of John P. McTernan's "As America Has Done to Israel,"

by Ronald Ginther


Three American presidents, George Bush Sr., William Clinton, and George Bush Jr., set out to force the "land for peace" gambit on Israel (Israel gives up its own territories, which were given Israel by God in everlasting covenant) to its declared arch-enemies, the Palestianians and their terrorist governments and organizations, so that they can use those territories to launch rockets and suicide bomber missions into Israel to destroy Israel. In return, Israel gets their enemies to accept the existence of Israel, and somehow the new Palestine state and Israel will live side by side in peace. This is the most absurd idea ever conceived by U.S. heads of state! How can we do this to our strong ally Israel? Are we doing it to any other nation--forcing it to give up its own land to its sworn, declared enemies, who have vowed destruction of the nation that is giving up land for peace? We would not dare do this to any other nation--but we do it to Israel our ally! What kind of ally are we anyway? We are strong-arming Israel--threatening to cut off our support and aid--unless they give in to their arch-enemies, who want only the total destruction of Israel.

McTernan's makes the point clear, and supports it with case after case, that our mistreatment of Israel is causing us tremendous damage. God is allowing hurricane after hurricane, together with tornadoes, fires, and earthquakes, and even Wall Street melt-downs, and presidential scandals and exposures, to warn and even punish America. Are we getting the point? Are we waking up to the deadly peril we are bringing to ourselves with this failed, anti-Israel policy? It is supposedly for peace--but only Jesus Christ in His Second Coming will be powerful enough to enforce peace in the Middle East and in the entire world. Men cannot do it! Our presidents think they can--with the might of the U.S., but they are failing wretchedly. Moreover, they are bringing God's wrath on our own nation, increasingly. How many monster, killer hurricanes do we need befor we wake up to the wrong we are doing against Israel, the apple of God's eye? Kennebunkport, Maine, is where President Bush Sr. had his house, and it was destroyed the very day he forced Israel to accede to the demands of the Madrid Treaty on 10/30/91. Since then all hell has broken loose on America, as the earth itself has turned its full wrath on us in disaster after disaster. This even includes 9/11, no small wake-up call or warning-judgment. Yet we have not learned a single thing!

McTernan states: "Since November 1991, God warned America that the nation was on a collision course with Him over Jerusalem and the covenant land. As America pressured Israel to surrender land, warning-judgments hit the nation.

"These warning-judgments occurred through all three presidencies, whether democrat or republican. These judgments resulted in some of the greatest natural disasters in the nation's history. They include three of the most expensive natural disasters in history. Hurricane Andrew, the Northridge earthquake, and Hurricane Katrina. These disasters occurred on the very days the United States government pressured Israel to divide the land.

"America is no longer cooperating with God's agenda, but is actually hindering it. This appears to be happening by the ignorance of the everlasting covenant. Presidents Bush St., Clinton and Bush Jr. did not purposely try to thwart God's word. It appears they are doing this for political expedience. The word of God is clear that their actions against Israel bring judgment.

"A president acting in ignorance of God's word is no excuse. The Prophet Hosea warns that lacking knowledge of the Bible leads to destruction, 'My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge...' The Presidents' personal ignorance of the Bible, plus the church leaders' failure to warn the Presidents, placed the United States in grave danger. Most likely the religious leaders believe replacement theology; therefore, their doctrine blinds them to the warning-judgments."

McTernan gives page after page of detailed proof, listing the very headlines of major papers, that link the "natural disaster" with the presidents' "peace" conferences with Arafat and Israel's leaders. Arafat brought incredible destruction to the U.S. during his visits--as we were struck again and again by devastating hurricanes whenever he set foot here and strut around at the White House and the United Nations as the leader of the Palestinians. He is now dead after reaping many thousands of innocent lives and incalulable property damage to the U.S. and Israel, but the failed "road map to peace" is still on the table, as President Bush and Condoleeza Rice are pushing it once again, while a compliant, secular humanist-liberal Israeli leader, who is willing to compromise his mother's own neck to the terrorists apparently, is leaning over backwards to please America and the salivating wolves of Gaza ("Hamasstan," as Brigitte Gabriel calls it). This is a time of greatest peril to Israel, and also to our own country. We will continue to pay dearly, and Israel will pay dearly, for the egregrious mistakes being perpetrated by our President, and Secretary of State, and State Department. To force Israel to surrender yet more land that God gave to Israel in an everlasting contract or covenant, a sinful, anti-God swap that He will never approve since it is only benefitting his enemies and Israel's enemies, is to invite our own total destruction as a nation, not just Israel's. God help us!

This book may be the most important book to be published this year and for many years. It is a must for any sober-thinking Christian who loves America and wants to see Israel's existence as a free nation preserved as it should be preserved, with territorial integrity acccording to the Covenant made by God with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

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