"A Letter from Twilah," "And the Light Shineth in Darkness," Part II


Deception Damns

There is a master mind working among men such evil. The anti-christ spirit has invaded every area of life in America [something we at the Emmaus Walk have been saying for some weeks now, before we even saw this article by Dr. Twilah Fox--Ed]. The public schools have seen first, the removal of prayer, then the ten commandments, then the Bible and all Christian references, e.g. Christmas plays, etc. New age practices have replaced Christianity. So called counselors practice armchair psychological games on groups of school children. They introduce guided imagery and fantasy games which open young minds to demonic influence. Morals and time-tested Biblical values have been replaced by whatever the children decide is okay. There is no longer any black or white, right or wrong, good or evil, they call it "values clarification." But children, in their immaturity, are not qualified to decided what is best for them. They must be taught, else scripture would not say, "train up a child in the way he should go..."

Recently I was called to see a 14 year old girl who had just been released the week before from a large Catholic hospital where she had been a patient on the psych ward for one month. Her problem? Bulimia. She was not one b it better for all her high priced "intensive therapy." She knew all the analytical jargon and the psycho-dynamics of her case, but she was no better for all of it. She was adept at vomiting her food before it could move from her stomach into the small intestine, thus she was starving. She was a Christian, a weak one and a baby, certainly undisciplined. She was told by her counselors to pay no attention to Christian teachings about the devil and demonas as influencing anything. The now popular 12 step program derived from AA was used freely. The young patients on this adolescent unit were told "anything" could become their "higher power." Her friend chose her cat and another friend chose the paper upon which she had written down the qualities she would like her god to possess. The one prayed therefore to her cat and the other to her paper. And this, dear friends, is a "Christian" hospital!

By the way, this 12 step program used in AA sounds good but in my books (and the Lord's) they strike out right at the beginning. There is only one higher power and His name is the Lord God Jehovah! There is one way to Him, and that is by Jesus Christ alone; He said, "no man cometh tot he Father but by Me." (John 14:6)

How many millions have been misled by this system which is humanist to the core and arrived at by two men who have been passed off as Christians but are not? The facts are (by their own writings) they were spiritists who practiced seances and openly admit a spirit guide gave them the twelve steps. This system was born of occultism!

Drs. Martin and Dierdre Bobgan, true Christians, each with a Ph.D in psychology have written much on this subject and quoted exactly these two men from their own biographies. Though the program may lead some to sobriety, AA has become their "fix." It has become their god, their Church. Yet, it cannot redeem them, nor make "new creatures" of them, nor deliver them, nor take them to heaven. It has its own bondage, its own language. It has exalted itself above the Bible and the true Church of Jesus Christ, doctors of medicine and even psychology. Psychiatry has even bowed its knee, trusting AA has answers it lacks.

Crime became rampant as larger numbers became unable or unwilling to work [under the economic plans and policies of President Barak Obama, people who are recently unemployed are claiming it as a viable vocation, priding themselves in it, while seeking government aid to support them in exchange for their own self respect and individual responsibility!--Ed]. Slums of London festered in a "maze of allies" overshadowed by an unwholesome vapor, cloaking "dirty tumbled-down houses with windows patched with rags and blackened paper, with airless courtyards crowded with quarrelling women and half naked children wallowing in pools and kennels." To check the rising crime, 160 offenses became punishable by death and "hanging became a gallow event" with a boisterous crowd making merry around the gallows.

My friend, can you not see America is overcome by alcohol and drugs? She is fast becoming a nation living on welfare [accelerated by Presidents, Lyndon B. Johnson, Kennedy, Clinton, and particularly now by Barak Obama!] supported by the diminishing ranks fo those who will still work. Our streets teem with thousands of homeless. Our prisons also are overcrowded though not yet as bad as England's in those days.

In England's prisons, there huddled together, the young with the old, first offenders alongside hardened criminals [I once watched a video taken secretly in prison showing a hardened "lifer" serial killer of young college women telling a younger convict how to strangle women!--Ed]. Children went along with jailed mothers as no one slse cared for them. Knaresborough jail was one large room, dirt floor, no heat and an open sewer running through it, uncovered. An officer assigned there took a dog to defend himself from the vermin, but the dog was soon destroyed.

Society circles engaged in gambling and enjoyed the obscenity of the stage. In the USA thousands of our tax dollars support the NEA (National Endowment of the Arts) with its artists who paint such blasphemous pictures as a crucifix immersed in a beaker of urine. Actors appearing in the nude engage in homosexual and lesbian activities, "live," on stage, in our nation's capital and leading cities.

By 1723, England's press was described as "monsters of irreligion and profaneness of heresy and schism, of sedition and scandal...of obscenity and ribaldry void of shame...debauching the principles of the age...propagating their poison to posterity."

Brethren of 1992 [and 2009!], the press is still the same [but grown much worse from 1992], only more sophisticated. In America we have completely removed the Ten Commandments while back then, Parliament was preparing a bill to remove the word "NOT" from the "thou shalt not's" in order to make them more harmonious with the times. The parallel between then and now is appalling.

But take heart, for it was into such a nation the Lord burst forth in all His glory. Amid such dark degradation "England was startled by the sound of a voice." Twenty-two year old George Whitefield came like a John the Baptist "declaring the Gospel in the pulpits of London with such fervor and power, no Church could hold the multitudes that flocked to hear." Charles Wesley proclaimed in song the delivering power of the Gospel to the millions of the Englishmen enslaved by sin. To the spiritually deaf and dumb and blind he wrote one of the most powerful hymns.

Hear Him ye deaf; His praise,

Ye dumb, Your loosened tongues employ;

Ye blind, behold your Savior come;

And leap, ye lame for joy.

(I looked through three hymnals before finding one which did not delete the above verse.)

Whitefield's voice was joined by the Wesleys and many others in a "tremendous chorus of praise and preaching that rang through the land".....revival bursts forth which in a few years changed the whole of English society.

How desperately we, as a nation, need to return to God, for surely we are headed for destruction otherwise. Let us seek the Lord while it is still "the day of salvation." Ever in Him, Twilah A. Fox, M.D.

Concluding Note: When you put this great word from Twilah Fox alongside Billy Graham's message, David Wilkerson's, and John Kittleson's, and the others given on the Emmaus Walk pages previously, hasn't God made it perfectly clear and plain what He says is wrong with us, what we are doing wrong, and what we need to change to get off the road to destruction and back onto the road to life? Will we have any excuse if we do not heed these words of admonition and warning and truth? None whatsoever! The pagan American, who never darkens the door of a Bible church, nor ever opens the Bible and reads, nor listens to any of the true Gospel preachers (yes, there are still some left today) on TV, nor hears one word of the Lord from a single Christian he or she bumps into (maybe a praying grandmother or mother too, has tried to get through to them)--that pagan American has far less responsibility than we, who have heard the Word of God repeatedly and yet not heeded it and changed. God can change us, make us what He wants us to be, if only we are willing. Are we willing? God wants to rescue us from ourselves and this evil and perverse generation we are living in and consorting with--are we willing to be rescued and changed by God? That is the question, not whether we have heard or not.

It is hard to know where to go from this point, as the Editor, to be honest with you. We have heard almost too much, and we will bear responsibility for hearing so much and changing so little in response. But all those in the jungels and deserts and mountains and in the big cities of Asia and the countrysides of Africa who have not heard--they are thirsty for the truth and yet don't hear it before they sink into Christless graves. If they heard the Gospel, most would drink every drop and be transformed--not pick up the remote and try another more entertaining, worldly, violent, high sex content show or HBO flick. How do I know that? I have the book, "Beyond Civilization," which tells me the facts about these people, these truly thirsty people who live their entire lives in hopelessness and despair and demonic darkness, all because they have never been visited by the light of the Gospel which we take so for granted in America. The Lord gave this parable to the people, how the Lord of the manor directed his servant to go to the byways to invite anyone found to his grand wedding banquet, after his invitation was most rudely disregarded by the chosen guests on his list. WE are certainly the chosen guests (being real and linear spiritual heirs of Abraham (grafted in by belief in Jesus Christ, Abraham's descendant and Lord), Luther, John Wesley, and Billy Graham), but if we reject (and most of us do reject the invitation and find "better" things to do as long as we live), He turns to those who are featured in this book, "Beyond Civilization." From Civilization, where we reside, to the barbaric lands, where there is no indoor plumbing, where you have to catch and kill your dinner swimming in the river or running on the ground, the demons are plaguing everyone along with diseases of all kinds, where there is fear and abuse and nakedness and abject poverty and squalor--there God finds welcoming, thirsty soil on which to pour the word of His precious, life-saving Gospel. If you are interested to check out this book a bit and compare yourself with the people there, please go to the Recommended Books Center. God is still calling, His door of mercy and grace is still open. He is not willing that any of us should be destroyed.--Ed.


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