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We do not know when this series, "Tales from the Great Book" started, or even when it concluded, but it obviously followed the Bible account in Genesis faithfully. You can find that out by comparing it to the Scriptures in Genesis yourself. This comic series may have provided the only Bible knowledge for masses of young people and also adults who took this particular newspaper in the 1960s and before and also afterwards too. It was the only form of the Bible and the Gospel they may have come into contact with if they were raised, as most people in the Pacific Northwest were and still are, in godless, unbelieving, unChristian and pagan homes. Thank God for the witness that his comic series provided. It may well have pointed a seeking person to the truth of the Bible, and more than one too! The Bible declares that when the Word goes forth, it never returns void (or unproductive and unfruitful). So this comic series produced real fruit, real human souls that were ultimately redeemed. We can be sure of that fact, for the Scriptures speak truly, all the time, and are living proof.

All we have is one issue of the newspaper's comic series of this particular comic. The following segment is titled: "Days of Violence." From Genesis, you can read yourself what those "Days of Violence" actually were. They were exciting stuff for a comic series, no doubt about it. Abraham led a very exciting life, and went down as one of the greatest individuals in history. Even Julius Caesar who conquered Gaul and other regions for Rome and became the greatest general of Rome and created the dynasty of the Caesars that included Rome's first and greatest emperor, Caesar Augustus, or Octavian, is lesser known today than Abraham.


Who is "Skanky"? Skanky is the unsaved, lost and bound in sin, unregenerated, First Adamic, ruled by Satan human soul we all were and became when we were first conceived by our parents. This is the unredeemed human condition every person born on this earth must suffer and deal with. Only Christ came to be born human, though sinless, conceived by the Holy Spirit not by a sinful man like Jospeh or any other man, grown in the womb of the Virgin Mary, without connection to her sin-contaminated blood--then when he was born and raised to manhood, he still committed no sin, the Scriptures attest. Only Jesus, the Divinely conceived Son of God we are speaking of, could provide the answer to Skanky's sin problem and dilemma. Only Jesus could provide the perfect sacrifice demanded by Justice for Skanky's original sin and also all the sins he would ever commit in life. Only Jesus! Yes, there is an Answer to the Skanky in every one of us! Jesus alone can turn a Skanky into a true, saved, heaven-bound child of God! This cartoon series is adapted to show how this can happen when Skanky is confronted with his hopeless sin condition, and the struggles he had dealing with it, many of which we can individually identify with, as we all, as part of the community of sinful humanity, have a rebellious and stubborn spirit that seeks to prevent us humbling ourselves enough to accept the Solution, the Cure, for our sin-sick, terminal condition.

"Skanky Boy, Part I, The Progress of a Post-Modern Rake

"Skanky Boy," Part II, The Progress of a Post-Modern Rake

"Skanky Boy," Part III, The Progress of a Post-Modern Rake

"Skanky Boy," Part IV, The Progress of a Post-Modern Rake

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