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"Heroes of America Series--William Penn, an Introduction, with a look at John Foxe's life and contribution to America's Founding Fathers

"Heroes of the America Series--William Penn, with a look at George Penn, Uncle to William Penn

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For ANYTHING about America's true foundations in Christian faith and beliefs, from the original documents and the lives and acts of Christian Founding Fathers:

David Barton, Wallbuilders

IF WE DON'T KNOW WHERE WE CAME FROM, WE CAN'T KNOW WHERE WE ARE GOING: So-called scholars and social commentators have declared our Founding Fathers to be Deists or skeptics (categorically!). Nothing could be farther from the truth, states David Barton.

Although we encourage you to go to David Barton's fine site and access "Resources," we shall use the links he provided and make a convenient page here on this site, so that you can readily access these resource sites he listed:

Historical Documents

Resources for Americans, Part I

"AMERICA IS A COVENANT NATION," EXCERPT FROM PETER MARSHALL: Please use the link below for the excerpt of a message by U.S. Congressional chaplain, Peter Marshall, in which we are reminded that America is a Covenant with God Nation. This message could not be preached to Congress today--he would be hounded out of the Capitol! But what he says is exactly how we were founded, in a solemn, official, binding covenant with Almighty God, a fact Peter Marshall once reminded the whole nation of and which nobody who knows history in least part can truthfully deny. That is really what is meant by the phrase in the Pledge of Allegiance, "one nation under God." We are "under God," because our forefathers, the Pilgrims and Puritans, and the Founders, instituted this nation in faith in God, in subjection to His rule and His commandments--not founding our nation in human wisdom, human law, and human striving. We are a "God-Nation," not a replacement to the Chosen People and Nation of Israel, but, nonetheless, a nation that covenanted in a true, godly, humble fashion with God. That makes us different from every nation on earth exept Israel. That is why we have an affinity for Israel, traditionally, in America, and why America has been so blessed, singularly, by God, and also why we have freedom and liberty. That is why we need to return to a knowledge of this holy Covenant and acknowledge our responsibilities under it.

"The American Dream," Excerpt of Message by Peter Marshall


Postscript: November 2006--"The Titanic Connection with America's Destiny and Imminent Destruction," A View by Ronald Ginther

What sort of government do we have in America? Is it truly representative? Or is it a deceptive screen for something sinister and destructive of our cherished liberties? Television, for instance, is a terrible, culture-destroying visual drug--an addiction to which is evidenced in the behavior and lives of most Americans. Its educational value is negligible, compared with books and instruction by qualified teachers and individual learning and discovery. Yet it dominates American life, so that an America without it can no longer be imagined. Television, then, is really an addicting drug--not what it seems. It is no mere electronic means of mass, prepackaged "entertainment," "educational TV," "amusement," or "diversion." It is a mind-numbing, behavior modifying, time-consuming, degenerating drug. The smokescreen, however, is effective--we complain about the effects of television dominance in the culture, the radical decline in U.S. education, and the violence it promotes in the young, but the only real cure for most Americans would be to ban it or exercise total abstinence. That, of course, is "unthinkable." The following article will explain what has happened to the American experiment in freedom and representative government as defined by the Constitution and other founding documents.

Something that quacks like a duck and looks like a duck and flies like a duck must be a duck, you can reasonably conclude. So too with oligarchy. This nation speaks and looks and acts like an oligarchy, so my conclusion is that it is an oligarchy, not what it is purported to be: a "representative democracy." That is an ideal we have slipped far from in practice, sad to say. Our Founding Fathers would not be able to recognize this nation of America that has changed so much from the Constitution and the principles that they fought and sacrificed for.

"America Is An Oligarchy," A View of American Society and Government," by Ronald Ginther


Some excellent resources about America's Christian heritage, founders, and values can be found on these websites.

Marilyn Hickey of Marilyn Hickey Ministries made an excellent video tour of historic Christian sites on the East Coast involved in the American Revolution and the Continental Congresses. You can access her site at Marilyn Hickey Ministries for any resources she has in abundance. She has to be one of the most valiant evangelists ever, since she has always dared to go where men will or cannot go--the Moslem countries, which can be the worst offenders on the list of states practicing inhumanity to man and haters of Christians and Jews but yet God wants her to go in and preach the Gospel (and she goes!). She is now over 90 years of ago, and still going!

Years ago, I tried on the phone to get a job with her excellent ministry, but no deal, I did not fit her screeners' profile, I guess, which included having the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Well, I don't let that stop me, nor would it stop my missionary cousins and aunts and uncles, who have all had great impact on the world spreading the Gospel, even though they are Baptists! Imagine, God can use even Baptists! Aren't you glad that he is not limited by our limitations? He says go and preach the Gospel, and you can be nothing, and he can still use you if you are willing to obey his command. Has that given you hope, friend? Though genuine ministries may turn you down, take a cue from this that you are not cast by God on the Reject Pile. No! You are front burner Soldiers of the Cross to the Lord Jesus Christ. He can and will use you mightily for his kingdom and the propagation of the Gospel, even if it is from behind a dust mop in a government bureau building! I still say this because years before contacting Marilyn Hickey Ministries to offer my English and writing skills, I put my name in to a Christian employment agency, and was called by a general of the Salvation Army for the WAR CRY, but was turned down because I was associated with Peoples Church through their Bible School, a church he got wind of was "charismatic" and "therefore, divisive". Not fair, indeed! But God had better things for me in mind rather than a cushy Editorship with WAR CRY, and if their editors don't have cushy jobs, they at least have some job security with a long-running, Christian magazine.

Please contact Coral Ridge Church Ministries or Knox Seminary for the following video (which may also be available on YouTube). The late Dr. James Kennedy had a video, "One Nation Under God," for a donation of $25 to Coral Ridge Ministries. Also click on his "Beginning Again" icon on his website page if it is still operating. will have his many books. We do not recommend any that espouse his Replacement of Israel with the Gentile Church, however. But he was a wonderful expounder of the Word of God, just as Martin Luther was, but, sadly, both proved anti-Semitic.


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