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Praying for the Nations"

The power of prayer can turn whole nations around and save millions who would otherwise be lost and go into a Christless eternity. Prayer (and the Gospel preached by John Wesley) saved Great Britain in the 18th century! Without the Wesleyan revivals, Britain society was indeed a lost cause, doomed to a French-style revolution and bloodbath made possible by the world's most efficient killing machine, the ingenious French guillotine! Human beings could not do the job--they would crumble and go insane, putting so many thousands to death in a brutal fashion. But with the guillotine, all that mess and carnage was not on any man's hands but a result of a cold killing machine that could feel absolutely nothing about what it was doing to young girls and young boys and mothers and aged grandmothers and innocents of all kinds who had done nothing wrong but be born in France in the 18th century. But that is the ancient past--or is it? France will soon have to give up as many heads of its citizens as she once took--if she does not return to God in repentance. Prayer can do the same now again, today, saving our erring nations staggering toward the abyss, starting with you and me!

Please pray for the sorely oppressed Moslem people of Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, who are enslaved to Islam, a false, anti-Christ religion, while being misled by clerics who are following hateful agendas (though not all clerics are fundamentalists and jehadists). These nations, according to Biblical prophecy, will soon be destroyed in the next major Middle Eastern war when they once again attack Israel with the aim to wipe that nation off the map. Instead, they will be wiped from the map (I think, preemptively), as John P. McTernan defines this war in his book, "As America Has Done to Israel." Scripture says specifically that Damascus will be destroyed, made uninhabitable because of its contamination. A rump state of Syria will survive, but the nation will be gone (which is no real loss, since it has always been Israel's worst enemy since the time of Israel's founding in the time of Joshua). The other countries named will become uninhabitable too. Think of this!--but they will bring this terrible fate on themselves by attacking a nation at peace with them. Iran, as McTernan describes it, will suffer a great blow, will partially survive, but will be utterly destroyed in the next, greater war that follows when it joins in yet another major war against Israel to eterminate the Jews. It is thus time for the people of these countries to repent before God, seek His Son's grace and forgiveness, and be led of the Lord to a place of safety. These countries are going out of existence! And soon! If any of them still exist in ten years, it will be the Grace of God, holding back the wrath of God on these wicked countries and their wicked rulers.

Please pray for these Moslem-enslaved countries that are aligned like packs of ravenous wolves against Israel and which all will be destroyed by their own aggressions when those acts of war back-fire on them. The Roadmap to Peace is the latest, desperate, ill-founded leash that the intelligentsia of Washington has come up with to use to hold them back--when only God can do that.

Somalia, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, and Egypt are Moslem countries, and they are presently on the rock bottom of civilized states (all the big universities in Cairo are not enough to lift that society to civilization, if its basis is faulty), BUT THEY WERE ONCE ALL FLOURISHING, HIGHLY ADVANCED CHRISTIAN LANDS BEFORE THEY WERE CONQUERED BY MASSIVE ATTACKS OF FANATICAL MOSLEM ARMIES CARRYING THE BANNERS OF MOSLEM JEHAD IN ONE HAND AND SCIMITARS IN THE OTHER. They have received a Christian witness (10% of Egypt's population is Coptic Christian, with revival going on in the evangelical church, and the Middle East's largest evangelical church of upwards of 15,000 believers meeting in a cemetery on the edge of Cairo!). Algeria was formerly a Christian country and knew the Gospel, for centuries before the Moslem armies conquered it in the 7th-8th centuries. All of now Moslem North Africa, Morocco and into Egypt, was Christian! Now it is a stronghold of Islam and Satan. But it can be saved--if we pray! The people of these North African nations, those who are not captivated by hatred, are a beautiful, hospitable, humble, friendly people. It is Satan that is deceiving and using them--and he is the reason for their present condition--poor, oppressed, bound in darkness of a false religion, subject to hate-mongers and tending to violence against Jews and Christians. They can be set free, and thousands are being set free even now by the libeating Gospel of Jesus Christ beamed down to them from satellite tv and Christian programming.

Somalia is located just below the "Horn of Africa". It is an ancient neighbor to Ethiopia, and was probably influenced or even a tributary of that country's empire for long ages--but they are a distinct nation now, only subject to centuries of religious darkness of Islam, which has made Somalia a hotbed of strife and violence, poverty, and hopelessness. They still mistakenly think the Draconian Seriah law of Islam will make their country stable and ultimately prosperous, peaceful enough to make normal life half-way possible again. It won't happen. Radicalized Jehadist clerics will not allow development, and will drive down the women into abject ignorance and slavery--and society cannot go ahead under such conditions, as we know very well from many examples of Moslem fundamentalist takeovers. Look at what the PLO Moslem fundamentalists have done to Gaza (Hamas-stan, as Brigitte Gabriel has called this seething nest of rattlers), to the former Afghanistan before U.S. forces liberated it from the Taliban, to the whole Middle East (except for pockets of prosperity, the whole region of the Middle East and northern to central Africa is a hell-hole, suffering economically and culturally. Weapons and warfare are highly developed, paid for by oil revenues or U.S. or Russian aid, but almost everything else--industry, agriculture, social services, schools, health care--are backward and even non-existent in vast areas.

Unlike Islam, we as Christians have a God who has an ear to the cries of His children! Pray for the organization that is attacking America so viciously and fanatically, to destroy all our traditional values and beliefs and supplant them with secular humanism. I do not pray that God will save this organization, for it is utterly corrupt and anti-Christ, but I do pray for the individuals who are working in it. Their souls are precious to God.

You would not know it from the present anti-Christian agenda of the British Parliament, but British history would not exist except for its Christian heritage and Christian values. Almost all of recorded British history is in the Christian era--and the nation was founded as a Christian nation. This fact needs to be taught to British schoolchildren, whom no doubt are being fed a completely warped view of their own country's development and are almost totally ignorant of what really took place and why. The BBC's biased and ignorant reportage can be explained by its hatred of anything Christian and its utter blindness to the role of Christianity in lifting Britain from the dark, wormy, stinking slimepits of barbarism (even Caesar was appalled by the unbelievable cruelty and savagery of the naked, blue-painted Britons!). They liked to stack bound captives in a hundred foot high piles of bushes and logs and then burn them to death as sacrifices to their fiendish idols (this made the Roman practice of crucifixion seem rather paltry in comparison).

Queen Elizabeth I was a great promoter of the Christian faith--and declared that the British realm was Christian, according to David Hathaway of Eurovision ministries. As a Defender of Christianity in her dominion, she took her responsibility most seriously, and reigned over a navy-based country that rose to first rank among the nations, thanks to the role of Christianity in the kingdom. She might be said to have inaugurated a Golden Age in Britain, for there have been no greater English monarchs, before or after her.

We truly need to pray for Britain, which is sinking fast into the slimepits of secular humanism--with few Christians left to help the nation extricate itself from the morass and drowning in it.

You can easily trace Great Britain's catastrophic decline, as it steadily abandoned its priceless Christian heritage and values and lives based on the Bible, until today you see a fifth rate power such as Muslim Iran slap the sadly moribund British lion in the face, daring it to do anything, after taking hostage fifteen of the British sailors while on duty in Iraqi waters and forcing "confessions" out of some of them. Tony Blair is not only taking the slap of this Persian cad, but acting as if the hostage-taking were all the fault of Britain! This same Britain that has turned from a lion to a purling pussycat in the face of a militant Islam is presently reversing centuries of egalitarian progress in human rights, by endorsing Islam's claim to separation of the sexes in public institutions and schools. Britain already has "honor killings," child brides, and servitude of Islamic women who are regarded by Islam as second-class partners in any marriage, and can be beaten, or turned out into the street with a simple word to go by the husband. The killing of unwanted Moslem wives is also widespread in India and Pakistan, and will be found occurring in Britain too--the husband gets rid of a wife by forcing her with mistreatment to douse herself with gas and light it, takes her dowry, and remarries! How convenient for him! I listened to an entire BBC report on this practice--and nobody was saying there is something radically wrong with Moslem society that has this going on, year after year, with hundreds of fatalities. This is what we can look forward to in America, where atheistic secular humanism is already proving the perfect facilitator for the rapid Islamization of America, just as it had facilitated Islamization in Britain, Belgium, France, and other Western countries. What about the human rights watch groups? What about the feminists? They are strangely silent about all this--and if they report the fatalities and the abuses, they will not give us the causes--which are embedded inextricably in Moslem theology and Sheriah law.

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