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Stranger sharing the Messianic prophecies about Yeshua from the scriptures. The place is the road to Emmaus, in sight of the Mount of Olives, and the two discouraged disciples listen to the stranger's wonderful words of God's truth, their hearts "burning" within them.


A Messianic School of the Bible


WORLD'S GREATEST BOOK CAN BE UNDERSTOOD IF GIVEN A CHANCE: Beyond question, the greatest book in the world is the Bible, and the greatest Book is about the greatest Person, Jesus Christ (Yeshua the Anointed).

Friend, are you unable to read the Bible, that is, make sense of it? Or do some parts make sense, but others, such as Leviticus or Revelation or Romans seem totally bewildering? Are you desiring to go deeper, or reach a higher ground, spiritually, but your difficulty in comprehending scripture is holding you back? It may well be you need to consider that the Bible is essentially Messianic--that is, it exists to tell you about the Messiah and Savior, and virtually everything in the Bible points to Him. With this understanding, you are on your way to unlocking the scriptures and opening the door to Yeshua--for they are, in truth, a living Person, Jesus (Yeshua), who delights in His Name, the Word (John 1:1: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

You are most welcome to review the list of the Bible books now. This is vital. In this era, when there is so little knowledge of the Bible, it can no longer be taken for granted that everyone knows what they are.

The Books of the Bible


The Bible's Messianic Texts are thus named because they are passages in scripture that point specifically to the Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus in Gentile terminology). Foremost in consideration of these texts, Christ Himself chose it when conducting an informal Bible class with two distraught and troubled disciples who had left Jerusalem just after the crucifixion and were on their way to Emmaus, a village seven miles from the Holy City. This spiritual trek inspired the logo graphic at the top of our home page, and in Judaea in the time of Jesus (see the map) Emmaus is near the bottom, located close by Jerusalem.

Vita of Ronald Ginther, Founder of the Emmaus Walk:


"Autobiographical Sketch of a Sparrow," by Ronald Ginther


"Have you ever met God?", a Reply to a Radio Show Host's Question by Ronald Ginther

The Emmaus Walk Certificate of Excellence


"CONGRESS DECLARES BIBLE THE WORD OF GOD," Public Law 97-280, October 4, 1982, Statute 1211, Approved October 4, 1982


A Standard Messianic Texts List (amended and revised somewhat) from the Jewish New Testament

The Names of Yeshua (Jesus) in the Bible

"Introduction to Biblical Science," by Duane L. Smith

"The Work and Person of the Holy Spirit: Essay I, "An Opinion About the Holy Spirit Gifts as Seen Today," by Duane L. Smith

Mrs. Pearl Ginther's Tribute to Christian Education

Crosswalk Bible Website

Part I, "Love: God's Priceless Gift," by Duane L. Smith

Part II, "Love: God's Priceless Free Gift," A Study with Questions, by Duane L. Smith

Supplemental Study Questions on Love article, by Duane L. Smith is temporarily not on-line

Part I, "Genesis's The Seed of Woman, God's Redeemer to Come," by Ronald D. Ginther

"Exodus: Types of Christ," by Ronald Ginther

Duane L. Smith's "Prophetic Dream," a dream-vision of the Lord Jesus

Bible Study Tools Online, with Goshen Online Study Bible--Verse Lookup

The Blue Letter Bible

The American Bible Society library Bibles and other resources

"Leviticus: Atonement4us," by Ronald Ginther

Another fine article by Duane L. Smith:

"The Hope of the Christian, and Worldly Despair," by D. L. Smith

"What is Truth?"--Part I, by Duane L. Smith (A Philosophical Approach to Apologetics)

Part II, "What is Truth?", from Foundational Principles for Living, by Duane L. Smith

"Ruth the Vine," A Poetic Tribute to Christ's Moabite, Christlike Ancestress, by Ronald Ginther

"Esther: the Book of Godly Intrigue," by Ronald Ginther

"Deuteronomy: Israel's Chance to Obey Christ Completely," by Ronald Ginther

"Joshua: A Many-Faceted Type of Christ," by Ronald Ginther

Questions for "Joshua: A Many-Faceted Type of Christ"

"Judges: Othniel, A Little Christ," First of Thirteen Delivering Christ-Types from Ehud to Samson, by Ronald Ginther

"A Glimpse of Heaven and a Taste of Hell," by Instructor Duane L. Smith, with illustrations by Butterfly Productions

"Foundational Principles of Life," Part I, by Duane L. Smith

The worst thing you can be in American society is not a prostitute, a murderer, a rapist, a pedophile, a wife beater, a bank robber, or an identity thief. What is it? It is to be a failure. Call yourself a failure, and people go into instant shock or denial, since they want absolutely nothing to do with failure as though it were worse than the Avian flu. Failure in America is worse than the Avian flu, however, it is a kind of leprosy. It is thought contagious, hence the distancing that people evidence when the subject comes up. People can be proud of being prostitutes, porn stars, robbers, rapists, and so on, but they never boast of being failures. To be a failure is to be an Untouchable, a Dalit, to use the present term for social pariah. A leper is even more to the point. We are lepers, if we call ourselves failures. People scream silently--"Unclean! Unclean!"--and back off immediately, if you call yourself a failure, and are just being honest about it. Yes, people don't mind saying they failed at this or that career or marriage or business venture, until they...and the success story follows usually that's meant to stroke their egos and make the person shine in our eyes. But what if no success follows--what then? What if all you have to look forward to is...more failure? Do you go on Paula White and announce you are a failure--and that is the end of it--just more abyssmal failure? What kind of applause and reaction will that inspire? They will cut you from the program tape for sure and never invite you back!

God isn't the motivational-type evangelist, such as Paula White or Andrew Carnegie or Donald Trump or even Joyce Meyers and Dr. Schuller. God prefers to use failures, who are honest people acknowledging that they cannot be Christians, and cannot serve him, and cannot follow him rightly. God can use such honest people. I cannot be certain how much use he has of motivational evangelists, though I do not deny they are all highly admirable individuals!

Samson was one such honest person--in his last moments of life, it must be said. He started as a "successful" person. He wasn't honest, however--far from it. His ego soared sky-high. Nobody, not even Dr. Phil, could tell him what to do. He did exactly what he pleased, every time, and his own parents had to step aside. Everybody had to step aside, in fact, for mighty Samson with the ego as big as a Goodyear blimp. But God wasn't going to step aside for this worm who thought himself King of the World. He hadn't changed--he was God, not Samson. So Samson had to fall into the pit, before he came to himself, realizing the truth, that he was mere dust, a hopeless failure, before Almighty God. Isn't that a good place to begin? Samson really began there--the preceding story was merely a preface. He began--and ended--the same day, in fact. But his ending was his glorious beginning of a new life--even as he breathed his last breath, caught under tons of masonry, tumbled down from the temple he had just pulled part with superhuman, Holy Ghost power (it wasn't his strength, after all, but God's).

Maybe it isn't a bad thing, spiritually, to be a failure and admit it to God. At that point God had Samson in his hand--and used him in a way that gave glory to God for all generations to come. Do you know that there is a Samson Tugboat Company?--yes, his name lives on thousands of years after his bones crumbled to dust--as the symbol of strength and power. Samson's greatness is more than an American company named after him. His greatness is being surrendered, fully, to God for the first time in his life. God is a wonderful, wonderful God, isn't He? He didn't hold Samson's pitiful, pitiful failure against him, but wiped it all out when he reached down in grace and mercy and empowered Samson to do his greatest feat of strength--the destruction of the Philistines' Temple of Dagon, together with all their leading lords and ladies.

Let us become, and acknowledge, ourselves failures, becoming lepers in this world, and then be in position to receive true greatness from God's hand--just like Samson.

This is my true testimony too--not just Samson's. I am trying to be honest. Now you have it, take it or leave it.--Ed.

"Judges: Samson, Backslidden Nazarite and Judge of Israel," Or, "Hope for the Washed-up Christian," by Ronald Ginther

"Bible Names for God's Son"

Study Questions for Bible Names of God's Son, by Ronald Ginther

"Come Let Us Reason Together," "An Account of Messianic Witnessing," by Duane L. Smith

Here is the last article written by Duane L. Smith:

"Einstein, Quantum Mechanics, and the Reconciliation with Theology," Parts I-III, by Duane L. Smith

"Foundational Principles for Abundant Living, Meditations on God's Grace, Section A," by Duane L. Smith

Test Questions for Foundational Principles, by Duane L. Smith

Recommended The Emmaus Walk Book List:

"A Man Called Peter," The Story of Peter Marshall, by Catherine Marshall. McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York. See also the site's ending note on this page about Peter Marshall and his message on Elijah and America's spiritual crisis which has just been reprinted by Lamplighter Magazine.

In connection with this book about Peter Marshall, Joyce Meyer's magazine, December 2005, offers "Stand Up and Be Counted," DVD and VHS by Joyce Meyer. The 66-minute video features Alan Beliles, Peter Marshall, and Dave and Joyce Meyer.

Be sure to read a biography of Sir Isaac Newton the physicist and inventor of calculus--also a Christian and agreed by most scientists to be the greatest scientist who ever lived. We need to know that Christians (Bible-believing followers of Jesus Christ!) have furthered the advance of science, technology, and civilization beyond any other group (and certainly beyond the contributions of secular humanists!).

"We Have a Choice, Humility or Humiliation," perhaps a last and most significant call to America to repent or be destroyed by our enemies (Islamic terrorist organizations and supporting Islamic nations, with friends in the West aiding them, such as the secular-humanists entrenched in the U.S. Congress). This call is Robison's prophetic warning, available in his 16-page booklet printed and distributed by LIFE Outreach International, Fort Worth, TX, 2006.

"The Enemy at Home--the Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11," by Dinesh da Souza. This is not a religious book, but it describes the cultural environment in which Christian faith must now fight for its very existence, as all our Christian institutions are assaulted daily and aggressivively by media, mainline church denominations that have turned secular humanist, by Hollywood films and videos and the speeches of film stars, by blasphemous musicians and celebrities, by the press, by obscene talk show hosts, by popular fiction and dishonest, anti-Christ writers such as Brown who wrote that blatant, historical distortion, the Da Vinci Code.

"Smith Wigglesworth," Apostle of Faith, biography by Stanley Howard Frodsham, Radiant Books, Gospel Publishing House, Springfield, Missouri. Smith Wigglesworth was, spiritually speaking, the politically incorrect evangelist of his day. We need this kind of witness and honesty even more today, when the Christian faith and the Gospel are being compromised almost everywhere you look.

"George Muller, Man of Faith and Miracles," biography hy Basil Miller, Bethany Fellowship, Dimension Books, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Hope for Man in a Hopeless World," by Basilea Schlink, Bethany Fellowship, Dimension Books, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Glory in the Church, the Coming Revival," by Edward E. Hindson, Thomas Nelson Publishers, New York/Nashville

"Czechmate," by British evangelist to Russia and Siberia and Slavic nations, David Hathaway. This is his own autobiographical account of his unjust imprisonment in a communist country, Czechoslovakia, for taking Bibles in to give to Christians.

"Jesus Freaks." I have not read it, but the younger generation seems to appreciate it very much, so you can order it through VOM Books.

"The Next World Order," by evangelical Bible prophecy scholar, Grant Jeffrey, who is an excellent source for Israel's role in eschatological prophecies and developments of the End Times and even information on the whereabouts of the Ark of the Covenant. To order his book or books, go to his website.

Grant Jeffrey, Bible Prophecy, and book, "The Next World Order"

A very handy guidebook, "The Everyday Guide to "God," A to Z Listing of God's Attributes, with Scriptures, by Amy Ng Wong, Humble Creek Publisher, Uhricksville, Ohio

"The Complete Book of Bible Lists," by H.L. Willmingon, Tyndale House, Wheaton, Illinois

"God Sent a Man," the story of Joseph, by Carlyle B. Haynes, Review and Herald Publishing Association, Washington, D.C.

"Israel Act III," The Bible and the Mideast in prophecy, by Richard Wolff, Tyndale House, Wheaton, Illinois

"Eric Liddell, Pure Gold," biography of the Chariots of Fire Olympic runner turned missionary to China, by David McCasland, Discovery House Publishers, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Messianic Christology," by Arnold J. Fruchtenbaum, Ph.D., Th.M., Ariel Ministries, Tustin, California. This book costs $25, available through the Purple Pomegranate, Jews for Jesus, 60 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94102-5895. It is worth it, and should be in the library of every serious Bible student.

"C.S. Lewis," Heroes of the Faith series biography, by Sam Wellman, Barbour Publishing, Uhrichsville, Ohio

The late Pastor Richard Wurmbrand's books, particularly his "Tortured for Christ." If you don't know who he is, find out yourself! Don't just let other people tell you. Richard Wurmbrand was the founder of the Voice of the Martyrs ministry to the persecuted Christians of the world. He spent 14 years in Romanian prisons for his faith in Christ (his very survival was a great miracle--since thousands perished, unable to bear the torture, starvation, unsanitary conditions, lack of adequate heat and warm clothing, lack of decent hospital care, and brutality and persecution by the communist guards). Make every effort to read his accounts of his years of persecution and prison ordeals. They will tell you exactly what Christians are experiencing in prisons in Nepal, Burma, China, and Moslem countries. You and I need to know. Richard Wurmbrand's "The Answer to the Atheist's Handbook," can be obtained by going to the VOM magazine/bookstore website.

Voice of the Martyrs Books

Roy Ratcliff's "Dark Journey, Deep Grace--the life of Jeffrey Dahlmer. Roy Ratcliff appeared on Daystar TV to talk about the conversion of this man who killed many boys he had molested and then dismembered some of them. The book is for Christians with strong stomachs! It can be found at any Christian bookstore.

The true account of how a Japanese boy, Koji Honda, born into rank supertition and false idol worship taught him in his home by his own parents and grandparents, found Jesus Christ who set him free, free, free!

Chapters 1-2 of "Has God Forgotten Japan?", "Purified with Salt," and "A Baptized Sinner," by Evangelist Koji Honda

Chapter 3 of "Has God Forgotten Japan?", "Conversion and Restitution," by Evangelist Koji Honda

Chapters 4 and 5 of "Has God Forgotten Japan?", "Bible School Days" and "Suffering War Years," by Evangelist Koji Honda

Chapter 6 of "Has God Forgotten Japan?", by Evangelist Koji Honda, "A Church is Born"

Chapters 7-8 (with Conclusion) of "Has God Forgotten Japan?" by Evangelist Koji Honda, "God Saves Japanese Too," and "Behold, I Will Do a New Thing"

Please, as Koji Honda requested so urgently, join in prayer for Japan's unsaved millions. Your prayers are vital to the evangelization of that great people and nation. Let's not let Japan's people down! There are only a few people of the Japanese nation in heaven. Let's flood it with Japanese! Share this article however you can--pass on the news that Japanese need Christ and Christ is their Answer, not Shintoism, Buddhism, Materialism, and wierd cults.


John McTernan, who appeared on Sid Roth's "It's Supernatural" television program, is absolutely right in connecting terrible, increasingly destructive events of late with our last three presidents' and their governments' mistreatment of Israel--and has to my mind at least explained perfectly why our nation has suffered catastrophes as 9/11 and the hurricanes that destroyed New Orleans and many coastal communities. If you have a better explanation, let us know. Please go to Sid Roth's website for interview with John McTernan and information about his book, "As America Has Done to Israel," Xulon Press, or call 1-888-833-6416 and ask for Order 1055. A donation of $20 will include shipping and handling. I have read my copy cover to cover, and it is a terrific, eye-opening account--which explains so much to me that has bewildered me and millions of us Christians about what is happening to America in connection with Israel and our government's forcing Israel to give up Covenanted land to the Muslim terrorists and the Arabs who are claiming it as theirs. The book can also be obtained by going to his website or by writing to: Sid Roth, P.O. Box 1918, New Brunswick, GA 31521, with the Order #1055. Please go to the bottom of the page for a mini-review of the book.

Sid Roth, The Messianic Vision, and radio and Tv show, "It's Supernatural"

Sid Roth has a vision for bringing Jews and Christians together in "A New Man." He does not see that the present divisions were intended by God. Jesus Christ is the Great Unifier, in Sid Roth's view, if I understand him rightly. Jesus Christ broke down all the walls, barriers, and divisions. This does not justify a New Age religion of eclecticism, of course. New Age Religion denies Christ, who is too exclusive to fit in the New Age mish-mash of every belief and religion known to religious man, a sort of Adamic mulligan or hobo stew. Let the barriers come down in Christ alone: I say Amen to that!

Does Jesus love the Moslems? A resounding Yes! I got a completely different impression of the extremely photogenic golden Dome of the Rock (which is not a mosque, by the way, but a shrine), when I found out what the inscriptions set inside it around the dome say. The untrue, blasphemous inscriptions targeted at Christianity and set high inside the golden Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, declare "God has no Son." Think about it. Isn't that unique? Isn't that provocative? "God has no Son"? Tell that to Christians who believe the Word of God, which is the Bible, not the Koran. Certainly, it is true that Allah as no son, but, then, he is utterly false, and does not exist and can, therefore, have no progeny, since impotence can only breed nothing. Nonentities cannot have sons--that is for certain. God the Father (who is the One True God) had no consort or wife, yet the Father is not impotent. The Son proceeded from the Father, while existing eternally with the Father. He is Co-equal with the Father and the Third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. Islam, striving to put off its polytheistic roots, claims God is One Person--calls him Allah. That denies the other Two Persons of the Godhead--not a wise thing to do, you would think! Islam has no concept of the Father God either, for Allah is not a father in any sense--and to share pulpits with Moslem clerics, as if they worship the same God as Christians--well, that is to invite the God of Elijah to come down with consuming fire to correct these compromising pastors and churchmen! Born of ignorance of God, Islam knows nothing of the Father, nor the Son, nor the Holy Spirit. (To claim that Islam and Christianity worship the same God is absolute poppycock and propaganda, spun from New Age Religion and its attempt to use the secular-humanist doctrine of Tolerance to bring Christianity into submission to Satan's kingdom.) And the proof that God has a Son is that Jesus died on the cross for them, despite the Koranic scriptures about Issa not claiming to be the Son of God and clerics who claim Jesus never died for us, or saved us from our sins (so that we have to work for our salvation as Moslems). Islam gives each adherent to its works righteousness religion a thistle, called a goatshead in the Middle east, sticking in the foot, on which we step in pain. But Jesus gives us who believe in Him as the saving Son of God a beautiful rose of salvation and free grace! Here is a Rose of CHRIST YESHUA'S Love for the Beloved Moslem People who are being called by Jesus Christ to come to the only true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob:




Perhaps the most remarkable story of martyrdom and faith of a Christian to come out of the former Soviet Empire and Communist Russia: "A Russian Martyr, Ivan Vasilyevich Moiseyev," Translated by H.K. Neerskov, Edited by John. B. Calhoun, and published by Christ for the Nations of Dallas, Texas in 1974:

Chapters 1-3, "A Russian Martyr, Ivan Vasilyevich Moiseyev"

Chapter 4, "A Russian Martyr, Ivan Vasilyevich Moiseyev"

Chapters 5-6, "A Russian Martyr, Ivan Vasilyevich Moiseyev"

Chapter 7, "An Appeal for Justice," Chapter 8, "A Letter to the World," and Epilogue, "A Russian Martyr, Ivan Vasilyevich Moiseyev"

Ivan Moiseyev's story is also featured in the book, "Jesus Freaks," mentioned in VOM magazine, March 2007. The March issue of VOM magazine tells about a 12-year-old girl who read "Jesus Freaks" and was especially touched by the story of Ivan Moiseyev. She so admired his courage and steadfastness and complete trust in God that she delved more into God and began to recite memorized scriptures in her own church. In response other members gave to support VOM and the Christian captives in Christian-persecuting nations.

Voice of the Martyrs Magazine has a book by Sabrina Wurmbrand, wife of the late famous author of the martyrs' classic, "Tortured for Christ," Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, which details the tortures and martyrdoms of his fellow Christians in a Communist Romanian prison. Pastor Wurmbrand died in 2001, but his books are featured in the March issue. You can obtain any of his books by going to the bookstore of VOM in its magazine or look on its website. You can also read about and write encouraging letters to the pastors and other Christian believers imprisoned in China, Laos, and various Moslem or Hindu countries.

"Voice of the Martyrs" Website, Magazine, and Bookstore


Please check out the "Back to Jerusalem" faith mission that led Brother Yun, the persecuted Chinese Christian, to faith in Christ.




Please check out the "Back to Jerusalem" faith mission that led Brother Yun, the persecuted Chinese Christian, to faith in Christ.



"The Long, Lonely Road," A Song's Lyrics by the late Duane L. Smith

"Someday," a Negro Spiritual Song by Ronald Ginther



Link for Christian activists (LOVE AND PEACE "terrorists" FOR CHRIST), via David Wildmon's American Family Association On-line:

American Family Association On-Line

Conversion to Christ the Savior is the way for people to change their minds and take Biblical views (it is the work of the Holy Spirit, not anything people say), but there are legitimate ways to counter and confront subtle as well as blatant liberal biases in the news and media:

Fight Media Bias

Sound the Alarm

Family Research Council, Defending Family, Faith, and Freedom


We Christians who believe the Bible and who spit on replacement theology for the false doctrine it is, need to support Israel, the apple of God's eye, in prayer and any other way we can, now that a survey has shown it is the most hated country on earth--which it has done nothing to earn! No nation is faultless, but Israel had not earned this. Israel has a right to defend itself when attacked. The Arab nations have attacked Israel again and again--and been defeated, thanks to God's protection and sovereign intervention.

In the survey Iran is right down there at the bottom, too, but Iran has richly earned its low rating, thanks to its president threatening Israel and also Americans with nuclear annihilation once it gets its nukes strapped on to its North Korean and Chinese-manufactured missiles (thanks to President Clinton, the guidance systems technology was given and sold and the remainder was stolen outright by Chinese agents, highly classified guidance technology that was needed to guide these missiles to targets in Israel, Europe, and even the U.S.).

America is also given a very low rating--also not earned. Hal Lindsay discusses this survey on a recent broadcast, and you can access it on his site.

An excellent view into events in Israel is found in Benny Hinn's website. Just go to his website and click on the window on the left hand side of his page, entitled Israel News Today. Article after article is offered. There is also video of his various programs taped in Israel, programs interviewing Christian leaders in Israel. Exciting, timely stuff!

Israel Today News, via Benny Hinn Ministry

Christians United for Israel is having a grand congregational meeting of all who love and support Israel in Washington at the Capitol. Pastor John Hagee, hosting the event, says there will be no singing "Amazing Grace" on the grass until they get sunburned, but they will be going instead to meet with the legislators and ask support for Israel. This is an epochal event, which can turn the tide which is running, world-wide, against Israel--something this brave little democratic country surrounded by a sea of Moslem despotisms does not merit in the least. You can become a supporter of Israel in a real way by joining this organization, "Christions United for Israel."

"Christians United for Israel"

Yet another excellent Israel resource is "Levitt Letter," the newsletter of the Levitt Ministry. It is worth ordering, for it is jammed with fascinating news and articles you may find no where else. Joel Rosenberg's article, "Muslims Accept Israel"s Messiah,' tells how a Muslim cleric, Sheikh Ahmad al Qataani, declared on the infamous, anti-Western Muslim-extremist, jehadist-supporting television station Aljazeera (which is the Devil's mouthpiece or orifice, to put it kindly) that more Muslims are converting to Christ than ever before. Does this not make their report all the more credible, since they hate Christ so much? The sheikh reported, "Every hour 667 Muslims convert to Christianity. Every day, 16,000 Muslims convert to Christianity [Hallelujah!--Ed.]. Every year, 6 million Muslims convert to Christianity." He called it a tragedy to the stunned interviewer, but the angels in heaven are rejoicing--for Christ is tearing down the walls of Islam faster than they can be built back up! It is just a matter of time before crosses rise in Mecca over every minaret and every mosque and shrine, put up by the people themselves whose lives have been transformed by the Good News of the Savior and Lord, Jesus (Issa) of Nazareth, the only Son of God! Even while this evangelization is going on, Satan is working over-time to destroy these nations before they turn to Christ the Son and Savior sent to Earth to save the Moslem people. He knows his time is fast running out to keep them enslaved to his darkness and lies and deception.

Joel C. Rosenberg, author of "Muslims Accept Israel's Messiah," can be reached via his website. He is a bestselling author too.

Joel C. Rosenberg


IF WE DON'T KNOW WHERE WE CAME FROM, WE CAN'T KNOW WHERE WE ARE GOING: So-called scholars and social commentators have declared our Founding Fathers to be Deists or skeptics (categorically!). Nothing could be farther from the truth, states David Barton.

David Barton, Wallbuilders

Although we encourage you to go to David Barton's fine site and access "Resouces," we shall use the links he provided and make a convenient page here on this site, so that you can readily access these resource sites he listed:

Historical Documents

Resources for Americans, Part I

African-American History

Homes of the Founding Fathers

Pro-Family Organizations

Prayer Organizations

Legal Organizations

Educational Organizations


Pro-Life Organizations

Anti-Pornography Organizations

Legislative Policy Organizations

Youth Organizations

Historical Prints and Products

Pastor Hagee of Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, has reported on national and international television that informed sources (and he has been briefed by such as former Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu, and others in Israel who are his long-term friends): America's premier cities have cell groups waiting to detonate nuclear suitcase bombs. Among the cities are New York City, Miami, Houston, Washington. This is the mortal, death blow the Islamic Jehadists plan to strike us with, and they have the bombs, it is reported, enough to crush us as a nation, when they detonate them simultaneously. They are, it is reported, just waiting for the call to set them off.

We all saw how ineffectual the U.S. Federal Government is in the midst of a national emergency such as Hurricane Katrina's assault on the coast and its aftermath. The Federal Government was far more efficient at the turn of the century, when San Francisco was destroyed by the great earthquake. Help was there in a matter of hours--not days and weeks! This is what Secular Humanism has done to us--our government is set in a kind of concrete, unable to act when it would be most vital for it to do so!

It was CHRISTIAN ministries and churches, Mayor Nagin of New Orleans, that were first on the site of your destroyed city, pouring out tons of food, water, supplies, even rescue operations! Did you ever thank any of them for the tremendous help they gave thousands in the city and thousands more outside it?

Now it seems hopeless at first sight, when secular humanists are in so much control of our society that we are made sitting ducks where our enemies are concerned. What can one person do to stop our arch-enemies from destroying us and our country? Our nation is in such disarray, morally, spiritually, and politically. We cannot even unite to fight the terrorists, who are using Iraq as a base of operations. That base will soon shift to our own streets and malls and cities, as we pull out our troops. The terrorists have said so themselves, that they are pleased by the prospect of our giving up and pulling out of Iraq, and we know that they will bring the war to us--and then crush us completely with the suitcase bombs!

We must know that our government and military (and certainly not our Congress) cannot protect us (we have seen it in case after case of national emergency). We must turn to God alone. The only hope we have is God--in this time of peril. It seems impossible, however, to be of any influence. This nation is too big, too divided, for one person to affect. How can we help bring a turn-around in America, in our lives, in our relationship to God, that will bring God's forgiveness and His aid in saving us and our country? It just seems altogether impossible! Impossible! The darkness is too great to penetrate or drive back! Right? Do I strike a chord somewhere in somebody who is concerned about this entire situation? National security is just one aspect--it is all connected to our moral and spiritual, backslidden state as a Christian people and a formerly Christian nation.

Actually, let us think soberly, biblically, about this crisis. One person can be a majority, in God's eyes. He doesn't look at crises the way we do--one person who is so little compared to overwhelming numbers and overwhelmingly great circumstances. He is God--He is the Biggest "Component" in the universal equation. With Him, you, or I, have the winning number: 1 (Who is Number 1, plus one--you or I). Look at the Bible! It is full of crises where one person, with God as Number 1 in that person's life and prayers, turned entire nations back from destruction and going over the cliff! Deborah, Moses, Gideon, Elijah, David, Daniel...and they weren't considered important, either. They weren't always known, either. Gideon declared he was the least person in a family in a clan that was least in his tribe--but God went to him and called him "mighty champion." If we choose unbelief and distrust of God, we will say, "God you can't save this nation through me--I am too small, too average, too something or other, for You too use!" That is wrong thinking! That will never please God. God delights in using small, average, insignificant people like you and me. Then He gets the glory from what is accomplished through us! He doesn't get much glory through using Nobel Prize Laureates, or Presidents, or big-shots of any kind. He gets tremendous glory, as the Bible states over and over, from using insignificant vessels such as you and me.

In fact, He PREFERS to use people like you and me! Yes, he prefers to use us over the so-called great people of the world. So let us be willing to obey Him--even if it is a small task in our eyes. A small rudder turns a mighty ocean-liner! It is hidden away underwater, but without it the mighty liner would run out of control and dash itself on the rocks and everything would be destroyed. Let us be the little rudder that turns the mighty ocean-liner of America. Though our prayers, examples, witness of Jesus, and our support of what is our Judaeo-Christian heritage in America, we can turn the ship of state away from disaster. Let no one, particularly our fellow Christians, discourage us in the least. We don't answer for their lives and their decisions to give up in overwhelming situations. We answer only for our own lives and decisions. Let us go on--with God--who is the Majority over every other majority--and so we cannot lose! We cannot lose--no matter what it looks like. We simply cannot lose. The Bible is the testimony, of person after person, mostly insignificant and powerless, who won great victories by simply trusting God and turning to him in every situation of life, great and small. Let us turn to him in the small things now, and then He can use in the great issues too.

Faithfulness to Him will be rewarded. He is that kind of God. If we prove ourselves by obedience to Him, He can use us to go and speak to kings and parliaments and congresses and presidents and generals and terrorist leaders--and they will listen and do what we say they should do! We have that potential in us--if only we will obey now in the small things he has given us to do. We can start today, we can start now. Will you? Will I? It is our individual choice.

"Burning Questions and Candid Answers," by Pastor Joseph Rangen (Retired) and Nephew Ronald Ginther

Part I, "America's Urgent Decision: Spiritual Revival or Disaster," by John Kittleson, Lay Evangelist, published September 1988, but right on time for NOW!!

Part II, "America's Urgent Decision: Spiritual Revival or Disaster," by John Kittleson, Lay Evangelist, published September 1988, but right on time for NOW!!

A modern "Shamgar" is Fox channel's Bill O'Reilly, a non-Christian gadfly and a boot in the rear of secular humanist propagandists such as the NBC, the State of Vermont, and other secular humanist pathogens. I don't think his term, "secular progressives," which he uses for liberals, is a good one, however, since there is really no progressiveness in secular humanism--it is really all about the down-hill slide of society into the slime pits. O'Reilly's book can be found at any bookstore or

Some excellent resources about America's Christian heritage, founders, and values can be found on these websites. Marilyn Hickey made an excellent video tour of historic Christian sites on the East Coast involved in the American Revolution and the Continental Congresses, and Dr. James Kennedy has a video, "One Nation Under God," for a donation of $25 to Coral Ridge Ministries. Also click on his "Beginning Again" icon on his website page.

Marilyn Hickey Ministries

Coral Ridge Ministries


HAS SLAVERY GONE AWAY FOREVER? OR IS IT STILL AN ISSUE WE MUST DEAL WITH? WHAT IS THE HISTORY OF THE ABOLISHING OF SLAVERY IN BRITAIN AND THE BRITISH DOMINIONS? The following film produced in Britain is the creation of Ken Wales, who as a talented young man was given a scholarship by Walt Disney so he could go to a fine school and perhaps become a film maker. More important is the film itself. This film will embolden us, it will be a life-changing experience for all of us, making us fight for the unborn and the sex slaves of the international sexual gulag, not to mention the poor Filippino maids in the Middle East and the enslaved black Christians of southern Sudan (Darfur) and enslaved human beings everywhere.

"Amazing Grace," the Story of William Wilberforce

The story of William Wilberforce, written by Ken Wales, the brilliant producer of the movie "Amazing Grace," is available too at your bookstores. It is called" The Amazing Grace of Freedom," by Ken Wales.

THE SECULAR HUMANIST BBC AND ITS "SNOOTY TOOTS" OUTDID ITSELF THIS TIME IN BIASED REPORTING AND REVISIONIST HISTORY: I listened a couple days ago to the Snoots of the BBC give their latest "report" on slavery. I listened to every single word, so I could tell if they misrepresented the history in any way. Guess what they did? They did not mention William Wilberforce once! Not once! And they mentioned Pitt only once, in passing. Nothing really added. John Newton--no mention either! They gave more credit to King George for signing the bill abolishing slavery in Britain, while observing that slavery went on in the empire for thirty years more (as if abolition of slavery is an instant process when you're dealing with a world-wide empire!). No real mention either for the primary role of the Muslim Arab slave traders (just one one mention that Arabs were involved). They credited a lone African ruler for speaking out, rather lamely, against slavery, who was rulling during the time the slave trading was going on. He probably, routinely, put wives to death who didn't please him, and beheaded anyone who didn't pay enough tax to the royal coffers--a real despot who would feel comfortable sitting next to the likes of Saddam Hussain or the head of the British Broadcasting Corporation!

No coverage whatsoever of the West and Central African tribes who raided the villages, seized the women and children and young men, and killed the men who could defend themselves and killed the elderly and sick who were no good to them for selling as slaves to the British slaveship captains. They naturally did not mention anything about the current slave-trading and slave-holding and enslavement of thousands of Africans going on this very day in the Sudan! Slave-holding is a long-accepted practice in African Muslim societies--has been so since the time of the Muslim Arabs swept to power in North Africa in the 7th-8th centuries! Now it is a policy of the Sudanese central government, which is radical Islamicist, to wipe out the Christians of South Sudan, convert the pitiful survivors to Islam forcibly, while enslaving them and working them to death, or raping and fathering children on them, or selling them to Christians who are raising money in the U.S. to buy these wretched fellow Christians and set them free to return to their shattered villages and burned down homes, in the hope they can rebuild their lives and families somehow.

This was not a true report, British Broadcasting Corporation! This was not historical! This was a gross misrepresentation, perpetrated by the BBC by hauling in a number of ignorant, or dishonest, British university dons and so-called experts on the subject of slavery. What rubbish! What a farce! This is the sickening kind of reportage that goes on constantly in the BBC and its broadcasts to the world. It is not journalism--it is propaganda for the secular humanist and atheist world-view and ideology, which is in its way just as bad as Nazism and Communism. The secular humanist-run BBC has become the armpit of London--by their own stinkingly biased reportage and anti-Semitism and anti-Christ agenda!


Another BBC report was centered on slavery in Mauretania, a Muslim hell-hole of a nation in the Sahara of Africa, which means it is mostly all rock, sand, burning heat, waterlessness, and deadly snakes--not a place anyone would want to go normally. The BBC did a scathing report, which is amazing to me. It stated that the government is in denial about the rampant slavery in the country. Most of the population is enslaved--the BBC said. Yet the government officials claim there is no slavery, since they passed a law forbidding slavery! But no one told the slaves this! They are illiterate, impoverished, starved, and being worked slowly to death, so how can they appreciate the technicality of a law in a far-off capital that states on paper that they are free? Their owners too, will they give up valuable slave property unless they are forced by the state? We must acknowledge the reality, not take the evasive talk of the professional politicians of Mauretania for truth. Slaves are slaves! Mauretania's 9th century-style society is based primarily on slavery. The only thing I would fault the newsman on the ground for is this: he did not connect the slavery problem with the Muslim religion. Of course, slavery existed long, long before Islam came to the area by force, but Islam then had the responsibility and the power and means to end this inhuman practice and evil, but it did not. It has had 1,300 years to end slavery--but it shows no sign of doing so yet. No one is standing up in the United Nations calling for a UN resolution or sanctions against Mauretania, until they end this terrible evil. Where is Amnesty International or the other secular human rights organizations? Mauretania is an unbelievable, horrible hell-hole for thousands of human beings who are voiceless and powerless to help themselves, but these are people that deserve our active consideration, simply because they are God's precious children, and He cares for them and wants them set free and given means too to work for a better life!

THE GUILT-RIDDEN AND GUILT-DRIVEN BBC (IT OUGHT TO FEEL SOME GUILT FOR USING THE TAX MONEY TAKEN FROM CHRISTIANS TO ATTACK AND DISCREDIT CHRISTIANITY FOR DECADES NOW! MY BRITISH FRIENDS HAVE PAID THOSE VERY TAXES, AN INJUST SITUATION AND ONE OF THE REASONS WE DO NOT HAVE A SINGLE STATE BROADCASTING COMPANY DOMINATING THE MEDIA IN AMERICA, THANK GOD!) IS STILL HAMMERING OUT MORE BROADSIDES AGAINST BRITISH SLAVE TRADING: The propagandistic, guilt-driven BBC is still hammering the same, old, politically correct theme of British colonial slavery in yet more broadcasts using the same snooty Cambridge and Oxford accents! I heard another calling for Prime Minister Tony Blair to apologize for British involvement in the slave trade. It is the so-called 200th year anniversary, if I heard them right. Why set the anniversary back so few years? Why not show the world you know some history, BBC, and set it back to Mohammed's reign as Potentate of Islamic Arabia in the 7th century? His household was no doubt full of slaves. He endorsed slavery, in practice, and his followers naturally continued the evil, right up to March 2007, in fact! I really believe this is a smokescreen, just another ploy, like the secular humanists in America always drumming on the non-issue of the Witchcraft Trials in Salem by a group of Puritans, while their own aggressive agenda of intolerance goes unchecked and uncontested. What is the nastiness the guilty consciences of the BBC are hiding? Bush House needs a thorough decontamination and exorcism of evil spirits of intolerance and atheism and hatred and falsehood, once it is turned over, lock, stock, and whiskey barrel, to a Bible printing society, as happened to the house of the arch-Christian hater, Voltaire, in Switzerland--a man the Bible calls a fool for denying God, and who vowed that Christianity, because of his books, would be dead in 100 years. Well, we passed his deadline a century or more ago--and Christianity is sweeping the world (not religious Christianity, but the real kind this time, born of the Spirit of God and the teaching of the Bible).


"Abortion" is a secular-humanist euphemism that is misleading at best. It is a term used to disguise the fact we are killing babies in the womb in the most brutal fashion conceivable (no pun intended). The denier says, "I didn't kill my baby, I aborted a fetus, a blob of tissue." But the truth is, the babies are not fetuses or blobs of tissue. The truth is the babies are not "aborted," they are killed and murdered. When you take an animal's life, you have killed it. Everyone acknowledges that fact, and would be considered a lunatic to dispute it. But when you take a human being's life, killed the human being, this fact is disputed! How can this be, in a supposedly sane, advanced, progressive society? Let us look at the whole "question" not as man, who is utterly confused, sees it. Let us look at it as the Creator of all human life sees it. Just because a baby is in the womb, makes no difference with God the Creator. He holds us responsible for murder if you kill that baby. The Bible regards babies in the womb as human beings, with no such categories as "trimesters" or terms such as "fetus" or "embryo", as human beings--and speaks of prophets being "called in the womb."

John the Baptist, in the womb of his mother Elizabeth, recognized Jesus in the womb of his mother Mary, and kicked with joy! This may have seemed a little farfetched to some readers of the Book of Luke, but it no longer is, since evidence has come to light that babies in the womb recognize their mother's voice as well as other things going on around them.

The general public, the legislatures, the courts, and the so-called experts can debate all they like. With God the discussion is over--He considers them, while in the womb, as human beings with the full, unretractable, extra-legislated, God-given right to live. And, there are very important social considerations as well. How do we know when we kill an unborn baby that we are not killing an instrumental man or woman of God, or a great musician, or a scientist who would discover the cure of AIDS or cancer? Who will work to support the social services in the future on which we all will come to depend? Who will pay the taxes to fund them if we kill off the younger generation by the millions (forty million unborn babies have been killed since the Roe vs. Wade decision authorizing infanticide for "medical" reasons, which quickly became infanticide for convenience sake).

We simply are touching God's most precious creation, the helpless human life in the womb, smashing it with a sledgehammer, which is murder in God's eyes, a breaking of His commandment, "Thou shalt not kill." We are also killing, murdering, putting to death, our own future and the good of society for some short-term benefit we think is more important. Infanticide must be stopped. It dehumanizes and ultimately destroys a society. Where is Imperial Rome? Where is the once glorious classical Greece? They practiced infanticide routinely. Yes, infanticide also brings divine judgment, not just on individuals practicing it but on entire nations and empires.

Over in Communist China visitors have observed fields strewn with what they thought at first were small animal carcasses. It turned out, on closer inspection, that the bodies were not animals, they were aborted infants. Could anything be more hideous? China will pay dearly for this evil practice! China is already paying, for there are now about 60 million young Chinese men who will never find a bride in China--the girls are the first to be aborted and the boy is kept, due to China's one-child-per-family eugenics policy.

State-promoted and enforced infanticide like China's is carried out all over a demographically declining Europe, except that they are too fastidious to do as China does, they don't yet throw the bodies out on to the open fields to decay and be eaten by wild critters like rats and feral cats and dogs. In the "culturally enlightened" Netherlands, a survey of doctors was taken recently, and the vast majority of doctors said they definitely would not recommend adoption as an alternative to their patients who were considering or had chosen abortion. They made the lame, secular humanist excuse that to do so would be to go against their patients' express wishes, as they had already made their decisions! So, in the grand, old, decadent Netherlands, the mother's wishes to kill her own children becomes more sacred than life itself, becomes more protected and respected than the helpless human life in the womb! Who asked the unborn child if it wants to live or not? Nobody! We don't have to ask! Naturally, the child wants to live, with every atom of its being! What makes these doctors in the Netherlands, who have such a low regard for human life and its sanctity, any different in kind from Death Camp Nazi doctors in World War II who operated on and killed Jewish children in wierd experiments on the operating table?

In America too infanticide is killing millions of unborn babies, year after year. We are just more sanitary and cosmetic about our own "killing fields--using zip lock bags to package the baby's organs for sale for high profits and then disposing of the rest in landfills. Babies used to be dumped in trash cans for routine garbage truck pickup behind the thousands of abortion mills in America, but overflowing trash cans spilled babies and their severed heads, arms, and various organs out, and this attracted dogs and flies and some shocked spectators--so the policy was changed (thank you, Planned Parenthood (how can you "parent" a murdered unborn baby??), for being the world's biggest infanticide provider and also managing to be tax funded to the tune of over 100 million a year!). But God's holy eye sees, and He is angry with all of us! We will all pay dearly for this wanton, unconscionable murder of the innocent unborn babies for profit and convenience and even political support of the Democratic Party that has championed "abortion" on demand.

I believe Pastor Hagee of Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, when he says God will demand thirty (now forty) million lives of Americans to pay for the murdered unborns. We will soon be paying, after the downpayment of the lives taken on 9/11 and by Hurricane Katrina and other disasters, those forty million lives. Could they be yours and mine and our families? Are we innocent? Will we escape the wrath-judgment that must fall on America if God is a Just God?

I hope to see soon America's greatest shame (other than the way the Indians are being treated and were treated) wiped away by repentance bringing the end of infanticide, and a memorial rise to the Holocaust of the Unknown Infants murdered in America due to Roe vs. Wade. If there is a memorial like this one, a baby hand in bronze will jut from the simple stone toward the mother who comes to honor her dead child.

"The Ballad of the Unknown Child," by Eben

"The Slave Trade and Abortion Trade," A View of the Striking Parallels, by Ronald Ginther (with excerpts from Roald Kverndal)


David Pett is a long-time minister, a pastor, and handles the Word of God most responsibly and aptly for these times. That cannot be said of most preaching from the pulpit today in America! He is offered here, but you can sign up for his email messages yourself by using his email address. The following message by David, "Are All Things Equal" is a blessing to all who are open to the truth of it.

"Are All Things Equal?" a Thought-Provoking Message by David Pett

APOSTATES AND INFIDELS POSING AS THEOLOGIANS FOR TEN MINUTES OF TELEVISED NOTORIETY ARE A DIME A DOZEN! There are many thousands of apostates and infidels inside and outside of the churches and seminaries posing as theologians today, and some of them now are attacking the Substitution of Christ for the Atonement of sins, saying it is "transcendental child abuse."

No God would ever do such a cruel thing to his son, these fake Bible scholars maintain, and even if Jesus did die on a cross, it counts for nothing and saves nobody. The whole thing about atonement is pointless, since it is unnecessary.

What can be said about these apostates and infidels? The Bible describes them in many places, and I can think of several descriptions--but I think the vernacular term, "dunce, " is good too. In any case, they are liars--denying the whole truth of the Bible, which points the way to Jesus the Lamb of God, sacrificed on the Cross to pay the sin-penalty for all mankind. It WAS necessary. We are all sinners, condemned to death and eternal punishment. "The wages of sin is death," the Bible clearly states. We acknowledge that there should be punishment for breaking of the laws in society, yet how about breaking the laws of God? He demands a punishment for the lawbreaker, and since He is the Judge above all human judges and courts, He certainly has a right to demand that we pay the penalty for our sins against Him and our fellow man. Fortunately for us, He substituted Jesus Christ the Lamb, who was sinless, able to take all our sin upon Himself and wipe it completely away by His shed, innocent blood. Through this act of His, which was voluntary and not forced, we are freed from the penalty of our sin. It is not child abuse in any sense. Christ was a full-grown man and was no child when he freely chose to go to the Cross, to satisfy the will of His Father in heaven. He was not abused by His Father, who was not a tyrant in any respect. He chose to obey his loving Heavenly Father freely--His Father did not force him onto the Cross. It is the most asinine and incorrect misinterpretation to call it "transcendental chid abuse." Only a sarcastic, warped mind could come up with such a term. It is truly Satanic. I do hope these fake theologians will repent and will not have to suffer eternal punishment for these attacks on God, the Gospel, and the doctrine of Christ's Atonement.--Ed.

HOW DOES ONE EXPLAIN FORMER PRESIDENT JIMMY CARTER'S ANTI-SEMITIC BOOK? He claims to be a Christian. He takes an active part still in his home church in Plains, Georgia. Georgia is in the buckle of the Bible Belt, so to speak. How could this man be so anti-Semitic that he would write a book equating Zionism with racism, comparing Israel to the apartheid state of South Africa? Jimmy Carter is an enigma, even to his followers, for he does a noble service through building homes for many people who could not otherwise have homes in his ministry, Habitat for Humanity. His terrorist friends, however, overlook his Christian side, and thank him profusely for supporting them against America, the country over which he was a President! He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace, because he constantly stands against America and a free society and champions the rights of terrorist societies and nations as they attack Americans around the world. George Goulet once sang in the hit Broadway musical, "Camelot," a whimsical song that was so charming, "How can a man love a woman?" Well, how can a Christian understand a Jimmy Carter? His true colors come out, glaringly, however, in his book, "Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid." Despite the fact (which is pointed out in the Lamplighter Magazine, March 2007 issue, edited by Dr. Reagan of Lamb and Lion Ministries, McKinney, Texas) that the whole Middle East practices apartheid against the Jews (refusing them residency), Israel (which has a million Arabs within its borders as voting citizens, who have representatives in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament)! Israel is a model for diversity--just the opposite of its neighboring Moslem countries of Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Turkey! It is the Moslem Middle East that practices the system of apartheid rigorously, not Israel. How could Jimmy Carter, an intelligent man able to win the U.S. presidency but not keep it for a second term, be so misleading on this core issue? He is either badly deceived or knowingly a deceiver! But in any case, he is flat wrong in his thesis. A whole group of his expert scholars in his Carter Center have walked out in protest (which has not deterred him in the least, as he says so himself when asked). But why haven't the rest walked out? Do they agree with his rank anti-Semitism? Apparently so! He is running now a purged, actively anti-Semitic center against Israel. I feel sorry for him--and a little fearful for him. He will have to stand someday, soon, before a Jew in heaven and explain what he has done here on earth against the Jewish people who produced the Messiah Jesus Christ. What possible justification will he have then to present to the Lord?


The Bible used to be undertood generally in Jewish and later in Christian society when it used terms like "whoredom" and "harlotry" and "harlots." Whores and harlots were what we now call prostitutes, a term we still understand since we have so many prostitutes in our secular-humanist dominated society. If you went to bed with a harlot or whore, you were termed immoral, and under God's judgment, since that is the same as engaging in prostitution--an immoral act of fornication, according to the Ten Commandments and the Bible (particularly the commandment, Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery). Nowadays, committing adultery and fornication is approved by the popular culture and the U.S. public schools, and it is called "relationship," and used to be called "shacking up" or "living together." "Relationship" is the euphemism that seems to make it more acceptable and right to do, for what you anyone have against a "relationship"? But spiritual harlotry or spiritual prostitution is often meant by the prophets. Israel's people, over and over, took other gods rather than worship the One True God--thereby, becoming spiritual harlots themselves, running from one lover (a false god) to another lover (some other false god) for whatever they were seeking. This was an abomination to God, who sought a pure bride, who loved Him alone. It is still an abomination to God, for He has not changed, and says he is jealous over us His children. He will accept no other lover, no other rival for His love, climbing into the bed of His bride! Yet we, as a people, and as individuals, become harlots, and go a'whoring after other gods, don't we? We choose many things above God, don't we? We must stop doing this--for this is spiritual prostitution, and carries the heavy penalty of spiritual death and even damnation in hell forever. Israel was destroyed, again and again, because of this sin--going to other lovers, other gods. Duane L. Smith's prophecy speaks of this kind of harlotry and prostitution. Let us take it seriously and change our ways and return to our One True God, our One True Lover of our souls. The other gods, the other lovers, will only bring us regret, wasted lives, and even eternal hurt.

A prophecy from the late Duane L. Smith:

"The Spirit of the Lord spoke to my heart saying, "Oh, wicked and perverse generation! How long must I endure your whoredom? And how long must I put up with your selfish ambitions and foolish pride?"

"Worship Me and Me alone," says my Lord and my God, "And do not go a'whoring after other gods."

"Always be careful, and remember to kiss My Son, lest He or I be angry," says the Lord God Almighty.

"Learn to fear the Lord, for I the Lord am a jealous God, and I will not share My place with another! Turn fromn your wicked ways, and turn to the True and the Living God; replace vanilty and vain glory with the worship of the Lord in spirit and in truth," says the Lord of hosts. If you do this, I promise and will not repent, you shall be set free from spiritual bondage, and you shall be made whole, and you shall be spared from my wrath." Amen

"Two Prophecies," by Duane L. Smith

"The Voice of the Lord and the Heart of a Prophet," A Dream of the Lord Jesus, Parts 1 & 2, by Duane L. Smith

THE RESURRECTION IS HISTORICALLY ESTABLISHED FACT, NOT RELIGIOUS WHIMSY OR SOMEBODY'S RELIGIOUS HOAX: We as Christians do not blindly believe that Christ rose from the grave just because we were taught it in Sunday School. We know it as an incontrovertible fact that can stand the full scrutiny of any court of law where the laws and rules of evidence are upheld. This fact is centered, personified in Jesus Christ himself! He declared: "I am the Resurrection and the Life. He who believes in Me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in Me will never die."

"Resurrection Reasons: Why We Believe Jesus Rose from the Dead"

"Comments on Resurrection Reasons," by Ronald Ginther

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is probably the greatest event in Christianity--but the one we are most ignorant of--oddly enough. See if this isn't true. Take the fun quiz and find out how little you may know (and didn't know you didn't know):

Easter Egg Hunt Quiz

Josh McDowell and Bill Wilson co-authored "He Walked Among Us," published by TBN. Chapter 14, page 278-290, is "The Reliability of the Resurrection Reports." They look at the three main areas of evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ: (1) the early origination of ther reports; (2) the historical nature of the reports, and (3) early Christian belief in the resurrection of Jesus. Think about these three areas. They are very, very critical in coming up with a true, factual foundation for believing in the Resurrection. We need not believe blindly. The Bible never asks us to believe blindly. I challenge anyone to show that it does! God opens eyes and our understanding, he doe not blind us and dim our understanding. God is light, not darkness and confusion. God is truth, not feeling, whimsy, and conjecture.

Josh McDowell, a Christian apologist who produces excellent defenses of our Christian beliefs, also wrote the book, "The Resurrection Factor."

WE NEED TO DROP WAL-MART PROBATIONALLY FROM OUR BIG BAD CORPORATIONS LIST! This is from LAMPLIGHTER Magazine: "WalMart Update--In the last two issues of this magazine we reported news regarding financial aid that was being given to radical homosexual activist groups by WalMart. We are delighted to report that due to intense pressure from Christians, WalMart has announced that it will no longer supply such aid. Go to the WalMart website at and click on "Contact Us." You will find forms you can use to send a message to local stores or to the corporate headquarters. Write and thank them for changing their policy and encourage them to continue upholding family values. Your opinion matters!"

Amen! To God be the glory! But a managment and ownership that could move a major corporation to support gays in such a radical way has slipped very seriously in the department of Biblical understanding and reverence of God's laws. We need to keep a watch on this. Also, WalMart is compromising its American roots, which are free and democratic, when it comes to inviting into its outlets and stores in China the Communist Party! What has Christ to do with Belial? The Communist Party is definitely of Belial and its satanic spirit from the Pit. How can WalMart be so naive as to think it will not be contaminated by Communism? You can't go to bed with the Devil and remain innocent.--Ed.

WHY PRAY? If we are average Americans, we do not pray at all--nada, zilch, zero. We put on a jolly good show of being prayerful at church maybe once a month--but that is all it is--a good show, which fools only ourselves! If we are Christians, we are like average Americans, sad to say. Our prayer life is laughable. Do we pray once a week for a couple minutes? That may be stretching it! Let's be honest! Could you or I pray our way out of a paper bag? Do we pray only when we are in a terrible bind, at our wits end? Do we pray just to get something we want for ourselves? Do we pray because other people are watching us and we just want to fit in, so we fold our hands piously and bow our heads and "pray"? Do we pray to look good to people and also gain God's approval? Satan is laughing, not God, at us! He knows full well that a prayerless Christian is a powerless Christian! A prayerless church is a powerless church! A prayerless nation is a powerless nation! We have heard that said so often, we can recite it in our sleep, right? But have we changed? Yet, we could be very, very powerful and influential--for Christ--but only through real prayer.

Just look at the Moslem nations--they are spiritually powerless, because they do not pray to the One True God--so, sensing their utter impotence, they resort to bombs, threats, armies, and physical force and intimidation, along with lying and signing rafts of "peace" treaties with the West they never intend to keep (the Moslem doctrine of Hudna).)

America is fast becoming a powerless nation, because of our prayerlessness. It isn't our military that is declining, it is our prayerlife. Let us, one by one, turn this cart around! We can pray--it is our individual choice! But why pray? This could be the most important question of this century. This may be the most important message that is ever featured on this page of the Emmaus Walk! This will tell us, from scripture, what is the power of prayer and why we need to pray.

"Why Pray?"


The power of prayer can turn whole nations around and save millions who would otherwise be lost and go into a Christless eternity. Prayer (and the Gospel preached by John Wesley) saved Great Britain in the 18th century! Without the Wesleyan revivals, Britain society was a lost cause, doomed to a French-style revolution and bloodbath! Prayer can do the same now again, today, starting with you and me!

Please pray for the sorely oppressed Moslem people of Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, who are enslaved to Islam, a false, anti-Christ religion, while being misled by clerics who are following hateful agendas (though not all clerics are fundamentalists and jehadists). These nations, according to Biblical prophecy, will soon be destroyed in the next major Middle Eastern war when they once again attack Israel with the aim to wipe that nation off the map. Instead, they will be wiped from the map (I think, preemptively), as John P. McTernan defines this war in his book, "As America Has Done to Israel." Scripture says specifically that Damascus will be destroyed, made uninhabitable because of its contamination. A rump state of Syria will survive, but the nation will be gone (which is no real loss, since it has always been Israel's worst enemy since the time of Israel's founding in the time of Joshua). The other countries named will become uninhabitable too. Think of this!--but they will bring this terrible fate on themselves by attacking a nation at peace with them. Iran, as McTernan describes it, will suffer a great blow, will partially survive, but will be utterly destroyed in the next, greater war that follows when it joins in yet another major war against Israel to eterminate the Jews. It is thus time for the people of these countries to repent before God, seek His Son's grace and forgiveness, and be led of the Lord to a place of safety. These countries are going out of existence! And soon! If any of them still exist in ten years, it will be the Grace of God, holding back the wrath of God on these wicked countries and their wicked rulers.

A Mini-Review of McTernan's book:

"Mini-Review" of "As America Has Done to Israel," by John P. McTernan, by Ronald Ginther

Please pray for these Moslem-enslaved countries that are aligned like packs of ravenous wolves against Israel and which all will be destroyed by their own aggressions when those acts of war back-fire on them.

Somalia, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, and Egypt are Moslem countries, and they are presently on the rock bottom of civilized states (all the big universities in Cairo are not enough to lift that society to civilization, if its basis is faulty), BUT THEY WERE ONCE ALL FLOURISHING, HIGHLY ADVANCED CHRISTIAN LAND BEFORE THEY WERE CONQUERED BY MOSLEM ARMIES CARRYING THE BANNERS OF MOSLEM JEHAD. They have received a Christian witness (10% of Egypt's population is Coptic Christian, with revival going on in the evangelical church, and the Middle East's largest evangelical church of upwards of 15,000 believers meeting in a cemetery on the edge of Cairo!). Algeria was formerly a Christian country and knew the Gospel, for centuries before the Moslem armies conquered it in the 7th-8th centuries. All of now Moslem North Africa, Morocco and into Egypt, was Christian! Now it is a stronghold of Islam and Satan. But it can be saved--if we pray! The people of these North African nations, those who are not captivated by hatred, are a beautiful, hospitable, humble, friendly people. It is Satan that is deceiving and using them--and he is the reason for their present condition--poor, oppressed, bound in darkness of a false religion, subject to hate-mongers and tending to violence against Jews and Christians. They can be set free, and thousands are being set free even now by the libeating Gospel of Jesus Christ beamed down to them from satellite tv and Christian programming.

Somalia is located just below the "Horn of Africa". It is an ancient neighbor to Ethiopia, and was probably influenced or even a tributary of that country's empire for long ages--but they are a distinct nation now, only subject to centuries of religious darkness of Islam, which has made Somalia a hotbed of strife and violence, poverty, and hopelessness. They still mistakenly think the Draconian Seriah law of Islam will make their country stable and ultimately prosperous, peaceful enough to make normal life half-way possible again. It won't happen. Radicalized Jehadist clerics will not allow development, and will drive down the women into abject ignorance and slavery--and society cannot go ahead under such conditions, as we know very well from many examples of Moslem fundamentalist takeovers. Look at what the PLO Moslem fundamentalists have done to Gaza (Hamas-stan), to the former Afghanistan before U.S. forces liberated it from the Taliban, to the whole Middle East (except for pockets of prosperity, the whole region of the Middle East and northern to central Africa is a hell-hole, suffering economically and culturally. Weapons and warfare are highly developed, paid for by oil revenues or U.S. or Russian aid, but almost everything else--industry, agriculture, social services, schools, health care--are backward and even non-existent in vast areas.

Brazil Missionary Cora Taylor (turned 92), Daughters, and Birthday Cake

EXCERPT FROM MY MISSIONARY AUNT'S MISSIONARY PRAYER LETTER FROM CORA TAYLOR: A missionary for over 50-60 years in Brazil for the New Tribes Mission, my beloved Aunt Cora Taylor writes to me and my mother:

"I must translate one letter written by an Indian in New Guinea--pleading for a missionary [not an anthropologist!--Ed]. I can't help but bawl every time I read it. He has written our mission for years and pleads for some one to come and teach his tribe the truth. 'We are lost," he says, 'and you can help us.'"

IT'S IN THE BIBLE, JOHNNY AND SUZY: Most people may not know that many of the stock phrases they use in everyday conversation come from the Bible. Here are just a few of them: "In the twinkling of an eye" (I Cor. 15:52). "Den of Thieves" (Matt. 21:13) "Keep the faith" (2Tim 4:7) "A stone's throw" (Luke 22:41) "Old wives' tales" (1Tim. 4:7) "Drop in the bucket" ((Isa. 40:15) "Apple of his eye" (Deut. 32:10) "No rest for the wicked" (Isa. 46:22). --Rev. Jerome Porkorny in Catholic Quote


SHAKESPEARE WITHOUT THE BIBLE WOULD HAVE BEEN ILLITERATE, WHICH IS TO SAY, A GRADUATE FROM A U.S. HIGH SCHOOL WHO CANNOT READ HIS OR HER OWN DIPLOMA! Not just sayings, but our greatest writer in the English language, William Shakespeare the Bard of Britain, probably would have written little or nothing except for the Holy Bible! Shakespeare's plays, without the Bible, would not have been written. They are not Greek tragedies--they are full of truth and candor and wisdom that come from various books of the Bible, not straight pagan philosophy. There may be allusions to Greek gods, but no real belief in them; rather, it is the Christian God who rules the universe and governs the affairs of mortal men, kings and nations. Shakespeare himself is thought to have been a secret or "closet Catholic," for at times the Catholics were bitterly persecuted by the Church of England or the Puritans under Cromwell (though under bloody Queen Mary, a Roman Catholic, the Protestants were persecuted and killed, rendering them tit for tat). It is impossible to imagine a William Shakespeare, in fact, without the Bible and a thorough knowledge of it. I have been to Stratford-on-Avon, and watched a Shakespearean play performed in a downtown London theater--a real treat, even with British actors and actresses. "Hamlet" and "King Lear" and "The Merchant of Venice" are my favorites. I have read all, or most all, his tragedies and plays, and loved them, studying them in college and on my own, and he is definitely within the Judaeo-Christian heritage and Christian civilization as a playwright and thinker. The Bible, then, is the source of the Shakespearean plays. Without that heritage he wouldn't exist as a playwright. You won't find this thesis, pro and con being discussed, being taken up in graduate schools, however. It would be just too politically incorrect in the secular humanist-dominated colleges and universities.

"Solid Rock, not Sand," Message Notes by Ronald Ginther, on how to keep it simple and honest with God. We are clay, He is the Potter--not the other way round, as it is preached and promoted in popular Christianity today. Want to "get back on track with God?" Here's how, in a few words:

"Choose Rock, Not Sand," Message Notes by Ronald Ginther


HOORAY FOR OUR LATEST WORLD-CLASS DUNCE OF THE MONTH, KEITH ELLISON, Esq., OF MINNESOTA! HE REALLY DESERVES AN EXTRA BIG SLICE OF THE POPPYCOCK CAKE! Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison is hereby awarded center stool and his pointy dunce's cap in our Dunciad. Wear the pointy cap proudly, Keithie, for you have earned every milimeter of it! I know something about lapsed or reprobate Catholics--they make some of the wildest sinners known to Western Civilization. My small, select group of friends in college were very likable individuals but woefully lapsed Catholics morally and spiritually, so I have known lapsed Catholics personally. Madonna is said to be one too--and we all know how wild and profane this "rock star" can be, even staging a mock crucifixion of herself as Christ on stage--surely, one of the most blasphemous shows ever produced in history against Christ--which is saying something! In any Moslem country, without an army protecting her, she would be dragged out into the street and skinned and dismembered and beheaded on the spot for committing a comparable act of sacrilege against Mohammed!

Fitting right in with Madonna and my former friends in college, Keith Ellison is the first Moslem Congressman, and the radical Moslems of the world are ecstatic, of course, and the Moslem orifice, the tv news channel, has proclaimed the news far and wide how he has sworn in on a Koran, not a Bible. This reprobate Catholic turned Moslem at age nineteen and now an anti-American, Anti-Christ Congressman, was voted in by the wierd electorate of Minnesota (who also put a low-brow wrestler named Ventura into the governership of the state for what good reason, other than that he would support the liberal and leftist agenda in the state?). "Keithie" took pride in swearing in on a Koran, not a Bible, he took from the library of Thomas Jefferson. He thought this would justify himself in the eyes of Americans, who would be impressed that Jefferson himself respected the Koran enough to have it in his library at Monticello! How mistaken! The report has now leaked out somehow that this Koran was Jefferson's because he and the new nation over which he was President had to go to war against the North African Moslem nations, called the Barbary Pirates, and their wicked rulers who were attacking American trading ships and enslaving the crews and holding them for ransom too if they could get it.

Evidently, Keith has no knowledge of American history, or he would have found this out before he put his hand on Jefferson's copy of the Koran. It should have burned his fingers! You see, President Jefferson wanted to know why the Moslem rulers of Morocco and Libya hated us Americans so, when we were a new nation and had no former relations with them. Because we are taught to treat Christians and Jews thusly from our holy Koran, he was told by a Moslem representative from the Barbary Coast. Has anything changed? Jefferson did not think it wise to remain ignorant about the religion that taught such things, so he got a Koran to read it and possibly understand what this religion was all about. I am sure he was rather disturbed by what he learned. Unwittingly, the former Catholic Christian, Keith Ellison, swore himself in on this Koran of Jefferson's. How appropriate! It was Jehad then, and it remains Jehad now--all-out, unconditional warfare of Islam against Christianity and the Jews and free, democratic Western Civilization! The Moslem clerics and muftis say it is World War III, but our politically correct Washington D.C. commentators and the U.S. government refuse to believe they are serious--and they are absolutely serious, as the attacks of 9/11 ought to make it perfectly clear. The Barbary Pirates are back! With nuclear suitcase bombs, and secret cells in our major American cities, just waiting for the cell phone call from their leaders in Pakistan or wherever they are headquartered. We are said to have these sleeper cells of Islamic terrorists in Miami, New York, Houston, San Francisco, and other cities--waiting to receive the call to go and detonate their suitcase nuclear bombs. As Pastor Hagee of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio explains, ten of these suitcase nukes going off at the same time in our major cities would crush the United States of America!

Yet there is still some hope, if we Christians who love America and our freedom stand firm and pray to God for deliverance! America did it back in Jefferson's time, and won the war under Jefferson as President--when America was but a fledgling of a country against centuries-old, experienced robber kingdoms on the Barbary Coast of North Africa. We had only a makeshift army of commandos and some ships at the time, but God showed them how to get the best of the Barbary Pirates on their own turf! They were outflanked by a suprise march of hundreds of miles across the desert round to the blind side of their sea coast fortress they did not expect the Americans to attack by! The Marines have a rousing battle hymn and theme song that goes, "From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli..." Tripoli still exists. It was a main robber city of the Barbary Pirate Coast in Jefferson's day, and is located in present-day Libya, which has not changed its tigerish stripes in the least and remains a Moslem Barbary Pirate Kingdom under Muammar Gadaffi (the daffy, narcissistic, tinpot country despot who at least had the sense recently to abandon his nuclear arms program after he saw what President Bush did to Saddam Hussain).

The President of Iran with the unpronounceable name: He says, "Imagine a world without the United States and Iran," and he threatens to use nuclear bombs when he gets them against both America and Israel in frequent speeches. Nobody can stop him, not the United Nations, not the U.S., not Israel--he says over and over. It is Iran's right to get the nuclear weapon--and Iran is going to get it, whether the world likes it or not. This strutting coxcomb of the Muslim radicals needs to be taught genuine history (as most Moslems are taught so wrongly, he too denies the Holocaust, the Shoah, and had a recent conference of Holocaust deniars meet with him in Tehran). He would know, if he had any knowledge of history, particularly of his own nation of Persia (which the British changed to Iran), that Persia was ruled once by a devout Jew by the name of Mordecai, who was Prime Minister under the Persian emperor. A Jew will someday rule again over Persia, as well as every other nation on earth. His Name, which is above all other names, is Jesus Christ. The Bible says, that at the footstool and Name of Jesus Christ, every knee shall bow, and every confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord. The 11th Iman, the Mahdi, that the president of Iran is looking to come and conquer the world for Allah--what is he? Even if there ever comes such a man, he will have to bow his knee and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord over Persia and the whole earth! It is not a matter of debate or theological discussion. It is going to happen. The Bible says so, and everything the Bible prophets and Jesus Christ have declared in prophecy has come to pass, and will come to pass! Jesus Christ will rule, not from Tehran, but from Jerusalem His holy City and Capitol of His everlasting kingdom. Maranatha!

Number Three Dunce is Cosimo Cavallero, Esq., of New York. His Chocolate Jesus exhibit (yes, Jesus our Lord is portrayed in chocolate with arms outstretched as he was on the Cross), planned to debut after Palm Sunday and four days before the celebration of the Crucifixion by Roman Catholics at a New York hotel has been scratched by the hotel. The hotel's ludicrous "Creative Director" has resigned, after the hotel received a lot of angry letters and calls, some of them death threats. Why should people get angry about this mentally sick exhibit? the "artist" and the sponsoring Creative Director of the hotel wonder so innocently and unconvincingly. Well, for one thing, it disregards modesty and decency and portrays Jesus as naked, without a loin cloth. That is supposed to be shocking--and gain the exhibit some notoriety and press coverage which it doesn't deserve.

Moreover, it is targeting the Roman Catholics and other Christians who observe the Crucifixion and Death of Jesus Christ with reverence. This is persecution of specific religious groups and the Church of Jesus Christ in general. Thirdly, the "art work" is definitely sarcastic and ridiculing of Jesus, His Death of the Cross, and the title plays on the theme of Jesus's sweetness, for Jesus is called "Sweet Jesus" by many Christians, the fake artist knows full well. This is blasphemy, using chocolate as a kind of innuendo, the lowest form of ad hominem attack on a person. The "artist" is using this innuendo to attack Jesus and His crucifixion, ridiculing Him and what he accomplished on the Cross for all of us sinners, including the Creative Director of the hotel and the "artist," Cosimo Cavallero.

Cavallero is so pathetic and creepy a blasphemer, such a disgusting gutter rat, he is not worth further comment. But please don't kill him or threaten him with death by force feeding him chocolate! Let us pray for his salvation. Why should Satan gain the victory and stuff his soul into hell?--it is stuffed enough with billions of souls already!


Here is a "new" quiz, reborn from the antediluvian year 1931 (before the big Flood of Secular Humanism overwhelmed America!), its last printing, according to the booklet I have in hand. I am beginning to think that general Bible knowledge is declining, year after year--until we are becoming virtually illiterate as Christians about our own Bible. The society is totally ignorant about the Bible, and the Church is reflecting the world in all the major categoriies--is it not? I do hope the quiz will bless you, as we review our knowledge or lack of it regarding the Apostles, men who served to found the Christian church and the Body of Christ world-wide. We owe them this much review, as we owe so much to their sacrifices, which, minus one, were their cruel deaths by martyrdom. Which one disciple did not die a violent death for his faith in Jesus Christ? That is one of the questions. But it should be remembered, that he still was tortured by expert Roman torturers, and when he could not be put to death, he was exiled to a desert island, so we know he suffered greatly for the Gospel. Tradition about this particular disciple who was the most long-lived, is reliable, because it was witnessed to by Polycarp, who knew the disciple personally and was mentored by him; in other words, tradition about him can be trusted precisely because it is so early and verified by near contemporaries that we can accept it without reservation.

Disciple Quiz

Grade yourself! Then keep your score for submission when you apply for the graduate's Certificate!

Disciple Quiz Answers

What happened to the disciples proclaiming Christ was risen?

"The Fate of the Disciples" with Note by Ronald Ginther

"Truths That Transform Broadcasts," the True Story of St. Patrick by Dr. James Kennedy, Coral Ridge Ministries


"Give Me a Hand," by Stuart Maxwell Hawkins, from his book, "Think On These Things"

I came into possession of the late Stuart Hawkins' book, "Think On These Things," and his other books, in this way. A couple of my best friends bought the house where he and his wife lived and raised a family. The daughter left her father's books in the garage for them to have, and they passed them to me, since I appreciate poetry, which they mostly contain. I have read and come to love these accounts of a very fine Christian man--and so I am sharing the following articles he wrote along with poems and his own songs put to music. The prose is very understandable, and based on his own life experiences, and as it has spoken to me, and helped me, I fully expect it to speak to others and help them too to tread the same pilgrim path he described, which is generally the same for every Christian pilgrim. The books he wrote are my treasure, but to keep them to myself for my own sole enjoyment seems way too selfish, and so I have to share them, for their wisdom shines in his messages for the problems we all face today, sooner or later, in life.

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