A prophecy from the late Duane L. Smith:

"The Spirit of the Lord spoke to my heart saying, "Oh, wicked and perverse generation! How long must I endure your whoredom? And how long must I put up with your selfish ambitions and foolish pride?"

"Worship Me and Me alone," says my Lord and my God, "And do not go a'whoring after other gods."

"Always be careful, and remember to kiss My Son, lest He or I be angry," says the Lord God Almighty.

"Learn to fear the Lord, for I the Lord am a jealous God, and I will not share My place with another! Turn from your wicked ways, and turn to the True and the Living God; replace vanity and vainglory with the worship of the Lord in spirit and in truth," says the Lord of hosts. If you do this, I promise and will not repent, you shall be set free from spiritual bondage, and you shall be made whole, and you shall be spared from my wrath. Amen"


"Two Prophecies," by Duane L. Smith


"The Voice of the Lord and the Heart of a Prophet," A Dream of the Lord Jesus, Parts 1 & 2, by Duane L. Smith

Note: Duane L. Smith's prophecy above speaks of "harlotry." What on earth is that? The Bible used to be understood generally in Jewish and later in Christian society when it used terms like "whoredom" and "harlotry" and "harlots." Whores and harlots were what we now call prostitutes, a term we still understand since we have so many prostitutes in our secular-humanist dominated society. If you went to bed with a harlot or whore, you were termed immoral, and believed under God's judgment, since that is the same as engaging in prostitution--an immoral act of fornication, according to the Ten Commandments and the Bible (particularly the commandment, Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery).

Nowadays, committing adultery and fornication is heartily approved by the popular culture and the U.S. public schools, and it is called "relationship," and used to be called "shacking up" or "living together" or "common law" marriage. Spouses are "partners," not necessarily the one man and one woman joined in marriage, but two men joined or two women, even two couples or more joined in "marriage." Scandinavia has been notorious for such group sex unions for a century at least.

"Relationship" is the nifty euphemism that seems to make it more acceptable and right to do, for what can anyone have against a "relationship"? Relationships are supposed to be good to have, right? Not generally, no! But "Relationships" can be your downfall and ruin, spiritually, if they are the wrong kind. If you have relationships with bad companions, they will inevitably drag you down into the hell where they are headed. Too much air can kill you--and water too--though you need both air and water to live. Too much sunshine--sunburn, dehydration, and cancer. You get the picture. The wrong amount of something, or the wrong kind of something, is damaging and even fatal.

Sex is a good gift of God, but NOT not when it is pornographic or illicit sex outside marriage--that is fatal. A recent banner of LGBT-QIA activists reads as I paraphrase it: LOVE IS LOVE NO MATTER WHAT KIND IT IS. Wrong! God says that is utterly wrong!

Excessive or any misuse of sex is not based on love either--that is selfish self-gratification, which is the abuse of the gift of sex. All fornication, adultery, and immorality is fatal, in God's judgment, despite what society says. But spiritual harlotry or spiritual prostitution is what is most often meant by the prophets--a worse kind of spiritual decline or spiritual apostasy, since it means taking other "lovers," that is, "other gods" to worship, which makes a person a heathen or pagan. Israel's people, over and over, took other gods rather than worship the One True God--thereby, becoming spiritual harlots (heathens and pagans) themselves, running from one lover (a false god) to another lover (some other false god) for whatever illicit thing they were seeking. This was an absolute abomination to God, who sought a pure bride, who loved Him alone. It is still an abomination to God, for He has not changed, and says he is jealous over us His children. He will accept no other lover, no other rival for His love, climbing into the bed of His bride! Yet we, as a people, and as individuals, become harlots, and go a'whoring after other gods, don't we? We choose many things above God, don't we? We must stop doing this--for this is spiritual prostitution, and carries the heavy penalty of spiritual death and even damnation in hell forever. Israel was destroyed, again and again, because of this sin--going to other lovers, other gods.

Duane L. Smith's prophecy speaks of this kind of utterly despicable harlotry and prostitution. Let us take it seriously and change our ways and return to our One True God, our One True Lover of our souls. The other gods, the other lovers, will only bring us regret, wasted lives, and even eternal hurt.--Ed.



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