"The Second Coming,"

by Billy Sunday

Three Great Events:




There are many signs of the times taking place today.

It is the most wonderful age in which man has ever lived.

The wonders of Prophecy are being fulfilled.

The nations are marching to the tune of the prophets.

Great world-wide events are being fulfilled before our eyes. We can look through God's prophetic telescope and see where we are headed and what is coming.

Prophecy is history written in advance under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Holy men of old wrote as they were inspired by the Holy Spirit. And in transcribing the thoughts of God men were guided by the Holy Spirit. The Bible says that day shall not overtake you as a thief in the night, you are not of the darkness nor of the night.

Russia heads the array of nations opposing Christianity. Russia says a cause is no stronger than its leaders and with the death of its leaders the cause is no more. Thus thousands of ministers and priests have been slain.

Let us not sleep as others do but let us watch and be sober. For ourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. For when they shall say peace and safety, then suddenly destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child, and they shall not escape.--I Thessalonians 5th Chapter, II Thessalonians 2nd Chapter.

Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so shall we ever be with the Lord.

Therefore comfort ye one another with these words.--I Thessalonians 4:17-18.

That meeting is the greatest the Bible tells us about. There have been some wonderful meetings recorded. It was a wonderful meeting when the children of Israel on the shores of the Red Sea after Pharaoh and his pursuing hosts had been destroyed in its angry waters, and Miriam with timbrel and harp led the people singing praises to God for their deliverance.

It was a wonderful meeting on Mt. Sinai [Mt. Horeb], when the Law of God was given amid thunder, lightnings, fire,a nd smoke. It was a wonderful meeting on Mt. Carmel when Elijah defied the false prophets of Baal and slew 450 of them and turned a whole nation back to God. It was a wonderful meeting when David danced before the ark of God as it was brought to Jerusalem. It was a wonderful meeting when Solomon dedicated the Temple and the glory of God filled it so the priests could not enter.

It was a wonderful meeting held on the banks of the Jordan when the people of Jerusalem and Judea flocked out to the wilderness to hear God's lion hearted preacher, John the Baptist. It was a wonderful meeting when Jesus preached the sermon on the Mount,and fed the 5,000, and stood on the Mt. of Transfiguration. It was a wonderful meeting on the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came like a rushing wind and hovered over the people like a dove, and 3,000 were converted under the preaching of Peter. It was a wonderful meeting in the early days of Methodism when the multitudes flocked to hear Finney, Moody, Chapman, and Torrey.

But no meeting has ever been held any where or any time that will compare with the meeting in the air, when the Lord comes to take up His jewels.

That meeting is the one for which all others have been preparing. All that's been done is in preparation for that meeting in the air.

From Adam down, mankind has been marching step by step up a grand stairway leading to that meeting in the air.

The call of Abraham was one step. Jacob and his 12 sons was another step. Joseph ruling in Egypt was another step. The deliverance under Moses was another step. The conquest of Canaan under Joshua, and so on with every event in sacred history.

For this Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary. He suffered on the cross. He arose from the dead. The Holy Spirit came at Pentecost. Churches have been organized. Missionaries have gone to the ends of the earth, all to prepare the way so graphically described.

For the Lord Himself will descend from Heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trump of God.--I Thessalonians 4:16-17.

We are not told when Jesus is coming but His coming is sure--for we are charged to watch and pray. Yet the church shows as little concern about His coming as the disciples did ab out His going away.

All this is fully in accord wi9th peter when he says, "There shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, saying where is the promise of His coming for since our fathers fell asleep all things continue as they were from the beginning until now."--II Peter 3:3-4.

Jesus not only foretold His going away butr charged His followers to expect His return.

"Watch therefore for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come: Be yet also ready for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of Man cometh."

No prophecy is needing to be fulfilled before Jesus comes. Every time you lift the communion cup to your lips ye show forth His coming.

This Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached inall the world for a witness unto all nations, then shall the end come.--Matthew 24:14.

The present crisis points toward the close of the time of the Gentiles. The modernists [please go to the article about Modernism in the Church by Yslivaker] in our pulpits, and the socialists and radicals in our government [who are now in full force under Barack Hussain Obama!--Ed.], are forerunners of some calamity spiritually and materially.

The completed church will be translated to be forever with the Lord.

Israel will be restored to its own land in unbelief, and afterwards converted by the appearance of Christ. {This restoration of Israel to its own land was fulfilled in 1948, when Israel was declared an independent nation but was spiritually in unbelief, even to this day in 2009!--Ed.].

All man's schemes of reconstruction must be subsidiary to the second coming of our Lord, because all nations will be subject to His rule.

Under the reign of Christ there will be further great out-pourings of the Holy Spirit.

It has been about 6,000 years from the creation of Adam and Even until now.

1. From the creation of Adam and Eve to the call of Abraham was 2,000 years, during that period God dealt with the world as a whole.

2. From the call of Abraham to the crucifixion was 2,000 years. During that period God dealt with the Jews as a nation.

3. From the crucifixion to now is about 2,000 years, God is dealing with the church and through the church to the world. Salvation through faith in the atonement by the death and resurrection of Christ.

The second coming of Christ is the emphatic doctrine of the New Testament. It's mentioned or referred to more than 380 times.

The church makes a great deal of baptism. In all of Paul's Epistles baptism is mentioned 13 times. Baptism is the public confession of the salvation you receive when you accepted Christ as your Saviour, while the return of the Lord is mentioned fifty times. That doctrine has been the pole star of the church.

McChene, the Scotch preacher, asked his audience, "Do you think Christ will come tonight?" They said "no." He replied, "In such an hour as ye think not the Lord cometh."

Some preachers say, well--it's nothing to me. I take no interest in the subject. Would you travel on a train where the engineer nevewr read his orders or paid any attention to the signals, whether they were "red or green"? Would you sail on a ship where the pilot steered by the clock or the sea gull instead of the compass?

Some say, "Oh I'm all right, I'm a Christian." You are not all right unless you watch and pray.

Nothing else will do so much to keep us in right relations with God as to believe Jesus may call us to account any day. No doubt the greatest work God has done He is doing now, preparing and perfecting and purifying the church, the body of Christ, the Bride to meet the Lord in the air.

A great many people say, "I believe the millennium will come first and Christ will return at the end of it.

What people think has nothing to do with it. What God says has everything.

Many have missed the train because they believed they could come any time that would suit their convenience. The train runs on schedule.

There is not a word in the Bible that says look for the millennium first. There can be no millennium until Jesus comes.

The millennium cannot begin until Satan is bound in the pit. It's Christ's presence that brings the millennium. You might as well talk about daylight not coming until the sun goes down. It's the sun that brings daylight. Great physical changes are to take place in the Holy Land at this time. There is to be a great earthquake and thousands will be killed there.

"Behold the Lord cometh forth out of His place and will come down and tread upon the high places of the earth. And the mountains shall be molten under Him; and the valleys shall be cleft as wax before the fire and as waters that are poured down a steep place."

These physical changes will level the land surface of Palestine and make room for the new city.

"all land shall be turned as a plain from Geba to Rimmon south of Jerusalem and it shall be lifted up and inhabited." I believe this refers to the Dead Sea.

When the angel Gabriel came to Mary, he said, concerning her son--Luke 1:33. "And He shall reign over the house of Jacob forever, and of His kingdom there shall be no end."

Just as the Kingdoms in Daniel were literal Kingdoms, so shall the Kingdoms of our Lord be a real and literal Kingdom.

"Wild animals will have new instincts."--Isaiah 11:6-9. "The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid, and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together. And a little child shall lead. them. And the cowq and the bear shall feed; their young ones shall lie together; and the lion shall eat straw like the ox; and the suking child shall play on the hole of the asp; and the weaned child shall put his hand on the cockatrices den, they shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain."

"And in that day will I make a covenant for them. With the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of Heaven, and with the creeping things of the ground."--Hosea 2:18.

Each animal is coupled with that one which is its natural prey, the wolf and lamb. The nature of these wild animals will become as it was in Eden and in the ark.

Some think the millennium will be ushered in by converting th world. Such a hope is groundless. Many churches are barely holding their own. The day of the cold worldly formal church is over. More churches have closed in the United States than in Russia where a whole nation has gone over the black flag of Atheism, under the red flag of socialism, and communism. There is no reason why Jesus may not come at any time. We talk about Kingdom interests and Kingdom building, that's all unscriptural. Thee is no such thing as the Kingdom of God on this earth in our age. The Kingdom of God is not here and cannot be here until the King Himself comes, for Jesus sets up a literal kingdom when He comes to reign.[Billy Sunday has a good point here, as there is bloody persecution against Christians going on globally, with no end in sight, so there is hardly a kingdom of God operating when the Christians are being hunted down, imprisoned, tortured, their homes and churches burned, their children enslaved and forcibly converted--as in Sudan and elsewhere in Moslem societies--and many slain outright].

The post-millennial view is, in effect, to deny the second coming of Christ. One man spoke of the pre-millennial system of truth; and the post-millennial system of truth; there is no such thing as the post-millennial system of truth, there is a post-millennial system of error. When Jesus comes, but no one knows; when He will come He will rapture the church, the bride. Then takes place the marriage supper of the Lamb in Heaven. On earth with an absent bride the church, an absent Savior, an absent Holy Spirit[Respectfully, we do not agree with Billy Sunday. There will be the Holy Spirit on earth, as we know that many will come to salvation during the time after the Rapture and before the Second Coming, as scripture testifies. Otherwise, how account for the 144,000 Virgin Evangelists of the Jews, who spread the Gospel world-wide before the Anti-Christ murders them? They will certainly lead a world-wide evangelization campaign that will bring the word of God to millions, even while the Two Witnesses in Jerusalem are faithfully preaching the Gospel as well as God's Judgment for all who reject God.--Ed]. Then takes place the Great Tribulation.

That we are enjoying a brief truce no one can deny. Unrest everywhere, all of man's efforts have failed. The World War settled nothing. Arsenals of the world are working day and night, nations spending billions. [This message was given sometime between World War I and II, perhaps in the 1930s]. France building chain after chain of forts on her German frontier [a vain effort, since the invading German armies simply drove around the end of the supposedly impregnable Maginot Line of forts on the French-German border and slipped into France through the Low Countries, Belgium and the Netherlands, entering the undefended parts of France without a real fight and outflanking the astonished, out-maneuvered French army!--Ed.]. In France they sell gas masks at 5 and 10 cents stores and they teach the school children how to wear them. Italy ordered all boys eight years of age to be trained for war. I believe the Versailles treaty is largely the cause of Germany's present condition. The treaty formed an iron ring around Germany and the screws were tightened so that hatred was bred into the hearts of the youth. They turned to Hitler who was a leader of his country's treatment.

Mission fields crying for money, churches empty, multitudes of prachers turned from the truth, modernism in the pulpits and socialism in politics are twin curses to the world. We will live in cycles as we have in the past until Christ returns and drives the Devil from power and shuts him up in the pit.

In Jesus Christ alone is healing power for all industrial wounds now bleeding, festering and vile [a good word to the environmentalists and those hooked on the fears driving the Global Warming hoax--Ed]. This age is to end when the time of the Gentiles runs out. Zedekiah was the last King of Israel. When Nebuchadnezzar took Zedekiah captive to Babylon, Jerusalem passed into the hands of the Gentiles. Jesus said it would remain until the times of the Gentiles should be fufilled.

Nothing is more certain than that the glory of God will cover the earth. But it will be after Christ comes; the millennium cannot begin until Jesus comes.

Some have an idea the world will grow better until everybody will be converted. The Bible does not teach any such thing [it is true that the Pentecostal movement, which sprang out of the Azusa Street outbreak of the Holy Spirit in Los Angeles at the turn of the 19th-20 the century, spreading world-wide will, statistically, bring everyone on earth to Christ by the year 2050, but we know it will not happen, as the anti-Christ will arise to defy God and do all he can to stop this from happening--Ed.]

No doubt many thought the same thing in times of the flood, when God suddenly blotted every living thing off the earth.

No doubt but the people of Sodom argued the same thing. And God rained fire and brimstone down on the plague spot. And Sodom was only a memory.

No doubt but that people in Sodom argued the same thing. And God rained fire and brimstone down on the plague spot. And Sodom was only a memory.

No doubt but that people argued the same thing while Jesus was hanging on the cross and all Heaven was weeping, while the devils were cheering.

I'll tell you what the Bible teaches. It will grow worse and worse. Lawlessness, vice, crime, will increase [this is the plain facts, we all can see the increases, and statistics also confirm this prophetic truth of this message!--Ed.]. Today America leads the world in crime. Last year crime cost us 12 billions of dollars. A murder every hour day and night. All this will continue until it ripens into the anti-Christ [we see anti-christ spirits flocking to exalt Barack Hussain Obama presently; his presidency is not enough exaltation, he is being called "messiah" and "savior"--those very terms being used blasphemously to exalt him, and he is not speaking against this idolization either, which is a terrible crime that God will not overlook, for God is jealous of His own glory, and will permit no man to usurp it and rob him of it. Shameless America, you are raising up an anti-Christ, and even if this Obama should not prove to be the one, he is surely being made another forerunner.--Ed.]. "As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the son of man."--Matthew 24.

Many think the millennium wil be brought about by the increase of knowledge and invention, such as wireless air ships, radium, liquid-air, gasoline. It's all hot air: it's the personal reign of Christ that brings the millennium and not an automobile or any other invention. Those who have been the greatest blessing to this old world are those who have preached this truth.

The word of God was neutralized by traditions when Jesus came; that's the trouble today; instead of going to the bible to find out what God says, they go to books, and the preaching takes the color of the glasses the Rabbis wear and what the bishops and the religious professors teach.

The fact that Jesus was not recognized by those high-up in authority, shows how dangerous it is to accept traditions.

Had the priests been studying the Psalms and prophets they would have recognized Jesus when He came, for He did fulfill the scriptures but not their traditions. It is not what Doctor this or Professor that says but what saith the Word of God.

The big bugs have been mistaken as often as the little ones. The safest pilot is not the one that wears the biggest hat, but the one who knows the channel the best and can keep off the rocks.

This old world will wake up some morning and find that all the good people have left it.

The way to interpret unfulfilled prophecy is by the light of fulfilled prophecy. The curses on the Jews were literal. The blessings will be literal. The scattering was literal, so will the gatghering be literal. The rejection of Israel was literal so also will be the restoration. The Jews have been persecuted through the ages.

You can look on the ruins of ancient Babylon that Isaish prophesied would be a place where the owls and bats would dwell, and satyrs dance, and where the Arabian would never pitch his tent. Gone is the glory of Babylon, but the Jews whom they persecuted live on.

Look on the remains of Macedonian power. Gone is Greece, but the Jews live on. Come to ancient Rome, read the decree of Emperor Claudius expelling every Jew from Rome. Gone are the crowns and scepters of the Caesars, but the Jew is still here, and the Jew will live to put flowers on the grave of Hitler [not that Jews would want to do that to honor his memory!--Ed.].

The first coming of Christ was a personal literal visible body. Why deceive the people by saying His second coming is spiritual?

There are more prophecies about the second coming than there were about His first coming. All were fulfilled and all will be too.

God wants us to prepare the way. Jesus taught His disciples to expect His return to earth, and they taught. Would Jesus have taught what was not true? Would they have preached falsehood? No. A thousand times no. Jesus will come and reveal Himself to members of His body. When the last soul is converted to complete the body of believers.

This is the incentive for us to work. Looking for and hastening unto the coming of the day of God.--II Peter 3:12. Every time I preach or you do personal work you are doing something to bring the Lord.

The purpose of this dispensation is the completing of the Body of Believers. The mission of the church is to attract the unsaved to Christ and to edify the believers to walk in newness of life and spirit. When the body of Christ is complete, He will reveal Himself to the members who are alive and at the same moment they will be caught up to meet Him in the air. The body of Christ is composed of believers of every race and nation. That's why the Gospel must be preached as a witness to every nation. It has been preached to every nation.

The rapture will come in the twinkling of an eye. The believers will be caught up to meet Him.


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