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HAS SLAVERY GONE AWAY FOREVER? OR IS IT STILL AN ISSUE WE MUST DEAL WITH? WHAT IS THE HISTORY OF THE ABOLISHING OF SLAVERY IN BRITAIN AND THE BRITISH DOMINIONS? The following film produced in Britain is the creation of Ken Wales, who as a talented young man was given a scholarship by Walt Disney so he could go to a fine school and perhaps become a film maker. More important is the film itself. This film will embolden us, it will be a life-changing experience for all of us, making us fight for the unborn and the sex slaves of the international sexual gulag, not to mention the poor Filippino maids in the Middle East and the enslaved black Christians of southern Sudan (Darfur) and enslaved human beings everywhere.

"Amazing Grace," the Story of William Wilberforce

The story of William Wilberforce, written by Ken Wales, the brilliant producer of the movie "Amazing Grace," is available too at your bookstores. It is called" The Amazing Grace of Freedom," by Ken Wales.

THE SECULAR HUMANIST BBC AND ITS "SNOOTY TOOTS" OUTDID ITSELF THIS TIME IN BIASED REPORTING AND REVISIONIST HISTORY: I listened a couple days ago to the Snoots of the BBC give their latest "report" on slavery. I listened to every single word, so I could tell if they misrepresented the history in any way. Guess what they did? They did not mention William Wilberforce once! Not once! And they mentioned Pitt only once, in passing. Nothing really added. John Newton--no mention either! They gave more credit to King George for signing the bill abolishing slavery in Britain, while observing that slavery went on in the empire for thirty years more (as if abolition of slavery is an instant process when you're dealing with a world-wide empire!). No real mention either for the primary role of the Muslim Arab slave traders (just one one mention that Arabs were involved). They credited a lone African ruler for speaking out, rather lamely, against slavery, who was rulling during the time the slave trading was going on. He probably, routinely, put wives to death who didn't please him, and beheaded anyone who didn't pay enough tax to the royal coffers--a real despot who would feel comfortable sitting next to the likes of Saddam Hussain or the head of the British Broadcasting Corporation!

No coverage whatsoever of the West and Central African tribes who raided the villages, seized the women and children and young men, and killed the men who could defend themselves and killed the elderly and sick who were no good to them for selling as slaves to the British slaveship captains. They naturally did not mention anything about the current slave-trading and slave-holding and enslavement of thousands of Africans going on this very day in the Sudan! Slave-holding is a long-accepted practice in African Muslim societies--has been so since the time of the Muslim Arabs swept to power in North Africa in the 7th-8th centuries! Now it is a policy of the Sudanese central government, which is radical Islamicist, to wipe out the Christians of South Sudan, convert the pitiful survivors to Islam forcibly, while enslaving them and working them to death, or raping and fathering children on them, or selling them to Christians who are raising money in the U.S. to buy these wretched fellow Christians and set them free to return to their shattered villages and burned down homes, in the hope they can rebuild their lives and families somehow.

This was not a true report, British Broadcasting Corporation! This was not historical! This was a gross misrepresentation, perpetrated by the BBC by hauling in a number of ignorant, or dishonest, British university dons and so-called experts on the subject of slavery. What rubbish! What a farce! This is the sickening kind of reportage that goes on constantly in the BBC and its broadcasts to the world. It is not journalism--it is propaganda for the secular humanist and atheist world-view and ideology, which is in its way just as bad as Nazism and Communism. The secular humanist-run BBC has become the reeking armpit of liberal-dominated London--by their own stinkingly biased reportage and anti-Semitism and anti-Christ agenda!


Another BBC report was centered on slavery in Mauretania, a Muslim hell-hole of a nation in the Sahara of Africa, which means it is mostly all rock, sand, burning heat, waterlessness, and deadly snakes--not a place anyone would want to go normally. The BBC did a scathing report, which is amazing to me. It stated that the government is in denial about the rampant slavery in the country. Most of the population is enslaved--the BBC said. Yet the government officials claim there is no slavery, since they passed a law forbidding slavery! But no one told the slaves this! They are illiterate, impoverished, starved, and being worked slowly to death, so how can they appreciate the technicality of a law in a far-off capital that states on paper that they are free? Their owners too, will they give up valuable slave property unless they are forced by the state? We must acknowledge the reality, not take the evasive talk of the professional politicians of Mauretania for truth. Slaves are slaves! Mauretania's 9th century-style society is based primarily on slavery. The only thing I would fault the newsman on the ground for is this: he did not connect the slavery problem with the Muslim religion. Of course, slavery existed long, long before Islam came to the area by force, but Islam then had the responsibility and the power and means to end this inhuman practice and evil, but it did not. It has had 1,300 years to end slavery--but it shows no sign of doing so yet. No one is standing up in the United Nations calling for a UN resolution or sanctions against Mauretania, until they end this terrible evil. Where is Amnesty International or the other secular human rights organizations? Mauretania is an unbelievable, horrible hell-hole for thousands of human beings who are voiceless and powerless to help themselves, but these are people that deserve our active consideration, simply because they are God's precious children, and He cares for them and wants them set free and given means too to work for a better life!

THE GUILT-RIDDEN AND GUILT-DRIVEN BBC (IT OUGHT TO FEEL SOME GUILT FOR USING THE TAX MONEY TAKEN FROM CHRISTIANS TO ATTACK AND DISCREDIT CHRISTIANITY FOR DECADES NOW! MY BRITISH FRIENDS HAVE PAID THOSE VERY TAXES, AN INJUST SITUATION AND ONE OF THE REASONS WE DO NOT HAVE A SINGLE STATE BROADCASTING COMPANY DOMINATING THE MEDIA IN AMERICA, THANK GOD!) IS STILL HAMMERING OUT MORE BROADSIDES AGAINST BRITISH SLAVE TRADING: The propagandistic, guilt-driven BBC is still hammering the same, old, politically correct theme of British colonial slavery in yet more broadcasts using the same snooty Cambridge and Oxford accents! I heard another calling for Prime Minister Tony Blair to apologize for British involvement in the slave trade. It is the so-called 200th year anniversary, if I heard them right. Why set the anniversary back so few years? Why not show the world you know some history, BBC, and set it back to Mohammed's reign as Potentate of Islamic Arabia in the 7th century? His household was no doubt full of slaves. He endorsed slavery, in practice, and his followers naturally continued the evil, right up to March 2007, in fact! I really believe this is a smokescreen, just another ploy, like the secular humanists in America always drumming on the non-issue of the Witchcraft Trials in Salem by a group of Puritans, while their own aggressive agenda of intolerance goes unchecked and uncontested. What is the nastiness the guilty consciences of the BBC are hiding? Bush House needs a thorough decontamination and exorcism of evil spirits of intolerance and atheism and hatred and falsehood, once it is turned over, lock, stock, and whiskey barrel, to a Bible printing society, as happened to the house of the arch-Christian hater, Voltaire, in Switzerland--a man the Bible calls a fool for denying God, and who vowed that Christianity, because of his books, would be dead in 100 years. Well, we passed his deadline a century or more ago--and Christianity is sweeping the world (not religious Christianity, but the real kind this time, born of the Spirit of God and the teaching of the Bible).

There is a slave and abortion trade in America, which the media has done wonders in avoiding as an issue, while concentrating on fomenting racial divisions and antagonisms for political reasons. As Christians, we need to wake up and come to know the facts of what we are facing--a double-pronged enslavement carried on in America for huge profits. This double enslavement is based on the traffiking in sex slaves and also in the aborting of unborn children for profit. Hundreds of billions of dollars are involved in both industries. And the whole political apparatus is taking pay-offs ("campaign contributions") and is dependent on the abortion trade, just as the British Parliament and economy had become dependent on the lucrative West Indies slave and sugar trade in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

"The Slave and Abortion Trade in America," by Ronald Ginther

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