"Joseph's Journey from the Pit to the Palace,"

by John Hagee

Note from the Editor: Since the Lord sovereignly rescued me from my sinful, backslidden condition in 1976 (you may want to read "My Personal Discovery," a story of my struggle through darkness from childhood on until the Light, Jesus, intercepted me), Joseph became the template for my spiritual walk through the wilderness experience that he first walked. In the first weeks of my restoration by God, in fact, I received a dream that pictured me journeying from a green, beautiful landscape into a devastated, barren, ugly landscape, with tree stumps littering the slopes of a mountainside I was climbing. Eventually, however, I left the devastation and passed into a beautiful, stream-fed, luxuriant oasis high on the mountain. I saw mansions on the slopes. I told this dream to others at the church I was attending, and received varying explanations. But the fact was I had to live it in the years to come in order to know what it truly meant, and God was mercifully telling me ahead of time what to expect, and showing me that it was going to be a "rough ride" from where I was in Minneapolis at the time, to Jerusalem! And God was absolutely right: what I saw in the dream was exactly what I experienced. I may not have yet come out of the devastation, I have not come to the mansions and luxuriant gardens, but I feel I am very, very near to the end of my long journey, and will soon pass into the beautiful, green uplands of his grace and promise. It has been a journey of thirty three years, and only God's strength, protection, and constant help has enabled me to continue the tough, seemingly impossible, upward climb (a climb that has at times become a crawl, on my hands and knees!).

Joseph's epic story has been an unending source of comfort and guidance for me, while deep in the pits of life, and seemingly lost and forsaken by all in the wilderness journey. I have waited seven years to present this. I hope this will not ire the Hagees for being presented here now, as I feel I have just as much right to present it as anyone could have--that others might receive the hope and encouragement and guidance from Joseph's story as I did. They certainly are welcome to use anything from my site too, as payment. This unforgettable, even thrilling story has been retold by many, and this is just one account, yet Pastor Hagee gives us his unique view in terms of the godly, heaven-birthed dreams of destiny everyone has as a Christian pilgrim, a view I think has something the others do not have to this degree. I doubt there is any Christian who does not have such a dream--for God is partial to none, so why should a dream of destiny just be given to certain Christians and not others? When you are through with this account, you may well want to order the message series on Joseph that Pastor Hagee offers. You will find contact information at the bottom of this page. We promise you that you won't be disappointed!--Ronald Ginther

Article Sidebar: Joseph had a dream and his dream was from God. Events in his life caused him to develop his character in adverse situations, but his dream was always with him. From the pit, he ended in the palace. We all take Joseph's Journey. We find ourselves in the pit or in bondage, to things that separate us from God. Only through our commitment to Jesus, and His dream for us, do we find ourselves in the palace. There is no testimony without a test. Character is often strengthened by crisis.

Life is a journey and every one of us is on it. Joseph's journey is your journey. Everything Joseph experienced, you will experience.

You begin your journey with the favor of God and a dream. The beauty of the dream is shattered by the reality of the pit. Just when you think things can't get worse, they do. You go from pit to palace.

It requires a crisis to test your character. You find out quickly who you really are when you are in the pit. The pit is not your destiny. Your destiny is the palace. If while in the pit you choose to whine and pout, the pit will be your final resting place.

There are a hundred and six direct comparisons between Joseph and Jesus. Think about this: The first eleven chapters of Genesis cover two thousand years, yet God gives thirteen chapters to the life of Joseph. Why is this? The reason is that Joseph's message has been lost to the church. It is the microcosm of the plan of God for man's redemption, frolm devastation to restoration and perfect revelation for the future.

Joseph's journey from the pit to the palace took him about thirteen years [my own journey, is now, as I said, 33 years running--Ed.]. He experienced rejection, betray, lust, gree, revenge, bitterness, pure hatred and the agony of being forgotten and considered dead. Joseph did all of that without one word of complaint. The story of Joseph dramatically illustrates how the hand of God orchestrates every detail in the life of a believer.

If there is one thing we need to pray for that would bring us every blessing, every desire and make every dream come true it would be the favor of God. Joseph had the favor of God. The favor of God is better than riches. The favor of God is the golden key to the gates of heaven. Whenever God used someone, the scriptures would say "they were favored" or "they found grace in the sight of the Lord." The favor of God is a powerful, supernatural force that moves mountains and shapes world history. The favor of God causes demons to tremble.

Most Christians live in timidity, lacking self-confidence, fearful of tomorrow and being insecure about the giants that they now face. You need to remember that you are highly favored of God!

Consider the power of a dream. Our dreams are the golden ladder by which we climb to heavenly places. Dreams are the mountain peaks of vision by which we see the Promised Land that God has given. Dreams are the lantern by whose light we pass safely through the darkest valley. Dreams are the inner flame that gives us the strength for the struggle.

Joseph's brother saw him coming from afar and said with total contempt, "Behold the dreamer cometh." Dreams are the stuff of which life is made. What is your dream?

Joseph had two dreams. Joseph's first dream was on earth as the eleven sheaves of grain in the field bowed down to him. What did this mean? The field was the world. Joseph's brothers came to Egypt and bowed down to the brother they rejected. Dreams do come true! It took thirteen years, but dreams do not come with an expiration date.

Your dreams are often derailed during your journey because at one time or another every person will experience the pit. There are seven things you need to remember when you are in the pit.

First, intolerance of your present condition creates your future.

Second, when you are in the pit Satan always attacks those next in line for promotion.

Third, losers focus on what they are going through, champions focus on what they are going to.

Fourth, as a Christian, how do you react to people in the pit?

Fifth, when you are in the pit, remember this: "Those who created the pain of the present do not control the pleasure of tomorrow."

Sixth, remember that Satan's favorite weapon of attack is to use those closest to you.

Seventh, it is important to remember while you are in the pit that you will never win a spiritual battle logically.

From the pit Joseph was taken to prison. Joseph was sent to prison at the age of twenty-eight by the false accusations of Potipher's lust driven wife. There are three things to remember on the worse day of your life. Champions are never chosen from the ranks of the unscarred. Secondly, when you are in a prison experience, remember that adversity leads to achievement. Your struggle is proof that you have not been conquered. Finally, when you are in prison looking at rock bottom remember that the thing that threatens to destroy you, God will use to deliver you.

Our story of Joseph's journey (and your journey) brings him to the greatest of all days...promotion day. Joseph's promotion came suddenly and dramatically, it was beyond his wildest dreams. The God that promoted Joseph is the God that has promised you: "I willmake you the head and not the tail." Joseph made it to the palace because his attitude while in the pit and inprison, was one of royalty. Your attitude in adversity determines your attainment. Joseph (and you) have a very important decision to make when faced with those who have hurt you deeply. You can choose between the peace of God or have bitterness. Peace will move you to the palace while bitterness will keep you in prison forever.

Joseph had two sons. Their names reflect the cornerstone doctrines of Christianity. Manasseh, which means: "God has caused me to forget." Is it possible to totally forget a great wrong that has been done to you? Is forgetting a great wrong tied to forgiveness? Ephraim, which means: "God has made me fruitful". How did Joseph bring explosive prosperity to Egypt?

Our story now finds Joseph approaching his fortieth birthday. He is the prime minister of Egypt. He has worldwide power and wealth that is staggering. He has a breathtaking mansion, two handsome sons and a beautiful wife, but his dream has not yet come true. The last part, his heart's desire, is reunion with his family and it is about to happen.

God controlled thousands of details to bring Joseph to his destiny andGod will do the same for you. He is ordering your steps right now so you can reach your divine destiny. He is about to open doors for you that have been closed. God is going to cause the opportunity of a lifetime to explode, producing unlimited possibilities.

Your cycle of advesity is over and your tour of the pit and the prison has ended. God's favor, grace, and abundance are about to be poured from the windows of heaven. You will receive showers of blessing that you cannot contain.

Child of God, lift your head, square your shoulders, and smile. God is about to expand your territory and bless you indeed. God is with you in every part of your journey, from the dream to the pit, from the prison to the palace, and from forgiveness to the manifestation of your dream.--Pastor John Hagee, Cornerstone Church, JHM Magazine, November/December 2002.

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