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A Messianic School of the Bible


WORLD'S GREATEST BOOK CAN BE UNDERSTOOD IF GIVEN A CHANCE: Beyond question, the greatest book in the world is the Bible, and the greatest Book is about the greatest Person, Jesus Christ (Yeshua the Anointed).

Friend, are you unable to read the Bible, that is, make sense of it? Or do some parts make sense, but others, such as Leviticus or Revelation or Romans seem totally bewildering? Are you desiring to go deeper, or reach a higher ground, spiritually, but your difficulty in comprehending scripture is holding you back? It may well be you need to consider that the Bible is essentially Messianic--that is, it exists to tell you about the Messiah and Savior, and virtually everything in the Bible points to Him. With this understanding, you are on your way to unlocking the scriptures and opening the door to Yeshua--for they are, in truth, a living Person, Jesus (Yeshua), who delights in His Name, the Word (John 1:1: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

The Books of the Bible


I am the Bible.

I am God's wonderful library.

I make known to all, Him who is Truth.

To the weary pilgrim, I am a good, strong staff.

To the one who sits in black gloom, [like the Dalit or Untouchable in India,] I am glorious light.

To those who stoop beneath many burdens, I am sweet rest.

To him who has lost his way, I am a safe guide.

To those who have been hurt by sin, I am healing balm.

To the discouraged, I whisper a glad message of hope.

To those who are distressed by the storms of life,

I am an anchor, sure and steadfast.

To those who suffer in lonely solitude,

I am as a cool, soft hand resting on a fevered brow.

Oh, child of man, to best defend me, JUST USE ME.

The Bible is God's road map as you travel through life.--from Faith Magazine, Author Unknown

The history and discovery of the Essene Scrolls is so important for our Christian faith and their role in Christian apologetics is so foundational that we have a whole page devoted to them, and we will be adding new material from time to time:

"Essene Scrolls Center

THE MESSIANIC SCROLL IS AVAILABLE! Zola Levitt Ministries has available a most wonderful Messianic Scroll, giving Messianic prophecies from the Old Testament (the Torah) along with the Fulfilments in the New Testament.


The Bible's Messianic Texts are thus named because they are passages in scripture that point specifically to the Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus in Gentile terminology). Foremost in consideration of these texts, Christ Himself chose it when conducting an informal Bible class with two distraught and troubled disciples who had left Jerusalem just after the crucifixion and were on their way to Emmaus, a village seven miles from the Holy City. This spiritual trek inspired the logo graphic at the top of our home page, and in Judaea in the time of Jesus (see the map) Emmaus is near the bottom, located close by Jerusalem.

"Bible Atlas & Map Center

Vita of Ronald Ginther, Founder of the Emmaus Walk:


"Autobiographical Sketch of a Sparrow," by Ronald Ginther

"HOW DARE YOU TELL ME WHAT TO DO!" SAYS THE ANT TO THE GARDENER. Nowadays, without even Bible school training under their belt, Talk Radio personalities routinely pontificate on theological topics and subjects and the Bible and Jesus Christ, as if they knew a carrot about such things! I just heard a man say to a Talk Radio host that God, in framing the commandment "Thou shalt not kill" broke his own commandment when he killed off people with judgments and disasters and sending Joshua with the Israelite tribes into conquer Canaan and exterminate the heathen "-ites" living there. This ignorant fool knows nothing about God and the Holy Bible. God, as Creator, has absolute right to punish creatures who disobey his holy laws and rebel against his authority and rule over his own creation. God is the sole, absolute Authority. Imagine an ant amplifying his voice somehow and saying to the gardener, "I have equal right to exist along with you, and how dare you tell me not to build my ant hill smack in the center of your garden so I can do all the things we ants like to do!" Can you imagine that? But that is exactly what secular humanist people, atheists, fools of every stripe and type, are doing--defying God the Almighty as an ant would defy a gardener in his own garden. Well, you can imagine the result--the gardener simply has to put his foot out more cocky, badmouthing ant! That's what I would do! I'm not about to let ants take over my garden so I can't enjoy my hard work anymore! But God in his infinite mercy and love for these rebellious people (all us humans!) provided a way out--Jesus Christ, who gave His life in dying on the Cross so that our penalty of sin and rebellion against God the Creator was completely paid for! God is Ruler over all, but He did not destroy us as we richly deserved, but provided His own precious Son to suffer and die the most hideous death for us, taking our death sentence and dying for us, and still...still fools who do not know that their God-created hearts beat and their lungs fill with air all because of God's enabling power get on Talk Radio and call God unjust, accusing God as a breaker of His own holy laws. God made the laws--he is the Law--and cannot go against his own laws! He needs no defense whatsoever! He is utterly righteous and holy and just--but man, in his twisted, warped, darkened, fallen state of mind and being still dares to defy his Creator and call God a sinner and breaker of the law. This is utterly counterproductive, stupid defiance of God--and we know from the Bible (and also observing the fate of rebels) what their end is--self-destruction and divine judgment. Why should we join such a group of losers?--and they form a huge number of Americans today, as you can tell by the number of such calls being made to Talk Radio!

Flee their company! Flee this rebellious, blasphemous, fallen America--and join the America that still reveres and honors God the Almighty, the Creator, and the Father of Jesus Christ. There still is such an America--though it is but a remnant of what it formerly was. Secular humanism may be prevailing at the present time, but it is doomed, and will eventually go to the dump of history, thrown there by the holy angels. Its days are numbered--and there are not many left. Don't ride the bandwagon of popular mainstream culture--or you will end up in the dump yourself, along with millions of misguided, rebellious, anti-God Americans! Join the winning side, which consists only in being a true disciple and follower of Jesus Christ. Do it this moment--as you are not guaranteed another moment of existence or another choice to repent and turn back to God. Make the choice Joshua made when he stated to the whole society of his time and generations to come: "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!"--Ed.

"Have you ever met God?", a Reply to a Radio Show Host's Question by Ronald Ginther

I had experiences almost exactly like what Samuel described in his true story of how God came through for him in a desperate situation in graduate school at the University of Washington. Here it is, republished for your benefit:

"As I Walked Alone That Night, a Gentle Wind Brought His Help!" by Samuel

Our late Emmaus Walk instructor, Duane L. Smith, is sorely missed. This man finished his short life like a champion runner--with a final surge in the last forty yards that carried him through every obstacle and barrier that Satan could throw at him and God used to test him. The "Adjectival Biography" of the Late Duane L. Smith--a great Bible expositor and man of God, who fought the good fight of faith, ran the good race, and won an imperishable crown:

"The Adjectival Biography of Duane L. Smith," by Ronald Ginther


"Requirements for Certificate"

The Emmaus Walk Certificate of Excellence

"CONGRESS DECLARES BIBLE THE WORD OF GOD," Public Law 97-280, October 4, 1982, Statute 1211, Approved October 4, 1982


The Supreme Court has ruled 5-4 to uphold the Congressional ban on partial birth abortion. By one deciding vote, we said to the world that we are not the worst barbarians on the planet, but that there still survives in America a shred of human love and human decency and love of God and His children, born or yet-unborn.

Course Articles are now listed in the new "Course Articles Center" page:

Ten Required Subject Courses (plus six elective courses to be added soon) are now on-line. Questions are being appended to those subjects and courses, so please return for them.

Required Subjects:

1. Christian Education

2. Prayer

3. Holy Spirit

4. Biblical Science

5. Foundational Principles

6. Witnessing and Discipleship

7. Types of Christ (OT)

8. Bible Covenants/Israel/Bible Atlas

9. Christian Hope and Character

10. The Prophetic Calling

"Course Articles Center"

At long last, questions are being appended to each article, which is the most practical way to provide quizzes and tests, I have discovered. 10 T/F questions are now on-line for "Part III, Christ's Prayers, and Ours," by Mrs. Bernice Schaefer.


"Bible Verses for May"

Reading Through the Bible--May

Some Bible Resources:

The Bible was written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. For the New Testament, I have the "New Testament Greek for Beginners," which along with a lexicon (Greek words in scripture along with English, with the Greek words defined in their various meanings and tenses), aided me in looking up Greek words used in the Bible--after wondering what meant in the English translation). Lexicons are available at bookstores, but are pricey. The beginning Greek book is small, by J. Gresham Machen, published by Macmillan, and is probably still inexpensive compared to the lexicon. My excellent Bible college instructor showed me a simplified way to handle the Greek of the New Testament, without knowing the language. By the use of a Bible, the Beginner's Greek by Machen, and the lexicon, I was able to examine specific words in the English text and define what they meant exactly in the Greek, and also how they were used specifically. The tenses were vital, in some cases, and Greek has quite a number of tenses. This made it all simple, and I was able to learn the method in a matter of a a few periods of instruction and practice--not a quarter or semester or year in college.

If I were a pastor, I would use this method I am describing often, as it would deepen and strengthen my understanding and revealing of the Bible texts I was preaching on--not just taking somebody's or my own views on them. I would be going directly to the source, in other words--allowing the Bible to speak for itself as the inspired Word of God. You sometimes hear pastors and evangelists refer to the original Greek words, their meanings, and tenses, and this is what I was taught to find out with a simple method and the possession of three books I have mentioned--the lexicon, the Beginner's Greek, and the Bible.

Zola's book on Hebrew will no doubt be very helpful for those who wish to study the Hebrew portion of the scriptures in the Old Testament. You would also be able to communicate better with the Israelis, on a trip or tour of their country!

"Bible Resources Center"

We higly recommend this on-line bookstore for Christians, the Faith and Freedom Bookstore. Categories of its offerings are: Bibles, Books, Children's Music, David Barton (American heritage) books, Audio Books, DVDs, Christian Bestsellers, Christian Parenting, Christian Business and Leadership, Magazine Subscriptions:

"Faith and Freedom Site/Bookstore"

Another Bible resource:

Crosswalk Bible Website

Recommended Book List:

"Recommended Book List Center"

Book Reviews Center:

From study book cover:

"I believe people ARE as they THINK. The choices we make in the next decade will mold irrevocably the direction of our culture...and the lives of our children."--Francis A. Schaeffer.

"Francis A. Schaeffer, theologian and philosopher, foremost evangelical thinker of our day, whose brilliant analysis of Western man's development and future direction is the result of forty years of intensive study of humanism and Christian truths."

When I was attending Bible college in the late 70s, Francis Schaeffer's epochal film documentary and television series, "How Should We Then Live?" was first released. My school's directors decided to run the entire series, expensive as that might have been, and the showings instantly brought in crowds of people and excited much talk. The furor died down after some years. I have begun reviewing the book, and it well worth a serious Bible student's attention, now that another generation has come to maturity since Francis Schaeffer's series was produced. He has been recognized since the seventies, increasingly, as a prophetic voice, if not a prophet--able to identify and describe the evils that he saw developing in Western society before almost anyone else in Protestant and Catholic circles became alarmed.

In this book and documentary film series, Francis Schaefer the world-recognized theologian and cultural expert shows us how we came to be the way we are in the West and think the way we think today; he takes ancient Rome (which was dominated by Greek thought and philosophy and culture) as the starting point of the West, and continues to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and then goes to the Reformation, and the Age of Enlightenment and the flowering of the Modern Scientific Method that came with the turn to reason and science. He shows how humanism arose in the West, in the Renaissance (the "rebirth" of an idea about man, as Francis Schaeffer defines it) that spans the period in European cultural development from the 13th to the mid-15th centuries. Humanism is now triumphant, as you can easily tell, over the Reformational basis of the West begun by Martin Luther and other great Bible-based Reformers. Christian truths, based on absolutes, have been rejected as the basis for post-modern society--and you have science, but it too has lost its true base (as Christianity was the mother of science as we know it) and is showing signs of decline and misdirection already (a case in point, look at the participation of some scientists in the spurious Global Warming agenda, but more general still, is the scientific community's steel-trap like hold on the even more spurious Darwinian evolutionary explanation of the universe and the origin and development of life on earth).

This book is valuable and needs reading by serious Bible students, for the reason we are not Christians in a vacuum, but inhabitants and particpants in a real space-time society and world--and to ignore that fact is to live ignorant of the why and basis of events and movements facing us all every day of our lives. Christianity has ignored this for a long time, to our great damage and great peril. Francis Schaeffer can help bring us all up to date-- even though this book and series came out in the late 1970s, it is all the more timely and relevant now, as he was speaking prophetically but truly of what was taking shape before his eyes. Where did humanism come from? How did it come to dominate the West? What is it doing to us? How do we recognize its various forms (for it is always "morphing" into various movements and buzz-words and popularized programs and social and environmental crusades).

What is humanism? What is the problem with humanism? What are its evil consequences? Is there anything good in it? How can we possibly combat it?--these and other questions can be referred to this book for penetrating analysis, and perhaps you will also get answers which will help us respond Biblically as Christians and responsible Americans. But first we must gain an informed perspective before we can handle our responsibility to deal with humanism, wherever we find it operating. Secular Humanism may be running your school, your church, your home, your work place, even your thoughts and lives--but you may be totally unaware of it. That is how insidious it is--shaping our lives, ruling us, destroying us bit by bit, robbing us of our true godly, Biblical purpose and eestiny--all because are ignorant of it and "go with the flow" of secular humanism in the declining West.

I don't know what you care about, but I refuse to decline with the decadent, secular humanist, anti-God West. I want to know what secular humanism is, and then seek God on how best to counter, resist, and combat it. As Dylan Thomas the poet and derelict wrote, "Do not go gently into that night," or something close to that. It applies, for the night is coming on Western nations, and the light is fast fading. Darkness (barbarism, error, even insanity) is gripping whole nations already--just look at the laws they are passing, and the things that are happening, as a consequence, within the borders of Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Britain, Sweden, Canada, Australia, and now the U.S. Good men are imprisoned, while the vile are exalted to the highest offices to do whatever they want against God, morality, traditional marriage, and the family. Criminals are set free to kill and rape again, their records expunged, while godly, moral, law-abiding men are accused of "hate speech" and fined and even imprisoned for speaking out against what the Bible explicitly calls immorality, injustice, and bondage of Satan. Western society, having trashed its Biblical base and Christian truths, is going mad, stark raving crazy, before our eyes--but if you cannot discern secular humanism, how will you be able to tell what is destroying you and society? You will be a tool of it, and think that society is progressing, when it is actually hurtling into the pit of destruction. You will be part of the godless, materialistic, hedonistic, morally depraved mainstream society, the declining West, the dying world--and go down with it. But thank God for the Bible, thank God for the truth that shines forth in Francis Schaeffer's published works and life (for his godly life and godly marriage stand behind all that he said and wrote). For these reasons I strongly encourage all Emmaus Walkers and students of the Bible to read this book or at least view the videos of the film documentary series. This is not fo everyone, of course, for it is very much on the intellectual side in its discussion--but read some of it--it is not all high-brow and intellectual, for he can speak very plainly and simply at times.

Ever wondered why we are getting hit with such horrific, devastating hurricanes and other calamities? I have been wondering, increasingly, particularly since 9/11. There is a reason--and this book pin-points the causes lie within our own state policy in Washington D.C. and the agendas of certain presidents in regard to Israel and the Arabs who want to see Israel destroyed (not co-existed with).

"Mini-Review by Ronald Ginther of McTernan's book, "As America Has Done to Israel"--showing the connection between disastrous weather and American foreign policy toward Israel and the Palestinians

"Book Reviews Center"

Books and Excerpts Center:

"Speak Tenderly to Jerusalem"

Islam for Christ Center:

"Islam Center"

The hidden purpose for the current campaign for Global Warming is to destroy the Gospel-supporting incomes of Christians in America, defund the churches, and also destroy the American economy, so that our armed forces cannot be equipped and fielded in defense of freedom and particularly in defense of Israel which the Moslem nations want to destroy. That is the Devil's agenda, in a nutshell. Secular Humanists, environmentalists, and animal rights activists, and possibly the Flat Earth Society, have joined hands in this effort to convince America that drastic measures must be taken to "save the earth" from heating up from our carbon emissions. They have used the sacred cow of science to support these unscientific claims of theirs and finally to accept the draconian measures to be legislated and enforced that will radically curtail our economy and reduce us to poverty. It really isn't about saving the Earth, or the animals, or helping other human beings--it is really a satanic plan at bottom to destroy America and Israel with one swing of the sword (and this sword will accomplish it, which all the anti-American forces and anti-Israel nations and forces have failed to accomplish, up to this point).

"Global Warming Hoax Center"

"Tract Center"

Missions Center:

"Missions Center"

The world's biggest mission field, as far as a given people are concerned, may well be the Dalits, or Untouchables, of India. China too is right up there with India, of course, but the Chinese are not all one people, they are many various tribes and groups we Westerners lump together as "Chinese" because they are all ruled by the central communist Chinese government in Beijing. Dalits, however, though they are probably of different tribes and language groups, are one people nevertheless--because they are all in a single homogenous class created by the horrible Hindu caste system. Gospel for Asia Magazine has this to say to define the Dalits or Untouchables to us in America and the West:

"India's Dalits, A Yearning for Freedom

India's long-oppressed Dalits are open to the Gospel, and GFA (Gospel for Asia ministry, based in Texas) is pointing the way. One by one, 68 adults in the North Indian tribal village knelt for prayer. They had heard that Jesus offered freedom--and that's what they yearned for. Life in their village wasn't easy. Known as Dalits, or "Untouchables," they often were mistreated by neighbors and forced to do menial jobs to eke out a living. But when they learned about Jesus, they found a hope they had never known before. Then a GFA pastor [the GFA pastors are all native Indians] began to meet with them regularly, and a vibrant church was soon started. The little group of Dalits, mostly cobblers [sandal/shoe-makers and shoe-menders] is a small part of about 300 million people--a population larger than the Unbited States--who endure a life of slavery under an ancient social system. More than 3,000 years old, the Hindu-based caste system continues to permeate Indian society today, even though officially banned by India's constitution. Even in the twenty-first century, caste discimination leaves no area of life untouched."

You can make a difference in the hopeless lives of the Dalits, people like you and me who want basic freedoms and also meaning in life that we know only Jesus can give them when they hear and accept the Gospel and he becomes their Lord and Savior. You and I can give to Gospel for Asia minislries, which not only trains and sends out native missionaries, but builds churches, and also takes in orphans and cares for the victims of the Asian tsunami that wreaked havoc among millions from Indonesia to Kenya, Africa. You can order their free magazine and see what this wonderful ministry is all about.

The old perception of liberal Americans, still being perpetuated, is that Hinduism is a flowery, benign religion that accepts everything and is inclusive and loving toward all beliefs and people of other faiths. Not so! Hinduism is a bitter persecutor of Christians in India. Western missionaries and their children have even been murdered in the most brutal way. Churches and church vehicles have been burned and destroyed. The live of thousands of Christians are in jeopardy every day, as they are threatened with their deaths if they continue to witness for Christ and share the Gospel. Hinduism, which has about 200 million gods at last count, doesn't accept Jesus Christ--and you can pay with your life for accept Jesus Christ, if you leave Hinduism. Is this a benign religion that does this? It is very much like Islam in this respect. I see no difference, really, as Satan is ruling over both religions. The persecution of Christians and the killing of Christians go unreported in the U.S. press or by that far-ranging incubus of atheism, the BBC. But the Gospel for Asia ministry magazine tells about the persecution, if you want to know something about it. They can give you actual names, places, and the details of the crimes being committed daily against our fellow believers in India.

"Gospel for Asia" Ministry and Magazine

Testimonies of Martyrs Center, with Russian martyr Ivan Moiseyev's account:

"Testimonies of Martyrs Center"

Music Center with original and also added lyrics to famous songs:

"Music Center

"Persecuted Church Center"


"Christian Activism Center"


"Friendship for Israel Center"


"America's Re-Education Center

At the rate we have been sinking in America, we will soon have no nation or society where we can have such a website as this one. I cannot put my head in the sand, like so many millions of fellow Christians and thousands of churches as well who ignore the fact Christian faith is a marketplace religion or nothing at all. This is my country, my only country--and I am responsible for it as long as I live. My family resides here. My friends are here. I value its all but lost priceless Christian heritage and foundation. I value its all but lost freedoms. I realize the government is lost to secular humanism, but there is still hope as long as the Gospel is preached and people can be jolted out of their sin and follies and complacency and solipcism. The schools, too, are largely ruined. But England, in the 18th century, was just as morally corrupt and bankrupt a nation as this one is--and the man of the hour was John Wesley and his people, who turned Great Britain back to God, morality, and the Bible--just in the knick of time--sparing that reprobate, godless, immoral, poor-oppressing nation a French-style revolution, bloodbath, and tyranny. After the Wesleyan revivals, Great Britain rose rapidly to the highest point of all its long history, becoming first among all the nations--the British Empire, a superstate so widespread and powerful and extensive that the sun truly never set on it. How far it has fallen--a minion of the European Union--all because it has thrown away the Bible, thrown away God and morality--and is throwing away its very freedoms, as it makes concession after concession to the theocratic state of Islam inside its own borders. We do not have to follow Great Britain into the pit along with the other European nations! God puts a choice to every nation--to repent and turn to Him. We have that choice put to us all in America. I have made my individual choice, and God is my hope. Otherwise, I would give up on my homeland--polluted and ruined as it is by sin and rebellion and every kind of perversity and oppression and lying and theft and murder. But with this hope in Christ, I can go forward, whether anyone goes alongside me or not.

"Revival Center"

For programs dealing with the Founding Fathers and the values of our heritage:

Christian Broadcasting Network

Mount Rushmore National Memorial is an everlasting memorial to the fact America was founded, set under a Constitution and Bill of Rights, and preserved and forever enhanced by these four Christians, the Presidents Washington, Jefferson, T. Roosevelt, and Lincoln. If the ACLU and its allies somehow successfully expunge all the inscriptions and mentions of God and Christianity in our national shrines and monuments in Washington, and if all crosses are removed from public places, along with all nativity scenes at Christmas, and the Ten Commandments and Christian morality are forever banished from our society through their efforts and the rulings of unjust courts, secular humanism will not have won the battle, as these Presidents will remain immortalized in granite in the Black Hills of western South Dakota. Large as they are, only an atomic blast could obliterate them--and not even the ACLU could muster the support to commit such a crime against our national heritage as that.

Despite the unhistorical claims of secular humanists, not one of these Four was a Deist by definition; all were Christians, by their own recorded testimonies, preserved in historical record as well as by their examples, writings, and deeds, and the corroboration of their peers, even that of their enemies.

According to the 1965 reprint of the Mount Rushmore brochure printed by the United States Department of the Interior National Park Service:

"...Washington represents the fight for liberty and the birth of the Republic. Jefferson is the expression of this country's political philosophy. Lincoln embodies the preservation of the Union, and Theodore Roosevelt depicts the expansion and conservation of the Nation as it is today."

Indeed, Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a triumphant testimony of 6,000 foot high mountain stone of the greatness of America created by four Christians--proclaiming to the nation and the entire world, long after we are gone and the dust and chaff of the secular humanist revision of America is utterly blown away from this land, that this was once a great Christian nation led by great Christians.

SLAVERY IN NEW YORK STATE: Recently in the news, a couple from Indonesia living on Long Island, New York, are being charged with holding two Indonesian women captive and using them just like slaves, and treating them like animals instead of human beings. The news media won't divulge that they are Moslems, for Indonesia is the world's largest Moslem state, so it is highly unlikely they are anything but Moslem. And perhaps you did not think we have slavery in America. Slavery will increase as the Islamic population increases--it is just a fact, as this case demonstrates. If they had been Christians, the news media would have shouted that from coast to coast!


"All Moslem Slave Holders and Moslem Nations, Let My People Go!" says their God.

"Slavery Center"

Rod Parsley, World Harvest Church and Breakthrough Ministries"


We have received news from the American Center for Law and Justice that Congress, in a move spearheaded by Sen. Hillary Clinton, is seeking to pass a law reversing the ban on partial-birth abortion. Charles Schumer, Barbara Boxer, and other vile Democratic politicoes are part of the Democratic Party's effort to reinstate this most heinous form of infanticide ever devised by the wickedness and depravity of human beings against their own human race and their own children. Please go to the ACLJ website, sign the petition against this, and pray. We have an almighty God, who can roll this Congressional juggernaut back, and even destroy it, so that the pieces cannot be put back together again to fight again for this crime. I cannot imagine the depths to which such leaders will sink to further their political careers at the expense of the live of innocent unborn children. This action, however, taken up while we are in a life-and-death struggle with international terrorism, shows me that national security, morality, compassion for children and regard for sanctity of human life, all mean nothing to these leaders. They do not deserve to be leaders--that is made clear by their actions, particularly this one. I pray their souls will be saved, but I will pray they be removed from office by the hand of Almighty God--sooner rather than later.

American Center for Law and Justice Petition to Save the Congressional Ban on Partial-Birth Abortion

"Infanticide in America Center


"Heresy and Correction Center"

THE BIGGEST CHURCHES IN AMERICA AND POSSIBLY THE WORLD ARE TELEVISION-BASED: Oprah is known to tens of millions of fatuous, almost fanatical women who adore her for her showing them the dirty laundry of the nation's ten to thirty million social misfits and at least 240 million pagan and immoral American people--while throwing in a sweetening dose of good deeds and philantrophy. She has an inexhaustible amount of filth to purvey for an immense profit. She dives into the manure piles like they are heaps of caviar, because there is real gold in them she knows is there! She would have to be the most naive person in the world to not know exactly why she is doing this to America WITH these manure piles. But she is not naive, she is a very smart business woman to get where she is today--NUMBER 1 in popularity and ratings and sponsorship and cultural clout (she may even have a greater following than any political leader in America, including the President!). This is how she had made hundreds of millions of dollars for herself and her TV producers--follow the money trail, it leads to her bank and the banks of her TV producers and sponsors and the cable networks. She does some good works like funding showcase African orphanages, and publicizes them to the world with her own cameras to show all the good she is doing the world--supposedly justifying the shameless muck-raking that pays for the charity. It is all about money--not charity, not bettering the human race (for human depravity is too deep-seated for the human race to be bettered by her use of psycho-babble and self-esteem and thinking good thoughts about others), not pointing people to God so they can get their lives truly transformed and regenerated and their sins forgiven and conquered. This program of Oprah's is exactly what the Bible expressly forbids in Genesis, when God the Creator commanded Adam and Eve, our foolish First Parents, not to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. We know they disregarded God's commandment, disobeyed him, and brought sin and death upon themselves and all their descendants including us--a total catastrophe for the human race and Earth that Jesus Christ died on the Cross to completely rectify, so we could be forgiven by the Father and restored as children of God. How can you drink from a well that pours forth both fresh and brackish waters--or pure and impure? Yet that is what millions of American women do daily while watching Oprah's show. The price is terrible and catastrophic--for the knowledge of good and evil may taste sweet and titilating to the tongue, but when this spiritual cyanide goes down into the soul and the digestion of the mind it turns bitter as hell and damnation, producing all sorts of evil and contagious diseases. God warned: don't eat of this tree, or you will die! But we're still eating from this death-spewing, poison tree, and Oprah is feeding its lethal fruit to an entire generation of mostly young, non-Christian, pagan, mainstream, mostly liberal-brain-washed American women--and they will surely die--for God's word is true. Is this not true--completely true? God's word cannot be retracted, for Oprah's sake. She has to bow to it, and obey it--sooner or later. The Word does not bow or bend to her--mighty as she is in pagan American culture. She does not have the last word--the Bible does. Who, then, is calling her to account for the immense damage she is doing to America for the sheer profit of it. She is not improving America, however many instances of good she can point to with her cameras rolling non-stop. The Bible describes her behavior and business as it described the behavior and business of Adam and Eve when they disobeyed God's commandment and at the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil--it is rebellion against God, pride, selfishness, and sin. If Genesis were somehow wiped out or retracted by God--then Oprah can can have her show as it is--but not until then.

In connection with Oprah's solipcism--the emphasis on me first that is at the heart of her whole approach and program--look at Francis Schaeffer's exposition in "How Should We Then Live?". Please see the remarks in the book review center section.

WHICH ARE YOU AND I? THERE IS NO SITTING ON THE FENCE WITH ON THIS ISSUE, WHICH IS THE GREAT DIVIDE, SPIRITUALLY SPEAKING: Oprah and Dr. Phil are politically correct--more than less--which makes them extremely popular on TV. You might even say, or I will say, that Oprah is high priestess of the biggest religion in America--some 20-30 million or even more. Like many Christians, like many pastors too, these gurus of the New Age Religion and the materialistic, hedonistic Lifestyle of the Rich, Famous, and Self-Advanced, have compromised with the world, for their programs show that clearly. Are you politically correct, or divinely correct? It is the question for this generation and era? We need to be divinely correct--or we will be "going with the flow," being swept along with the tide of the worldly society, in church or not in church we are compromised with the satantic world-system that defies God's rule and rejects God's Son as Savior and Lord over all human beings and the world.

The political establishment in Washington, both Democrat and Republican, continues to play political games and jockey for power. It is too late for this, but they continue blindly on, doing what they did before 9/11 and Katrina and Rita as though these strokes of warning and judgment from God did not happen. The people of these parties display the arrogant and godless mindset of the Assyrians right in the last week before the overthrow of Nineveh, the capital of the greatest, most powerful empire on earth. But the people of America are glad to have this situation, for they voted back the very people who have vowed more than the Republicans to continue it. Many Americans do not want these policies, but they are outvoted by those who do--and so the ship of state continues full-steam-ahead to destruction.

"The Burden of America," A Last Call for Americans to Repent and Escape Destruction, by Eben

Bible Greats, as Portrayed by Eben:

"Bible Greats" by Eben

Christian Greats, as Protrayed by Eben:

"Christian Greats Center"


"Prophecy Center"

"Resurrection Center"

Big Bad Business Center:

"Big Bad Business Center"

Walt Disney obviously had a shining dream that came true in Disneyland and in his various classic films and cartoons! But was it a homosexual paradise and playground he had in mind? Obviously not! But now the CEO and board of Disney Corporation has chosen to open Disneyland and Disneyworld and no doubt the cruise ship and the rest of Disney's properties to activist gays to rent and use as they please for their gay parties, gay pride celebrations, and the sexual groping and other things they do when they congregate together for "fun and games." All this in the presence of innocent children! Disney's worst nightmare has been surpassed in this decision of Disney's amoral, greedy, politically correct controllers--and children are the losers! Shame on you, all you at Disney! You are doing this to reap the profits from the homosexuals who will then flock to your facilities to take you up on your espousal of their "lifestyle" and homosexual activist agenda of mainstreaming their sin in American culture and society. All you Christians at Disney, working there, or owning stock in it, you need to come out--quit this wretched son of Beliah. You are not a "light" there, you are compromised, and your presence is seen as an endorsement, not a rebuke to what is going on around you. And, stock owners, you have no business at all taking profits from Disney--when the source is so contaminated as Disney has become. Come out of it, now, before your bank account pollutes you in turn! I haven't checked, but terrorism is funded with pension funds handled by major banks in America investing in Iran and other radical Moslem states--and major corporations too, like Haliburton, are involved in Iran and other radical Moslem states. Could Disney be involved with terrorism? It is something to check out before you continue supporting and investing in Disney. It is bad enough that Disney is now promoting the radical gay rights agenda on its premises--that should be enough to tell you that its time to walk out and go elswhere for entertainment and a good deal in stocks. It's high time to quit putting your money in a business that is out to destroy America's Christian morality and Bible-based morality, public and private. It's high time to let Disney slide to its deserved fate--bankruptcy.

"Prayer Center"


"Prayer Target Center"

Every Era, Every Generation, Has Its Characteristic Follies or Lunacies. Our Era has its share too (actually, more than its share, arguably!), of which the most egregrious must be Al Gore's Global Warming Hoax and Hysteria:

Please return to the Global Warming Hoax Center for Dr. James Kennedy's site and remarks by the president of Coral Ridge Ministries on this patently unscientific campaign by radical environmentalists and politicians and United Nations bureaucrats who want to drive America back into the pre-industrial 18th century, if Christians are uninformed and do nothing to stop such hysteria and manipulation and the politicians and bureaucrats are allowed to have their way with our country and its economy.

"Global Warming Hoax Center"

You may have noticed it already. More and more scientists are gathering courage to speak out against Al Gore's misrepresentations regarding Global Warming--and he really has no scientific leg to stand on. It is high time he was laughed out of every hall and arena where he dares to show his face.


YOU PARENTS CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE FOR YOUR CHILDREN: Did you as parents know that textbooks for your sons and daughters in public schools have been carefully screened and edited, so that the newer ones do not carry anything half-way favorable about Christians, Christ, and Christian beliefs and history and America's Christian heritage? They probably exclude the Jewish contributions to the American revolution, funding it, fighting for it, supporting it, and don't mention George Washington's very friendly relations with America's Jewish community. The literature books also have been edited, so that the Christian poets and writers that they can possibly delete are erased, despite the fact they are ripping huge holes in the cultural history of literature. I was given the best education when I went through public schools and college and university, but even then--in the 50s to 70s--Christian poets and writers were disappearing from the books, I can see now. The most famous "Great Names" could not be deleted, of course, without the books and their writers and the teachers and professors in the schools being questioned about their literary bigotry. But now there is no such check on the secular humanist purges of American and English literature--which are the glories of our civilization. I taught both--and was privileged to do so in Oregon, Washington, and Kansas. I love American and English literature--which is Christian in its culture and base, primarily. But you will not be given that view today. Learn what your textbooks for your children do not teach. You must be literate for them. Let them see you reading good books--not Oprah's promotional books! Read the Bible and godly books! Read good literature--not the kind that is full of sex and gratuitous violence and perversity--the kind favored by contemporary Americans and even Christians. God gave us wonderful writers--so enrich yourself and your life and the lives of your children through reading! Reading, not more television, videos, video games, cellphonitus, nauseum. If you cannot put your children in private schools--at least introduce good books and good literature (and don't leave out nursery rhymes and poetry) to your children. It will help them in every way to think for themselves, not accept brainwashing with one point of view, the secular-humanist, in the public schools (though now even that is being supplanted by the more powerful and more totalitarian Islamic world-view). Do this, and your children will benefit. Ignore this responsibility, and your children will not benefit, and will be like the other children, who are going to hell in a secular-humanist handbasket.

Churches too can make a difference, the kind that still have real hymnbooks that are not all post-modernist tunes with the verses sung over and over and over like Hindu or TM mantras are recited, words usually of one syllable too! My family church's Reformation Lutheran hymn book was wonderful, teaching me godly reverence (even to my reprobate mind and soul), and literacy in th English language (which put me ahead of the non-Christian students in the local schools and even in college later!). As I sang the words that were broken into syllables in the score of the hymn, I learned the words and how to break them into parts that I could handle from the earliest age. This process made it possible for me to progress rapidly in my handling of the English language, spoken and written and read. Take this tip! They threw out Phonetics in my public elementary school after I went through, and ruined literacy for a whole generation including my youngest brother, but I escaped the crazed experimenters--I became a better-than-average, literate person, no thanks to them! But thanks be to God!

"English Literature Heritage Center"

"Bible Atlas & Map Center"

For all those who are suffering and who are persecuted, One who suffered more and was persecuted more than anyone else on earth (the persecution is still going on, two thousand years after he left this earth, in fact!):


Perhaps Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson need to review the words of this wonderful anthem, which has more genuine expressions about faith in God than their whole lives and careers and speeches show. The Anthem is centered on faith in God, and this is the God of Christ, not Mohammed or any other god or so-called prophet. Rev. Martin Luther King spoke often about Jesus Christ, and linked his national campaign for justice and civil rights for black people on the Bible and its principles. This is not being told to the school children, of course, by their secular humanist teachers. Pastors are not telling them either--and letting the media and the secular humanist teachers miscast Martin Luther King, Jr. in a secularist mode--for they are embarrassed by all his scripture references and his faith in God. This anthem expresses the faith of the fathers of the black people--and the mothers as well. The fathers and mothers knew Jesus Christ intimately and personally. That was one of the first great benefits of their slavery--their exposure to the Gospel, after they landed in America. Despite the fact they were enslaved starting with colonial America, these fathers and mothers of the following generations did not throw out the baby with the bath water. They surrendered their African pagan faiths for the truth, pagan religions that had enslaved them for thousands of years in their various African societies, and took instead the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be their newfound faith. This faith gave them hope and comfort and strength to endure the slavery and all the terrible conditions slavery encouraged. They endured it all, and did not rise up with swords, to fight for freedom, which would have failed, and did fail in the few cases where black men did take up the sword. Instead, they prayed and believed God for their emancipation, which came in 1865 with Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation. That was the beginning of a long road of struggle to make it reality in their lives, for a piece of paper cannot do the job alone--it takes a great deal of many other things, including a change of heart, a change of views, a surrender to God, on the part of both blacks and whites, the oppressed and the oppressors, so that both can come together in Christian love and acceptance and mutual support and amity. We whites and blacks have a ways to go yet, but we have made progress, real progress that cannot be denied, though it is being denied by those who stand to reap political and monetary gain by emphasizing divisions and failures instead of leading the way for the black people to achieve positive and independent lives, instead of dependency on welfare-government and welfare-pushing government parties and elites.

"The Negro National Anthem"

Nuggets Center:

"Solid Rock, not Sand," Message Notes by Ronald Ginther, on how to keep it simple and honest with God. We are clay, He is the Potter--not the other way round, as it is preached and promoted in popular Christianity today. Want to "get back on track with God?" Here's how, in a few words:

"Choose Rock, Not Sand," Message Notes by Ronald Ginther

"Cotton Candy Christians," by Eben


There are so many candidates to choose from nowadays, it is hard to pick one or two from the huge crowd of dunces that are in the news. Al Gore? Sharpton? Hillary Clinton? "His Irascible Lowness" Barney Frank? Paris Hilton? Brad Pittman? The governor of Vermont? The list goes on and on! Try to imagine how many we don't hear about! We are inundated, as a society, with dunces! It is a plague of Biblical proportions. Only God can deliver us too! A nation that forgets God turns itself and its destiny over to foolish, self-seeking counsellors (so-called government policy experts and "think tanks" full of high-paid incompetents). Proverbs describes this situation we are now mired in. These people could not give good advice to a Boy Scout troop in disarray much less a nation the size and complexity of America. All the education in the world does not mean you are wise or have wisdom. A woman who reads the Bible and prays and looks after her family and church and who takes the bus every morning at 4 a.m. to go earn a subsistence wage scrubbing the floors in a Washington office building probably has ten times the wisdom of the executives and directors in the impressive, walnut-panelled offices of that same building. The attitudes of ruling classes and elites don't change--they constitute the folly of men who think more highly of themselves than they ought to think, a folly based on pride and presumption that continues from one age to another age the same, causing untold havoc and trouble for everybody.

Our nation of America has chosen foolishness and forgotten God. It is ruled by foolish men, seated in the Congress, in the White House, and in the Supreme Court. Washington, D.C. has the highest murder rate in the country, but has the toughest gun control laws! Everyone can see that such silly laws don't work in the least--but they refuse to do what will work--return to God, on their knees, with repentance and humility. Why? They do not care--as long as they aren't personally attacked or a family member raped and murdered. They accept the current level of madness and disorder and mayhem as something they can improve, but they have mere Band-aids for critical wounds only Almighty God can cure. Tell them that, and they will be insulted, and brand you a bigot, a religious nut, and an evangelical right-winger.

This same crowd listened during the Clinton Mal-Administration years to Dr. Billy Graham give a very stern warning to them and the nation at his Congressional Award presentation. In almost pleading tones I watched him on the televised event urging that we turn back to God now or face the dreadful consequences. That was before 9/11, which happened to give us a foretaste of what more is coming down the pike. Did they listen to him and change? Not at all! These same people are in power, despite the change of mal-administration from Clinton to Bush. Capitol and White House and Supreme Court furniture is moved from one office to another, or new desks and chairs brought in and new phone lines installed and door and desk name plates brought up to date--and the business of misleading and destroying the nation goes on blithely as before--so the change in political party means next to nothing.

All this chicanery at the highest levels I have described is absolutely true--and with no exaggeration whatsoever. Could I spend the time, I would detail the sex scandals, the abuses of power, the shameless bribery, the lying of our highest public leaders (in front of the cameras, even under oath), the deliberate robbing of the American people by pork barrel politiking and arm-twisting to get nauseatingly bad legislation through both houses (the Democrats' resolution against the Iraq War is the latest egregrious example), the betrayal of public office and trust, the partisan misuse of the highest levels of the judiciary to serve leftist, radical agendas--but the whole panoply of misgovernment is so vast that I would have to write a book the size of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Everyone in Washington knows of government bureaus that have haunted Washington for years and years like White House ghosts (only these are well-paid), that serve no purpose whatsoever, and will continue no doubt indefinitely, but the director and his "employees" continue to go into the office every week or so just to draw their checks and then depart, since there is no work attached to the bureau and the "staff positions." The United Nations (which the ultra Orthodox Jews of New York City call "the house of lies," and aptly so) is infamous for this kind of feather-bedding, but our government has cultivated redundancy for decades, probably right through the Great Depression as well, when people were standing in soup lines or selling Winesap apples on the street corners of major cities.

What makes all these people, including the feather-bedders and incompetents, dunces, is that they think they are getting away with it. Yes, the American people are so involved earning a living they cannot see what is going on day to day in Washington, and get only whiffs of the sky-high manure pile that is Washington, a steaming mountain of lies, evasions, and robbery that sanitized and "made over" cosmetically in the various "events" that are contrived by the major news sources--so we are really, routinely, deceived by Washington and the news media. If we were really shown what goes on in the halls of Congress and the corridors of power in Washington (don't even bother with what goes on behind closed doors), our stomachs would turn themselves inside out! Franklin Delano Roosevelt (that wonderful hero who saved America from Hitler's goose-stepping legions and set in place the foundation of the welfare state that is now strangling us) carried on a sleezy love affair with "Lucy" from a wheel chair, but you saw absolutely nothing of this in the papers or radio or news about either Lucy or the wheel chair--both were taboo subjects for the press--and they deliberately deceived the American people and will bear the consequences someday before God. All those wonderful war-time reporters who covered Washington and the President--they are the big names in journalism's hall of fame--were shameless deceivers.

The same happened with that charming, mop-haired lady killer, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who, with his little mop-haired brother sharing the same lovers, loved them and dumped them as fast as they could be hustled up to wherever he was in the White House (a witchcraft-pervaded, labyrinthian complex--not a house at all--that has a minotaur of lust stalking its corridors, crypts, basements, and dark recesses). The press? They turned their cameras away every time another young lady walked the halls, with secret servicemen with taped mouths looking on, and she opened the door to the Oval Office and went in to the President sitting in his iconic rocking chair. From wheel chair to rocking chair--was that progress? What kind of leadership was America really getting? We were being deceived and misled--and we are still living with their terrible mistakes and their atroctious legacies.

Nowadays practicing homosexuals can sit in Congress and crow about it. It wasn't always so. J. Edgar Hoover was a secret bisexual and transvestite who liked to wear chiffon cocktail dresses, at his headquarters office too! He did not permit cameras, but, nevertheless, a few photographs were taken for his lover--also in the pictures. No one could get rid of this diseased, bloated, spider-like creature who ruled the F.B.I. for decades and decades, like his private fief. He had files on everybody, filled with the dirt of their private lives (and he had thousands of such files on hand). He was safe--and stayed entrenched as King of the F.B.I. until he must have tripped on the hem of his cocktail dress and hit his massive head on a marble bust of himself.

I wish this were funny. But America does not know the truth, even now--and continues to vote in the same kinds of self-serving deceivers and dunces as ruined our nation in the past. The wicked are not comfortable with moral leaders, so they vote in vile men who practice the same immoralities that they are indulging in. The present deceivers and dunces, of both parties, are almost off the charts, for their greed, power grabbing, muck-flinging partisanship, defiance of morality, hypocrisy, contempt for God, pride, arrogance, and megalomania (these people think they are indispensable to America, no matter what monsters they are in reality). These kinds of people are what Americans want for leaders. How do you explain a conscienceless montebank like William Clinton leaving the cesspool he made of Arkansas during his years as governor and going on to become the President of the United States? This man got evangelical pastors to be his buddies and apologists, while they turned a blind eye to all his womanizing and posterior grabbing and outright betrayals of national security for the big money it would bring him. He made himself and our country the laughing-stock of the world. Our nation's enemies realized we were ripe for the plucking--over-ripe, in fact, as they watched him and his wife perform. Machiavelli would blush, if he could be shown the results of his devilish magnum opus, "The Prince," which explained in chilling, sinister detail how a ruthless, scheming seducer of men and women like William Clinton could seize the powers of state and use them for his own advantage--and get clean away with it!

This nation cannot continue like this. We are not Assyria, or Ancient Rome, or Elam, or Persia--those bygone derelicts of history. Our nation was formed on the basis of a holy covenant with a holy God. If you don't know, look up the history, which David Barton's Wallbuilders site can show you in document after document, starting with the Pilgrims and the Puritans. We know clearly what our origins were--they are not floating merrily about in the magical mists of antiquity and unrecorded history, like the so-called history of Ancient Rome. Read Rome's--anything could be said and was said, but it could never be proven--no one really knew what had happened or really who did what--and all sorts of fabulous tales were handed down for the later historians to look at with utter amazement and disbelief (if they were genuine historians, that is, and not shameless, starry-eyed mythologizers). Rome was NOT founded by noble Aeneus who fled Troy when the city was tricked and overthrown by the Greeks. That was a a nice tale, but it was only a nice tale--no truth to it at all. The Latin epic of the Aeneid was written to glorify Rome and give this former stinking cow town and muddy river ford an illustrious origin--but that was only imperial propaganda. How utterly unlike our own American history. Our nation's liberal history text writers and liberal educators are all very busy rewriting our history to fit the liberal world-view of America--but the documents do not support the absysmal picture they are painting. The liberals claim American's Founding Fathers werre Deists, for example. Utterly wrong! The records, the documents, the biographies, the autobiographies, the official acts, the government books, the church affiliations and church participations, the public and private statements of these men (not to mention the descriptions of their contemporaries) all show they were almost all Bible reading, God-fearing, Christ-following men, and the "free thinkers" among them were decidedly so few and out of the mainstream that they aren't worthy of mention.

Tell a lie often enough, and make it big enough, and ultimately people will accept it as the truth. George Orwell said this in his books, "Animal Farm" and "1984," and it is true. We are gullible, to some degree or other. If uneducated, we are all the more inclined to accept falsehood and distorted history dished up as the truth. The liberal, secular humanist establishment is counting on this--as they rewrite American history to show that America was run by Deists not Christians, founded by sexists, and bigots, and slave owners--not men the younger generation should admire and emulate. America, in their liberal opinion, is a one big embarrassing mistake, and ought to be completely made over according to the liberal agenda--only then will America, in their opinion, take a legitimate place among civilized nations. As for Islamic jehadists, they will quit bothering us the moment we stop being the 900 pound gorilla on the block. If America would just be reasonable and give up its army and stop being the superpower, the jehadists would pack up their back backs and go home and leave us in peace--or so they (and the Islamic jehadists) want us to believe.

These dunces are throwing America away--the best, freest, most prosperous, most caring and generous country on earth--and will substitute for it a hellish utopia that will be ruled authoritatively and have no freedom left to its name. It does not matter to them what the record actually shows America to be--they don't want a Christian, moral, homogenous, American society, free and indivisible under God. They want just the opposite--an immoral, divided and fratracidal, authoritarian, godless society. Moreover, they do not want a prosperous, wealth-creating society--apply draconian Global Warming sanctions and make it sink to a Third World economy, while they retain their high positions and wealth, of course. To help achieve such a hell on earth they only emphasize the bad (and there is bad, plenty badness in America, thanks to their liberal erosion of morality and belief in God and Christ and basic ethics such as honesty).

We have gone so far down the road to destruction that only God Almighty can send a revival that will turn us around. Tens of millions will have perished before that happens, and millions more will perish even if we do turn around--since the results of so many years of moral degeneracy and misgovernment cannot be erased even in a lifetime, there are bound to be disastrous consequences for a long, long time.

It is high time for President Bush to come to grips with the clear and unmistakable peril we are in and call America to a Day of National Fasting and Prayer. We are tottering to our final overthrow, while enjoying a last, mad fling, like the degenerate, sensualist Ancient Romans just before the barbarians sacked Rome in 410, or like Prince Regent Belshazzar holding a royal bash at the palace, the night Cyrus's Medo-Persian army marched into Babylon to take it, interrupting Belshazzar's grand toast to himself amidst the cheers of his noblemen-dunces crying in their cups, "Long live the king! Long live King Belshazzar!"

The 9/11 fiasco (which indicated a tremendous bungling of our national defense and the brokenness (thanks to Jimmy Carter's axing them) and rivalry of our intelligence (sic) services) was the brilliantly achieved objective of a tiny cadre of a dozen men slipping in like Cyrus's soldiers under the water gate of ancient Babylon's supposedly impregnable walls--we stared helplessly, stunned, at the television screens while a handful of Islamic Jehadists (they cannot be called that by our politically correct leaders who are bowing to Islam in America) nearly overthrew our nation, by killing thousands of people and utterly destroying our chief financial center and also striking a tremendous blow upon our national defense headquarters at the Pentagon. They nearly included a similar, total destruction of the White House or the Capitol--but we were spared a complete overthrow by a merciful God--not by anything our absolutely flummoxed armed forces did.

We came within a hair's breadth of being utterly overthrown as a nation, fellow Americans. We can ignore history and its very costly, harrowing lessons (the lessons Rome, Assyria, Egypt, Babylon, Greece, and Persia learned too late), and instead of obedience to God choose pride and arrogance, folly and immorality and murder of the unborn only so long in God's calendar. He has set a limit to our folly and rebellion, and we are close, very close to reaching it. We were given a space of time to turn back to God--but what are we doing with it? What are we doing with it? Isn't that the sound of champagne glasses clinking? Don't we hear toasts full of unbelievable platitudes and lavish blandishments being given at the party in Belshazzar's palace?

SPEAKING OF COVENANTS: Today was the 400th anniversary of the landing of our Forefathers from Britain on the shores of America in what was later called New England. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip paid a state visit to the site, along with President Bush. The toylike, ceremonial soldiers of the Capitol were paraded, and a gala toasting dinner was arranged for them later in the day. But none of it means anything, as we continued the same dunces we were before the 400th anniversary. Pat Robertson held a more honest commemoration on the site at Virginia Beach, recalling the newcomers' holy covenant with God. A direct descendant of the Indian chief who had first met the Christian Britons coming off the boat presented Pat Robertson with a beautiful peace flute from his tribe, showing that they had forgiven the European immigrants everything--and they embraced in mutual Christian love. That was all very good--but the fact is the original colonizers from Great Britain would have nothing to do with us, fellow Americans. They would not own us as Americans or partakers in the holy covenant made with Almighty God for the express purpose that this nation be raised up by God to spread the truth of the Gospel to the whole world. They would weep if they could see us in 2007, and what we are doing, and what we have done with America and her precious, costly freedoms once admired and emulated round the world. They would as true, genuine Christians pray for our deliverance from our runaway pride and folly and for God's mercy to be granted us, that we not be utterly destroyed by God's judgment. Meanwhile, our media cameras would be either cavalierly ignoring them, or the poker-faced hypocrites and liars of NBC, CBS, ABC, the BBC, and even FOX would be ridiculing them, and even accusing them of bigotry, sexism, and capitalism, and slave-holding. They were doing this very thing on the same day, as I listened to an "educator" at a prestigious college or university debunking the "myths" about the Pilgrims and Puritans, exposing them as gold-diggers and money-grubbers, among other things (I would have liked to hear him explain how you can carry out a transatlantic expedition to a new world without an expensive ship, paid captain and crew, equipment, provisions, and the underwriting of the founding of the new settlement, the whole cost of which must be paid back to the investors!). The party was still going on, in other words. The champagne glasses were still clinking, last I heard. And Divine Judgment is still coming.

Postscript: Liberal educators like to point out that America was already "discovered" long before Columbus sailed from Spain to the "New World" and the Pilgrims and Puritans arrived on the east coasts of North America, at places called Jamestown, Roanoke, and Cape Henry (now Virginia Beach). They say that the native tribes had been here first, and had long-established nations and cultures, and needed nothing from Europe--and certainly not the Christian religion! Though it is true the native tribes had been in America a long, long time--we still do not know exactly which one of them was here first--as the archeological record is not complete. What they do not point out is that no one tribe or people could exert the strength, leadership, and vision to unify the hundreds of tribes and their widely scattered territories with their often fluid, unmarked boundaries. America was defenseless, in that respect, and was going to fall to invaders. It was going to be a prey of large colonial powers and did become a prey of large colonial powers. The American tribes were constantly shifting their residence, or being attacked by other tribes on the move, thus causing them to move whether they wanted to or not. Into this continent-wide vacuum of power and disunity, the Christians arrived, and they quickly established a civil society and state, the first truly unified American state to which everyone could safely belong (though the status of blacks and Indians in regard to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights had yet to be determined justly, a process that took generations and many struggles and setbacks and even wars). This American state was set up for the purpose of the propagation of the Gospel throughout the world, and was instituted on a holy covenant with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and His Son, Jesus Christ. This state was Christian, though comprised of many different peoples as time went on--for not only Anglo-Saxons but Jews were an integral part--and though blacks were not given equal citizenship at the start, they conributed in many ways, and made strenuous efforts to be accepted as equal citizens, since they recognized the value of America from the beginning. Liberals like to characterize America as an elitest group of 19th century landowners living off the sweat of slaves--a badly flawed state, to say the least--but America was, even with the flaws, moving toward equality of races--following the example of George Washington who set his own slaves free (but could not set his wife's slaves free, for they were her inherited property and she had to make her own decision about it). Yet such things are mere quibbles. Detractors are not concerned with colonial elitism, or partriarchalism, or slave-owning or any other problems of those times--despite what they say on the subjects. It is America's unmistakable Christian foundation and the fact America was founded on a holy covenant with God--not the various flaws of America at the beginning--that the liberal educators resent most--but that is the very thing that produced the greatness of America--and enabled America to become the greatest nation and society on earth.


Pastor Jerry Falwell of Liberty Road Baptist Church, Liberty University, and the Moral Majority--a leading conservative Christian--has passed away suddenly from apparent heart failure at the age of 73. He was found unconscious in his office ("his boots on") and rushed to the hospital. He had been in the hospital in 2005 for heart and lung problems. The BBC's TV report was unfavorable--as you and I would expect to hear from a full-blown HIV-atheistic organization that has as its agenda the destruction of Christian values and institutions and even the end of a Christian voice in America's affairs. They called him a racist, supporting the apartheid regime of South Africa. I refuse to believe anything they say about this. The apartheidist regime ruling South Africa was replaced by another government headed by Nelson Mandela, supposedly a vast improvement, but it is proven to be a basket-case not much better than Zimbabwe (the former Rhodesia). The pandemic of AIDS, due to the unrestrained immorality of South Africans, is devastating an entire generation, leaving millions of orphans in the most dire circumstances. The government's welfare system and socialism are not helping the economy either. But this is the "improvement" the BBC fought for and got. Now the BBC has the word on Jerry Falwell, a man the BBC was not worthy to have enter its doors at Bush House in London. They did not mention anything good. They did not mention he was a family man, with a long, successful marriage, and that he was a truly moral, exemplary man in every respect, and that he loved God and served Jesus Christ and witnessed and ministered to sinners all his life as a pastor and friend. They said he could say the most terrible things in an affable way--things like "sin is wrong and destructive to a person," "God loves the homosexual, but hates the homosexuality," and "God wants everyone to be saved in the Name of Jesus Christ by accepting Him as their Lord and Savior." They mentioned Liberty University and the Moral Majority, only because they are perceived as a political threat to the liberal establishments and elites of this country and Britain. They do not see that this school and moral reform movement form about the only basis for hope for the survival of America and also Britain. The BBC refuses to accept that terrorism is not deserved by America, and roots for the terrorists because they are against America, whom the BBC regards as the true enemy in the world. But Jerry Falwell, seeing that America was founded as a Christian, covenanted nation under God, did not accept the secular humanist template, godless and anti-Christ and self-destructive and immoral as it is, but stood valiantly and consistently on the Word of God and the Ten Commandments as the true basis for any viable civilization. The BBC, and its cohorts in America, are true dunces. When their names go down into a pit of everlasting shame, Jerry Falwell's name will rise, and he will have many golden crowns to present to Christ for his love of Jesus, love of sinners, and his unfailing, courageous witness (taking the persecution and bitter, unjustified attacks of the secular humanist media with a smile and Christian love) for the sake of Christ. A true Christian champion has laid down the torch. Will YOU take it up, fellow Christian? He did what we are all called to do--take up the banner of Christ and stand regardless of all opposition and bitter attacks on us, whole showing true Christian love to our enemies and inviting them to accept Jesus as their personal savior so they might be saved and be taken to heaven. We can do this same thing that he did--in our own situations. Let us do it now--while we still have life and opporltunity.

A while ago I read Jerry Falwell's autobiography, and I was intrigued by his ability to tell on himself and throw his whole weight and reputation on the grace of Christ--it was most refreshing! He did not present himself at all as a holier than thou Christian. Rather, he was saying, I was just like you, my friend in Satan's bondage and the shackles of sin, but Christ set me free! We need more witnesses of grace so outspoken and candid and transparent as Jerry Falwell was. No wonder he rose to the heights he did--you can't keep an honest, genuine Christian down, who consistently lives godly and refuses to compromise his beliefs and Christian lifestyle to conform with with the fallen world. The world tried everything it could think of to silence him--but it utterly failed. He is now enjoying the eternal bliss and beauty of heaven (a place his detractors, unless they repent, will never see). No doubt the Lord said to him, "Well done, good and faithful servant! Enter now into the joy of the Lord!"



"The meek shall inherit the earth, if it's alright with the rest of you."--Submitted by Mrs. Pearl A. Ginther


"If you meet and forget me you've lost nothing. If you met Jesus Christ and forgot him, you've lost everything."--Submitted by Mrs. Pearl A. Ginther

"Praying in the Spirit brings anointing."--Submitted by Mrs. Pearl A. Ginther

"Evangelism is one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread."--Submitted by Mrs. Pearl A. Ginther

"Jesus says, 'You're in My hands and you will soon be in My crown."--Submitted by Mrs. Pearl A. Ginther

"A bad turn in life will take you farther than you want to go and keep you longer than you want to stay."--Willie Lewis

"No man or woman accomplishes so much in so little time as when he or she is praying."--Idalla Williams

"I reach new heights when I get down on my knees to pray."--Eunice Thomas

"You can't change the road you have traveled, it's the path up ahead that counts."--Lula McCurrie

Or, "I can't change yesterday, but I can certainly pray for a better today."--Gracie Walker

Mrs. Pearl A. Ginther's Retelling of the Legend of the Dogwood Tree:

"Legend of the Dogwood Tree," Retold by Mrs. Pearl A. Ginther


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The precious Moslem people (some 1.3 billion in number) have been tragically misled by false shepherds called clerics and mullahs and imans and muftis. Some clerics and imans are very dear men, with hearts of love for their people and no hatred for people of other religions, and certainly no plans to exterminate or enslave them! We know of some who do have plans to exterminate Christians, Jews, and whoever else who is not Moslem or consent to become third class citizens under draconian Sheriah law and Sheriah courts! These are ravening wolves--nothing but wolves in holy robes. How else can you explain the mullahs in Indonesia who smile and grin ear to ear while being interviewed by Western reporters and newsmen concerning their schools' direct ties with the suicide bombers in Indonesian cafes and clubs who killed hundreds of "infidel" Australians and Americans as well as Moslem Indonesians? There has to be madness, true posssession of Satan the murderer and liar, entrenched in their wicked, dark hearts and pulling their strings like a puppeteer. Of course, that is the case. The Bible describes this type of wicked and perverse man-puppet over and over. To offer a way of light and love, Eben has some fatwas (or messages of truth and love) of his own, given him by the Lord, we are praying will help guide you aright. His name is God-given, not thought up by any human being. He has a name that means stone, precious stone, measuring plummet. God can give him insights and words that will measure the issues and the conditions and the mullahs too who are wolves confronting the Moslem people, the people who can be traced back to Ishmael, at least the Arabs among them. This is not a political center. This is a spiritual center--offering Yeshua (Issa) as He truly is: the only true Hope, the only true Son of God, the only true Prophet of prophets, able to save and lead the Moslem people to heaven. These fatwas overrule the baying of the wolves of Islam, which are the false teachers and false mullahs who have kidnapped the religious following of millions across the Moslem countries. God will direct them to whomever is open to the truth. They are not for just anyone--but Christians too can learn possibly, from them. Christians too have false teachers, wolves in holy clothing. They have existed since Christ left the earth! They are in our evangelical churches and ministries still! John the Apostle warns us repeatedly about these false teachers, and the spirits of anti-christ, that are going about in the churches. Nothing has changed since his day. We have such people all the more, seeking to lead people astray for their own advantage. So too with the Moslem peoples--they desperately need a clear, saving word from God that will turn them to the Gospel of Jesus (Issa), who is not presented correctly in the Koran or in the Hadiths either.

"Fatwa of Eben, #1":

Greetings To the Oppressed Moslem People of Saudi Arabia: Give great praise and thanksgiving to God the Father of the Son, Issa, for your escape from the plane-missiles and major attack on your oil wells by Jehadists who hate your kings and other rulers and their involvement with Westerners. They also hate Christians and Jews, calling them swine and monkeys--and say many evil things against them--and this is not from God. It is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who blessed Ishmael and blessed your nation, who has had mercy on you this time. Turn from your unrighteous anger against Israel His Chosen Nation and People. Do not be misled by false teachers who teach hate but do not teach God's true laws, and who promote hatred of God's people through Isaac. You will be destroyed if you continue in that dark path, destroying yourselves by blindly being led by the blind teachers and many anti-Jewish leaders. Open your eyes to the liberty, grace, and truth that is in Issa of the line of Isaac, Issa of the line of David, Issa of the line of Joseph the son of Jacob, Issa of the virgin maiden Mary and the Holy Spirit of God whom you do not know in your Moslem books. Turn to the true Son and true Prophet of God--Issa (Yeshua of the Jews and Christian). Issa is the Way, the Truth, and the Life for you and all peoples! His teachings are above any man's, for he is both holy God and sinless Man. God is love, being the Father of All, and His Son is Issa (Yeshua, Jesus Christ). Issa has revealed Him. Issa has revealed the Holy Spirit too who is present with us teaching us the Words of Issa in the Bible, the New Testament, the One prophesied in the prophecies pointing to the Messiah in the Jewish scriptures in hundreds of places. God the Father is love, and Issa is God's gift of love and grace and forgiveness for all of you and every single one of you! Turn to Him, turn to God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit--WHO ARE ONE GOD, NOT THREE GODS--now, and you will be saved from your sin done unknowing and knowing, and from the destruction and death to come upon the world that rejects the Son of God as the Way, the Truth, and the Life. You are loved by God, WHO IS LOVE. GOD WANTS YOU TO SPEAK TO HIM, AND BE HIS SONS AND DAUGHTERS IN TRUTH! LOOK TO THE NEW FLOWERS OF SPRING--COMPLETELY NEW AND BEAUTIFUL LIFE PICTURED, WHICH THE LORD GOD, GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC, AND JACOB, GIVES TO ALL WHO HONOR AND OBEY HIM. This fatwa is ended.

Calligraphy by Mrs. Nancy Lawton

WILL THE ROADMAP TO PEACE AND THE GIVING UP OF ISRAELI LAND FOR PEACE WORK? OR IS THE ROADMAP TO PEACE FOUND IN JESUS CHRIST ALONE, JUST AS THE BIBLE IN THE BOOK OF ISAIAH TEACHES HE IS THE PRINCE OF PEACE? EPHESIANS 2:4 ALSO STATES: "HE IS OUR PEACE." Sister Minnie Kemery, life-long missionary to the Arabs of Tunisia and the Left Bank in Israel, had this dream--the coming together in peace by Arabs and Jews through Jesus Christ, the Ambassador Extraordinaire and Envoy and Messiah of God. When I visited at her mission in Bethlehem just before the Intifada broke out, she was asking me and others and searching for an artistic picture that would portray both Arabic and Hebrew words for peace, which are so similar they sound like the same word when pronounced. She succeeded in finding the perfect portrayal! Here they are, with the English, in a card she later sent to me after my return home to America:

As you can see by the items in each panel, the left hand panel with the domed mosque has the Arabic word for peace, and the right hand panel with the seven-branched menorah candlestick has the Hebrew word for peace. I changed the card's original color to blue, the color of heaven--for the peace, the true peace established by the Messiah, Jesus Christ, will bring heaven on earth through not only His power, Name, and presence on earth but the agency and office of the Holy Spirit (the Dove at the top of the center panel).

THE ROADMAP TO PEACE IS UNBIBLICAL: "My covenant I will not break, nor alter the word that has gone out of My lips."--Psalm 89:34.

America, listen up! This unequivocal declaration by Almighty God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, completely invalidates President Bush's "Roadmap to Peace." God will never approve it. Psalm 105, 7-15, states: "He is the Lord our God, His judgments are in all the earth. He remembers His covenant forever, the word which he commanded for a thousand generations [40-50,000 year stretch of time, which means unlimited in extent--Ed.]. The covenant which He made with Abraham, and His oath to Isaac, and confirmed it to Jacob for a statute, to Israel as an everlasting covenant. Saying, "To you I will give the land of Canaan as the allotment of your inheritance." When they were but few in number, indeed very few, and strangers in it. When they went from one nation to another, from one kingdom to another people. He permitted no one to do them wrong; yes, he rebuked kings for their sakes, saying, "Do not touch My anointed ones, and do My prophets no harm!"

This tells the Moslem nations and their rulers to stop their attacks on Israel, God's Covenanted People and Nation. Otherwise, they will have to deal with the wrath and the punishment of God--and it will be severe, perhaps amounting to their complete destruction if they do not stop--just as we saw happen in the Bible in the complete destruction of the enemy kingdoms and nations that attacked Israel when they were being led by Moses and Joshua.

Even if heaven and earth should pass away, the Covenant will still stand utterly unchanged. The Covenant is not up for human review and legislative or presidential amendment. God is a Covenant God, and He has said himself that his Covenant cannot be broken or altered by Him. Man may disregard and break it, but Man will bear the consequences, which is punishment and destruction. That is as certain as the effects of gravity on falling bodies. The law of gravity is not affected in the least by those who ignore or break it--it will kill and destroy all those who leap from buildings or cliffs--which we are now doing as a nation and a people as we continue on our merry way, heedlessly breaking God's commandments and His holy covenants.

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