"Who Was Saddam Hussein?"

Excerpt of the article, "Who is Saddam Hussein?", Special Report from the Mideast Watch, October 1990

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Prefatory Remarks: Revistionist efforts have prompted this review. The Left in America is repeatedly in the press and in speeches whitewashing the late Saddam Hussein, an infamous dictator and mass murderer, in order to blacken George Bush's presidential legacy, which includes his successful war against Iraq and the deposing of Saddam Hussein, with his subsequent trial and execution by Iraqi authorities. The American Left, headed by Nancy Pelosi, Edward Kennedy, the Democratic Party's chief, and all their followers in Congress and the leftist-controlled media, have completely all publicly denied their own records in the past when they were denouncing Saddam Hussein and warning America that he was the chief threat to us and the Middle East, therby making themselves arrogant liars and deceivers, ruining any credibility they might have had up to that point. They reviewed the same intelligence report on Saddam Hussein that President Bush had on him, and came to the same conclusion, stating that Saddam Hussein was a terrible threat to national security and the stability of the Middle East and ought to be treated accordingly. Now they have denied before the entire nation and the world that they ever did such a thing, and blatantly lie about it as well as denounce former President Bush for going to war against Saddam Hussein, though he did so with the sanction of the United Nations, which could cite multiple UN sanctions that Saddam Hussein had flouted and transgressed over the years. They will continue to lie to distance themselves from their own records (their speeches and public stands against Saddam Hussein and their support of the war against him by President Bush are all recorded in the Congressional Record's pages), so that they can make Bush the culprit, an unwarranted aggressor against a sovereign state and its leader, instead of a victor in a just war against an aggressor and a threat to the whole world, a war that succeeded in its purposes, something that they do not want to go down in history. Bush's detractors are liars, the record is true. Now let us review what Saddam Hussein really was like, and what he intended for the world, and the Middle East and Israel in particular. You will soon see from this report, which doesn't go into the heinous details of his massacres, tortures, gassings, and murders of his victims but will give you a general idea of the hideous monster we were dealing with.--Ed.]

[A Deadly Serpent was Hatched in Tikrit, Northern Iraq, His Wicked Heart Aflame with the Blood-Lusting Spirit of the Assyrians of Old that Inhabited His Birthplace!]

The Mcalvany Intelligence Advisor, August, 1990: "First it was Kadafy; then it was Khomeini; now the Middle East's most dangerous 'madman' is Saddam Hussein. The son of a peasant, he committed his first murder at 14. At 20, he joined the then underground Bath Party. He tried to assassinate the then ruler of Iraq, failed and fled to Syria. Saddam rose to power in 1978 as the enforcer behind a blood coup and took full control of the government in 1979.

[Saddam's Reign of Terror Began in Full Spate!]

Hussein has been called an Arab Hitler. In 1980, seeing Iran in revolutionary turmoil, he attacked his larger neighbor to seize a disputed waterway and nearby oil fields. This led to an eight years war that left one million dead, 1.7 million wounded, and 1.5 million displaced as refugees. Hussein forced a cease fire by firing missiles on civilian population centers in Iran and by using poisonous gas against Iran's troops and civilians. He also gassed his own subjects--resistive Kurds. Saddam exercises near total control over Iraq's 18 million people through his vast security apparatus. The inner circle of Iraq's leadership is packed with Saddam's relatives by blood or marriage, from his extended clan from Takrit [sic] in Northern Iraq.

Hussein has executed hundreds of his own military officers over the past decade, 40 in July, and most recently on August 4, 120 who disagreed with his invasion of Kuwait. He recently executed a British journalist and he once shot one of his own cabinet ministers at point blank range during a cabinet meeting. When an Iranian-backed Shiite organization was formed to disrupt his rule, he executed 600 members in 1984. He recently held 8 teenagers who disagree with his rule and tortured them for 15 months. As a Sunni Moslem ruling in a predominately Shiite country, Saddam arrested a family of 90 Shiites after one of them made anti-Iraq broadcasts from Iran. When the broadcasts continued, Hussein killed six members of the family in front of the rest.

Hussein wants to go down in history as the Arab conqueror who annihilated Israel. In April he threatened to destroy half of Israel with chemical weapons [doesn't that threat remind us of Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, the president of Iran who has threatened Israel with nuclear annihilation?]. Indeed he has long range missiles now aimed at Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and all of Israel's population centers and military bases, mounted with chemical warheads. Would a man responsible for the deaths of over a million Iraqis and Iranians over the past decade use these chemical laden missiles? He probably would [we know he did not use them for this reason, he reluctantly took the advice of a lion-hearted Assyrian Christian, General Saada, a general of the Iraqi Air Force, the only man in Saddam's goverment and military who dared to tell Saddam the truth, that if he used those chemical warheads on his missiles against Israel, he would bring the nuclear bombing of all of Iraq's cities by Israel--Ed.]. In 1981, Hussein was building a nuclear bomb factory (with the help of France and Pakistan--[mark these two nations in present events, as France is pretending to be Israel's advocate at present in the standoff with Iran and its going nuclear against UN sanctions, and Pakistan is the nuclear-armed ally of the U.S. while harboring large contingents of Al Qaida operatives, training camps, and supporters of the Taliban in both Pakistan and Afghanistan--Ed.]). The Israelis reckoned the bombs were meant for them and so eliminated the factory with a pre-emptive strike [just as later they made a pre-emptive strike with warplanes and eliminated a nuclear bomb factory later in Syria's deserts that North Korea and Iran were helping Syria build]. Saddam hasn't forgotten! Hussein is expected to have his own nuclear weapons within three to five years [there has been numerous coverups in the Liberal Press and leadership in America concerning Saddam's efforts to buy yellow cake available in Central Africa for nuclear bomb manufacture, with Pres. George Bush being charged with lying or falsifying the intelligence regarding those efforts, but it is true he did try, he never did give up trying to achieve nuclear capability while he was in power, it is clear from his fighting stance right up to his capture by America's troops--Ed.].

Hussein, who has just had himself designated president for life, believes that he has been ordained by Allah to be the leader of the Arab world. He has accordingly built up the largest arsenal of long range missiles, chemical weapons, tanks, fighter aircraft and other weapons in the Middle East. Most of his weapons are Soviet [this shows the Soviet Russian connection with this dangerous madman and dictator, and that tie continues with Soviet support for Iran, now that Iraq has been neutralized by the successful war and the new democratic Iraqi government in charge--Ed.], but the West German magazine Der Spiegel recently reported that dozens of West German companies have helped Iraq build rockets and chemical weapons [this shows German malfeasance, aiding a notorious and bloody dictator with the weaponry he needed for massacres and warfare, and an anti-Semite too who had boasted he would wipe out Israel with his chemical warheads! Surely, Germany has much to be held accountable for, even since World War II!--Ed.], and assisted Baghdad in acquiring military nuclear technology. Iraq, with a million man army, has 250,000 more troops than all six of his Persian Gulf neighbors combined. Iraq's armed forces equal the combined might of Egypt and Iran and are more than double the forces of its hostile Western neighbor, Syria.

Iraq has 5,500 tanks (mostly Soviet-built), more than 700 warplanes, a 43-ship navy, and a large arsenal of armored vehicles, SAM missiles, and long-range missiles [he even decorated his palace throneroom wall behind his golden throne with a scene of his missiles firing and flying skywards toward no doubt Israeli cities, a scene of which an American had his picture taken with, while seated in battle gear on Saddam's throne!--Ed.].

In Kuwait [which Saddam invaded and conquered just before the First Gulf War of the U.S and its coalition forces], Hussein just captured 275 tanks, 260 armored cars, 40 helicopters, two squadrons of fighter planes (i.e. 34 Sky Hawks and 32 Mirages), eight ships, a large number of Soviet-made Sam 6, 7 and 8 missiles, TOW anti-tank missiles, and Sidewinder missiles. These will now all become part of Iraq's arsenal. (Iraq also raided the Kuwaiti treasury of $4-5 billion in gold and foreign currencies.) At this writing, Iraq is sending 18 divisions toward Saudi Arabia to join seven divisions already heading south from Kuwait City. Since the invasion, Hussein has ordered the formation of 11 new Iraqi army divisions.

All of the above weapons, or most of them, were destroyed or captured in the First Gulf War, but Saddam was not deterred, he survived the war and remained in power to try again to take over leadership in the Middle East, also threatening Israel again with his missiles and chemical weapons. This provoked the Second Gulf War that recently defeated his army and brought his capture, trial, and execution. It should be crystal clear that a man, with his history, was not going to change, and as long as he remained in power, with the resources he had of oil money to buy, produce, acquire weapons of mass destruction, he was determined to do it. The Leftist Press and leadership in America made it a big ploy to discredit the war and President Bush by claiming there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Saddam's own air force general, General Saada, states publicly to all the world that there were such weapons, for he knew of them and the secret flights by jets carrying them out. Ignored by the Leftist press in America, he has written a book, telling specifically how Saddam airlighted them out to secret places in Syria. Also, while during the latter phase of the war, missile warheads with chemicals were found hidden in the desert, a discovery that was quickly covered over by silence in the Leftist press. I remember that specific discovery being reported in the TV news, but it was not made much of, and soon was displaced by other news. If he had chemical weapons back in the Eighties, and he did have them, gassing thousands of Kurds and Iranians and Marsh Arabs with them, threatening Israel's cities with annihilation as well, it is proof enough that he had them in the Second Gulf War, only hidden away both in Syria and in his own country's vast deserts. Iran may also have served to cache them for him temporarily. I will believe a Christian, General Saada, before any Leftist-Democrat biased media which has an ax to grind against President Bush and a Republican administration. Saddam certainly had weapons of mass destruction, and was going to use them, every chance he got. That is certainly the truth.--Ed.

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