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Many uninformed Christians are being railroaded by the media campaign evidently orchestrated and aimed to convince Americans that we Americans are causing Global Warming and drastic means must be taken by us to reduce our carbon emissions in order to save the planet. This is a provable hoax.

A concensus among scientists that Global Warming is taking place due to carbon emissions by the leading countries such as the U.S? So we the public are told by the media! Yet this is not the case, according to the Dr. James Kennedy's Coral Ridge letter sent to ministry supporters by Brian E. Fisher, Vice President.

There is no consensus as we hear claimed by Al Gore in his book, "An Inconvenient Truth," and in his numerous speeches across the country and abroad.

Since 1998, more than 19,700 scientists have signed the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine's petition denying scientific evidence for human-caused, potentially disastrous global warming. It has also come out on Talk Radio that Gore flies his own jet plane all over the U.S., and lives in a 10,000 square foot home--not exactly the lifestyle of one who is genuinely concerned with his own carbon emissions. He has one home he does not live in, setting over a zinc mine, which pays him thousands every year. It is a question how much heating he does in his multiple homes--which reflects on his sincerity in this cause of his.

Coral Ridge Ministries, which has produced a Special Coral Ridge Hour Report video titled "Global Warming: The Science and the 'Solution'" and the booklet, "Overheated, A Reasoned Look at the Global Warming Debate," has found:

1. Measuring global temperature is an uncertain science, and different methods produce contradictory data.

2. Most global warming predictions come from long-range computer modeling--a notoriously inaccurate method of forecasting.

3. The earth may be warming naturally--but only by a tiny amount consistent with natural causes.

4. Cyclical global warming has occurred before--and it was good. That's why "Greenland" was once green...and produced crops. [There were many farms and communities, which the Norwegians and Icelanders had in their colonies in Greeland--but all had to be abandoned, due to the turn back to cold and perpetual ice year round in those areas.--Ed.]

5. In the 1970s, a "consensus" of scientists predicted a new ice age and massive deaths due to overpopulation. These never happened. Today, the same hype is being given to global warming.

6. Some glaciers are melting--but only a little. Others are growing.

7. The polar bear population is not dwindling (alleged to be a sign of vanishing ice caps). In fact, polar bears are flourishing! [They are reported by Global Warming believers to be floating on pieces of ice--which is not a problem for them, as they commonly do this, in hunting over vast areas of sea and ice, and they are superb swimmners, so there is no likelihood they will drown or cannot swim back to the ice caps.--Ed.]

8. The sea level is not dangerously rising--according to the top experts.

9. Was Hurricane Katrina caused by climate change? Top experts say no.

Why should Christians be concerned about it then? The reasons given by Brian E. Fisher are:

1. Creationism (the Christian belief based on the book of Genesis that God created the universe and Earth and man and all the species of animals) will be discredited.

2. We will neglect the cultural mandate. Prices will be driven up, hurting the poor, as factories are shut down or not even built, in order to lower carbon emissions. The higher prices for everything will certainly cause suffering and death across the world.

3. Our witness will be tainted. By accepting a false agenda, misled Christians will be in danger of misleading the world.

4. Government will grow, and freedom will shrink. Anti-global warming laws could lead to a massive increase of government control over our lives, restricting our freedom.

Brian E. Fisher says there is still time for Christians to weigh in meaningfully and effectively on the side of truth.

Go to the Coral Ridge Ministries website to learn more about this unscientific hoax of Global Warming/Carbon Emissions--and you can also order the video and booklet.


Though we do not subscribe to the Replacement Theology of the late James Kennedy, pastor and founder of Coral Ridge Church and Knox Seminary, we invite you go to the Coral Ridge Ministry website and do a search for the article, as the direct link to it has expired.

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