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WORLD'S GREATEST BOOK CAN BE UNDERSTOOD IF GIVEN A CHANCE: Beyond question, the greatest book in the world is the Bible, and the greatest Book is about the greatest Person, Jesus Christ (Yeshua the Anointed).

The Books of the Bible

"The Forbidden Book," Exploration Films

"Essene Scrolls Center

Jewish Newswire Website for Sam Goodenough's Article about President Bush coming face to face with the Bible

"The Holy Land Experience," Orlando, Florida

The whole Bible on microfilm, miniaturized, is available in this beautiful display holder, for a love gift of any amount to Trinity Broadcasting Newwork, PO Box A, Santa Ana, CA 92711-2101:

"Bible Atlas & Map Center"

B.I.B.L.E.--"Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth"--Acronym by Pastor John Hagee, Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, Texas.

We have our own Acronym at the Emmaus Walk: For the youth specifically: B.I.B.L.E.--"Blasting Into Blessing, Life Eternal". How about yours? Make an acronym of your own with your own special meaning!

The Timeline on How We Got the English Language Bible:

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In this sewed together center of the State of Washington medley rises the glaciered 14,000 foot tall Mount Rainier, which many people agree is America's most majestic mountain. Interstate Highway 5 is the great north/south highway that connects Washington to Canada in the north and Oregon and California to the south. All other major highways connect to it as crossroads. This State is the gateway to Alaska and to the Orient, as it is closest to those points from the contiguous U.S. (not California or Oregon). Despite the great natural beauty and the prosperity of many years economic growth, Washington has become a stinking, toxic cesspool of goverment corruption, of immorality, of addictions and drugs, and crime and violence and abuse of all kinds--all covered up and spray-painted with a glossy enamel of hi tech sophistication. It was not always this way, but it is now. This strategic State is at the crossroads, spiritually, not just physically. Will Christians in my State who love Jesus and seek to serve Him, will they step up and stand in the gap, with prayer and intercession? The coming elections again give us a choice and a chance to turn back to God's way of righteousness, but even more important is that we turn to God for forgiveness first for our many sins against Him over the years, truly seeking Him to set us free from our sin while leading us from the paths of death (where multitudes are now tramping toward hell's damnation in their spiritual darkness), into the paths of life.

Vita of Ronald Ginther, Founder of the Emmaus Walk Messianic School of the Bible:


"Autobiographical Sketch of a Sparrow," by Ronald Ginther

"A Short Profile of a Made, not Self-Made Christian," by Ronald Ginther

Vita II, With Reference to "The Mystery of the Red Admirals," by Ronald Ginther (Permission to reprint the Red Admirals story being sought)

Welcome to the Emmaus Walk!

"Welcome to the Emmaus Walk, or How to Walk out of Darkness and Deception Into the Light!", by Ronald Ginther, Founder of the Emmaus Walk

"CONGRESS DECLARES BIBLE THE WORD OF GOD," Public Law 97-280, October 4, 1982, Statute 1211, Approved October 4, 1982

With passage of a "hate crime" bill prohibiting the free exercise of religion as well as free speech (both of which are protected by the Bill of Rights and the First Amendment, supposedly forever), Congress will effectively declare the Bible "null and void" as America's Book. Only an expurgated version will be officially permitted, and the true version will go "underground," to remain the true version. The issue may be superficially over "hate speech" against homosexuals and certain passages in the Bible identifying homosexuality as sin and an abomination to God, but the outcome will be the catatastrophic rollback of religious liberty as well as free speech in American society. This has already happened in Britain, with a "hate crime" bill rammed through Parliament as one of the last shameful acts in office of former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Canada's government has always followed with similar steps to curb free speech and religious liberty, following up with kangeroos courts full of politically-correct witch-hunters euphemistically called "Human Rights Commissions" that have arraigned and then fined a minister for preaching on Biblical texts identifying homosexuality as a sin. My, oh my! What a terrible crime he committed! Yet God, the God of the Bible, doesn't condemn him, rather God finds this man most commendable, and he shall received a heavenly reward for His faithfulness under fire of the rabidly secularist authorities and unjust laws of Canada.

[Canada, by the way, is way up on the list of human rights offending nations, for quite a long time, in its unjust dealing with native Indian peoples and tribes, and in the suppression and oppression of the Dukhorbors sect from Russia who immigrated to Canada to be free to practice their faith as they saw fit, fleeing to this supposedly free and democratic haven only to encounter the Canadian government's intolerance and disdain for freedom of conscience and religion].

Senior Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy has been a chief proponent of such a hate crime bill in the Senate. I have to conclude that it is God's own restraining hand on him, that he has been removed at present from the Senate and his duties there due to his brain tumor and the convalescence after its removal. Make of that what you will, but on so vital an issue as this one, don't you think his role in banning the Bible and its free use has God's attention? Surely!

As the Bible goes in this nation, so goes the nation! We are tied indissolubly to the Bible in America (not like Europe, where no country except Ireland was founded specifically, testified by our official founding documents, on Christian beliefs). Our civilization is uniquely Judaeo-Christian, but the only true and legitimate Lord of America is Jesus Christ alone (we do not have a pluralistic God based on interfaith religionism, though the National Cathedral, so-called, worships such a pluralism of "gods". That cannnot be changed by human law, as God is faithful to his covenants, though men prove faithless. If America's God is rejected by Congress and the Supreme Court, God has not changed, He is still Almighty God, ruler over the whole earth. America, if that step is taken, will become a rogue nation, spiritually, apostate and backslidden and rocketing toward destruction.

Our self-destruction will not take long, either. The attacks of our many enemies coming from Russia and mainly undemocratic Moslem lands will maybe hasten our downfall, but they cannot destroy us as much as we will destroy ourselves, spiritually first, then physically afterwards. Spiritual suicide is the result of this nation turning the Bible into a Boy Scout manual of self-improvement, rather than believing it is the supreme arbiter of salvation in Jesus Christ and the way to love and serve God and our fellow men.

Why should we in America follow the tragic examples of the spiritually failed nations of Britain, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, the Scandinavian countries, and all the rest of the sorry catalogue of nations in Europe that preserve the majestic cathedrals like museum relics but have forgotten the living God of the Bible? We can still stand like Joshua did, charging his own people the Israelites with hypocrisy of heart and their coming apostasy, and declare: "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!"

HOW ARE WE GOING TO SURVIVE AS CHRISTIANS IN THIS DARKENING SOCIETY THAT IS TURNING AGAINST GOD AND CHRISTIANITY, FROM THE PRESIDENCY ON DOWN? David Wilkerson's Message, "His Eye is on the Sparrow," quotes Christ's prophetic words about times that we are now facing, even as the secularists (Darwinist atheists and radical homosexual activits) and Marxist- anti-Christian agenda of Barak Obama are poised, with their now projected triumph in the election results of 2008 [though God can still overrule their already assumed victory, to His glory!), to take over America and roll back all the godly legislation of the past 100 years and substitute sheer unrighteousness:

"His Eye is on the Sparrow," Excerpt of Message by David Wilderson, Pastor of Times Square Church, New York City, NY


We thank God also for Billy Graham, whose ministry for the past sixty years or so has ushered millions into the kingdom of God and changed whole nations. I only regret even this great a ministry of the Gospel has not succeeded in turning America back into the path of life, as it has steadly gone astray, even while he held mighty crusades up and down and across the country for decade after decade!

Yet, even if America is presently standing for everything but Christ, it is a fact that millions of lives were changed and transformed by Billy Graham's faithful preaching of the salvation in Jesus Christ alone. Are you one such? Here is your chance to thank him, invited to do so by his son Franklin Graham, who is now the CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and who is conducting the crusades that his father can no longer do.

Franklin Graham says: "Send him a special greeting or tell him how much God has touched you through his ministry at:

Billy Graham

Franklin Graham also says: "On November 7, my father will celebrate his 90th birthday, and we'd like to give him a special gift. If you or someone in your family came to know Jesus Christ through his ministry, please share that with him. Send us your story--or a simple greeting--by November 1, and we'll put all the messages together and present them to my father when we celebrate his birthday. Thank you for helping us encourage him on this special day."--Franklin Graham

My mother, age 99, has just written to Billy Graham, and recalled to him how she went to his meeting at the Tacoma Dome in the 80s, and was a counsellor there. She led a family in the Sinner's Prayer, and they accepted Christ that night!


As you know, the price of oil and gas has gone down considerably (a barrell is $70 or thereabouts at the present hour), thanks only to God, and not the greedy Saudi Arabians, or even our own President. When men take credit and do not glorify God, their pride stinks to high heaven. Pfui! It is like green manure! We know the truth, that God did it for us, in answer to many prayers, not because of our goodness or even our need, but because of his grace and mercy! Thank you, O Lord! And every time we go to the pumps, let us thank God the price is lower, not higher (as many experts in the financial market, including even evangelical leaders without God in their prognosis of the market, prophesied it would be, claiming the price of a barrell would shoot soon to $120 and even $140!). As for those doom-prophesiers, let God be true and every man a liar!

"The Ten Commandments," How We Have Broken Them All in America and Warrant God's Judgment Upon Us and our Nation, by Ronald Ginther

Course Articles are now listed in the new "Course Articles Center" page:

The course article on Exodus was deleted by mistake, but we are searching for it and will have it back on-line as soon as we can.

Ten Required Subject Courses (plus six elective courses) are now on-line. Questions are being appended to those subjects and courses, so please return for them.

Required Subjects:

1. Christian Education

2. Prayer

3. Holy Spirit

4. Biblical Science

5. Foundational Principles

6. Witnessing (includes Apologetics) and Discipleship

7. Types of Christ (OT)

8. Bible Covenants/Israel/Bible Atlas

9. Christian Hope and Character

10. The Prophetic Calling

Electives (this is a partial list):

1. and 2. Christology (based on Christology book offered on this page)

3. Intro. to Hebrew (Zola Levitt book, information how to order it offered on this page)

3. Intro. to Greek

4. "Messianic Prophecy" Course by Zola Levitt (information on it and how to order it on this page)

5. History of the Cradle of Judaism and Christianity, the Middle East, as well as the history of Islam and some of the other anti-Christ cults and atheistic philosophies and environment, secularist, and animal activist moveents (including Darwinism) affecting Christianity significantly.

"Course Articles Center"


"Requirements for Certificate"

The Emmaus Walk Certificate of Excellence

Zola Levitt Ministries offers 12 courses in the Institute of Jewish-Christian Studies. These courses are all excellent, since Zola Levitt was no small authority on the Bible and Jewish studies (and he enlisted a number of experts and authorities in Bible scholarship as well), so you may want to do most of them, or all, but the course, "Messianic Prophecy," is one in particular that you might want to do in order to satisfy an elective requirement in the Emmaus Walk. ZLM will charge you $49 for this one course, or something close to that amount. You can find out about this Institute by going to ZLM:

Zola Levitt Ministries, and The Institute for Jewish-Christian Studies


Daily Bible-Reading Guide for a Year

A Reading Through the Bible guide is also available at the back of "Light For My Path," Illuminating Selections from the Bible, by Humble Creek Press. See the details below on this page.

Some Bible Resources:

"The Bible, The Whole Story," is now on DVD. "Seven major doctrines of Scripture are explained in Zola's clear and informative style. The Bible is covered from Genesis to Revelation. A useful teaching tool for beginner and expert alike."--from the "New and Updated from ZLM" catalog list. In this book Zola Levitt teaches about the Abrahamic Covenant, The Law, Prophecy, The Messiah--Why Jesus of Nazareth?, Grace--the Gift of Absolute Forgiveness, The Church, and the Kingdom (the future thousand-year reign of Christ on Earth). Please contact Zola Levitt Ministries for this DVD. It is #DBWS, $39, for 2 DVDs.

For one elective credit for the Emmaus Walk:

"Bible Resources Center"

"Messianic Christology" is a "must-read" for all Bible students. It will give you information you won't find most everywhere else--and from a Jewish perspective too, which can open windows of insight and illumination that Gentile sources have no access to, unless by quoting Jewish sources.

We highly recommend this on-line bookstore for Christians, the Faith and Freedom Bookstore. Categories of its offerings are: Bibles, Books, Children's Music, David Barton (American heritage) books, Audio Books, DVDs, Christian Bestsellers, Christian Parenting, Christian Business and Leadership, Magazine Subscriptions:

Read and do a review of this absolutely terrific book, and you have your Christology requirement for the Emmaus Walk degree certificate half taken care of. I cannot draw from it here, as it is copyrighted, but the material is excellent, and the appendices are also wonderful, every word of them, so don't stop reading when you come to them!--Founder of Emmaus Walk

"Faith and Freedom Site/Bookstore"

Another Bible resource:

Crosswalk Bible Website


Did you ever read "Crime and Punishment," or "The Brothers Karamazov"? These are not the usual Christian fluffy-spiritual how-to books. Those classic Russian novels were made into blockbuster movies, which you may have seen. The author was clearly one of Russia's greatest novelists, and he was also world-renowned and continues to be such, even though there have been many reputations as great that have waned and been forgotten--yet Doestoyevski's star shows no sign of ever decreasing in size and brilliance. It is clear that he will remain one of Russia's greatest writers since he deals with the most vital issues of faith in god and the sinful human condition.

I read Section 4, Fyodor Dostoyevski, which the late Ruth Graham adapted from F.W. Boreham's 1941 article on him and his prison experiences in Siberia. It begins with his being hauled up before a firing squad with other condemned-to-death men. Then, in the last moments before the order to fire was given, the sentence was commuted by the ruler's command brought by a courier, causing some to go insane, others to die within days, and still others, like Fyodor Dostoyevski, to suffer greatly psychologically thereafter from the memories. Was that the intent of the procedure? It certainly terrorized the condemned men to the point of driving them insane and killing them within hours, and deranging the survivors. Then we read what he endured in the horrible gulags of Czarist days (the Communists just took these camps and added millions of prisoners, they didn't create anything new) in terms of the Prodigal Son account in the Bible. This is a most riveting account. One of the greatest Russian novelists, Fyodor Dostoyevski, suffered perhaps the greatest torments at the hand of his fellow men--yet his message was love and forgiveness and the grace of God. Get this book, just for this section, and you will also enjoy the other sections that all relate, in poetry and excerpts of writings, to the Prodigal Son theme. Ruth Graham ought to know what she is portraying, as her son Franklin, now the CEO and chief evangelist of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, was a Prodigal Son himself, rebelling and living in defiant sin, causing his parents no small amount of tears and suffering, until God intercepted the young Franklin and saved him with his love and grace and forgivenesss.

Book Reviews Center:

"Search for the Twelve Apostles," by Dr. Steuart McBirnie, is a classic of scholarship, but very readable. Do you know anything about the Twelve? Probably, you know as much as we know about Peter and Paul, but the others? Aren't they rather vague and shadowy to you--just names really? This book will tell you what happened to them, where their service to Jesus and His Gospel took them across the world at that time, and where they suffered terrible martyrdoms for His sake. They won't just be names to you after you look through this book. Just to test your knowledge a bit: James, the James who wrote the Book of James, was an apostle, right? Yes, he was an apostle. But was he among the Twelve Apostles? No, he was not. He was a brother of Jesus, and after the Resurrection became a pillar or a leader of the church in Jerusalem, but James (who wrote the Book of James) was not one of the Twelve Apostles. I assumed he was, but Dr. McBirnie says he was not, and I bow to his scholarship on this question. This is one of the fascinating facts Dr. McBirnie reveals in his book. There are hundreds more. It is available now through a reprint of Trinity Broadcasting Network. Please contact TBN, and you won't be disappointed. It tells about things you will probably not be able to read anywhere else. We will try to return to amplify this mini-review if time permits.

"Book Reviews Center"

As the surveys testify, the majority of "Christians" today in the U.S. churches do not believe in a sinless Jesus, and therefore, do not believe he conquered death and rose from the tomb. Imagine, serving an unresurrected, sinful, dead Christ! Isn't that an impossibility? Well, no! We can't be too logical about it. People don't really want a living, resurrected Christ they cannot control and who makes them uncomfortable in church with demands they live holy and give their hearts and lives to God. So a dead Christ suits these people very well--they can go to church, feel good and religious, while not having to commit themselves to any sacrificial degree. They are left with a good teacher who said nice things, but who was just like any human being, living only to die and be buried somewhere in Israel. This is a denial of Christian faith in its essence, a denial of Christ whose name they like to bear. People who believe this are not really Christians, though they sit in the pews, go to Sunday school, and even teach Sunday school and sing in the choir. Won't they be surprised when they someday stand before the Living, Resurrected Jesus Christ the Son of God and he demands an account! Let us not stand among this sorry group! Please go to the Resurrection Center for the latest gem of a tract from Schick Tracts.

BIBLE PICTURES OF ITSELF is a wonderful thing, is it not? The Bible describes itself as LIGHT, FIRE, SEED, BREAD, MILK, HONEY, MEAT, GOLD, SWORD and HAMMER. You can order this tract from: Faith, Prayer, and Tract League, Grand Rapids, MI 49504, Bible Book Mark No. 162 ($1.80 per doz., $11 per 100).

Can you name other things the Bible is? The Gideon Pocket Bible lists a number: The Traveller's Map, the Pilgrim's Staff, the Soldier's Sword, the Christian's Charter. I thought of the Navigator's North Star.

The Soviet police in the old Soviet Union regarded the Bible as "dynamite." They treated it as a dangerous explosive, banning it, and confiscating any copy they could. They knew they had nothing that could equal the Bible and all it had to offer people. All they had were Karl Marx's various godless writings promoting his atheistic socialism, and Lenin's writings, with follow-ups by lesser communist ideologues and party hacks. They could not offer anything that could fill the God-shaped hole in the human heart though they erected giant-sized statues of Lenin and for a long time Stalin in every public square in the Soviet Union, with posters and pictures everywhere in public places and public buildings and schools, while broadcasting the praises of Lenin and Stalin nonstop in the Soviet media and papers. Even with all this showy fanfare in adulation and praise of Communism's founders, all they had to offer the Russian people and the subject peoples of the Soviet Union was materialism and the things of this world, that cannot satisfy the human heart seeking meaning in life and a reason for existing. Therefore, they had to eliminate the competition, if they could not produce anything at least equal in appeal. But the banned Book of books spread all the more they tried to stamp it out! What an immense waste of time, effort, and rubles it was for the Soviet state to try for seventy years to drive the Bible out of the Soviet Union--the Bible won handily, the Bible defeated the KGB, the Russian state, the dictators of the Soviet Union, just everyone who came against it, and the Bible will always win against every foe that seeks to destroy it. The Bible, after all, is invincible, since the Living Word is Jesus Christ, who has all power in heaven and earth and who stands by His Word in the written Book, now and forever! When the writings of Karl Marx and Engels, Lenin and Trotsky are all burned up as filthy rubbish and forgotten as they deserve, the priceless, peerless Word of God will still endure, living and vibrant and imparting life-transforming, life-giving truth and light to everyone on earth! Ted Kennedy might take a word of caution from this fact! The Word says about itself: "Heaven and earth will pass away, but My Word will never pass away." What is there about "never" that Sen. Ted Kennedy and all his anti-Bible, anti-God, secularist cronies in Congress cannot get? He hardly cares about the Word of God, his actions and statements make clear. God have mercy on this man's utterly wretched soul!

This is the true story of the Prodigal Daughter! Yes, there are Prodigal Daughters, plenty of them in America today!

Saved at age eleven, Aline married at age seventeen, left the church, and "headed into a world of sin." By forty she was in her second marriage, a complete alcoholic, hooked on drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Her mother saw her looking so haggard she couldn't stand it any longer and cried out to her one day to stop and surrender her life back to the Lord, but Aline did not listen and continue on rebelliously, refusing God's call on her life, hell-bent in her self-destructive lifestyle of sin. She told her mother in response to her mother's cry, "Mama, I won't mind Hell..."

Those prideful, defiant words would soon become (almost!) her epitaph! Soon she got to find out what Hell was really like and whether she could take it or not. Falling asleep at the wheel, her car went over an embankment, she was thrown out, and she suffered a broken neck, four major breaks to her spine, nine broken ribs, crushed left lung, and crushed kidneys. Aline testifies how she died in that hopeless condition, and while she lay in a state of death just before the hospital staff would have pulled the life support from her body, the Lord sent a Death Angel that took Aline to hell. She screamed for the Death Angel not to leave her there, begging him as she screamed and hollered and gnashed her teeth. Souls around her were doing the same, by the hundreds and thousands, just trying to die.

She was dead for four minutes while the doctors worked on her. They tested her for life, and there was no life at all. One more minute and they would have taken her off the life-support machines. In that time she also saw the Lake of Fire, and then a scroll an angel brought that was rolled out, revealing everything she had ever done. Across the scroll was written God's judgment in a single word: LUST. That was the sin that would doom her to hell! She denied she had committed that sin, claiming she had loved her husbands. She cried out to the Lord to forgive her, nevertheless. The merciful Lord showed her other things too, how her mother and sister were at that very moment in deep prayer, interceeding for her, travailing for her as women giving birth would in great pain. Gradually, life returned to her "substance", which was the spiritual rebirth of Aline, as God had to start all over with her soul's salvation, obviously. At last she was formed and reborn, she saw in the vision from the Lord--called forth from her praying mother's womb! Hallelujah! For days she lay in a coma, hovering between life and death, while this life and death struggle for her soul in her mother's womb of prayer took place. [Thank God for a praying mother, supported by a praying sister!]

After Aline Baxley recovered, she became an evangelist, telling her miraculous story and spiritual rebirth to the nations of the world, a tremendous deliverance from death and hell due to the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ, via the prayers of her mother and sister for her. She writes at the end of her message these personal words to you:

PRAY THE SINNER'S PRAYER NOW. I beg you to receive Him now in your heart. Say this sinner's prayer with me. You can be saved right now. "Lord Jesus, forgive me of my sins. Wash me in Your precious Blood right now. I will live for You the rest of my life. I'll obey the call of God and choose Your will for my life. Thank You, Jesus, for loving and for forgiving me of all my sins. Amen."

This saving, life-transforming testimony has been printed by Life Purpose Ministries. If you would like to help distribute this in your nation and language please contact:

Life Purpose Ministries,

P.O. Box 990220

Redding, CA. 96099 U.S.A.

"Tract Center"

Missions Center:

"Missions Center"

Testimonies of Martyrs Center:

"Testimonies of Martyrs Center"

Music Center with original and also added lyrics to famous Christian anthems and songs:

Hip Hop music which is going mainstream now in a big way is not innocent music. Yes, a crocodile can start out pretty small, and even be relatively harmless, but it doesn't remain that way, it grows into a monster that can and will devour you!

Pornography and violence and drugs and rebellion and promiscuous sex--that is not innocent kid stuff, and hip hop was born in this cauldron of hell boiling away in the inner cities where millions are trapped in sociopathic self-destruction and predation on others who are trapped in the same hellholes. Giant industries stand behind hip hop, to reap immense profits from addicting America's youth to it, but they start off with innocent-sounding lyrics to hook the small children into it, then proceed to the hard core hip hop which is spawned in the meth-and-gang culture of the black communities of the inner cities. This seduction of America's children and youth is being done for money, but the real engine behind it is the Devil. He has moved to destroy America's youth, morally and spiritually and physically, and hip hop is just another clever and popular way to do it.

"Music Center


The supreme model for all Christian activists (other than Christ himself) has got to be David the slayer of the heathen Philistine champion. He was just a shepherd boy, as we know. But he had trained himself, going against an attacking bear, and then a lion, in defense of his flock of sheep. He killed both. Then he went against an attacking heathen giant, Goliath, a Philistine invading Israel and blaspheming the God of Israel right in view of Saul king of Israel and his entire army. Only David had faith in God to accept the daily challenge of the Philistine giant to come out and fight, man to man. Goliath laughed when this mere Israelite shepherd boy, a puppy in his eyes, came out to fight, carrying no weapons except for a slingshot and a handful of stones. He decided to kill the "impudent" boy anyway, just to show he was no man to be trifled with, so with both Philistine and Israelite armies and their respective kings and commanders watching, both sides fully expecting David to be served up in a couple minutes by Goliath to the crows and ravens and vultures, the God of Israel guided David's first slung stone, and it caught the giant smack in the center of his forehead, just below the rim of his visorless helmet, and, presto, the giant was mortally struck, and he himself became bird food!

We too as Christians in America and Britain and the West face the most implacable and merciless and blasphemous foes--the secularists and the Muslims who seek to destroy not only our Judaeo-Christian civilization, but our Christian foundations as a nation and our very existence as a free and democratic nation. They are allied against us, just as the five cities of Philistia were allied against Israel. They intend our utter destruction. But God...but God is watching, He is still on the throne in heaven, and He still answers prayers of the righteous who cry to him for deliverance from their foes. We are crying to him, even this hour and day, for our enemies to be defeated by God's almighty power. We must pray, do what David did, and step forth, with the five stones in our arsenal--faith, hope, joy, peace, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ--and sling them smack into the forehead of the enemy, praying the stones will penetrate deeply and save the souls.

OTHER THAN SIN, NAME THE WORST PANDEMIC DISEASE YOU CAN THINK OF! The worst disease or epidemic to hit Planet Earth is not HIV AIDS, or the Asian Bird Flu, or flesh-eating diseases, or epidemic malaria, not even bubonic plague--they do not even come close to the destructiveness and deaths unleashed by Darwinism--which have been documented to have caused the deaths of hundreds of millions of lives from the time Charles Darwin's deadly "Origin of Species" first appeared and the movement to popularize his evolutionary theory, as the only possibly credible alternative to Christianity, its worldview and values, not to mention the God of the Bible.

Billions are still going to die, not just hundreds of millions in the recent past. The full pay-off for the Devil and the roaring, flaming maw of hell is yet to come--and it will come soon. The fury of the tornado that whirls at the heart of this God-defying theory has yet to sweep all humanity up and carry it to destruction--but the tornado is here already, and like a black hole it is sucking uncountable numbers into its overwhelming, deadly embrace. The forces it exerts are incalculable, titanic, superhuman. Only God can stop the monster, the juggernaut, the universal genocide that Darwinian theory has unleashed upon all human life. We saw the beginnings of what it ould do in Hitler's deathcamps, Stalin's gulags, Pol Pot's killing fields, Amin's massacres of Christian Ugandans, Saddam Hussain torture and massacres of Shiites, Marsh Arabs, and Kurds, the Muslim masters of Sudan's genocide of black Christians and animists, Margaret Sanger's Planned Parenthood and its targeted genocide against black Americans--but they only serve to warm up the engine of humanity's suicide and self-destructiion. Once in gear, the engine of death revved, only Almighty God can--and will--stop Darwinism (and all its lethal allies) grown bloated and triumphant and seemingly invincible.

THE WORST KILLERS IN RECORDED HUMAN HISTORY, GENGHIS KHAN AND TAMERLANE AND ATTILA THE HUN (WHO HAD HIS COUNTERPARTS IN STALIN AND HITLER) HAD NOTHING OVER THE PRESENT-DAY POLITICALLY CORRECT GENOCIDALISTS. ALLIED ENVIRONMENTALISTS AND ANIMAL ACTIVISTS ARE THE WORLD'S GREATEST THREAT TO HUMAN EXISTENCE, NOT GLOBAL WARMING OR NUCLEAR WAR OR A COLLISION WITH AN ASTEROID (THINGS THAT GOD WILL NEVER RELINQUISH CONTROL OF TO MAN, SINCE ONLY HE DECIDES HOW LONG THIS EARTH WILL LAST): The world's greatest killer, other than war waged by blood-thirsty tyrants, malnutrition, famine, Red Communist Chinese and Muslim violence against Christians, secularist Abortion Programs in Western countries, and earthquake produced tsunamis (this list is not complete) has to be the environmental-animal activist claque. This highly mobile, meddling, interfering, seemingly compassionate activist group which has spread world-wide (though it is a small elite, it probably racks up more jet miles than any other group or class of people!) and is influencing nation after nation in the wrong way has produced the endemic spread of malaria through the banning of DDT, thanks to the propaganda book of Rachel Carson's called "Silent Spring." Her title was deceptive. There has never been a "silent spring" and there never will be one! God's word says so! Seedtime and harvest will continue until the end, the Bible says! Stick that in your ear, all you panicky Chicken Littles of the Environmental/Animal Activist/Global Climate Change organizations! Carson (who crossed from genuine science into ideological propagandizing) knew what she was doing. She just wanted to create a nice panic, to scare people into accepting her false premises in the book, and she succeeded. This group that she largely inspired into action has also stopped dam constructions, hundreds of them in impoverished Third World Nations to keep them impoverished with high death rates due to the low living standards and lack of energy and potable water. This group halts food production using new and improved strains of corn and other staple food crops, under the guise of protecting people's help against genetically altered plants. This group has killed tens of millions of people from just these activities of theirs. They are enemies of humanity, yet they champion themsevelves as rescuers of the earth (which is a total lie, as the Earth is to be rescued by the Lord God, not them!). These people are also behind the Global Climate Change hoax, in order to stop and reverse industrial development in the world and return the earth to complete animal control (with humanity as just another animal species, with vastly reduced numbers, living in the most primitive conditions--though the animal rights people will still be in Manhatan style condos, of course!). I have stopped recycling. It is my joy now to throw the paper, the bottles and cans and cardboard (I still save cans that are aluminum, which go to a Christian seafarer's mission). Recycling is supporting socialist, Darwinian, and anti-human agendas. I recycled for years and years faithfully, but I see the outcome now: I have helped support and create a horrible elite that has hijacked the cause of conservation for its own anti- God, anti-human agenda. This elite's agenda is governing and oppressing the whole earth, while the mass of people are reduced to Stone Age conditions, conditions they will remain insulated from because they will retain their wealth, perogatives, and perks, thanks to their political ties and power. This is their Pol Pot-like vision for us! Pol Pot was the mild-mannered, madcap intellectual who killed millions of his fellow Cambodians, all who had education and non-agricultural jobs, urbanized Cambodians with soft hands, not the rough hands of farm workers and manual trades, that is, in order to return Cambodia to a pre-industrial society he considered the ultimate ideal for human society.

This anti-human group of which I speak is also of the same mind as Pol Pot, the mass murderer and genocidalist. He may have looked like a kindly old grandfather (by the way, he lived quite well, even at his country hideaway, not like the mass of Cambodians he reduced to poverty and squalor by his policies!), but his policies resulted in the killing fields, with huge containers stuffied with the skulls and bones of his victims, men, women, and children, whose only crime was to be educated or a city person who couldn't adapt to a peasant's back-breaking work in the rice paddies of Cambodia. Like this monster Pol Pot, the environmentalists and animal activists are mass murderes and genocidalists and ought to be viewed as such. Please do not be deceived by their constant barrage of propaganda and recycle, else you end up recycled yourself sooner or later into animals (which is their ultimate aim). Every time you see that "green" recycle symbol, with the arrows turning in a circle called "the circle of life" in Eastern mysticism, consider that those arrows will ultimately be aimed at you and me--to kill US after reducing us to a primitive animal existence and status! That is their real purpose of recycling--not the saving of the Earth's environment, ecology, and species, which makes us the most endangered species on the planet, not the Bald Eagle, or the Siberian tiger, or the snail darter!

So, then, what can a Christian do against all these mighty, seemingly invincible, unbeatable foes and godless movements and anti-Christ organizations? Plenty! Once a whole world government and empire caved into the evil and megalomania of its proud super-king, "Great King of Kings" Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, who set up a huge golden image of himself for everyone to bow down to and worship as the supreme god. What an inflated ego he was! The biggest ego in the world, evidently! He was also the most cruel man on earth. For this king declared that anyone who did not fall face down in the dust, worshiping the king's image the moment the band struck up would be roasted in the roaring furnace set near the golden image. What a terrible death, and disgraceful too, as you were treated like rubbish thrown into the fire, and were completely burned up, with nothing left of you for your family to bury. That should have settled the matter of any dissent in the population--and it did, almost! Three young Jewish men refused, out of all the tens of millions who slavishly and fearfully bowed down and worshiped the false heathen god and idol of the king of Babylon. We know their names as Shadrach, Meshech, and Abednego, but these youth were given pagan names at the king's court, these names were not their true Jewish names that they had when taken captive away from Jerusalem by this same king of Babylon and his victorious army. The three young brave hearts decided to stand up for Israel's God, the Only True and Living God, and take whatever the proud, powerful king could do against them. The result of their decision to stand up with courage, while remaining respectful to the king, has made them famous for all time--wonderful role models too, for young and old. You can enjoy the account and the tremendous message that Dr. Neal Jackson, pastor of Pensacola Campus Church, has available on tape, by ordering H-40, "Trial by Fire," for $7.50. Write to: Rejoice in the Lord, Pensacola Christian College, Pensacola, Florida 32523, to order it, or go to:

To Order H-40, "Trial by Fire," Rejoice in the Lord

Rejoice in the Lord also has available this new message, "Down at the Potter's House," H-35. Don't miss it! The message was given not by Dr. Jackson but by a real potter, with a pot being made before the congregation of thousands at the Pensacola campus church and a TV audience of millions--while Biblical-based lessons were drawn from the demonstration in connection with Jeremiah 18-19. This has probably never been done on TV before--or even at a church meeting. We are ordering our copy! These messages make excellent gifts, by the way. You can send in the name and address that you want it sent to, and it will be sent there instead of your own address as you request this done. Sorry, no C.O.D's. Donations are very reasonable, however.

This article is now on-line, which was inadvertently off-line due to a typo in the address!

"Darwinism and Its Children," by Ronald Ginther.

"Christian Activism Center"


"Friendship for Israel Center"

Dave Hunt's Documentary Video, "Israel, Islam, and Armageddon"

"Speak Tenderly to Jerusalem:

"Speak Tenderly to Jerusalem"

"Israel My Glory" Magazine has a section called "Israel in the News." This section carries the stunning little article about Barak Hussain Obama, which exposes him for a shameless liar, as he recently said one thing to the Jewish community of the U.S. at AIRPAC's conference meeting, then said another thing, completely opposite to his statement to the Jews, to the Muslims. We will have an excerpt from this article for you soon on-line. All Jews must beware of this great deceiver, Barak Hussain Obama--he cannot be trusted to mean anything he says or promises. Black people too, are are most all going to vote for him, need to be forewarned as well (as he does not have their interests at heart either, particularly since he promotes infanticide and mass abortions performed on black women!).

Prime Minister Omert (surprise! surprise!) has backtracked considerably from his former policy of pacifying the Arabs at the expense of his own homeland of Israel's national security. He has been given to understand this is a most stinking, failed, self-defeating policy, now that Hezbollah is able to send rockets right into the heartland cities of Israel, stripping all safety away from the mass of Israelis. There would never be enough bomb shelters to take the entire population, so what is Israel to do? Omert says that they will use Israel's arsenal, which included weapons that they did not use in the last action in Lebanon against Hezbollah's forces because they were retaliating against a terrorist organization, not a state. But Syria is a state, and it is aiding the Hezbollah terrorists, as well as arming to attack Israel. Damascus is possibly the next city after Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be destroyed by a nuclear bomb, and it will be because Israel can no longer tolerate the Syrian-Hezbollah menace, that is threatening Israel's very survival as a nation. You can push Israel only so far, and when Israel sees its very survival hangs in the balance, it must act as any civilized nation, and free nation at that, must act. God will be with Israel, there is no doubt about it (even though President Bush, reports have indicated, refuses to support Israel in any such act of self-defense). And Syria will lose its most ancient capital, a center of civilization for thousands of years. This is tragic, as the Syrian people are oppressed by some of the most ruthless dictators history has known. Assad the present tyrant of Syria is the son-serpent of the former dictator who massacred an entire Syrian city's population because it dared defy him. The United Nations never brought him to justice for that act of genocide, nor did the World Court even attempt to pass a ruling against him--he was free to rule, free to take part in "peace conferences," treated as if he were not a mass murderer. So much for Syria's ruling family, which is now headed by Assad. He may be Syria's last ruler--if he continues on his course of confronting Israel and building up his arsenal and army to try another time to annihilate Israel and wipe her off the map. It will never happen, Assad! You will soon be history, if you do not stop what you are doing. The only terrible thing will not be Assad's death and destruction, but the deaths of a million or more Syrian people. The army is most brutal, and deserves to be wiped out, but not the Syrian people, who are mere, powerless pawns of the Syrian dictatorship.

2008 Update on Hezbollah Campaign by Israel, Postscript #6"

"Against All Odds," by Bill McKay, Order #S-0708, c/o John Hagee Ministries

The trailer and a behind the scenes/production video can be accessed on the Against All Odds web page, with information on how to get the series that is offered for $22 on video. English friends: "Against All Odds" can also be sent in video to you directly in Britain from the John Hagee office in Britain. The cost is something over 10 pounds.

Against All Odds Trailer, & CD

Also, Levitt Letter, March 2008 issue, carries an excellent review of the docudrama, "Against All Odds," by Sam Goodenough,


The greatest friendship for Moslems is not in mere, faulty human beings, it is located in the unfailing Word of God, the Bible itself, and I John 3:16 says to them, "Hereby, we perceive the love of God, that He laid down His life for us [all Moslems included]." What could be more loving of Muslims than that? This friendship is God's own, extended to ALL Moslems without any partiality--full, complete, infinite, all-faithful! But you--IF YOU ARE MUSLIM--must find Jesus Christ, for in Him is the Father God--and all that God has destined for you, as Jesus himself declared, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no man comes to the Father but by Me." Jesus Christ (Y'shua) is not Issa in the Koran, who declared himself merely another prophet to the Prophet Mohammed, reputedly. Jesus Christ never said such a thing, as the Bible testifies. So do not be deceived. He is exactly what he said he is, according to the only true Word of God, the Bible--the annointed God-Sent One, the God-Man, the only Savior and Lord of the World.

A most valiant Arab Christian, a Palestinian, who truly loves the Palestinians and Muslims and wants to see them have the blessing of God, is Dr. Annis Shorrosh. He is pastor of a Nazareth church, and is a champion for Jesus Christ among the Arabs and Muslims. He also has a marvelous, keen wit and sense of humor--something rather rare in evangelists and clergymen. What a spirit of David he has too! He has challenged and debated imans in symposiums in the Royal Albert Hall in downtown London, while ordering his own casket should he win the debate (he did win, yet the Lord protected him from assassination). Talk about taking on the Goliath of Islam--this man dares to do it! He is a true man of God--and the rest of us are mere boys running for our lives at the first bellow out of Goliath! He has appeared a number of times on TBN, and has collaborated with another Arab Christian in producting the Christian version of the Koran (called the True Furqan). Muslims get saved reading it, because it contains the unmistakable truth of God in a way they can recognize. Arabs and Muslims can contact him for a copy of this truly divinely inspired book. I already have mine. Just type in his name in any search engine such as Google or go to This is one of the few Arabs who is not afraid to speak out for the truth to his fellow Arabs and Palestinians. With a dozen like him, hundreds of millions of Muslims would no doubt follow Y'shua the Lord and King in a like number of years.

For a copy, dear Muslim or seeker of the truth of God, order from

"The True Furqan" at

Christian TV, when it isn't preaching Prosperity, self-deification, self-enhancement, good diet, etc., but is serving to spread the pure Gospel of the old Rugged Cross, is effective in the saving of souls, for you can see for yourself this is true by going to World Net Daily and reading about the Hamas terrorst leader's son, Sheik Masab Yousef, who has recently accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. Levitt Letter, October 2008, also carries the astounding World Net Daily story.

World Net Daily, for Story of Sheik Masab Yousef's Believing in Jesus Christ


Why does America need re-education? One good reason is that we need it to survive the next attacks of our enemies, who are not going to let us continue this way much longer if they can help it!

David Wilkerson's prophetic warnings were ignored, with disastrous consequences, as the events of 9/ll proved. By the way, did you know that the plane-bombing of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were just a part of the total plan? A number of parts of Osama bin Ladin's master plan of destruction did not succeed, and that was God's mercy on America! The main bridges as well as the major subway and surface arterial traffic tunnels choked with hundreds of thousands of vehicles were going to be bombed, with massive deaths in the fire-choked rubble. The panic would have killed far more people than would have been perished in the fires and explosions. The White House and Congress were also going to be jet plane-bombed and destroyed. Surely, we would have lost tens of thousands of lives if God had not intervened. 50,000? 100,000? It might have gone even higher in body count. Yet, shame on us Ameicans, there is no credit being given God for this by proud America's leaders! Do you hear anything that credits God? I sure don't!

Our presidential nominees are now heaping praise on themselves and promising us foolish Americans everything they can think of to gain victory in the coming election Nov. 4. Let God be true, and every candicate a liar! All the promises of McCain, Obama, and Raph Nader and the others amount to only a silly Band-aid, which cannot cover the gigantic, gaping, gangrene-infected wound in America's spiritual hull. We are sinking--going to the bottom--because we have abandoned and forgotten God and instead proudly exalted ourselves and our golden calves of money, power, celebrity, lust, covetousness, and self-indulgence and luxury. God's word in Psalm 118 says: "It is better to trust God than to put confidence in man. Wouldn't you like to be safe in the midst of all the coming destruction? You and I then need to flee to God while we still can! It will be too late if we wait for a more convenient time--think how those Muslim terrorists turned the hijacked planes toward the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9/11, on a most beautiful, sunny and clear September morning. Destruction was the farthest thing away from Americans' minds just minutes before the planes, loaded with fuel, dived into their unsuspecting targets.

That is how it will happen again--only this time they may well explode dirty bombs and nuclear suitcase bombs in our major cities across America. I do believe that God had mercy on us, even in Katrina and Rita and Gustav and numerous other hurricanes, as he has been wiping out dozens of Muslim terrorist sleeper cells and their nuclear suitcase bombs all across the south and east, which were waiting orders to detonate in the major cities all across America.

As Democrat veep nominee Joe Biden has declared in the news, expect Obama to be severely tested by foreign powers if he elected President. But even that astounding statement is mild, compared with the likely "test" that will come if he is elected. The whole world knows from his statements he will not fight nor lead America to fight back when attacked, just as Bill Clinton did not fight back when our country was attacked repeatedly overseas by terrorists. Bill Clinton's ignoring the "tests" lead to the disaster of 9/ll, directly!

It is most likely then that the Muslim terrorists and the Iranians and Chavez of Venezuela are waiting for just the right moment, for when Obama the peacenik president takes office. He is precisely what they have been hoping for!

The following scenario is coming to reality soon in your neighborhood: Osama bin Ladin gives the order for the suitcase bombs to be exploded in major U.S. cities. As the nation recoils from the multiple strikes to its vitals, this is the very moment that our enemies, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Chavez, with Russia in the lead, have been seeking to launch their attacks.

If God does not intervene again in our behalf, we are finished as a nation that will play any major role again in the world. That is the least effect. The fifty million children we have so far aborted in order to further the radical atheist and Democrat social restructuring of American society will be repaid with the lives of at least fifty million deaths and casualties lost in all these attacks.

I don't know what you are doing, but I am praying night and day. I see clearly what we deserve, but I pray for mercy anyway, for God is full of mercy and kindness, even to the nation such as ours that has deserted Him and gone after harlots and false gods.


We will have no revival in America without prayer and repentance. That is a GIVEN in the scripture of the Bible! IT IS A GIVEN IN ALL OF GOD'S DEALING WITH SINNING HUMAN BEINGS--NO REPENTANCE, NO REVIVAL, NO INTERVENTION OF GOD. GOD CAN TEMPORARILY DEFEAT AND DRIVE OFF ENEMIES, BUT HE WILL NOT DO SO INDEFINITELY--JUDGMENT WILL FALL, WITHOUT FAIL. We may have been given a little time by the past prayers of interceeding saints, of godly mothers, and godly fathers, and godly pastors and church people, but even these prayers cannot hold back the waters of judgment should we fail to repent! All the music and massed choirs and preaching in the world will not bring a national revival, a complete turning back to God by the American people, without prayer and repentance!

"Who knows what God might do if His people began to PRAY FERVENTLY for spiritual revival? Perhaps one reason Satan has gained such a hold on so many lives is because we don't pray enough."--Bill Graham.

"Lord, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, O Lord. Renew them in our day, in our time make them known; in wrath remember mercy."--Habakkuk 3:2.--from Billy Graham Association.





The great American poet James Russel Lowell wrote the lyrics to "Once to Every Man and Nation." These lyrics are more pertinent now as a warning than they were in Lowell's day! Did you hear that our history is now rewritten, so that there won't be any Paul Revere or Thomas Edison in school books? There must not be any worthy Americans such as these mentioned to "impressionable young minds" in the emerging new America, there must not be anything that children can see is commendable or worthy to be preserved and followed in "the old America." Change for the "Progressives" means throwing out all that was Christian and founded by Christians in America and substituting their atheism and hedonism and global citizenry with no pride in being America. In this "new, progressive society," there will be no absolute morals or good, no commitment or belief in God (the Christian God), no Gospel being preached, no sanctity of human life (for animals are accorded human rights), no striving for excellence by individuals. This is the howling jungle, where the wealthy and strong dominate and prey upon the powerless and weak, but they (the rich, governing elites who hold the weapons and powers of the police to enforce their laws on the mass of non-voting citizens) will call it paradise!

"Once to Every Man and Nation"

1. Once to every man and nation

comes the moment to decide.

In the strife of truth with falsehood,

for the good or evil side.

Some great cause, some great decision,

off'ring each the bloom or blight.

And the choice goes by forever

'twixt that darkness and that light.

2. Then to side with truth is noble,

when we share her wretched crust.

Ere her cause bring fame and profit,

and 'tis prosp'rous to be just.

Then it is the brave man chooses

while the coward stands aside,

till the multitude make virtue

of the faith they had denied.

3. Though the cause of evil prosper,

yet the truth alone is strong.

Though her portion be the scaffold,

and upon the throne be wrong.

Yet that scaffold sways the future,

and behind the dim unknown,

standeth God within the shadows,

keeping watch above His own. Amen


My friends in Britain, Ray and Kathleen Lawrence-Smith were hosts of this giant American biker intercepted by Jesus and turned evangelist (that must have taken some courage, and then there was the task to get him safely under their door lintels without braining himself or knocking the house down!):

From the Worcester Evening News, Sept. 16, 1984: "...rebel Ray Holtman towered at six feet nine inches. The metal claw on his amputated arm could kill a man with a single blow.

He rode with a motor cycle gang along the American highways, sometimes 500 strong, clad in leather and denim. He drank heavily, smoked 35 cigars a day and used marijuana. But now the heavy-weight hard-man has become a gentle giant...taking his religious message around Worcestershire.

Ten years ago, Ray, now 42, turned away from his hell-raising lifestyle to become an evangelical preacher. Gone too are his lethal iron hook and leathers--swapped for buckskins and a Bible. "When I was in the motor cycle gang, people started getting killed. I eventually woke up to the fact that I could be next," he recalled. "I joined becausde I thought it was going to be fun. But I saw a couple of my friends die from drugs overdoses. I wanted to find happiness, but since I found God I've realized it has to come from inside."

Ray, from Quincy, Illinois, is in Britain until December and will be preaching around the county this month. He now travels the world taking his religious message [NOT A RELIGIOUS MESSAGE, BUT THE LIFE TRANSFORMING, SOUL-SAVING, SIN-DESTROYING GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST!] to people as diverse as Eskimos and Red Indians.

"Once, people would look at me in they just look because I'm tall and I always give them a smile," he said."[This TRUE story was sent to me by Kathleen Lawrence-Smith, Worcester, England, Editor of Anchored Magazine. It deserves a feature length film in Hollywood--for this is a tremendous man, a tremendous account of his salvation, and dramatic life both before and after his turning to Christ! Hollywood won't touch it, of course, since the Gospel is involved. It could make millions as a blockbuster movie, but they won't touch it because it exalts Jesus and His power to save and transform suicidal lives.


We have received permission to reprint the entire article of Pastor Paul Anderson, head of Lutheran Renewal, called "If the ship is sinking...". How bad off are we in the churches today? What is going wrong? Paul Anderson has a wonderful grasp on what is ailing us spiritually. Please go to the link in a section below. Receive hope and a positive outlook, which can be ours even on a sinking ship!

"Revival Center"



Witchcraft and Spiritualism go together like the proverbial "horse and carriage." They go "hand in glove," is another way to say it. They are "blood brothers."

The same spirits of error, no doubt, energize both expressions of Deviltry. Spiritualism loves the New Age Religion that is so trendy and popular today in certain circles, and the religion that Oprah strenuously, hourly promotes in her TV programs, books, radio study series, articles, etc. How do I know that she is infested with Spiritualism, the false religion and values that make it up? Just look at what the Spirit of Truth brochure (published by the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago!) defines as Spiritualism, and compare with Oprah's teachings. There is an exact fit! Her radio correspondence "Bible study" course spouts the same devilish lies given below, even word for word in many cases, so the Spiritualist shoe fits her perfectly, in other words! Watch Oprah and absord her message, you become a hellbound Spiritualist--as no Spiritualist will ever enter heaven, as the Bible states so clearly, first to last verse. Spiritualists can be saved and born again and forgiven, but they cannot ever enter heaven as spiritualists, for no Christ-rejectors will ever enter heaven, and that includes Oprah Winfrey, if she actually believes the Spiritualism she is constantly churning out for mass public consumption by her viewers and listeners.

Spirit of Truth and Error: Spiritualism


Man never had a fall.

Whatever is, is right. Evil does not exist. Evil is good. No matter what man's path may be, good or bad, it is the path of divine ordination, and destiny.

A lie is the truth intrinsically, it holds a lawful place in creation, it is a necessity.

We believe in intelligent and ignorant spirits. No being is naturally bad--evil always originates in ignorance.

Death is not a violent result of sin; it was neither friend nor enemy. It is a part of divine purpose.


There is no atoning value in the death of Jesus Christ.

Salvation by vicarious atonement is a wicked and soul-destroying delusion.

[Spiritualism] Teaches the continuity of life and the eternal progression of man toward perfectioin in the spirit freralm.

That every soul will progress through the ages to heights sublime and glorious, where God is Love and Love is God.

There are not two worlds at all, there (is) but one interblended, interrelated world, closely interwoven by memory and the love of life. Consciousness could not die. Personality could not be destroyed.

Life on the spirit plane is evolvement, like the ascent in a spiral, the growth of moral affection to higher and higher "heavens."


We affirm the moral responsibility of the individual, and that he makes his own happiness or unhappiness as he obey's Nature's physical and spiritual laws.

Man becomes a spirit after death, dong both evil and good, but he may be saved as he progresses from one spirit level tot he next. We affirm that the doorway to reformation is never closed against any human soul here or hereafter.

Leaving the physical body does not change the condition of the spirit, which is the actual personality. It must learn to desire and to progress to higher and better conditions, just as we do on earth.

Each must work out his own salvation, each has an equal opportunity to do this when he shall have atoned for the wrongs and overcome the temptations and allurements to the sense gratification of earth.

Even the most degraded personality can in time attain the greatest heights. it is easier, however, to begin progression in the earth time.


Hell does not exist and never will.

All spirit people of wisdom, knowledge, and love know there is no hell and no devil.

No resurrection--no judgment.

When you believe in spiritual manifestations, you will feel far happier than you do now. You will not fear the threats of damnation and hell...such doctrine is wrong.

We do not believe in such places as Purgatory and Hell. Communicating spirits have merely graduated from this form of life into another. That life can be heaven or hell-like, just as each spirit chooses to make it; the same applies to our life here.--Spirit of Truth Brochure, "Spiritualism", Published by the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago.

Remember how Frank iSnatra and the other suave cocktail sipping, tuxedo-jacketed Rat Packers, and also Tony Bennett, were always singing the praises of New York, San Francisco, and Chicago--what garbage those guys promoted! Those cities have become nothing but hellholes of murder, violence, drugs, porn, prostitution, greed, witchcraft and false religions!

Take Chicago: This glitzy, skyscraper-studded world-class metropolis used to be renowned for the highest, purest Christian leadership, for the Moody Institute and the Moody Publishing House, not to mention the illustrious Wheaton College where Billy Graham and his wife to be Ruth Bell studied and trained. Now Chicago is a city of apostasy, blasphemy, pornography, and aggressive atheism and secularism. It is also the center of the most blatant televised witchcraft and New Age Religion and self-deification, thanks to Oprah and Dr. Phil (whose consciences, apparently, were seared years and years ago), and, if that wasn't bad enough, it is the political base of the likes of Barak Hussain Obama, the proponent of infanticide, not just mass abortion on demand primarily targeting his own black people. Shame on you, Chicago, for what you have become after having witnessed the great light shed by Dwight Moody's preaching and godly example, and his uncompromising stand taken on the Word of God preached with honesty and courage (not like Rev. Wright, for twenty years Obama's infamous, toilet-mouth pastor, who preaches unabashed racism, obscenity, and anti-Americanism). It is a spectacle that would make that great evangelist weep if he saw it today--what has become of a once great righteousness-upholding city!


Both Barak Obama and his motor mouth, lame brained running mate, Joe Biden, have come out in support of infanticide (which I think qualifies them for arrest, not the freedom to run for President and Veep, respectively!). This is not a criticism, it is fact, their declared positions, reported (which I have heard Barak state himself on an audio clip of him speaking on the issue when asked about his voting about the Born Alive law. Voting for this man, knowingly or unknowingly, makes you a supporter of infanticide, the murder of innocent children who are born alive. This is not technical murder, it is murder, sheer and simple. You can call "abortion" technical murder, since abortion is legal in the United States and many other morally collapsed nations in the West, but the killing of a born alive baby, even in a botched abortion, is nothing but wanton murder. This is moving the line even further, for the elimination of the unwanted, the cast-off, the inconvenient children Americans do not want to live. Who is next? The helpless elderly, the severely disabled, the coma patients? Yes, they are next on the list of those who will be murdered by all their life support being withdrawn, starved, given no medicine, allowed to freeze to death in unheated rooms during winter, whatever it takes to kill them conveniently. A nation that has a man giving birth to a child, approves of homosexual "marriage," assaults the sanctity of life through mass "abortions," then goes on to approve infanticide, this nation is going down into the Pit of hell, and very soon. Will we see an America preserved until the coming election, when these infanticide candidates, Obama and Biden, stand up to receive all your votes? I have to seriously wonder if we will be allowed to last that long. If so, then God's mercy has yet again intervened, but his Judgment is not withdrawn, it is only delayed--for a week, a month, maybe a year. But God's terrible, catastrophic judgment is coming--you can be dead certain of that. Read the Bible--do you find any nation that escapes God's judgment for the very things we are doing in America and the West? I cannot think of one nation that the prophets warned that escaped destruction.

Bible Greats, as Portrayed by Eben:

"Bible Greats" by Eben

Christian Greats, as Protrayed by Eben (including the piece about Rev. Jerry Falwell, the brave evangelical Christian leader who kicked the churches, kicking and screaming, back into the public arena where the church traditionally was and still belongs, reaffirming the historic, fundamental Christian faith as a marketplace faith):

"Christian Greats Center"


This little illustrated, or comic-filled tract has all the Gospel, and more than you can find on most Christian broadcasts and programs on Christian TV, in fact! Pastors ought to order this tract and use it to measure what they are preaching--and see if the content of their messages messures up to it or not. Of course, they will not do it. Most pastors like dishing up the fluffy cotton candy Gospel of today's user-friendly churches (Joel Osteen is just one of many, though his mega-church is the biggest by far, being America's largest church, if you don't count Oprah's New Age TV Studio Church and Her Loyal Viewing Congregation of 20 millions and probably a worldwide audience of that many too). They don't mention sin, commitment, sacrifice, the shed blood of Christ for our sins, and responsibility--those are unpleasant subjects that might make people uncomfortable and get up and go to another more friendly, "caring and compassionate" church down the street! Not willing to lose these cotton candy Christians, the pastors continue on giving them upbeat, positive, self-esteem-building messages, while throwing in a scripture or two to make it sound Biblical. Go to the main ministries, other than Billy Graham and a few like his, and you will see what they are promoting. It is exactly opposite to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is about having better sex with your wife, achieving prosperity, getting out of debt, self-advancement through manipulation of people on your behalf, good nutrition, enjoying life, all sorts of things that have nothing to do with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. How much life did he enjoy anyway--he was called, for good reason it was true, the "Man of Sorrows." Yes, he enjoyed life, but he came to die, to go to the Cross, not enjoy life, dear Joyce Meyers! I am so glad He did not swerve from his mission to do as you recommend, to "enjoy life," forgetting the Cross because it was just too nasty and mean and inconvenient. How she can enjoy life as she does (with her flamboyant life style and mansions and jet plane and custom clothes and jewelry and makeup and all the rest she "enjoys" to the tune of millions of dollars yearly--and yet pose as someone who cares deeply about penniless orphans and poor folks round the world--I have no explanation at all. Whose role model is she following? It can't be Jesus Christ, the Man of Sorrows, the Carpenter of Nazareth, the Lamb of God who came to suffer and die for the sins of the world. She, rather, follows the lifestyles of the rich and famous, does she not? But this tract has it all--and packs a powerful punch! I cannot recommend all of Shick's publications, but this one is excellent. It is very graphic, showing Jesus's skin in shreds, but it is accurate, and the artists and the writers did an marvelous job on this tiny masterpiece.

If you do not believe Jesus was raised from the dead--why not leave Christ altogether rather than pretend you are a follower? How can you honestly follow a dead Christ, a man who was a sinner and who did not rise triumphant from the grave? You are an absolute, stinking nincompoop, brother, or sister, if you won't be an honest atheist after disbelieving in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ! Get out from our folds, from our churches, you great pretender! You need to be honest before God and men--and quit trying to be something you have chosen in your heart and mind not to be. God hates deception and pretenders especially. Either be hot, or be cold--but don't play with God and his truth.

It is Harvest Time for most parts of this country! Are you harvesting spiritually too? You are the the Lord's farmer, and keeper of his vineyard too--so what is your harvest this year? The Lord's own Kingdom Harvest really started after his Resurrection, for before that time he was sowing the Word of God faithfully, with not much harvesting going on, except to sow and to allow others who followed Him after the Resurrrection to go again and reap those same fields he said to his disciples were "white unto harvest." What he harvested before his resurrection was impressive but still minimal compared with what his apostles later harvested (read first chapters of Acts where Peter was preaching, and thousands converted on the spot!)--were they not? His Resurrection changed everything! The disciples became not just sowers but professional harvesters who could run tremendous spiritual combines through the vast fields of souls that were ripe for harvesting for the Lord's kingdom! We too can be such havesters, if we are willing to do as they did: surrender totally to the will of God in their lives and allow the Holy Spirit to fashion us into useful vessels or instruments of His kingdom harvest.

Now enjoy this visual feast of Harvest Time, taken from table napkins my 99 year old mother collected, but could not use, they were too beautiful

"Resurrection Center"

Big Bad Wolf Business Center:


Watch out, all you dancing, singing little rabbits! You may just hop right into the open jaws of a crocodile waiting for you up the path!

The hip hop "music" industry, originating from the drugs and crime and gangs of the black population in the inner cities (this is a pathological ghetto, self-imposed by the hip hop culture itself, to exploit and enslave the black people and destroy them)--this industry stands to gain untold billions by exploiting the white middle class youth of "outer cities" and suburbs, and giant businesses are behind the push to "mainstream" hip hop by starting with the little kids. Yes! Little kids are now targeted by the hip hop magnates (who are probably Rockefellers, the Melons, Duponts, the Buffetts, the Bill Gateses, and other elite billionaire families in this nation), and they do not care about the destruction of this whole generation, they want to make big money which they see these kids will have soon in their little hands, especially when these kids start growing toward their teens. Nine to eleven year old girls idolized the rock star "Madonna" (who is nothing like Mary in the Bible, being an entertainment prostitute/stripper who glories in her shameless self-exalting, erotic dances and apostasy--staging a mock crucifixion with herself in one of her abominable acts) and emulated her and bought her immoral CD's by the millions! The music industry giants and their banks and America's First Families see this, and dollar signs roll in their eye sockets, just like in the slot machines. Michael Savage (who has the Michael Savage radio program) is absolutely right. He charged these giant companies and their owners with owning and operating the pipelines for the floods of pornography that are destroying America. They have already destroyed the teens, they are moving on the sub-teens and even the little itty bitty kids. These people ought to be tried in the courts for their ties to this immoral and destructive program against America's youth. God holds them responsible, and will hold them responsible when they someday appear before him in heaven's court, with the Lord God Almighty as their Judge.

How we in America desperately need another lion-hearted, combine and trust-busting Teddy Roosevelt, who would not shirk his duty and would go and bust these destructive, immoral, and corrupt cartels up! He wasn't even afraid of IMC combine president, J. P. Morgan, the same who owned the White Star Line that produced the Titanic and pretty much ran the U.S. stock market, the banks, and American high finance, and called him on the carpet!

Don't be deceived by the childish version of hip hop (I confess I was initially, by watching a CD sent by family of their kids performing hip hop dances and singing the lyrics in a promotional video for a hip hop company). It may look very harmless and innocent now, but Hip Hop is a genuine crocodile under the sheeplike coat, that will smile now, and look like a fluffy wuffy character out of Sesame Street, but the teeth are real razor sharp shark and croc teeth, and--when HIP HOP turns to RIP CHOP--it will chew up and devour your kids, sooner or later. Once hooked into this music, they will crave more and more and more (putting out fistfuls of cash and maxing their credit cards), and the drugs and promiscuous sex and crime and rebellion and theft and violence and gangs will ultimately drag them in, with the hip hop songs and lyrics serving as the bait.

MCDONALDS GOT ITS LID ON STRAIGHT AGAIN! According to Tony Perkins of the FRC, McDonalds has resigned from supporting the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and has declared itself "neutral" regarding the gay agenda. Praise God, a victory for millions who were very unhappy about McDonald's assaulting family values in this way, and also when the Vice President of McDonalds, Ellis, declared in a public statement that Christians were "haters." McDonalds has had to eat those words, after the American Family Association began a national campaign against McDonalds and called for a boycott. It worked! McDonalds saw the sudden big dip no doubt in its sales curve. It is amazing what people with family values can do when they step up to the bat and not shrink from expressing their beliefs to these sometimes arrogant corporate giants. We Christians need to do far more of this, for it truly makes a change, for the better, in our society and environment, even our nation, for McDonalds affects the culture of an entire country, not just a few localities or towns or cities.

Did you pray about it? Those who did are to be thanked most of all--for their prayers actually make the boycott work and the top executives at McDonalds have a change of heart, or if not a change of heart, then at least a change of mind.

This victory shows that all is not lost, Christian! If we Christians stand up individually and with others of like mind and values we can change the world to the better, and keep the good that remains from being destroyed and supplanted by pure evil. This is evidence, proof, that God is still active in this old, dark world, and can turn evil to good! We can be of use in that great purpose of God's--if we choose! If we Christians procrastinate, or leave the responsibility to others to stand up for truth and the good, then evil men will triumph, because good men refuse to do anything in defense of the good and the truth and righteousness. We will have no one to blame but ourself, if we do that, go to sleep on the job! But this time Christians stepped up, and said to McDonalds, "You have crossed the line! Go back! Go back! Or we will not darken your door again!" That sent the right message at the right time, as millions sent this precise message to McDonalds corporate headquarters, and to the various franchises spread the thousands across America. The sudden dive in sales and profits showed conclusively that the drop-off occurred the day the company decided to jump on the bandwagon of the radical left homosexual agenda and the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce--its so-called front war machine organization. McDonalds saw it had made a big mistake. It has returned to its former policy, neutrality on political issues, and so it has a chance to remain a prosperous company in a highly competitive global market, as millions of Christians and moral people will not defame their consciences by patronizing it with their families and little ones.

A very easy format to follow, the Prayer Journal can be made by simply following this example, using lined paper in a notebook for convenience:




"Little prayer, little power, more prayer, more power, much prayer, much power"--quote from Pastor John Hagee's mother, who is a woman of powerful prayer at age 95.

Prayer Center

"Global Warming (Climate Change) Hoax Center"


Have you got your copy yet? Don't miss out on a gigantic treat! Pilgrim's Progress is now out in a new format, with the same timeless, gripping story about how an ordinary man named Christian struggled to escape the City of Destruction and reach the Celestial City, all the while having to fight pitfalls, giants, lures of the world, his own family who opposed him leaving them to seek God's salvation, and many other obstacles in his way. You may use the book's order number: K435. It is $22, with $5 S and S.

John Bunyan was a humble man of faith imprisoned because he was simply a devout Christian man believing in the Lord Jesus for salvation. That was enough to land anyone in prison in his time! Instead of giving up, and blaming the Lord for his misery, he sat down and wrote this masterpiece while suffering the filth and intolerable conditions of prison life as a common criminal (which he was not). We have not prisons today as bad as London's of Bunyan's time. Turkey's prisons are somewhat similar, and Mexico's, China's, Myammar's, would be much the same, but even they have basic facilities that London's prisons did not have--such as running water, toilets, showers, air and light--did not have until the work of evangelical reformers overcame the cruelty of the times.

John Hagee Ministries to Order "Pilgrim's Progress"

"English Literature Heritage Center"


The Levitt Letter continues, issue after issue, to compile news and commentaries from the best websites and papers and magazines, so that I cannot put the "letter" down until I have read it cover to cover! It is the best news for Christians you can get. The Christian-created cartoons are the best you can find, too, in the whole publishing market, secular and religious. They are hilarious, in fact! This issue also carries on its front page the amazing account of the Hamas terrorist leader's son, Sheik Massb Yousuf, who has turned to Christ for his salvation! There will be hundreds, thousands, more like him across the world--as Muslims turn to Christ, abandoning their brutal and violent, death-loving religion for the true loving and reigning Savior Y'shua.

This issue also carries on the front the lead article about how the power-hungry, reckless, bloody-fisted Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, is striking at the West (as we saw in his invasion and mauling of little Georgia), in his hopes to revive the old Russian imperial power in the world. He just recently has sold jet bombers to the mad socialist tyrant, Chavez, in Venezuela, and will build bases there, from which the bombers can be sent with nuclear bombs to attack the U.S. Chavez is already boasting of staging an attack with these bombers on our country, in fact! Russian President V. Putin and his puppet, Premier Medvedev, is also allied with Iran, which has nuclear bombs as its goals, and the missiles already to deliver them to Israel and European capitals. He met with the "daffy" Libyan dictator as well, so there is clear sign he aims at organizing the coming Russian led Arab confederacy against Israel such as Exekiel describes so graphically in Chapter 38. Does the CIA know anything about this? They are telling us nothing, of course. What does Washington plan to do about Chavez's bombers and the bases the Russians will build there? Nothing is said by Washington, of course. We have no real leadership from President Bush. He let Georgia be overrun and half the country bombed and invaded by the Russian army, and Georgia has been a stalwart ally of the U.S., sending a large group of soldiers to help in the Iraq war effort. Russia deliberately threatened the Caspian Sea to Turkey oil pipeline, and Putin and puppet Medvedev thumbed their noses at both America and Europe, daring them to do anything to stop them. We must pray, as our country continues essentially leaderless, and without direction except that it is drifting toward the abyss.

Still faithfully obeying the Great Commission given us all, Gentiles and Jewish believers, by Yeshua the Messiah, Jews for Jesus is a ministry that does not care what the secularist world and even many evangelical churches think of its ministry to the Jews first (in obedience to the Lord):

Jews for Jesus Newletter

Anchored carries the story "The Silver Lining," about Jonathan Aitken, a British MP, son of a former MP and a beautiful socialite mother, who was attacked by Mohammed Fayed, the Muslim Briton who sought to defame Jonathan (and up and coming leader in the Conservative movement) and the Tory (Conservative) Government in Parliament. Mohammed Fayed accused Jonathan of bribery and arms dealing and other corruption, which were completely untrue, so Jonathan Aitken instituted a libel court action. But Jonathan was caught in court for a past lie, and was bankrupted, and sent to prison, losing his position in Parliament, his reputation, and seemingly everything. But God...(read his story, see how a faithful Lord turned this apparent disaster for good.). Jonathan has written to Mrs. Lawrence-Smith and commended her for the article she wrote about his ordeal and the surprisingly positive outcome. He has since written two books, "Pride and Perjury," and "Porridge and Passion" concerning this greatest downfall of his life and how God lifted him out of his darkness and gave him a new, meaningful life of ministry of Christ's love and Gospel to other prisoners in darkness.

Anchored's Oct-Dec issue (p. 3) also carries this piece on the meanings of the names of Adam up to Noah.





Mahalalel.............The Blessed God

Jared.................Shall Come Down


Methuselah............His Death Shall Bring

Lamech................The Despairing


That is most clearly the everlasting, saving Gospel! All the people up to Noah had the Gospel, thousands of years before Jesus was born in Bethlehem! And the Gospel was recorded in the very names of the antediluvian patriarchs (these were the leading men of God, not just anybody somebody plucked out of a basket in order to fabricate a story.) Jesus Christ is God, as this Gospel testifies in calling him "The Blessed God."

You may wonder what little Britain's ordeals have to do with America--but, you see, Britain is undergoing the same assaults upon its sovereignty, its traditional Christian morals, the Christian faith of its people, and its free institutions and liberties, as America is undergoing from the radical Islamic groups allied with the secularists in the governing elites in Washington and New York. Britain's case warns us what is going to happen here, and is already happening over here! We need to pay careful heed! Well, this wonderful magazine chronicles with pictures David Hathaway's healing ministry to the whole of Russia and Siberia, the former Eastern bloc nations of the defunct Soviet Union, and across Europe as well via Televised broadcasts. David Hathaway, the British evangelist who is primarily concerned with the evangelization and the healing of Russia and Siberia, has not forgotten the plight of his homeland of Britain. He shows here, on the cover, the secret plan of the aristocratic tyranocrats in Brussels, one of two capitals of the European Union empire, who are redrawing the map of Europe! They are carving up and splitting Britain into parts they are assigning to various "Regions," as they seek to eliminate all national sovereignty in Europe and substitute regions or imperial provinces that they can then more effectively control with their autocratic rule, without having to deal with democratic and nationalistic sympathies in the populations involved. It is so cunning and clever--entirely Satanic! Christian Britain is eliminated--simply divide it and you can conquer it, once and for all! Blend the southern shires of Britain with the northern departments of France, creating "Manche," a so-called fictional "Region" of the European Union. The northeastern section of Britain can be then tacked to the Scandinavian countries with a slice of Germany to create another rump kingdom, a governable, compliant, and voiceless "Region." How smart of the tyranocrats in Brussels! These blue blooded, sophisticated devils are no doubt celebrating their ingenious plan over cocktails in a palatial salon somewhere in Brussels! No doubt there are such plans afoot to erase borders here in North America, with this North American Trade Union that seems to be hatching out in our midst that would include Mexico, the United States, Canada and perhaps some Carribean countries. The power-hungry tyranocrats of the European Union and the United Nations want all sovereign borders erased, the nation states eliminated, and this empire put in their place--this is none other than the one that the Anti-Christ will gain control over, after smashing several nations that rise up in protest of his usurping absolute power (as Revelations testifies).

What can we do here in America, or over in Britain? We can pray! Prayer is more powerful than the cocktail-sipping tyranocrats in Brussels and their world government that is coming into existence! We can stop this Satanic juggernaut from crushing out all our religious freedom and our national sovereignty if we will but humbly pray and beseech God for mercy and grace! He wil hear our prayers if we are sincere. His word promises us He will not forsake us if we will only repent of our sins and turn to Him, seeking His will for our lives and our nations.

I will pray alongside you, daily, as I do not ask you to do what I am not already doing.

A Briton wrote this letter to the Daily Mail paper in London. It is the most concise mini-history of the Palestinian land grab and its terrorism against Israel I have ever read, and should settle all this nonsense liberals and CAIR Muslims spew about the wealthy, crafty Jews grabbing the land from the innocent, unsuspecting Arabs (letter to editor is given in its entirety, with no changes or editing):

"Peace Spurned"

"The Jewish population of what is now Israel began increasing in the 1850s and was in excess of 5 per cent by the time of the Balfour Declaration in 1917.

When Arab numbers swelled, it was because of work opportunities presented by growing Jewish industry and agriculture [isn't that ironical, that the good the Jews did in the land only brought increased Arab immigration and bigger problems eventually for them!--Ed].

The Emir Faisal (a Muslim chieftain and nobleman) and Chalm Weizmann [who was the brilliant Jewish scientist who synthesized the vital ingredient for Britain's explosives industry in World War I, aiding Britain's victory over the Central Powers, and was given in retur by the king of England and Parliament the Balfour Agreement promising a Jewish homeland in the British Mandate of Palestine) agreed at the Versailles Conference that the land could be partitioned between Jews and Arabs and that the two peoples could live in peace and prosperity.

But along came Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem. This future friend of Hitler fomented riots and public disturbances throughout the 1920s, erasing any chance of an agreement.

A large part of the blame lay with Britain, which held the Mandate for Palestine under the League of Nations but illegally separated 70 per cent of the land and created a fiction called Trans-Jordan.

In 1947, Resolution 181 offered both sides a partition based roughly along the lines of 1919. Although accepted by the Jews, it was rejected by the Arabs, who then began a terror campaign that continued until the independence of Israel in May 1948.

Then Arab armies gathered and tried to squash the fledgling state.

Because the Arabs were in 'rejectionist' mode, and continue so today through terror, they have spurned other plans, notably the Barak offer in the late 1990s which would have given themn independence."--B.K.

For the article in the section, "Israel in the News," showing Barak Hussain Obama's lie to the national conference of American Jewry (AIRPAC), which he later said to Fareed Zakaria of CNN, was mere "poor phrasing" in his speech and not being careful enough about his "syntax," please go to the Israel My Glory website and visit Arutz-7:

"Israel National News, Arutz-7, Concerning Barak Hussain Obama's Shameless Lie to AIRPAC and Cover-up to CNN


We heartily recommend the cartoons of the Levitt Letter, which are clearly the best in the magazine world. You cannot possibly find their equal--just try! And I won't hold my breath!--Ed.

"Cartoon Center"


"Bible Quiz Center"

Jawbone of Judgment Center:

Syria (a rabid dog of a nation, frothing at the mouth to destroy Israel) will have its comeuppance, soon perhaps, even very soon. Alas, Syria! Check out the book of Exekiel for the Russian-led Arab coalition's defeat in a coming war against Israel too. Exekiel's prophecies about Syria has not been fulfilled, where the prophet declares that the Syrian capital of Damascus (only one Damascus has been known to be in Syria since the most ancient times, so this is the one that is presently the capital of Syria and always was the capital of Syria for most of human history) will be made an uninhabited waste. Nuclear bombs, and neutron bombs, can do that, we know. The Angel of Death awaits the command of God to go to the defense of Israel by destroying Israel's nearest, greatest enemy, Syria, utterly obliterating its great and ancient capital of Damascus. Really, all the chessmen are on the board, and the move is already plotted against Israel by Syria and its allies, so it can happen anytime, any day or hour now that Syria decides Israel can be caught napping or weak enough in resolve to defeat with a preemptive strike. The mad dog state of Syria has tried a number of times before, and been resoundingly defeated but not destroyed by a triumphant Israel that could have wiped Syria off the map if the Israeli commanders had chosen. That forebearance, that mercy, was accounted weakness by Syria on the part of Israel (it cannot understand a victor in war not pressing for total annihilation of the defeated party).

But the God of Israel has a big surprise, an overwhelming catastrophe, in store for Damascus and Syria's wicked and merciless tyrant, Assad. Israel will be again delivered by the hand of God from the destruction planned for her by her sworn enemies, Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, and the Palestinians. Jordan too may catch it, if Jordan sides with these wicked nations again. Egypt? We shall see if Egypt is wise enough to keep out of the Syria and Iranian confederacy against Israel. If not, Egypt too will be set aflame.

Divine Judgment may be long, long in coming for Syria (after hundreds, even thousands of years of attacking Israel mercilessly, but judgment is indeed coming! It will be all the worse for having been so long delayed. Woe to Damascus, woe to Syria! Without its capital, will there be a Syria left? It will be reduced to a province or two, in the control of its neighbors, a nation no longer--which is long deserved of course. It is said the people are not responsible, and that is partly true, but the fact remains that the Syrians produce these terrible rulers--they do not come from outside Syria, they are homegrown monsters.

By this scripture alone, whole nations will be judged and thrown into hell, to suffer eternal disgrace and suffering. Will America be one of those nations? We have behaved wickedly, given ourselves over to every form of immorality. We have turned spiritual harlots, worshiping material things, serving the gods of power and money. God is presently casting down the gods of America in the financial crisis, these gods in which Americans trusted for everything. Now they are suffering the results of that misplaced worship and trust as the stock markets plunge lower and lower, and the banks freeze their credit lines, or even turn belly up and have to be bought or bailed out by the Government. The whole world is suffering due to the crisis in America's financial markets, and there is no end yet in sight! Not once has any of the experts being interviewed about the crisis said that we Americans best get down on our knees, pray to God, ask him for forgiveness of our sins of greed and covetousness and idolatrous worship of money and power, while beseeching Him for mercy in our distress.

God would hear such a prayer, but this prayer is not going forth from the America people. The American people are scrambling to cut their losses and stick fingers in the crumbling dyke and levee, and crossing their fingers, trying anything they can think of, hoping something they do or something some expert or government leader will do, will stop the melt-down of our economy and financial system--before we are all busted and broke, our bank accounts worthless, our money not worth the paper it is printed on!

This scripture refers to the land of Israel, but it applies directly to us in America as well, for the Bible says repeatedly that those who bless Israel will be blessed, but those who curse Israel will be cursed. We have primarily cursed Israel in the last two terms of President Bush by the land for peace policy, called the Roadmap. This Roadmap never worked, it has resulted only in more deaths and suffering of Israelis. As soon as land was given up to the enemies of Israel, these enemies used it as launching pads to shoot rockets into Israel's towns and cities. This happened with Gaza. It will happen with the West Bank next or the Golan Heights. Israel has been under intense presure by George Bush and his Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice to give up more land for "peace," which is suicide for Israel. Giving up all chance of self-defense in rendering the already tiny wedge of Israeli territory so paper thin it will be but 7 miles wide at one point--this Roadmap ensures that Israel will not be able to hold together as a sovereign nation against its many enemies and their repeated attacks. President George Bush knows this fact full well (he has hundreds of advisers who can tell him the facts, whether Israel can survive in that trunkated condition or not), but he evidently lusts for a legacy, for some great victory of statesmanship, so as to gain the plaudits of the world community, the United Nations, and ultimately the Nobel Prize Committee. If he could just arm-twist Israel to give up the Golan Heights, or the West Bank, or even a piece of Jerusalem the capital, then he would achieve his master plan's goal--though Israel would be finished, in the near future, since it would be utterly indefensible with conventional armies and conventional weapons (with no recourse left for Israel but to use its nuclear arsenal when the next allied Muslim attack comes).

President George Bush has been prepared to sacrifice Israel for his own glory and the winning of a legacy, which would be primarily his pulling off a temporary cease fire through the seeming success of his Roadmap to Peace Plan for the Middle East. Always anxious to make friends with the oil-rich regimes and leader of the Middle East (some of whom are his buddies and he invites to his ranch White House in Texas!), he is willing to let Israel go to destruction if that is the price of his "Peace Plan." Lately, reports have come out that he said to the Israeli prime minister that the U.S. will not support a pre-emptive strike by Israel against the nuclear bomb making facilities of Iran. Isn't that the most treacherous and ungrateful way to support an ally with its back up against the wall--tell Israel we will not stand by her, nor support her in any way if she has to knock out Iran's nuclear facilites to keep from being nuclear bombed?

Nor will President Bush promise do anything about Iran, other than apply the same old, useless sanctions against Iran's nuclear program in the United Nations. What a stupendous, stupifying disgrace for our nation our own President has brought upon us in his remaining months of office!

Judging from all his past and present actions in ramming the Roadmap to Peace down Israel's throat, it is clear to me that President Bush ignores and defies the Word of God regarding the everlasting Covenant God made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He will stand before Jesus Christ and have to account for his violation of this Covenant (forcing Israel to give up land God gave the people of Israel as their everlasting possession) while he was in office. I voted for George Bush for president, twice, not knowing that he was going turn against Israel and push this lunatic, anti-Israel program of his. Millions of fellow evangelicals did the same, I believe, who would not vote now for him. He took our votes in a dishonest way, fully intending to violate our trust in him that he would stand firm by the territorial integrity of Israel and not sacrifice its chances of remaining in existence, not go off on a political agenda of his own that would imperil Israel.

Despite millions of us writing to him, calling him, speaking to him personally to end this terrible policy, despite all our prayers for him and on Israel's behalf, President Bush is holding on like a bulldog to this satanic Roadmap to Israel's Destruction (which the Roadmap really is). I don't have a picture of a bulldog, but here is one of a boy hugging an enormous, delicious brownie!

Here is his recipe for this delicious looking but gut-wrenchingly poisonous brownie:

George Bush's Roadmap Brownie (WARNING, YOU EAT IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!)

1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour of betrayal of our ally Israel (this betrayal is the equivalent of cyanide, mercury, lead, e coli, and anthrax)

1/2 teaspoon baking soda treachery (deceiving his supporters, the evangelicals, to get their votes to make him president and for raising his "brownie")

1/4 teaspoon salt which has lost its savor through compromise with Israel's sworn enemies

3/4 cup sugar of winning a legacy that will win him the Nobel Peace Prize if Israel surrenders yet more strategic land to her enemies for "peace"

1/2 cup (1 stick) of butter, or flattery from the world press and media that is hostile to Israel and wants Israel wiped off the map

2 teaspoons water of bitter conscience after he achieves his devious plan to dismember Israel

One 10-0z. pkg. (1 1/2 cups) of semi-sweet chocolate morsels, the Nobel Peace Prize divided between himself and Hamas and Fatah terrorist leaders and himself

1 teaspoon vanilla extract of approval from many liberal church leaders in the U.S. and Britain who favor Israel receiving no special treatment or protection from the U.S., even though it is the only democracy in the Middle East ringed by hostile totalitarian or repressive dictatorships bent on its destruction

2 eggs (preferably rotten)--which a brave Zionist throws at President Bush as he steps out of his limoisine to proceed into the Swedish Nobel Prize Awards to stand hand in hand with Hamas and Fatah terrorist leaders of the Palestinians and make a fine speech of acceptance, while assuring the world that his Roadmap has achieved "Peace in Our Time."

As we said, George Bush's Roadmap Brownie tastes super-delicious and looks it too, but it is more deadly than a poison mushroom, for it will surely bring war, another attack by allied Muslim regimes, with the resultant deaths of millions and widespread devastation across the whole Middle East. God will defend Israel yet again, while her enemies will not be spared utter destruction this time. What price George Bush's legacy? That is the price! Therefore, I for one do not think we can afford, nor can Israel afford, this brownie of his. We truly need to send it back as soon as we can, by prayer, to the baker!

Though Israel, as a tiny, lone nation swimming like a minnow in an Islamic sea full of hostile, shark-like Arab states, has a big, well-equipped, highly trained army drawn from most every man and woman of fighting capability within its 6 million population, it has depended on the U.S. as an ally in the past to bail it out of the worst confrontations. No! Israel is now cut adrift by the U.S., and they must know it, if they are still thinking in the Knesset and in the prime minister's office! 9/ll caught our country and our secret services napping (secret services that are becoming increasingly compromised from within by the politically correct policies of the Bush Administration and the consequent Islamization taking place in them), even after repeated warning tests by international Muslim terrorists, and the Israelis saw in the burning of the WTC and the Pentagon that they were wrong to throw all their eggs into our basket and expect that their nation will survive such an attack that we sustained, though it was sustained with difficulty. We forgot the lesson and moved on, keeping our army fighting overseas to prevent the conflicts from coming home with our soldiers. But that will all change radically, very soon now, if Obama takes office.

Israel is no doubt planning its moves, once Obama is in the Oval Office proving he is absolutely incompetent and unable to resist any challenge to our national security. Israel cannot sustain one major strike upon its territory, and so it must launch a preemptive stirke against Iran and any other nation that is threatening its existence, or perish. There is no luxury for Israel in being able to recoup its losses after the enemy strikes first. The Israeli military leaders know that they must strike first or there will be no Israel. It is that simple. And they also know that America will not stand with them, even if it has the ability, clearly shown in the recent case of the U.S. ally of Georgia, which America's leader, George Bush, watched Putin and Medvedev of Russia carve up with the imperial Russian Army while the White House was issuing lame protests.

Lutheran Renewal's Paul Anderson wrote an article in the Lutheran Renewal newsletter that can either be a judgment on America or a call for repentance. It was issued in 2000, and shortly after 9/11 occurred. Make of it what you will, but the timing of Paul Anderson's article warning America and the catastrophes of 9/11 coming not long after the article appeared, surely speaks volumes to us, or should! Judgement, most people reject. America cannot be judged by God, they foolishly believe, though the Bible is full of prophecies against wicked nations followed by the judgments and destruction of those very nations. Why should we be treated any different by God? He is still a Just God, and though this is the Age of Grace, His judgment cannot be held back indefinitely. Judgment is coming for America, sooner or later, but it is coming! Realizing this is a fact about God and ourselves, wouldn't it be the intelligent, wise thing to repent now, and change our evil ways? We have the choice, but it will not always be ours--time is running rapidly out!

This message is not only timely, it will give us an encouraging word on how to remain hopeful and positive in the midst of a sinking society and a declining church, something we badly need to stay firm on the right course in our own individual life as a follower of Christ.

For the entire message, please go to:

"If the Ship is Sinking," by Pastor Paul Anderson, Director, Lutheran Renewal, November 2000 Issue of Lutheran Renewal Newsletter, which as the Focus, "For Those Seeking the Empowering Presence of the Holy Spirit"

Lutheran Renewal Website


"Saint-Building Center"

These valuable messages of Stuart Maxwell Hawkins' will furnish one or more of the six elective subjects as they come on-line with study questions or quizzes.

Stuart Maxwell Hawkins's message, "Forgive Me," is now on-line, and will also carry Study Questions soon.

"Forgive Me," Message by Stuart Maxwell Hawkins


Other than the articles by Duane Smith, this may be the most important section at this time for you and me, starting here and proceeding down to the bottom of the section. The truth of God is being revealed, is it not? We must now admit it, as it is being shoved right into our faces by the events unfolding daily and even hourly before our watching eyes!

You and I are looking at the moral and financial downfall of millions in America. It is not the house that is evil, it is the materialistic lust and covetousness that drive people to lunatic excesses in spending that later they deeply regret. All this happened, moreover, not by accident by by deliberate choices.

Do you really need that dream house, that big pricey chunk of the American Dream that will hold you a slave paying the mortgage until you drop from old age? Of course, there is always the chance you won't get to pay out that long. The interest rates may gallop upwards (does anyone but lawyers read the fine print in the mortgage documents and the notes the bank underwrites), forcing you right out into the street! Why not downscale to something affordable, then, which you may more likely keep a while? Millions went gung-ho, all stops pulled, for the Street of Dreams special--and lost their shirts and their houses and even their doghouses in the mortgage meltdown. Who was to blame? Government's Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (corruption galore there), coupled with greed in the mortgage company lenders played on the self-indulgence and fantasies of the house-hungry people, and the combination was terrible financing, the most risky kind imaginable. We see the result in every city in America. The Bible cautions us against greed, covetousness, and self-indulgence, which it calls sin. Sin brings trouble, poverty, unhappiness, tragedy, and even death. Sin also brings house foreclosures and families thrown out into the street or into homeless shelters, apartments or relatives' homes. Sin brings us what we sow in folly, and the whole business of these mortgages being given to people without sufficient income to merit them-- this was nothing but legalized robbery in which the government, mortgage companies, and banks all cooperated, knowing full well that someday the wolf would come knocking at the doors of the mortgagees. But the "victims" of their own greed, self-indulgence, and folly? They should have done a little simple arithmetic on their own, added up their bills and expenses and then subtracted them from their monthly income, and then they would have figured they couldn't afford the 300k or more Dream House and settled for something modest and reasonable they could afford. They would have spared themselves a lot of grief if they had done that. Let us all take warning from this--living beyond our means will catch up to us, in time, so let's try hard not to do it! Modesty, simplicity, thrift--we Americans really need to rediscover these values, for they made America great, once upon a time. Ostentation, luxury, vainglorious display--these destroy individuals and destroy a nation. Witness what happened to once glorious, powerful, world-class Rome! We are following in Rome's sorry path to destruction, are we not? Imperial Rome's Street of Dreams became a street of horrors and desolation--just as you are witnessing today in countless deserted, foreclosed houses and neighborhood and hundreds of American cities and towns. And the effect has not just hurt our own country. Nations across the world, with banks and lending institutions, have suffered from our spending spree in the housing market. They have had to pay for our big mistake, in the billions, and will pay billions more. Who suffers? The poor! There will be less money now for relief for disaster victims from floods and hurricanes and epidemics, and less money for housing, and less money for economic development--all because huge investments in our housing market evaporated in a meltdown call the housing market mortgage crisis.

And even worse situation is coming in a few short weeks. It is called the U.S. presidential elections, held November 4. People are now going to compound their folly in the housing/bailout crisis by voting for or against candidates based on how much or little they did to pick up the tab for the "bailout" of those responsible for the mortgage lending/housing melt-down. This fiasco was largely government-engineered, and yet these people will look to the same government that created the problem to solve it! That doesn't make any sense at all, does it? Yet greed and folly are based on no sense. Lust throws aside reason to get what it wants! Will God let us have the leaders we deserve? They will tax and tax and tax, until all income-producing business and industry flee the country, jobs by the tens of millions transfer overseas, and the Chinese and European banks which are currently financing our hog-wild spending sprees foreclose on us. They will end up owning us, lock, stock, and barrell, and pig pen! We will never be able to pay it all back, not in a depressed economy, not for generations, if ever! Our debt to foreign creditors is in the trillions, and getting bigger every second due to the interest on the debt!

The Lord may just let us have what we demand in leaders! You want to eat fifteen banana splits with a chaser of fifty krispie kremes-okay, stuff yourself!--here they are! The medics arrive when you are writhing on the floor, to haul your bloated carcass to the morgue if pumping your stomach doesn't resusitate you. It is a grisly sight, someone who has eaten himself or herself to death in a binge of gluttony that would make it on a page in the Guiness Book of Records. This is no exaggeration, not by much: America is full of such bingers, who end up in total collapse, weighing over 600 pounds and upwards. To put coffins on them must take enough metal to make a humvee!

God is known in the Bible for sending evil spirits just to tempt wicked rulers to the excess they are capable of, given the oppportunity.

And he [Micaiah a true prophet] said, Hear thous therefore the word of the Lord: I saw the Lord sitting on his throne, and all the host of heaven standing by him on his right hand and on his left. And the Lord said, Who shall persuade Ahab, that he may go up and fall at Ramoth-gilead? And one said on this manner, and another said in that manner. And there came forth a spirit, and stood before the Lord, and said, I will persuade him. And the Lord said unto him, Wherewith? And he said, I will go forth, and I will be a lying spirit in the mouth of his prophets. And he said, Thou shalt persuade him, and prevfail also: go forth, and so so" (I Kings 22: 19-22).

In another famous case, the Lord God accepted Satan's challenge to test Job, did he not? You can read about that in the first chapter of the book of Job. And Satan, going to work immediately, paid a visit to Job's camp in Edom and did everything he could think of to break Job and make him deny God. Yes, God! God is perfectly good, but he hates evil--so much he will test even his own saints, and allow the Tempter to go and have at us now and then just to test our resolve to follow the Lord. God gave the Israelites complaining about the lack of meat in the wilderness so much quail meat, they died gorging on it. They died by the thousands, even in the act of eating! Do we demand leaders who will give us big, fancy 300k luxury homes and guarantee the mortagages too on them? Well, God will let us have them, and then the entire economy will be wiped out when the bill comes due in the near future, as it surely will, and we all are broke, busted, in the economic melt-down of the economy. It is happening, in the initial stages, right now as I write this, as you know from the news. What will happen if the new leader we vote in continues down the same primrose path as the former president, George Bush, who allowed this to happen during his watch, while Alan Greenspan, the untouchable, the quasi-divinity of high finance, an incredibly ugly but almost worshiped former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank, glibly lied and assured the American people that everything was coming up roses while he was in the driver's seat, when the truth was, he was sitting on a volcano about to erupt! At this moment he is telling Congress he was not guilty of wrongdoing, though his reasoning held a certain flaw! I know he did these things, because I have been watching the televised interviews of this master deceiver. While he was in his job, by the way, he enriched himself with mega millions--you can be sure he wouldn't pass up the opportunity! Now he denies any wrongdoing, at the same time he denies any responsibility for the financial collapse that followed his stupendous mishandling of the FDIC.

Except in Government and in the FDIC, you cannot run a business so irresponsibly this way and expect to continue long in business--you surely cannot run a nation this way and expect that nation to be around for more than a few years either. Common sense should tell us that. But we are not listening to common sense anymore, are we, fellow Americans? We are looking to Government, to Presidents and parties, to bail us all out of the results of our folly of materialism, spending, and constant borrowing to keep our extravagance and self-indulgent lifestyles going.

The evil spirit that God is sending is already here among us--a strong delusion that we have to sacrifice our principles in order to get the best man in to the Oval Office, the one who will solve all our problems, including the mortgage company and lending crisis.

Accept this man, the spirit of delusion tells us, cast our vote for him, even though he publicly supports stem cell research which is murder of human beings in the embryo. Oh, he still stands against abortion (at least we will assume so)for the lesser evil, to keep the greater evil out of the presidency! Sacrifice one principle, to save the others!

NO, NO, NO! This is not God's way. It can never be God's way, for God's way is completely righteous, beginning to end, or it is not God's way. The end never justifies the means, in God's methodology. It would be far better to vote for someone who is going to lose the election for sure, than vote for someone who will not uphold your principles, among them, the sanctity of life. If you compromise on one, say, the sanctity of life, you compromise all the other values you cherish. All will go on the block for sale, one by one. Give up one principle to save the others, you will end by losing all of them, sooner or later. Yes, it is infinitely better to side with a loser who stands on the principles and means it, than to go with someone who compromises on one or more with the aim he will do better than the other fellow who is against all your principles. At least with the one who is against you totally, he has not compromised your beliefs and tainted your conscience. You have not sold out your conscience and beliefs to Him! As long as you haven't done that, the country is not entirely lost. Time and again, solitary individuals refused to go with the popular flow, move with the fashionable tide of the mainstream culture, risking the loss of reputation, position, life and limb and family and property to do so--they may have landed in prison, been tortured, then faced a criminal's noose or executioner (just take a look into Foxe's Book of Martyrs!)--but these individuals knew even in the pangs of agony and death, sometimes being burned at the stake, that they were doing the very best thing a man of integrity could do, stand on what was right, not bow to Nebuchadnezzar and his golden idol.

These men are heroes now! They are shining saints in heaven, after what they sacrificed for the truth of God and what was right. The compromising, "easy-does-it", complaisant, conforming multitudes that "went with the flow'? Where are they all now? It is terrible to think where they are. It has got to be a very hot, dark place, that is for certain.

The spirit of delusion is telling us right now at this moment to compromise. Just one little principle or two, it is whispering in our ear--and you will get the man who is more likely to win, if we all vote for him! Otherwise, the other fellow, who is against ALL our principles, will sweep into the Oval Office with a landslide victory, thereby dooming the country to socialism and rampant Big Government and runaway taxation!

Who will you, dear one, listen to? Who will I? A spirit of strong delusion urging you and me to compromise to vote for and help gain an election victory for a man who is on public record against the sanctity of life, for one thing, just to ensure for us the other things he promises to uphold (promises which he probably will not keep once in power and beyond the reach of those who voted him in)? Or will we listen to the God of righteousness, who says,

"Yes, you are squeezed tight between a rock and a hard place (which I have allowed in order to test you and make plain what evil is lurking within your heart!). But I am still the Rock of Ages--run to ME! I will give you shelter, I will be your refuge in a storm, I will take care of you. Do not trust sinful men, who are liars when put next to the God of Truth, erring men who cannot save you despite all their glittering promises."

As the Psalm 118 says (verses 8,9), "It is better to trust in the Lord, than to put confidence in man. It is better to trust in the Lord, than to put confidence in princes!"

God keeps all his promises, unlike fickle, changeable, and self-serving men, who seldom keep any unless they think it is to their advantage to give or do what they promised. Believing God, we will be saved. Believing men, we will surely be deceived and go to destruction. Men will always fail us, but God--never!!! The Bible teaches this truth cover to cover! We ignore it to our peril.

In the days ahead, this true word will bear out its truth to you, either in remorse or in rejoicing. Even if the most wicked man gets into power and begins to rampage, it won't really matter, for you will be standing firm on your Rock, which is God. He will defend you! He will come to your aid! He will make a way for you where there is no way! He will fight all the force of evil for your sake! But as for the multitudes that compromised and voted for the one who was more likely to win with their vote, that will cost them dearly! It may even cost them their souls and their place in heaven!

I have been listening at various times to the leading radio conservatives, some of the best of them already framing the question of whether it is a good idea to strain at McCain, for instance, and swallow an Obama. The question is a rhetorical one (not a real question demanding a real answer). Of course, they think and clearly say that Obama must be kept out of power at all costs, and even if most conservatives have a problem with Senator McCain, he is much the better option when compared with Senator Barak Hussain Obama. This way of putting it seems to be eminent sense--but it is hardly the spiritual way to look at it, and hardly the way God looks at such things. These conservatives are more than willing to compromise some cherished conservative beliefs of theirs in order to get McCain into the Oval Office and, thereby, keep Obama out. Sorry, this will never pass muster with the Lord! The end never justifies the means, we said before. One evil is not greater than another, in God's eyes. Choose the lesser evil to shut out the greater evil? That isn't the option for a Christian, not a true one, that is. When you have to compromise to vote for a certain candidate, you have damaged your conscience and integrity, and whatever you think you gain by that is actually lost. You have joined the crowd--who have done just that in voting for the opposing candidate! You have put yourself, not on the higher moral ground, but on the lower ground with them! Tragically, you will have to share the coming judgment and destruction coming to them by virtue of their evil choices.

I have just viewed the interview that Joni Lamb on Daystar gave to David Barton of Wallbuilders Ministry, which was excellent. But one thing is troubling that he said. When it was mentioned about Senator McCain's stem cell research support, David Barton acknowledged it, but said that Senator McCain had come out in statements that he would take a different view, and would not be a supporter. Though he is of the elect, David Barton right there crossed over the line, forgetting his own declared principle, of going by the track records (which he repeated was his principle on Joni's interview with him) of the candidates, not by what they say in their campaigns in order to win votes. David Barton showed he would overlook the track record of Sen. McCain and trust his campaign statement to concerned conservatives and evangelicals who know about Sen. McCain's support in Congress of stem cell research. David Barton showed by this he would trust Sen. McCain's statement rather than his proven track record, believing Sen. McCain would abide by his promise. Moreover, I do not buy his statement about people demanding perfection in candidates, which is unrealistic in his view. According to him, they are violating the "principle of instrumentalism."

Ahem, David Barton! I have respected and valued all your previous contributions to the cause of religious freedom and the Christian foundations of our country, government, and society. But I have to take issue with you on this vital point. Where in the Bible, where in scripture, and where in recorded history (secular and Biblical) is this principle you cite so passionately, found and vindicated? You want us Christians to overlook flaws and a proven track record on stem cell research in order to get a man in to do some good you presume he will do according to his promises made in the heat of a presidential campaign? To do otherwise is "violating the principle of instrumentalism"? Baloney, sir! God calls us to holiness, without a loophole or a disclaimer or a waive or a lay-away or a rainy day check. We must live holy, and vote holy, at all times, not making an exception on November 4, or when it is we vote in this election. Just the spirit of this so-called principle (which is just a reworking of the communist mantra, "the end justifies the means") stinks. The Spirit of God is not in this principle of yours, Mr. Barton. I am sorry you have begun promoting this to the Christian community. I will be praying for you, that some peer of yours will speak to you, to remind you of certain things you need to consider regarding God's holiness, his absolute demand for absolute truth, and his standard that can never be compromised justifiably and be called Christian.

Going back to a previous point of issue with David Barton and the McCain candidacy: How can David Barton do such a thing as to trust McCain's campaign promise over his recorded voting record? That promise is just a word of a fallible man, not a record of his deeds that you can point to as solid fact showing conclusvely were the man stands on this issue. We cannot trust the shifting stands and crowd-pleasing words of any of these professional politicians, as we know full well from the past performances of politicians that once they are in office they act just the opposite as they have promised. But David Barton showed he too can compromise and make exceptions, as he did in this most important case, and trust McCain's slippery word (given in a heated, political, presidential campaign to a group of potential but suspicious McCain voters) over his track record in the Senate. Sorry, I do not trust men in these positions, and I certainly do not trust myself to politicians and what they promise. I chose to go by their records in Congress, exclusively. I cannot, for this one or that one, make exceptions. Therefore, I cannot violate my principle of record over verbal promise, though David Barton, sadly, can do that and actually is influencing millions of conservatives and evangelicals (via the Joni program and Daystar) to do as he is doing in regard to McCain's record of stem cell research. This is a most sad fact, and the following is proof that you cannot trust men and believe their speeches and promises over their actions in the past. As related by her son (who later sat in church singing hymns while hearing the screaming from the jam-packed cattle cars as they rolled by on the tracks outside the church window hauling Jews to the Nazi death camps), a certain evangelical lady, after voting for a man who (despite his sorry record of promoting civil anarchy, violence and hatred against Jews and other minorities, and ruthless leadership of his fanatical followers to achieve his ends by all means) had promised he would be the German Messiah and restore Germany's lost glory and preeminence in Europe, later met a friend in a public place, and she whispered, "Do you think we voted for the Anti-Christ?" Winston Churchill had warned years before that Hitler was a "monster of wickedness," but she and millions others like her plugged her ears, ignored the warnings of the Bible and Hitler's track record before he took supreme power in Germany, and paid the terrible consequences later on.

By then, when she realized Hitler was a monster of wickedness, but it was too late to turn back! She (and millions of evangelical Christians like her, the elect of German churches) had given in to a spirit of strong delusion, and would ultimately lose everything after compromising her conscience as a Christian. This is the same test for us today, at this very hour. Fellow Americans! Come to your senses! We must return to the Bible and the righteousness of the Word of God, without which we will have no nation worth saving. It is our opportunity. Either we trust God, and vote accordingly, or trust men, and compromise our consciences just to get a certain candidate into the Oval Office. We are in the awesome Valley of Decision, balanced for the moment in the scale so divine justice. What will we do? What will we decide? Stand with Shadrach, Meshech, and Abednego, and later Joshua, or with that terrified, conscience-stricken German lady back in the days of Nazi Germany? It is our choice now! No where in the Bible does it advise us to trust men with our cherished beliefs, or compromise our conscience for the sake of a securing a political office for a man of our choosing. What is it going to be?

What color are YOU?

Uniform colors of Nazi SS troops in the Death Camps: green. Color of pagan earth worshipers: green. Sacred Color of Islam: green. Environmental/ecology radical and eco-terrorist groups' color of choice that defines their movements: green. Yes, peas are green, and so is grass (but God made those, he did not make Islam, the SS, Earth Worship, and the Green Party!

Blue is the color of heaven. Blue is the color of truth [old expression: "He is true blue."] Blue is the color of healing [as in Blue Cross].

If we cannot discern, by heeding the Word of God, the Spirit of Error from the Spirit of Truth, then we will be seduced by the strong delusion of this time, deceived, by the Spirit of Error sweeping the land, and then be swept away in turn by destruction and everlasting disgrace. We will have gotten what we chose, for the Spirit of Error has no power over us as Christians, followers and disciples of Jesus, unless we give it that power by choice.

I John 4: 1-6:

Beloved, do not believe every spirit,

but test the spirits, whether they are of God;

because many false prophets have gone into the world.

By this you know the Spirit of God:

every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has

come in the flesh is of God.

And every spirit that does nto confess

that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh,

is not of God.

And this is the spirit of the Antichrist,

which you have heard was coming,

and is now already in the world.

You are of God, little children, and have overcome

them, because He who is in you is greater

than he who is in the world.

They are of the world.

Therefore they speak as of the world,

and the world hears them.

We are of God. He who knows God hears us;

he who is not of God does not hear us.

By this we know the spirit of truth

and the spirit of error.

As the Apostle John wrote, the spirit of antichrist went forth already at his time, and other antichrist spirits would follow. One that followed was Islam, which is the creation of an antichrist spirit, not the Spirit of God. Here is the inscription in the Dome of the Rock, a Muslim shrine that sits on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The kuffic-script rings the inside of the highly decorated dome. The outer dome is covered with gold. Inside the dome, all is this colored tile, and the writing is in the tile, to last for centuries. It says: "ALLAH (GOD) HAS NO SON!"

This statement means that there is no Jesus Christ, the Son of God, though taken at face value, it is true, since there is no Allah God, and a non-entity, a mere idol, could beget no son. But the main purpose of the statement is to defy and disavow the truth of the Gospel and the Divine Sonship of Jesus Christ, whom the Bible testifies is the Only Begotten Son of God. There is no other reason for it being there in the dome--denying the divine Sonship of Jesus Christ, all done in the name of monotheism (which Islam is not a true expression, as Allah was one of many moon-gods in Middle Eastern polytheistic religions in Arabia that Mohammed chose to supplant all the others as the supreme and only God). It is amazing how misconceptions about the Oneness of God continue for centuries, once people cover the truth and the people are led by false teachers into greater and greater darkness of rank idolatry masquerading as true religion. This is Satan's delight, to lead human souls so far astray, by manipulating the Oneness of God to deny the Trinity and also the Sonship of Christ! But he really overstepped himself when he created Islam (which is essentially a non-trinitarian, false monotheism) on this basis! How? This tenet of Allah's mononality or oneness, rejecting the Trinity and the Sonship of Christ, gets Islam in the most serious trouble of self-contradiction! For Islam can be disproven by one thing (forget all the other thousands of errors in its theology, this one alone is sufficient to do the job).

Reported on the Ankerberg show by two former Muslims who as Turkish youth became convinced Islam was fundamentally flawed and courageously converted to Y'shua, Muslims are taught that Jesus is a prophet of Islam, but only a prophet, and a lesser one of course than Muhammed. Well, as we all know, Arabs and Jews and Christians, Jesus (called Issa in Islam) was tried for sedition and blasphemy by the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem in 33 A.D., then tried by Pilate, found innocent of the charges initially, but then condemned by Pilate for expediency's sake and for keeping his job as Roman procurator in Judaea (a lesser post under the Governor of Syria that included the sub-province of Judaea).

As Mr. Ankerberg's former Muslim guests were asked initially by their pastor, what was Jesus's blasphemy specifically? They had to answer to their pastor at the time that it was CLAIMING TO BE GOD. Now the pastor of these two Muslim youth (where they were visiting to inquire about the Christian faith) challenged them: how could they as Muslims then have a legitimate prophet called Issa (or Jesus) who had claimed before a Jewish court and Roman procurator to be God, since only Allah was their God, and of course Allah had no son! That was, the Muslim brothers realized, unanswerable. Islam, which contained a single great flaw as this one had to be, was fundamentally unsound: Islam was, in other words, FALSE!

That settled it for them, they converted to Christianity!

You can see this Ankerberg show yourself to watch this segment about the conversion of the two Turklish Muslim brothers to Christ by going to the Ankerberg website.

Closeup of Kuffic inscription:

Discouraged? Got so many problems you can't seem to get your head above water? Wonder if you made a mistake believing in Jesus? Was Jesus a failure, as many apostate pastors and the cults are claiming today? He died most wretchedly and shamefully on the Cross, charged and sentenced to death by court and judge, did he not? Wasn't that the end of it--no more chance of salvation through him, with the reestablished, glorious Kingdom of Israel as in the glory days of Solomon? Well, here is GOOD NEWS FOR YOU AND ME! The Resurrection of Jesus changed everything, as this disciple at Emmaus found out the moment the stranger revealed himself to the discouraged, defeated disciple as the risen Lord Jesus Christ!

Jesus is the true and greatest Morning Glory. He, like the flowers of the vine that open while it is still dark just before sunrise, rose in Resurrection glory from the dark grave just before sunrise!

"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly!"--Quote Sent to my mother, author unknown


Jesus Christ first, and all the rest will fall into line.

We hold to the truths expressed in the Nicaean Creed in its entirety! Read it. Believe it. It expresses the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ, and was recognized and approved by the early church council at Nicaea, as the everlasting testimony and proclamation of the Church that the Lord Jesus, the Head of the Church, founded.

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