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What is the Last Prophetic Feast? Perhaps we ought to know--for it may soon begin, and we should be prepared if we can be. Pat Robertson identifies the major feasts of the Bible, and how they worked out in past Church history. Only one remains to be fulfilled prophetically and in actuality. Find out by reading his remarks. It may suprise you how important it is:

"The Last Prophetic Feast," an Excerpt from Frontlines, Oct. 2009, by Pat Robertson, CBN Founder

Why believe in God and the Bible? Get the DVD by the masterful investigative reporter, Lee Strobel, made available by TBN after a donation of any size and your request for it.

"Expanding Jesus to Y'shua," by Eben

"Small Things," by David R. Barnhardt

"The Pietist Leaven," Excerpt from Charislife

Hudson Taylor has some wonderful encouragement for us who are struggling to run the race of faith:

"We are asked to do an impossible task, but we work with Him who can do the impossible."--Hudson Taylor (Founder of China Inland Mission)

LIVING FREE Introduction and "Pray in Great Faith"

This is taken from Stuart Maxwell Hawkins's book, and it recalls to mind a story I heard recently. A chess master was shown a painting by someone. But the chess master kept looking and looking at it, from various angles, until he finally said, "I am a professional at chess. Either the painter is a liar, calling this painting, 'Checkmate,' or he will have to change the name." He kept saying this as he examined the famous painting. Finally he said why: "The king still has one move," he said.

Isn't that tremendous? It may look like the game is up, we are finished, the Devil has defeated us, the wicked old world has us tied and trussed like chickens in the slaughterhouse, but no! It isn't over yet! Our King Jesus still has one more move!

There is only one way of salvation, which is considered the most hateful thing to say in this secularized world. But that is the absolute truth, in a world that denies absolute truth! Look for the coming excerpt on this:

"Who Am I?" by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Excerpt on Edmund Burke's Views of Liberty and Constitutional Government, from "The Age of Aristocracy," by William B. Willcox, is on-line

HERE IS ANOTHER BRAVE MAN WHO WENT WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD, TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE AS A CHRISTIAN: Ever heard of the "Machine Gun Preacher," Sam Childers? You should check him out, if you want to know about a former hell-raising biker who was saved sovereignly from his life of crime and violence, addiction and sin and now isn't ashamed of soldiering for Jesus Christ his Savior, but who takes up the machinegun to defend helpless orphans in East Africa against the savage, merciless militias that prey upon them to make them child soldiers who will kill for them. He saw the need for someone on the ground to do this work, and he and his buddies are doing it! Orphanages are established to care for the children, who otherwise would be either killed or trained as killers. Care to get involved for the sake of the children, at least with your support, financial, and through prayers?

We don't recommend that just anyone who wants to use a gun and live Rambo-style in the wild African bush go take up the sword as this man does--but if he is called to defend the orphanages under assault by armed gangs and militias in Africa who are seeking to exploit innocent children--well, can you condemn him? I can't! He is doing what the African governments are refusing or unable to do (often they are so corrupt, they could not care less about the children being murdered, kidnapped, raped and sexually exploited or inducted into militias and made killing machines). More power to Machine Gun Preacher! He is a modern Gideon in defense of the innocent children in Africa.

"Angels of East Africa"

"Machine Gun Preacher"

"Give Me a Hand," Message from "Think On These Things," Book of Meditations, Songs, and Poetry by Stuart Maxwell Hawkins

"Holy Spirit Fall On Me," Message from "Think On These Things," Book of Meditations, Songs, and Poetry by Stuart Maxwell Hawkins

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