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Stranger sharing the Messianic prophecies about Yeshua from the scriptures. The place is the road to Emmaus, in sight of the Mount of Olives, and the two discouraged disciples listen to the stranger's wonderful words of God's truth, their hearts "burning" within them.


A Messianic School of the Bible


WORLD'S GREATEST BOOK CAN BE UNDERSTOOD IF GIVEN A CHANCE: Beyond question, the greatest book in the world is the Bible, and the greatest Book is about the greatest Person, Jesus Christ (Yeshua the Anointed).

Friend, are you unable to read the Bible, that is, make sense of it? Or do some parts make sense, but others, such as Leviticus or Revelation or Romans seem totally bewildering? Are you desiring to go deeper, or reach a higher ground, spiritually, but your difficulty in comprehending scripture is holding you back? It may well be you need to consider that the Bible is essentially Messianic--that is, it exists to tell you about the Messiah and Savior, and virtually everything in the Bible points to Him. With this understanding, you are on your way to unlocking the scriptures and opening the door to Yeshua--for they are, in truth, a living Person, Jesus (Yeshua), who delights in His Name, the Word (John 1:1: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

You are most welcome to review the list of the Bible books now. This is vital. In this era, when there is so little knowledge of the Bible, it can no longer be taken for granted that everyone knows what they are.

The Books of the Bible

Contact: Zola Levitt, Box 12268, Dallas, Texas 75225

For a most unusual addition to your own library or as a special gift to someone at Christmas: Zola Levitt Ministries has a scroll available with Messianic Old Testament prophecies set by New Testament scriptures of fulfilment of the same prophecies, and you can get it by ordering one from Zola Levitt Ministries. I have received mine, and it is a beautiful and meaningful thing, with many prophecies and fulfilment scriptures on it. By the way, look for the Zola Levitt program on Daystar Television Network.--Ed.


The Bible's Messianic Texts are thus named because they are passages in scripture that point specifically to the Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus in Gentile terminology). Foremost in consideration of these texts, Christ Himself chose it when conducting an informal Bible class with two distraught and troubled disciples who had left Jerusalem just after the crucifixion and were on their way to Emmaus, a village seven miles from the Holy City. This spiritual trek inspired the logo graphic at the top of our home page, and in Judaea in the time of Jesus (see the map) Emmaus is near the bottom, located close by Jerusalem.

Vita of Ronald Ginther, Founder of the Emmaus Walk:


A Certificate of Excellence is now ready for those who complete the required course load of ten articles (10 points total) on the Messianic theme and several lists of questions (5 points total), plus your taking the Easter Egg contest (5 points) for a more thorough knowledge of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Submit to us a list of the articles you have read, what you have studied on your own, what things you have learned, and what you would like to see appear in the future in the Emmaus Walk curriculum (a total of 5 points)--and after we look it all over, you can graduate if it all checks out! We will grade you, according to the quality of your submission, "25 points: Excellent," or "20 points: Superior," or "15 points: Worthy and Acceptable." Any that does not come up to the last category (15 points), will be declined, and you can re-submit at another time. We cannot know you in person, as yet, but we will operate on the Christian honor system, and take your word, dear Emmaus Walker, for the work you have done in studying the Word of God. You can even do bonus or extra credit work: pick a topic, some question you want to explore, and write it up. The best submissions of this kind can be published on-line on these pages! We would love to see what you can do. I will possibly give a list of possible topics or questions to help you out. If a person wants a fraudulent certificate, that is what he or she will get--but God will know if what you claim you did was actually done, and your graduation will not be blessed gotten that way. However, we believe all of you will not be of that mind. Simply print off the certificate designed by Duane L. Smith shortly before his death, send it to us, and we will return it to you signed. Please mail your certificate to: Ronald Ginther, The Emmaus Walk Messianic School of the Bible, P.O. Box 212, Puyallup, WA 98371. We hope to have a copy of Foxe's Book of Martyrs for the first graduate. You can link to a view of the certificate at:

The Emmaus Walk Certificate of Excellence


"Have you ever met God?", a Reply to a Radio Show Host's Question by Ronald Ginther


"Heroes of America Series--William Penn, an Introduction, with a brief look at John Foxe's life and contribution to America's Founding Fathers.

"Heroes of the America Series--William Penn, with a look at George Penn, Uncle to William Penn

"Heroes of America Series--William Penn, the Conclusion

IF WE DON'T KNOW WHERE WE CAME FROM, WE CAN'T KNOW WHERE WE ARE GOING: It is vital to know more about our country's origin and development. We are given so much misinformation by those who wish to put their secular-humanist value system and world-view and agenda for America over on us all. The problem is that we know so little of the true facts that a well-prepared secular humanist can say anything they like, with concocted "evidence," and we lose the contest hands down. This doesn't have to happen. It is time to turn the tables on the secular humanists destroying our country. Have you heard, for instance, that our Founding Fathers were Deists? Or if that isn't said, have you heard that Benjamin Franklin was a Deist, and Thomas Jefferson was a Deist too? The definition for Deism, if you know it, refutes that secular humanist charge for both Founding Fathers. They were not exactly orthodox Christians, but they were the farthest thing from Deists. Imagine a Deist recommending church attendance, as Franklin did, or requesting prayer in the first legislatures in Philadelphia, as Franklin did. And Jefferson? He composed a Bible that could be used for converting the Indians. He removed the miracles from the New Testament and left the theology because he thought the miracles might be confusing to them and what they needed most was theology.

Now that is not Webster Dictionary-defined Deism, by any stretch of the imagination! In Deism, "God" had created the Earth, but then, by some stroke of whimsy, he left it to whirl in space and develop as it pleased, much like a clockmaker who made a clock might leave it and walk away. This absurd idea somehow appealed to refined, cultivated, but also often dissolute "intelligent people," people who did not like the "interference" of a personal God in their lives, restricting their choices with his Ten Commandments. I could not imagine, however, that a clockmaker worthy of such a fine craft would ever leave a clock like that. So how could a Creator leave His creation? It is an absurd idea, a blasphemous notion, from first to last. It really does not speak to man's intelligence.

Yet these two Founding Fathers, the genius Benjamin Franklin and the other genius, Thomas Jefferson, are still being touted as Deists, or at least skeptics, by secular humanists. And they shouldn't even be called skeptics--as a textbook I have on hand erroneously calls Franklin! We can refute these false statements by secular humanists if we know only some of the facts--but we must know some. I have on hand David Barton's article, appearing in Joyce Meyer's magazine, "Enjoying Everyday Life," December 2005, entitled, "The Founding Fathers and Deism." It may seem a strange place for such an article, but how can we "enjoy life" as Christians if the secular humanists have their way with Americans? S-H's will dominate everything to the point where we have no Christian life at all--not in public, anyway. For a reprint of this fine article you can contact Joyce Meyers Ministries or David Barton the source. And for ANYTHING about America's true foundations in Christian faith and beliefs, from the original documents and the lives and acts of Christian Founding Fathers:

David Barton, Wallbuilders

Deism is a nice term for irrationality and stupidity. Stupidity by any other name is still stupidity! I would say most of our current elites fulfill the requirements for Deism and are Deists. They may not intellectually be able to handle the concept of a God, distant or personal, but they still act Deistically--they make themselves God, and then push the real God out of their lives, with their indifference, their demanding careers, their drive for prestige, money, power, and sex. Deism is a current phenomenon in secular humanist America and Western Europe, then, and not something you can pin, with any evidence, on an entire generation, as our current liberal-authored textbooks do to the Colonialists. But if a person even gave Deism a moment's scrutiny with an honest, reasonably intelligent mind--the absurdity of it is glaringly apparent. How textbook authors can attribute such nonsense to the brilliant Founding Fathers (90 per cent or more fervent Christians) can only be explained by the holding of similar Deistic views by the textbook authors themselves (and they are simply projecting their own Deism on the Colonialists and Founding Fathers.)--Ed



"Congress Declares Bible 'The Word of God'" and 1983 'Year of the Bible'"

Most of us have heard that the first Muslim to be elected to represent Minnesota at the U.S. Congress has announced pubicly that he refuses to swear in on the Bible and has chosen the Koran instead. What kind of a man would take such a stand as this--particularly when the nation is reeling with the aftereffects of 9/11 and other attacks by Muslim terrorists? Could he not think reasonably that it might not be a good thing for his people to draw further suspicion and odium upon the word, "Muslim"?

A Jewish talk show host on the radio, Mr. Graber, criticized this choice, saying that the Bible has always been recognized in the U.S. as THE Book--not just any other religious book. To do violence to this tradition, in his thinking, is to do violence to our sacred American traditions. For this brave and honest stand, he was castigated by the jackasses (there is no other word for them, other than John Hagee's "nitwits") of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, which demonized him as "intolerant" and a "bigot"--which is very, very strange, because Mr. Graber is Jewish and open-minded and conversant and knowledgeable about people and current events. Now who is really behaving Jewish--in the best, educated, urbane sense? I for one would not hesitate to name Mr. Graber, not the intollerant bigots of the Anti-Defamation League! He is a lone voice in this wilderness of secular humanism in America (which has its bastions in Jewish organizations as well as Ivy League halls of "learning", crying out, but receiving nothing but the worst hate speech and abuse for saying what is right and true about America and the Bible.

Public Law 97-280, October 4, 1982, Approved October 4, 1982, Statute 1211, proclaims to the nation and the world that "Congress Declares Bible "The Word of God." I have colored this jpg the color yellow, because this could not happen in 2006, and has not happened in 2006. We have become a cowardly nation in all respects, despite certain exceptions such as Mr. Graber and John Hagee and a few others. Our President (in the most strange way for a democratically-elected leader) commends a dictator's "landslide victory" in Venezuela. Yet just before this he received the worst abuse ever given any nation's leader. Who did this to our President? It was the very man that our President commended for his "landslide victory'--Chavez. Chavez, the dictator of Venezuela, called President Bush in the General Assembly of the United Nations, with the eyes of most of the world watching, a Devil, a Satan, an oppressor, and many other noxious things! For what? Because President Bush dared to fight for freedom and the American way of life and tried to make it available to one of the worst cases in the dictatorship-ridden Middle East! Does this President not know, or has he forgotten, that he represents his nation? He stands in a long line of noble, brave leaders. He ought not to take such things so lightly.

As we read in in I Chronicles 19, King David's envoys, sent in real friendship because of the death of the king who had been friends with David, were abused and ill-treated and humiliated by the deceased king's abject son, Hanun the new king of Ammon (which is north of Moab, on the left bank of the Jordan River). Hanun cut off the beards of these dignified men, and also cut their robes off just below the waist (the Bible uses a more descriptive phrase than I want to use) and then sent them walking back to Israel. Can you imagine the shame of that in the culture of that day? These Middle Eastern ambassadors would have preferred death to the shame of the public spectacle Hanun inflicted on them. Crowds of Ammonites must have jeered at them every step of the way out of the country. They were also probably pelted with dung, rotten fruit, and dirt clods. This was an unprovoked outrage. Realizing that he had gotten David mad as a hornet, Hanun hastily spent a lot of his money to hire 32,000 chariots and drivers, and another fighting force as well, and joined them with his own army. All this was not enough to ward off mighty King David who was going to make Hanun pay dearly for his mistake. King David replied with an all-out war that crushed Ammon and the even more dangerous ally of Syria. What is inexplicable is that Hanun dared to provoke this lion, David, after David had previously defeated the mighty Philistines and many other major military powers. The only explanation is that Hanun was so young he was brash and ill-advised--he thought, being young, he was more than equal to the older man. How wrong he was! We see now Iran's leadership dressed in clerical robes boasting that they are no longer in the position to fear anything America can do to them. Iran, they say, can do anything it wants to do. They are even hosting in Tehran a symposium of odious cockatrices, an "anti-Holocaust symposium"--gathering spurious authorities on history who will speak pure nonsense and deny there was a Holocaust, thus removing the one main reason for Israel's existence as a refuge for the Jewish people. I can only think that we have invited this foolish, brash new Hanun, Iran's president, to provoke and outrage us and our ally, Israel, through our defeatest, anti-war in Iraq Congressmen and now the equally defeatist Baker-Hamilton "study group." If I were Iran's president, or Hanun the Second, I would be encouraged to slap and humiliate America, since America is being shown a weak paper tiger, and indecisive and divided at best.

Now Iran's charge against us--and I heard Iran's president say this in an interview with an idiotic American newsman from 60 Minutes--is that America is the oppressor. Yes, that is what this little dictator said! Yet what oppressor acts as America acts? If Iran were devastated by a killer earthquake, what country would be first to send real aid? America! If Venezuela (another enemy of America) were destroyed by a hurricane or earthquake--guess who would be first on the scene with massive aid by the U.S. government and American Christian ministries and organizations? Would it be Saudi Arabia, Russia, France, the Netherlands (which is about the tightest nation in philantrophic giving, though better than Italy!)! How is it any different today in this world of nations that circle us like sharks who scent blood? We are being encircled, and the more blood we let go without any response--the more the sharks are encouraged to attack, since they see we are not going to defend ourselves! The president of Iran has led the pack against us. Now this petty dictator of Venezuela is leading a movement of socialist resurgence through all of Latin America. Communist Cuba's bloody dictator (the darling of America's liberals and secular humanists), Castro, is now being vindicated for his lifelong hatred and resistance against America and its freedoms.

Thank God for the example, however, of Congress in 1982, when it declared the Bible to be the Word of God and vitally connected with America in every meaningful way! When the ACLU continues its rampages against the public mention of the Bible or the use of it in swearing in ceremonies or the "right" of anyone to insist on the use of the Koran or any other "holy" book, we still have Statute 1211. This joint resolution and statute, authorized unaminously by both houses of the Congress, must be wiped from the books and Marx and Engel's Communist Manifesto put in its place if we are to allow the representative from Minnesota to claim a specious right not one of our Founding Fathers would let him claim as a free American proud of his country. They would have run him right out of the country as the montebank and ingrate and intolerant shyster he really is! He should be run out now--deported to a Islamic dictatorship, where he would have to be sworn in on the Koran, in an office that would mean nothing since it would not be won in a free election by free people who can exercise a choice. If he wants to be sworn in on a Koran, let him go to Pakistan, or Indonesia, or Saudi Arabia, or Egypt, or Libya, or Sudan (where they are presently slaughtering tens of thousands of Christians in Dafur). Any U.S. Congressman who slaps the whole nation in the face before taking office in the way he has done, ought to be given a one-way ticket to the Islamic concentration camp of a country of his choice. No one was going to force him to swear in on the Bible--in fact, it is not that commonly done anymore in the U.S. Congress. He deliberately made it an issue, seeking to insult and humiliate this Christian-founded nation as a triumphantist Muslim taking office in the U.S. Congress. Let his issue, which he raised by choice, take him all the way out: to a nation where no one is free, where no one has the right to freedom of conscience in religion, where no one can raise his or her head if she is a Christian, or a Jew, or a Buddhist, or anything else--where if you do, it will be severed from your shoulders, as is currently done in Saudi Arabia and other Islamic states where Islamic Sheriah law is the law of the land. It is against the law in Saudi Arabia even to carry a Bible! This is the most outrageous travesty of a nation--yet we support it, year after year, with our alliance and our oil money by the untold billions, money the corrupt, corpulent king and his gang of sex-crazed, over-fed relatives squander on themselves with luxurious limoisines, palaces, gold-inlaid swimming pools, marble dog houses, diamond-encrusted tooth brushes...!

Secular Humanism has brought us to this point, and the outrages will continue, as a free, Christian, Bible-based America (I am speaking about our true foundations) is publicly defied, humiliated, and discredited by its jealous, anti-democracy, socialist, Islamic foes, who have been given center stage in the name of "Tolerance," "Multi-Culturalism," "Diversity," and the other abominations specifically engineered by secular humanists to destroy a free nation founded under God and Christ.

Most American women (and almost all secular-humanist women in Western societies!) have no idea what is the relative position of women in other countries, particularly non-Christian countries and societies. Universally, it is much, much lower! Just what do the major religions say about women? This tells how they will be treated. Moody Press offered this view of the treatment of women back in 1945, but it is just as true today as it was then. See how women are regarded by Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, and Islam--all compared to how Christ in His infinite love and grace treats women:

"What Do Religions Offer Women," Compared with Christ

NEWS/STORMWATCH ON SENATOR TIM JOHNSON: Breaking news has Democratic Senator Tim Johnson of SD critically ill in the hospital, with a blood condition on the brain he has had for may years, but which is now threatening his life and also the Democratic control of the Senate (since if he cannot continue, the Republican governor, Michael Rounds (married to a Stadem relative of mine, by the way), of SD will appoint a Republican senator to replace Johnson, thus making it 50-50 between the Democrats and Republicans in the Senate). I was telling my mother about this, and she was well aware of it, saying she had prayed that God would take control of the situation of the Democrats in control of the Senate. I told her I had previously prayed that God would not allow the haughty, arrogant, secular humanist Democrats take control of both Houses of Congress.

This is not the reason for my mentioning this, although I am always amazed by God's moving "behind the scenes," for want of a better phrase. He is moving with power and grace--and we are praying for the salvation of Tim Johnson, not whether he will live or die, which is in God's hands.

What most gripped me was that I was given a glimpse into the news command center of CBS and its "Evening News" brigade just a few minutes ago. I had been wondering just who were the miscreants, liars, and blasphemers who head up the news departments that for six years now have been drumming on us all in America with their anti-war, pro-Islam, anti-Christian propaganda that they dare to call "news." All the major networks--CBS, NBC, ABC, and to a lesser extent, FOX, together with the "Dis-associated Press", give us the same secular humanist party line in their "news" broadcasts.

In the news fan on my computer, Mr. Jim McGlinchy, a rather low-key montebank and rascal, appeared to introduce the topic: Tim Johnson's critical condition. McGlinchy spoke a few moments about Tim Johnson, then walked with the camera on him into the command center to speak with a woman, an attractive, well-groomed liar who serves him, and she spoke longer, letting McGlinchy rest his lying tongue. I am having a little fun with this, as you can probably tell. She had virtually nothing to say, since she kept telling us that the news about it was in progress (introducing two gremlins who were working up interviews at the moment at the hospital where Tim Johnson is being worked on). Perhaps, she was wondering while she was explaining almost nothing to us why McGlinchy had put HER on the spot. She kept assuring us we would see everything on the Evening News. Then, when that wasn't enough, she introduced a third gremlin, an attractive young thing, with her name flashed on the screen, who is leaving. "You have done a terrific job, and we are so sorry to lose you," she said. The gremlin smiled sweetly. I wonder now why she was going--perhaps, they had discovered that she held certain conservative beliefs, or perhaps, worse, she is a Christian! They cannot tolerate that in the CBS command center! How divisive! In any case, CBS is going downhill in ratings and revenues, along with the other two, NBC and ABC. It is their constant lying about the events they do select to further their secular humanst agenda and their continual denial of the true news that has doomed them to decline and bankruptcy. I have not watched them for many years--since I saw what they were all about. Nevertheless, I wondered just who the news producers were, who are responsible, for the crime they have perpetrated for many years, misleading and misinforming the American people for the advancement of their secular humanist power grab. Now I have one name, Jim McGlinchy. He can stand for all of his ilk. They may look like nice, well-mannered Americans, but they hate America, hate morality, hate Christianity, hate Christ. They have made it clear what they believe--money, power, prestige, anti-Americanism, secular-humanism, Deism. They will be held responsible by God for their destruction of the moral fiber of whole generations of Americans, as well as their destruction of the Judaeo-Christian foundations of this nation. It is a very serious thing they have done, and a Righteous God has to hold them accountable--if the Bible is true, and it is absolutely true--, true to the last jot and tittloe, as Christ himself testified. I think of the verse, "Let God be true and every man a liar." How truly that can be applied to these shameless, lying news bureaus like ABC, CBS, NBC, and their pathetic Jim McGlinchies.--Ed.

"CONGRESS DECLARES BIBLE THE WORD OF GOD," Public Law 97-280, October 4, 1982, Statute 1211, Approved October 4, 1982 will soon be on-line

"Is America an Evil Empire?", An Answer to America's Liberal Critics, by Ronald Ginther

"Christless Pentecost," Review by Ronald Ginther and Reprint of David Willkerson article in CharisLife "Tough Love", 1984

Part II, "Christianity in America" series, by Ronald Ginther

There may be a Part III, a review of American textbooks which show clearly the anti-American bias, anti-Western Civilization bent in teacher's training today in America, which in turn leads to a shameless indoctrination of students against their own country and civilization in favor of the ways and ideologies of nations that hate America and want to see America destroyed. Is it any wonder that the mass media and Hollywood are so virulently anti-American, and Hollywood stars are always so obnoxious and critical of this country and its effort to bring freedom or defend freedom? They have been taught to see America as the world's problem! As the Bible says, they "strain at a gnat and swallow a camel!"

America, I am proud to say, has blessed me beyond all those other countries out there that are supposed to be so much better than this country of my birth. I read an American history textbook, and it has nothing good to say about Western Civilization and America. My grandmother wouldn't accept that! She left Norway in 1903, seeing that it was in steep spiritual decline, and never wanted to go back. America, her new home, was everything she had dreamed of--even if it meant hard work all her life, and going through the Dust Storms and Depression, and the World Wars. People she knew in America still loved God above everything else--that made it all worth it. So I am richly blessed by God to have great spiritual resources in the form of wonderful, godly forebears as well as relatives who are Gospel ministers such as my uncle Joseph Rangen, whom I asked some "burning questions" to which he gave some "candid answers" (and the last question and answer have much to do with America's maybe last chance to repent and not perish):

"Burning Questions and Candid Answers," by Pastor Joseph Rangen (Retired) and Nephew Ronald Ginther

Part I, "America's Urgent Decision: Spiritual Revival or Disaster," by John Kittleson, Lay Evangelist, published September 1988, but right on time for NOW!!

Part II, "America's Urgent Decision: Spiritual Revival or Disaster," by John Kittleson, Lay Evangelist, published September 1988, but right on time for NOW!!

What was the First Great Awakening in America all about? We have one part for you, but we hope to present the entire article soon about these two revivals which transformed America. And what sobering lesson for America is to be drawn from the example of France?

Part I, "The Great Awakenings of America," a View by Ronald Ginther

"The American Dream," Excerpt of Message by Peter Marshall


Postscript: November 2006--"The Titanic Connection with America's Destiny and Imminent Destruction," A View by Ronald Ginther

"Feeding the Dragon," A View of China and U.S. Relations Since 1949, Parts I and II, by Ronald Ginther, with Excerpts from Gordon Lindsay's book, "Red China in Prophecy, 1973, and Conclusion and Summing up by Ronald Ginther

Dreams about the Nuclear Destruction of America, and the Rise of the Anti-Israel, Anti-Jewish Spirit in American society:

"Prophetic Dreams," by Ronald Ginther:

Note on the Anti-Jewish demon spirit rising in America: We are getting more of this now, thanks to the secular humanist control of our society (they preach Tolerance, but they practice intolerance, bigotry, and racism). Without Christianity, America will plunge into sectarian, racial, and ethnic strife. Secular humanism has created this witches' cauldron, and its witches--from Eleanor Roosevelt on--have been stirring the pot. She is a prime witch, because she is on record as creating the idea of "minorities" in America. With the division of society into "minorities," Americans of various stripes and ethnicities and economic status could be made to think they were disadvantaged, and thus Big Democratic Government was empowered to "help them," that is, use them for gaining more political power. Her idea has worked superbly. She is a founding architect of the current Democratic party platform and agenda, which is based on dividing the nation into mindless minorities which the Democrats can use and manipulate for their own advantage.

But back to the Anti-Jewish spirit or demon. The press, here in Washington State, is primarily responsible for the lethal attack some weeks ago made by an Islamic man from Eastern Washington on the Jewish Federation Center in Seattle. He blurted out to his victims that he hated Israel and Jews, and this was suppressed in the news almost immediately. Instead, churches and synagogues "came together" to suppress the truth, and there were all sorts of loving, liberal-type togetherness and secular humanist vigils of love and peace for everybody. Everybody felt good about themselves, but the root causes were completely denied and shoved under (thus letting the news agencies here completely off the hook!). They ignored the fact, Jews and Gentiles alike, that the news networks here have been shamelessly drumming against "evil" Israel for years. The attacker who invaded, shot and killed the poor women at the Jewish Federation Center, was not the "nice boy" his Muslim mother claimed on TV (and it is quite possible she hates Jews and Israel and had fed her hatred to her son for years, though no one asked her about this possibility), but a man who had heard the anti-Israel propaganda on TV and believed it. He merely acted it out--and of course, that cannot be said in a secular-humanist-dominated society like Washington State's, for it is the truth. Pornography on TV causes obscene acts and crimes to be acted out--we all know this, after years of it being denied. Violence causes violent acts to be committed by viewers--that too is a fact long denied. Now anti-Semitism, encouraged by King TV's anti-Israel attacks over many yeas, has produced some bitter, even deadly fruit. King TV, its ownership and its news producers and even the news anchors who spout the anti-Israel garbage day after day, are utterly responsible before God for their lies and hatred of God's people and Israel.

Shame on you, KI NG TV! Shame on you! You are hateful, intolerant, and destructive, towards Jews and Israel--without any cause. You gild the pig--the PLO--and tar the innocent Jews, who are only trying to defend their country of Israel against the Arab and Muslim terrorists. It is exactly the same as we would do, if we were attacked day after day with Islamic, Arab suicide bombers. It is clear you care nothing for the truth, but the truth will still hold you responsible on the Judgment Day which is coming soon. I have lived here all my life in Washington State, and so I know you and your campaign of lies and misformation very well. I am not deceived by you, for with the lens of the Word of God I can identify and spot your lies for what they are and what they signify prophetically--the rise of the anti-Christ Spirit, along with anti-Semitism, in America. But you are all defeated by Christ on the Cross. His victory assures me that you, the forces of darkness, will not succeed ultimately. Christ will rule the earth.--Ed.

"Prophetic Dreams," Warnings about America's Nuclear Destruction and the Rise of Anti-Jewish Persecution, from 1960s to 1980s, by Ronald Ginther

"America Is A Non-Representative Oligarchy," A View of American Society and Government," by Ronald Ginther

"What Is So Special About Mohammed?", With a Comparison to Jesus Christ, a View by Ronald Ginther

"Divided America," A View of the Tactics and Techniques of Islam to Defeat the West, by Ronald Ginther


From the library of Pearl A. Ginther, a friend of Evangelists to Japan, Eddie Karnes and his wife, for many years.

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods were Silent," Chapter 1, "I Wore My Gods"

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods Were Silent," Chapter 2, "Life From A Coffin"

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods Were Silent," Chapter 3, "The Tortured Missionary

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods Were Silent," Chapter 4, "God's Voice Is Swedish!"

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods Were Silent," Chapter 5, "Healed Without Money"

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods Were Silent," Chapter 6, "The Crazy Woman,"

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods Were Silent," Chapter 7, "A Pastor Obeys God"

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods Were Silent," Chapter 8, "Every Newspaper a Gospel Tract"

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods Were Silent," Chapter 9, "God is No Beggar"

Paul Ariga's Testimony, "The Gods Were Silent," Chapter 10, Conclusion, "I Need Your Help"

Japan, along with America, has led the world in state-of-the-art, hitech electronics--she can lead spiritually too if the Gospel sweeps the nation, prayed for by such sacrificial Christian missionaries as you will read about in Paul Ariga's book.

Please check out the "Back to Jerusalem" faith mission that led Brother Yun, the persecuted Chinese Christian, to faith in Christ.


Chapters of "God's Man," the Epic Account of early Alaskan Missions by Mrs. C. K. Malmin are now on-line!

"God's Man," Alaska Missions, Chapter 1, by Mrs. C. K. Malmin

"God's Man," Alaska Missions, Chapter 2, by Mrs. C. K. Malmin>

"God's Man," Alaska Missions, Chapter 3, by Mrs. C. K. Malmin

"God's Man," Alaska Missions, Conclusion/ Chapter 4, by Mrs. C. K. Malmin

"Lilias Trotter Book Review," A Missionary Impossible, by Ronald Ginther

LILIAS TROTTER DID NOT MOVE WITH THE FLOW OR THE TIDE OF HER TIMES--SHE STEPPED OUT OF IT, DID THE THING MOST PEOPLE DREADED--SAID GOODBYE TO ALL HER PRIVILEGES AND PERKS AS A RICH BRITON. AS A RICH, BEAUTIFUL, YOUNG ENGLISHWOMAN TURNED MISSIONARY TO MUSLIM ALGERIA, CONTRASTED WITH JOAN BAEZ, AMERICA'S FOREMOST FEMALE FOLK SINGER, HEDONIST, FEMINIST, AND POLITICAL ACTIVIST OF THE 1960'S AND 1970'S: Missionary to Algeria, London society born-and-bred Lilias Trotter was a missionary for the Lord Jesus and the Gospel, and there is another gospel, the gospel of peace and nonviolence and Zen meditation and interfaith-ecumenism and hedonism (called "self-fulfilment") and whatever else people like Joan Baez champion just as fervently as Lilias Trotter the former London socialite championed Christ. What led to a Joan Baez? And what led to a Lilias Trotter? That is the question whose answer we are seeking in the following article.

"Joan Baez, a Silhouette," Review of her 1987 autobiography, by Ronald Ginther


A Standard Messianic Texts List (amended and revised somewhat) from the Jewish New Testament

The Names of Yeshua (Jesus) in the Bible

"Introduction to Biblical Science," by Duane L. Smith

"The Work and Person of the Holy Spirit: Essay I, "An Opinion About the Holy Spirit Gifts as Seen Today," by Duane L. Smith

Mrs. Pearl Ginther's Tribute to Christian Education

Crosswalk Bible Website

Part I, "Love: God's Priceless Gift," by Duane L. Smith

Part II, "Love: God's Priceless Free Gift," A Study with Questions, by Duane L. Smith

Supplemental Study Questions on Love article, by Duane L. Smith

Part I, "Genesis's The Seed of Woman, God's Redeemer to Come," by Ronald D. Ginther

"Exodus: Types of Christ," by Ronald Ginther

Duane L. Smith's "Prophetic Dream," a dream-vision of the Lord Jesus

Bible Study Tools Online, with Goshen Online Study Bible--Verse Lookup

The Blue Letter Bible

The American Bible Society library Bibles and other resources

"Leviticus: Atonement4us," by Ronald Ginther

Another fine article by Duane L. Smith:

"The Hope of the Christian, and Worldly Despair," by D. L. Smith

"What is Truth?"--Part I, by Duane L. Smith (A Philosophical Approach to Apologetics)

Part II, "What is Truth?", from Foundational Principles for Living, by Duane L. Smith

"Ruth the Vine," A Poetic Tribute to Christ's Moabite, Christlike Ancestress, by Ronald Ginther

Here is a study on the book of Esther with the setting of ancient Persia (Persia is now called Iran, the name given to it by the British overlords after World War I). It is especially meaningful and timely, now that another Haman the Jew-hater in the person of the president of Iran has risen up in the same land, Iran (once called Persia), and is threatening the Jews of Israel with nuclear annihilation:

"Esther: the Book of Godly Intrigue," by Ronald Ginther

For a brand-new film based on the Book of Esther that will entertain and challenge everyone, without wondering and worrying about a low rating (it is PG)--go to the place to get the names of theaters nearest you, and type in your zip code for your area's listing (you are also asked to call local theaters and ask if they will be showing the film called "A Night With the King":

Center for Local Theater Listings

WALK IN THE LIGHT, A Supernatural Escape from the Communist Hell of Romania, An illustrated True Account of a Romanian Bible Smuggler-Evangelist's Classic Deliverance from Tyranny and Imminent Death, by Ronald Ginther

"Where is that guy coming from?" A Discussion of Important Issues and Influences on the Instructor, by Duane L. Smith

"Deuteronomy: Israel's Chance to Obey Christ Completely," by Ronald Ginther

Here is a great resource for everyone, to find out what has gone wrong with America, and how the great wrong we have perpetrated can be made right in the eyes of God--before it is too late! Founder of one of America's greatest churches, Cornerstone church of San Antonio, Pastor Hagee is brave because he dares to stand on the Word of God and say a sin is a sin and demand the sinner take responsibility in order to find grace and forgiveness in God--the only One who can deal with our sin. All the forces of hell in America are arrayed against him--including at times the IRS, which is the attack dog of the secular-humanist-dominated U.S. Federal Government. They tried to shut Pastor Hagee up, and even dictate to him what he could and could not put in his own newletter that he sends through the mail--but they have failed, because God is on this man of God's side, and God is still Almighty, and the U.S. Government is still not Almighty as so many of its leaders like to think it is. Our government will be humbled before God--as James Robison says--along with American society, sea to shining sea--either in chosen humility or in terrible humiliation and shame amidst the embers and ruins of desolation.

John Hagee Ministries

"Joshua: A Many-Faceted Type of Christ," by Ronald Ginther

Questions for "Joshua: A Many-Faceted Type of Christ"

An Additional Autobiographical Account by Ronald Ginther

"Judges: Othniel, A Little Christ," First of Thirteen Delivering Christ-Types from Ehud to Samson, by Ronald Ginther

Judges: Samson, Backslidden Nazarite and Judge of Israel," Or, "Hope for the Completely Washed-up Christian," by Ronald Ginther

"A Glimpse of Heaven and a Taste of Hell," by Instructor Duane L. Smith, with illustrations by Butterfly Productions

"God's Fatherhood, Forgiveness, and the Walk of Faith," A Trilogy in Prophecy, Poem, and Song, Part I, by Duane L. Smith

"Bible Names for God's Son"

Study Questions for Bible Names of God's Son, by Ronald Ginther

"God's Fatherhood, Forgiveness, and the Walk of Faith," A Trilogy, Part II, by Duane L. Smith, is temporarily not on-line.

"Come Let Us Reason Together," "An Account of Messianic Witnessing," by Duane L. Smith

Here is the last article written by Duane L. Smith:

"Einstein, Quantum Mechanics, and the Reconciliation with Theology," Parts I-III, by Duane L. Smith

"Foundational Principles for Abundant Living, Meditations on God's Grace, Section A," by Duane L. Smith

Test Questions for Foundational Principles, by Duane L. Smith

PRAYER CENTER: PRAYER IS ESSENTIAL TO A CHRISTIAN'S FAITH AND LIFE AND FRUITFULNESS. Prayer is the keystone of a successful, fruitful Christian faith, it must be said. Without prayer, faith in the Lord will remain sterile and eventually fail. Witkhout prayer, our nation founded under God will even cease to exist.

"Praying for You," Ronald Ginther's grandmother in a characteristic praying moment at the kitchen table, a watercolor by a renowned portrait artist, Bart Lindstrom:

A FREE CHILDREN'S PRAYER MAP! An excellent resource for praying effectively and focused for the world: a free World Prayer Map! Parents, there is also a Children's World Prayer Map! This is your big opportunity to get your kids active spiritually in a way that will bring big spiritual dividends--how can God not hear a child's prayer? Write to: Every Home for Christ, P.O. Box 64000, Colorado Springs, CO 80962, or Tel: 1-800-423-5054.

Testimonies to a Few of God's Recent Answers to Prayer: 1. the much lower prices at the pump.

2. Saddam Hussain captured alive so he could be brought to justice (and also prayed for, that he might be saved by turning to Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord!).

3. The release of 70 of the captives in Baghdad from the government office building (keep praying for the safe return of the other thirty or more captives).

4. The continued failure of terrorist plots on American soil after 9/11.

5. The recent arrests in London foiling a terrorist plot to bring down about a dozen American commercial jets flying from Heathrow, London, exploding them over American cities (not over the Atlantic Ocean in mid-flight as was originally reported!).

6. The increased world attention being given by human rights activists, following up the whistleblowing on it by brave Christian evangelists such as Pastor Rod Parsley and Franklin Graham, so that the UN and world community is embarrassed and forced to deal with the genocide and liquidation of black Christians by Sudan's Muslim government, which denies any complicity, of course, but has for the last decade or more sponsored and given helicopters, bombs, planes and weapons to Muslim militias raiding Dafur, south Sudan. By the way, this is the same regime under whose umbrella Osama bin Laden formerly operated a safe haven for his terrorist training camps. He must have been too hot for even them to handle, and they offered him to President Clinton, who had "better things to do" and let him get away (this is just the straight public record).

7. All the thousands, or millions, of answers by a faithful God, which we are not aware of (sometimes it is merciful we don't know just what all is going on against us!).

Recommended The Emmaus Walk Book List:

"A Man Called Peter," The Story of Peter Marshall, by Catherine Marshall. McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York.

"We Have a Choice, Humility or Humiliation," perhaps a last and most significant call to America to repent or be destroyed by our enemies (Islamic terrorist organizations and supporting Islamic nations, with friends in the West aiding them, such as the secular-humanists entrenched in the U.S. Congress). This call is Robison's prophetic warning, available in his 16-page booklet printed and distributed by LIFE Outreach International, Fort Worth, TX, 2006.

"Culture Warrior," by Bill O'Reilly (go to, or any bookstore), which details the unconditional, all-out war being waged against America's Judaeo-Christian foundations by secular progressives (also called secular humanists, or better: "secular retrogressives").

Why I believe Bill O'Reilly and others like him may be "Shamgars" or deliverers that God raises up to defend Israel when Israel has none of her own with the backbone to do the job:

"Who Are the Shamgars of Today?" by Ronald Ginther

Pointing to God and Heaven, "The Hand and Finger" of David's Tower, Old City, Jerusalem

Brigitte Gabriel, a Christian from Lebanon, may be an exception to my statement that I see no one with the backbone to stand up for a Christian American and a Christian civilization. Brigitte Gabriel may well be the Latter Day "Shamgar" from out of the mainstream of American evangelicalism, when she valiantly tells of the persecution of Christians in Lebanon by Muslim terrorists of Yassir Arafat's organization who took over her formerly peaceful, progressive, multi-cultural, religiously tolerant nation (the only one like it in the Middle East--a model for all the oppressive Muslim societies around it!). They turned it into a hell, and her family had to flee for their lives. Her book, "Because They Hate," depicts the reason why Muslims hate Jews and Christians so passionately, and shows how that hatred is grounded in the later Muslim scriptures (surahs) of the Koran that supercede the earlier tolerant scriptures written by Mohammed when he was in Medina eagerly seeking the favor of Jews and Christians to help him gain the upper hand against his enemies in Mecca. Truth and prayer, with the love of Jesus, is the only way to defeat this darkness from hell itself that calls itself Islam.

This book speaks to the greatest need of America--which is to wake up and seek God in repentance and then carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Muslims in love and humility--and can be obtained by calling 1-800-854-9899, or contact her via Pastor John Hagee's website.

Brigitte Gabriel's book, "Because They Hate," at John Hagee Ministries



"Smith Wigglesworth," Apostle of Faith, biography by Stanley Howard Frodsham, Radiant Books, Gospel Publishing House, Springfield, Missouri

"George Muller, Man of Faith and Miracles," biography hy Basil Miller, Bethany Fellowship, Dimension Books, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Tortured for Christ," autobiography of Richard Wurmbrand, Diane Books, Glendale, California

"Hope for Man in a Hopeless World," by Basilea Schlink, Bethany Fellowship, Dimension Books, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Glory in the Church, the Coming Revival," by Edward E. Hindson, Thomas Nelson Publishers, New York/Nashville

"Czechmate," autobiographical account of imprisonment of author in a communist country for Bible smuggling

"The Everyday Guide to "God," A to Z Listing of God's Attributes, with Scriptures, by Amy Ng Wong, Humble Creek Publisher, Uhricksville, Ohio

"The Complete Book of Bible Lists," by H.L. Willmingon, Tyndale House, Wheaton, Illinois

"God Sent a Man," the story of Joseph, by Carylye B. Haynes, Review and Herald Publishing Association, Washington, D.C.

"Israel Act III," The Bible and the Mideast in prophecy, by Richard Wolff, Tyndale House, Wheaton, Illinois

"Eric Liddell, Pure Gold," biography of the Chariots of Fire Olympic runner turned missionary to China, by David McCasland, Discovery House Publishers, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Messianic Christology," by Arnold J. Fruchtenbaum, Ph.D., Th.M., Ariel Ministries, Tustin, California

"C.S. Lewis," Heroes of the Faith series biography, by Sam Wellman, Barbour Publishing, Uhrichsville, Ohio

Here is the way one single woman, with incredible handicaps of continual frail health and gender, invaded the Muslim-walled fortress-land of Algeria and took much of it back for Christ with missions that served as strategic staging posts to reach out to the whole nation with the saving, delivering, demon-power-destroying, liberating Gospel. She accomplished this with prayer, perserverance, and the faithfulness of God's Promises in His unconquerable Word! Here is the story of her epic achievement in Algeria--a land you would have thought could not have been penetrated with the Gospel since it was taken by Muslim armies way back in the 7th century.

"A Passion for the Impossible," The Life of Lilias Trotter, by Miriam Huffman Rockness, Discovery House Publishers, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Jerusalem Countdown," A Warning to the world, containing a prophetic view of Iran's role in coming world events affecting or centered on Israel, with parallels between Joseph and Jesus tieing in with these events and others of the End-Times, by John Hagee, Frontline (A Strang Company), Lake Mary, Florida

C. T. Studd, any biography will do.

Alexis de Tocqueville. His travels in America.


Dr. Mark Gabriel's testimony, about how he left Islam as a university professor, and was arrested by Cairo secret police and almost killed for his decision; then he gave his life to Christ, and the persecution really began!

Mark Gabriel's Testimony

For viewing Brother Mark Gabriel's website (formerly a Muslim imam and instructor at Cairo's top university who was tortured and imprisoned for leaving Islam, but later came to a saving knowledge of Christ Jesus):

Mark Gabriel's website

Pastor John Hagee of Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, Texas, interviewed Walter Shoebat, who was a terrorist and is now a Christian. You can access his wonderful testimony, "I Was a Terrorist," and the entire fascinating interview by using the John Hagee website. The video on militant Islam called "Obsession" is also available in a package with the interview. If you use the toll free number listed, use the item number: KT-127.

For Walter Shoebat-John Hagee Television interview, "I Was a Terrorist," Kt-137, with "Obsession"--video on Islamic terrorism

To Abraham (not to any other man on earth) God said: "And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing."--Genesis 12:2. This blessing holds for descendants of both his sons Isaac and Ishmael, as they both hearken and bow to the God of Abraham and accept what is said about his greatest descendant, Jesus Christ, born not of human seed but of the Spirit of God:

A Rose of CHRIST YESHUA'S Love for the Beloved Moslem People


Perry Stone Ministries


"An Exciting Story from Turkey," by Gloria Patterson, The Mooring Lines Magazine, Port of Tacoma, Tacoma, Washington State

Feeling rejected, cast-off, unwanted, worthless to everyone, including yourself? Here is a way out, which Christ gave a rejected wife and mother over in Israel:

"Wedding in the Dead Sea of Rejection," by Ronald Ginther

A quiz about the Resurrection:



France, the birthplace of socialism and the so-called Enlightenment that threw God and the Ten Commandments out of human government and society, placing man in the center, as a worshiper of the Goddess of Reason:

"The Burden of France," by Eben

Holland, a formerly devoutly Christian, now a secular-humanist nation that worships the false deity of Tolerance above the true God:

"The Burden of the Netherlands (Holland)," by Eben

Please use the Life Today website to order and read James Robison's "We Have a Choice, Humility or Humiliation," his 16-page booklet giving a prophetic warning and call to fellow Americans to turn back to God before destruction falls on us from a nuclear strike, from inside and possibly outside our borders as well!

"The Burden of America," by Eben

Canada, a formerly Christian now a devout secular-humanist society and nation:

"The Burden of Canada," by Eben

Once mighty, "Great Britain," formerly the birthplace of the Wesley and Welsh revivals that shook England and revitalized her (sparing oppressed Britain a French-style revolution and bloodbath), now a secular-humanist society where Christmas is a politically incorrect term to use at the time of the traditional celebration of Christ's birth ("Winter Festival," or the pagan "Winter Solstice," ineptly and dishonestly substituted). Christmas, as I heard on Bill O'Reilly's program the other day, has even been banned in on British city. An anti-Christ festival based on the pathetic little warlock-in-training, a fictional, enormously lucrctive Harry Potter, has been instituted and called something like "Luminus," though I need to see the actual spelling of the word yet. What an absurd development in this formerly valiant bastion of Christian belief set like a Shining Citadel in a sea of barbarism and paganism! How far have the Britons fallen to thise new wave of secular humanist barbarism and sheer, Grinch-like bad taste--which reminds the student of history of the stinking, unwashed, barbaric, pagan hordes of Norway and Sweden that invaded and ravaged England in the time of King Alfred of Wessex. How Britain needs another such brave, Christian leader to say "enough is enough!" and fight this darkness engulfing England, and Scotland as well! I am disgusted and ashamed of what my pagan Norwegian, Viking ancestors did to England, France, and most of Western Europe from the 8th to the 10th centuries. What criminals they were--serving Odin, Thor, and the other pagan deities instead of the only true God and His Christ. Britons knew Christ for centuries before the Norwegians, but now even the Britons (where you can't throw a stone and it won't hit a cathedral or church) are forsaking Christ, turning like a dog to its vomit--turning back to neo-paganism, thanks to the "tolerant," anti-Christ elites who have adopted secular humanism as their religion.

This is the "thanks" Britons gave God for sparing them from being conquered and crushed by Nazi Germany, and we know that Hitler fully intended to invade Britain and liquidate all its leading citizens, while reducing millions to slavery and concentration camps. His "liquidation lists" have been made public. Yet the churches emptied after the victory at the end of the war--and the people turned their backs on God their deliverer. Yet He has not forgotten Britain despite this, and still calls to her to return to him. She turned against Israel, and incurred a curse, but all this can be turned around. Prosperity can be swept away in a moment today, as most of the money that exists is electronic, not actual cash or gold or jewels or property. Whatever Britons trust in now can be gone, in a twinkling of an eye as the whole commercial and banking sector loses all its assets in an economic melt-down. This does not have to happen, for a revival to take place once again, perhaps for the last time, in Britain. Let us pray for Britain, that her people be spared this severe a mercy.

The above painting hangs in St. Paul's cathedral, where I toured and took this picture in the dim light of the edifice. It portrays the spiritual state of Britain today, a nation that closed its heart to Jesus Christ. Yet Christ is still knocking on the door of its heart.

It is thrilling to see brave British people stand up against the evil tide of secular humanism! God still has his righteous 7,000 in Briton! A long-time friend of mine, Kathleen Lawrence-Smith, edits THE ANCHORED Magazine (for over twenty years now), and writes in this pre-Christmas January-March issue a bit called "S.O.S."--"We long to keep our chilodren's youthful innocence, and want them well taught in school. We are alarmed to hear that the Government is still pressing ahead to introduce the proposed Sexual Orientation Regulations to teach that homosexuality is 'just another kind of love.' There is still time to do all you can to defeat this. Tell others, write or confront your M.P. [Member of Parliament], write in the Press, join up with others to tell the Government that we will do all we can to oppose this outrage. Contact 01277 376202 or website for more advice, if required." to Join to Oppose Sexual Orientation Regulations Teaching and Approving Homosexuality to be forced on British schoolchildren

"The Burden of Britain," by Eben

Though this traditional refuge for many persecuted people (also revolutionaries and criminals, we might add) has gained credit for accepting everybody, friend or foe, its record in keeping huge amounts of stolen German Jewish assets without feeling at all obliged to reimburse the survivors of the Holocaust cannot be admired. Recently, it has become a haven for terrorists, and the terrorists are wealthy, if you don't know. Authorities are looking for the six billion or so that Yassir Arafat hid somewhere, quite possibly in Swiss banks, where so much money stolen by dictators and mafiaso crime bosses goes. His widow is presently living a life of luxury in Paris, and perhaps she knows but is not telling, lest she be reduced to poverty. All this money was given by America and the West to aid the impoverished Palestinian people, to help build their society's infrastructure and start schools and hospitals and businesses, but Yassir Arafat diverted practically all of the aid into his own secret accounts. The Bible prophecies that someday the treasures of wickedness will be brought into the open, and the money that the wicked world has hidden in secret hoards like the greedy dwarves of German legend will be turned over to Christians! The righteous will inherit what the wicked have heaped up for themselves! I do believe this is coming about, as news of these fortunes stolen from the rightful owners such as the Jews is hitting the newspapers. These fortunes, and with accrued interest, if justice be served on this sick, old planet, must be turned over to them, a number of whom have since the Holocaust become Christians, as you can learn by ordering the "Survivors' Stories" video from Jews for Jesus.

"The Burden of Helvetia (Switzerland)," by Eben

"Two Prophecies," by Duane L. Smith



"Ethel Waters' "To Me It's Wonderful," Harper and Row Publishers, 1972, Book Review by Ronald Ginther

Mrs. Pearl Ginther's Scripture Garden

"Angel Stories," by Pearl A. Ginther

"My Two Angel Stories," by Ronald Ginther

"My Two Angel Stories"

"The Voice of the Lord and the Heart of a Prophet," A Dream of the Lord Jesus, Parts 1 & 2, by Duane L. Smith

"We Tried to Prove It Wrong," article in the book, "Can I Really Trust the Bible?"

ISRAEL AND THE MIDDLE EAST CENTER: The most contested real estate on earth is Canaan, or Israel! Here are two articles dealing specifically with the land God promised only to Israel:

ARTICLE ABOUT JERUSALEM, REPUBLISHED: "Speak Tenderly to Jerusalem," the CharisLife article, is now on-line:

"Speak Tenderly to Jerusalem," CharisLife Article by Gerald Rowlands, 1986, "Tough Love" Magazine



"Ram and Bear: the Land of Persia, Ancient and Modern," by Ronald Ginther

GOD GAVE ISRAEL (YES, ISRAEL!) THE TERRITORIES COMPRISED BY SOUTHERN LEBANON AND ALSO WESTERN SYRIA! Please go and see what the Bible says, which resulted in Israel being given these lands now exploited for terroristic purposes by the Iran-backed terrorist organization of Hezbollah. Use the article to view the maps: "The Area Attacked in Israel by Hezbollah, and the Lands Occupied in Lebanon God gave to Israel," by Ronald Ginther

Maps of Hezbollah-Attacked Israel, and the Northern Lands now known as Southern Lebanon that Almighty God Gave to His People Israel, by Ronald Ginther

Flowers of Christ's Love for the Enslaved People of Iran

"What is Palestine?"--A Commentary on the David Hathaway Article, "Palestine?", by Ronald Ginther


"BBC's Symposium of Left Bank Arab and Israeli Youth," a Review by Ronald Ginther

CARTOON CENTER: Our Emmaus Walk cartoon about the sinning, sybaritic playboy, or "rake", the typical American boy without Christ in his life:

"Skanky Boy--The Progress of a Post-Modern Rake," Part I

"Judges: Samson, Backslidden Nazarite and Judge of Israel," Or, "Hope for the Washed-up Christian," by Ronald Ginther

Asia Minor Atlas

"The Ballad of Paul and Silas," by Ronald Ginther


Dr. Carl Baugh, Creation Evidence

For a magnificent series refuting Evolution as taught today all over the nation in most all the schools (not to mention promoted in films, documentaries, National Geographic specials, ad nauseum):

"Life's Story" Series, Exploration Films, to order a copy or copies

This visually stunning series can be shown in private home gatherings, for homeschools, in churches, in student groups meeting legally at school during allotted times--and will refute Evolution, point by point, the true facts presented by scientists and educators. This the the truth that Evolutionist do not have America to see, because their shabby, unscientific case for Evolution is utterly destroyed.

Recommended by Dr. James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Ministries, this rebuttal of Darwinian evolution:

"Evolution's Fatal Fruit," by Tom DeRosa. This book was aired as "Darwin's Deadly Legacy" on TV by Dr. Kennedy. You can connect with the book or the video of the program about it at any Christian bookstore, or through Dr. Kennedy and Coral Ridge Ministries.

Book or Video on Darwin's Deadly Fruit and Legacy, Coral Ridge Ministries


Is the so-called Prosperity Gospel a heresy? Is it really based on scripture, as is claimed by those who preach it? What possible harmful effects could it have on Christian faith? Why is it so popular, and draw so many people to churches where it is regularly preached? Is it an American phenomenon--reflective of America's crazed, ultra-materialistic culture(consider Tom Cruise's vulgar, 2.5 million dollar "wedding" extravagaza-circus in an Italian castle as just one example of our lunatic extravagance and self-deification as American super-materialists)--or is it more universal? These are some questions we will try to ask and answer (or at least shed some light upon) in a proposed article.

There is a counterfeit in Satan's kingdom for everything, or almost everything, God has created for blessing His children in His kingdom. Marriage is no exception. Now Satan has substituted, in order to pervert and destroy God's creation of holy matrimony, his unholy marriage of man with man, or woman with woman--homosexual liaisons and lesbian liaisons masquerading as monogamous unions. In the mainline churches, and you can read which ones as reported in the news, same-sex marriages (a euphemism for homosexual or lesbian liaisons) are being sanctioned by deluded New Age religionists who accept everything religious, regardless of what the Word of God says about such sexual sins. God, however, created holy matrimony as the first institution to bless mankind and every couple joined together lawfully in His eyes. What a beautiful creation! It is so life-enhancing, so fruitful, so lasting, so happy--only God could create so wonderful a thing. Please link to an excerpt from the official programme of the splendid, even majestic wedding ceremony of Prince Charles and Lady Diana in St. Paul's Cathedral, London, 29 July 1981. It speaks of the pure essence of holy matrimony, as drawn from the peerless, immortal Word of God. It is truly an awesome union, the joining in marriage of one man with one woman, sealed by the holy Spirit of God, and witnessed by the assembly of saints and the leaders of the Church and the world, and must never be lightly be entered into. Just because the two who took vows lightly in this particular marriage of Charles and Diana's, it does not mean that the institution is flawed in its conception. God only does things perfectly. We know they both failed in their vows--but that was of their choosing, and it cost them both dearly in happiness. If only their vows had been honored, it is likely their lives would have gone very differently--and much better. It is a very tragic story how Princess Diana ended up killed in an automobile accident in a Paris tunnel, but the sadder thing was the failure of the marriage, long before it was made public. The object lesson of this is inescapable: God's ways are best. If we do not follow them, we will suffer grave loss. As with individuals, so with nations and societies! A marriage is a divinely-instituted covenant, and America too was founded in a most beautiful, divinely-instituted covenant, as is clear from reading the Pilgrim and Puritan covenants. To turn from any covenant from God to do what we selfishly want is to invite unhappiness, sorrow, and even death and destruction. Fortunately, there is still opportunity for America to turn back to God and His covenant with us! We do not have to end up as the lovely Princess Diana did. Prince Charles, though a survivor, has to live with his own regrets and remorse, no doubt.

A royal wedding infinitely more splendid and majestic than Charles and Diana's is coming, when Christ is wed to His Bride. His bride will be ready, and she will be without spot or wrinkle. Are we preparing ourselves as the Bride of Christ? It is time to purify ourselves and get ready for the grand royal wedding with the King!

On a trip to England, my hosts took me to St. Paul's Cathedral, and we saw the silver chandeliers had been taken down, for cleaning, in preparation for the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. The cathedral itself had to be cleaned and purified for the wedding and the honorable guests and the Bride and Groom and the Groom's royal mother the Queen and the Archbishop of Canterbury and The Dean of the Cathedral. This was probably the wedding of the century, watched world-wide by television by hundreds of millions. How much more, we, the Church and Body of Christ, must be made ready for the wedding, cleaned and purified for our much more glorious Bridegroom, Jesus Christ!

Excerpt of "Solemnization of Matrimony," from wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana

There are two false, alluring doors that lead to death but promise life and lots of money and pleasure. A third, not so inviting to the eye perhaps--because it is Cross-marked, and spotted with blood--is the door that truly leads to Life, and Life eternal:

"Doors of Life," by Bryan Schroeder

America's disastrous descent into darkness, through psychics and voo doo and the Satanic religion of Wicca:

Part I, "Witchcraft in America--How bad is it?", Part I, by Ronald Ginther

Is it any wonder that our nation has stumbled so badly in Iraq, despite the noble intention to bringing the chance of freedom after the overthrow of Iraq's monstrous dictator? David Hathaway prophesied some time back in his magazine, EUROVISION, that America was going to create a Shiite superpower (Shiite Iran combined with Shiite-ruled Iraq). Since our secular-humanist government (despite its being "Republican" in name only--which makes the acronym "Rhino" appropriate in describing our government) is determined not to engage the religious causes of the sectarian warfare in Iraq, it is doomed to failure--and it has failed. But compounding the secular-humanist blindness and political correctness of our government, the White House is bewitched! Not wonder things cannot be seen and dealt with as they really are! World War III was declared against us--by radical Islam! Can we not accept the fact? Apparently not! Why? Our White House is under the spirit of witchcraft. We agree with Pastor John Hagee, when he showed the nation and the watching world the proof that the U.S. White House has been taken over by the spirit of witchcraft, thanks to the naive husbands of First Ladies dabbling in witchcraft (inviting psychics into the White House) and other such dealings with the occult. It is no wonder that immorality invaded, and President Clinton had such a fling with the interns, all under the eye of his First Lady who was in the same building while he made himself and all of us Americans a laughingstock before the eyes of our enemies and the disgusted world.

Part II, "The Poverty/Witchcraft Connection," by Ronald Ginther


"From Pearl Harbor to Calvary," by Japanese air commander at Pearl Harbor, Mitsuo Fuchida, with Jacob DeShazer (American POW in WWII)

"What Christmas Means to Me!" by Trygg Heintz, formerly university roommate of Ronald Ginther's. Trygg was a young Christian with a big smile that lit his whole face and who had newly given his life to the Lord Jesus after visiting a Christian group on campus of Eastern Washington University, and it made a profound, life-changing difference in him, as his Christmas letter to my mother and my family reveals. He was an effective soul-winner, speaking to young men like himself who were still wandering aimlessly through life, and then leading them to Christ after sharing with them his story how Jesus had given his life meaning and love after years of searching and feeling empty and meaningless.

"What Christmas Means to Me!" by Trygg Heintz, Eastern Washington University student

Soon to be on-line, "My Personal Discovery," by Ronald Ginther:

Princess Diana's death contains a message for the world:

To order "In Loving Memory" of Princess Diana

Or call: 1-800-54-TRACT, Tract # 20453. Or write: American Tract Society, P.O. Box 462008, Garland, TX 75046


"The Long, Lonely Road," A Song's Lyrics by the late Duane L. Smith

"Hell-Bound," by Duane L. Smith

A Song dedicated to the late Duane L. Smith:

"I'm About to Fly to Heaven," A Yellowstone Park Campfire Song, with Demonstrations, by Ronald Ginther

"God has a Plan for My Life," composer unknown, a Song of Encouragement Amidst Bleak Circumstances



Link for Christian activists (LOVE AND PEACE "terrorists" FOR CHRIST), via David Wildmon's American Family Association On-line:

American Family Association On-Line

Link to obtain Vital Information about Current Issues Confronting the Family, Traditional Moral Values, and our Fast-Eroding Religious Liberty in America, as well as take advantage of the opportunity to order DVDs of the extremely well-done "Critical Mass" and the Boston colonial church's "Liberty Sunday" service and broadcast transcript, with Tony Perkins, Head of Family Resarch Council officiating. Also check out AFA's Pass Along Sheet telling about how Wal-Mart rolls out the red carpet for homosexual marriage:

Liberty Counsel, an advocate for Christmas, took on Wal-Mart, and it has "seen the writing on the wall" and restored "Christmas" to its stores, and now employees can wish customers "Merry Christmas," instead of the generic, idiotic, meaningless, insipid "Happy Holidays."

You too, as a customer, U.S. citizen, and Christian, can make a difference. Simply sign on (without having to make a donation) to a petition to help save Christmas at our nation's retail stores, where it is being driven into extinction by the ACLU and its supporters through strong-arm tactics and intimidation. Click on "Naughty and Nice Retail Stores" on the left of the web page and you can read the list of those who delete Christmas and those who support Christmas. It is illuminating, to say the least. After reading the names of stores that have trashed Christmas, I am hardly inclined any more to shop there. It is just reported, moreover, that Wal-Mart has won China as a market, and will be setting up stores across that vast country, which will equal the U.S. as a market very soon now. How will this work? Wal-Mart will have offices in it run by the Communist Party. Isn't this a strange bedfellow for a capitalist corporation that was supposedly begun by Christians? It just shows without doubt that Wal-Mart has morphed into a monster.

At this site, which is Liberty Counsel, you can also send an email with your complaint about any store or business (where you may be an employee) that is discriminating against this legal holiday of Christmas. I sent one right away about our local Fred Meyers store, for Freddies ignored my respectful letter sent last year reminding them that Christmas is still a legal U.S. holiday and I really did not like their anti-Christmas change in the store banners and salespeople's greetings. My brother who works at SEATAC International Airport has also a complaint he needs to send in. All of this major U.S. airport's Christmas trees were removed at midnight. Imagine that! No Christmas trees at Christmas! The news of this has gone national, and you can read about it without it being reported here. This last event just proves that none of us can avoid the secular humanist's culture war against Christianity--the all-out battle against cherished Christian values and traditions and beliefs, that is being waged coast to coast in America by the secular humanists who claim to be so tolerant and compassionate but are the very opposite.

We must stand, dear fellow Americans and Christians!

Stand up now--not when it is too late and you and I wake up in a secular-humanist, politically correct paradise that is really a hell worse than anything you could imagine.

Stand, be counted, and the darkness of secular humanism can be stopped in its tracks. Do nothing, and everything vile will triumph. Yes, it may seem like a small thing now to you, this saving Christmas in the stores, but it is actually very important.

Someday I want to take a tour of the great Dutch dykes, and see the more traditional type (if it still exists) that was used effectively for centuries to hold back the North Atlantic from drowning the low-lying Dutch farms and cities. Just as one tiny hole in a dyke can bring it all down, and thousands are drowned, when all it takes (as the wonderful Dutch story goes) to save the country of Holland is for a single, quick-witted Dutch boy with some practical common sense and love of others to stick his finger into the hole before it gets any bigger and the stormy ocean is stopped in its tracks!

Remember, biblically, this is exactly what David did! He was the original dyke-saver and national hero! All it took to save Israel from being conquered and wiped out by the Philistine invaders was for one plucky shepherd boy who believe in Almighty God's faithfulness to stand up against the giant Philistine Schwarzenegger with his slingshot and a stone he picked out of a nearby creek!

The rest is history: three thousand years later, the Jews and now again Israel still exist, thanks to the boy David! Remember too, it wasn't the tall, armored Saul the king, his pompous, Henry Kissinger-like stuff-shirt counsellors and cabinet, or his war department of generals and army that saved Israel--they were a pack of cowards, cowering in fear of the Philistines. No, it was that lone, fleece-shirted shepherd boy from some hick town named Bethlehem who did the job they were supposed to do but were afraid to do--all because he loved and believed in the power of the God of Israel to turn the tide against Israel's mortal enemies. Israel badly needs, by the way, such a shepherd boy today--as it is stumbling under its present, Neville Chamberlain-like leadership toward even more compromise and humiliation by the pagan, uncircumcised Philistines of today--the fanatical leaders of Iran and the PLO and Hamas and Hezbollah.


Family Research Council, Defending Family, Faith, and Freedom

One paragraph from the AFA Pass Along Sheet regarding Wal-Mart: "When Wal-Mart announced their support for the homosexual agenda a few weeks ago, they meant what they said. You will remember that the Wal-Mart asked for, and received, permission to join the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC). The company announcd they were giving two large grants to NGLCC. The world's largest retailer was rewarded with a position on the board of NGLCC. Wal-Mart also announced they would give preference to homosexual-owned businesses in purchasing products."

Remember Ellen on TV "coming out of the closet," with her announced lover, Ann Heche? It was, in 1997, TV's most widely publicized event. I recall it, chiefly because I wrote a letter to a local McDonalds, saying I was not going there again to eat, after they came out endorsing Ellen--asking how could they do that and still support the family. Well, Ann's mother, Nancy Heche, interviewed by Joni Lamb on Daystar, has written a book, "The Truth Comes Out," in which she tells her very painful but necessary journey back to God, after losing her faith and her husband and her "ideal marriage" in 1980 when he died of HIV after living a double life as a homosexual. Then her daughter joined with Ellen publicly on TV in a lesbian relationship. It took some real sorting out in her heart and life before Nancy Heche found ways of loving and accepting her daughter as Christ would, yet without saying that homosexuality is right to do. Now Nancy is able to challenge churches not to reject homosexuals but to love them--the only way to win them back to the sexuality God chose for them and, even more important, the relationship with Jesus that will make their lives worth living. To find this book, you can go to


Item: Wesley's Cow Sermon: "One day John Wesley [the great British evangelist of the 18th century) was walking with a man who expressed his doubt as to the goodness of God. He said, 'I do not know what I shall do with all this worry and trouble.' At that moment Wesley saw a cow looking over a stone wall. 'Do you know,' asked Wesley, 'why that cow is looking over the wall?' 'No,' said the man. Wesley said, 'The cow is looking over the wall because she cannot see through it. That is what you must do with your wall of trouble--look over it and above it.' Faith enables us to get above circumstances and look to Christ who is over all, blessed forever."

This next item is not trivial, by any means! Michael Freund, Chairman of Shavei Israel ("Shavei Israel," meaning "Those Who Would Return to Israel"), who worked in the administration of former Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel, has recently come in contact with a people in Northwest India who claim to be the Lost Tribe of Manasseh. Manasseh was the tribe affliated with Ephraim as descendants of the two sons of Joseph by those names. Genesis 46:20: "In Egypt, Manasseh and Ephraim were born to Joseph by Asenath daughter of Potiphera, priest of On." The people from NW India call themselves the "Bnei Menasche," which means, "Sons of Manasseh." Freund and others have met with representatives of this people in Jerusalem, and also gone to India and met with the people, studying their customs and manuscripts and history to determine if they truly are what they claim to be. Freund is satisfied that they are Manassehites. The Chief Rabbi of Israel has also reviewed their case and declared they are true sons of Israel.

The Bnei Menasche said to Michael Freund that they want to return (make the aliyah) to Israel. 800 have emigraed to Israel so far, but there are thousands remaining. In the meantime, Freund and supporters established two schools in India for them, and are doing other things to facilitate their return to Israel. It is about 2,700 years since they were forcibly taken with hooks in their hoses attached to fish lines in the hands of their captors from the Northern Kingdom by the Assyrians (which, since history "habitually" repeats itself, may well be the way America's secular-humanist leaders will be led to their decapitations by Muslim death squads). It costs $7,500 to bring one of these descendants to Israel and help them adjust to a completely different modern society. 200 have been brought in so far, despite the huge cost. If you wish to know more about this epochal reunion of Jews of the Lost Tribe of Manasseh with their people in their homeland of Israel, Hal Lindsay's recent interview with Michael Freund can be accessed here. Michael Freund's web address and webpage will be given too.

Hal Lindsay's the Hal Lindsay Report

Or call Hal Lindsay's Ministry at: 1-800-TITUS-35. Or write: Hal Lindsay Ministries, P.O. Box 1475, Palm Desert, CA 92261.

Or contact Michael Freund:

Michael Freund, Shavei Israel

Michael Freund has also written the book, "The Everlasting Hatred of Islam," which can be made available to him by using his website or Hal Lindsay's. Michael Freund's email address is:, with article, "Lost Jewish Tribe Soon to Move to israel," by Julie Stahl, Jerusalem Bureau Chief,

Postscript to Item on Assyrians: The webpage also announces the event of Christians for Assyrians of Iraq, which will demonstrate peacefully in front of the White House, Monday, December 4, 2006.

Item: The Bible says you can know a tree by its fruit. What kind of fruit has Evolution produced? Dr. James Kennedy, of Coral Ridge Ministries, has diagramed the family tree of Evolution, and it has produced some deadly, evil fruit, as you can see:

Evolution...absence of a Creator....absence of disintegration...crime/...absence of morality...fascism...Holocaust

Evolution...absence of a Creator...meaninglessness of shootings/...meaninglessness of life...abortion/...atheism...eternal damnation

Evolution...absence of a Creator...meaninglessness of faith...persecution of religion

ITEM: HELP IN CREATING FAMILY TRADITIONS: Many of us lack meaningful traditions in our family background, or they have been allowed to lapse, or are imperfectly remembered. Valuable things fail to be passed on--and then what? Can you click on RESTORE? Yes! Mrs. Dobson and Mrs. Gloria Gaither have written a book that can help you create richly meaningful activities and traditions for your family--so that you do not just eat together but share things that will be passed on by your children to their children. Our forefathers, the Pilgrims and Puritans (not a secular humanist in those groups!), passed on the wonderful celebrations that enrich our lives--and we can add to these--so check out this book, "Creating Family Traditions," by calling 1-800-AFAMILY. I have since seen a program in which a Christian father tells about how he and his wife invited his own mother-in-law to come and make breakfast for them in the morning on Christmas Day. She accepted, and it became a tradition, which now includes a lot of friends who love to join them! For each family, something different might work, but this worked for them, to bring much meaning into their lives--sharing a breakfast and felowship together on Christmas morning!

Item: More from Dr. Kennedy and what your teachers won't tell you: "Scientists agree [with Evolution]? No! A survey of scientists established SIR ISAAC NEWTON as the greatest scientist who ever lived, and he believed in God, in Christ, in the Bible, and in Creation. To the chagrin of modern evolutionary scientists, Newton wrote more books on theology than he did on science. The revered "scientific method" was invented by a Christian. The inventor antiseptic surgery was JOSEPH LISTER, a Christian. In bacteriology, LOUIS PASTEUR was a Christian. Other Christians in science include:

In hydraulics, LEONARDO DA VINCI. In hydrostatics, BLAISE PASCAL....In energetics, LORD KELVIN...In physical astronomy, JOHANN KEPLER (who said that science was thinking God's thoughts after him)...In thermodynamics, LORD KELVIN...In systematic biology, CAROLUS LINNAEUS...In chemistry, Robert Boyle...In comparative anatomy, G. CUVIER...In computer science, CHARLES BABBAGE...In dimensional analysis, LORD RAYLIGHT...In eletrodynamics, AMBROSE FLEMING...In field theory, MICHAEL FARADAY...In fluid mechanics, GEORGE STOKES...In galactic astronomy, WILLIAM HERSCHEL...In gas dynamics, ROBERT BOYLE...In genetics, GEORGE MENDEL...In glacial geology, LOUIS AGASSIZ of Harvard...In gynecology, JAMES SIMPSON...In isotopic chemistry, WILLIAM RAMSAY...In natural history, JOHN RAY...In non-Euclidean geometlry, BERNHARD RIEMANN...In oceanography, MATTHEW MAURY...In optical mineralogy, DAVID BREWSTER...In stratigraphy, NICOLAUS STENO...In entomology of living insects, HENRY FABRE...In vertebrate paleontology, G. CURVIER..."

This is only a partial list! But take out these Christians and their contributions to science, what would be left? We certainly would be set back several centuries at least in most every major field of science. Yet teachers and professors and commentators on science have ignored, falsified, and misrepresented Christians and their contributions--routinely, shamelessly. Science and the Scientific Method (including the famous "Occam's Razor) are a product of Christianity, Dr. James Kennedy reminds us. I read a wonderful, scholarly biography of Sir Isaac Newton, and he was a devout Christian man, and lived the most exemplary, moral life. Newtonian physics was but one of his great contributions to Western Civilization, the world, and science. He worked in chemistry, but his papers were burnt in an accidental fire. He also invented calculus based on dots, though his form of it was simultaneous with another thinker and scientist, who received the world's accolade for the discovery of calculus in Newton's place. Now if the other man had not lived to create calculus, Newton's dot-system would be in universal use today, for it achieves the same results. He was a genius, beyond any we can name past or present. Yet anyone who believes in the Bible and supports its world-view and morality is derided by secular humanists in education, government, and the media as idiotic, uneducated, bigoted, and backward. These secular humanists are elitest, forgetting that greater people than themselves have been devout and moral Christians--not the ignorant, backward, bigoted people they characterize Christians to be.

I really believe this is neo-Philistinism--a highly aggressive, highly organized society that was nevertheless barbaric and unspeakably immoral. The Philistines seemed to be so sophisticated in their culture and clothes and entertainments when compared to the Jehovah-worshipping Israelites, yet their religion showed they were the worst sort of heathens--for them there was no moral restraint, they committed every vile, perverse sex act in their temples before such abominations as Dagon the fish-tailed corn-god and Astarte, goddess of sex.

This neo-Philistinism of the secular humanists has almost completely supplanted Christianity in America and the West--because Christians, under attack by secular humanists, did little or nothing to refute them.--Ed.

Item: Remember the classic, avant garde cookbook from California, "Cooking a Wolf." Maybe it was before your time. It was once the rage of the elites in America. But now we have something better than the thirty-pound "The Joy of Cooking," or the slimmer, more sophisticated "Cooking a Wolf"--the newly released "Cooking a Terrorist"! Personally, along with Mr. Horowitz who recently was interviewed on the Lars Larsen conservative radio show regarding the atrocities of suicide bombers committed against Israelis, their women, young people, children and even babies, I see no real difference between a wolf and a terrorist, so maybe the recipes for wolf and Islamic terrorist are interchangeable?

"Cooking a Terrorist," The Modern Prisilla Cook Book of 1929, Updated

Item: "Cooking a liberal media wonk." I happen to like documentaries that show conditions in other countries. I don't need them, but they do give me a visual look at what I can read about in books. I recently watched KCTS, Public TV, and its showing of a news writer from the New York TIMES, Ms. Carlotta Gall. That is an interesting name and word, I found out. Webster's New World Dictionary gives these meanings of "gall": 1. a lump that grows on the parts of a plant hurt by insects, bacteria, etc. 2. a sore made by rubbing, especially on a horse's back; v. 1. to make sore, by rubbing (the thought of losing galled Jim). 3. bile, the bitter liquid made by the liver. 4. a bitter feeling. 5. rude boldness, impudence: used only in everyday talk. [not Webster's numbering). Now all these meanings seem to apply perfectly to Ms. Carlotta Gall.

Ms. Gall is a liberal "rubber", and she went to a hurting Afghanistan to find out, ostensibly, why women in Afghanistan were dying of suicide at uncommon rates. It isn't that she cared one whit for them. I believe she really went there to try and connect the suicides to the U.S. war there and the present U.S.-backed, free Afghan government. I believe she is, in other words, anti-War, anti-Bush, anti-American, and she was just there in Afghanistan, not primarily for humanitarian human rights investigation but for her and her paper's liberal political agenda.

I have good reason for making this charge. Stating that she suspected that the local Afghan society did not like to admit the suicides, Ms. Gall went to make her investigation in the countryside itself. As she interviewed burn victims, all mostly young women, in a hospital, she could not get the director (or the man seemingly in charge) to say that they were suicide attempts, though he said they got two or three a month, and they usually died within a few hours. "That is a high rate," she said and he agreed, though he did not elaborate. After this exchange, two or three people came up to her in the hospital, perhaps they were workers, though unidentified, and said there were a lot of suicide victims. Now here is the telltale omission in her investigation: All this time, with the opportunity to ask all these Afghan hospital interviewees (both men and women), she did not once ask whether the Islamic culture and religion of these women had anything to do with the tragic suicides and suicide attempts--she was not going to go there, obviously, preferring to make the Bush Administration and the U.S. war in the country the culprits.

The underlying political intent of this mission of Ms. Gall's was soon made even more evident, as if she were cutting to the chase, without bothering to cover her tracks or create a distracting smokescreen by demonstrating in some way her compassion and caring for the Afghan people being "oppressed" by the American army troops.

Instead of distributing something tangible in the way of aid or offers to help, what did she do besides give the burn victims her brief, "caring" smile? Ms. Gall left the hospital and then proceeded by horse (in this video) to the site of Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld's appearance with top Afghan government leaders. Identifying herself as a correspondent with the New York TIMES she put a question to Mr. Rumsfeld. Just before the question, her camera scanned the balconies of the building where the meeting was being held in a courtyard. That scan showed soldiers holding machine guns. Her question? What had the U.S. war effort done to bring about peace in Afghanistan, when it appeared just the opposite. Mr. Rumsfeld replied that there was peace in Afghanistan. A man by Ms. Gall jumped on her bandwagon immediately. He called out his question: If there were peace in the country, why was the Taliban taking over a large area [which he specified]? The Afghan government leader responding, denying that the Taliban had done so. But Ms. Gall, by this time, had what she needed to do a story.

She also took this opportunity to review her previous inquiries that revealed that the U.S. military had tortured two Afghans who had been taken as Taliban fighters. This was a major triumph of her investigative reportage, she would have us know. I am not so sure, having seen how underhandedly she operates. She went on this supposedly humanitarian and investigative mission, omitting germaine questions she should have asked about the connection of the Muslim religion's routine oppression of women with the suicides and suicide attempts, so that she could instead easily politicize her "findings" in her article to weigh in against President Bush, the war in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq, the war against Rumsfeld, and the war against any American involvement overseas whatsoever.

This is just another instance of the liberal media's deliberate "rubbing" of a sore place on a hurt animal (the hurt animal in this case being war-torn Afghanistan), and the bitter feeling she has for America's military and the President, and, lastly, her Gloria Steinem-like boldness and impudence. She may look like Archie Bunkie's kicked-around, overly-passive wife, but she demonstrated at the Rumsfeld meeting that she can stand up to any great military leader! So she is a very strong woman--and that has got her the career and high position she presently enjoys at the New York Times. But it is so sad, to my thinking, that a woman could demonstrate such cruelty and indifference to other women, specifically the tragic plight of poor, oppressed, suffering Muslim women held down by Sheriah law, a situation which exists in every Muslim country today (and will exist in every Western country, once they are taken over). In every way Ms. Gall satisfies the definitions of her definitive name. A sip of "Gall", by the way, was also offered Christ on the cross. Perhaps the bitterness of it relieved pain. Yet I don't think Ms. Gall's career relieves any pain. On the contrary, her own actions show that she exists to increase it.

Item: The Episcopal or Anglican Church in America has split. It is official. Those churches that have decided not to accept homosexual bishops and homosexual ordination (which the official Anglican Church leadership has accepted) have chosen to split off and put themselves under the oversight of the Anglican Church of Africa (which has 18 millions, compared to the total of 2 million American Anglicans). The homosexual Anglican leadership says it has legal claim to all the church property of the congregations that have seceded. The churches will fight this take-back of their property, it appears. But the issue is the important thing: can Christians accept homosexuality as "another kind of love," and also accept practicing homosexual leaders and bishops? It is good to see that some cannot! There are still some Bible-based Anglicans in America! They will find a much better place in eternity too--and I doubt there will be any practicing homosexual Anglicans who will make it in--if the Bible is true, and Christ is the Truth! The homosexuals have written another Gospel, one that denies the Bible's clear condemnation of all sin and immorality, including homosexuality. If you condone homosexuality, what then can you call sin? You really have given up all grounds for labelling any sin a sin. Without sin, there is no need of redemption in Christ by the shedding of his blood and the giving of his life on the Cross. There is no need, really, for Christ at all. It was all needless, God sending His Son to save us, since these Anglicns admit to no sin and deny they are sinners. What a hopeless, absurd state these poor wretches have brought themselves to in their apostate church! Can they be saved, having gone so far down the road into apostasy?

Isaac Herzog, Israeli Ministry of Tourism for information of travel in Israel

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