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While draconian Covid-19 mandates and restrictions shut down thousands of businesses and entertainment venues and public gatherings, even churches, across America abortion mills were termed by governors and legislatures "essential" and continue to run unimpeded without restrictions. How is abortion "essential"? Essential to whom? We shall see in this discussion, it is essential to only one sector, the profit-making industry that is centered on abortion making money for it, not anything or anyone else. To be sure, not even the nation is benefiting, but rather is bearing the whole cost of abortion, and will bear that cost for generations if the nation survives this Age of Abortion on Demand.


What is "Abortion"?

"Abortion" is a secular-humanist euphemism that is misleading at best. It is a term used to disguise the fact we are killing babies in the womb in the most brutal fashion conceivable (no pun intended). I once tried to buy space in a local paper for a poem I wrote about abortion, referring to Molock, the ancient idol to which parents sacrifice their children by throwing them into the mouth of the hollow idol in which a fire was burning at furnace like intensity. They would not print anything against abortion, not even a paid advertisement, even though I was not saying anything about Planned Parenthood or any other group that was not public knowledge. That is the way that society denies the reality of abortion--by keeping all dissent stifled.

The denier says, "I didn't kill my baby, I aborted a fetus, a blob of tissue." But the truth is, the babies are not fetuses or blobs of tissue. The truth is the babies are not "aborted," they are killed and murdered. When you take an animal's life, you have killed it. Everyone acknowledges that fact, and would be considered a lunatic to dispute it.

How is it, by some insane, perverted, distorted twist of logic, human beings' lives count less than animals' lives in America today? You can go to prison for longer terms killing an animal or bird than for killing a baby or a young child. But when you take a human being's life, killed the human being, this fact is disputed--it is judged not murder, it is homicide, an action done regrettably because of some extenuating, social circumstance in the perpetrator's life or upbringing or family or societal environment, for which the murderer cannot be called morally accountable!

How can this be, in a supposedly sane, advanced, progressive society?

Let us look at the whole "question" not as man, who is utterly confused, sees it. Let us look at it as the Creator of all human life sees it.

Just because a baby is in the womb, makes no difference with God the Creator. He holds us responsible for murder if you kill that baby either by a violent act or as a consequence of a violent act against the carrying mother.

The Bible regards babies in the womb as human beings, with no such categories as "trimesters" or terms such as "fetus" or "embryo", as human beings--and speaks of prophets being "called in the womb."

John the Baptist, in the womb of his mother Elizabeth, recognized Jesus in the womb of his mother Mary, and kicked with joy! This may have seemed a little farfetched to some readers of the Book of Luke, but it no longer is, since evidence has come to light that babies in the womb recognize their mother's voice as well as other things going on around them.

The general public, the legislatures, the courts, and the so-called experts can debate all they like. With God the discussion is over--He considers them, while in the womb, as human beings with the full, unretractable, extra-legislated, God-given right to live. And, there are very important social considerations as well. How do we know when we kill an unborn baby that we are not killing an instrumental man or woman of God, or a great musician, or a scientist who would discover the cure of AIDS or cancer? Who will work to support the social services in the future on which we all will come to depend? Who will pay the taxes to fund them if we kill off the younger generation by the millions (As of 2021, 61 million unborn babies have been killed since the 410 U.S. 113 (1973) Roe vs. Wade decision authorizing infanticide for exercise of the mother's right to choose an abortion without "excessive government restrictions," which quickly became the right to commit infanticide for convenience, which in turn rapidly generated (no pun intended) a billion dollar industry in America formed up exclusively for profit and not for the sake of the women involved and particularly not for the sake of the terminated unborn human beings!).

We simply are touching God's most precious creation, the helpless human life in the womb, smashing it with a sledgehammer, which is murder in God's eyes, a breaking of His commandment, "Thou shalt not kill." We are also killing, murdering, putting to death, our own future and the good of society for some short-term benefit we think is more important. Infanticide must be stopped. It dehumanizes and ultimately destroys a society. Where is Imperial Rome? Where is the once glorious classical Greece? They practiced infanticide routinely. Yes, infanticide also brings divine judgment, not just on individuals practicing it but on entire nations and empires.

Over in Communist China visitors have observed fields strewn with what they thought at first were small animal carcasses. It turned out, on closer inspection, that the bodies were not animals, they were aborted infants. Could anything be more hideous? China will pay dearly for this evil practice! China is already paying, for there are now about 60 million young Chinese men who will never find a bride in China--the girls are the first to be aborted and the boy is kept, due to China's one-child-per-family eugenics policy. [This policy has since been amended, not abolished, with a concession for parents to bear two children in a family, though any succeeding pregnancies will continue to be terminated by abortion.].

State-promoted and enforced infanticide like Communist China's is carried out all over a demographically declining Europe, except that they are too fastidious to do as China does, they don't yet throw the bodies out on to the open fields to decay and be eaten by wild critters like rats and feral cats and dogs. In the "culturally enlightened" Netherlands, a survey of doctors was taken recently, and the vast majority of doctors said they definitely would not recommend adoption as an alternative to their patients who were considering or had chosen abortion. They made the lame, secular humanist excuse that to do so would be to go against their patients' express wishes, as they had already made their decisions! So, in the grand, old, decadent Netherlands, the mother's wishes to kill her own children becomes more sacred than life itself, becomes more protected and respected than the helpless human life in the womb!

Who among those doctors asked the unborn child if it wants to live or not? Nobody! We don't have to ask! Naturally, the child wants to live, with every atom of its being! What makes these doctors in the Netherlands, who have such a low regard for human life and its sanctity, any different in kind from Death Camp Nazi doctors in World War II who operated on and killed Jewish children in wierd experiments on the operating table?

In America too infanticide is killing millions of unborn babies, year after year. We are just more sanitary and cosmetic about our own "killing fields--using zip lock bags to package the baby's organs for sale for high profits and then disposing of the rest in landfills.

Babies used to be dumped by the thousands and even the millions in trash cans out back of the thousands of abortion "clinics" for routine garbage truck pickup, but overflowing trash cans were raided by dogs and cats and raccoons, which spilled babies and their severed heads, arms, and various organs out, and this attracted dogs and flies and some shocked spectators--so the policy was changed. Selling of the baby parts was so lucrative, that much emphasis was shifted from disposal to marketable baby parts, organs, and tissues for "government or academic research, and even for use in the manufacture, not just research, of taste enhancers in popular food products such a potato chips and other snack foods!

As for Planned Parenthood, it should be held by Congress accountable and made to explain in a top level investigation to the American people how can they can "parent" a murdered unborn baby?? If sincere, they would have to acknowledge that the organization is an "unparenthood" operation for profit, it is profit that is planned and implemented with abortion, not the life of children that is planned and enhanced. "Reproductive Rights of Women" have nothing to do with reproduction, or rights, or women. It is a political ruse that has benefited a monstrous industry of abortion/eugenics founded by Margaret Sanger primarily, and which now has grown to dominate the politics and society of the entire United States.

With virtually no accountability, Planned Parenthood (due early on to the Rockefeller family money donations to founder Margaret Sanger the eugenicist and abortionist) mushroomed in size to being the world's biggest infanticide provider and also managed to garner congressional support to be tax funded to the tune of over 500 million a year!). How many congressmen and women are in the pay of this genocidal giant? Please bring on the investigations, Congress, into your own involvement in funding Planned Parenthood with tax money! Why should government fund abortion in the first place? What is there in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights that supports this form of genocide? What a grisly, uncompassionate, heartless, greedy, selfish American society an unrestricted Planned Parenthood abortion industry as created in place of the one that formerly respected and upheld the sanctity of life and protected children, born or unborn.

But God's holy eye sees Planned Parenthood too, and He is angry with all of us! We will all pay dearly for this wanton, unconscionable murder and slaughter of the innocent unborn babies for profit and convenience and even political support of, primarily, the Democrat Party that has championed "abortion" and "reproductive privacy" on demand for many years since it discovered it could be used as a way to power and wealth and, yes, the Presidency!

I believed Pastor Hagee of Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, when he said years ago God will demand thirty (now over sixty) million lives of Americans to pay for the murdered unborns. We will soon be paying, after the downpayment of the lives taken on 9/11 and by Hurricane Katrina and other disasters, those sixty plus million lives. Could they be yours and mine and our families? Are we innocent? Will we escape the wrath-judgment that must fall on America if God is a Just God?--and make no mistake, He is still a Just God because the Bible testifies that he never changes and in him is "no shadow of turning".

Someday soon I pray and hope to see America's greatest and most inhuman, national and individual crime (other than the way the Indians are being treated and were treated) wiped away by repentance bringing the end of infanticide. I dream of a memorial erected to the Holocaust of the Unknown Infants murdered in cold blood in America due to Roe vs. Wade and the criminally foolish decision of the Supreme Court majority composed of Blackmun, Burger, Steward, Powell, and Marshall. If there ever rises a national memorial like this one, I can envision a murdered unborn baby's hand in bronze will jut from the simple stone toward the mother who comes to honor her dead child. Let all those who come to the memorial be free to take hold of the baby's hand and pray that there will never be another such immured in the stone of indifference that has replaced the heart of America since 1973.

"The Ballad of the Unknown Child," by Eben

A Musical score is available:

A complete symphonic score for the music, composed by Ms. Patti Leng with the above tune by Karen Nolde and the lyrics by Ronald Ginther, is available on request by churches and groups who wish to do concerts or programs dealing with helping and ministering to post-abortion traumatized individuals. This music and the lyrics were shared with the local CareNet clinic director in Tacoma and Puyallup, Washington State, and was well received. It has also been performed by a Washington State community church in Edgewood of Pierce County, and has possibly spread to other states and churches outside Washington. You can email request a copy to be sent via an attachment to an email in reply.


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