"America is Christian," A Christian's Rebuttal of Barack Hussain Obama, by Ronald Ginther

Obama's now infamous Cairo speech to the big crowd of university professors and students, in which he declared to the Moslem world that America is not a Christian nation, has to be a turning point in his credibility with the American people, I do believe. He may have said other things and made other points in that speech, but this one cannot be allowed to pass. Slowly but surely, anyone who is still alive above the neck is realizing what a crackpot he really is, and the awakening to the fact is going to be increasingly painful for multiple millions of his supporters, as so many were absolutely deluded by his lofty, oratorical manner and stirring, emotive words about "hope and change" while ignoring the shady past, his mother's strange, picaresque history and the number of men in her life (consequently, it has not been proven that Obama is not Kenyan in birth) and his stated socialistic, godless, anti-American message. He is the ascendant philosophy of Secularism's chosen mouthpiece, like the crooning Rudy Valee and his megahorn rode to success, wealth and fame as the mouthpiece for the Roaring Twenties' "Flaming Youth." As such, the official Mouthpiece, he has to be held responsible for his blatant errors and misrepresentation of the true origins of this country and new experiment in freedom we call the United States of America! His lawyer-like wriggling out of any accountability for his statements must be resisted and firm rebuttals made and put forward in the public sphere, by Christians and non-Christians alike. Error must be exposed, or it will triumph everywhere. Ready for the rest of what I have to say? Ready or not, let's begin.

While being raised by his white mother and white grandmother, reinforced perhaps by his black Kenyan family and relatives (his family even had some connection with the Mau Maus' uprising against the colonial British administration of Kenya), Obama received early on what must have been a conflicted view of America and the West, for later at school and at the universities in Hawaii and the U.S. he attended he was told lies by secularist instructors and professors and fellow secularists among his peers that found no apparent resistance in him. America, as he came to view this nation and all society of the West, was inherently evil, bad, oppressive, unfair, colonial and imperialistic, all because America's unsupassed wealth was not distributed equally as is supposed to happen under Socialism and Communism and individuals of merit and enterprise could, under its free system based on individual initiative, rise to high position and wealth. These lies--America exploited people, elevating some while oppressing many others--he evidently believed or adopted because he found them politically useful in his academic career and later his rise into politics as a political, street agitator, a species of socialist politics euphemistically called "community organizer." Somehow America must be conquered and made over into a socialist paradise, where the central government was big and strong enough to curb individuals and keep them from rising. Everyone must share equally in the wealth, for society to be fair. Freedom and democracy, along with the Christian religion, were opiates of the people and must be discouraged and even forcibly suppressed by law. This bundle of ideas poisoned the young Obama and set him on his course in life, a crusade against Capitalism, against free enterprise, against a democratic, superpower, wealthy America.

All his life he has associated with a motley, sometimes very rich but always discontented, anti-America crowd, while ignoring and bypassing the middle class Americans who know better what this nation is about than these angry, resentful ideologues and radicals of the Left.

Evidently from his boyhood on into manhood, however it happened, we know from the present state he is in that Obama crawled so far out of the American mainstream, so to speak, he grew to floundering like a fish on the river bank, convincing himself and others that is the best place to be! Yet he will not admit he has chosen a dry channel where the pools will dry up and leave him ultimately stranded, gasping for breath, just like any fanatical ideologue or "true believer in Marxism and Socialism and Secularism" is but a foolish fish that has left its native element and is crawling out on on dry ground, gasping for breath when there is breathable air all around them--if only they had human lungs instead of their now useless gills!

If Obama allows one tiny doubt in his system to enter, the entire edifice falls to pieces like the house of cards it really is. Marxism failed spectacularly, so did Socialism, and now Secularism, the offspring today of those two failed systems of government and political philosophy, will also fail. It has been operating for decades now in the U.S., assaulting the freedoms and blessings guaranteed by the Constititution by pushing forward into law its contrary values, values that are hugely destructive of American society. Proof of this is the Congressional Review, as it tabulates the upward spiral of crime, teen pregnancy, divorce, drug use, and all the other signs of a society's moral melt-down and collapse.

Or you can just look around you and see what Secularism has achieved: a corrupt, authoritarian government and a depraved, violent, drug-obsessed, abusive culture of death in which no one is safe, leastwise the unborn child. It glitters impressively on the outside, true, but so does a manure pile if you paint it gold. Beneath the glitter there is nothing but rottenness, and we all know what that is: just look at Cuba, or at the late Soviet Union, or at the Democrat-ruled states in America, or any other failed attempt at communism and socialism and Marxism tried on this earth, and you can see it produces poverty, corrupt, dictatorial leaders, crushing taxation, an oppressed citizenry with no initiative to work to improve their lives, a declining economy and ultimate despair as the lot of everyone once there is nothing left to tax.

Obama, as a Secularizing leader, has to demote America from "Christian nation" to something founded on "diversity" or "many religions and faiths" or some other such nonsense. To put forth that lie, he has to falsify history, and this ideologue of the Left has no compunction whatsoever in falsifying history: after all, he absobed his leftist professor's denigration of America uncritically, and then promoted this false gospel of the Left: strip America of its Constitutional and representative form of government, substitute authoritarianism and a gang of president-appointed Czars to bypass Congress, and if need be use a domestic army to enforce the government's laws and taxes that is responsible only to the "president," i. e. the Sun King of the Left, Emperor Obama.

Hence, the Cairo speech declaring that America is not a Christian nation, which is to say, it never was a Christian nation either. This is a blatant lie, of course, no matter how secularized we seem to have become since the 1960s since the U.S. Supreme Court, a court of buffoons in black robes, cast the Ten Commandments and prayer out of the schools, and later, with Roe vs. Wade, proceeded to cast all protection for the sanctity of human life out of the womb. Once they had rejected "THOU SHALT NOT KILL", they could legalize killing, mass killing of the unborn which they first deprived of the right to life, simply because they were unborns and they usurped the power over them that only God should hold. They unleashed genocide in our nation after they legalized it. We have killed for profit over 50 million Americans in the womb. This is the state to which secularism has brought us: genocide, and the death of America by increments.

People applauded him at the conference, but many were stunned. He was asked at the Cairo conference what he meant, for if America were not a Christian nation, then what did Americans believe in that made them Americans? Now this so-called conference was a political set-up by Obama's chief White House adviser Mr. Axelrod to popularize the Obama's administration's agenda of downgrading America the superpower and to apologize to the dictatorial, authoritarian regimes of the world for American exceptionalism, freedom and democracy as though they were bad things that ought not to have happened. But this was a valid question raised by the Moslem university people present--they weren't at all certain about America not being a legitimate superpower by right of its preeminent economy and unsurpassed military prowess and other highly admired and recognized factors of superpower status, but what exactly did he mean by America not being Christian? They wanted to know what then, if that were true, are the things America believes in. Obama replied that Americans share "common values."

What "common values'? Did they press him on this? I do not know. I just know that he did not specify any. He could not specify any, in truth, just as he could not specify any of the things that genuinely make Moslem civilization great, lamely naming arches as one of them, but arches, we know, were discovered by the great archeologist Wooley in ancient Sumer in his excavation of a queen's royal tomb, Sumer being a civilization which flourished in the 3rd millennium before Christ, and add seven more centuries to that before Mohammed.

But we know, despite Obama's unhistorical attack on America's Christian roots, that our values were and continue to be Christian and Bible-based (the very inscriptions in the Capitol and other major buildings of our government in Washington clearly tell us that), and so he cannot specify any unchristian values, as we can easily prove our valuesthat we could prove came from Christian and Biblical sources, just as the founding documents and the Framers of our nation in their writings, letters, and actions also testify.

Can an ideologue like Obama be lying if he really believes what he says? He is dead wrong in his statements and claims, but if sincere, as some say he is, is that "lying"? Some people want to give him the benefit of a doubt, that he is not purposely lying, as I have heard the somewhat naive Lars Larson do on his conservative talk radio program. But I would say to this question, that if one chooses to act on this philosophy, which is misrepresenting the facts grossly, to say the least about it, one is promoting a lie. If you promote a lie, you have to be responsible for that act, as no one forced you to do it--you accepted the role of mouthpiece and implementer and disseminator. No one that we are aware of is telling Obama what to do and say as president, unless it is this nefarious Mr. Axelrod and the rest of Obama's gang of billionaires, such as George Soros, Buffet, and others like them, that funded Obama's presidential campaigns with hundreds of millions from their billions. God holds the dupes and the dupers responsible, even if "fair, compassionate" man cannot. He says in His word that the wicked lie from birth. They engage in lying from birth! They are born into lying and deception and continue their entire lives engaging in the same. They are "congenital liars," in modern terms, and even psychology recognizes that category of dysfunctional people. Even if Obama is sincere and is not a political hack who cynically repeats the mantras of secularism, socialism, and Marxism for his own profit, he perforce is a congenital liar, as he is doing nothing but lie since even before he took office as president. One word, guile, characterizes this man and everything he says and does. According to Webster's New Encyclopedia of Dictionaries, guile is craft, cunning, and a guileless person, on the other hand, is honest, innocent, and sincere.

Obama, then, is characterized by craft and cunning, and he is not sincere, innocent, or honest.

Guile is always referred to as an evil in the Book of Proverbs. Guile is purposeful deception and twisting of truth for evil intent--or "craft, cunning." Guile is employed to gain the advantage, unfairly, of someone else. It isn't a harmless slip of the tongue, or a chance evasion of truth, it is purposeful and determined and premeditated, for the evil thoughts of the heart are the source of the spoken, expressed lies, as the Bible says it is, and the man who does not resist such thoughts from his heart is a liar from birth.

Obama's speeches were masterfully crafted tissues of lies and deception, all purposeful and intended to deceive as many people as possible in order to manipulate their minds. He is a masterful purveyer of lies and deception. Sincere or cynical, he is a master liar and master deceiver. He has purpose, indeed, and the guile behind his purpose is wicked. So was Hitler purposeful and full of guile and thoroughly wicked in thought and deed, as was Stalin, Lenin, Castro, and all such--and the fires of the Lake of Fire are their just reward.

Just a few Bible verses will serve to identify this type of leader. Proverbs 26: 23-27 defines the man of guile. "Fervent lips with a wicked heart are like earthenware covered with silver dross [the crude, cheap clay pot is given a shiny glaze and looks beautiful in its disguise, while it is just the opposite, in order to deceive someone into buying it at a high price]. He who hates, disguises it with his lips,a nd lays up deceit within himself. When he speaks kindly, dod not believe him, for there are seven abominations in his heart. Though his hatred is covered by deceit, his wickedness will be revealed before the assembly. Whoever digs a pit will fall into it, and he who folls a stone will have it roll back on him. A lying tongue takes hates those who are crushed by it, and a flattering mouth works ruin."

Christians, however, even the most evangelical and well-versed in prophecy, can be deceived or be found at least ignorant of America as a Christian nation. Whether it is their understanding of prophecy that has gone awry or not, I cannot tell, unless I know their educational histories. But the fact is such Christians have bought into a deception, which can be readily exposed for what it is. Admirable as he is on most all points, Arno Froese (whose magazine, MIDNIGHT CALL, is one I read with interest) gave this response in his book, "119 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Prophecy," when asked, "Can the United States be found in Bible prophecy?" Arono Froese: "It cannot be found as a national identity. America is a nation based upon European culture. The founding fathers were Europeans. Those who drew up the Declaration of Independence were primarily Freemasons and deists. Their main principles were obviously built upon the existing European principles, which are built upon Roman laws and orders. Therefore, America can be found in Bible prophecy, but only as an extension of Europe."

I find these falsities most glaring: The founding fathers...those who drew up the Declaration of Independence were primarily Freemasons and deists"? And: "Their main principles were obviously built upon the existing European principles, which are built upon roman laws and orders"?

First, Mr. Froese is wrong, they were not "primarily Freemasons and deists." They were primarily Christians, overwhelmingly Christians, as a matter of fact! As David Barton, the noted historian of American origins and foundations, amply points out in his books and presentations, a large number were preachers and ministers of the Gospel! The only men who are commonly cited as deists that we know of, namely Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, and maybe one or two others, they were not deists in the dictionary definition of the term, deism. Thomas Jefferson, as President and "deist", authorized public money to go for a Bible to be translated and given to an Indian tribe for their conversion. He worked on that project himself. Benjamin Franklin also did not act and speak like any Deist either. He is responsible for the Chaplaincy in Congress, which too is publicly funded. It was begun in Christian terms, and continued Christian for most of our history, and ony now has a Hindu been given the pulpit for a prayer. Franklin also was responsible for resolving a terrific crisis in the critical days of the framing of the nation, when the delegates were practically at each other's throats and could not agree on anything, so he stood up and called them to try prayer, try the wisdom of the Almighty God, and when they did, the differences dissolved, and the delegates were able to work together and form this great Christian nation. Deism cannot properly claim Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin, who were great promoters of Christian religion (not Buddhism, nor Hinduism, or Freemasonry, or Unitarianism, or Deism, nor even Islam) in the new American society and government. Mr. Froese is wholly wrong on this point. This learned Bible man really needs to humble himself and sit for a couple sessions at least under the instruction of David Barton of Wallbuilders Ministries. It would prove vastly enlightening to him, to say the least. And take a tour with David Barton of the Capitol! He would learn that its artifacts, paintings, and inscriptions, all speak of our nation's Christian foundations and origins, and also inform him about it once holding the biggest church in America for years, a church attended by thousands in the Capitol Rotunda! Washington attended it, so did Jefferson and other framers of the nation--and now virtually no one knows of the fact, and even prayer has been banned from the Capitol steps by secularists in charge of the Capitol.

Our History also shows that Mr. Froese and Obama are entirely mistaken. Cape Henry is prime evidence in the docket. It was there our earliest, Christian forefathers landed and began the establishment of our nation. Nearby is Jamestown, the first settlement of the English that lasted in America. What was the first item that the English Christians erected? The Cross of Christ!

This replica of the Cape Henry, Virginia, cross is on the grounds at CBN's headquarters in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It is an exact replica of a cross planted at Cape Henry, Virginia, by the first English settlers in 1607 as they claimed the land "for the glory of Jesus Christ" and promised that "from these shores the Gospel of God's kingdom would go forth to the nations."

Doesn't that sound like a Christian nation being founded? It can't be anything else.

Jamestown is the name of the first settlement of these forefathers who landed at Cape Henry, Virginia. This town formed the nucleus of a surviving colony. We have only the excavated foundations of it now, but the colony endured and flourished and joined with other colonies and later became the United States of America. This was a Christian town, a Christian colony, from the inception.

Obama and Mr. Froese have nothing to say, when archeology has confirmed and proven what the documents and the history have already told us so eloquently about our Christian foundations as a nation. From the archeological account given by the National Park Service: "Archeological excavations done in the 1930's and 1950's by the National Park Service, have uncovered artifacts from the 17th century Jamestown, Virginia, the first permanent English speaking settlement in North America, dating to 1607. As the first capital of Virginia, many significant events transpired here helping to establish the foundations of American laws and customs. On July 30, 1619, the first meeting of a representative legislative general assembly in the New World took place at the Jamestown church [church! not a Freemason's clubhouse, or a mosque, or a Hindu temple, or an atheist's lecture room!]. The seeds of American constitutional traditions were planted at this significant meeting.

Modern brickwork marks the locations of original 17th century public buildings such as the ruins of the first statehouse (pictured) in the New Towne site. Located at the historic townsite are statues of Pocahontas and Captain John Smith--important contributers to the success of the new colony--and the Tercentenary Monument which was erected in 1907 to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the Jamestown settlement...Historic Jamestown is a part of Colonial National Historical Park which includes Yorktown Battlefield, site of the last major decisive battle during the American Revolutionary War; the scenic Colonial parkway; and the Cape Henry Memorial, dedicated tot he first landing site of the 17th century colonists."

My uncle, Reverend Joseph Rangen, who is a retired pastor and church-planter of the Lutheran Brethren Churches of America, wrote this in his Thanksgiving/Christmas letter of 2003:

"By this time you receive this, Thanksgiving day may have passed. Nevertheless, Thanksgiving is not only a day, but a life-long experience. In Ephesians 5:20, we read, "In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God." At our first call, serving the Lutheran Brethren church in New Bedford, Massachusetts, we visited Plymouth Rock. Looking at the grave markers on Burial Hill, I shall never forget reading, "What your forefathers wrought with great sacrifice don't let easily slip from you!"

Our colonial charters were outspokenly, unabashedly Christian (some even specifying that delegates had to believe in Christ as Savior and Lord), the legislatures were Christian, the delegates were, a large numbe of them, pastors and ministers and Bible-promoting men. Together they met in numerous bodies and finally framed the nation and its founding documents and institutions-- making them Christian, based primarily on the Bible, not primarily European philosophy as Mr. Froese would have other Christians believe. And if the founding "principles" drawn by our forefathers had been those of Luther, who was a European too after all, would that have been less Christian a foundation, or even Freemason and Deist to Mr. Froese? Clearly, he was a man of the Bible, if there ever was one, and so deservedly (as we believe as the Great Reformer he should) shared in the founding and framing of this unique and exceptional Christian nation. If not for Europeans, men of God, such as Luther, Hus, Wycliffe, Tyndale, we would not have had the Bible in the language of the common people--and it could not have played a major part of the thinking and formulation of the new American government and state. Thank God for the "principles" of the Reformation, the setting of the Bible into the common languages of English and German speaking peoples, and the rediscovered Gospel. These were not Freemasonry's or Deistical or even atheistic French Rationalism's principles--these were Christian principles, beliefs, and faith as first evidenced in the Bible and in the Apostles of the early church. These true principles drawn from God's word run completely contrary to the atheism, socialism, and communism of Barach Hussain Obama and his various gangs of fanatical and ideological supporters.

We ought to thank God that America is and was a Christian nation. We owe everything we have and are to that fact and historical reality.

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