserve our liberties and our free way of life. A drunken, delirious celebration is a shame upon anyone who misuses the 4th of July in that way. Unfortunately, untold millions of Americans are shaming themselves before their own families by their drinking and carousing, are they not? Beside my mother's home, there was a pre-Fourth family get-together, and I happened to see one young men take three bottles of hard liquor to the party indoors, while children played right outside in the carport and driveway. What a spectacle they made for their children! This is the same I am speaking about--it is repeated countless times all across this nation. How can God bless us when we do such things? We dishonor God, dishonor our nation, and dishonor the hundreds of thousands of brave men and women who sacrificed and gave their lives (not to mention the sacrifices of their parents and families) for our freedom from tyranny.

Do you know the appalling statistics of the loss of life in the World War II Pearl Harbor attack by Japanese planes led by Mitsuo Fuchida? This tract will give you the facts, which are enough to give you a chill. This was just as devastating as the WTC and Pentagon attacks by Muslim jehadists. In "Pearl Harbor Remembered," a tract by ATS that you can order from their website, we are reminded that:

"Pearl Harbor, on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii, was attacked by the Japanese Imperial Navy Sunday morning, December 7, 1941. The surprise was complete. The attackin g planes came in two waves...the first hit its target at 7:53 AM.

"At approximately 8:10, the USS Arizona exploded, having been hit by a 1,760-pound armor-piercing bomb that slammed through her deck and ignited her forward ammunition magazine. In less than nine minutes, she sank with 1,177 of her crew, a total loss. The USS Oklahoma, hit by several torpedoes, rolled completely over, trapping voer 400 men inside. The California and the West Virginia sank at their moorings, while the Utah capsized with more than 50 of her crew.

By 9:55 it was over. By 1:00 the Japanese aircraft carriers that launched the planes from 274 miles off the coast of Oahu were heading back to Japan. The attack was devastating. American casualties totalled 2,403 dead, 1,178 wounded, and 640 that were never accounted for. One hundred eighty-eight planes were destroyed, 158 more damaged and 21 ships in the US Pacific Fleet either crippled or destroyed. Military leaders said it was the most disastrous defeat that our armed forces had ever suffered in one day."

We may well see worse attacks than this on our own soil in the near future, and possibly even this summer of 2007. Are we going to be prepared as best we can--by praying and looking to God in repentance--or are we going to be swept away in a fire of nuclear bombs and missiles with nuclear payloads (replacing the bombs and torpedoes of WWII) exploding all around us?

We desperately need to return to God on our knees, praying for his forgiveness and also the salvation of our many enemies who have sworn with their lives to destroy us. Otherwise, we will share the same horrendous fate as the young men caught by the infamous Pearl Harbor attack. The best secret service or C.I.A. intelligence in the world will not save us--as it will be mislaid or discounted by someone in Washington--and the attack will occur without our intervention. God has, despite our failures to do what is right, intervened for us countless times--but how can he continue to do so if we continue in our rebellion, immorality, drunkenness, and selfish way of life, celebrating a pagan lifestyle filled with violence, pornography, abuse, and drugs?

ATS Tracts, "Pearl Harbor Remembered"


"Saint-Building Center"

These valuable messages of Stuart Maxwell Hawkins' will furnish one or more of the six elective subjects as they come on-line with study questions or quizzes.

Stuart Maxwell Hawkins's message, "Forgive Me," is now on-line, and will also carry Study Questions soon.

"Forgive Me," Message by Stuart Maxwell Hawkins

Jesus Christ to the Church of Laodicea, and our own Churches and Christians of 21st Century America:

And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write: These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God: I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked: I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eye with eyesalve, that thou mayest see. As many as I love, I rebuke, and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent."--Revelation 3:14-19

SALUTE TO MRS. RUTH GRAHAM ON HER GLORIOUS, HEAVENLY HOMEGOING: Ruth Bell Graham, 1920-2007. In her eighty seven years on this earth she has earned many imperishable crowns and eternal honor in heaven, standing on the Word of God her entire life. She earned fame, not because she was the wife of the world-renowned evangelist, but because she followed Christ her Savior and Lord faithfully, and put Him first in her life and heart always. Loving Christ first and foremost, she then had the love she needed, along with the guidance, to be the splendid wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother and spiritual example she was to her family and the church of Christ world-wide. Millions across the world, church and unchurched, mourn her passing, but rejoice for her, that she has now entered through the Gates of the Celestial City, where she will be greeted no doubt by millions who were won to Christ through her husband's ministry and her own. Her own ministry was to stand in the shade of her husband, praying and supporting him and being with the children at all times and raising them according to the Word, all of which provided the real power behind the pulpit, if the truth be known. Yes, Billy Graham would still have been great in evangelism without her--but as great as he did become? I think not! Together, they were an unbeatable team, since they both put Christ first and foremost in their hearts and lives. They were passionately in love with each other too to the last days of their time together, and so there was no conflict or divided loyalties. They demonstrated to the entire world that you can love God above everyone else and yet love your spouse and your family and everyone else with the same kind of unconditional love. Farewell, Mrs. Ruth Bell Graham!

All who wish to see the Ruth Bell Graham memorial on the Billy Graham website and who also may want to express kind thoughts and condolences to the grieving family can access it on the Billy Graham website. Truly, she was one of the greatest Christian leaders America has had in modern times--the spiritual powerhouse behind the pulpit of Billy Graham. This woman changed history! She affected the entire world! Be encouraged by this, particurly you women, to go to the memorial and pray for Billy Graham and the family and their ministries too. A mother, a wife, a friend of everyone, she didn't have to take a public role to be a world-changer. She just needed the Lord, relying on him, loving him first in her life, then loving her husband, family, and the world with the same love.

Ruth Bell Graham Memorial

ANSWER THE CALL OF GOD IN NASHVILLE: "The Call Nashville" is the name given to a move by the people of God to surrender to the Lord in true, humble repentance and real change of their own hearts and lives, so that they can join, irrespective of denomination, and march together in spirit (and literally) to take back not only Nashville but the whole nation for God!

Singer Ricky Skaggs and Lou Engle are the human organizers of this, but the Lord and the Holy Spirit are the real Directors. 7-7-7 is the date of the gathering and then the march in Nashville from the Parthenon--the re-created heathen temple from Athens that is the seat of the Python, the spirit and stronghold of American neo-paganism and also the symbol of humanism and secularism and man's religious and intellectual system supplanting God's kingdom and true Church--down Church Street (now the stronghold of carnality, porn, illicit sex, homosexuality, drunkenness, and perversity) and through Nashville to the LP Field and Titan Stadium. The Titan (power worship and power god of America) needs to fall as well as these other idols and false gods). This parade and march of God's people will carry no banners and megahorns blaring forth--no, nothing but a silently praying people of God seeking God, repentently and humbly, in the midst of Satan's kingdom in Nashville and the whole nation. This will overturn Satan's kingdom--nothing else.

Do you want to see God's kingdom re-established in your life, in your town or city, in your family, in your church, in your state, and in your nation? They are all fast crumbling away, and overrun by Satan--which anyone with open eyes can plainly see. You can turn this around, and be an Esther, be a Gideon, be a David, be a Jerry Falwell. You! Me! God gets more glory from using nobodies and nothings--not the big and important people who people naturally look to for leadership and power. God wants to use nobodies like us! Join, or at least send your financial help and prayer help, by fasting and praying at home for this:

The Call Nashville

Rev. and Dr. Jerry Falwell, August 11, 1933-May 15, 2007. This latter-day Gideon was as important, and even more important, than any president you can name since Eisenhower. Because of his influence, he was considered and also treated as Public Enemy Number 1 for decades of his public ministry--who did nothing but evil in the estimation of this country's liberal, secular humanist elites, media, and governing authorities (all children of the devil, called wicked in the Bible). What was the terrible thing he did wrong? It is this: he stood for righteousness, morality, the sanctity of traditional marriage, the truth of the inerrant Bible, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Christian heritage of our once great nation. For that he was demonized, persecuted, ridiculed, and ignored as much as possible. He was branded a hater when he preached the love and forgiveness of God and challenged sinners to repent and be saved and transformed and become new creatures in Christ.

He stood for these things in the midst of a cesspool of pornography, child abuse, fornication and promiscuity, teenage rebellion, epidemic drug use, government graft and runaway expansion, anti-Christ media brainwashing of the American public, homosexual activism, the dumbing down of American schoolchildren and the turning of America's colleges and universities into ideological centers for secular humanism and liberalism, and judicial tyranny and usurpation of our religious liberties.

He, not the lying, terrorist-supporting, terrorist-funded, anti-Semitic Jimmy Carter, deserved the Nobel Peace Prize for his challenging of the elites of this country who are destroying us and his creation of ways to restore our churches and nation and our Christian heritage as well as our formerly great educational system.

But Jerry Falwell will receive far greater than the Nobel Prize from the Lord Jesus in heaven! I mention him here because this kind of mistreatment, badmouthing, villification, and continual misrepresentation by the secular humanist/liberal intelligensia of this country is the inevitable lot of a truly righteous man of God who pushes against the tide of this immoral society and its immoral, godless rulers. It is the lot of anyone today who stands for the virtuous and worthy and godly things Jerry Falwell stood for unwaveringly. This champion laid down the golden torch on May 15, to be taken up by those who share his legacy. What about us, in response? We can all do what Jerry Falwell did, in spirit and truth (if not in deed). We don't have to create a Moral Majority, found a major university, pastor a huge church, and run a television ministry that reaches millions. We simply have to live righteously as ordinary people in the midst of unrighteousness--that is, submit to Christ so that His righteousness can abide in us!

You and I, and millions more, did not believe what our eyes told us--on 9/11. We were also told to pray by the president, and to go on with our lives as usual. That was bad, very bad advice. I understand it, but it is still bad advice. The world changed instantly as the first plane hit the first tower of the World Trade Center, just as the first shot fired at Fort Sumter changed America forever. The Civil War, as you know, began with that first shot. And the same thing happened in NYC--the War on Terror, officially began, though it had, in truth, been waged for years before this, while the West denied the fact and reality, incident after incident, no matter how bloody. The West is still denying the fact, even with the war in Iraq and the terrorist strikes in many places, the airports in London and Glasgow being the latest high profile targets.

We, unfortunately, do not have anyone with the caliber of an Abraham Lincoln to lead us through this dark hour--when the whole existence of our nation and the world is cast into question. Things are going to get a lot darker, you might has well face up to it. You did not face up to it on 9/11--but you will soon. The chatter of terrorists on the Internet is brisk, I hear--a sure sign something bigger than 9/11 is brewing on the horizon.

Luck will not be enough to avert it. So far people are saying "luck" has gotten us through the many planned strikes without the terrorists being successful. Luck has nothing to do with it. God has everything to do with it--the fact we are still here and alive, instead of stumbling through the ruins of a nuclear-blasted and contaminated city.

We don't have Lincoln, we don't have a King Hezekiah, but we do have Almighty God! If we will repent, pray, and fast, we might see something like what King Hezekiah saw-- after the Avenging Angel of the Lord passed through the camp of the invincible army of Assyrians besieging Jerusalem. 186,000 soldiers and their commanding officers slain in one night! However it was done by God's Angel, it was effective. Assyrian records do not record defeats, but there is a mention that the Assyrian king crept home to his palace, evidently beaten in the invasion of Judah, without an army, and later two sons of his murdered him in cold blood as he was seeking the favor of his heathen god in a temple in Nineveh. What a humiliating end for a mercilous, heathen king who boasted of being a crusher of all the nations and their gods!

God can deliver us gloriously too from cruel heathens such as the Assyrians--if we will turn back to him and forsake our sins, individual and national. We better start now, rather than later, the dawn after Doomsday when all is destroyed by our enemies. We are destroyable--nuclear bombs and weapons are in the hands of our Islamic terrorist enemies--and they are just waiting for a time to unleash them that will be to their best advantage--when we seem most vulnerable, complacent, and off our guard.

Our celebrations on the Fourth this year ought to be grateful (not drunken, full of pride and folly as previous Fourths), and, above all, prayerful. Otherwise, we may not be in any condition to celebrate July 4, 2008. There may not be a United States on that coming date, if we do not bend our proud knees and pray now, while we still have knees to bend and hands to raise to the God of Hezekiah.


Jesus Christ first, and all the rest will fall into line.

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