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David is the name we have been given. "Dawid" is what it was originally, a term that meant "commander", a military title. Elhanan may have been "David's" name originally.--Ed.

Note: Since the Bible records Elhanan as the killer of Goliath and also David as the killer of Goliath, we believe they are one and the same person. For this reason, we have "Elhanan" in the illustration showing the brave shepherd boy from Bethlehem gathering five smooth stones in the creek to use against the blasphemous, idol-worshipping Philistine giant Goliath challenging King Saul and the Israelite army to fight him. Elhanan, we think, is the boyhood name of David, whose Davidic name reflects his later military leadership as commander of the forces of Israel and also Israel's king (for "Dawid" is the word for commander).--Ed.

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