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We do not know when this series, "Tales from the Great Book" started, or even when it concluded, but it obviously followed the Bible account in Genesis faithfully. You can find that out by comparing it to the Scriptures in Genesis yourself.


Who is "Skanky"? Skanky is the unsaved, lost and bound in sin, unregenerated, First Adamic, ruled by Satan human soul we all were and became when we were first conceived by our parents. This is the unredeemed human condition every person born on this earth must suffer and deal with. What is the solution? There is none. There is only a Redeemer who can solve the problem of sin and condemnation everyone gets on arrival at birth.

"Skanky Boy, Part I, The Progress of a Post-Modern Rake

"Skanky Boy," Part II, The Progress of a Post-Modern Rake

"Skanky Boy," Part III, The Progress of a Post-Modern Rake

"Skanky Boy," Part IV, The Progress of a Post-Modern Rake

Note: "Rake" is the old English term for a skirt-chasing, drunken libertine who wasted his family fortune on pleasures. Leo Tolstoy was a perfect definition in his debauched youth. Some habits, such as womanizing, continued right up to his death as an old man.

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