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"For the word of the Lord is right, and all His work is done in truth."--Ps. 33:4

I Peter 4:8: "But the end of all things is at hand; therefore, be serious and watchful in your prayers."


"The Book of Books" is really a portable library of 66 books that the Holy Spirit gathered into one supreme Book--surely a proof of divine inspiration, since no other book has been compiled in this way and it still can make any sense at all. Added to that, it was written over thousands of years, by many different writers of all sorts of trades, official position high and low, and true prophets. No man designed it or compiled it. It was not created by a committee. A canon or authoritative agreement that listed the divinely inspired books we have in the Bible was a truly godly consensus of prayerful, Biblically-minded scholars and clergy, but they were not the Bible's creators, they were not the authors, they merely acknowledged what God's Spirit made plain to them as to what He wanted the Bible to consist of, book by book, until the entire canon was complete. There will be no additions. Complete is complete! The Apocryphal books are just that--additional, uninspired books, though some are religious and full of fanciful "miracles". They simply, plainly do not evidence the Holy Spirit's inspiration as the Bible books do. Again, who were the divinely inspired men who penned them? Most authors were Jewish, but not all--Job, for example, was probably an Edomite. The Book of Ruth concerns a heathen Moabitess, who left paganism and believed in the God of Israel and married into the line of Christ. Kings, sycamore tree orchardmen, a physician, a priest, a Persian court official of Jewish blood, a runaway murderer, a poet, a tax collector for the Romans in Judaea, a fisherman from Galilee, a Jewish queen of Persia written probably about by her distinguished Uncle Mordecai...and what do all these 66 books concern themselves about?--a carpenter from a dirty, disreputable town called Nazareth and who was born in Bethlehem, a tiny, one gas-pump town six miles from Jerusalem! This is the Book of Books, written for the sake of the Carpenter who turned the world upside down! Only God could have brought it into existence. It is the marvel of the ages, a treasure worth more than the whole world's wealth and property.

WORLD'S GREATEST BOOK CAN BE UNDERSTOOD IF GIVEN A CHANCE: Beyond question, the greatest book in the world is the Bible, and the greatest Book is about the greatest Person, Jesus Christ (Yeshua the Anointed).

The Books of the Bible

This VHS presentation by Charleton Heston, shot on location in the Holy Land, not only reviews the history of the Bible translations, but gives us Heston's own dramatic reciting of the Gospel's scriptures of the Passion of Christ. Every character involved--Herod, Judas, the chief priests, Pilate, Thomas and the disciples-- comes to life in his tremendously powerful narration straight from the Bible. It is an Agamemnon Films Production. You can probably access it through, or by going to Agamemnon Films on the internet.

A Gentle Reminder about who is NOT our provider:

The Obama Million Dollar Note is really worth nothing, nada, zilch, since it cannot say, "In God We Trust," but may cost you your soul if you sell out to Big Government rather than trust God for your provision. "The Lord [not Obama) is my Shepherd, I shall not want (lack)"--Psalm 23



I am my neighbor's Bible,

He reads me when we meet;

Today he reads me in my home.

Tomorrow in the street.

He may be relative or friend,

He may be strange to me;

He may not even know my name,

Yet, he is reading ME.

"The Forbidden Book," Exploration Films

"Pottery and Papyrus," A Look at the Dead Sea Scrolls and particularly the "Great Isaiah Scroll", by Karen Speerstra, ALCW Scope, 1977

"Essene Scrolls Center

"The Holy Land Experience," Orlando, Florida

There exist what we call "Bible Lands." The Holy Land is Israel, but the Bible lands comprises Egypt, Greece, and particularly Turkey (Asia Minor), as these figure prominantly in the New Testament and the Early Church. The Christian faith was first solidly established in Asia Minor, chiefly by the Apostle Paul. For Asia Minor's atlas and photographs from a tour of ours and Paul's epic missionary journey maps, go to:

"Atlas and Pivotal Role of Asia Minor in the Christian Faith and Early Church

The Bible scriptures can be found on these little "BITE SIZE" scrolls, and they can be "spooned" out with a tiny wooden paddle, one a day. What a delightful gift for someone dear, or get one for yourself and others for family and friends! Your Christian bookstore ought to have it, or they can order it.

Ever wonder what the Biblical power button is as to how you can get your prayers answered, and be assured even while you are praying that God will hear and answer you? We all want answers to prayers, right? There is a plain and simple way that the Bible teaches us. It is the only way God has provided, so that we need try no other way. First see the Twenty Seven Promises or Assurances in Scripture, and then go to the catalytic or enabling or empowering scripture after the 27th verse:

Twenty-Seven Scriptures to Assure You That Your Prayers Are Answered

"You've Got the Time" Audio NEW TESTAMENT (NIV Version) on MP3 Discs is available free from:

"Faith Comes By Hearing" (Enter Promo Code YGTT8)

Bible Treasures

"Bible Atlas & Map Center"

B.I.B.L.E.--"Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth"--Acronym by Pastor John Hagee, Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, Texas. It is hard to come up with anything better, right? Maybe you can. Put your Thinking Cap on. Try it! Then let me know in a year if you came up with something that can top his!

Try and get to heaven without it! If neglect the Basic Instruction Book of Salvation and Christian faith, what are you flying there on anyway? If you are planning to make it on your own steam, you'll run out, and won't make it. Don't count on "cheap grace" either, which allows you to live anyway you please. The Bible doesn't support that, and grace is not cheap by any means, though it is absolutely free and cannot be earned. Your initial decision for Christ could get you there by the skin of your teeth--but chances are you will be picked off by Satan long before your end. That's his job, picking the weak ones off the road to heaven, and he is good at his job. He knows that a Bibleless Christian is a push-over, and can't resist or detect his maneuvers when he comes to take you over. So get the basic manual and dig into it and stay there, digging in it every day for what you need to keep on the right track. There is no other book that can help you reach heaven safely, if you neglect the Bible.


What if you found or fell into a state where you couldn't speak, or for some reason could not be heard by anyone you needed to get a message to? What then? What if you had no pencil or paper or couldn't use an email? Sign language, which should be taught to everyone in public schools early on for just such emergencies (let the silly genderism, multiculturalism, diversity, and amoral gay agenda propaganda go, and teach things that really will be of use to students for a change!), can also be used to transmit and preach the Gospel, and here is a little sample of sign language with a timeless message:

The Timeline on How We Got the English Language Bible:

Great Site

Welcome to the Emmaus Walk!

"Welcome to the Emmaus Walk, or How to Walk out of Darkness and Deception Into the Light!", by Ronald Ginther, Founder of the Emmaus Walk

Ronald Ginther's "About Me" info is available here:

"About Me," by Ronald Ginther

"CONGRESS DECLARES BIBLE THE WORD OF GOD," Public Law 97-280, October 4, 1982, Statute 1211, Approved October 4, 1982


After some years of being editor of this Bible school site, I see the collapse of freedoms in America come in Congress's ramrodded, unconstutional passage of an unconstitutional takeover of the American health care system through socialized government health care, and I could despair, but I know that when it seems there is no hope, and it is most dark, even then God is working his purposes. Just as it seemed hopeless to Cleopas and another disciple walking the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus many years ago, thinking all was lost because Jesus had been nailed and crucified and slain on a Roman cross, all was not lost! Hope was reborn, in the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead, and still they had missed it, and hadn't believed it had happened. So then what did God do? The Lord met these two despairing disciples of his (not even among the eleven surviving Apostles, apparently, but nevertheless believing followers, and spent hours with them, walking the road to Emmaus, where he was invited to partake of dinner with them. When they were conversing, and he finished telling them in review from the scriptures how it was necessary for the Messiah to suffer all the things Jesus had suffered on the Cross for the sake of sinful people, it says in the scriptures that immediately their eyes were opened, and they recognized the stranger, the unknown gentleman who accompanied them on the road to that house in Emmaus, who evidently knew the scriptures better than any man they had known except Jesus--except Jesus!

The Resurrected Jesus was sitting with them, dining with them, opening the Messianic scriptures to them, showing them verse by verse how the Messiah had fulfilled them in all he had suffered and endured--you can imagine how dark, crushing despair of these two beaten men was transformed to joy and triumph and rejoicing! Jesus then vanished from sight, but it did not matter--they had seen him in the flesh, and with their own eyes, and knew with absolute certainly that the Lord Jesus was risen indeed!

This Easter, reflect a moment with me, that the Lord is risen indeed, though the day may be as dark as it can be in this sinsick, oppressed, satan- perverted world. Compared to now, when the forces of tyranny have achieved a crushing victory over the freedoms and Constitution of America, was it any any less dark when Christ died on the Cross? On the contrary, it was a darker day then--as Satan seemed to have achieved his objective, the slaying of the Son of God, the Promised Messiah of the Jews. But that victory proved hollow, within mere hours. Three days after Satan and his cohorts celebrated like they are doing right now in Washington, they were howling with utter dismay and pain--Jesus rose from the dead! The dead Messiah ceased to be dead and rose triumphantly alive from the grave, holding the keys of death and hell yanked from the hand of Satan that he had used to terrorize and cow mankind into being his slaves since the time of Adam and Eve.

A New Day unlike any other dawned on earth, the morning of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. That New Day has ever set. We live in that New Day even now, and it shall never, never end. We can rejoice even while we hear the raucous, drunken victory cries of the godless, devilish elites in Washington, D.C. The President has proclaimed to the World that America is not a Christian nation anymore, which is to say that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is no longer America's God! That is a total lie of the Devil. America will cease to exist if that ever is the case, for America would not exist without God, and would never have come into being except for our glorious God. These shameless, proud, wicked men and women in power think they have triumphed forever over God's laws determining right and wrong, over the Constitution, over a free America, over the sanctity of human life, over morality, over God himself and all He stands for--even over Christ, God's holy, innocent Son who came and died for them, paying the penalty for all their sins once and for all. What a hollow victory they are celebrating with champagne! Soon their gloating and partying will turn to woe and shame and disgrace and ruin. They will need God's Gospel of Grace and God's forgiveness all the more then, when they finally wake up to their true plight, sinners in the hands of a holy God.

So we can STILL rejoice. God wasn't surprised by any of this, He was always in heaven and on his throne, and he has already provided the means to come through this dark time: Christ. Christ is our Means through it. He is the Victor, who triumphed on the Cross and in the Resurrection over all possible foes, Satan, human, and sin and death. We can still rejoice in Christ. No tyrant, no oppressive government, no loss of freedom or livelihood, can take our joy, unless we willingly let them take it. I choose to rejoice in Christ my Savior and Lord! He is over all this darkness, and is the Answer to it. He is my Way through it as well. Even so, Come quickly, Lord Jesus! That is our Greater Hope, His Soon Coming! We know that this darkness will not keep its hold forever--not even for a long time. Soon Christ is coming for His children! Soon! So don't despair like Cleopas and his friend on the road to Emmaus. Christ took the time to intercept them on the road, and then ministered to them the living Word, the Messianic scriptures, to them the whole rest of the way. He will do the same now on this dark, despair road running from Washington and into every town and city in America, a road of despair, sin, defeat, and doom. But with Christ on it, it turns for us who love God into a road of victory and rejoicing, does it not? We can even dance on it! We can praise Him on it! I choose to rejoice on this road, not despair because of the events in Washington. Washington is not my Celestial City, heaven's New Jerusalem is, and that City of God is shining in the distance. I can see it by faith, and by believing the unfailing Word of God which describes it to me. That is the City I am walking toward, not Washington, D.C, the city of defeat, doom, and tyranny. Walking up to the New Jerusalem! How wonderful this hope is, and it is more real than anything I now see, for all things I see will soon pass away, whereas the New Jerusalem, unlike heaven itself, will never pass away, it is built by Christ and will last forever and ever, without end. "Heaven and earth will pass away, the Lord says, "but My Word will not pass away." And with His Word, the New Jerusalem, prepared by Christ for his saints to reside in forever, will never pass away. There we shall enjoy endless delights from His hand, and endless fellowship with Christ our Savior and Lord and Redeemer!

Now isn't that enough to pick your spirits up a bit, friend? Get your eyes on Jesus, focus on Him, look forward to His Rapture and the Second Coming, catch a gleam of the New Jerusalem being built in heaven for you, and rejoice with me as we tread the road together, singing praises to our God. WE SHALL OVECOME! CHRIST OUR OVERCOMER IS WITH US, GOING BEFORE US, GOING BEHIND US, GOING ALONGSIDE US, GOING IN US! How can we not triumph over all our enemies!

It does not matter what they try to do in Washington, there is no hope for America whatsoever without the Bible and a turning back to biblical principles and a repentent, true reverence toward God. Go to Charles Stanley's messages, "America's Future," offered on his website:

Charles Stanley's "America's Future"

"The Ten Commandments," How We Have Broken Them All in America and Warrant God's Judgment Upon Us and our Nation, by Ronald Ginther

The foolish nation that dares to ban and repudiate the Ten Commandments is itself banned by and repudiated by God and his sacred laws. How dare this nation ban and repudiate the Ten Commandments in its schools and courts and other public places! We are all paying a terrible price in castastrophic increases in crime, teen pregnancy, immorality, spousal abuse, child abuse, abortion, perversity, drug use, and now in declines in our economy and the losses of jobs by millions. Lift that odious, blasphemous ban, America! Lift it, Supreme Court! Don't delay either! Our future depends on it, if we are to have a future, that is. God cannot relent from judgment and bless us again as long as we abolish and repudiate the Ten Commandments and the whole counsel of God. If he did otherwise, he would be a liar and the Bible a gigantic hoax. But we know it is true, and He is the One True God over the whole earth, including this proud, wayward, immoral America we got after we threw away the Ten Commandments in the Sixties. A pox on the Sixties, anyway. Those years were the beginning of the end for America. We have not recovered, we are tottering toward total collapse.

Ten Required Subject Courses (plus six elective courses) are now on-line. Questions are being appended to those subjects and courses, so please return for them.

Required Subjects:

1. Christian Education

2. Prayer

3. Holy Spirit

4. Biblical Science

5. Foundational Principles

6. Witnessing (includes Apologetics) and Discipleship

7. Types of Christ (OT)

8. Bible Covenants/Israel/Bible Atlas

9. Christian Hope and Character

10. The Prophetic Calling

Electives (this is a partial list):

1. and 2. Christology (based on Christology book offered on this page)

3. Intro. to Hebrew (Zola Levitt book, information how to order it offered on this page)

3. Intro. to Greek

4. "Messianic Prophecy" Course by Zola Levitt (information on it and how to order it on this page)

5. History of the Cradle of Judaism and Christianity, the Middle East, as well as the history of Islam and some of the other anti-Christ cults and atheistic philosophies and environment, secularist, and animal activist movements (including the Evolutionist theory of Darwinism) affecting Christianity significantly.

"Course Articles Center"


"Requirements for Certificate"

The Emmaus Walk Certificate of Excellence

Zola Levitt Ministries offers 12 courses in the Institute of Jewish-Christian Studies. These courses are all excellent, since Zola Levitt was no small authority on the Bible and Jewish studies (and he enlisted a number of experts and authorities in Bible scholarship as well), so you may want to do most of them, or all, but the course, "Messianic Prophecy," is one in particular that you might want to do in order to satisfy an elective requirement in the Emmaus Walk. ZLM will charge you $49 for this one course, or something close to that amount. You can find out about this Institute by going to ZLM:

Zola Levitt Ministries, and The Institute for Jewish-Christian Studies


Daily Audio Bible with Brian

Daily Bible-Reading Guide for a Year

A Reading Through the Bible guide is also available at the back of "Light For My Path," Illuminating Selections from the Bible, by Humble Creek Press. See the details below on this page.

Some Bible Resources:

"The Bible, The Whole Story," is now on DVD. "Seven major doctrines of Scripture are explained in Zola's clear and informative style. The Bible is covered from Genesis to Revelation. A useful teaching tool for beginner and expert alike."--from the "New and Updated from ZLM" catalog list. In this book Zola Levitt teaches about the Abrahamic Covenant, The Law, Prophecy, The Messiah--Why Jesus of Nazareth?, Grace--the Gift of Absolute Forgiveness, The Church, and the Kingdom (the future thousand-year reign of Christ on Earth). Please contact Zola Levitt Ministries for this DVD. It is #DBWS, $39, for 2 DVDs.

The "Grafted In Decal" is available from TBN for any lovegift. Please specify it when you send it.

For one elective credit for the Emmaus Walk:

"Bible Resources Center"

"Messianic Christology" is a "must-read" for all Bible students. It will give you information you won't find most everywhere else--and from a Jewish perspective too, which can open windows of insight and illumination that Gentile sources have no access to, unless by quoting Jewish sources.

Read and do a review of this absolutely terrific book, and you have your Christology requirement for the Emmaus Walk degree certificate half taken care of. I cannot draw from it here, as it is copyrighted, but the material is excellent, and the appendices are also wonderful, every word of them, so don't stop reading when you come to them!--Founder of Emmaus Walk

Another Bible resource:

Crosswalk Bible Website

We highly recommend this on-line bookstore for Christians, the Faith and Freedom Bookstore. Categories of its offerings are: Bibles, Books, Children's Music, David Barton (American heritage) books, Audio Books, DVDs, Christian Bestsellers, Christian Parenting, Christian Business and Leadership, Magazine Subscriptions:

"Faith and Freedom Site/Bookstore"


"Forgotten Refugees," DVD giving the liberal media-suppressed story of the million Jews, robbed and expelled without any their possessions from all the Muslim Arab nations in the 20th century:

"Jacob's Dozen," the story of the Israelite Tribes born of the sons of Jacob, their destinies prophesied in the "Blessings of Jacob":

Check out the Magazine, ISRAEL MY GLORY's book lists that they feature, for I am getting two most exciting books, both for a total of less than $25, including shipping and handling! I will feature these books here as soon as they arrive.

Ron Hembree writes about Jake DeShazer, a bombadier on the famed Doolittle bomber raid on Tokyo, who was soon after captured in China by the Japanese and interred and tortured in a prison until the end of the war, and Mitsuo Fuchida, the commander of the Pearl Harbor squadrons that attacked and destroyed the mighty battleships in Pearl Harbor, igniting total, all-out war with America. Miraculously, Jake was handed a Bible and was saved in the hellhole of prison, and came to love his torturers for Christ. A few years later, after returning to the U.S. and going to seminary and marrying a lovely Christian girl, he returned to Japan with the Gospel! He loved the Japanese, he no longer hated them with a passion for revenge. One of those who read his testimony he handed out in Shibuya station in Tokyo one day was the air commander of the Pearl Harbor attack, Mitsuo Commander, the greatest war hero of Japan, and he gave his heart to Christ. Both men were transformed, from men who hated each other to men of real love for one another. Both former arch-enemies became evangelists to the Japanese people, and they began sharing meetings across Japan's islands and thus becoming the instruments for God to use to turn thousands of people to Christ the Savior.

To obtain this thrilling account of history that the textbooks of the public schools rigorously suppress, go to Ron Hembree's webstites:

"The Stream TV"

Missions TV

I obtained my copy through the Rex Humbard Ministry, P.O. Box 3063, Boca Raton, FL 33431. Tel: (561)-732-0201. It is only 74 pages, an easy read, but is unforgettable. It is also illustrated with photos of DeShazer, Fuchida, and Japanese aerial photos of Pearl Harbor as the attack begins. It concludes with the spiritual diagnosis of the Japanese people at the present time, updating the story to our own time. For that reason, this book has something vital to say about evangelism and the Gospel, and how the disillusioned, spiritually bankrupted, materialism- driven Japanese people, who lost faith in their Shinto gods and their "god" the emperor due to Japan's defeat and surrender in World War II, can best be reached with the message of hope in Christ.

On a Previous Home Page we formerly featured the DVD depicting the reconciliation of Fuchida and DeShazer, which can be accessed no doubt at

I don't need to remain ignorant all my life about the main features of the Bible, not when there are such wonderful resources as this available for a reasonable price. I have just received this book. There is also a poster picture you can order of the tabernacle that is suitable to be framed. I am excited to read this book and learn much about the tabernacle, which is really a figure or foreshadowing of Christ on the Cross and his work of substitution and sacrifice for our sins. Why do you think God was so detailed in his instructions to Moses and the artisans? It was because this tabernacle portended Christ in every aspect of his divinity and humanity and his work of salvation. It is the picture of God's master plan of redemption! That is why God gave complete instructions for its construction, down to the smallest detail, and when completed it was no doubt the most perfect and most holy building on earth, absolutely unique and wholly devoted to the One True God! No wonder that those who showed contempt for God and His laws, as even the sons of Aaran did when they brought unsanctified fire into the sanctuary, were struck dead by God himself. Anyone who as much as spoke against the Tabernacle in the general congregation among the tents of Israel was given the death penalty. This was Christ Himself prefigured, and all that Christ won for us sinners on the Cross. Without the blood covering their capital sins within the sanctuary, Abihu and Nadab the sons of Aaron were exposed to the fierce anger and judgment of of a just God, and thus died on the spot. That is the case for all sinners not covered by the blood of Christ who come into his presence. But thanks be to God, who provided Jesus, whose blood covers our sins, or we would suffer the same fate when we stand before Jesus at the Judgment.

David M. Levy's, "The Tabernacle: Shadows of the Messiah," is available for only $14.95. The poster's price is $4 and measures 18 inches by 30 inches and is printed on heavy stock suitable for framing. Wonderfully illustrated and authentic in every detail, showing even the Shekinah Glory blazing out of the Holy of Holies through the Tabernacle roof. Go to Friends of Israel website, or write to: The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, P.O. Box 908, Bellmawr, NJ 08099.

I am finding THE TABERNACLE a most wonderful book for devotions and meditation. Though it covers every feature of the Tabernacle, it does not contain too much detail or scholarly description and historical material, so that you are lost in the details, but rather the details point you to Christ, and you cannot help but be led in the Spirit to get down on your knees to worship God.

The chapter about the Veil of the Tabernacle and Temple is especially beautiful and meaningful. I learned new things about the Veil, which I am sure you will benefit from too. For that reason I plan to excerpt this section, so that you will be sure to get a taste of this book, if you weren't inspired enough by my previous words to look into it. You need to! It is a rare experience, and will reward you beyond anything I can say about it.

From the book, "The Veil" excerpt. Please go to:

"The Veil," an Excerpt from THE TABERNACLE by David M. Levy

For the excerpt of "Islam and Terrorism":

"Quran Presents False Christianity," An Excerpt of "Islam and Terrorism" by Mark A. Gabriel, PhD and Former Iman

"The Joseph Company," from "Revival on Broadway," by David Wilkerson, Pastor of Times Square Church, New York City

"Book Reviews Center"

BIBLE PICTURES OF ITSELF is a wonderful thing, is it not? The Bible describes itself as LIGHT, FIRE, SEED, BREAD, MILK, HONEY, MEAT, GOLD, SWORD and HAMMER. If you had those things in the natural, you wouldn't need much else, right? Think what it would mean in the spiritual! You can order this tract from: Faith, Prayer, and Tract League, Grand Rapids, MI 49504, Bible Book Mark No. 162 ($1.80 per doz., $11 per 100).

Click on Healing Channel or for the "The Story of Jesus" booklet

Missions Center:

"Missions Center"

Testimonies of Martyrs Center:

"Testimonies of Martyrs Center"


Now in America there has arisen a beast of government that this nation has never before witnessed: a merged Congress and White House executive branch, that has acted as one in defying the expressed will of the American people to pass the so-called Health Care Reform bill. This bill effectively takes over the private Health Care sector of the U.S. economy, and we have socialized medicine, but there is more, crushing taxes and punitive laws. Private insurance companies will be fored out of business, and small companies will be force out too from every line of business due to the exactions and taxes and red tape imposed by the government. Individuals who work for a living and produce wealth, will be taxed greatly, and wealth will flee the country to safe havens abroad wherever they can be found. The middle income people will be left to bear the brunt of the crushing taxes levied to pay for this socialized health care system administered by government. What makes the taxes all the more onerous is that soon the present White House and Congress mafioso-government will pass universal amnesty to all illegals, thereby adding 12-15 million illegals from Mexico to the rolls of socialized health care, who have paid nothing into this country for its social services, but will now have socialized health care and also social security and other services for absolutely nothing except that some of them are taking jobs away from legal Americans who desperately need them.

The mafioso-government leaders are now rejoicing over their victory, that they finally succeeded in passing the bill despite the American people being solidly against it. They are proven tyrants and unconstitutional rulers, who have have forced this clearly unconstitutional system of socialized health care and its punitive laws and taxation down the throats of the protesting American people. Now if you do not sign up for this unconstitutional health care system, you will be struck with a punitive fine, and even a prison sentence! Abortion will be funded as well, so all Christians who hate the idea that their tax money has gone to fund the biggest abortion provider in the world, namely Planned Parenthood, will now under law be forced to pay even more than in the past. The Christians who value the sanctity of human life be damned! That is the attitude and response of the Democrats, the neo-fascisti that are the engine of the Obama tyranny.

This government is now operating beyond the laws sanctioned by the U.S. Constitution, and doing it knowingly, consciously, and defiantly. They have the U.S. armed forces and most of the courts on their side, so they think that nothing can stop them, no matter how much of the private sector they destroy and take over, no matter how many constitutionally protected freedoms and liberties they trample upon, no matter how many undeserving, illegals they reward with social services, no matter how many hard working, honest Americans they impoverish and tax to death for the sake of getting votes from illegals and a mass of social parasites in various minorities they use to vote every election to keep them in power indefinitely with endless handouts.

All this is true of the cold-blooded, Machiavellian tyrants in government, who have subverted and manipulated our election system and the Democrat Party and the liberal media and seized governmental and judicial and even educational and economic control of America, by using great wealth of foreign donors who care nothing for the free enterprise system and care nothing for our freedoms and Constitution, and gave their hundreds of millions to Obama's presidential bid coffers in order to use him to destroy a free America and turn it into a socialist state ruled by a police state elite.

What hope is there left now for a free America and all who love her? Only in God is there hope for us! Almighty God still is unconquered by them, though everything else seems to be under their nailed boot. The Obama-ite government is rejoicing with campaign, with all its devils, in Washington at this moment this is written, but the Lord God looks down from heaven, and laughs at them with derision. Their schemes and plots are utter failures, since they fly in the face of Almighty God, who can crumple them up in his hand in a second, the moment he so chooses! As the psalmist writes, their days are numbered. They will continue only so far, and then destruction comes from the hand of God. God will allow their destruction if they will not repent and change their ways. They may appear to be eluding all men's justice now, but they cannot elude the Supreme Judge of the Universe. They are taken in his net, weighed, and found wanting. Watch in the coming days and weeks their certain end unfold, just as the end unfolded for one of their chief men, Senator Edward Kennedy. Their end is certain and coming soon. Where is this proud, arrogant, lustful, rich man now? What is he crowing about now? I don't believe he is in a good place at all, after the sins and crimes of his career, applauded to the very end by his cronies in the Democrat Party. Test my theory. Would you want to exchange places with Senator Edward Kennedy? For a moment only? Hardly for a moment, right? I know I am right. He can't possibly be in holy heaven, he is in its opposite, the place called Hell, awaiting the Great White Throne judgment, where he will be sentenced to the Lake of Fire and cast in their forever to suffer for his unforgiven, unrepented sins and crimes, one of which was fleeing from the Kopechne girl caught in his submerged car run off the road into a pond, whom he probably could have saved if he had informed the authorities of the accident, and not waited until the next day after hours and hours on the phone with his lawyers and attorneys.

God has heard our cries and seen our tears of repentance and intercession for the nation, and He is faithful. Maybe he will yet overturn this government and destroy the Democrat Party root and branch and all those who have used it to usurp the freedoms of America and subvert them in order to flood us with perversity, abortion (child killing), and immorality and lawlessness, and secularist defiance of God. God is not deaf! He hears the prayers and cries of his true children! He hears! He hears! The widows and orphans crying out to him, he will fly to defend from this godless, oppressive gang called the U.S. Government. The elderly, the sick and needy who are also crying out to him, he will defend. This odious, moblord-government and all who have made it a sickening, anti-constitutional tyranny, is not content with robbing the honest workers of their wages in unjust taxes and government sanctions against desperately needed oil drilling and development of America's rich resources and now the imposition of socialized health care and the amnesty for illegals, has grown enormously greedy and gone on to profiteering on the largest possible scale the universal extension of goverment-paid abortions, which is nothing but the most crass commercialized mass murder, the Nazi-like genocide of twenty more millions at the least of defenceless American infants in the womb (whose organs are even harvested and sold for huge profits!).

A valid question has to be: Is this the U.S. Government based on law, or is it Molech, the cruel, barbarous Ammonite god that was the engine of infanticide in the Ancient World returned to even greater power and prestige?

Will not the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Eternal Sovereign of justice and compassion see this and do something? You bet He will! Soon, in fact! It may come late as far as we feel, but it will come exactly on time, God's perfect time. The divine noose is already around the necks of such human devils as Nancy Pelosi, Barack "Barry" Obama, Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, and all their greedy, uxurious, power-mad ilk, large and small, and God holds the rope, ready to give it a yank. They will all swing in God's gallows, not collectively perhaps, but certainly individually, unless they individually repent of the great crimes they have committed against God's eternal laws and against even the Constitution and the historic, cherished freedoms of America.

"Father," the Lord prayed on the Cross for them, "forgive them, for they know not what they do!"

"America is a Christian Nation," a Rebuttal of the Presidential Goliath, Mr. Obama, by Ronald Ginther

Awakening America

"Darwinism and Its Children," by Ronald Ginther

Please check out "Return Offensive Leadership to the Church" by Dave Welch in Levitt Letter, May 2009. We also offer it here on this page, because it is possible many yet have not gone to the Zola Levitt website and signed for the free newsletter--which is probably worth more than any newspaper you can pick up, since it gives the news they won't give and are trying to hide from the American public so they can keep deceiving people and manipulating their minds.

"Return Offensive Leadership to the Church," by Dave Welch, Levitt Letter, May 2009

"Christian Activism Center"


What is the End-Time Destiny of the Jews and Israel? The media and the newspapers can't tell you, with any accuracy and lack of left-wing bias. Here it is, Scripturally!

"The End-Time Destiny of the Jews," by Rev. Christopher F. Squire

For intelligence gathering, this has to be a prime site, called the Debka File, emanating from Israel:

The Debka File

Replacement Theologians and anti-Semites, beware! If you are so foolish and brain-dead as to attack the Jews, you are sticking your finger in God's eye, of which the Jews are the apple!

"Friendship for Israel Center"

"Supernatural Hatred of Israel," by Hal Lindsey, Levitt Letter March 2009

"General Wingate, The Father of the Israeli Army," by Hochstein, Levitt Letter Excerpt, June 2009

Again, what is Israel's claim to the land founded on? Or, "Where Does Israel Get the Right to Claim Palestine?" by Wim Malgo:

"Where Does Israel Get the Right to Claim Palestine?" by Wim Malgo, Excerpt from News from Israel, February 2010


God dearly loves all Moslem people. HE SENT HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON JESUS CHRIST WHO DIED FOR THEM! GOD wants them to be saved. This is a Peace Card with "Peace" or "Shalom" in Hebrew and Arabic, sent to me from Bethlehem by a dear missionary friend years ago, who may be in glory today after years of intercession for the Jewish and Arab peoples she loved and to whom she preached the Gospel.

Jesus is the Prince of Peace. There can be no peace with God and peace with men for Moslems and anyone of any other religion without Jesus the Savior.

A pastor of a main Nazareth church, a valiant Christian and Arab champion with a mission to bring Christ to his brethren the Arab peoples, worked with the author and has this book, the True Koran (or Qur'an) (or Furqan, which we have in our Emmaus Walk possession) available:

"The True Furqan" at

Dr. Michael Gabriel has a portion of a chapter we will excerpt that will put to rest the notion that Islam and Christianity worship the same God. We hope to have it on-line soon.

World Net Daily, for Story of Sheik Masab Yousef's Believing in Jesus Christ

Anti-Semitism Center:

"Anti-Semitism of the Church Fathers"

Islam vs. the West Center:

"The Movie Fitna"

From Worldnetdaily, 1/21/09, reprinted as"Dutch Politician Accused of Inciting Hatred," in THE VINE AND BRANCHES, Spring 2009. "A Dutch politician who made a controversial film that warns Islam threatens Western civilization faces trial in the Netherlands for 'inciting hatred and discrimination.'

"The BBC reported a Dutch court ordered prosecutors to put Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders on trial for his 17-minute documentary, 'Fitna,' which means 'strife.' In the film Wilders likenedd the Quran to Adolf Hitler's manifestor 'Mein Kampf.'

"'Participation in the public debate has become a dangerous activity,' said Wilders. 'If you give your opinion, you risk being prosecuted. Who will stand up for our culture if I am silenced?' he asked.

"According to the JERUSALEM POST, 1/26/09, the Dutch public is divided on the court decision. Fifty per cent oppose the trial of the parliamentarian, while 43 per cent are in favor. The court decision has further increased Wilders' popularity. A new poll gives the Freedom Party 20 seats in Parliament, as against nine it currently holds."

"VINE AND BRANCHES Editor's Note: Similar hate-crime legislation that now exists in Canada and Europe is on the drawing boards of liberal politicians in Washington, DC. Its passage is only a matter of time since it has the support of the Obama administration and the radical leftwing House and Senate leadership. Such legislation would be more accurately identified were it labeled for what it is--an assault on Christianity and truth. Unless freedom-loving Americans stand up against this assault on the First Amendment, such trials will be a common occurence in the United States. The New World Order cannot arise until Bible-based Christianity, dissent and personal liberties are made subservient to 'the greater social good.'"

VINE AND BRANCHES has a video featured:

To obtain the video (donation of $20) go to:

"The Third Jihad," VINE AND BRANCHES

"The Erosion of Freedom," by Norbert Letts, Lutheran Digest, Fall, 1965


On PREVIOUS HOME PAGE 62, go view the warnings that the Lord Jesus gave Bishop Curtis "Earthquake" Kelley concerning the coming terrorist melt-down of America if we do not repent soon. You can find this featured on the Red Alert, though it could just as well be featured in this center.

"The Second Coming," by Billy Sunday

"The Second Coming," Part II, by Billy Sunday

"The Second Coming," by Billy Sunday (delivered shortly before World War II's cataclysm)

"Almighty God, we make our earnest prayer that Thou wilt keep the United States in Thy holy protection; that Thou wilt incline the hearts of the citizens to cultivate a spirit of subordination and obedience to government; and entertain a brotherly affection and love for one another and for their fellow citizens of the United States at large.

And finally that Thou wilt most graciously be pleased to dispose us all to do justice, to love mercy, and to demean ourselves with that charity, humility and pacific temper of mind which were the characteristics of the Divine Author of our blessed religion, and without a humble imitation of whose example in these things we can never hope to be a happy nation. Grant our supplication, we beseech Thee, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."





"Fixing Nation's Social Ills," by Cal Thomas, Nationally Renowned Conservative Columnist

Hey, you! Yes, you! You're scrolling down this page, and just passed the Prayer Section and Billy Graham's urgent call to you to pray, and have you prayed one minute today for anything God cares about? Why not? You are not a Christian if you will not pray. Christians pray! Prayer is the definition of a Christian. Prayerless Christians are just fooling themselves--they are going to be Devil's tools, not servants of the Lord. Prayer is the breath of a living Christian. Without prayer, you are not breathing, friend. You just look like you are alive.

"The Preaching Power of John Wesley," by Frederick E. Maser

Our Founding Fathers, if they had only been shown a vision of what our nation and its people would be like in 2010, would have thrown up their hands and said something like this: "Why should we sacrifice our lives, fortunes, and families, all we hold dear, for such a disastrous outcome? It is to no avail!" Wouldn't they have then allo packed up their papers and gone home and let the tyrant King George have his way with the American colonies? Surely they would have given up! How could anyone disagree with this if he knows what our Founding Fathers said, did, wrote, and were like? They were not quitters, in any way, but the present spiritual and moral condition of our people and this nation is so bad, so dismal, so revolting and repulsive, that there is no sane person on earth would would want to continue the present state of affairs as it is. We must change, now, or we shall surely perish, fellow Americans! We must fall to our knees, and on our faces before Almighty God, and repent and change our ways! Our Founders will be ashamed to acknowledge us as fellow Americans before the judgment of Christ. Now is the time, the moment, to turn back to God with sincere repentant hearts!

"Secession--Is it really Not an Option for Christians in America, or is Is Truly God's Call to American Christians Today?" by Ronald Ginther. Please return for this article when it comes on-line soon.

"Return Offensive Leadership to the Church

You might be interested to know that once the Supreme Court of the United States considered this a Christian nation, and One Nation Under God. "Our laws and our institutions must necessarily be based upon and embody the teachings of the Redeemer of mankind. It is impossible that it should be otherwise; and in this sense and to this extend our civilization and our institutions are emphatically Christian."--United States Supreme Court, 1892.

"And the Light Shineth in Darkness," Message to Americans, by Dr. Twilah Fox, Part I

Part II, Twilah Fox Message

"When God Departs--Is God Leaving America?" by David Wilkerson, 11-18-1991

"Revival Center"

Christian Women's Center:

Wonder what to do with yourself sometimes, feel at loose ends somehow, or disconnected from other women spiritually--look up the local chapter of AGLOW INTERNATIONAL. There are many in each state. You will love it, and it could be a life changing experience for you, as it has been for countless women throughout this country and across the world.

Are you married to a blockhead? The kind of jerk who started off great in wooing you, but since the honeymoon has forgotten who you are, and seemingly doesn't care? He takes you utterly for granted, doesn't he? He tramples on your feelings, time after time. He forgets anniversaries. He doesn't give you a box of candy and flowers or at least a card on Valentine's Day either. This man is an absolute ingrate! He has failed to appreciate you or all that you do for him and the family. If you had only known what he was really right? Is that what you are thinking? In your secret heart? Are you even expressing these things to a girlfriend? Or are you complaining at church to your prayer group, asking time and again for prayer for him? Well, here is another, better way that will get results you will like. A divorce is never the answer to living with a selfish, self-centered, insensitive blockhead. There is an answer. And here it is!

"Jewel in the Shadows: the Story of Abigail in the Bible," by Ronald Ginther

Now for the men, there is another jem in the shadows, called Jonathan, King Saul's son, but David's best friend right to the end when he was slain by Philistines after fighting loyally alongside his father in battle despite how badly Saul had treated him and David. We hope to have a piece about him soon on-line, which you can look for in the Celeb section, for he is a true biblical celebrity, only you wouldn't think so ordinarily, as he deliberately chose to humble himself and stand in David's shadow rather than take his place in the limelight as Saul's son and heir to the throne over Israel.

American Bible Society, and Debbie Midkiff Video 1

"Hero on a Guardrail," Debbie Midkiff's story in the American Bible Society Record

For Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern's Proclamation of Morality, go to:

Oklahoma State Proclamation of Morality, by Okla. State Rep. Sally Kern

When American men show they have no backbone, God will turn to the dear, little women! He did it in Biblical times, with Deborah and others like her. Women today, when men are bowing down to idols and compromising with all forms of immorality and perversity in the name of Tolerance and Love and Understanding, are standing up for what is righteous in America, even though the majority of the men aren't! An American Indian Chief, Annie Richardson, representing the Native Indians from Virginia, made a statement to National Infrastructure Minister of Israel, Uzi Landau, at a recent meeting of the two: "We believe that God has give you this land and we want you to fight for it." She presented him with a traditional Native American headdress and a bow and arrow, as a "token of the affection of the Native American nations for Israel." And we know that God will also bless all those who take a courageous stand for righteousness in a society given to perversity and falsehood and also hatred of Israel and the Jews.

Clearly, Native Americans can recognize other indigenous peoples when they see them--in this case, the Jews who are native to the land of Israel, and they have the backbone and courage to say so to an anti-semitic world in denial of the fact! God bless Chief Annie Richardson and all the tribes she represents so ably! God's Word says that whoever blesses Israel will be blessed by him! There is more hope for these Indian nations than there is for the nation of America! You will sooner see these Indian nations represented in the Millennium than you will see America. I wouldn't hold my breath on whether America will exist into the Millennium--as we are long over-due for judgment already.


One woman who is in the forefront of what is wrong with our country is Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. In an interview for the NEW YORK TIMES, July 12, 2009, made this train-stopping statement: "I thought Roe [Roe vs. Wade, the infamous Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion on demand in America] was about getting rid of population we don't want too many of."

That statement alone puts Justice Ginsberg right along side Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Chairman Mao, Pol Pot, and any other genocidalist monster in inhuman history. She is not in the least ashamed of her statement either! Here is the VINES AND BRANCHES article telling about her interview:

"The above statement, made by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in an interview for the NEW YORK TIMES, July 12, 2009, demonstrates the belief system of Justice Ginsburg, Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion supporters before 1972. Her statement is not taken out of context. Her entire interview is available through the NEW YORK TIMES web site. The fact that a Supreme Court justice would parrot such liberal ideas promulgated by Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger shows how far America has sunk in defiance of the Judaeo-Christian principles upon which the nation was founded.

Margaret Sanger, founder of the organization that gave rise to Planned Parenthood, stated in her book THE PIVOT OF CIVILIZATION, "There is but one practical and feasible program in handing the great problem of the feeble-minded [if anyone was 'feeble-minded,' it was her!]. That is, as the best authorities [Satan, Stalin, Hitler, and so forth!] are agreed, to prevent the birth of those who would transmit imbecility to their descendants."

Sanger went on to lament: "We now have state commissions for controlling the gypsy-moth and the boll weevil, the foot-and-mouth disease, and for protecting the shellfish and wild game, but we have no commission which even attempts to modify or control the vast moral and economic forcdes represented by the feeble-minded persons at large in the community."--VINES AND BRANCHES, Fall 2009 Issue

It makes me wonder if there isn't some merit in legislation against "hate speech" and "hate crimes" after all--but only when applied to Democrats and Liberals and secularists! They are the true perpetrators of hate speech and hate crimes against humanity. Ms. Ginsberg's own words in the quote above is proof positive of that fact.

"How to Share Truth in a Relativistic World," by Kim Triller, CPC HEARTBEAT Newsletter

"An Open Letter to President Barak Obama," Part I, by Dr. Ron Jones, Senior Pastor of Immanuel Bible Church, Springfield, Virginia, and Part II, Burden of America by Eben

Did you know that June became a Month of Infamy, due to something Obama did? Dr. David Reagan in the October LAMPLIGHTER magazine, publishes his letter to B. H. Obama which he sent to the White House website at after clicking on "Contact Us."

Dr. Reagan:

"Mr. President, I am outraged over your proclamation designating June as "LGBT Pride Month" [LGBT--Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, and Transgendered]. Why should any American take pride in sexual perversion? And why did you decide to discriminate against pedophiles by not including them in the proclamation--or will that be the proclamation next month? What about a "Bestiality Pride Month" or a "Prostitution Pride Month"? Mr. President, you are inviting the wrath of God to fall on your Administration.

"For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness..."--Romans 1:18


Another atrocity perpetrated by the same EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH OF AMERICA denomination, its bishops laying a wreath on the tomb of Yassir Arafat, the arch-terrorist who blew up airliners and financed suicide bombers in Israel!

"ElCA and Canadian Bishops Lay Wreath at Grave of Yasser Arafat," VINE AND BRANCHES, Spring 2009: "This past January, 44 ELCA and Canadian bishops, along with spouses and staff, totaling about 90 people made a "peace trip" to the West Bank. Among the highlights of their trip was laying a wreath at the tomb of terrorist Yasser Arafat i n Ramallah.

"According to Mike D. Tooley, who directs the United Methodist committee at the Institute on Religion and Democracy, the Lutheran bishops' visit was hosted by Lutheran Bishop Munib Younan. Younan parrots the Hamas line about Israel forcing Christians from the West Bank, when, in fact, it is Hamas and Fatah, not Israel, that has driven Christians from the West Bank. Younan also complained that pro-Israel Christians in the U.S. 'believe more in Israel than they do in Jesus.' [WHICH IS A BLATANT LIE, SINCE THEY WOULD CARE NOTHING FOR ISRAEL, AS DO MOST ALL GENTILES, EXCEPT FOR JESUS!--Ed.]"

Have you been viewing the Classic Billy Graham evangelistic meetings on TV? They are absolute right on the money! Every word rings absolutely true of us now in 2010, after even decades! It was the Word of God being preached without stops to his wayward nation of sinners--and it is still the Word of God. We did not repent, we did not change our ways, we did not turn back to God, but continued on sinning and abandoning the Bible and pushing God out of our individual and corporate lives. For that reason, this is the final call from God: these messages called Billy Graham classics. We will have NO EXCUSE before Almighty God in the judgment. America's fate is written on the wall on the palace of King Belshazzar in Babylon, and like them then we are having a big party and a banquet, with every kind of immorality, excess, and even prideful blasphemy going on! The Babylonians could teach us nothing in that regard, we have the Bible yet we have exceeded them.

Bible Greats, as Portrayed by Eben:

"Bible Greats" by Eben


In the first half or so of the 20th century in America, Evangelist A. A. Allen was a great man of God who had a great healing ministry, but tragically succumbed to the sin of alcoholism and lost his ministry. How could that happen to him, when he had a genuine, nationally-known healing ministry? It is a genuine tragedy, but he wrote a tract message that still rings true, and presents Judas in the most reliable, scriptural way. Judas is a virtual enigma, for how could a disciple of Jesus come to betray the Lord like Judas did? He knew Jesus was innocent of any wrong-doing, and testified so to the chief priests, but he nevertheless handed him over to them for trial and execution, all for thirty lousey pieces of silver, certainly no big fortune even back in those times. What did he gain? Nothing but contempt and a premature death, and hell's eternal fires on top of it! What drove a man to such folly and self-destruction? Yes, we see people all the time plunging to destruction around us, for the equivalent of thirty pieces of silver too, and even less, without a thought of the consequences either. People seem prepared today to sell their souls for literally nothing. President Obama sold his for the Oval Office and the millions he has gained through his contributors from abroad and the sales of his spurious autobiographies. That is somewhat understandable. But for nothing at all? Our souls are the most precious thing we possess--yet we treat them as valueless sometimes, right? I know I did, before I was brought to my senses by the Lord and restored to Him.

This Chick tract sent to me by a friend is absolutely wonderful, a tiny masterpiece of the Gospel. It take you from the sin in the Garden of Eden and our First Parents to Jesus on the Cross, all the while showing what we have in common in respect to sin and rebellion, but leading us to the Cure, Jesus Christ, and the Choice we individually must make, to either set foot on the road to heaven, repenting and receiving Christ as Savior and Lord now, or keep hoofing it on the highway to hell, taking our changes without Christ. All this is illustrated. It's vast story is telescoped down into a tiny, illustrated book to fit your palm. You might well want to order some copies for your own use, so here are the addresses, and you can also receive a price list:

In the USA, go to:

Chick Publications

Or call: (USA) (909)-987-0771.

In the USA? Send $12.95 (includes shipping) for a sample assortment and price list to:

Chick Publications,

P.O. Box 3500

Ontario, Calif. 91761-1019

Outside the USA?

"Something in Common"


The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God. Psalm 9:17


Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, 'Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels. For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat. I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes an dyou did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.' Matthew 25:41-43


Whoever belives and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. Mark 16:16


Then Jesus said to his disciples, "I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven." [Well, if Jesus had such a view about earthly riches, and He did, tell that to the prosperity and health and wealth evangelists!]


"There is only one way to avoid hell. God himself provided an escape for you. He sent his son Jesus to pay the price for the sins of mankind. Jesus has won heaven for all who believe.


Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near.--Isaiah 55:6


Then I acknowledged my sin to you, and did not cover up my iniquity; I said, "I will confess my transgressions to the LORD"--and you forgave the guilt of my sin. Psalm 32:5


I [Jesus Christ] tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life, and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life.--John 5:24


Peter replied, "Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins."--Acts 2:28

Friend, if you are not sure you are saved reading this, that is the Holy Spirit! You definitely are not saved. Saved Christians know they are saved, and if you don't really know, that is clear proof you really aren't. So take your ticket to heaven, use it now, and do not wait another minute. You may not have another chance, not today, not tomorrow, not next week or next month. Satan will see to that. He will snatch every word of this message you just read out of you, and you will go on as you have gone in the past, and miss the open gate to salvation entirely and continue right on down the broad highway to hell where most people are heading. Take your opportunity to be saved now, believe in the way shown you above, take those steps, and go through the gate of the Lord into salvation and eternal life, and once you are through that gate nothing can ever really hurt you--you are in the Savior's hands and safe-keeping forever.

Looks like it is easy, the culturally-approved way to live, this way to go to hell, doesn't it? That says something about our American culture and exactly where it is going! You can obtain this wonderful message from the Tract League of Grand Rapids, MI. You can order the tract and others by going to:

The Tract League

"Christian Greats Center"


Do you find yourself right now in a dark cave of addiction, enslavement to sin, or depression, hopelessness and despair, or abuse and woundedness? Are you out of luck, out of work, out of money, out of hope, or just plain "busted"? Even all of these thing together? I've been in this horrible dark cave I have just described, and the Lord set me free! I wouldn't be alive now to say this to you right now if that weren't true! I had no intention of ever following the Lord or believing in God again--but He didn't give me up for lost, he followed me and brought me back to Himself, setting me free from all the horrible sin and bondage in my life and putting me on the path to heaven and happiness with him forever. You can be free too--but only through Christ's Resurrection Power!

If you want to know that Easter isn't just about eggs and bunnies and cards and lowers, Billy Graham tells us in a wonderful way what the Resurrection of Jesus Christ really means in our Christian lives:

What the Resurrection Means in our Christian Lives, by Billy Graham, an excerpt from his April 2010 Decision Magazine message, "The Greatest News Ever Heard"

"The Wonder of Wonders," by Edwin Raymond Anderson

The best series I have ever seen on the Crucifixion and Death of Jesus Christ has to the Kyle Idleman-narrated "The Easter Experience," produced by City on a Hill.

The Easter Experience Series, Kyle Idleman narrator, City on a Hill

"The Dogwood Tree Legend," retold by Pearl A. Ginther, mother to the founder of the Emmaus Walk School of the Bible

Resurrection Day, or Easter as it is popularly called, is not coming, it is here already, as we live on the Day of Resurrection all year long! We celebrate it all year long, not just on Sunday at church on Easter Day. Without the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and its reality in our lives, we have nothing to go to church for, nothing of God to put our faith in, and nothing to hope for ourselves when these measely little lives are over. But with the Resurrection, we have everthing worth having in life here and in the next!

What do you REALLY know about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, which changed everything forever? Do you just think you know the facts, or do you really know the facts? Chances are, you don't have your facts straight, even though you think you do! I can prove it, and you can find out yourself, only in a fun way. For a really fun thing to do at Easter that will pep up the traditional Easter egg hunt and also learn things about the Resurrection of Jesus you thought you knew but didn't, try matching your knowledge (or ignorance, as the case may be) with the facts of scripture in our Plain View Farm Egg Quiz:

Plain View Farm Egg Quiz

Easter Message, by Ronald Ginther

"Resurrection Center"

Big Bad Wolf Business Center:

Big business is being fanatically demonized by the Left today, as they want to get all the economy and private sectors into their control, so they can tax us into servitude for their own profit and power. They have achieved much of this objective in less than a year of Obama's reign, have they not? The percentage of the private sector economy is 51% so far, according to one survey. Of course, he won't be satisfied with that much, he wants the whole economy nationalized and under government control--which means the end of the free enterprise system that made this economy the greatest in the world. A radical socialist and Marxist such as Obama cannot change, he wants total control, and won't stop until he has it. It is his political nature to grab absolute power, by any means available, in total defiance of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and, of course, Christianity and all freedom loving people in America.

Big Unions have not changed their nature. They can be Big Bad Wolves too, particularly the government unions which are swelling day by day into gigantic octupusses, gaining far more benefits and much higher salaries than the private citizen will ever enjoy. However badly a corporation acts, it should not be taken over by goverment, but dealt with by the law and the anti-trust legislation if need be. We have plenty such laws on the books, and they only need to be enforced to curb or penalize them for abuses of the public. It is a law enforcement responsibility, not a government problem. We have laws to deal with abuses, but government can and will do all kinds of things that are beyond the law's reach, and that is the nature of the octopus. Government will not solve the problems in business, it will only exacerbate them and create a worse monster. That is the notorious record of the government, is it not? Politicians just get in the way of justice and the law, once involved. Get them out of the way, and progress can be made. We need Big Business, and we need even more Small Business, for it is Small Business that creates the jobs, and Big Business creates much fewer in number. The Democrats, the Liberals, and the Obama Consortium in power target Small Business just as much as Big Business. They aim at control, power, personal wealth for themselves, and regard both sectors as legitimate prey. So more government control and supervision are definitely not the way to go!

Don't think that prayer can be left to the sweet, little old ladies and for little girls, all you men! YOU are called to prayer, first and foremost! It is your chief responsibility, even above providing for your family, though you must support your family, or your prayers are worthless. Without prayer you and your household cannot be blessed, not to the degree God wants to bless them. So then, let us men humble ourselves and get to prayer, daily, with a reading of a portion of God's word. But there is a condition. Are we clean when we start to pray, or sin-soaked and filthy? We need to be clean if we are to expect answers. So when we start praying, let's ask God to cleanse us of our sins, cover us with Jesus's cleansing Blood, and then proceed to other business we have on our hearts. A website for praying men that will help us, that recommends how to do it most effectively in plain terms:

"The First Hour for Men"


One reason has to be "no visible results" or "visible change."

We pray by faith, and somehow we are wishing the answer will come, not really believing it will. But if we pray by faith, faith guarantees that the answer will come! It always will! But the answer will come IN GOD'S PERFECT WAY, IN GOD'S PERFECT TIME. Our time, our way, is often flawed or not good in some way or other. But God, when He does anything, is always right and perfect in every respect. So then, not seeing the results we expected, even demanded, we are immediately discouraged, or upset, or deflated and feel weak and powerless. Why try again? we think, getting up off our knees and reaching for the remote.

"Why try again?" Why not? If we prayed by faith and didn't see the results we expected, that in the Bible way is not because the prayer is not heard by God and will not be answered. On the contrary, God heard that prayer, and Christ presented as our High Priest, who understands us completely in all our human frailty, and who presented it perfected to the Father, and then IT WAS ANSWERED, WE RECEIVED AN ANSWER FROM GOD. But we probably will not see the answer shaped and performed in our time and way--no, it will all be done in God's perfect way. We will understand and see that by and by, and if not here on earth, then in heaven. But prayers according to God's will, prayed by faith, are ALWAYS ANSWERED BY GOD. He says so, repeatedly!

I pray specific prayers, so many that I should take record of them all, then watch for the answers to appear. But I don't keep a written record, sorry to say, or I would be able to tell that hundreds and thousands of my prayers have been mightily answered in the years that I have lived as His servant. Little prayers mostly, but also big, mighty answers have been asked and received. I have seen powerful men in Washington topple and fall from their thrones in Congress, thanks to prayers I and others have prayed. I don't know who else prayed, but I cannot presume that my prayer was the only one. But I know at least that mine was answered along with the other prayers. Mom and I prayed together once that Saddam Hussein not be killed in battle but his life be preserved somehow so that he could be brought to trial for all his killings and torturing of Iraqi Christians and fellow Moslems. That prayer was answered, plain for all the world to see, though they don't know about our prayer and never will. But we don't pray against such men, we pray for them, that they will be brought to justice, so that there will be time for the Holy Spirit to bring conviction of sin to them, giving them the chance to repent and be saved and come to be children of God, delivered from the devil they served all their lives as they committed unspeakable crimes against people.

There is no prayer too big for God to answer, no prayer too small for him to consider and pray too. Pray, Christian! Pray! Your prayers will be fragrant incense in heaven that the Father will receive from his beloved Son. Pray! Come later or come today, the answer will come. No prayer will be wasted, that comes from a trusting, faithful follower, or even one who is repenting of sin and running from God. God answered the Prodigal Son's prayers, better than he could imagine, right? So sin is no disqualifier. Disobedience does not keep your prayer from God's ears, unless you want to continue that way and still get your prayer answer by somehow manipulating or bargaining with God (he isn't fooled, is never fooled, and so you are just fooling yourself, if that is the game you are playing with your soul and your Maker, Friend!). Pray! Now is your time and opportunity to pray, and get answers that will one by one transform your life and the lives of others for the better. Pray in the kingdom of God upon this earth--and that kingdom will surely come. It won't come when we demand it, but it will come in God's perfect time and way, and your prayers will be part of the golden, jeweled foundation. Look how often Jesus prayed during his 3-year public ministry on earth! If it was so necessary for the Son of God to pray to the Father as often as he did, often for hours into the night and early morning, how more necessary it is for us his followers! Pray produces results, wondrous results! Look what Christ's prayers in the Garden of Gethsemane, shortly before his arrest, trials, tortures, whippings, and his agony and death on the Cross, produced! --unending glories, billions of souls of the redeemed saints of God, which He shall present to the Heavenly Father one glorious coming day! Become a part of this incredible, glorious destiny and real scene in heaven--pray! Don't pray, and if you are still there in the rejoicing thong,, you will be ashamed you didn't pray and you instead, for all sorts of reasons that won't matter then, threw away your chance and opportunity to be a real part in the celebration and joy. That doesn't have to happen to you or to me. We have a choice. There isn't anything more important to do, for a Christian, than to pray! Jesus thought so, he did so, and He is sitting right now on the Throne, on the right hand of the Heavenly Father. There we are to be seated with Christ one day. Why not prepare for that glad time? Now is the time to prepare, and pray!

A very easy format to follow, the Prayer Journal can be made by simply following this example, using lined paper in a notebook for convenience:




"Little prayer, little power, more prayer, more power, much prayer, much power"--quote from Pastor John Hagee's mother, who is a woman of powerful prayer at age 95.

Prayer Center


From the Lamplighter Magazine:

Ever get the chance, don't miss up anything Lord Christopher Monkton from the U.K. says about this hoax. I've heard him on talk radio, and he is superb. The global warming hoax people have a most formidable man to deal with here, and they can't deal with him, he can expose their hoax with his scientific facts and show them up for what they are: hypocritical and dishonest people who are using this hoax globally to win power and money. Thank God for courageous men of truth like Lord Monkton! Al Gore would be absolutely blown apart in a minute if he ever had the intellectual honesty to face Lord Monkton and defend his global warming theory.


Are Carbon Emissions killing us? Are they killing the Earth itself? Katie Morris shows these claims of the Left and the Radicals of Environmentalism are hogwash. Carbon Dioxide is actually life-sustaining and vital to life! Read how and become informed:

From the Prophetic Vision magazine, this wonderful, Bibical article about Our WONDERFUL, LIFE-GIVING Carbon Emissions:

"Carbon Emissions--Are You Afraid?" by Katie Morris

Carbon Dioxide, or CO2 is vital to life! It is not a pollutant, which it has been branded by the Evironmental Protection Agency under Obama's watch. Labelled a pollutant, CO2 emissions can be taxed and vast wealth will be transferred to so-called "green" businesses and technologies, which will not create anything we can use except with huge government subsidies, which actually sucks vast amounts of money out of the economy that would otherwise have gone to creating real jobs and wealth. A geologist has studied this now government-sponsored hoax, that CO2 is a pollutant, which using to ram punitive Cap and Trade legislation through Congress, and you can learn the true facts about carbon dioxide by going to:

They are even asking in the halls of Congress: "Where is Al Gore?" as the East is beseiged by record ice and snow. The records have been broken all the way back to the 19th century! The obvious reason for his silence and disappearance is that he is hiding low, afraid to acknowledge his hoaxing the world for the sake of his own personal gain. He has made multiple millions from his hoax. This despicable charlatan has led to the near collapse of our nation, due to the "Green Agenda" which has kept us from oil exploration and from developing our known resources including coal in order to "save the planet" and reduce our carbon emissions. This man ought to be tried in court for what he has done to us all. He needs to be fined and made to pay back every dollar he has made from his Global Warming hoax and scam!

Plants Need CO2

DON'T CONFUSE THEM WITH THE FACTS: Witness the small amount of news coverage about the scandal over the latest exposure the Climate Change Fraud and Conspiracy. This is the Watergate of Climate Change or Global Warming. You would normally expect it to get wide coverage, but it is not provoking much reaction in the liberal press, which obviously wants to suppress the incident as soon as possible. I am referring to the 13,000 NASA emails just released a little while ago by hackers who hacked into the "sacred ivy halls" of climate change wizards at East Anglia University in England, which has caused some scientific eyebrows to lift concerning these crooked "scientists" who acknowledged in their emails misgivings over their decades of cooking the weather data to support the Global Warming agenda and hoax the world into a stampede to reduce carbon emissions--well, this is commonly referred to in low class society as "excrement hitting the fan." But the excrement, or dog poop if you don't understand my euphemism, this time is flying in the direction of the liberals, leftists (including Barack Obama) who are promoting the gigantic hoax and stand to gain most by it politically and financially. This is the truth of God, the righteousness of God, convicting them and revealing them for what they are: crooks, robbers, oppressors, and liars. These people ought to be tried in a court and sentenced to writing on blackboards, over and over, at least ten thousand times: "Thou shalt not bear false witness."

Did you know there exists at least one leader in the West who is not the product of Leftist authoritarian spin, who actually tells the truth as it is, and doesn't try to pull it over on the people? This man is someone you have probably never before heard about. He is the democratically-elected leader of a former Soviet slave state in Eastern Europe, and he is trying to warn us in America and the West while being pilloried in the liberal media for telling the plain truth:

"Today's global warming activists are the direct descendants of the old Marxists who trampled on individual freedoms and undermined free markets in pursuit of a greater good...Global warming is a religion conceived to suppress human freedom because it is used to justify an enormous scope for government intervention vis-a-vis the markets and personal freedom--Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic (was part of the old Czechoslovakia).

This honest man (compare him to Gordon Brown or Tony Blair of Britain!) is despised by the secularist leaders of Germany and France and Belgium and the other members of "EUTOPIA," but he is telling the whole truth. Global Warming is nothing but the biggest scam on the face of the earth! History will vindicate him. The others will be known forever as liars, deceivers and thieves.

How does the environmentalist USA president measure up for carbon emissions? He flunks! He and his wife fly separately, using extra AF ONE airliners, and spare no emissions to gratify their desires for making a big show every time they go out or fly abroad. Like them, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has Air Force men walk her dog and flies military jets wherever she has a hankering to go and show off her latest outfits and hairdos. White House staff admit that Obama has his thermostat in the Oval Office cranked up high enough to grow orchids! He has to be cold blooded, if not cold hearted. To demand sacrifice from the America people, to lecture us like he is a teacher in a one room schoolhouse, that we must cut back, while he and his wife and his whole party are guilty of the greatest extravagances and self-indulgence--that is unparalleled hypocrisy. So much for them setting an example of selfless restraint in a time of much need and joblessness in America. It is perfectly all right with the Obamas and the likes of Nancy Pelosi that Americans go without and sacrifice as long as they don't have to! These are the 18th century Cavaliers of Britain's aristocracy all over again, riding roughshod over the common people lying in the mud while they wear silks, pearls, and satins, with peacock plumed hats. SHAME ON THESE SHAMELESS HYPOCRITES IN HIGH PUBLIC OFFICE!

"Global Warming (Climate Change) Hoax Center"

Witnessing Center:

How about us being a witness? I tried, and said, "Jesus loves you!" to the guy who stands at the counter at the local AM-PM gasseroni, and he smiled. He is an Easterner, I think from India, so probably has an Eastern religion like the Sikh or Hindu or Buddhist religion. He needs Christ, not diversity and tolerance and understanding from a cowardly Christian like myself. How about if he should go to hell, and at the brink turn and point to me, ME, and say with absolute truth: "You had many chances coming to the station where I worked to tell me that Jesus loves me and wants to save my soul, but you kept silent all those times and chances you had, so now I am going to this awful place to suffer forever, thanks to you!"

Someone must have prayed for me! I had an unforgettable encounter. A Parkinson's Disease sufferer, a gray-haired gentleman named Ron, was at the grocery store and needed a ride. Deciding he could get a bus as it was the opposite direction from my route home, I went away, but came back a few minutes later and he was still there, so I offered a ride to him. He was so thankful, he was open to the Lord when I asked him if he wanted to ask the Lord into his heart, and I prayed for him. I know I haven't done anything like this in over 20 years! Thanks for your prayer, whoever you are! It gives me hope God can set things up like that again for me--but first I had to repent of being selfish and go back there and help that shaky old man sitting in the grocery store instead of doing what I wanted to do. That little bit of repentance sure paid off, hopefully in a soul I will see again in heaven!

Creationism Center:

"The Genesis Flood," the History and Impact of the Book, by Dr. John C. Whitcomb


Got an English literature book handy or at a local library? Go on-line, it will be there too. Look up Alfred, Lord Tennyson, the British Poet Laureate in the 19th century. You won't find his equal today, nor any even close to him. He wrote the "Lady of Shalott," "In Memoriam," "Ulysses," "Break, Break, Break," "Crossing the Bar," King Arthur, "Idylls of the King" concerning King Arthur and many, many other memorable and lasting poems and lyrics, and was immensely popular and earned great rewards in money and honor but he also struggled with the central issues of both his and our society today, the struggle between "science" or secularist and evolutionist theory and Christian faith. In connection, especially read his poem "Lockesley Hall." [Actually, it is more accurate to say, In Memoriam, which I read years ago, and now am looking into once again, reflects this struggle of Tennyson's.) Please see our comments concerning Charles Darwin further on down this page.

This has to be one of the best Christian thrillers out. Get it! Go to John Hagee's website. It is a wonderful gift to your loved ones too-- give them a copy for birthdays or anniversaries or even weddings. Invite friends over and watch it. It is a spell binder.

John Hagee Ministries to Order "Pilgrim's Progress"

"Poems That Speak," the unabridged texts of masters of literature in poetry, with comments by Ronald Ginther

Lectured to by secular professors in college and university, I did not get a well-rounded view of the classics and the authors of them. It is a most amazing discovery to me now to find that Percy Bysshe Shelley, the Romantic poet who championed atheism at Oxford and was kicked out for it, developed kinder thoughts about the Christian faith as he went on from there, and wrote things in his poetry that show he actually respected Christ and his teachings, though he obviously repudiated the formal, dead, spiritless churchianity of his day and in his youth confused it with Christianity. Here are some lines from various poems that prove Shelley was no atheist and, on the contrary, had the highest view of Christ he could have while still holding to his iconoclastic, free-wheeling, non-conforming life style which caught up with him and brought his early, tragic death by drowning with his best friend in boating mishap.

From "Hellas"

"A Power from the unknown God,

a Promethean Conqueror, came;

Like a triumphal path he trod

The thorns of death and shame.

A mortal shape to him

Was like the vapor dim

Which the orient planet animates with light:

Hell, Sin, and Slavery came

Like bloodhounds mild and tame,

Nor preyed, until their Lord had taken flight;

The moon of Mahomet [Mohammed]

Arose, and it shall set,

While blazoned as on Heaven's immortal moon

The cross leads generations on."

That high and powerful tribute to Christ and his role on earth against Hell, Sin, and Slavery, death and shame, also contains a prophetic word about the end of Islam and Mohammed. He foresaw the eclipse of Mohammed's moon, and the rise of the Cross emblazoned on the moon like a shield leading generations triumphantly onward!

But there is more, a view of Britain in a sad state which compares to today's in most respects under the secularists in charge:

"England in 1839"

An old, mad, blind, despised and dying King;

Princes, the dregs of their dull race, who flow

Through public scorn,--mud from a muddy spring.

Rulers who neither see nor feel nor know,

But leechlike to their fainting country cling,

till they drop, blind in blood, without a blow.

A people starved and stabbed in th' untilled field.

An army, whom liberticide and prey

Makes as a two-edged sword to all who wield;

Golden and sanguine laws which tempt and slay: Religion Christless, Godless--a book sealed;

A senate, Time's worst statute, unrepealed,

Are graves from which a glorious Phantom may

Burst, to illumine our temptestuous day.

Secularists cling to the public treasury and the incomes of the British people like leeches, sucking the British people white of their life blood. They are bloated with the people's money and live extravagantly at the public expense while most people have to scratch for a bare living. That doesn't matter to them! They neither see nor feel nor know about how people actually sacrifice and are deprived so they can aggrandize off them. The people are meanwhile starved and robbed (particularly the youth in the schools) by the secularist propaganda that substitutes for information and knowledge and facts. Laws that grow ever more expensive, punitive, and meddling in people's private lives, they are "golden" with the false, deceiving aura of secularist "compassion" and "caring," but underneath that attractive aura you will find ripping, razor-edged shark's teeth.

As for Religion, or the churches, which should be a comfort, they are the last cry from being any help in this situation (which explains why the churches are empty throughout the Church of England, and there are more mosques than churches in England now). Churchianity, tax-supported, state-supported, is "Religion Christless, Godless--a book sealed." Christianity has largely turned apostate and dead in Britain, thanks to secularism. Shelley had a hope that this situation in early 19th century terms would turn around, with the cause of liberty and the overthrow of tyrants, but he was mistaken about that. The tyrants have overtaken Britain once again, and elsewhere, as in America. They are the secularists, and right behind them Islam is waiting to take over from them in turn!

What are the three most important phrases in the English language? See if your list agrees with mine: 1. "Thank you!"

2. "Forgive me!"

3. "I love you!"

(Not necessarily in that order)

"English Literature Heritage Center"


You, as a Christian worth your salt, cannot keep your salt informed to be of much use to God if you don't get your news from fine magazines and newsletters. You cannot depend on the mainstream culture sources, such as the media of TV and even radio and the movies. They are actually going to install the world's software in you, so that your perceptions are warped and you are bugged with the devil's cookies, so he can keep tabs on you at all times and watch your movements and be informed enough to trip you up and possibly ensnare you. No, you need the Bible as your primary source, and these magazines and newsletters are great helps to keep you on top of what is going on in Christian circles and in the world too. You don't float in a vacuum, you and I are in this world, but not of its worldly, carnal, depraved, selfish, lustful, satanic spirit. You can still operate in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and be full of the love and graces and fruits of the Lord without godly information and godly counsel, but you are not going to be able to comprehend what is going on around you if you are not teachable. What man of God or woman of God isn't informed? Is that woman ignorant, is that man ignorant of what is going on? Surely not! We have these wonderful helps, so let us allow them to help us. They will encourage, inform, caution, warn, build and inspire you, and also help you keep on track to your God-designed destiny and the City of the New Jerusalem, your coming home.

This is a most excellent magazine for you to inform you on Christianity and Israel, which you cannot separate and still have the true Christian faith!

The Lamplighter magazine! Do you really want the truth about the really important issues? Get this magazine, by going to Lamb and Lion Ministry's website. You can order the magazine newletter free sent to your email address, or donate 25 dollars to the ministry for a year's subscription. Do yourself a big favor. You don't need those lattes. How can you possibly justify buying those expensive, over-rated coffees anyway? Send the money instead to the work of the Kingdom of God, to Lamb and Lion Ministries.

If you want to do yourself a great favor and boost to your Christian faith, subscribe to this wonderful "little in size but huge in spirit" magazine from Worcester, England, by writing to: Editor Justin Lawrence-Smith, Elkanah, 37A Battenhall Rd, Worcester WR5 2BQ, ENGLAND. You can also subscribe by going to the website. The internet website for ANCHORED is:

Anchored Magazine

There are four issues a year, and they are great, with spiritually encouraging stories, humor, games and puzzles, poetry, and illustrations, all helping the weary, footsore Pilgrim take heart and make it the rest of the way to the yonder glorious Celestial City of the Lord.

Anchored Monthly Meditations:

(Sorry we are 2 months late in posting the Meditations! For the whole of the Beatitudes, please go to Matthew 5). Incidentally, in memory of Kathleen Lawrence-Smith, our friend of many years, we donated to Daystar Television Network for an olive tree to be planted in Israel, and guess where it is being planted (without our thinking of these Beatitudes listed on the back of this Anchored)--the Mount of Beatitudes! Is that coincidental? Yet here is another interesting "coincidence." The last issue that Kathleen Lawrence-Smith completed, the Autumn Issue of 2009, had these three verses at the end of the December meditations: Dec. 13--Those that be planted in the house of the Lord, shall flourish in the courts of our God. They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; Dec. 20--Behold...a candlestick [signifying the Holy Spirit]...and two olive trees by it. This is the word of the Lord...Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit saith the Lord. Zech. 4:2/6; Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone. But if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.--John 12:24. We cannot Kathleen Lawrence-Smith my dear friend's replacement, but passing to glory in her early nineties, she indeed bore much fruit, and is still bearing from the tree she planted of her ministry!

Feb. 28--BLESSED are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. (Matthew 5:7)

Mar. 7th--BLESSED are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. (Matthew 5:8)

Mar. 14th--BLESSED are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God. (Matthew 5:9)

Mar. 21st--BLESSED are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 5:10)

Mar. 28th--BLESSED are ye when men shall revile you and persecute you...for my sake. Rejoice and be exceeding glad, for great is your reward in heaven. (Matthew 5: 11,12)--Dorothy Armitage

This magazine is excellent, and free of charge, edited by Pastor David R. Barnhart. You will get wonderful articles about what faith in God really is, biblically, in terms of the front-line issues of homosexuality in the churches, feminism, apostasy, the persecution of Christians, and the threat of Islam to all Western society.

There is also the article of a Jewish writer cited, that tells of Lincoln's love for Jerusalem, and his desire to travel there, expressed to his wife. David R. Barnhart's blog features the Lincoln article and the link to it.

David Barnhard's Blog for the Lincoln article

David Barnhart also wrote an article about the Reformation that we need to take heed to especially now, 495 years since Martin Luther contronted the Roman Catholic church and Papacy for the gross errors of its faulty, unbiblical theology as well as its venal corruption shown in sales of indulgences to bring in huge amounts of German money to finance the building of St. Peters in Rome. Pastor Barnhart cites the contested issues centered around grace, faith, and the imposition of ecclesiastical authority over the authority of the Bible. In a number of ways, the churches are in worse shape then they were in Luther's day, Pastor Barnhart points out, since now the core teachings of the Christian faith are being compromised and even rejected by theologians and churches:

"A New Reformation for the 21st Century," by Pastor David R. Barnhart

If you want a free subscription of this cutting-edge Vine and Branches Newsletter, email:

From the Levitt Letter, January 2010 Issue:

"The Jew is that sacred being who has brought down from heaven the everlasting fire, and has illumined with it the entire world. He is the religious source, spring, and fountain out of which all the rest of the peoples have drawn their beliefs and their religions. The Jew is the pioneer of liberty. The Jew is the pioneer of civilization. The Jew is the emblem of eternity."--Leo Tolstoy, 1828-1910

I doubt anyone can exceed or surpass this tribute! All I can say is: WOW! If you don't know the Russian history, you might think the Jews has an exalted status in Russia. Wrong! They were treated as the dregs of society, pushed down as far as human beings can go, and kept their by the brutal authorities, including the Cossacks. Restricted to only a certain part of Russia, they were not permitted to travel or engage in business freely beyond those borders, called the Pale. Do you recall that old expression, "beyond the pale," well it came from this Jewish ghetto area of Russia.

Persecution continued despite this seclusion of the Jewish population. Purges, or mass killings and burnings of Jewish villages was carried out ever so often by the autocratic Czars and their barbaric underlings whenever they felt like it. The Jews are still being mistreated in Russia! For all the Soviet years they were kept from escaping to the West and to Israel, held hostage, in other words, simply because they were Jewish and longed to be free of poverty and communist oppression. The door was opened to the Jews to leave at last when the Soviet Union collapsed. But the persecution continues for those who have not yet emigrated for Israel and varous Western countries including America, often with only a few pieces of clothes to their names and very little money. "The emblem of eternity," "the pioneer of liberty"-- that is how the Jew is treated both in Russia and across the world--worse than dogs. The world's nations will be held responsible for this mistreatment, which is utterly undeserved. America now is coming under that same judgment, for anti-semitism is being spread under the umbrella of liberalism. Christian faith (the true kind) appreciates, loves, and values the Jews for all they are and have contributed to our faith and to the civilization at large, but liberalism, for all its trumpeting of tolerance and diversity, is at heart racist, bigoted, and anti-semitic, since is it godless and hates anyone or any group that has such a long connection with the One True God, as the Jews have had and demonstrated.

Is Russia worse in its anti-semitism than us? Perhaps. But we will be reaching their level of atrocities if we keep going against God in this society. The Jews who found this Christian nation a safe haven for the last 250 years will be forced to flee to Israel. Years ago I had a dream while attending Bible school. It seemed at the time to be very farfetched, as nothing of the kind was happening in America, or was not reported anyway. In my dream I saw some downtown of a big but run-down American city, looking dreary and like so many rust-belt cities of the north whose economies have declined from losing their manufacturing, and some people in the street had yellow stars sewn on their clothes, and of course that means they are forced to identify themselves as Jews. I could tell they were a persecuted people, in America! This was unthinkable then, but I told this dream to my Bible school director, and he did not think it was impossible or he would have said so. Well, it has come to pass! Jews are being persecution across America, as well as in Britain, and of course in Europe, in France particularly. So move over Russia, America will soon be sitting right alongside you in the ranks of the anti-semitic nations! Shame on us, shame on the U.S.!

If you haven't before, go to the Anti-Semitism Center, or use this page:

"Anti-Semitism of the Church Fathers"

Prophetic Vision On-Line

Please go to the excerpt from the April Issue of "Decision" Magazine, which is an excellent word about the Resurrection, what it truly means to our lives as we live them.

Resurrection in our Lives, Excerpt from "The Greatest News Ever Heard," Message by Billy Graham

The same people who put out Midnight Call put out this small but great little magazine. You should not miss "Why Jerusalem is Jewish," by Arno Froese. The captain inside the cover is: "The Muslims claim Jerusalem as their city [calling it Al Quds]. The nations of the world desire to make it an international city. Betwen these two factions stands the Jew, who points to the book, the Bible, declaring it to be the city of the Jews."


We heartily recommend the cartoons of the Levitt Letter, which are clearly the best in the Christian and even the secular magazine world. You cannot possibly find their equal--just try! And I won't hold my breath either!--Ed.

"Cartoon Center"


To view "King of Pop," on Jews for Jesus Website


We have a ton of wonderful quizzes, but where is the time to give them to you who love quizzes? Sorry! I really mean it! I want to get those quizzes to you, so I pray God will give me an extra hour in the day somehow, just as he lengthened the day for Joshua. God shows no partiality, right? I can ask, can't I?--Ed.

"Bible Quiz Center"

Quotes Center:

Texas, in the political sense, may be right on track under the current governor's call for secession of Texas from the Federal Union's Democrat Dictatorship. Secession is a godly thing, it is always something Christians are called to be, seceders, separating themselves from the spirit of this fallen world, and living holy before God and man by God's power and Word. The opposite of Christian, is "compromiser," whereas a Christian is something the world cannot grasp rationally, a brand-new species that can be described only as "new creatures in Christ," who are "engaged seceders" and are neither born from this world nor do they take their life from it, for truly they are born in heaven and only happen to live on the earth temporarily.--Ronald Ginther

From a local Presbyterian church sign: "God is at the end of your rope"

"Yesterday I can do nothing about. Tomorrow is in God's hands. Today something good is going to happen!"--Ron Ginther

"Maybe it's time to get out of each other's hair and back into our own!"--Ron Ginther to a meddling younger sister who was giving her mother a hard time about something.

Michael Youssef, Leading the Way Ministries:

"Nothing will unite us like the Gospel."

"Obedience to the Word of God brings joy that produces fruit."

Michael A Youssef's Three Tests:

1. Do I give my full loyalty to Christ?

2. Do I love (and forgive) others like Christ loves (and forgives) me?

3. Do I live my life for Jesus, regardless the cost?

Now if those basic questions don't humble us, and put us back in need of the Lord for everything we are and do, then nothing will help us!

Emergency Help for Haiti Center:

We must not forget Haiti, as it will be a long time before the destruction is cleared away. But we must also help Chile if we can, which has just suffered an 8.8 mega-quake, with the death toll of hundreds mounting. Our own personal resources as individuals may be extreely limited, but yet our prayer resources are unlimited, are they not? If we hear of these people in distress and do nothing, not even pray as a Christian ought, then we are guilty of the sin of omission. Wait until a quake strikes us, will we receive mercy and help then? We must be merciful, to receive mercy. That is what Christ said, in the message about the Beatitudes. "Blessed are the mercy, for they shall receive mercy." Isn't that clear enough for us to do something now for Chile, and for Haiti too if we have failed to do so before, because we chose to put our own priorities and convenience first?

Samaritan's Purse, a ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, is one of the very finest Christian aid and Gospel organizations, beyond question. They send trauma units right into the midst of every disaster of war, earthquake, and tornado, and flood. They take the Gospel and emergency aid and work teams to help the victims in every way, physically and spiritually. Give to Samaritan's Purse and you don't have to wonder if every dollar isn't being used for those purposes and getting straight to the needy people. There is no delay! They are faster than any government on earth can be, faster than our own government and the armed forces. God bless Samaritan's Purse and all, the doctors, nurses, trauma counsellors, and disaster relief workers of all kinds, most of them volunteers!

"Evangelism and Church Growth Center:

"Ten Little Christians"

Ten little Christians, standing in a line,

One disliked the Preacher,

Then there were nine.

Nine little Christians stayed up very late,

One slept Sunday morning,

Then there were eight.

Eight little Christians on the road to heaven,

One took the lower road,

Then there were seven.

Seven little Christians got in a fix,

One disliked the music,

Then there were six.

Six little Christians very much alive,

But one lost her interest,

Then there were five.

Five little Christians wishing there were more,

But they quarreled with each other,

Then there were four.

Four little Christians cheerful as could be,

But one lost his temper,

Then there were three.

Three little Christians knew not what to do,

One joined a sporty crowd,

Then there were two.

Two little Christians, our rhyme is almost done,

Differed with each other,

Then there was one.

One lone Christian won his neighbor true,

Brought him with him to the Church,

Then there were two.

Two earnest Christians, each won one more,

That double their number,

So then there were four.

Four sincere Christians worked very late,

But each won another,

So then there were eight.

But nothing rhymes with 16, so we simply note that in five more rhymes there would be 1,042 Christians, which would be quite a churchfull!--Vernon Leslie Smith

Statistics show that churchgoers do not witness, they simply come to sit and associate with fellow churchgoers, then go home and pretty much act like everybody in the mainstream pagan culture. You could say they are being consistent, not with their claims, but with their lifestyle, of which church only consists of a few hours of their time a week. The rest of their time is devoted to self, the flesh, and the Devil. No wonder there is no witnessing about Jesus going on. I am convicted as well by this, as I do scarcely any witnessing person to person. It is high time I take responsibility for this, as I will face Christ one day soon and have to answer for this!

Jawbone of Judgment Center:

The ungodly are already judged by the Word of God. They await only the sentencing at the foot of the Great White Throne judgment seat. But in the meantime, grace and forgiveness is still offered to each and every one of them. We have the responsibility as Christ's disciples to bring them the Gospel faithfully, as long as we have breath in our lungs. We bring that saving Word, the Gospel, by our godly example, our Christian lives, our support of truly evangelistic, Bible-centered churches and ministries and missionaries, our love for the lost. Jesus did not come the first time to bring judgment, but truth, grace, and mercy. As He said, He did not come into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved! Yet we must serve a warning too, along with the word of grace and mercy and forgiveness in Christ, that all who reject the Gospel and die in unrepentance, will be judged and sentenced and receive the penalty for rejecting Christ's work on the Cross for them. To neglect both aspects of the Gospel is to is equally bad. Judgment and warning alone will not save anyone, it will simply anger them and drive them to oppose the Gospel of Grace in Christ all the more, and they will feel justified. I know! I have a number of cousins who rejected the Gospel, which they hear about all the time they were at home and at church services by the hundreds--why? Their parents leaned perhaps on the warning/judgemental side of the Gospel too much perhaps, but that may not be true either, it was just that the mainstream culture refused all responsibility of sin and responsibility during the 1960s when these cousins of mine were growing up to adulthood--so they conveniently blamed their godly parents and rejected the Gospel and created their own version of Woodstock and the Baby Boomer Generation Revolution, going into New Age Religion, cults, sleeping around with boyfriends and girlfriends, and the drinking, partying, marijuana crowd scene. Their lives are ruined to this day--whereas their parents went on in honor and fruitfulness and happiness, despite the grief of seeing their children struggle on in their sin and its terrible consequences of alcoholism, broken marriages and divorces, sex partner after sex partner, children born illegitimate.

There is nothing recognized as sin today in our pagan, Oprah and Dr. Phil-dominated mainstream culture. There are "problems" to be "managed" by basically "good people." The Cross is pointless, unneeded, and even hateful and evil to this thinking. The Atonement of Christ is "divine child abuse," the product of a "slaughterhouse religion." Jesus is not the only Way, Truth, and the Life. God can be anything you choose him (or her!) to be. You don't even have to have a God, as Oprah and her "friends" teach that you yourself are god, and can determine your own destiny in this life and in the next too, if there is one.

But the Word of God, the Bible, stands firm, and all this false philosophy will one day be exposed for what it is and swept away with the garbage of the whole world into the pit of hell where it will burn forever. Judgment is coming! But thank God, the door to Grace and Mercy, the free gift of salvation in Jesus, is still open and available to all who thirst and want to drink of the water of life! "Come and drink!" the Spirit calls. "Drink freely of the Water of Life, which is Jesus!" the Spirit cries out to all who have ears to hear. Is the Spirit of God calling YOU today? Answer the call, and drink! You will never regret your doing so! I regret many, many sinful years and deeds when I was not God's child, but one thing I do not regret, and will never regret, is answering the Call and drinking the Water of Life! Jesus saved me, a lost sinner, and on that day which I shall never forget, He entered my heart, with a glorious presence, and his word tells me he has never departed, and abides there still. I shall never be alone, as He now lives in me! Wouldn't you like that too? You can have Him too. Simply pray: "Jesus, forgive me of my sins. Jesus, I give my life to you. Jesus, I make you Lord of my life."

When you do that, you are instantly a child of God, and on your way to heaven, and for free! You need not do anything, or earn your way, or pay for it now or later! It is utterly free, as Christ paid the total cost of your salvation with his death and shed blood. Now tell someone what you did! That is so important! As the scripture in Romans says, For if you believe in your heart that Jesus was raised from the dead, and confess with your mouth that Jesus is your Lord, then you are saved. Christ will name you before the Father in heaven as his son or daughter. If you are ashamed and will not confess you are Christ's, then he said he would be ashamed of you! He hung naked on a cross for all the world to mock and spit at and scorn, doing it for your sake! He bore all that shame which you and I truly deserved, so how can we be ashamed of him and not confess him before people? But by all means read the Bible, let the Holy Spirit teach you daily what it means, and join a Bible-based, Bible-preaching church for the fellowship and teaching you will need to grow up as a Christian into maturity in Christ. You cannot remain "just saved." That is just the open door to a new life! Go through the door now, or you will remain just a baby, and the Devil has no trouble picking up babies and dragging them back into his kingdom of darkness. It doesn't matter how old and "experienced" you are, you are a baby when you begin your walk with God, and so you must learn and grow, and only the Bible and the Word preached at a Bible church can teach you the needful things you have to have to grow properly and mature in Christ.

In her opening address to the Episcopal Church (USA) national convention, held in Anaheim, CA this past July, 'the Most Reverend Bishop and Primate of the Episcopal Church, Dr. Katharine Jefferts Shori,' declared that personal salvation in Jesus Christ is the 'great Western heresy,' as well as a form of idolatry.

In spite of all her education, degrees and titles, Katharine Jefferts Shori is guilty of apostasy, the utter abandonment of the Christian faith.

The fact that Bishop Shori could call personal salvation in Jesus Christ 'heresy' and 'idolatry' in an address tot he official governing body of the Episcopal Church without any kind of censure or word of protest fromt he assembled delegates showws clearly that the Episcopal Church (USA) has neither the right nor the reason to be called a 'church.' Bible-believing, Christ-confessing Episcopalians should run from this apostate organization as fast as they can go.

As if to support her heretical views regarding salvation, Bishop Shori invited Emergent Church leader Brian McLaren to address the assembly on evangelism. His convoluted teachings of St. Paul only served to back up Shori's apostasies. In his presentation, McLaren defined evangelism as a call to 'to live and invite others into a radically new way of life...we see evangelism as a way of recruiting early adopters to be part of a radical new beginning for the human race."--Pastor Barnhardt, VINE AND BRANCHES, p. 8.

"This photo of me--sitting on Saddam's throne in his palace--was taken just shortly after I helped overthrow his terrorist regime.

"Looking at the mural behind Saddam's throne--nuclear missiles flying towards America--could it be any clearer that Saddam was a threat that needed to be removed?"--Hiram Lewis, U.S. Army in Iraq

"Who was Saddam Hussain: A Retrospect, an Except of "Who is Saddam Hussein," Mideast Watch, Special Report, October 1990

It isn't true what the liberal media says about Saddam Hussein, to minimize him and the threat he presented to Israel and the West; he certainly DID HAVE weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), and his Iraqi Air Force equivalent of General, Air Vice Marshall Georges Hormiz Sada, testified here in the U.S. to investigative committees in the government and also on Fox's Hannity and Colmes and other news outlets that Saddam Hussain shipped them out by air to Syria and Iran on Boeing jets when he knew the U.S. was coming forcibly to take them away.

As I recall General Sada's testimony from an interview on TV, speaking as a son of an ancient Assyrian and Christian from a community that predates the Arabs and Islam by 700 years if you just count the Christian era, Sada alone had the courage and integrity to tell the dictator the unpalatable truth to his face when he asked his opinion concerning his plan to bombard and wipe out Israel with missiles carrying chemical warheads. Nobody else would tell him the truth, whether this was going to be an all-out success or not. He had to suspect that unanimity in the staff and military boards was because they all lied to him, fearing for their lives. But were they correct, if they feared to tell him the truth when it contradicted his intentions? Saddam Hussein was not an utter fool, who believes people who are under his power and who fear for their lives if they ever once cross him. He couldn't have seized control of an entire nation without a massive amount of cunning and ambition and ego drive. No, he had all that in his portfolio plus enough Hitlerian bloodthirstiness to make him a threat not only to everyone in the Middle East but the entire world. This monster of a man knew, however, nobody's testimony under duress could be trusted, and so he needed one man to tell him the truth, so he spared General Sada's life after he told Saddam it was a foolhardy venture, bound to unleash Israel's nuclear arsenal against all of Iraq's cities. Saddam, hearing this, was stopped in his tracks, and he ordered the chemical warheads removed, though he had some of the missiles fired into Israel. This was remarkable, sparing Sada's life, since he spared no one else's who dared to contradict him. He did not shrink from killing his own family members. He killed them whenever they opposed him, and he even shot dead top government leaders with his own gun at point-blank range who crossed him in any way. Another time he called his top leaders in government, then selectively decimated their number by hauling them out and summarily executing them without trial. [This was described by a man who was present in the gathering but escaped being called out, depicted in a harrowing news program I watched.--Ed.]

Air Vice Marshal (General) Sada tried to tell our U.S. Government and President Bush the truth about Saddam Hussain's WPM's, but the politically correct, RHINO mindset that infected all top levels of the government and the Presidency and White House prevented them from believing it or taking advantage of it politically against their increasingly hostile and aggressive liberal critics in the media and in Congress. The Bush administration bent over backwards to its critics and went with the utterly stupid CIA reports--which are so blind-sided, they are a total farce in espionage. Imagine how much Saddam Hussein was laughing when he heard about those reports, which President Bush gulped down without a question, reporting afterwards to the the nation that he had been misled and mistaken about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. President Bush, wherever you are! Why can't you listen to an Assryian Christian general when he tells you the truth? Did he get anything beyond his own life when he told the truth to his former commander, Saddam Hussein? He has no agenda, he simply is an honest man. But Washington, even the White House, was so fearful and infected with liberalism by President Bush's time that they could not recognize an honest man of integrity when they saw one standing up before them, testifying at the risk of his own life that Saddam Hussein indeed had weapons of mass destruction, chemical and probably biological weapons too hidden away, then flown on top secret jet flights to storage sites in Syria and apparently also Iran. Well, we have not heard the last of this, as those weapons are still in those places, able to be used and deployed against Israel and the West. No doubt Israel knows exactly where they are, and they will strike to eliminate them, as they must do this or forever have this sword hanging over their heads.

[President Bush, whether you ever see this or not, you will find out someday you are most remiss--that you cannot recognize a true testimony from a false one, and even if you did recognize the truth, you obviously do not have the courage and integrity to make it public. No, you bowed once again to the liberal left, where a lot of your sympathies secretly lie. Your father is the same as you are, and he approved of what you do, though it ran contrary to the interests of the national security of America (and I am not even going to go into your abysmal defense of the U.S.'s southern borders!). Now, largely thanks to you and your father, we have a socialist and even Marxist, anti-American president who cares nothing for America and its national security, and is compromising our country every chance he gets, exposing us to attack by all our enemies. You will have to bear a large part of the responsibility for this!--Ed.]

Howard E. Kershner, Ph.D., writes in the Lutheran Digest, Fall 1966, how socialism is a dead end, in his article, "The Future of the Welfare State." Actually, a socialist welfare state has no future you would want for yourself and your children! See for yourself if you want what Obama and his crew proposes for America and your children:

"The Future of the Welfare State," by Howard E. Kershner, Ph.D., Lutheran Digest, Fall 1966


"Faith: A Word of Encouragement," by John M. Brown, Founder of Zion Oil and Gas Company, Dallas, Texas

"All Believers: Do you ever find yourself in a difficult situation? Then believe God, and you will see His Glory! Why? Because faith expects from God what is beyond all expectations! This doesn't mean that we lay out a plan of action for Him and then complain when He doesn't follow our plan and He chooses to meet our needs in another way. Real faith does not dictate to God a plan He must follow or His method of intervention. But faith certainly invites His act of intervention in His way and in His time and not ours. the work of an Almighty, Sovereign God is often actually dependent on our level of faith. He often acts in this world in response to faith: The prayers of faith, the obedience of faith, and the attitude of faith. To see the miracle we must "believe it" first. (Psalm 106:24)

'The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble, and He knoweth them that trust in Him.' (Nahum 1:7)"

"Thou Hast Enlarged Me," Streams in the Desert, by Mrs. Charles Cowman

"Clothes Make the Man of God," Based on Message by George Evans

"His Eye is on the Sparrow," Excerpt of Message by David Wilkerson, Pastor of Times Square Church, New York City, NY

Pastor Ron Phillips has a message on this dark time for Christians in America, when things get worse, not better. Please go to his ministry and church website for it.

Pastor Ron Phillips, Message on "What to Do when things get worse."

"The Blood of Christ," by T. L. Osborn

H. A. Meyer's book published in 1973, "The Power of the Blood" has excellent messages on the Blood of Jesus Christ and its all-conquering powers. Shed on the Cross, it still works for us in many ways, if we know this truth and apply it! We want to give you excerpts (Danish comedian Victor Borge's pronunciation makes me crack up when I write "excerpt"), so please look for it soon. The chapter "The Scarlet Thread" dealing with the Blood Token of the Scarlet Ribbon that saved Rahab's life and soul, as well as her family's, is a must to read.

Thank God for the Blood of Christ! There is a wonderful, old hymn, "Nothing but the Blood of Jesus!" Learn that song and sing it often. It will conquer every obstacle and attack of Satan. You can find it in Cyber-hymnal on the Internet. Just go to:

The Cyberhymnal (Alphabetical, with Midi Music and Lyrics Provided, as well as Histories of the Composers)

Can God take a nothing and make a somebody of him? Can God take even a slave, which is less than a nothing in society, and make a great man used of God to convert to Christ an entire depraved nation and people? Yes! God did it with this boy called Patrick! This was a boy who had no real hopes of ever becoming great or doing anything worthwhile for any country, much less Ireland the neighboring island country next to his own, Britain. You can read his thrilling story, how God turned a wayward, retrograde boy who wasn't much a Christian (as he said so himself later in his writing about his life) into a true saint and a leader able to shepherd thousands and lead them out of darkness into the glorious light and liberty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

"Irish Savior, St. Patrick, Was Foreign-Born," by Ronald Ginther

"Saint-Building Center"

"We Can Know," by Eugene V. Stime

The very wise messages of Stuart Maxwell Hawkins' will furnish one or more of the six elective subjects as they come on-line with study questions or quizzes.

Stuart Maxwell Hawkins's message, "Forgive Me," is now on-line, and will also carry Study Questions soon.

"Forgive Me," Message by Stuart Maxwell Hawkins

"As We Forgive," the Spiritual Restoration of Rwanda, After the Genocide

"Joseph Was Brought Down," How God Uses People Who Are Failures

"Joseph's Journey," by John Hagee, shows how we all are given dreams of destiny, and how God can use them to guide us through, if we don't give up on God, from the pit to the palace:

"Joseph's Journey," His Epic Story, by John Hagee, Pastor of Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, Texas, with Contact Info to obtain the 8-Video Series of Messages

"When Hope is Dead--Hope On!" by W.E. Sangster

"Life Without Limbs"

THE UNSEEN FRIEND: "When I look back I have no doubt that Providence guided us, not only across those awful wastes but across the storm-white sea. I know that during that long and racking march of thirty-six hours over the unnamed mountains and glaciers of South Georgia, it seemed to me often that we were four, not three. I said nothing to my companions, but afterwards Worsley said to me, 'Boss, I had a curious feeling on that march that there was another person with us.'"--Shackleton, famed Antarctic explorer

"TRUST" by Billy Graham:

Letter from former convict in prison to Billy Graham: "Dear Dr. Graham: Recently I was released from prison, and it has been really hard on me. My biggest problem is that I became a Christian and committed my life to Jesus while I was in prison--but now no one believes me. I guess I can understand that, but they believe I am still the old person I once was and some of my family don't even want anything to do with me. How can I convince them that I have really changed?--K.Y.

"Dear K.Y.: In all likelihood they will not believe what you say, no matter how persuasive you try to be. It is basically a question of trust, and in the past you have probably given them little reason to trust your words. The Bible says, 'The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in men who are truthful' (Proverbs 12:22). The same could be said of most people; we are naturally suspicious of an untrustworthy person.

"What will persuade them? The most convincing argument will be your life--showing by the way you act and live that Jesus Christ has truly changed you from within. Jesus said, 'let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven' (Matthew 5:16). This means not only that you stay out of trouble in the future, but that your life begins to demonstrate the love and purity of Christ. 'You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self...and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness' (Ephesians 4:22,24).

"Avoid places and people who will try to turn you away from Christ. Instead, get in a church where Christ is preached and where you can grow in your relationship with Christ. Then pray for your family. In God's time they will come to see the change in your life and receive you back--and perhaps come to Christ themselves."


The U.S. Census Bureau has sent a census form to you to fill out by this time, as to who and the number of "who's" are living in living under a particular roof at your address, which is fair and legitimate, but after reading it I am convinced it is not an innocent census. It asks an unconstitutional thing government, particularly the U.S. Government, has no right or Constitutional right to ask. I cannot rephrase or stress the constitutional issue enough. It is asking what RACE you and I are and to declare it on the census form. This seems innocent enough, but on a census form how can it do this? Constitutionally, this cannot be asked, or if it is asked, we should not give them the answer, for it is NONE OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT'S BUSINESS! The Constitution of the United States, as written and amended, is color blind. It is not a case of "supposed to be color blind," or even "maybe color blind," it is color blind! It recognizes no color of citizen. It recognizes no race of American citizen. It only recognizes the citizen as American born in the United States and guarantees his or her inalienable rights endowed to him and her by the Creator. That is what it says, along with the Bill of Rights and the Amendments to the Constitution. A Color Blind, Non-Racist Constitution is what we have right from it was voted on and ratified by all the states of the Union! That is the document we have, and can claim as our heritage and our guiding document for this nation and its laws governing all of us. No legislature and no Federal Government in Washington is above the Consitution and Bill of Rights, nor is any judge in any court you name above the Constitution. The courts may decide constitutionality of laws and bills passed by state legislatures and the Congress, and the Supreme Court can even overturn decisions by lower courts, but the the Constitution is above every established government and court--they are ALL bound by it. They all are issued or denied authority by it, they are all bound to uphold it and not go beyond it in any way.

The U.S. Census of 2010 goes beyond the Constitution, plainly, shamelessly, trying to find out your race and my race so it can apportion social service benefits, free health care, amnesty for illegals, etc. to the particular groups and races the Democrat Party has targeted to enlist in its eternal support. The White House is part and parcel of this unconstitutional scheme.

I like what Russ Limbaugh has suggested, that where the blank says "Other" for you to check, check that when it asks for race, and write "AMERICAN" in the block letters below. Do not check or enter any race or ethnicity, which is not constitutional for the Census Bureau to ask or demand. But check "Other" then write "AMERICAN" as to what you are as a race. "AMERICAN" is the only race the U.S. Constitution recognizes and accepts and legitimizes for true U.S. Citizens. "AMERICAN" is the only "color" our color blind U.S. Constitution recognizes. No race, no color, no creed, can be put down and be Constitutional. I followed Russ's suggestion gladly, as I have chosen to stand on the Constitution and the rights it has delineated, which my Creator God has originally bequeathed me, as no man created them, no government has given them to me. What a government gives, it can and will take away sooner or later! So, Citizen, stand on your Constitution as the bedrock of your freedoms, stand up for them now, or they (the foes of our rights and freedoms under the Constitution and our Creator) will enslave you, as surely as the sun rises in the morning and the moon rises at night and Happy Donuts opens its doors at 5:30 a.m.

On this issue and many others today, our Christianity's "rubber" hits the road, does it not? We have been forced into a corner by this Census, and we must declare for the truth we know of the Bible and the Bible. It cannot be avoided, this test of our convictions.

Psalm 20 is but one of many great, comforting psalms for us to read and take to heart in this distressing time. David, who composed many of them on the run from his enemy, King Saul-- who had become a tyrant and was actively using all the powers of state to find, subdue, imprison and execute the innocent David for doing absolutely nothing against him. God Almighty will fight for us against these unjust, relentless forces of tyranny, darkness, and destruction that have seized control or our once free nation at the very top and are now trying to divide us racially so they can continue their objective of dividing Americans up into government-dependent, and therefore controllable minorities.

"Psalm 20:

May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble; may the name of the God of Jacob defend you;

May He send you help; from the sanctuary, and strengthen you out of Zion.

May he remember all your offerings, and accept your burnt sacrifice. Selah.

May He grant you according to your heart's desire, and fulfill all your purpose.

We will rejoice in your salvation, and in the name of our God we will set up our banners! May the Lord fulfill all your petitions.

Now I know that the Lord saves His anointed; He will answer him from His holy heaven with the saving strength of His right hand.

Some trust in chariots, and some in horses; but we will remember the name of the Lord our God.

They have bowed down and fallen, but we have risen and STAND UPRIGHT [our emphasis--Ed].

Save, Lord! May the King answer us when we call."

The U.S. Federal Government and the White House are hiring something like a million census takers with our tax money to pay for them. It will probably be the most expensive census in the history of the world, if the Obama's track record holds true for its performance. So when the Government "Census takers" call, as they threaten to do if they find gaps on your form or anything they do not like, we can as Christians call on the Lord, and He will give us the words to say to these misguided people who are serving a racist agenda while thinking they are serving their country. The U.S. Census poop sheet also threatens us with a $5,000 fine. But know that God is still in charge, despite their threats of retaliation if we refuse to give any information above our name, telephone number, and number of people and their names at our address. Anything else is unconstitutional, and it will not stand before the Court of the Lord, nor will it stand in a free and open trial in the courts that follow the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Perhaps a kangeroos court will find us guilty, but that is the risk I choose to take, as God is my ultimate judge, not man. We can stand upright on God's Word, and He has promised to defend us, no matter who comes against us to force us into slavery to them.

Regarding the present crisis in the Illegal, Unconstitutional Health Care Takeover by the Democrat-ruled Federal Government in Washington: I was once in a freak hurricane, that nearly flattened the small town of Enumclaw in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. The jet stream (which features a river of wind traveling at 600 miles an hour or so, which airliners like to ride to save gas on the over-the- North Pole flights, somehow "misfired" and jetted down on this particular former logging town, and for three days held it under siege and was blowing it to pieces, knocking down trees, barns, tearing off roofs, and doing all this with freezing temperatures. After about three days, with total disaster threatening, it withdrew, and the townspeople, all who had not fled away, crept out of hiding to look at the damage everywhere they looked. It was a "freak" of nature, it was thought, and gained national coverage. But that was the natural sight, natural mind operating, misinterpreting as usual! After it had begun, and the house plants were freezing in the windows of the apartment where I lived, I anxiously called my mother in Puyallup about fifteen miles away to say I was coming to dinner with her and the others at a brother's in the same valley town, and that we were experiencing a hurricane up where I was in the foothills. She didn't quite grasp what I meant at first, but I described as fast as I could the freezing up of the apartment, the plants dying, and my rush to grab some clothes and get out before the roads were all blocked by trees and fallen power lines. She then "got it" and began speaking like a prophetess of the Bible, and I recall she said it was God's judgment on pride! I didn't think it applied to me, but the people around me as it was a town of old, strongly entrenched families with long-established reputations and social standing and churches that probably reflected those same attitudes of superiority, since the same people ran those churches and sat in the pews. But it probably meant me too, as I was mired in a church at the time that thought itself superior to all the other churches and had the only truth worthy of the word, Christian.

Now, as I have prayed much about this current crisis in American history, which is really spiritual at bottom, I dreamed one thing that seemed significant last night. I saw myself in a room that was quite like one you would be hiding in with a hurricane going on. It was shuttered down, with no views out, and a hurricane of wind and rain was blasting every inch of the exterior. Nothing was getting in yet, but there was no sign of it abating, and it was a full-scale hurricane going on. Isn't that a good picture of what is going on this very minute, and has been going on for hours, if not weeks, and months too? This is a spiritual battle, and we Christians are besieged by a satanic typhoon or hurricane right off the sea, just like the residents of Louisiana, Mississippi and other Gulf States were during the hurricane season that nearly wiped New Orleans off the map. But what will be the outcome of this hurricane of evil presently sweeping upon us from all sides? When will it end? Will we be swept away, the little refuge we have fled into, broken apart, so that we are hurled out into the storm and then swept away? I am assured that God will rescue us, even when it seems most hopeless and that we are certainly doomed.

I already had a vision before this little dream last night that showed the Lord calming the storm, with a simple prayer pulled out of my chest the moment I cried it, and hurled like a thunderbolt into the teeth of the titanic storm or two hurricanes I saw in the vision that were threatening a struggling group of people caught on a tiny land bridge between two raging seas. The thunderbolt of prayer energized by the Lord God calmed the storm, it withdrew on both sides, like lions withdrawing their outstretched claws, back, back, back, and in the vision I was relieved to see the people would now be saved from what had just the moment before was clearly utter disaster for them.

How will this happen? I do not know. But I know it will happen! This is the only vision I can unreservedly call a vision that I have had in my entire life, and it did not compare to the dreams, it was so vast and powerful in scope, it was far beyond any dream's effect. The supernatural taking of my little prayer, "Don't let them die!"--that was totally unexpected. I didn't know I was going to cry out like that as I lay on my bed, gripped by this vision of the two raging seas and barely visible between them the little band of people struggling to cross a tiny rocky bit of land just above water line. Last of all, the way the little outcry of a prayer was seized and plucked right out of my chest, then hurled like a most powerful arrow or missile right into the midst of the two hurricanes--that was even more amazing. Finally, the way the hurricanes stopped advancing from that very instant, withdrawing back from those people on both sides simultaneously-- well, it was unforgettable. It was so frightening yet conveyed a most reassuring message to me--that despite how bleak things will truly get for Christians here in America, God will intervene, and take a simple prayer, from you, from me, from some little grandmother in the Ozarks or a nursing home in California, and and stop the mouths of lions that are looming over us to devour us. So let us take heart! We are not going to be devoured, though it seems right now we are being devoured by the tyrants in Washington. God will pluck us out of their jaws, and muzzle the jaws of the lions and drag them away to their cages. God will do it, as it is impossible for us to save ourselves from them, we simply do not have the power, and their power is humanly unstoppable. But God is Almighty God--He can and will do it!,/h3>

See above my response to the immense power and money grab by the U.S. Congress Democrats and the White House and Presidente Obama. I have a good verse from God's Word for these corrupt leaders squatting in Congressional and White House seats where they do not deserve to be: "Our God is the God of salvation; and to God the Lord belong escapes from death. But God will wound the head of His enemies, the hairy scalp of the one who still goes on in his trespasses."--Psalm 68: 20-21.

The mills of God, it is said, grind slowly, but they will grind these corrupt usurpers of our freedoms, liberties, and livehoods to powder! And we shall escape from their evil clutches.

You don't have to imagine anything, this is reality: they have forced on us a country that uses tax money to provide universal abortion on demand, so that immense profits can be made by Planned Parenthood from the slaughter of children in the womb and also the harvesting of their organs! In other words, they and Planned Parenthood are in thievish collusion, a nation-wide racketering scheme, to defraud Christians of their own money and then use it to fund infanticide for profits, which Christians, who revere life and uphold its God-imaged sanctity, abhor with all their hearts! They pass laws which "legalize" genocide and racketeering they are committing, and expect that Almighty God will either look aside or is powerless to do anything to stop it, since they count themselves Almighty in his place, after having thrown God out of the public sphere also by their laws and liberal Supreme Court rulings.

The other crimes and usurpations and trashings of the U.S. Consitution and the Bill of Rights are too numerous to reiterate. The Health Care takeover is the latest of the unconstitutional acts of this renegade, runaway Congress. A pox on this godless cesspool of corruption and oppression, from God's own hand! I don't have to do anything but pray to God about these wicked oppressors, and God will do what God will do, in His time and way, perfectly, and they shall not escape unless they repent of their sins and crimes. They will not escape His dealings, in any case. Not one of them will escape Him. We all have to do with the Almighty God, and we will all account for our deeds done in this flesh. We will answer to Him, we will account for our actions good or bad, and will be covered by His blood, or suffer the consequences of sinning without Christ's blood to wash them away and cover them before the holy eye of the Judge of the Universe. I feel sorry for all the Democrats who voted for the Health Care abomination, and feel pity for them. Their days are number, their crimes are recorded in books in heaven by recording angels, and the Almighty God has a day set for judging each and every one of these defiant, arrogant, proud, anti-God Congressmen and Congresswomen, including the President, Barack Obama and his wife and all his staff in the White House and his supporters in the Democrat Party. There are Republicans too in his camp, and they too will bear the same responsibility for this abomination and crime.

ON THE EVE OF THE DISHONEST MANEUVERING IN CONGRESS TO PASS THE HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY TAKEOVER BY GOVERNMENT: We are at the crossroads, America and fellow Americans and all Christians among you! Hear ye the word of the Lord, "Choose ye this day Whom you shall serve! Cast down your idols, you know what they are, I need not name these filthy things to you, for your hands are dirty with handling them, and your hearts are filthy making love to them! Cast them away from you now, at once, before I turn and rend you. You are at the crossroads, choose Me, your loving, saving, healing, restoring God, or choose the god of this world and all his tantalizing, seducing, defiling follies and thrills and deceptions. Choose! If you do not choose me, delay another minute, you have chosen, you have kept the god of his world as your master and abandoned Me, the Only True God, full of mercy, kindness, and forgiveness for you if you would turn back to me. You have chosen destruction and disgrace forever, if you do not choose Me! I have given you a thousand thousand chances and times and opportunities to choose me and return to my path of life that leades to eternal communion with me in heaven. The ground behind you is littered with the opportunities and calls from me and My Word that you have crumpled up in your hand, and spurned in your hard, busy, self-preoccupied hearts, and then cast behind you like waste paper! Look around--don't you see all my calls, which you threw away as worthless? They will testify against you at the Judgment! Yet you have this moment, I have given you out of mercy and grace alone. Use it and be saved, turn back to Me, the Living Way, and escape death and destruction. Your nation is set to destroy itself, with your Congress voting for a devious plan to destroy your freedom, and make you all slaves of the state power, all except those who will rule you as your masters. They will be my whip on your backs, if you choose to go on as you have gone--and ignore my summons to return to Me now, before it is too late. This is the call from Me, make no mistake about it. Check the scriptures--do not thousands of verses call You in the same way? They do! The Word I have given is always true and pertains to you in these latter days, and will you heed it? Heed My Word, heed my Call! Return to me, my People who call themselves by my name Christ."


We have fanatics, jehadists in nutrition today both in secular venues and on Christian TV networks. They preach virtually the same false gospel, only the "Christian" one purports to be scripture-based and except for principles that are available to every Bible reader, they are not sufficient to establish a gospel, which is what they have been commonly used to do by the nutrition jehadists. It is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ they are promoting, but to listen to them you would think so! They base their whole lives and ministries on their nutritionist theories and findings, do they not? But what really is the base for their preaching? It is fear, and the scriptures say, "For God hath not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and a sound mind." Fear of death, fear of cancer, is the engine driving this false gospel. I don't care who endorses this false gospel, it isn't validated by what men, even great men of God, say on its behalf. Only the Bible validates anything, and God has not validated anything but Christ Crucified, as Paul affirmed for the whole early and latter Church. That Gosepl is the only true Gospel, not what these Doctors of Nutrition proclaim and preach. It is high time for them to be reined in. They are far too pervasive and influential. Yes, it is plainly true the American diet is in many ways terrible for us (since young and old are urbanized and sedentary and do not get the needed exercise anymore), we all should know it by this time. But we don't need these food nags to drive us with their fear tactics into their corner where we sit in a huddle and have to listen to them rant and rave about all sorts of ways to avoid bad stuff, the Bible is as always our sole guide and counsel, and the Holy Spirit answers our call for wisdom and guidance and instructs us in these matters, so there is no need for these food nags or nutrition jehadists who have agendas that are self-seeking. They will spread their net of bondage over us, while proclaiming they have the answer to health and welfare. They are out to capture human souls and enslave them for their own benefit. I don't want any bondage, I want the freedom of Christ, along with good health. Exercise, moderation in all things I eat, and less fat, less overcooked things, less starch, less meat in general, more grains and vegetables and leafy salads and good dairy products and some eggs too, that is the Bible way to go. We don't have to become health jehadists like them and be fear-driven and consumed by the god of fear, Satan, who is behind all this nutrition gospel.

"Moderation in All Things is God's Plan for Us," by Ronald Ginther

Who is riding whom?

I rode this elephant at a fair, but that was because it was a well trained elephant, not a wild beast beyond control. I would have been grabbed by that trunk and smashed to bits beneath those feet if I had tried to ride this immensely powerful beast (it is a lot bigger than any car or SUV, is it not?), and it turned out to be a wild one. So too with SELF, it is an elephant that grows up in each one of us. It is immense, and is so powerful it is in charge of our lives. Who is stronger? Only Christ is stronger. Without Christ, this elephant of self rides you. Imagine that, what that must look like--an elephant riding you, perched on your shoulders somehow as you stagger along life's pathway, doing whatever the elephant wants, getting it whatever food it wants, when it wants it, and going wherever the elephant directs. That is the true picture of every uncrucified self, every person who has not obeyed Christ and taken up his cross and followed the Lord as he commanded each disciple of his to do. Eventually, the elephant will get tired of you too, and turn on you and trample you to bits. It is just a matter of time, for self is self-destructive, it will destroy every person who never gets control of it through Christ. Self will kill you, the host, with all sorts of things--materialism, greed, drugs, pleasure seeking, sex, power lust, careerism, gossip, bitterness and unforgiveness, anger, all sorts of sins. Self is a wild elephant, untamed, and so powerful that you can't stop its rampages. A rogue elephant will kill many people until it is shot dead by an expert marksman who has a lot of courage. So too with runaway selves--look at the rampages we read about in the papers or see featured on TV news-- the killing rampages, the sex rampages, the power plays in Congress, the bribery, scandals, government corruption, scams, and plots that go on ceaselessly in the public eye, all because self is out to get whatever it wants, when it wants, regardless of everyone else. Tiger Woods--just another self on the rampage without restraint. Poor, aptly named Tiger! But really, the answer is right there, all the time waiting for him in the Bible, in which Christ says: "Deny your self, and follow me, and take up your cross!" If he would do that, if you would do that, if I would do that, self is tamed at last, and not only tamed, but put to death on the cross, daily, and we can live new lives, free at last of the elephant of self, and free as God designed us to be. Free at last! Wonderful! That is what God offers us all, if we are willing to let our self be tamed and crucified and denied. If we are willing... Until then, the elephant rides us, and we are its slave.

The Anti-Christ was pictured thusly in the medieval ages, a man riding the sea-monster, Leviathan, and there is some truth to this fanciful potrayal, for the coming Anti-Christ will ride a governmental leviathan, a brutal, godless, sophisticated, rich, powerful world-empire he has cobbled together with sheer charm of personality, plus cunning and the most skillful diplomacy, as well as the aid of Satan himself who is the chief power standing behind this wicked world dictator.

You won't be able to identify him by his looks, however. He will probably be very handsome, or at least have a most winning, attractive personality and impressive speaking voice. His chief trait may be persuasiveness, with his overwhelming arrogance and pride remaining hidden for the most part along with his brutal, beastlike cruelty of nature. He will be able to smile and talk and persuade beyond anyone else on earth. People will be won over who were formerly very skeptical, even the very elect of God will be duped and deceived into climbing onto his bandwagon. Many well-known Christian leaders and even evangelicals today are being duped and deceived by the world's antichrist spirit and giving their support to all sorts of ungodly programs, leaders, and agendas, so it will happen with the Anti-Christ, only moreso. If it is happening so already, it will be bound to get much worse during his reign.

A thing to beware of: waiting for him to appear to reject him. If we are living crossless, without denying ourselves, playing games with God, holding a form of Christianity but denying the powerr of, living in known, conscious sin in our lives, waiting until latter, "a more convenient time," to repent of it, "pressing the perimeters" a bit more so we can indulge sin while expecting grace to cover us (depending on "once saved, always saved"), well, we are set-ups to be devoured by this Anti-Christ beast when he comes. How so? We are already dupes, deceived, and devoured by the world spirit, the god of this world, while thinking we are safe, we are born again Christians on our way to heaven, no matter what sin we cultivate and indulge here and now. There will be no later chance to turn back, better not count on it! Now is the only safe time to repent and live right, not later. Later is later, and too late! We will be lost then, be assured, friend, if we are not living right now under the shadow of the Cross of Jesus. Millions of saved, born again Christians will not be going to heaven, because they are presently playing games with their souls and with God now, thinking that grace covers all they say and do that is sin. How does the Bible speak of that kind of life? It says to stop! STOP IMMEDIATELY! Turn back to Christ your Savior, repent, change your ways, or suffer the consequences. Oh, consequences may not appear right away if you don't, you may even enjoy life as you have chosen to live it for a while more, even years more perhaps if the Lord tarries, but make no mistake, the devil has you, and he will draw you in when it is time for his Anti-Christ to make an appearance. You will find yourself serving the Anti-Christ, with the mark of the Beast on your forehead too, and then wonder how in the world you had fallen for this fate. Well, it is all because you chose it way back now, when you had a chance to repent, turn from your sin, and ask Christ's forgiveness. It is so simple, how to remain in the saving power of grace--ask forgiveness, plead for power to walk aright, and God will help you. Until that, you will continue sliding toward the abyss, continue sliding into the kingdom of the devil and the Anti-Christ while looking like you are just fine as a Christian to most everyone's eye and estimation. Stop and sober up, get right with God now, for now is the only time you really have to get back on track with God, friend.

As for Robert Kennedy's assassination, if Gordon Lindsay of Christ for the Nations, its late founder, is correct, he will set the record straight on at least one Kennedy's tragic end, and it dovetails with all I have said previously about the Islamic conspiracy (which does not derive from individuals so much as from Islam and the Koran as they impact individuals who adher to the post-Meccan teachings of Mohammed in the Koran).

In his "Report from Israel" letter to partners of July 1968, Lindsay wrote:

"I have just returned from Israel to receive the startling news of an event that may have profound influence on the developments in the Mideast--the tragic assassination of Senator Robert Kennedy. On Saturday night before his death, he and Senator McCarthy spoke on a national network; and Senator Kennedy made the remark that the U.S. should stand back of Israel's right to live. A young man who heard this remark was an Arab from East Jerusalem by the name of Sirhan Sirhan. Arabs, as a whole, are law abiding people, but few like this young man are inflamed with hate [where was he inspired to hate? --the Koran is full of hate for Jews and Christians, when you go past the kinder surahs of Mohammed's Mecca period to the later surahs of Medina which supersede them, according to Dr. Mark Gabriel, the former iman and Koranic scholar from Cairo].

Watching his opportunity to avenge the loss of the 6-day war on its first anniversary [Muslim terrorists always seem to pick significant anniversary dates, do they not?] (June 5), he crept into the hotel where Robert Kennedy was making a victory speech and opened fire, killing the Senator and wounding several others. This event has deep significance. In Sirhan's pockets were found statements reflecting his devotion to Communism and his hatred of Israel."

Darwin should have been under a doctor's care for his mental disorders. He was a man with psychological or neuroses, which may have contributed to his sorry performance as a naturalist. The anti-God religious component, so prominent in him and no doubt adding to his instability of mind and emotions, also was crucial to his future career. He had been Christian but threw away his faith (this was commonly done by the skeptical, young intellectuals of 19th century Britain, as developing science seemed to disprove the Bible and its claims with evidence). They called the Bible and its claims "rot." Some rot, and it was in those young, arrogant fools, not the Bible! A shipwrecked faith can lead to a shipwrecked life, with havoc spreading throughout society, as the misdirected talents and intelligence of the apostate are directed at establishing a new secular world-view or philosophical system that runs completely contrary to the Bible and Christian beliefs. So he was not typical. Read Tennyson--he remained a Christian but was deeply troubled by the "new" science of the 19th century. How could he reconcile what it was revealing with the historic Christian faith that was the bedrock of his life, even from youth. His wonderful IN MEMORIAM, a 17-year composed tribute to Arthur Hallam his dearest friend who died young, concerns in part this spiritual struggle Alfred Tennyson (Britain's poet laureate for many years) experienced. Tennyson did not throw away his faith, but held it despite what science was claiming to be fact, yet others were not so firmly founded, and fell away, turning to agnosticism, atheism, nihilism, anarchism, socialism, communism, and other political and philosophical systems that seemingly provided an alternative to Christianity. This is background for understanding what Charles Darwin eventually did, is it not? Late, on his deathbed, he deeply regretted the folly of his youth in trashing his Christian faith like he did. That one foolish act of unbelief produced his ORIGIN OF SPECIES tractate, and Evolutionary Theory was launched, with global repercussions. He knew that this theory was unfounded, did not have sufficient evidence to prove it, and said so, but he could not call back the demon into the box once it was loosed. So Charles Darwin is a tragic figure, not just the butt of ridicule. He is worshiped as a god by secularists today in our society and our schools, but he is really tragic. His supporters today have brainwashed millions of school children and are still brainwashing millions in the universities, where they ought to know better, since the latest science is disproving Darwinism every hour. You can deny the true evidence only so long. But in the meantime, millions are misled down the path to their destruction. The damage is being done, and few of these Evolution-brainwashed students will know the truth of the Gospel and the Bible as a consequence. That is what Darwin suspected was happening back in Britain in the 19th century. He knew the effect his theory was having on society and people everywhere, and he was increasingly disturbed and unhappy about it. But he couldn't stop it, though he must have wanted to. Perhaps, he lacked the courage to declare to the world he was mistaken or wrong. God knows. You won't hear in the schools and universities about his deep reservations about Evolution, expressed on his deathbed to Lady Hope, wife of the First Admiral of the British Fleet. It is a religion that has been concocted on this spurious theory, and too many careers, reputations, and books have been roduced in support of it. The espousers of Evolutionary theory do not want to acknowledge their error and all they have done go up in smoke! You and I can understand that, but surely their professional integrity is lacking, if they deny the evidence and the facts in order to hold to a highly questionable theory that even the creator of it was very doubtful and regretful about it right to the end of his life. Bad money, it is said, drives out the good money eventually. So too with ideas. This very bad idea, evolution, has virtually drive the Bible and its truths and the Christian world-view from all of our social structure and institutions. We are being destroyed, root and branch, as a nation. We are living in a divinely produced CREATION, not an EVOLVED UNIVERSE. Be cautious about the Big Bang Theory too--after all, none of its proponents were on the scene when it supposedly happened! They don't have conclusive evidence, and cannot have it, since God created the Universe, we know from the revelation of the Bible God gave us in Genesis. Did he create by a Big Bang--some Christians think so. But it couldn't be--for we know what big bangs, or explosions, produce: a junkyard. This Universe is orderly, so finely tuned that it can harbor a planet like Earth teeming with life and also human beings. A big bang could somehow produce this? THAT SEEMS ABSOLUTELY ABSURD AND IS ABSURD. WHY GET ON THE BIG BANG BANDWAGON THEN, AS THE GENESIS ACCOUNT IS A FAR BETTER EXPLANTION: GOD CREATED THE UNIVERSE BY FIAT, BY HIS UTTERED WORD.

Mentally disturbed for many years of his adult life, we see the sad result of his theorizing, which he later regretted, as he said so himself to Lady Hope come to see to his soul's needs as he lay on his deathbed. Darwin's legacy is death and destruction, but evolutionists and Darwinians are celebrating the 200th anniversary of his birthday (a dark day, indeed!), and the 150th anniversary of his most famous piece of garbage, "On the Origin of the Species."

Thank God our Creator that there are some film producers with the intellectual honest and the courage and the money who are producing films that question Darwin and his spurious theory. "Creation" was released in September in London. Another anti-Darwin film is "The Mysterious Islands," after the unique Galapagos Islands that inspired Darwin and form the basis of his fanatic adherents' evolutionary faith. Going right to the source of this folly, the Birmingham, Alabama Erwin Brothers filmmakers took their equipment and crews to the volcanic islands with all their bizarre animals and fish off the coast of Ecuador to film the very scenes and species that Darwin used as proofs for his theory. Executive producer Doug Phillips took a team of scientists to determine whether the place is an exhibit for evolution or divine creation. They photographed white-tip sharks, salt-spitting lizards, blue-footed boobies and flightless cormorants, and of course those darn, little finches that Darwin made so much about, only, lo and behold, these world-class scientists reached different conclusions than (in today's standards of science) poorly trained Darwin the 19th century naturalist; "Darwin thought that all life evolved from simple organisms like seashells, and that he knew the scientific mechanisms by which they did so. The film argued that new kinds of animals are not formed through mutation nor the passing of millions of years but that information stored in animals' genes--by God--allows them to adapt to different circumstances."--Excerpts of Julia Duin's "Stairway to Heaven" article, "'Mysterious' Puts Darwin on Trial," The Washington Times, Monday, December 28, 2009.

What the homosexuals claim they are after is really clandestine and sinister, and usually the opposite of what they are seeking publicly. Be advised about the existence of this subsurface agenda: like the iceberg's immense, hidden base, it is lurking beneath the water, and is deadly, and will most certainly destroy any society that blunders against it. If the homosexuals get complete upper hand over us all, we don't have a ghost of a chance to escape anihilation, any more than the Sodomites did when God said, "Enough is enough!" and unleashed hellfire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah.

Pledging Allegiance to the United States of America by school children in public school classes may soon become a thing of the past, if the ACLU has its way with the Christian founded (!) public school system in America. They hate it with all the animus in their shriveled hearts, particularly because it bears the phrase: "one Nation under God" in it. They also hate it with the spite of demons because it has children pledge allegiance to this nation. President Obama hates it just as much. He would much rather have the pledge modified, so that they pledge allegiance to the United Nations, or a nation under the authority of the United Nations. The U.S. flag, if shown at all in the classroom, will have a noticeably larger United Nations flag standing by it, so these impressionable young minds get the point he wants them to get: we are subservient to the world community, not a sovereign nation in our own right, and patriotism is no longer operative and viable, since we are in his view all citizens of the world, a term he applied to himself in the infamous Berlin speech.

If you haven't read the political science books or the Communist Manifesto or its offspring, the Democrat Party platform, or do-nothing Obama's two fabricated "memoirs," or even Karl Marx's doctrine of devils, DAS KAPITAL, don't think you need to. Just look at this, and you will understand immediately what socialism (and its later, terminal stage, full-blown communism) is all about:

Whatever the socially attractive window dressing the misnomered "Democrats" put on their power grabs, the hidden objective is always the same thing: absolute power. But they have forgotten one thing, as Lord Acton pointed out, that power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely. But even if some of them remember his true principle, they seek total control anyway--since they are intoxicated slaves of the god of this world, whose kingdom is built upon force and slavery. But only God has total control, and even Satan is a defeated foe (defeated the atoning Cross-work of Christ) and so they are seeking to supplant God Almighty, which means their enterprise can only fail absymally. They will continue on until they are destroyed by the hand of God. The Bible details their destruction, does it not? They ought to read the Bible and take it seriously, for it is their only hope of escape from a certain, soon-to-materialize doom.

"Modernism in the Church: The Enemy Within," Excerpt of the Chapter, "Toward Tomorrow's Church, from the book, "Faces Toward God," by N.M. Ylvisaker, 1936

"Good Without God," Chapter VII, by W. E. Sangster

"Hanukkah and Anti-Christ"

"Laying a Firm Foundation, by Chet Plimpton

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