"Darwinism and Its Children,"

by Ronald Ginther

An Unproven Theory that Became a "Scientific" World-View

Prefatory Remarks: How did humanity come to be viewed (by certain people and powerful vested interests and groups of activists and educators) as retrograde, and, worse than that, inferior, depraved, and less valuable than animals? Pete Seeger, communist, social activist, virtually an icon of the vast folk singing popular entertainment culture of the 20-21st centuries, claims that the world would be better off without humans in it. Humans are the main problem, the greatest threat to the earth and all its wonderful animals. Humans, while animal, have unfairly usurped authority over the other animal species, in Seeger's Darwinian view, and need to be "demoted," their means to destroy life (including other animals) and poison the earth removed (this means the end of technological man, with cities and infrastructure and economies as we know them). This view of the need to return to primitive or primal states on this earth, in order to "save" or rescue the earth from "evil," dominating mankind, is the engine of many movements today on the ecological/environmental scene. It is just one of the views generated by the theory-world-view called Darwinism or Evolutionary Theory. We shall look at Charles Darwin's theory and its evolution into a world-view, how it is allied with other powerful views and philosophicals and social agendas that directly impact our societies and the lives and ultimately the spiritual fate of billions of people. Ironically, religion has been spawned or helped greatly by Darwinism, a godless theory that is essentially atheistic--but it is not the Christian religion but the "New Age Religion," which is a composite of non-Christian faiths and religions and groups. This view, theory, and religion have combined such powerful, monied, political groups and agendas together that nations across the world are influenced and even directed to come in line with secularist and Darwinian sacraments and absolute truths.

As most everyone educated or not in the world knows, Darwinism began with Charles Darwin in the 19th century, with his publishing his naturalistic theory in the now classic treatise, "The Origin of Species." His theory had not been proven, or verified scientifically, but he published his theory anyway on the premise it would be proven, given additional time and more gathering of facts concerning the "missing links" in human and animal evolution. It was also a racist book, which is not known generally today, promoting the white Caucasian "race" above the black African race (and it is significant that Darwinist theory has greatly influenced the thinking of such notable history-changers and society-shapers as Karl Marx, Margaret Sanger, and Adolph Hitler.

Late in life, Charles Darwin, when asked, replied that he deeply regretted the way his theory was taken and popularized, and on his deathbed confessed to his Christian faith (he even asked for Christian services and messages preached in the chapel on his estate, with Bible texts of his choosing to be expounded!), which he had essentially rejected or lost while a young man, becoming apostate. As a young man apostate in his faith, he had taken ship with the men of the H.M.S. Beagle on a scientific expedition to South America and round the Horn to the Galapagos Islands off the coasts of Chile and Peru. This voyage made for purposes of surveying Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, Chile, Peru, and the Galapagos Islands, took place 1826-1830. The ship's men also were responsible for chronological measurements round the world. The preface by Darwin to his account of the epic voyage, "The Voyage of the Beagle, was written in 1845. His deathbed confessions and revived faith, though testified by notable witnesses such as Lady Hope, wife of the First Admiral of the British Fleet, is not given in the standard textbooks in the public schools of America and Britain and the West today that promote Darwinian theory as Gospel truth. To reveal the fact that Charles Darwin returned to Christian faith and regretted his "certain unformed theories of his youth," as he described Evolutionary Theory in the signature work of naturalism, "Origin of Species," would be calling those textbooks into question, even denying their accuracy. So his testimony is ignored, his revived faith in Christ never mentioned, and his disavowal of Evolutionary Theory is a matter of complete silence on the part of the educational and scientific establishment (not to mention their ecological/environmental/political allies).

There are some facts about Darwinian theory that must be addressed and itemized.

(1)Darwinian theory, in terms of macro-evolution, is non-scientific.

No one can prove it so far, or has proven it so far. It has not been proven (we must repeat this fact, as this is constantly overlooked, and the theory is called science, when it patently is not science), after having had ample years, over a century in fact, for scientists to discover the critical foundational proofs that Charles Darwin himself specified were necessary to establish the Theory scientifically and verify it. In that time, however, the necessity of proving it has not been taken seriously, for the theory is established without scientific verification. Consensus, or opinion, has accepted it as scientific law. It has proven so popular and satisfying to so many millions, that scientific verification has been delayed indefinitely as a matter of concern to the scientific community. Only a few voices protesting this have arisen, as the establishment is hostile to dissenters against this pet theory and allied world-view and they suffer accordingly in pay, tenure, job procurement, special government grants, scholarly approval of their careers and work in science, social standing, and the like.

(2) It is an absolutism allied with a pseudo-philosophy called Relativism. Relativism is not a valid philosophy, as Albert Einstein, creator of the Theory of Relativity, observed. He made jokes about Relativism, in fact. Relativism is an illogical argument or view that is supposed to be based on Einstein's theory but has nothing to do with it, as Einstein averred. Relativism claims that there are no absolutes, that everything is "relative," that is, God, truth, morality, they are not absolutes, they are just limited, human concepts that have varying degrees of validity and utility. There is, Relativism claims, no absolute standards of right and wrong, good and evil. Darwinism contributed to the growth of Relativism, as both deny the Absolutism, the Existence of God in nature, the Creator God, along with his absolute moral code for humanity detailed in the Ten Commandments as well as the Bible, God's revealed word defining good and evil. With Darwinian help, Relativism thrives, rejecting all grounds for knowing absolute truth and value--and it does not do this scientifically nor philosophically. It cannot do it in those ways, for it cannot stand as a rational, philsophical and scientific view. Rather, it stands on its own claims, which are absolute, contradicting its main premise, that all things are relative (or non-absolute) in nature. This view, then, is absolutist, though purporting to be relativistic. It is merely a deceitful way, essentially, for denying absolutes it cannot disprove, either rationally, or philosophically, and scientifically.

Despites its inherent irrationality and self-contradition, relativism is powerfully influential, and many not so educated minds have grasped it as they would a proven scientific law or truth, and promote it as such. This ally, devious and deficient as it is at heart, certainly helps Darwinian theory, as both undercut and discredit Christian world-view and Creationism, and the absolute values and the existence of the God of the Bible, along with the Bible's revelation of the creation and unique value and status of man. Together, arm in arm, so to speak, Darwinism and Relativism, though seemingly incompatible, find union in their defiance and rejection of revealed Christian truth, divine Creation, the Bible, God's existence, morality, and the Christian world-view.

(3) Darwinism allies itself with New Age Religions. Denying the Creator God, denying all absolutes (as it works out in society, government, education, philosophy, and even economics), becoming itself an Absolute of a special kind, it is no wonder then that New Age Religions are tremendously strengthened in their claim to the allegiance of millions of people the world over. Without Christianity in the market place of ideas, the field is left open to a mix of religions that quickly, eagerly fill the gap. Christian belief and the Christian world-view are swept aside, discredited by "scientific Darwinism," scientific Evolution, "scientific" criticism of the "retrograde, flaw-ridden Bible, which is judged not God's divine word and authoritative revelation, but a human document that can be treated on the same level as any other human document. No matter that the religions that take Christianity's place are pagan, often immoral in practices, abusive and degrading toward women, damaging to the individual's potential and ability to achieve a better life, and polytheistic! They band together as friends and brothers--Buddhism, Hinduism, even forms of Muslim religion (such as the Sufi), Wicca, Satanists, and so on. The United Nations hosted a gathering of all such religions in a general conference in New York which formulated the general principles and beliefs they held in common, all to the exclusion of Christian beliefs and evangelical truths, of course. Some branches of Christians would subscribe to New Age religionism, but most do not.

(4)Darwinism allies itself with Ecological/Environment/Animal Rights Organizations and Agendas. Pete Seeger, mentioned before, is a major case in point, a spokesman to this day of the Darwinian view of human life and the planetary ecological "crisis." Man must be stopped, in his view, from destroying the planet and its animal and plant species. Man must be eliminated from the equation, the best thing in his view, or if that can't be done, then at least reduced in numbers to 200 or 300 millions. He is promoting in Spain (a socialist country) a legislative bill and agenda to declare animals to possess the same rights as humans. (5)Darwinism allies itself with Fascism, Socialism, Communism, or Totalitarianism and Authoritarianism of all kinds. Working at the British library in London (which had close promixity to Charles Darwin and the currents of thought swirling in London round his highly popular, much discussed "Origin of Species," Karl Marx formulated his philosophy and economical-political treatise. Finished with it, he wrote to Charles Darwin, offering to dedicate his signature philosophical, ideological work, "Das Kapital," to the naturalist, but Charles Darwin politely declined (though socialism/communism owed a great debt to Charles Darwin's evolutionary theory, as Karl Marx's offer clearly acknowledges. The Fascist, Socialist/Communist, Dictatorial State as the chief political entity, ruling supreme over the individual and the masses, is a clear ally of Darwinism and its espousal of such beliefs as "Survival of the Fittest," and "Natural Selection." In this view, Mankind had not "fallen into sin," or devolved as the Bible taught, but mankind, ruled by the Facisti and Communists and their police states, would evolve into a halcyon condition like heaven, where no government would be needed, as all would share equally in material things, and inequality, or capitalism and private ownership, would be abolished forever.

We know from history this never happened with these regimes. They merely killed off the former governing class and put themselves in their places, creating a new elite, which then oppressed and abused and robbed the masses of people for their own benefit, the very thing they had charged the "evil" capitalistic classes formerly in power of doing.

(6)Darwinism allies itself with Selective Eugenics, Mass Genocide or Organized Exterminations by Abortion industries and governments that target certain people groups such as blacks and by wars of "ethnic cleansing" that also target certain groups and ethnicities deemed subhuman or inferior by other groups who think themselves superior races or peoples. The religious wars of Muslims against Christians (such as Black African Christians in the Sudan) can take place in the current world without much outcry, and millions slain or enslaved and forcibly converted to Islam, due to the current Darwinian thinking of the governing elites and powerful vested interests in the United Nations and the nations of the West. But the Eastern countries are also affected, as Pol Pot's social, political experiment in the 1980's that involved the most brutal, bloody, forced return of Cambodian society to a primitive, agrarian, non-industrial state, meanwhile exterminating 2-3 million educated, urban "enemies of the state"--that took place without much outcry too. The world is so Darwinian by now that these genocides are not horrifying the governing elites--they rather look upon them as nasty but necessary to reduce the world population as much as possible, to reduce the consequent strain on the earth's physical resources and ecology by so many millions. Since relativism and Darwinism have removed the absolutes of right and wrong, good and evil, it is no wonder that so little done to stop such genocides and that the United Nations and leading nations are so slow and reluctant to do anything to bring the perpetrators to justice.

(7) Darwinism allies itself with Secularism, or Secular Humanism. "Separation of church and state" is a cardinal, secularist mantra we have all heard countless times in the media being expressed by adherents. They claim that Thomas Jefferson is the sponsor, when he was not a sponsor of such an absurd idea. The Founding Fathers, including Jefferson, never intended such a thing. As Jefferson himself made clear in his letter to the Danbury Baptists who had written him about their concern that the new U.S. Federal Government might institute a State Church of America that would infringe upon the religious liberties of Baptists, there was a "wall of separation," but it did not mean what secularlists later claimed he meant by that phrase. Jefferson, as president, used government money to fund a missionary outreach to the Indians as well as fund a Bible translation for a certain Indian tribe. Clearly, he did not intend "separation of church and state." As the Bill of Rights first maintained, government was no make no laws or do anything to infringe upon religion or the free exercise thereof. Government was to stay out of the business of regulating religion or religious bodies. They were free to begin with, and the only business of government was to leave them well enough alone to conduct their affairs as they saw fit. This answer in his letter must have satisfied most Baptists, but the phrasing led to deliberate distortion and misrepresentation that has now been codified by Supreme Court rulings of the last half of the 20th century into the "law" that there must be "separation of church and state," that is, removal of every vestige of Christianity from public government bodies, from schools, from government offices and properties.

Going along with this nation-wide, highly aggressive agenda to purge government and educational venues and bodies of all Christian influence and artifacts such as crosses and Bible-based inscriptions and statues and practices (even to the prescription in the military regulations against chaplains using the name "Jesus" in their prayers for the troops), secularists and their war chests of millions of dollars in donations and thousands of lawyers on call have assaulted the courts, the legislators, and Congress, demanding that Christian religion be banished in all forms. This forced secularization sweeps aside all Christian values, morals, principles, ethical training, the Ten Commandments, even prayer in schools, and Christian remarks and examples written by students in their essays or given in valedictorian speeches. Christian groups were banned from public high school campuses, though this was later overturned by the Supreme Court as an infringement on the rights of free speech, the First Amendment to the Constitution was written to protect.

Secularism and the activist homosexual/lesbian coalitions in government, education, mainline church bodies, entertainment, the judicial system, go hand in hand. Secularism's claim that the revealed, authoritative Word of God, the Bible, has no place in public life, particularly government and educational institutions, goes right along with Christian belief is homophobic and, therefore, ought to be outlawed. So the Bible itself (and the evangelicals and Catholics who chiefly defend the Bible) is a prime target, and so bills defining and proscribing certain scriptures against homosexuality have been promoted in legislatures and Congress. If anyone reads those scriptures from the pulpit, he is judged guilty of "hate speech" and a perpetrator of "hate crimes" against the homosexual cIndividual judges have begun fining individuals such as photographers who merely decline to take the business of homosexuals when they were "marrying" in civil unions. In Canada a pastor was fined for "hate crimes" by a Human Rights Commissiion, which is set up by watchdog homosexual activists to spot, try, and punish all thsoe who recite anti-homosexual Bible verses or speak against homosexuality as being a sin. Britain is doing much the same thing, moving even further along in the campaign against "hate speech" and "hate crimes" by Christians who believe in the Bible's injunctions against the sin of practicing immorality, one form of which is homosexuality. In numerous states in the U.S., bills are put before the legislatures to declare "hate speech" a crime.

Secular Humanism, which seeks to sweep aside all Christian religion and its claim that mankind is divinely created and enjoys a special status above the animal and plant species (which is what the Bible clearly reveals), ends by denying humanity has any value at all, negating the human element entirely. The Humanism, by which man is the center of all things, the determiner of what is valuable, finds that man himself is a nothing. All that is left of the secularist view is a fundamentalism, that regards the human race as the enemy (along with this general view, the feminists target not so much the human race as the male gender itself as the evil enemy and claim the female gender the only viable, positive human being on the planet). This fundamentalism is anti-human (and anti-male in the radical feminist agenda and world-view), seeking to demote humans to animals, and then to evil animals that need to be radically reduced in numbers and possibly eliminated entirely from the good earth.

This last phase of secular fundamentalism is the self-destruction, the suicide of the human race.

The lunacy that secularism descends into ultimately as its logical outcome is covered with a smokescreen of principles or sacraments. These are (1) Tolerance (it tolerates all religions and beliefs, but is rabidly intolerant to Christianity and its world-view and moral system). (2) Diversity (a mix of all races, cultures, customs, languages, economies, dress, sexualities, is cultivated, promoted, given public and government endorsement and funding and authorization, but Christianity is not part of "Diversity", strangely enough, as it is termed "exclusive," whereas secularism is somehow "inclusive." Diversity means men can marry men, women can marry men, men can cohabit with children if they wish, women can cohabit with their sons if they wish, there is nothing to say anyone cannot do as he or she pleases, we are all free to express ourselves however we desire, and behave anyway we want, when we want. Diversity means all, and it means, in the end, nothing at all. What is the value of it? Nobody can really say. It is purely a mantra, a sacrament, a smokescreen, which serves to cloak or hide the true hidden agenda of secularism.

(3)Sexism is evil. Yet anti-male phobia is approved by feminists, who claim the female gender is superior, vastly, to the male. Males are not thought necessary for reproduction, so lesbians marry and one conceives with a bought sperm injected, and the other partner in the union is the surrogate "father" to the child. They play at traditional roles they cannot assume, biologically, though every technological means is utilized to mimic or duplicate or bypass (if there cannot be anything achieved) those roles as closely as possible. Females are always seen as victims as males, one way or another. The only real solution to "inequality" on earth regarding females and males, the only way to eliminate the "evils" of patriarchialism (the rule of fathers over their families and the females and mothers in the family or clan), is to eliminate the role of the male in human society and marriage unions, putting females in their places. The female, then, becomes dominate one earth in human society, as she, not the male gender, deserves.

(4)Multiculturalism. Diversity is a close sibling of this, for the term defines its agenda as promoting a "rainbow" of cultures, eliminating the mainstream culture of the Western countries based (in Britain and America, Canada, and other countries) on white Anglo Saxons and bringing in all races, colors, creeds. Multiculturalism is the antithesis of the Founding Fathers's credo, "i pluribus unum," which is inscribed just below the pedestal of the Embodiment of Freedom Statue on the apex of the Capitol of Congress in Washington. "One out of many," the Founding Father's ideal for this Nation of America and its society, has been reversed and turned into "Many out of One," by the multiculturalists in government and educational circles.

(5) Secularism, then, has a number of "sacred cow" sacraments, or blindly cherished beliefs, which its defends with ferocity as though society must have these instituted, regardless of all cost, though it cannot really define their advantage to society, rationally. Students in public schools are fed or brainwashed these sacraments, day in, day out, by their teachers and the textbooks and even the videos they watch at school and at home. Animals are increasingly held to have a value superior to humans, that is a coming secularist sacrament. We see this bias in favor of animals over humans evidenced in court rulings and sentences of judges when comparing the sentences for crimes against animals and crimes against human beings. We see this happening with the curtailment of factories, dams, use of national resources, and banning of the deployment of known effective pesticides and insecticides though millions of people will suffer and die lingering deaths as a consequence.

In summary, I have tried to give an overview, a general breakdown of the anti-Christian forms that Darwinism has spawned in the last 150 years or so since Darwin formulated his infamous and atheistic theory of "evolution." There is, as science has found in the macro-sense, no such evolution as he conceived in nature. Evolution, as Dr. Morris (a world-renowned exponent of Biblical catastrophism and Creationism) has demonstrated so well, is not now taking place anywhere in the world, as you logically should expect it to be in a Darwinian natural order. The geological, layer upon layer, fossil "record" has been grossly misinterpreted to support Darwinian theory based on random, mindless, purposeless yet somehow developing, incremental biological progress from simpler, more primitive forms (the so-called "simple cell", which to Darwin's unscientific knowledge consisted of a kind of undifferentiated jelly or protoplasm, something we know is incredibly complex, not "simple" or bloblike at all) of life to higher forms, ultimately culminating in the ruling, most advanced species of higher primates called homo sapiens, in order to disprove biblical catastrophism, of which the Great World-wide Flood of Noah's time is a chief instance.

Despite the glaring fact it is yet unproven (and likely never to be proven!), Darwinism has triumphed, almost totally, in Western society and its institutions. What does this matter? Pockets of freedom still linger, so people in them think life will go on pretty much the same as it has, without having to fear radical change and upheaval in their own lives and experience. What does it really matter if Darwinism has triumphed, if we ourselves don't feel all that uncomfortable or threatened? The reason it matters terribly, is that human life is cheapened and devalued all down the line and all across the board of society. Liberalism has been called a "poison" by a leading theologian, Packer, in Canada. Well, so is Darwinism, and liberalism is an ally to Darwinism, to be sure, for liberalism can be just another name for secular humanism, which we have seen can be just a stage in the mad gallop of Western society toward suicide (forced, as in the case of Pol Pot and his genocidal army, or voluntary, as in the case of Jim Jones and his commune of cultic followers in Guyana), all ultimately magnified into the universal suicide of the human race.

What does it matter?

It matters, increasingly, to us when we see these things happening around us. When Darwinism is in charge, light sentences are administered by judges to those who abuse and even murder children, while heavy sentences, years and years in prison, are awarded hunters who kill endangered species such as the American Bald Eagles. When Darwinism is in charge, animals are preferred, elevated, above humans and their needs. Factories and energy-developing companies are shut down, outlawed from entering "nature parks or conservancies," or even prohibited from utilizing natural resources in unprotected zones, so that certain species might not be threatened with possible extinction, whether this is proved or not. People can lose jobs, or jobs cannot be created for them, by the driving out of factories, and exploration for energy sources, and the closure of mines that might affect the watersheds of rivers and streams. Dams on rivers and streams are close, detonated, to create free-flowing streams and rivers in order to enhance the habitats of fish species--though national and world societies are dependent on reliable, safe, low-cost energy provided by hydroelectric dams. Millions in the Third World have no electricity, and live with low quality of life and low economic development, due to the prohibition against new dams for "ecological" or "environmental" claims they would do more damage than good. Meanwhile, the groups that promote the campaigns against dams and electric power for the masses are themselves enjoying almost unlimited power sources, the same they deny to the Third World's populations.

When Darwinism is in charge, millions die in the southern regions due to malaria and other endemic diseases, because DDT is proscribed by ecological/environmental activists who have brought sufficient pressure to bear on the international community in the United Nations and elsewhere in leading Western nations to institute bans on DDT and other demonstrated effective pesticides, all because they supposely endangered human life while rendering wild bird eggs soft and unable to bear the roosting bird's weight.

There have been no substitute anti-malarial agents to replace DDT in its effectiveness, so for the sake, reputedly, of certain bird species, millions of people in Africa and Asia have perished miserably, and continue to perish. Rachel Carson's classic book, "Silent Spring," is not proven scientific, but it was so poetically written, it frightened the ecological/environmental activists in the West to start up campaigns against the almost universally used and valued DDT sprayed against the malaria-carrying female mosquito, as well as the tsetse fly in Africa that carried sleeping sickness infecting both humans and cattle. There may be a whole range of insecticides that cannot be used, are not sold even if manufactured, due to such bans--while placebos are being used that are "animal-safe," and "ecologically-friendly." The cost is not the ecology, it is in human life.

When we and our children cannot find jobs, or jobs that pay enough to keep us living a viable lifestyle, when we are subject to epidemics that we cannot use known drugs or pesticides or insecticides to combat because they may endanger certain animal or bird species or plants, when our children are abused and murdered and the ones who committed these crimes are awarded light sentences or psychological therapy instead of prison or execution, when the victims of crimes are treated like criminals and the crimnals are given every form of sympathy and support by government agencies and law enforcement agencies, when...perhaps you get the point by now. Human life means little or nothing, when Darwinism has its way. Dictatorships rule universally (democratic freedoms abolished or severely curtailed), individuals are reduced to masses of slaves to be used, abused, exploited, and ultimately liquidated as the state and its governing elites so choose is best for maintaining state power and its perogatives. Remove God, remove the Bible, remove traditional morality, decency, and civility, remove the Ten Commandments, remove right and wrong, remove the distinctions of good and evil, and you get a hell where all things and people are equal, a howling jungle of relativism and hedonism and authoritarism, where the strong rule the weak, while the weak are exploited and exterminated when they can serve no final use.

When we go to church and find the doors barred, or the church turned into an abortion clinic, or a therapy center for child abusers and murderers or a same-sex marriage bureau or a clinic for sex gender changes and cosmetology, or a Wicca sanctuary, or a Buddhist-Hindu-Zen-TM-Sufi temple--we will then realize the gravity of the taking over of society by Darwinism. When we find children reporting their parents to the authorities for sentencing to prison, all for "hate crimes" of speaking against gays and lesbians or reading the Bible to them or trying to discipline them for breaking rules the parents have set to rear them, then the issue becomes germaine and personal to us. When we see the cities decline, the people flee the impossible, unsanitary conditions, the poverty spreading like a black stain everywhere, closing the businesses, shutting down the shops, clearing the streets of vehicular traffic, emptying the store shelves of food and medicines--we will be witnessing the trumph of the ecological/environmental agendas of the Darwinians and secularist fundamentalists and their allies. When we see animals roaming in the cities and towns freely, hungry and bold enough to attack any humans yet at large, humans who are unable to use weapons against them lest they be sent to prison by the authorities--then the issue comes home to us. When we see the black race in America decimated, year after year, while other races are promoted by the government elites in Washington, to the point where they are reduced to a small, powerless group that anyone can manipulate to his political advantage, then the issue will not remain a matter of indifference. When we see our mothers, sisters, children attacked with impunity, impoverished, raped, killed--and nothing done by the authorities--all because they do not fit the social agendas of the government or state powers that be (which seek the elimination of "excess" population, as well as the "cleansing" of certain population groups or ethnicities from the public roster), then we will take notice that a sea-change has occurred that we should have taken seriously when there was a slim chance we could have done something about it.

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