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Alliance Church Pastor David Pett of Washington and Oregon, converted from being a member of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod which did not believe being born again was a good thing to sanction in church families, is a long-time minister of the Gospel and was a pastor for many years. He handles the Word of God most responsibly and aptly for these times. That cannot be said of most preaching from the pulpit today in America! He is offered here, but you can sign up for his email messages yourself by using his email address. The following message by David, "Are All Things Equal" is a blessing to all who are open to the truth of it.

"Are All Things Equal?" a Thought-Provoking Message by David Pett



There are many thousands of (overpaid!) apostates and infidels inside and outside of the churches and seminaries posing as theologians today, and some of them now are attacking the Substitution of Christ for the Atonement of sins, saying it is "transcendental child abuse."

No God would ever do such a cruel thing to his son, these fake Bible scholars maintain, and even if Jesus did die on a cross, it counts for nothing and saves nobody. The whole thing about atonement is pointless, since it is unnecessary.

What can be said about these apostates and infidels? The Bible describes them in many places, and I can think of several descriptions--but I think the vernacular term, "dunce, " is good too. In any case, they are liars--denying the whole truth of the Bible, which points the way to Jesus the Lamb of God, sacrificed on the Cross to pay the sin-penalty for all mankind. It WAS necessary. We are all sinners, condemned to death and eternal punishment. "The wages of sin is death," the Bible clearly states. We acknowledge that there should be punishment for breaking of the laws in society, yet how about breaking the laws of God? He demands a punishment for the lawbreaker, and since He is the Judge above all human judges and courts, He certainly has a right to demand that we pay the penalty for our sins against Him and our fellow man. Fortunately for us, He substituted Jesus Christ the Lamb, who was sinless, able to take all our sin upon Himself and wipe it completely away by His shed, innocent blood. Through this act of His, which was voluntary and not forced, we are freed from the penalty of our sin. It is not child abuse in any sense. Christ was a full-grown man and was no child when he freely chose to go to the Cross, to satisfy the will of His Father in heaven. He was not abused by His Father, who was not a tyrant in any respect. He chose to obey his loving Heavenly Father freely--His Father did not force him onto the Cross. It is the most asinine and incorrect misinterpretation to call it "transcendental chid abuse." Only a sarcastic, warped mind could come up with such a term. It is truly Satanic. It may be a sin against the Holy Spirit. I do hope these fake theologians will repent and will not have to suffer eternal punishment for these attacks on God, the Gospel, and the doctrine of Christ's Atonement.--Ed.




He claims to be a Christian. He takes an active part still in his home church in Plains, Georgia. Georgia is in the buckle of the Bible Belt, so to speak. How could this man be so anti-Semitic that he would write a book equating Zionism with racism, comparing Israel to the apartheid state of South Africa? Jimmy Carter is an enigma, even to his followers, for he does a noble service through building homes for many people who could not otherwise have homes in his ministry, Habitat for Humanity.

His many powerful, oil-riches funded terrorist friends, however, overlook his Christian side, and thank him profusely for supporting them against America, the country over which he was a President!

He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace, because he consistently, ad nauseum, stands against America and a free society and champions the rights of terrorist societies and nations as they attack Americans around the world.

The late Robert Goulet with that wonderful deep voice of his once sang in the hit Broadway musical, "Camelot," a whimsical song that was utterly charming, to wit, "How can a man love a woman?"

Well, how can a Christian understand a Jimmy Carter? His true colors come out, glaringly, however, in his lower-intestine-generated and produced book, "Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid."

Despite the fact (which is pointed out in the Lamplighter Magazine, March 2007 issue, edited by Dr. Reagan of Lamb and Lion Ministries, McKinney, Texas) that the whole Middle East practices apartheid against the Jews (refusing them residency), Israel (which has a million Arabs within its borders as voting citizens, who have representatives in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament)! Israel is a model for diversity and acceptance of all races--just the opposite of its neighboring Moslem countries of Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Turkey!

It is the Moslem Middle East that practices the system of apartheid rigorously, not Israel.

How could Jimmy Carter, an intelligent man able to parley his success growing peanuts in Georgia and able as a dark horse candidate to win the U.S. presidency but not keep it for a second term, be so misleading on this core issue?

He is either badly deceived or knowingly a deceiver! But in any case, he is flat wrong in his charges against Israel. When he would not call back or suspend his book's publication, a whole group of his expert scholars in his Carter Center have walked out in protest (which has not deterred him in the least, as he says so himself when asked).

But why haven't the rest walked out? Do they agree with his rank anti-Semitism? Apparently so! He is running now a purged, actively anti-Semitic center against Israel. I feel sorry for him--and a little fearful FOR him. He is a centenarian and will have to stand someday, soon, before a Jew in heaven and explain what he has done here on earth against the Jewish people who produced the Messiah Jesus Christ. What possible justification or explanation or excuse will he have then to present to the Lord?

It goes without say, but I will say it anyway, that his charitable Habitat for Humanity ministry to provide homes for those who cannot afford them is not going to sway judgment on him one single degree. He may be saved by Amazing Grace even so, but ALL his good works will suffer fire and be burned up. That is avoidable but likely to be his experience in the hereafter. Have mercy on this poor man, O Lord!

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