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I Peter 4:8: "But the end of all things is at hand; therefore, be serious and watchful in your prayers."

Let the Flag of the United States of America be lowered to half mast or even to the ground. Friends, America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, died on November 4, 2008, when a Marxist won the presidency by a narrow margin in a fraudulent election that should be challenged and rerun only with legitimate inspectors supervising the voter registrations and the actual polling to insure the Democrat Party (which is actually a terrorist organization of anti-American fifth columnists) does not use A.C.O.R.N (which stands for A-CORRUPT-ORGANIZATION-REGISTERING-NON-PERSONS) again to do all its dirty work. Untold millions from abroad, from terrorists and nations that are our enemies, poured into the Democrat Party and Obama's campaign coffers. Socialist, left-leaning Europe is our enemy and supported Obama. Israel saw through his glib promises to support Israel as an ally, but the Middle Eastern despotic regimes, Muslim and totalitarian, adored him. They saw a soul brother, a fellow devil or djinni, in him, which he truly is. Oil money from these corrupt and anti-American countries flowed to Obama by the tens of millions. All this was illegal, against our laws, but nothing has been done to stop it or call it into question--nothing! Our spineless President George Bush is silent, though he knows perfectly well what is going on--the hijacking of the U.S. presidency. What does he care, he is getting out, with his "legacy" more or less intact.

Hitler came into power much the same way, did he not? Without major industrialists backing him, he would not have had the money to finance his takeover of Germany. As for Germany, it too was a democracy at the time (just as our country was before this last election), which he had to first propagandize and subvert and deceive in order to abolish later, supplanting it with a dictatorship and police state. To gain absolute power he pretended to be Germany's savior, but turned out to be her destroyer.

We face all the organs of a dictatorship and police state, they are in place and already operating! We have a socialist Congress, a left-leaning judiciary (with all the awesome powers of the military and the Federal Government, of which this usurper Barak Hussain Obama is now commander and chief, and he may even be a closet Muslim, only pretending he is a Christian), we have a C.I.A. and F.B.I, which are seriously compromised by politically correct, pro-Muslim policies and altogether inept, so the stage is set at last for the communist/Marxist makeover of American society and government. He also has all the earmarks of the Anti-Christ, the suave, honey-tongued, "compassionate" arch-deceiver of the nations. Beneath this holy and enduring Word of God, the only true refuge God's children still have left to resort to, there is hope still. There is no hope beneath the American flag, for it stands for nothing now but Marxist dogma that Barak Obama imbibed and was brainwashed with by his professors at Harvard and other schools.

After this unparalleled disaster and assault upon our freedoms and liberties, the Word of God is even more vital to our pilgrim walk now that we have lost America to her bitter foes at home and abroad. The terrorists are rejoicing (Iran's dictator has sent congratulations to Obama, while telling him that the United States now must quit defending Israel and stop interfering with the affairs of other nations and cease trying to impose its will on them, so that Iran will be free to impose its will and establish a Shiite superpower, nuclear-armed, free to annihilate Israel, and Europe too if Europe tries to interfere). But let these fiends of Iran and the terrorists camps in Pakistan rejoice and send messages to intimidate Obama all they like, God still rules over all this, even the death of a free and democratic and godly America that our Forefathers founded. Scriptures reminds and comforts us with this great truth: Here we have, as Abraham before us, no continuing city, no country, but we seek a better, a heavenly country! God be with you and keep you in the only true faith of Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord.


WORLD'S GREATEST BOOK CAN BE UNDERSTOOD IF GIVEN A CHANCE: Beyond question, the greatest book in the world is the Bible, and the greatest Book is about the greatest Person, Jesus Christ (Yeshua the Anointed).

The Books of the Bible

"The Forbidden Book," Exploration Films

"Essene Scrolls Center

Jewish Newswire Website for Sam Goodenough's Article about President Bush coming face to face with the Bible

"The Holy Land Experience," Orlando, Florida

The whole Bible on microfilm, miniaturized, is available in this beautiful display holder, for a love gift of any amount to Trinity Broadcasting Newwork, PO Box A, Santa Ana, CA 92711-2101:

As the law is used to ban the Bible in America, because it contains scriptures against homosexuality and calls it a sin and an abomination in the eyes of God, this microfilm Bible may become invaluable, as printed Bibles may become a capital offense if found in anyone's possession. It has happened in many other countries many times before in history, and it is a capital offense (or something that will put you in prison in Saudi Arabia and get you tortured, fined, beaten repeatedly, and possibly beheaded--no water treatment only as in "brutal" American-style "torture" in Iraq) in a number of countries right at this time in a so-called civilized world.

"Bible Atlas & Map Center"

B.I.B.L.E.--"Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth"--Acronym by Pastor John Hagee, Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, Texas.

We have our own Acronym at the Emmaus Walk: For the youth specifically: B.I.B.L.E.--"Blasting Into Blessing, Life Eternal". How about yours? Make an acronym of your own with your own special meaning!

The Timeline on How We Got the English Language Bible:

Great Site

Ronald Ginther as a gardener on Gladys Farquhar's Estate Gardens. This picture shows just a small portion of the Estate gardens. An Olympic sized pool was just to the left down the hillside, belonging to the Farquhars, and tennis courts below the pool, and Ronald Ginther was given the privilege of swimming in the pool. Pay was very good, and Mrs. Farquhar was a friend of his mother's and an excellent employer in every respect. The Farquhars had the biggest cannery and frozen food business in the area, and were a gracious Christian family. Mr. and Mrs. have passed on, but left a very fine reputation behind. The Lord's blessing is something to be thankful for and not forget.

Vita of Ronald Ginther, Founder of the Emmaus Walk Messianic School of the Bible:


"Autobiographical Sketch of a Sparrow," by Ronald Ginther

"A Short Profile of a Made, not Self-Made Christian," by Ronald Ginther

Vita II, With Reference to "The Mystery of the Red Admirals," by Ronald Ginther (Permission to reprint the Red Admirals story being sought)

Welcome to the Emmaus Walk!

"Welcome to the Emmaus Walk, or How to Walk out of Darkness and Deception Into the Light!", by Ronald Ginther, Founder of the Emmaus Walk

"CONGRESS DECLARES BIBLE THE WORD OF GOD," Public Law 97-280, October 4, 1982, Statute 1211, Approved October 4, 1982

HOW ARE WE GOING TO SURVIVE AS CHRISTIANS IN THIS DARKENING SOCIETY THAT IS TURNING AGAINST GOD AND CHRISTIANITY, FROM THE PRESIDENCY ON DOWN? David Wilkerson's Message, "His Eye is on the Sparrow," quotes Christ's prophetic words about times that we are now facing, even as the secularists (Darwinist atheists and radical homosexual activits) and Marxist- anti-Christian agenda of Barak Obama are poised, with their now projected triumph in the election results of 2008 [though God can still overrule their already assumed victory, to His glory!), to impose authoritarian, socialist rule over America and roll back all the godly legislation of the past 100 years and substitute sheer unrighteousness:

"His Eye is on the Sparrow," Excerpt of Message by David Wilderson, Pastor of Times Square Church, New York City, NY

Pastor Ron Phillips has a message on this dark time for Christians in America, when things get worse, not better. Please go to his ministry and church website for it.

Pastor Ron Phillips, Message on "What to do when things get worse."


Thank you, Almighty God. Republican Senator Chambliss won his senatorial re-election, and thus the children of Satan lost their bid to gain total supremacy of their anti-Christ agenda in the U.S. Senate, an agenda that goes to war with every teaching of Christ and Christ himself! For the sake of Christ and His Gospel, we thank thee, O God our Savior and Lord! You did it! We give you ALL THE GLORY!

Real Gratitude to God Occurs Every Day of the Year! Not just on holidays like Thanksgiving--so why not be thankful today, and every day afterwards?

The massacres in the Mumbai, India (a city of 19 million on India's west coast) is just the latest flashpoint in the continue World War III that Islam is waging against America, Israel, and Western civilization (with attacks on Hindu targets as well, as people tend to forget that Muslims, as champions of their god "Allah the Compassionate," virtually annihilated the Buddhist and Hindu populations across vast areas of Asia in years past). When there are so many attacks by Muslim terrorists on Christians and Jews, and the media remains blind to it (you won't, for example, hear how the Jewish hostages were tortured and mutilated most hideously by their Muslim captors, the Pakistani terrorists who struck at Mumbai, India), while the president-elect is gathering his downright evil counsellors and team to destroy all religious freedom in America and use presidential decrees to overthrow our Constitution and institute by fiat his Marxist, abortionist, anti-American, anti-military, anti-Christ agenda, times seem bleak, indeed. We have lost the battle, it is clear, as evangelicals and Bible-based Christians! The Devil is a very happy Devil, as he now can go set up in the Lincoln Bedroom!

But yet God remains good, however evil men become in our government and society! I thank God for our religious liberty we enjoyed all these years (about 400 years in total from the founding of the Plymouth colony by the god-fearing Pilgrims and the one at Jamestown in Virginia by English settlers). We are the most envied country in the world (even if our enemies hate us, they would still prefer to live here than in their homelands over in the Middle East or Asia!). If they don't, they are greater fools, or else they prfer the anarchy in their homelands, and the complicity of the police in their favor, whereas in America they might be arrested for their crimes--though that might change radically soon under the incoming president who isn't going to consider terrorism a crime.

But yet I choose to thank God for our religious liberty! And I thank God for this decent living conditon most of us enjoy, a clean country with innumerable advantages, and the opportunities to advance ourselves educationally and financially (even while a crisis is going on here and world-wide!). Where would you want to be in a depression--in Asia, in Africa, in Russia, or here? Of course, here! People won't walk by you if you are starving in the street, and let you die there too--as they do over in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East to this day! Here people would take you in and care for you and feed you, even see to your healthcare and your housing!

God bless America! But this day I bless God for his goodness to me and all of us. The poor duped black Christian (?) radio announcers on the black gospel station I listen to--they deride America, but yet they have good jobs here, and do much better here than they ever could do in African countries. I would like to see how they liked living in Sudan! or Libya! or Algeria! or twenty some other Muslim countries.

America has been a haven for all peoples of the worlds, even all religions. They are all free here to practice what they believe, provided they do not practice polygamy and child and wife abuse (as Hinduism and also the Muslim religions have done--I could name the practices that are still going on outside our borders in Hindu and Muslim countries, but I will spare you!). America is a paradise in a sea of intolerance and persecution. But it won't remain so, thanks to the liberal, radical leftist takeover of Washington and the presidency! Well, thank you, God! You gave us so much, it is greater blessing than any other nation in history ever received and enjoyed, and we are now, the Americans who voted for evil, throwing your blessings away, one by one, preferring "change" and a wicked, anti-christ man to rule over us.

"The Ten Commandments," How We Have Broken Them All in America and Warrant God's Judgment Upon Us and our Nation, by Ronald Ginther

Course Articles are now listed in the new "Course Articles Center" page:

The course article on Exodus was deleted by mistake, but we are searching for it and will have it back on-line as soon as we can.

Ten Required Subject Courses (plus six elective courses) are now on-line. Questions are being appended to those subjects and courses, so please return for them.

Required Subjects:

1. Christian Education

2. Prayer

3. Holy Spirit

4. Biblical Science

5. Foundational Principles

6. Witnessing (includes Apologetics) and Discipleship

7. Types of Christ (OT)

8. Bible Covenants/Israel/Bible Atlas

9. Christian Hope and Character

10. The Prophetic Calling

Electives (this is a partial list):

1. and 2. Christology (based on Christology book offered on this page)

3. Intro. to Hebrew (Zola Levitt book, information how to order it offered on this page)

3. Intro. to Greek

4. "Messianic Prophecy" Course by Zola Levitt (information on it and how to order it on this page)

5. History of the Cradle of Judaism and Christianity, the Middle East, as well as the history of Islam and some of the other anti-Christ cults and atheistic philosophies and environment, secularist, and animal activist moveents (including Darwinism) affecting Christianity significantly.

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"Requirements for Certificate"

The Emmaus Walk Certificate of Excellence

Zola Levitt Ministries offers 12 courses in the Institute of Jewish-Christian Studies. These courses are all excellent, since Zola Levitt was no small authority on the Bible and Jewish studies (and he enlisted a number of experts and authorities in Bible scholarship as well), so you may want to do most of them, or all, but the course, "Messianic Prophecy," is one in particular that you might want to do in order to satisfy an elective requirement in the Emmaus Walk. ZLM will charge you $49 for this one course, or something close to that amount. You can find out about this Institute by going to ZLM:

Zola Levitt Ministries, and The Institute for Jewish-Christian Studies


Daily Bible-Reading Guide for a Year

A Reading Through the Bible guide is also available at the back of "Light For My Path," Illuminating Selections from the Bible, by Humble Creek Press. See the details below on this page.

Some Bible Resources:

"The Bible, The Whole Story," is now on DVD. "Seven major doctrines of Scripture are explained in Zola's clear and informative style. The Bible is covered from Genesis to Revelation. A useful teaching tool for beginner and expert alike."--from the "New and Updated from ZLM" catalog list. In this book Zola Levitt teaches about the Abrahamic Covenant, The Law, Prophecy, The Messiah--Why Jesus of Nazareth?, Grace--the Gift of Absolute Forgiveness, The Church, and the Kingdom (the future thousand-year reign of Christ on Earth). Please contact Zola Levitt Ministries for this DVD. It is #DBWS, $39, for 2 DVDs.

For one elective credit for the Emmaus Walk:

"Bible Resources Center"

"Messianic Christology" is a "must-read" for all Bible students. It will give you information you won't find most everywhere else--and from a Jewish perspective too, which can open windows of insight and illumination that Gentile sources have no access to, unless by quoting Jewish sources.

We highly recommend this on-line bookstore for Christians, the Faith and Freedom Bookstore. Categories of its offerings are: Bibles, Books, Children's Music, David Barton (American heritage) books, Audio Books, DVDs, Christian Bestsellers, Christian Parenting, Christian Business and Leadership, Magazine Subscriptions:

Read and do a review of this absolutely terrific book, and you have your Christology requirement for the Emmaus Walk degree certificate half taken care of. I cannot draw from it here, as it is copyrighted, but the material is excellent, and the appendices are also wonderful, every word of them, so don't stop reading when you come to them!--Founder of Emmaus Walk

"Faith and Freedom Site/Bookstore"

Another Bible resource:

Crosswalk Bible Website


Did you ever read "Crime and Punishment," or "The Brothers Karamazov"? These are not the usual Christian fluffy-spiritual how-to books that stuff the shelves of Christian bookstores. Those classic Russian novels were made into blockbuster movies, which you may have seen. The author was clearly one of Russia's greatest novelists, and he was also world-renowned and continues to be such, even though there have been many reputations as great that have waned and been forgotten--yet Doestoyevski's star shows no sign of ever decreasing in size and brilliance. It is clear that he will remain one of Russia's greatest writers since he deals with the most vital issues of faith in god and the sinful human condition.

I read Section 4, Fyodor Dostoyevski, which the late Ruth Graham adapted from F.W. Boreham's 1941 article on him and his prison experiences in Siberia. It begins with his being hauled up before a firing squad with other condemned-to-death men. Then, in the last moments before the order to fire was given, the sentence was commuted by the ruler's command brought by a courier, causing some to go insane, others to die within days, and still others, like Fyodor Dostoyevski, to suffer greatly psychologically thereafter from the memories. Was that the intent of the procedure? It certainly terrorized the condemned men to the point of driving them insane and killing them within hours, and deranging the survivors. Then we read what he endured in the horrible gulags of Czarist days (the Communists just took these camps and added millions of prisoners, they didn't create anything new) in terms of the Prodigal Son account in the Bible. This is a most riveting account. One of the greatest Russian novelists, Fyodor Dostoyevski, suffered perhaps the greatest torments at the hand of his fellow men--yet his message was love and forgiveness and the grace of God. Get this book, just for this section, and you will also enjoy the other sections that all relate, in poetry and excerpts of writings, to the Prodigal Son theme. Ruth Graham ought to know what she is portraying, as her son Franklin, now the CEO and chief evangelist of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, was a Prodigal Son himself, rebelling and living in defiant sin, causing his parents no small amount of tears and suffering, until God intercepted the young Franklin and saved him with his love and grace and forgivenesss.

Book Reviews Center:

"Born Out of Conflict," the Autobiography of Ben Song, Zondervan Publishing House. It is a story you won't often find the like amidst the usual fluffy Christian books. Imagine what it is like to be a Korean orphan, torn from a wealthy home and family, thrust out into the cold and the chaos of mass murder by the invading Communist armies from North Korea! His survival is the greatest miracle, when millions perished. He was least likely to survive, being a rich man's son, used to all the luxuries and care he received in a mansion. Now he had to learn how to find food and shelter in the open countryside, for the cities were too dangerous. What chance did he have? Yet God obviously had his eye on him, and God's wings were protecting him, God helping him make the decisions that preserved his life until one day God was using him to spread the Gospel all through So. Korea and then to the United States. Terrific account, written by Ben Song himself.

Dale Evans Rogers, for good reason, knew a great testimony when she saw one in the flesh, and heartily recommended both Korean Evangelist Ben Song and his book. It is well worth reading today, as it is the story a Korean orphan whom God raised up to be an evangelist not only in Korea but also America. This man spoke to thousands, tens of thousands, of U.S. students in the school, testifying of his thankfulness to America for what America had done to deliver Korea from the Communists of North Korea who had tried to take over the entire country, but also to testify of God's delivering power in his own life, from the time he was a starving orphan living in dug out caves to the time he could speak to them in America, travelling the whole length of the nation, welcomed and received by thousands. At a time when the liberal secularist and Satan-inspired campaign of "Hate America" had just begun, this evangelist was a breath of fresh air to America, as he sincerely thanked Americans for going to the aid of his country when Korea was viciously attacked by North Korea's communist armies and millions slain and freedom nearly stamped out in his homeland.

"Search for the Twelve Apostles," by Dr. Steuart McBirnie, is a classic of scholarship, but very readable. Do you know anything about the Twelve? Probably, you know as much as we know about Peter and Paul, but the others? Aren't they rather vague and shadowy to you--just names really? This book will tell you what happened to them, where their service to Jesus and His Gospel took them across the world at that time, and where they suffered terrible martyrdoms for His sake. They won't just be names to you after you look through this book. Just to test your knowledge a bit: James, the James who wrote the Book of James, was an apostle, right? Yes, he was an apostle. But was he among the Twelve Apostles? No, he was not. He was a brother of Jesus, and after the Resurrection became a pillar or a leader of the church in Jerusalem, but James (who wrote the Book of James) was not one of the Twelve Apostles. I assumed he was, but Dr. McBirnie says he was not, and I bow to his scholarship on this question. This is one of the fascinating facts Dr. McBirnie reveals in his book. There are hundreds more. It is available now through a reprint of Trinity Broadcasting Network. Please contact TBN, and you won't be disappointed. It tells about things you will probably not be able to read anywhere else. We will try to return to amplify this mini-review if time permits.

To get the full story, the book is supplemented by Gordon Lindsay's own book, for the two men and their ministries were intertwined. Jack Coe's healing ministry was just on the verge of exploding across America on Televised broadcasts when he died from a heart attack from overwork. Oral Roberts took up the gauntlet and continued where Jack Coe left off. But it was the attack of anti-Christ, atheist critics on Jack Coe (which were successfully defeated in court with Gordon Lindsay's testimony for Coe) that saved religious freedom in America. Did you know that? You need to hear this then, if you didn't. Our most cherished freedom, put even after the First Amendment, is religious liberty and freedom of conscience. Jack Coe was attacked, called a fake taking advantage of people he duped with fake healings for their money, but the criticism had nothing to do with compassion or truth, it was an atheist's legal maneuver to put Jack Coe in prison for a crime he never committed, which was but the first step. The main objective of putting Jack Coe away was the effect it would have: throwing Jack Coe in the slammer would have silenced all faith healing in America. There is no doubt about it--as Gordon Lindsay described the situation. It was a crisis, indeed, for evangelicals and faith healing in America. That is why Gordon Lindsay had to go and do all he could to get the truth out in the trial of Jack Coe, supporting his legal defense with his testimony, though it was a lengthly process, requiring many hours of testimony. That was the real issue, whether faith healing would be legal or not in America, with all the broader implications involved. Among them would be all mass media and communications. They would be secularized, declared off limits to religious broadcasters. Christian TV would not have had an opportunity to come into being if the atheist had won the case against Coe in court. Can you see that too? Thank God for Jack Coe! He was a true man of God whom God raised up, not only for healing thousands with the ministry God gave him, but for defending our freedom of conscience and our religious freedoms, even our rights to have Christian Television, so that he was a true, Bible-like champion of the people of God. May his memory be revered and not forgotten!

"Book Reviews Center"

BIBLE PICTURES OF ITSELF is a wonderful thing, is it not? The Bible describes itself as LIGHT, FIRE, SEED, BREAD, MILK, HONEY, MEAT, GOLD, SWORD and HAMMER. You can order this tract from: Faith, Prayer, and Tract League, Grand Rapids, MI 49504, Bible Book Mark No. 162 ($1.80 per doz., $11 per 100).

Can you name other things the Bible is? The Gideon Pocket Bible lists a number: The Traveller's Map, the Pilgrim's Staff, the Soldier's Sword, the Christian's Charter. I thought of the Navigator's North Star. How about Water for the thirsty? Or a Lifejacket for the drowning sinner? Or... Surely, there are more.

My uncle Arthur Stadem who died in a plane crash with my dad in 1947, was only in his early twenties, still attending college after finishing his tour of duty in World War II in the navy in the Pacific. He was a truly godly young man, loving and supportive of his aging parents, and I am so proud of him. He is one of the people I most want to meet in heaven. I have his Little Bible, and carry it in my wallet with me, and read in it. It is a wonderful little treasure.

"Tract Center"

The Bible identifies Islam for what it is, an anti-christ religion. I John 2:22: "Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist who" denies the Father and the Son." Case closed!

Islam is a False Religion, a Fake Monotheism. It is a "restrictive polytheism," in that Mohammed its founder chose one pagan god in Arabian religion and outlawed the 349 others of Arabia, but that did not make a true monotheistic faith, it was merely spiritual cannibalism of a kind already long practiced in other polytheistic societies, such as in ancient Egypt where a "supreme" god, such as Aten the sun-god chosen by Akheneten the "monotheistic" pharoah, devoured the other competing gods and confiscated their revenues. Thus, the Arab world got a False Monotheism with a "Supreme Being" called Allah, rivaling two monotheistic religions, orthodox Christianity and Judaism, and not only rivaling but declaring war on them to conquer the entire world.

As the Apostle John wrote, the spirit of antichrist went forth already at his time, and other antichrist spirits would follow. One that followed was Islam, which is the creation of an antichrist spirit, not the Spirit of God. Here is the inscription in the Dome of the Rock, a Muslim shrine that sits on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The kuffic-script rings the inside of the highly decorated dome. The script is highly decorative, so it is difficult to distinguish from the decorations around it, and few can read it today, but it is still known what the inscription says. It says: "ALLAH (GOD) HAS NO SON!" This is clear, is it not? Islam therefore categorically and unequivocably and absolutely denies there is a Son of God and Jesus Christ. President Bush is dead wrong. Allah and the Triune God of Christianity cannot be the same, as Allah is said to have no son. There is also no Holy Spirit involved with Allah. He is not a Triune God, he is merely a moon god that Mohammed chose out of 360 gods of Arabia when he was casting about for a single supreme deity to serve his purposes that would lift him and his people out of the darkest polytheism. Unfortunately for him and history and the Arab people, he chose a false god, an idol, a thing that was not God at all, then fashioned a brutal religion that could be imposed on people with the sword, not to mention its subjugation of women and its contempt and hatred for Jews and Christians and black Africans.

This statement means that there is no Jesus Christ, the Son of God, though taken at face value, it is true, since there is no Allah God, and a non-entity, a mere idol, could beget no son. But the main purpose of the statement is to defy and disavow the truth of the Gospel and the Divine Sonship of Jesus Christ, whom the Bible testifies is the Only Begotten Son of God. There is no other reason for it being there in the dome--denying the divine Sonship of Jesus Christ. It is amazing how misconceptions about the Oneness of God continue for centuries, once people cover the truth and the people are led by false teachers into greater and greater darkness of rank idolatry masquerading as true religion. This is Satan's delight, to lead human souls so far astray, by manipulating the Oneness of God to deny the Trinity and also the Sonship of Christ! But he really overstepped himself when he created Islam (which is essentially a non-trinitarian, false monotheism) on this basis! How? This tenet of Allah's monality or oneness, categorically rejecting the Trinity and the Sonship of Christ, lands Islam in the most serious trouble of self-contradiction! For Islam can be disproven by one thing (forget all the other thousands of errors in its theology, this one alone is sufficient to do the job).

Reported on the Ankerberg show by two former Muslims, the Caner brothers who as Turkish youth seeking the truth became convinced Islam was fundamentally flawed and courageously converted to Y'shua, Muslims are taught that Jesus is a prophet of Islam, but only a prophet, and a lesser one of course than Muhammed, who is Allah's chief prophet "Allah is One, and Mohammed is his Prophet," as the Muslim creed goes. Well, as we all know, Arabs and Jews and Christians, Jesus (called Issa in Islam) was tried for sedition and blasphemy by the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem in 33 A.D., then tried by Pilate, found innocent of the charges initially, but then condemned by Pilate for expediency's sake and for keeping his job as Roman procurator in Judaea (a lesser post under the Governor of Syria that included the sub-province of Judaea).

Mr. Ankerberg's former Muslim guests, the Caner brothers, were asked initially by their pastor, what was Jesus's blasphemy specifically? They had to answer to their pastor at the time that it was CLAIMING TO BE GOD. That is an established fact, for the Jewish Sanhedrin used that claim to declare Jesus a blasphemer, which was a capital crime in Judaism. Now the pastor of these two Muslim youth (where they were visiting to inquire about the Christian faith) challenged them: how could they as Muslims then have a legitimate prophet called Issa (or Jesus) who had claimed before a Jewish court and Roman procurator to be God, since only Allah was their God, and of course Allah had no son! That was, the Muslim brothers realized, unanswerable. Islam, which contained a single great flaw as this one had to be, was fundamentally unsound: Islam was, in other words, FALSE!

That settled it for them, they converted to Christianity!

You can see this Ankerberg show yourself to watch this segment about the conversion of the two Turklish Muslim brothers to Christ by going to the Ankerberg website.

For Caner Brothers Testimony, John Ankerberg TV Broadcast

Closeup of Kuffic inscription:

But after presenting this self-contradiction, this irrefutable flaw inherent in Islam, there is a Cure, there is a Remedy, there is a Way out of the disaster that all Muslims must face, sooner or later. That Remedy, that Cure, that Way Out is Jesus Christ Himself (not the religion of Christianity, not a set of teachings drawn from him, not a denomination or a religious system that calls itself the Roman Catholic Church or the Greek Orthodox Church or the Methodist Church or the Church of England or any other church--the Cure, the Remedy, the Way Out of false religion and deception and destruction is none other than Jesus (Y'shua, as his name really is). Y'shua can be viewed on a most remarkable booklet, offered by TBN, at their website. Go to the website, click on, and you will gain access to the booklet, "The Story of Jesus." With stunning pictures and text, this tells the whole life and ministry of Jesus on earth before his Resurrection and Ascension to Heaven. You can find all the truth you need from this Booklet to be saved and made a true child of God through coming to faith in Him, Who is the Free Gift of God to all men. It is not of works, or merit on your own, but grace, received through faith in Him alone and what He accomplished for you on the Cross to save you and pay the whole penalty for your sin.

Click on Healing Channel or for the "The Story of Jesus" booklet

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"Testimonies of Martyrs Center"

Music Center with original and also added lyrics to famous Christian anthems and songs:

"Music Center


Well, Goliath won the match November 4, and David is dead! We might as well face the grim facts as Christians. America, having gone under the power and scepter of Satan in the latest election, will not have a freely elected president again, not if the Democrats are around to do anything about it. They are professionals at gaining control of tax money to pay for their teams and then going out to rig our elections to their advantage. We are now being ruled as a subject people, not governed as a free people would be under legitimate representatives in a Republican democracy--make no mistake about it. So now what is God to us, since we have become a nation that has abandoned him and his rule over us? He might have to smash us and start over, just as the potter smashes a defective pot he is making, and redo the process to make a new pot. It must be done, or the pot is a total loss. But how traumatic it feels to the clay (we are the clay)! We will feel it, believe me, when we see the destruction come to our doorsteps and then sweep right into our houses! It is time to drop to our knees again, fellow Americans! The wolf is at the door, and this is not a fairy tale, it is reality!

To Order H-40, "Trial by Fire," Rejoice in the Lord

Rejoice in the Lord also has available this new message, "Down at the Potter's House," H-35. Don't miss it! The message was given not by Dr. Jackson but by a real potter, with a pot being made before the congregation of thousands at the Pensacola campus church and a TV audience of millions--while Biblical-based lessons were drawn from the demonstration in connection with Jeremiah 18-19. This has probably never been done on TV before--or even at a church meeting. We are ordering our copy! These messages make excellent gifts, by the way. You can send in the name and address that you want it sent to, and it will be sent there instead of your own address as you request this done. Sorry, no C.O.D's. Donations are very reasonable, however.

"Darwinism and Its Children," by Ronald Ginther.

"Christian Activism Center"


"Friendship for Israel Center"

Dave Hunt's Documentary Video, "Israel, Islam, and Armageddon"

"Speak Tenderly to Jerusalem:

"Speak Tenderly to Jerusalem"

On Thanksgiving Day 2008, terrorists attacked multiple sites in Mumbai, India (which was called Bombay), targeting Americans, Britons, and Jews (this was a Muslim terrorist group). Hotels were set aflame, hostages taken, and many killed across the city, shutting down whole sections where millions live and do business. The Indian soldiers and anti-terrorist squads proceeded to stop the terrorists, and the battles took more lives in the crossfire. 100-200 lives lost so far, some of them the Muslim terrorists. Our govenment terrorist center is involved, reporting to the news on the attacks, but again is politically correct, declining to say the terrorists are Muslims, which they definitely are. It is so silly of our terrorist experts and government intelligence centers--they are absurd, for the terrorists have no compunction against targeting Jews, Christians, and Americans, and even Britons because of British support for the war in Iraq. Why should we--the victims--be so careful about calling these Muslim terrorists exactly what they are? It is lunacy in our government at work, refusing to call a spade a spade, thinking it will infuriate Muslims, when actually it only infuriates the Muslim terrorists. Muslims kill Muslims all the time--it is a way of life for many of them--so they are not going to be shocked if we call the Muslim terrorists Muslim. If they were Presbyterians? Of course, the media news would say so! But Muslim? Hardly a peep about their real reason for the attacks: the spreading of Islam by violent means. As for the attack on the Jewish center in Mumbai, that is a dead giveaway, that Hamas and Hezbollah and Iran are involved,k perhaps financing the operation. Also our tax money and Europe's payments to the PLO probably go to fund operations like this, as millions are funneled to these Muslim terrorist brigades and training camps in Pakistan, where most o them operate without any interference by Pakistan's government and authorities.

"Against All Odds," by Bill McKay, Order #S-0708, c/o John Hagee Ministries

The trailer and a behind the scenes/production video can be accessed on the Against All Odds web page, with information on how to get the series that is offered for $22 on video. English friends: "Against All Odds" can also be sent in video to you directly in Britain from the John Hagee office in Britain. The cost is something over 10 pounds.

Against All Odds Trailer, & CD

Also, Levitt Letter, March 2008 issue, carries an excellent review of the docudrama, "Against All Odds," by Sam Goodenough,


The greatest friendship for Moslems is not in mere, faulty human beings, it is located in the unfailing Word of God, the Bible itself, and I John 3:16 says to them, "Hereby, we perceive the love of God, that He laid down His life for us [all Moslems included]." What could be more loving of Muslims than that? This friendship is God's own, extended to ALL Moslems without any partiality--full, complete, infinite, all-faithful! But you--IF YOU ARE MUSLIM--must find Jesus Christ, for in Him is the Father God--and all that God has destined for you, as Jesus himself declared, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no man comes to the Father but by Me." Jesus Christ (Y'shua) is not Issa in the Koran, who declared himself merely another prophet to the Prophet Mohammed, reputedly. Jesus Christ never said such a thing, as the Bible testifies he cannot tell a lie, as he is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Truth can only tell truth. So do not be deceived by what men say about Jesus Christ--take him as he is in the inerrant Word of God, or deny him, He who is the Truth, and suffer the consequences. He is exactly what he said he is, according to the only true Word of God, the Bible--the annointed God-Sent One, the God-Man, the only Savior and Lord of the World.

A most valiant Arab Christian, a Palestinian, who truly loves the Palestinians and Muslims and wants to see them have the blessing of God, is Dr. Annis Shorrosh. He is pastor of a Nazareth church, and is a champion for Jesus Christ among the Arabs and Muslims. He also has a marvelous, keen wit and sense of humor--something rather rare in evangelists and clergymen. What a spirit of David he has too! He has challenged and debated imans in symposiums in the Royal Albert Hall in downtown London, while ordering his own casket should he win the debate (he did win, yet the Lord protected him from assassination). Talk about taking on the Goliath of Islam--this man dares to do it! He is a true man of God--and the rest of us are mere boys running for our lives at the first bellow out of Goliath! He has appeared a number of times on TBN, and has collaborated with another Arab Christian in producting the Christian version of the Koran (called the True Furqan). Muslims get saved reading it, because it contains the unmistakable truth of God in a way they can recognize. Arabs and Muslims can contact him for a copy of this truly divinely inspired book. I already have mine. Just type in his name in any search engine such as Google or go to This is one of the few Arabs who is not afraid to speak out for the truth to his fellow Arabs and Palestinians. With a dozen like him, hundreds of millions of Muslims would no doubt follow Y'shua the Lord and King in a like number of years.

For a copy, dear Muslim or seeker of the truth of God, order from

"The True Furqan" at

Christian TV, when it isn't preaching the false gospels of prosperity (the Bible declares it false, not me, in numerous places), self-deification, self-enhancement, good diet, marriage and sex, etc., but is serving to spread the pure Gospel of the old Rugged Cross, is still very effective in the saving of souls, for you can see for yourself this is true by going to World Net Daily and reading about the Hamas terrorst leader's son, Sheik Masab Yousef, who has recently accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. Levitt Letter, October 2008, also carries the astounding World Net Daily story.

World Net Daily, for Story of Sheik Masab Yousef's Believing in Jesus Christ



Almighty God, we make our earnest prayer that Thou wilt keep the United States in Thy holy protection; that Thou wilt incline the hearts of the citizens to cultivate a spirit of subordination and obedience to government; and entertain a brotherly affection and love for one another and for their fellow citizens of the United States at large.

And finally that Thou wilt most graciously be pleased to dispose us all to do justice, to love mercy, and to demean ourselves with that charity, humility and pacific temper of mind which were the characteristics of the Divine Author of our blessed religion, and without a humble imitation of whose example in these things we can never hope to be a happy nation. Grant our supplication, we beseech Thee, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Please note he identified the "Grand Author of our blessed religion," as Jesus Christ, ending the prayer "through Jesus Christ our Lord." Here was no Deism in our foremost Founding Father! He prayed directly to to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Yale, Harvard, Princeton, and other Ivy League colleges are full of liars and false academicians and fake historians, when they falsify the faith of George Washington or say he did not really believe in Jesus Christ. His own adopted daughter testified that he was in every way a committed, most devout Christian, as his own words here amply testify. He called for prayer and repentance in this nation too. We will have no revival in America without prayer and repentance. None! All the singing, dancing, and hitech media hoopla going on in Christian extravaganzas in church and concert hall and arenas will not spark a revival, any more than those 400 prophet of Baal with all their dancing and singing and chanting and lashing themselves until they bled! That is a GIVEN in the scripture of the Bible! IT IS A GIVEN IN ALL OF GOD'S DEALING WITH SINNING HUMAN BEINGS--NO REPENTANCE, NO REVIVAL, NO INTERVENTION OF GOD. GOD CAN TEMPORARILY DEFEAT AND DRIVE OFF ENEMIES, BUT HE WILL NOT DO SO INDEFINITELY--JUDGMENT WILL FALL, WITHOUT FAIL. We may have been given a little time by the past prayers of interceeding saints, of godly mothers, and godly fathers, and godly pastors and church people, but even these prayers cannot hold back the waters of judgment should we fail to repent! All the music and massed choirs and preaching in the world will not bring a national revival, a complete turning back to God by the American people, without prayer and repentance!

"Who knows what God might do if His people began to PRAY FERVENTLY for spiritual revival? Perhaps one reason Satan has gained such a hold on so many lives is because we don't pray enough."--Bill Graham.

"Lord, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, O Lord. Renew them in our day, in our time make them known; in wrath remember mercy."--Habakkuk 3:2.--from Billy Graham Association.





The great American poet James Russel Lowell (and we have not had one so great for many years!) wrote the lyrics to "Once to Every Man and Nation." These lyrics are more pertinent now as a warning than they were in Lowell's day! Did you hear that our history is now rewritten, so that there won't be any Paul Revere or Thomas Edison in school books? There must not be any worthy Americans such as these mentioned to "impressionable young minds" in the emerging new America, there must not be anything that children can see is commendable or worthy to be preserved and followed in "the old America." Change for the "Progressives" means throwing out all that was Christian and founded by Christians in America and substituting their atheism and hedonism and global citizenry with no pride in being America. In this "new, progressive society," there will be no absolute morals or good, no commitment or belief in God (the Christian God), no Gospel being preached, no sanctity of human life (for animals are accorded human rights), no striving for excellence by individuals. This is the howling jungle, where the wealthy and strong dominate and prey upon the powerless and weak, but they (the rich, governing elites who hold the weapons and powers of the police to enforce their laws on the mass of non-voting citizens) will call it paradise!

"Once to Every Man and Nation"

1. Once to every man and nation

comes the moment to decide.

In the strife of truth with falsehood,

for the good or evil side.

Some great cause, some great decision,

off'ring each the bloom or blight.

And the choice goes by forever

'twixt that darkness and that light.

2. Then to side with truth is noble,

when we share her wretched crust.

Ere her cause bring fame and profit,

and 'tis prosp'rous to be just.

Then it is the brave man chooses

while the coward stands aside,

till the multitude make virtue

of the faith they had denied.

3. Though the cause of evil prosper,

yet the truth alone is strong.

Though her portion be the scaffold,

and upon the throne be wrong.

Yet that scaffold sways the future,

and behind the dim unknown,

standeth God within the shadows,

keeping watch above His own. Amen


We have received permission to reprint the entire article of Pastor Paul Anderson, head of Lutheran Renewal, called "If the ship is sinking...". How bad off are we in the churches today? What is going wrong? Paul Anderson has a wonderful grasp on what is ailing us spiritually. Please go to the link in a section below. Receive hope and a positive outlook, which can be ours even on a sinking ship!

"Revival Center"


"Oh Lord, deliver us from that mean, bad man Obama who says to kill babies if their mean mommies want them killed! And God, please don't let them kill puppies too whose mommies don't want them!"

For going against the tide in their own black community, Christian blacks (true Christians) are being attacked by blacks for standing against abortion! Can you imagine that! They are called every name, including the "n" word, for trying to protect the lives of unborn black babies! Imagine that! It is incredible, how duped and deceived millions of church-going black people have become, voting Democrat and liberal year after year, now voting a Marxist demogogue and radical abortionist in as the next president (God forbid!). God forgive them! And God protect the brave black men and women of godly principle and love for their own people who are bearing the brunt of these attacks, not just the Mormons, for opposing the genocide being waged by Planned Parenthood, the Democrat Party, the NAACP, and mainline black Protestant denominations, against all black people. In previous articles on the subject, we have given the names of some of the courageous black ministers who are crying out against the genocide of these Devil-led groups.

Bible Greats, as Portrayed by Eben:

"Bible Greats" by Eben

Christian Greats, as Protrayed by Eben (including the piece about Rev. Jerry Falwell, the brave evangelical Christian leader who kicked the churches, kicking and screaming, back into the public arena where the church traditionally was and still belongs, reaffirming the historic, fundamental Christian faith as a marketplace faith):

"Christian Greats Center"


Without the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, our faith in God would be in vain. We would be going nowhere after this life you or I would want to go. Without the Resurrection, it would be the grave, to await the judgment and then the casting of our souls into hell. Some future that would be! But thanks be to Christ who died for our sins, that we might have eternal life! We are free to receive the free gift of God, Jesus Christ, as our Savior and Lord! He is the Light of the World, shining into a sin-darkened cave full of the devil's bats, but He will pull us right out of that cave and into His

"I am the Resurrection, and the life; he that bewlieveth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live."--Lord Jesus Christ, John 11:25

Jesus is the true and greatest Morning Glory. He, like the flowers of the vine that open while it is still dark just before sunrise, rose in Resurrection glory from the dark grave just before sunrise!

"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly!"--Quote Sent to my mother, author unknown

glorious, shining Kingdom. He has promised to do so, but He can lead us now, we can now walk in His light. His light is Himself in us, and He gives it to us now--not later on. Want His light? He is available now, this instant.

If Jesus would take time out after the Resurrection to spend time with two troubled, confused, upset disciples and put them on the right track again, he will spend time with you and me, individually. Walk and talk with Him! Tell him your quandaries, don't run to people with limited knowledge and even less wisdom! Let the One who knows everything there is to know (and infinitely more!) personally counsel you and put you back on track again, if you feel you are abandoned, lost, confused, or too hurt to cope anymore with life. Let Jesus take you on the Emmaus Walk and go with you all the way, step by step, as he did with Cleopas and the other disciple with him, till the moment Cleopas's eyes opened and he saw the Lord, who was the all-sufficient Answer to all Cleopas's doubts, fears, and disappointments!

"Resurrection Center"

Big Bad Wolf Business Center:

Ford, GM, and Chrysler, they are the three Big Cats in Detroit, and their support of homosexual rights has withdrawn any blessing from God they had, and they were doomed by their arrogant folly and incompetency, heading for bankruptcy the day they signed on to the radical homosexual agenda and began donating millions to that devilish cause. Good riddance to them! They should not expect a bailout with our tax money! They do not deserve one dollar of it! They lost their businesses through corruption, both company inefficiency and also union corruption (imagine, you don't have to move to go to work when a plant is set up in another city, you can, according to the union contract, stay where you are, not working but receiving 80-90 per cent of your pay. The pay is almost $100 an hour--not bad for doing absolutely nothing! No wonder these automakers, giving in to such outrageous contracts, are in the red! Now they want us, the tax payers who actually do real work to earn a living, and wouldn't expect others to pay our bills and finance a boat and a second car and a plush house for us, to foot the bill for their folly! And President Bush, knowing all about this, goes to bat for a bailout! This is why he is not a good President, he does not really stand for what is righteous and just. He is supporting the robbers of the American worker and taxpayer! It is horrible, horrible, horrible, and he will pay the price one day when he stands to account for this at the Judgment Seat!

DEMOCRATS (yes, the same caring, compassionate folks who brought you genocidal abortion and even intend to spread infanticide and eldercide (with their pushing of "assisted suicide" laws) all across America, right into your neighborhoods, during the next presidential term!) INITIATED THE WORLD-WIDE CRISIS IN FINANCES, AND SHOULD BE HELD MORALLY AND LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE: It is clear from the abundant evidence that the Democrats are responsible for causing the worldwide financial melt-down, starting with their looting of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to fuel Obama's coffers and also the Democrat Party's warchests. The director of one of these government boondoggles got out, "retired," with over 100 million. How is that for a golden parachute of severance pay? He was fined 30 million, which he had to pay back, when people just as greedy and corrupt began howling because he grabbed too big a piece of the pie they were grabbing, but still, 70 million dollars can fund a nice retirement, you would think, in Palm Beach. This looting of these government-backed lenders destroyed most of the giant firms connected with them, then spread back to Wall Street, creating the tremendous losses there in the trillions, and from there the melt-down struck at all the major financial markets. When America sneezes, the world gets pneumonia. So it has proved once again, financially. Now we are to trust the Democrats with finding the solution and the remedy? A bailout is a Democrat ruse to keep the corrupt and union-bedeviled giant automakers going, when they should be allowed to go under. These firms are in Democrat controlled states, and it is Democrat policy that has destroyed their competitiveness in the world market. Why should our tax money be stolen and given to bail them out, when they deserve what is happening to them, and the people who work there in those industries voted year after year to keep the same corrupt Democrat administrations going in their state legislatures and also in Congress! It is a crime to give them aid. May God Almighty stop them from stealing our tax money like this! It is being poured down a rat hole already in Washington, D.C.

Some time ago I came to the conclusion that the Democrat Party, with its agenda, is not redeemable. So I am praying God will destroy it, root, trunk, and branch, utterly! It is a thoroughly wicked entity, as its program clearly shows, when compared with the teachings of the Bible. That does not make the Republican Party good either. It too is wicked. But perhaps, just perhaps, the Republican Party is redeemable. We shall see about that. But the Democrat Party, as it stands, surely is an appalling stench in God's holy nostrils and an abomination to his holy eyes! Hypocrisy in the church must be just as bad--but we somehow have become so accustomed to it, we don't seem to mind the skunk-like aroma rising from us and all around us in the pews! Can you disagree with that? God's righteousness, compared to the Democrat Party and us generally hypocritical Christians--well, there is no need to argue about it.

Thank God for the victory of the people of California, who decided with over a 60 percent of the voting population to support traditional marriage, one man with one woman. This will be appealed, of course, and an activist judge is even now in the process of "review" of the vote and the law and will seek to overturn it. But the people have voted, and won (twice now!). Thank you, Lord! Those who oppose the clearly expressed majority's decision are anti-democratic, anti-God, anti-Christ, and immoral. They need prayer for their souls.

In my view, seeming to be promoting Tolerance and Fairness (which is hypocritical on his part, when you see the wicked things he also promotes on his program), Dr. Phil tried to discredit the Christians who voted and those who were threatening businesses if they did not support the referendum for traditional marriage. It is wrong to threaten, though it is perfectly right to let businesses know that Christians will refrain from doing business with them if they know they have taken stands assaulting the family and traditional marriage. What is wrong about informing them of that, Dr. Phil? Nothing, obviously! But he thinks so, and tried to put both groups on the same level, which is not the case. They are not on the same level. You have the children of light, and the children of darkness, they are two separate groups in God's eyes. It is wrong to act like the children of darkness, true. But it is never wrong to tell the world it can go only so far, and not further, and the consequences (lack of business patronage, in this case Dr. Phil brought up and made the issue). Elijah cut off the heads of the heathen priests of Baal in a confrontation, and God did not punish Elijah or reprimand him for that. We are not to cut off heads, surely, but we are to oppose and let those who oppose God that they are doing so, and there are consequences, many consequences, which they are bringing on themselves. It is a fact of nature, it is reality, that those who leap off buildings will crash and hurt themselves, even die--that is the law of gravity. We have to remind people there is a divine law of gravity too. Do such and such, and this or that will unquestionably happen to you. SO DON'T DO IT, FRIEND! Spare yourself grief and even death!

A very easy format to follow, the Prayer Journal can be made by simply following this example, using lined paper in a notebook for convenience:




"Little prayer, little power, more prayer, more power, much prayer, much power"--quote from Pastor John Hagee's mother, who is a woman of powerful prayer at age 95.

Prayer Center


Scientists reported that Antarctica gained in ice mass last year, despite all the hoopla by Al Gore about it splitting up and floating away. No doubt millions of deceived people think that this is leaving the polar bears (there are no polar bears in Antarctica by the way!) stranded on melting pieces of ice, when actually they are superb swimmers and customarily swim far out to sea to hunt their favorite Big Mac burger, the seal. They don't need ice floes to rest on. They can float like corks!

This most absurd hoax is perpetrated by Satan for only one reason, to impoverish Christians so that we cannot give to missions and the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is slapping the face of God, saying that God is not in control, man must take control of the earth and set it straight. This is ultimate folly, as none of the "findings" are scientifically proven (nor can they be proven). Many lies are being spread about glaciers and polar bears and such, ad nauseum, and people are believing them, growing panicky and trying to band together and get programs going and governments to pass laws, all to do what God alone can do, if He so chooses and if he sees there is a real problem (which there is not, as this is a seasonal fluctuation, if there is a global warming, and the truth is the world's temperature went down in 2007, one whole degree, not up!).

"Global Warming (Climate Change) Hoax Center"


Have you got your copy yet? Don't miss out on a gigantic treat! Pilgrim's Progress is now out in a new format, with the same timeless, gripping story about how an ordinary man named Christian struggled to escape the City of Destruction and reach the Celestial City, all the while having to fight pitfalls, giants, lures of the world, his own family who opposed him leaving them to seek God's salvation, and many other obstacles in his way. You may use the book's order number: K435. It is $22, with $5 S and S.

John Bunyan was a humble man of faith imprisoned because he was simply a devout Christian man believing in the Lord Jesus for salvation. That was enough to land anyone in prison in his time! Instead of giving up, and blaming the Lord for his misery, he sat down and wrote this masterpiece while suffering the filth and intolerable conditions of prison life as a common criminal (which he was not). We have not prisons today as bad as London's of Bunyan's time. Turkey's prisons are somewhat similar, and Mexico's, China's, Myammar's, would be much the same, but even they have basic facilities that London's prisons did not have--such as running water, toilets, showers, air and light--did not have until the work of evangelical reformers overcame the cruelty of the times.

John Hagee Ministries to Order "Pilgrim's Progress"

"English Literature Heritage Center"


The Levitt Letter continues, issue after issue, to compile news and commentaries from the best websites and papers and magazines, so that I cannot put the "letter" down until I have read it cover to cover! It is the best news for Christians you can get. The Christian-created cartoons are the best you can find, too, in the whole publishing market, secular and religious. They are hilarious, in fact! This issue also carries on its front page the amazing account of the Hamas terrorist leader's son, Sheik Massb Yousuf, who has turned to Christ for his salvation! There will be hundreds, thousands, more like him across the world--as Muslims turn to Christ, abandoning their brutal and violent, death-loving religion for the true loving and reigning Savior Y'shua.

This issue also carries on the front the lead article about how the power-hungry, reckless, bloody-fisted Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, is striking at the West (as we saw in his invasion and mauling of little Georgia), in his hopes to revive the old Russian imperial power in the world. He just recently has sold jet bombers to the mad socialist tyrant, Chavez, in Venezuela, and will build bases there, from which the bombers can be sent with nuclear bombs to attack the U.S. Chavez is already boasting of staging an attack with these bombers on our country, in fact! Russian President V. Putin and his puppet, Premier Medvedev, is also allied with Iran, which has nuclear bombs as its goals, and the missiles already to deliver them to Israel and European capitals. He met with the "daffy" Libyan dictator as well, so there is clear sign he aims at organizing the coming Russian led Arab confederacy against Israel such as Exekiel describes so graphically in Chapter 38. Does the CIA know anything about this? They are telling us nothing, of course. What does Washington plan to do about Chavez's bombers and the bases the Russians will build there? Nothing is said by Washington, of course. We have no real leadership from President Bush. He let Georgia be overrun and half the country bombed and invaded by the Russian army, and Georgia has been a stalwart ally of the U.S., sending a large group of soldiers to help in the Iraq war effort. Russia deliberately threatened the Caspian Sea to Turkey oil pipeline, and Putin and puppet Medvedev thumbed their noses at both America and Europe, daring them to do anything to stop them. We must pray, as our country continues essentially leaderless, and without direction except that it is drifting toward the abyss.

Learn how the Pilgrims tried socialism, as an experiment to make a success of their colony in the Plymouth, Cape Cod. It nearly ended the colony, before William Bradford saw that socialism (which wasn't named such, but it was socialism), putting everything in the common pot, everyone getting a share regardless of how much he or she worked to contribute to it, was a disaster, with three years of starvation, and no end of empty plates in sight! He did the right thing, returned the people to individual initiative and "puritan work ethic," and the colony took off, more food was produced than it needed, and they prospered! So much for socialism! Socialism did not build America, and make it great, the shining citadel on a hill. It nearly ended the Pilgrim's colony at Plymouth! But now the nation, under the lead of the socialist/Marxist ideologue from Chicago will take a deep dive into the quicksands of a failed experiment that will always, always fail! Learn from history? Oh, absolutely not! If it failed before a thousand times, then we naturally think it must have something to offer us! Socialism is the worst way to go of all the ways mankind has tried to order society and provide the means to survive on this planet--yet now America is turning to this sure way to poverty, starvation, disease, and Zimbabwe-like economic chaos, government corruption and famine. Remember the Soviet Union? It was yet the latest collapse of a country that took up socialism and communist dictatorship instead of individual initiative and everyone keeping what he grew or produced instead of throwing it in the collective pot. Congratulations, all you who voted for this folly! You showed you know nothing about history and could not care less! You wouldn't be here to vote in this way, if the Pilgrims had not rejected socialism, by the way. How ironical, that you are turning to something that they realized was killing them! It is a supreme irony.

Still faithfully obeying the Great Commission given us all, Gentiles and Jewish believers, by Yeshua the Messiah, Jews for Jesus is a ministry that does not care what the secularist world and even many evangelical churches think of its ministry to the Jews first (in obedience to the Lord):

Jews for Jesus Newletter

Anchored carries the story "The Silver Lining," about Jonathan Aitken, a British MP, son of a former MP and a beautiful socialite mother, who was attacked by Mohammed Fayed, the Muslim Briton who sought to defame Jonathan (and up and coming leader in the Conservative movement) and the Tory (Conservative) Government in Parliament. Mohammed Fayed accused Jonathan of bribery and arms dealing and other corruption, which were completely untrue, so Jonathan Aitken instituted a libel court action. But Jonathan was caught in court for a past lie, and was bankrupted, and sent to prison, losing his position in Parliament, his reputation, and seemingly everything. But God...(read his story, see how a faithful Lord turned this apparent disaster for good.). Jonathan has written to Mrs. Lawrence-Smith and commended her for the article she wrote about his ordeal and the surprisingly positive outcome. He has since written two books, "Pride and Perjury," and "Porridge and Passion" concerning this greatest downfall of his life and how God lifted him out of his darkness and gave him a new, meaningful life of ministry of Christ's love and Gospel to other prisoners in darkness.

Anchored's Oct-Dec issue (p. 3) also carries this piece on the meanings of the names of Adam up to Noah.





Mahalalel.............The Blessed God

Jared.................Shall Come Down


Methuselah............His Death Shall Bring

Lamech................The Despairing


That is most clearly the everlasting, saving Gospel! All the people up to Noah had the Gospel, thousands of years before Jesus was born in Bethlehem! And the Gospel was recorded in the very names of the antediluvian patriarchs (these were the leading men of God, not just anybody somebody plucked out of a basket in order to fabricate a story.) Jesus Christ is God, as this Gospel testifies in calling him "The Blessed God."

You may wonder what little Britain's ordeals have to do with America--but, you see, Britain is undergoing the same assaults upon its sovereignty, its traditional Christian morals, the Christian faith of its people, and its free institutions and liberties, as America is undergoing from the radical Islamic groups allied with the secularists in the governing elites in Washington and New York. Britain's case warns us what is going to happen here, and is already happening over here! We need to pay careful heed! Well, this wonderful magazine chronicles with pictures David Hathaway's healing ministry to the whole of Russia and Siberia, the former Eastern bloc nations of the defunct Soviet Union, and across Europe as well via Televised broadcasts. David Hathaway, the British evangelist who is primarily concerned with the evangelization and the healing of Russia and Siberia, has not forgotten the plight of his homeland of Britain. He shows here, on the cover, the secret plan of the aristocratic tyranocrats in Brussels, one of two capitals of the European Union empire, who are redrawing the map of Europe! They are carving up and splitting Britain into parts they are assigning to various "Regions," as they seek to eliminate all national sovereignty in Europe and substitute regions or imperial provinces that they can then more effectively control with their autocratic rule, without having to deal with democratic and nationalistic sympathies in the populations involved. It is so cunning and clever--entirely Satanic! Christian Britain is eliminated--simply divide it and you can conquer it, once and for all! Blend the southern shires of Britain with the northern departments of France, creating "Manche," a so-called fictional "Region" of the European Union. The northeastern section of Britain can be then tacked to the Scandinavian countries with a slice of Germany to create another rump kingdom, a governable, compliant, and voiceless "Region." How smart of the tyranocrats in Brussels! These blue blooded, sophisticated devils are no doubt celebrating their ingenious plan over cocktails in a palatial salon somewhere in Brussels! No doubt there are such plans afoot to erase borders here in North America, with this North American Trade Union that seems to be hatching out in our midst that would include Mexico, the United States, Canada and perhaps some Carribean countries. The power-hungry tyranocrats of the European Union and the United Nations want all sovereign borders erased, the nation states eliminated, and this empire put in their place--this is none other than the one that the Anti-Christ will gain control over, after smashing several nations that rise up in protest of his usurping absolute power (as Revelations testifies).

What can we do here in America, or over in Britain? We can pray! Prayer is more powerful than the cocktail-sipping tyranocrats in Brussels and their world government that is coming into existence! We can stop this Satanic juggernaut from crushing out all our religious freedom and our national sovereignty if we will but humbly pray and beseech God for mercy and grace! He wil hear our prayers if we are sincere. His word promises us He will not forsake us if we will only repent of our sins and turn to Him, seeking His will for our lives and our nations.

I will pray alongside you, daily, as I do not ask you to do what I am not already doing.

A Briton wrote this letter to the Daily Mail paper in London. It is the most concise mini-history of the Palestinian land grab and its terrorism against Israel I have ever read, and should settle all this nonsense liberals and CAIR Muslims spew about the wealthy, crafty Jews grabbing the land from the innocent, unsuspecting Arabs (letter to editor is given in its entirety, with no changes or editing):

"Peace Spurned"

"The Jewish population of what is now Israel began increasing in the 1850s and was in excess of 5 per cent by the time of the Balfour Declaration in 1917.

When Arab numbers swelled, it was because of work opportunities presented by growing Jewish industry and agriculture [isn't that ironical, that the good the Jews did in the land only brought increased Arab immigration and bigger problems eventually for them!--Ed].

The Emir Faisal (a Muslim chieftain and nobleman) and Chalm Weizmann [who was the brilliant Jewish scientist who synthesized the vital ingredient for Britain's explosives industry in World War I, aiding Britain's victory over the Central Powers, and was given in retur by the king of England and Parliament the Balfour Agreement promising a Jewish homeland in the British Mandate of Palestine) agreed at the Versailles Conference that the land could be partitioned between Jews and Arabs and that the two peoples could live in peace and prosperity.

But along came Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem. This future friend of Hitler fomented riots and public disturbances throughout the 1920s, erasing any chance of an agreement.

A large part of the blame lay with Britain, which held the Mandate for Palestine under the League of Nations but illegally separated 70 per cent of the land and created a fiction called Trans-Jordan.

In 1947, Resolution 181 offered both sides a partition based roughly along the lines of 1919. Although accepted by the Jews, it was rejected by the Arabs, who then began a terror campaign that continued until the independence of Israel in May 1948.

Then Arab armies gathered and tried to squash the fledgling state.

Because the Arabs were in 'rejectionist' mode, and continue so today through terror, they have spurned other plans, notably the Barak offer in the late 1990s which would have given themn independence."--B.K.

For the article in the section, "Israel in the News," showing Barak Hussain Obama's lie to the national conference of American Jewry (AIRPAC), which he later said to Fareed Zakaria of CNN, was mere "poor phrasing" in his speech and not being careful enough about his "syntax," please go to the Israel My Glory website and visit Arutz-7:

"Israel National News, Arutz-7, Concerning Barak Hussain Obama's Shameless Lie to AIRPAC and Cover-up to CNN

I read this issue cover to cover, it was well worth the time spent. There are articles by Billy Graham, Anne Graham Lotz, Don Piper, and Richard Bewes. I really liked the article on Egyptian evangelistic efforts by Egyptians, by Steve Starr.

This issue has Peter Marshall's stunning evocation of Christmas, "Let's Keep Christmas!" Don't miss it. You will never see its like anywhere else. He died a young man, while a Chaplin in the U.S. Senate, and his ministry impacted millions, and continued through his devoted wife, Catherine Marshall, an author, in her books. Again, don't miss it! Go to the Lamplighter website and see for yourself, and have that issue sent to you--you really won't regret the little effort it takes. I can guarantee that!


We heartily recommend the cartoons of the Levitt Letter, which are clearly the best in the magazine world. You cannot possibly find their equal--just try! And I won't hold my breath!--Ed.

"Cartoon Center"


"Bible Quiz Center"

Jawbone of Judgment Center:

Narrow is the way and "strait" the gate, and few there are who find that gate to heaven, Jesus warned us. Will he find faith, he asks, rhetorically, when he returns to Earth to set up his Millennial Kingdom of Peace and Justice? It is your individual choice, and my individual choice, to be saved, to become a child of God, a true child of God accepted by the Father in heaven. We have His Word on salvation, that plainly tells us all about his saving work on the Cross that buys and redeems us, at the same time paying sin-debt and cleansing us with his shed blood from all our sin. We have the books of the apostles and Gospel writers who testified of the work of salvation by Jesus Christ, and all what it entails to individuals and to the Church of Christ. We have the entire Bible, which points to the Messiah, the Christ, Jesus, and His role in the earth and in our individual lives. We have all this, yet the world system run by the Great Deceiver, Satan, and the seductions, pleasures, sins, follies, vices and addictions, and false religions and vain philosophies of the world, together present a series of snares and pitfalls and detours off the narrow road that are bound to take most people off course and down the broad way into hell. Sorry, that is just a fact, and you can see it happening all over the planet, all over this country of America, all over your state and community. The mass of people is going to hell. They can even be attending church, yet church saves nobody, nor can it (even with the sacraments and all the theology of the past 2,000 years of the Church). Strait--difficult, hidden, unappealing, unfashionable, even poor and contemptible--that is the the Lord's description of His Gate--which is Himself, by the way. Nobody chose Jesus because of his appearance--he looked so common a Jew. His appearance brought nobody running! The pictures you see are Hollywood's idea, not the Bible's. He didn't preach with flourishes and impressive oratory. He told simple stories and parables. He didn't dress in $400 power suits, or have his hair styled and his body waxed. He didn't have sex appeal, in other words. But children loved him, ran to him, which tells you something. They instinctively trusted and loved him, sensed a loving and utterly winsome person in Him. They climbed all over him, and got him to tell him special stories, that they thought were so special, but which most adults probably despised and thought nonsense, since the rabbis had them hooked on long-winded, intellectual desserations on this and that fine point and quibble of the Law regarding the Sabbath keeping of the Jews.

Yes, Jesus wouldn't attract Oprah's attention today, and wouldn't be invited on her show to wow her audience of 20,000,000 worshipful ninnies. She wouldn't like him anyway, and would recoil from his exclusivity, especially his claiming, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no man comes to the Father but by Me." That would really turn her and her New Age Religion-Spiritualist Church off! But not the children--give them one chance at the real Jesus--they would see, they would listen, they would long for his touch, his love, his fellowship.

Yes, the Gate is Jesus, and it is still difficult for adults to get in, as they are so crammed with Satan's lies and the world's goodies they just can't fit through, so they turn aside by choice on to the broad road, the way that leads to destruction--the easier route, the way without Jesus, thinking they will be able to deal with anything down the road, or maybe just vanish into nothing "when it is all over."

Want Heaven? Want a wonderful eternity and hereafter? Want God?

Whatever you have to do, head for the Strait Gate and make sure, make sure you get through it! There is nothing better you could ever do, not on this old earth, than that. Everything else must be left behind anyway. You yourself are going through alone, or not at all. So make it through. I intend to too, with the Salvation of Jesus Christ awared me as a free gift, won by childlike faith and submission to Jesus, asking for his forgiveness of his sin and for him to enter my heart as Lord and Savior. That is all it takes to be a child of God, but we must still walk the narrow way of the Cross, denying our fleshly desires and carnal nature, lest Satan use them to draw us away and trap us in some pitfall or hole, or even pull us from God's kingdom to his. Many start out on the narrow road, heading resolutely to the Strait Gate, but never make it--as they get diverted by sin and Satan's allurements and traps. It is not how you begin, but how you end! Stumbling won't disqualify you, but leaving the heavenly Pilgrim's road for the things of this world, will.

Lutheran Renewal's Paul Anderson wrote an article in the Lutheran Renewal newsletter that can either be a judgment on America or a call for repentance. It was issued in 2000, and shortly after 9/11 occurred. Make of it what you will, but the timing of Paul Anderson's article warning America and the catastrophes of 9/11 coming not long after the article appeared, surely speaks volumes to us, or should! Judgement, most people reject. America cannot be judged by God, they foolishly believe, though the Bible is full of prophecies against wicked nations followed by the judgments and destruction of those very nations. Why should we be treated any different by God? He is still a Just God, and though this is the Age of Grace, His judgment cannot be held back indefinitely. Judgment is coming for America, sooner or later, but it is coming! Realizing this is a fact about God and ourselves, wouldn't it be the intelligent, wise thing to repent now, and change our evil ways? We have the choice, but it will not always be ours--time is running rapidly out!

This message is not only timely, it will give us an encouraging word on how to remain hopeful and positive in the midst of a sinking society and a declining church, something we badly need to stay firm on the right course in our own individual life as a follower of Christ.

For the entire message, please go to:

"If the Ship is Sinking," by Pastor Paul Anderson, Director, Lutheran Renewal, November 2000 Issue of Lutheran Renewal Newsletter, which as the Focus, "For Those Seeking the Empowering Presence of the Holy Spirit"

Lutheran Renewal Website


"Saint-Building Center"

These valuable messages of Stuart Maxwell Hawkins' will furnish one or more of the six elective subjects as they come on-line with study questions or quizzes.

Stuart Maxwell Hawkins's message, "Forgive Me," is now on-line, and will also carry Study Questions soon.

"Forgive Me," Message by Stuart Maxwell Hawkins

Deshazer's stunning story is available from Discovery House.

A further note on the unredeemable Democrat Party and its adherents: Despite all the evil the Democrats intend to do us evangelicals and Christians and conservatives too (for conservatives can be Catholics, Mormons, Orthodox Jews Quakers, Bible-believers, all holding to a particular set of very wise moral and ethical values and work ethics that made our country great for liberty and prosperity), and all the evil they have already done, they need forgiveness by us, not our hatred, in order for them to be saved. When we pray for them, we lose our resentment and hate--and Christ's love comes in! It is the only way to avoid becoming as hateful as they are toward us--forgive, then pray for them. This isn't a wishful thing, it actually works! Love comes from God, not us, so this opens a channel for God's love in us, love we cannot manufacture ourselves. It has nothing to do with feelings--it has all to do with God's agape love. So lets forgive and love the Democrats who voted in oppression and hostility against Christians and godly values and continue to support the murder of countless Americans in the womb.


Witchcraft and Spiritualism go together like the proverbial "horse and carriage." They also go "hand in glove," is another way to say it. They are "blood brothers." They are "soul sisters." They are "kissing cousins." They are inseparable twins--well, you get the point, this is one pair of devils you do not want to have anything to do with, lest you end up devoured by them and the dregs of your ruined soul spit into the flames of hell!

The same spirits of error, no doubt, energize both expressions of Deviltry. Spiritualism loves the New Age Religion that is so trendy and popular today in certain circles, and the religion that Supreme Goodie-Goodie Witch Oprah strenuously, hourly promotes in her TV programs, books, radio study series, articles, etc. How do I know that she is infested with Spiritualism, the false religion and values that make it up? Just look at what the Spirit of Truth brochure (published by the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago!) defines as Spiritualism, and compare with Oprah's teachings. There is an exact fit! Her radio correspondence "Bible study" course spouts the same devilish lies given below, even word for word in many cases, so the Spiritualist shoe fits her perfectly, in other words! Watch Oprah and absorb her sugary, positive, upbeat messages that promote your rotten little self to the level of being God over your own destiny and all that you are, you become a hellbound Spiritualist--as no Spiritualist will ever enter heaven, as the Bible states so clearly, first to last verse. Spiritualists can be saved and born again and forgiven, but they cannot ever enter heaven as spiritualists, for no Christ-rejectors will ever enter heaven, and that includes Oprah Winfrey, if she actually believes the Spiritualism she is constantly churning out for mass public consumption by her viewers and listeners.

Spirit of Truth and Error: Spiritualism


Man never had a fall.

Whatever is, is right. Evil does not exist. Evil is good. No matter what man's path may be, good or bad, it is the path of divine ordination, and destiny.

A lie is the truth intrinsically, it holds a lawful place in creation, it is a necessity.

We believe in intelligent and ignorant spirits. No being is naturally bad--evil always originates in ignorance.

Death is not a violent result of sin; it was neither friend nor enemy. It is a part of divine purpose.


There is no atoning value in the death of Jesus Christ.

Salvation by vicarious atonement is a wicked and soul-destroying delusion.

[Spiritualism] Teaches the continuity of life and the eternal progression of man toward perfectioin in the spirit freralm.

That every soul will progress through the ages to heights sublime and glorious, where God is Love and Love is God.

There are not two worlds at all, there (is) but one interblended, interrelated world, closely interwoven by memory and the love of life. Consciousness could not die. Personality could not be destroyed.

Life on the spirit plane is evolvement, like the ascent in a spiral, the growth of moral affection to higher and higher "heavens."


We affirm the moral responsibility of the individual, and that he makes his own happiness or unhappiness as he obey's Nature's physical and spiritual laws.

Man becomes a spirit after death, dong both evil and good, but he may be saved as he progresses from one spirit level tot he next. We affirm that the doorway to reformation is never closed against any human soul here or hereafter.

Leaving the physical body does not change the condition of the spirit, which is the actual personality. It must learn to desire and to progress to higher and better conditions, just as we do on earth.

Each must work out his own salvation, each has an equal opportunity to do this when he shall have atoned for the wrongs and overcome the temptations and allurements to the sense gratification of earth.

Even the most degraded personality can in time attain the greatest heights. it is easier, however, to begin progression in the earth time.


Hell does not exist and never will.

All spirit people of wisdom, knowledge, and love know there is no hell and no devil.

No resurrection--no judgment.

When you believe in spiritual manifestations, you will feel far happier than you do now. You will not fear the threats of damnation and hell...such doctrine is wrong.

We do not believe in such places as Purgatory and Hell. Communicating spirits have merely graduated from this form of life into another. That life can be heaven or hell-like, just as each spirit chooses to make it; the same applies to our life here.--Spirit of Truth Brochure, "Spiritualism", Published by the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago.

Now that we have reviewed Spiritualism, and previously reviewed Oprah's teachings in her "Bible Study," we have seen that she is teaching and promoting much the same thing as New Age Religion AND Spiritualism. Ugh! What a match! But I have to ask: how old do you think New Age Religion is? Here is a shocker. It is older than we may have thought, much older. It isn't 21st century or even 20th century. Would you believe 17th century? We are talking about America. It may have come across with the colonists, but it was alive and well in Europe before their time even. But we know for sure it was entrenched in America, in Christian churches, by 1693, and probably earlier. Here is the proof:

In "Desiderata II," an inscription in old St. Pauls Church, Baltimore, Maryland, an inscription dated 1693 says:

"A revelation will occur to you...a revelation higher than your most exalted dreams. The New Age is coming, and in it there will be a realization of the Oneness of all. Differences between the various Religions will disappear. The good, which is in each of them, will be fused and will become the common goal of all mankind."

This is the clear error in the entire piece which speaks about Peace, Love, Truth, etc., but not Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth, and the Life. It is New Age religion in its essence. There are no scriptures from the Bible cited. The Cross is not mentioned. Sin is not mentioned. Apparently, you can have happiness, righteousness, life, love, kindness, holiness, gentleness, all without the Cross, without Jesus Christ, without the Bible, without the Way of Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ and His atoning work. Oprah promises everything (You can have everything you desire! she constantly says to her huge audiences), but of course this is a pagan, New Age Religion teaching. Desiderata II proves she is saying nothing new. She is 17th century at least, following an earlier form of her New Ageism and Interfaith religion that was undercutting even the faith of our Pilgrim and Puritan forefathers in New England and Virginia!

Interfaith is also defined by Desiderata II. It consists of all religions, fused together, their exclusive elements purged. Christianity, purged of the Cross, of Jesus Christ the Savior and Lord (the only One), Jesus the only Begotten Son of God, will blend in with Muslim mystical Sufism, with Hinduism, with Buddhism, and native Indian religion, Earth Goddess/Environmentalism, and many others, into a supranational religion, that I believe will become the Anti-Christ's world religious system, Mystery Babylon described in the Revelation of Jesus Christ comnposed by John the Apostle as the Great Harlot. Already, we see the religious leaders of this interfaith religion meeting and drafting their creed in the precincts of the United Nations. Evangelical Christians were not invited, of course! Jesus Christ was not invited, of course!

Jesus Christ is just too "exclusive," claiming to be the Son of God, and the only Way, the only Truth, and the only Life. He has to be rejected in order for this universal interfaith religion to organize and get going. This interfaith religion, thus, is an anti-christ religion. It fits perfectly with the Anti-Christ world leader himself, who is called the Beast, in Revelation. After using it to gain control of all the souls on earth, he will then turn on Mystery Babylon, this intefaith religious system, and destroy it, since he really does not intend to share his world throne with anyone or anything. If Oprah has not repented and is still alive, the Anti-Christ's state police will show up at her doors, close down her Harpo studios in Chicago and padlock the doors, arrest her and her employees and drag them all off to the Anti-Christ's own versions of Saddam Hussain's torture houses, to be tortured, then decapitated, and finally shredded. They will learn too late they began serving Satan Himself when they all bowed to the Anti-Christ, worshipping him as God.

If you are in the Tribulation Period (left behind, you will witness these and all the other things described in John's book. America's National Cathedral in Washington will be closed, maybe even torn down. It is an Interfaith facility even now, soon after completion. It serves an anti-Christ religion, the New Age religion that Oprah is promoting along with Spiritualism.

Just as I was watching Dr. Irwin Baxter, head of Entime Ministries of Plano, Texas, he said that the Anti-Christ religion would be Interfaith Religion, which we know is taking shape at the United Nations and elsewhere, and the United Nations would implement it with sanctions against not only countries but down to the individual level. You can find his website at:

Endtime Ministries, with Dr. Irwin Baxter

For six long years I said nothing about President Bush's failures to follow God's perfect counsel instead of the impAerfect, man-based, human knowledge (which they thought "wisdom"). Because he stood firm on abortion, I kept silent about his misdeeds. But after six years, and he continued to strenuously press Israel to give up Covenanted land, I could no longer remain silent. To do so, in my view, is to overlook and also condone such wrongdoing. No president who is voted into office is beyond criticism in a system of representative government, particularly when you have voted for him twice as I did, voting my conscience and my Bible and my principles. But when he disavowed the Bible, and Biblical principles, and even violated the holy covenants that God made with Israel and the Jews, then I must speak out, and I did speak out. You have the record in the Emmaus Walk, I did not remain silent as many did, just because he was a "Republican." His party is no excuse, and I am not partisan in that respect at all. I am a Christian, a born-again believer in Jesus my Savior and Lord first and foremost! My country is heaven first, and the United States second! I am a citizen of heaven first, a citizen of America secondly. Jesus Christ is my president first, and George Bush secondly. I have to keep these in the right order, or I will be following men, and men have limited knowledge and even limited will to pursue righteousness. Whether from ignorance or worldly inclination and political expedience or sheer blindness following his father's failed policies, that cannot be known by me at this distance from him and his personal life. I see only his public life. But I know evenso that his public acts do not square with the Bible on many important issues. He also does not square with conservative values either. His marriage to one woman faithfully, and his stand for the sanctity of life are his conservative and Biblical values, but these do not cover the other things he has wrongfully done while in office these two terms. God forgive him, and I will forgive him, but he also must repent to God for his sins while in office. He has affected millions, not always to the good, and he must bear responsibility. Please pray for him and his family. I do not have any assurance they are saved, any of them. They are fine and even godly appearing people, but that does not save anyone.

I have written this, not to defend myself, but to explain that criticism of my stand against President Bush's wrongful acts (which do not include the war on Iraq, though he mishandled it for quite a long time until he finally appointed General Petraeus to do a military man's job and let him alone when he was doing it!) is necessary, if I am not individually going to condone, or seem to condone, those acts. To remain silent is to be complicit, or seem to be, which is the same thing. President Bush was not the lesser evil, for I do not vote for "lesser evil," even though Al Gore was his opponent in the presidential race. God had mercy on us, had mercy on America, and did not let us get what we truly deserved, a terrible leader that Al Gore would no doubt have been if he had been able to seize the office of president as he tried to do after the deadlines were passed in the voting and counts of the votes in Florida. God has seen fit now to allow America to have Obama, who is ten times worse than Al Gore in his wickedness, to win the election (which was won, I truly believe, fraudulently). We will now trust God and seek His mercy, that He deliver us out of Obama's evil clutches. God is faithful, if we pray rightly, seek the salvation of Obama and his wife and children, and the repentance and revival all across this nation that has abandoned God. May God have mercy on us sinners!

As said before as a warning here, watch Christians and evangelicals run for cover under Obama's "skirts." They are doing it right now as I write this. I just watched Jerry Falwell's son, who heads up the ministry that his revered father bequeathed to him, centered at the Thomas Roads Baptist Church, Virginia Beach, Virginia, a ministry that also includes Liberty University, a renowned educational institution of thousands of students, based on Bible-based courses and with Christian fundamentalist teachers. Well, this a great legacy, but Jerry Falwell's son appeared to speak at the Potter's Church of the televangelist T.D. Jakes. I heard Mr. Falwell say we must now all come together as Americans and support Obama as president. He also said that we may have differences, but we can "agree to disagree." But the main thing is to "come together as Americans." Yes, devils and angels, we must come together! Righteousness and unrighteousness, join together! Forget same sex marriage, gay rights activism and public school indoctrination in homosexuality, forget abortion and even infanticide--we must go beyond such minor issues and join together as Americans and change, for somehow change is our hope now under Obama! This was the incredible, unchristian, even anti-christ message given by Mr. Falwell Jr. as he preached it to the world-wide audience via Christian TV! This is a black day for the splendid Falwell legacy, as this son (biological, but not spiritual son) denied every principle of his father's to espouse the most unrighteous course of action imaginable. Pray for this poor fellow, who was obviously not a Christian, based on the Bible and its principles, but a compromising, non-confrontational cultural Christian as a young boy or young man, masquerading as a committed fundamentalist Christian while his dad was living. He has shown his true colors now. May his own church and the college board spot him for what he is, which he has clearly revealed in this message he gave.

He was appealing to a black church, and a black audience in TV-land, who voted almost without exception for Obama despite his endorsement of abortion, infanticide, same sex marriage, and homosexuality over heterosexuality (not to mention his anti-Americanism and Marxism). T.D. Jakes and his wife were sitting with him on the set and saying "Amen" to this garbage, as he joined their camp, burning his legacy to do so! If this man could do this so openly, what about the others waiting in the wings? We shall see more such rats running for cover soon, as they consider that their IRS exemptions might be cancelled by Obama's executive decrees if they don't quickly fall in line with his declared policies!

If we cannot discern, by heeding the Word of God, the Spirit of Error from the Spirit of Truth, then we will be seduced by the strong delusion of this time, deceived, by the Spirit of Error sweeping America and the West, and then be swept away in turn by destruction and everlasting disgrace. We will have gotten what we chose, for the Spirit of Error has no power over us as Christians, followers and disciples of Jesus, unless we give it that power by choice.

I John 4: 1-6:

Beloved, do not believe every spirit,

but test the spirits, whether they are of God;

because many false prophets have gone into the world.

By this you know the Spirit of God:

every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has

come in the flesh is of God.

And every spirit that does nto confess

that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh,

is not of God.

And this is the spirit of the Antichrist,

which you have heard was coming,

and is now already in the world.

You are of God, little children, and have overcome

them, because He who is in you is greater

than he who is in the world.

They are of the world.

Therefore they speak as of the world,

and the world hears them.

We are of God. He who knows God hears us;

he who is not of God does not hear us.

By this we know the spirit of truth

and the spirit of error.

Again: "Therefore they speak as of the world,

and the world hears them. We are of God. He who knows God hears us;

he who is not of God does not hear us.

I have repeated those lines of the Apostle John because they describe exactly, perfectly, what is going on in the world of communications. Truth is not heard, but falsehood is trumpeted. The world's ear is attuned to falsehood, not truth. If you are attuned to the Bible, you can discern and hear the truth, and thereby you can spot falsehood too. It is the darkness, and you can hear darkness, as well as see it! The world rejects the truth, and does not want to hear it, so a spirit of delusion has been cast on them, like a giant fish net, and they are all ensnared in falsehood and self-deception, and are being bagged and drawn toward hell all the faster. Listen to the apologists, on the left and also on the right, speak in favor of the Obama cabinet, for example. They have all gotten on the bandwagon to hell, and it will be most interesting to see them react when they realize flames are licking at their feet! It is going to happen. The Bible says you cannot take fire into your bosum (talking of lust and seduction) and not be burned. Obama will burn all his followers, since he is filled with the very things that feed the flames of hell. They have sold their souls to him. Some have done it from ignorance and naivete. But they have done it, nevertheless. If you put your foot in the mud by mistake, it is still going to get muddy. You can pull it out as fast as you can, but the mud will still be on your shoe! I am using mud here, but the real stuff is not that nice, it is more like what fills barns, even cess pools. That is how God views what men exalt as good, whereas the holy eyes of God see only stinking vileness. All the running to Obama, exalting him as the great Hope of America and the world, this is idolatry, making a mere man of flesh and blood more than a man, more like a god or someone divine. It is one thing to look to a human leader for the things leaders can do, but to divinize him, that is another matter, and God abhors that. He alone is God. No man can exalt himself, or be exalted in that way, and escape judgment. This Obama is setting himself up, and being set up by his followers, for a mighty big fall. They will fall with him too. They may take America down with them as well. Our forefathers, if they knew, would disown us as Americans and descendants of theirs. They would lift their Bibles, and say that we have trampled on every truth in it, when Obama was lifted up as our nation's new messiah. He is nothing of the kind! He is a mass of corruption, dressed up to look like someone who has stepped out of a fashion magazine, and yet he is naked, blind, and diseased--in the spiritual sense. Sorry if that offends anyone, but this is just a Biblical view. Except for the Bible, I would be salivating all over him too like the masses of Democrats are doing (and quite a few crossover Republicans too). But because of the Bible and its standards of righteousness, holiness, and godliness, and Truth with a capital "T," who is the Holy One of Israel, Jesus, Jehovah God, I abhor this false god, this false messiah, this idolatrous leader of America. I pray for his soul, but I cannot but abhor what he is, and what he is doing, and what he is made out to be by the spin masters. As I said before, it will be interesting (also tragic) to see his followers come to the end of this delusion someday, and realize all they hold in their hands is ashes.

I wouldn't wish disillusionment on anybody, but it has to come to those who are engaging in self-deception, even willingly (as I hear people are doing, lying about Obama and also Bill Clinton to gain political advantage and favor with them, saying Clinton is "the greatest peace maker in presidential history." Never have I heard such shameless deceit and lying! Never! But this is now the case with socially accepted, secularist/liberal politics in America: no matter how shameful the lie, they do it boldly! They simply don't care about truth anymore--truth is no longer a consideration with the morally low riffraff that have invaded government at the highest levels. But yet, here is a most heart-warming reminder that we do not have to despair, even when the sewer lines seem to have burst all over this country, spewing out corruption everywhere:

This card was sent to me by my friend in England of many years, and was designed by Happy Snaps UK, and is made for Torch, a charity for people with sight loss. I take the liberty to use it here, as you may want to order them for your own Christmas greetings. Please go to:

Sparrows in Flower Pot, via Torch Trust Charity

Can you spot the "hidden" Gospel in this picture? It wasn't put there on purpose, but it is there, nevertheless! Perhaps the greatest artist of the Universe, the Lord, guided the artist's brush to implant the Gospel just for those who had eyes to see it? For there is a Cross, a key, even some nail prints (in the original, I could see nail holes!). And note where she is seated! That is significant too! Where do we as Christians kneel and rest? At the Foot of the Cross our Lord! The foot of the Cross, from which we never, never graduate--not in this life anyway! Where do we receive all his blessings? At the Foot of the Cross! And we have a sent Comforter too--even if God uses just a loving, faithful pet dog, as shown in this picture. God will use someone, something, but He will comfort us. Usually he uses the Word of God, so let us read it daily for comfort, guidance, wisdom, and strength, and truth. Without the Word, we cannot survive as Christians in this evil and perverse generation and ungodly culture. True? Another thing to note, that is most significant: she is a child. That is how we all must come to God, as a child in humility. Unless we become as a little child, as Jesus said, we shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.


Jesus Christ first, and all the rest will fall into line.

We hold to the truths expressed in the Nicaean Creed in its entirety! Read it. Believe it. It expresses the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ, and was recognized and approved by the early church council at Nicaea, as the everlasting testimony and proclamation of the Church that the Lord Jesus, the Head of the Church, founded.

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