By Ronald Ginther, Founder of the Emmaus Walk Messianic School of the Bible IN 1997



It simply is: "A Messianic school of the Bible that offers courses for the general Bible student (ordinary people, like us!), based on the authoritative Word of God, the Bible, while highlighting the books with a Messianic theme.

This is all offered within the context of the actual, dusty, tiresome, rocky-paved Emmaus Walk Jesus Christ made originally with two confused, discouraged disciples on the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus, 7 miles long, shortly after the Resurrection!

This walk, which turned out to be a famous epic walk to spiritual maturity for the two disciples, transforming them heart and soul, took place in real time and in a real place we can still identify on the map of Israel today.

It came about when the resurrected Savior and Lord Jesus Christ took the time to appear to the depressed, dejected Cleopas and a brother disciple and explained the reason the Messiah had to suffer and die for the sake of the people, which was all in God's plan of salvation.

How did He explain the reason? What means did he employ?

He reviewed all the scriptures from the Word of God. That's it! Something close to what Stephen, the first martyr of the early Church, did before his accusers, the Jewish leaders who soon ended the preaching and stoned him to death for it.

The two discouraged disciples should have known these scriptures and remembered all his own statements about his coming trial and death and rising again and not despaired but instead expect his resurrection, but instead they were mourning his death and disgrace on the Cross as if they did not know anything!

Wasn't that loving and thoughtful of the Lord to single them out to show them he was not dead, but very much alive!

Yes, but it was much more--it was REVELATORY.

When Jesus was through with them, scripture says their eyes were opened and they recognized him, but with a difference. He was not dead and hidden away somewhere in a tomb, just another failed attempt at Messiahship! Then too he was not a criminal hanging dead on a Roman cross whom they had hoped was the Messiah of the Jew, who had proven powerless against Rome's might, but truly they knew him now as infinitely greater than the Romans who boasted of their power of life and death over every man on earth.

Now they saw with their own eyes that Yeshua was omnipotent, a master over death and the grave, a truly risen and triumphant Lord of life and the unconquerable Messiah of the Jews, the only begotten Son of God, alive and reigning forever!


Nobody, not Rome, not the Jewish high priests, not even death and the grave, could stop him! Nothing could keep Yeshua from being Lord and King over the whole earth! He was absolutely unstoppable, being Almighty God and man joined in one person Jesus Christ!

Wouldn't that knowledge and experience electrify and transform a person?

It certainly did! Cleopas and his fellow disciple were electrified and transformed into fervent disciples by the revelation and now ready to die for Jesus and the Good News of this revelation now that they had seen Him for who he truly is!

Well, that happened to Cleopas and his friend 2,000 years ago, but have we seen Him truly as who he is? Or are we serving or believing in a watered-down, contemporary-style Jesus with good thoughts for everybody and a pat for the doggie--whom nobody in his right mind would suffer and die for?

That is not Jesus! The real Jesus is the one whom the Bible presents, the one who walked, talked, ate, slept, perspired, bled, suffered, and died, with people all around except when he prayed privately with His heavenly Father for strength and guidance. The true Jesus endured iron spikes about six inches long driven through his wrists and feet. the true Jesus endured the flogging and the jail and contempt and blows of Herodian guards and the shameless persecution and mockery of Roman soldiers.

Shouldn't we strive to get to know Him better, and make him a revealed Savior and Lord in our lives, not a pallid copy of the real person, which was passed to us by children's books and well-meaning Bible story teachers?

We must discover him for ourselves--to really know Him--that is the reason for saying these things (not to pick on Sunday Schools, which served nobly and sacrificially at the onset in Chicago to salvage and save the homeless hundreds of orphan boys cast away in the dog-eat-dog city streets).

To make Jesus real as He is, an Emmaus Walk revelation just like the one Cleopas and his friend experienced one day on the road, this site is hereby devoted to the Word of God, the Bible--the "verboten" book, if our present secular-humanist Congress has its way.

Is anyone out there still interested in the only authorized Word of God? We know you contemporary Christians are absolutely wild about Oprah, Dr. Phil, sitcoms, shopping channels, drug-laced, boozed-up, rigged nationals sports, the shennanigans of Hollywood sleeze-celebs, and violent video games that would have sickened Himmler and Hitler--but how about something that has stood the test of time and will see you through every crisis in life, and even transform you into a person fit for heaven?

We have no trouble being fit as a fiddle for hell--that is our true, natural home as human beings who have fallen into the miry pit of sin--but absolutely sinless, pure, perfect, illustrous heaven? That takes some work! some deep-cleaning! some real make-overs of mind, soul, and spirit!

Thank God, Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah, did the work for us! All we need to do is just take the Gift of salvation in Christ--and be saved for all eternity.

But here's the rub: acceptance of the gift of Salvation also entails our SURRENDER--the one thing that on which the transformation hinges.

For to be really outfitted for heaven, just as you outfit yourself for a canoe trip in northern Minnesota, you and I need to surrender to the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives and get the living, eternal, transforming Word of God into our very soul and gut--or we will remain untransformed, unregenerate slobs who go on the same way until the roll is called up yonder.

Coming "JUST AS I AM" is entirely correct. But coming to God implies surrender, that is all. Surrender is giving up yourself to God the most you can, not changing yourself to be approved!

Oh, we may look and act nice superficially (anyone, with practice, can play the Christian game convincingly and fool most everybody), but really heaven sees us for what we are--sinful, nasty smelling slobs who never bathe and use deoderant--with nothing really to look forward to but a drop into the lake of fire where all the foul, unclean devils and their master, Satan, are headed.

Have I gotten my point across yet? SIMPLY PUT: WE NEED SURRENDERING TO THE WORKING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT IN OUR HEART AND LIVES AND A DAILY BATH IN THE WORD OF GOD--OR WE WILL CONTINUE THE SAME OLD PERSON INSIDE, AND THERE'S NO FUTURE IN THAT--NONE WHATSOEVER! Only in Christ--is there a bright future for us. And we can't have Christ to any real extent unless we get His Word into our heart, soul, mind, and gut, WHERE IT WILL GO IMMEDIATELY TO WORK TRANSFORMING AND CHANGING US FROM THE INSIDE OUT! God set it up that way--and says so in His Word the Bible. We do not make up the rules--God does! He only has the right to set the rules for eternal life and residence in heaven, as He is our Creator, not us.

The teachers in the public schools were terribly mistaken, brainwashed as they were by their instructors in college. We are NOT accidents or random love affairs of atoms and cells that happened to make a human being out of pond scum in some mysterious process called Evolution. Evolution is a hoax. In the universal "macro" sense, there is no such thing, really, for it cannot be proven, and if it did exist, you should be able to find ample proof, but there isn't proof, just an old, 19th century theory that has grown to be believed, though it deserves to be laughed at and discarded, just like the "Piltdown Man," which was proven a hoax despite some very prestigious supporters.

Sir Julian Huxley, who was the greatest living scientist in the 20th century (arguably), explained why scientists of his generation hopped on Darwin's bandwagen, saying that the theory offered them sexual license without moral restrictions coming from Christianity! With Darwinian evolution, they could do as they pleased! Christianity, put out of the way along with the Ten Commandments, was a good thing in their carnal, lusting minds, and they chose Evolutionary theory as the only alternative to come along to Christianity that could later be given scientific foundations (when they found them--which was never done--but by then the theory was so widely accepted, the cat was out of the bag forever!).

Well, back to real things! And you cannot find anything more real than the Bible. What is stopping us from getting the Word that will change and transform us, so we can step from this old earth someday into the glorious streets, mansions, and gardens of heaven? We need to clear those things, whatever they are, out of the way--while we still have time and opportunity to study and absorb God's word--for God's Word is our training manual for life on earth as a Christ follower and also the equipper for heaven--for there will be plenty of service opportunities there, and not a one cloud for lounge lizards!

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