"Supernatural Hatred of Israel,"

by Hal Lindsey

In 2005, when Israel unilaterally withdrw from Gaza and turned its administration over to the Palestinian Authority, the Israeli agricultural, commercial, and residential assets--which were considerable--were left for the Palestinians, who promptly trashed and destroyed these valuable assets that would have greatly helped them feed their own people. They were given the freedom to develop what easily could have been a "Hong Kong" of the Mediterranean. Many nations poured billions of dollars into the coffers of the Palestinian leadership to help them realize their dream.

Instead, the Palestinians used the money to build a terrorist army, and began to launch daily attacks on Israel's cities. They didn't even pretent to build an economic infrastructure that would enable their citizens to support themselves. That's why the partial Israeli closure of the crossing points made life so difficult for the average Gazan. Most of them can find work only in Israel. There is none in Gaza. Why? Because of all the economic development money was poured into terrorism. Despite this glaring fraud, the world insists on rewarding the Palestinians for their open deception.

"Enlightened and responsible nations" have determined when and in what manner Israel is allowed to defend itself. First, the provocation must be many times more serious than would be necessary for other nations. Simple acts of war, such as hostage-taking or continuous rocket attacks against civilian population centers, are not sufficient provocation to permit defensive measures.

Since 2005, more than 6,000 rockets have rained down on Israeli cities from Gaza. In a display of remarkable restrain, and only after three years, did Israel finally feel sufficiently justified to launch a defensive response.

Now anti-Israel propaganda begins almost immediately with the usual suspects, led by the Arabs, the Russians, the Muslims--all demanding an immediate Israeli withdrawal from its "invasion" of Gaza. Right on cue, members of the United Nations begin their usual chorus--charging that Israel's response is "not proportionate."

THE UN'S DEFINITION OF "PROPORTIONALITY" MEANS THAT ISRAELI LOSSES MUST AT LEAST EQUAL PALESTINIAN LOSSES [what madness, "Proportionality"! How can a war against an aggressor ever operate on these barbaric principles? It might as well be a tribal war in the savage jungles of New Guinea or Borneo, which were fought ritually on such terms, life for life, with temporary truces punctuating nearly ceaseless warfare between villages and tribes--Ed.].

If Israel follows this formula, it guarantees that israel will eventually lose by attrition. Imagine the outcome of World War II if the same soldier for soldier formula had been forced on the allied armies fighting against Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

In Gaza, Hamas terrorists hide in classrooms and hospital basements. They store weapons in mosques and place women and children on the rooftops of buildings they know will be targets of the Israeli Air Force. Then, when these human shields are killed or wounded by Israeli fire, their bodies are paraded by the ever-accommodating media as "innocent victims of Israeli aggression." {Even after the Israelis gave prior warning to the occupants of the houses or sites they intended to bomb, which only allowed their insidious, conscienceless enemies to insert human shields, oftentimes their own families, in order to get them killed for the propaganda value of their deaths!--Ed.].

And the orchestrated calls of "proportionality" grow louder.

This double standard makes absolutely no sense in the natural. Only the Bible can explain the mystery behind the supernatural hatred of the Jews [which Barak Hussain Obama shares in and promotes in his anti-Israel policy and appeasement of the Muslims and Palestinians by continually feeding them more and more pieces of Israeli territory in exchange for an increase of "terror-tory", military staging ground used by Hamas as rocket bases against Israeli

cities and towns--Ed.] would grow worldwide. This will be soon followed by Armageddon and the return of Jesus the Messiah.

All of this is being fulfilled to the letter before our eyes. So don't be surprised or afraid. Christ's return to delvier those who have believed in Him is coming very soon.--Hal Lindsey, Levitt Letter, March 2009, p. 4

{Note: Barak Obama, for instance, will pressure Israel to give up the Golan Heights to Syria, which lost it in the last war Syrian aggression forced on Israel. Syria had been sending rockets from the Golan Heights into Northern Israeli cities and farms, and this was effectively stopped when the Israeli Army defeated the Syrians and took the Golan Heights. If turned back to to the Syrians, the masses of Syrian rockets stockpiled near the northern border will again be firing from the Golan Heights right into the heartland of Israel. This is the madness of the "peace" policy advocated by Barak Obama and his Israelprobes and leftist radicals in the State Department and the White House.--Ed].

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