"Moderation in All Things,"

How We Can be Free Under the New Covenant from the False Nutrition-Gospel,

by Ronald Ginther

The best rule for health is moderation, as the Bible teaches continually. The only thing you should be violent about is seeking God's fulness in our lives. The rest is to be treated with moderation. Food of any kind falls under this divine rule God has set for our health and welfare. But you find the "health food nags" and the "nutritionist jehadists" have taken over Christian prime time spots, and are preaching their nutrition-gospel, which is a false gospel, to us Christians. The engine of their endeavor is fear, fear of death and disease (specifically killer cancers).

You commonly see these well-meaning but mistaken nutrition-evangelists on Christian shows, after many of their tribe dominated secular TV for years and years. Well, Christian networks have been invaded and taken over by them now too. John Hagee has his nutrition evangelist, so does Jan and Paul Crouch (they have several at least), and Daystar has its nutrition nags too. I have a family member living under the same roof with me who is a nutrition nag. I see the fear of death and disease in this person, so food for this loved one has become not food but medicine to does oneself with. This person is not happy inside, is not at peace, and goes to lectures on foods continually.

Nutrition of a special kind, which is very, very expensive by the way cost many hundreds each month to buy, is become a god and a gospel of this world system. The devil is in the mix, hidden among the herbs and organically grown parsnips and celery and wheat and many grains you never knew existed before. Vegetarianism is the work of a demon spirit, active even in Bible days, energizing these fearful slaves who have fallen to it. They flee from meat, which contains essential amino acids and fats their body must have, in moderation of course, to maintain a full spectrum of nutrition for the ongoing repair and restoration of body cells. See, I can talk this health food stuff too! I don't even have to practice first. But I can see through it all, with God's holy Word the Bible giving me counsel and understanding. I know that the Lord in His Word to man (in Genesis after the Fall) approved meats for mankind to eat after the Fall destroyed the complete nutritional chain of life that vegetables and fruits used to contain but now are deficient in. Vegetarianism denies the Fall and seeks to make Eden with fruits and vegetables and grains alone--and it cannot be done. The body will eventually suffer and decline.

Daniel and his friends chose only vegetables so as to avoid the non-kosher, heavily spiced and over-cooked dishes the King of Babylon provided for his courtiers and highest officials at the palace. These dishes were commonly presented to heathen idols first to be "sanctified" before they were put on the tables and consumed by the king and his court. Twice defiled, non-kosher (which meant they mixed utensils preparing meats and dairy milk products together) as well as being offered first to heathen idols such as Marduk the chief god of Babylon, these foods were forbidden to pious, God-fearing Jews, so Daniel and his three friends could not eat them.

We know the Bible story well, how the vegetable menu for him and his friends caused them to flourish beyond the other youth at the court who were given the king's rich foods that contained large portions of highly spiced and sauced meats. The man in charge of Daniel and the other youth in training for the king's service was astonished at the difference. Daniel and his friends surpassed the pagan youth in every respect, their appearance, their vigor, their health, their mental acuity, and their accomplishments.

But that is not an argument for vegetarianism. The Jews were not vegetarians! They could eat kosher-prepared meat, which was impossible to find at the Babylonian palace. So to protect themselves and not defile themselves, they chose vegetables, and God blessed those squashes, cucumbers, leeks and onions, and other vegetables they had at that time and they contained the whole chain of complete nutrition their bodies needed to flourish. Isn't that clear this happened? Of course, it did. God blessed Daniel and his friends for their reverence of him, and his commandments concerning foods.

So you may choose to be a vegetarian, but don't think God ever asked you to do this. Meat taken immoderately causes lots of problems, we all know, especially when it consists of highly spiced, fatty, and highly salted cuts and dishes (sausages particularly are pretty bad food, for they also contain lots of carcinogenic elements and preservatives you should avoid). But meat in moderation is necessary and good,a nd God approves. A hamburger and fries at McDonalds for a treat, is perfectly okay. To make a diet on them is not good, it is foolish gluttony. You will pay in your health if you eat such meats without moderation. Eat the Bible way, plenty of leafy and green and yellow vegetables in salads, one big salad a day at least, and brown rice, and wheat (if you aren't allergic or react to glutin), and eat sparingly of meat, keeping mostly to chicken and turkey and light colored meats (ham is fatty, high octane meat, so that is not something you should gorge on frequently in ham sandwiches or roasts).

We may guiltlessly eat anything that is clean and has nutrition for us, but always moderately. I am not one to do the preaching here, as I love sweets, ice cream, candy, anything sweet! I am not moderate with sweets, to tell you the truth, but I do make sure I eat moderately of meat, and keep an eye on salt and fat intake, and keep the salads coming. I happen to like yams, sauerkraut (cabbage is excellent, stuffed with cancer-voiding elements and contains a lot of other nice vitamins too), cottage cheese, flavorful frozen peas (I rarely cook them even a little), and any grains but wheat (which my body doesn't have any tolerance to after antibiotics upset my system, which is commonly done these days to us in prescriptions). I see very little of hospitals, thanks be to God. I have no health insurance either. I love coffee and sweets, but I know I must keep up on the good stuff, in moderation too. Eating too much too many times will kill us, even if it is the right stuff. I see my loved one here stuffing with her vegetarian items, but she has real health problems and is not happy and at peace with herself. I break most of her rules, but in keeping God's rules I am doing better in health than this loved one does, and I am five years older too. This loved one gets more colds and has psoriasis, and though I pray for her unceasing, she needs deliverance from the god of this world which dominates the health foods industry and vegetarian lifestyle.

I have observed this for over twenty years, so I am speaking from experience. Don't let fear of death and cancer drive you into that camp. Trust God for your health, and eat moderately, as the Bible shows you. I know that even those saints of God who eat well also sometimes get cancer, but that is allowed by God for his divine purposes, which we cannot understand until we get to heaven.

I also know that Moses under the old, inferior Covenant of the Old Testament was hale and hearty and his sight undimmed at the age of 120. As Pastor Hagee said, Moses walked to his funeral! Hebrews tells us our New Covenant instituted by our Lord God is far better! Well, the only conclusion we can reach is that this New Covenant assures us of greater health than the Old Covenant could assure Moses. If he did so well under the passing Old Covenant, how much better we should expect to do, healthwise, than Moses! Well? Do you get it? I think I do! And I will not accept anything less, by God's grace, for it is all by grace, nothing is deserved or earned by us, it is all a gift under this magnificent New Covenant of grace granted to us by the shed holy blood of the Son.

So as Paul said, be free! But don't flaunt your freedom, he cautions us. We can be free to eat McDonald's burgers and fries and shakes when we decided to, but not if it causes others who are weaker in faith and in Bible knowledge to stumble and take up that diet without moderation. Walk circumspectly, soberly and watchful, the Bible instructs us, for these are the Last Days, indeed, the last minutes of the Last Days! And fast! Fasting and prayer is powerful, producing results we may not see right now, but surely God is doing great and mighty things which we know not, but will know later on soon in heaven. Let us pray for God's will and kingdom on this earth to be unfolded in all its fulness--that is easy to know and pray, being assured Jesus our High Priest in heaven will take our prayers immediately to the Father, and that they will be answered!

Again, a child of God is free of sin, death, and the devil, and that includes vegetarianism and the other elemental spirits of this dying and demonized world. Don't fall into their spell, even if they are preaching right to you from Christian TV programs! That is NOT the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. It may have some information that will be helpful, but you can turn the channel and not be guilty of some wrong if you want to. Get an upbuilding, Bible-based preacher instead. Don't become a nutritionist's slave, driven by fear of death and cancer. If you are ill, and need healing, God is your Great Physician. Yes, the food nags are sometimes former dying patients who discovered God's wisdom in the Scriptures that saved their bodies. But then what? They turned that act of God of healing and grace into a nutrition-based gospel that is beside the point. They should just preach the Gospel, but they don't. They center everything they say on nutrition and vitamins and oxy-this and oxy-that--which is mostly all a waste of time to listen to, since you can't possibly absorb or understand or retain those masses of information and advice (their books too are largely a waste of time and money too, as they are just going to entrap you even more than when you were listening to them). Stick to the Scriptures, how much do they speak of such things-- the kosher laws are now obsolete, so you can't add them to your list. You are free, but we must be moderate in what we eat. It is pretty simple, it is not complicated, and we don't need the food nags, either Christian or secular, to know what to do. I don't discount everything they say, but I also am not going to be enslaved by them.

God alone is my Master, Christ is my Lord. I will not bow to these lesser gods because of fear. I have chosen to trust God, and repent of my love for sweets and coffee with them when I over-indulge in them. I do fast, and it is a good thing to do, spiritually and for one's health. God bless you as you seek the Lord in these matters.

Now a prayer is needed: "Lord, this matter is part of the spirit and delusion of this dying world system ruled by the Devil, Satan our adversary and Your adversary. We renounce his claim on our bodies through the false nutrition gospel being preached everywhere. We renounce fear of death and fear of disease. You alone are our Healer and Great Physician. You our Good Shepherd lead your flock into green pastures, and have given us all things to eat in moderation. The foods we eat are blessed by Your blessing. We need not abstain entirely from these meats the vegetarians call toxic and wrong to consume. They do not speak rightly, as they are not your children. We ask you again, bless these wonderful bodies you have given to serve you, heal our bodies so that they can be fit sacrifices on your altar, grant us wisdom to know how to choose and prepare the things needful to sustain our health and vigor even into great old age. Your Word is true and everlastingly health-giving! Amen--R.G.

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