"Dunces of the World Center"

Lunacy has always existed in society. People have always acted stupidly, either because it was built-in, or because they chose to make stupid decisions. Folly has been universally present, wherever humanity has existed. We all make stupid, foolish decisions at times. But secular humanism appears to be the petri dish for cultivating the most egregrious types and amounts of lunacy the planet has every witnessed in its thousands of years of human habitation. Adam was certainly a loon for making the decision to eat the forbidden fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, though he knew perfectly well that God had said it would bring death upon him if he did that.

Yup! Adam died, a tad short of 1,000 years old. That is called a day in God's chronology. He died in less than a day, in other ways, in the divine way of reckoning human existence. He lived less than a day, in other words, when he could have lived forever on earth, happy and blessed. He really did die the "day" he ate of the forbidden fruit. It just didn't seem like it (but, spiritually, he was already dead, of course, and it just took his body some more time to follow suit). So, with this negative example starting the human story on earth, what can we expect that his descendants (and we include ourselves, don't we?) will evidence similar bad choices and similar lunacies. Yet, as I said, secular humanism is a philosophy and a religion combined, that somehow encourages lunacy to break forth and express itself beyond the limitations it knew in the past. Now the limitations in past times no longer hold. Lunacy is free, thanks to secular humanism, to express itself fully, and with hardly any fear of consequences, except death, of course. Lunacy is applauded and awarded, in fact. Lunatics are given a lot of money too. Lunatics are made the most powerful leaders of nations, large and small. Lunatics become teachers, diplomats, and business people, and, yes, they preach from the pulpits all across America. Lunacy is fashionable--and it pays too. You don't get far if you maintain and insist on sanity in a culture that supports and rewards the opposite. To be politically correct, you have to be a lunatic. To be sane, you must accept shunning, reproach, dislike, even lost promotions and outright persecution. Folly, or Lunacy, has triumphed in post-modern American culture. If you don't think so, look again at the headlines and the news feature stories of the day and the week. What do they tell you? The envelope of lunacy is being pushed out, every minute! We are on the verge of creating, thanks to secular humanism, an insane asylum out of Planet Earth. There is no limit to our outrageous exhibitions of our lunacy, seemingly. But someday we will pay the piper--the one in the striped pants and pointy cap with the pipe in his mouth. He led us to destruction, we will find--but then it will be too late to turn around. Stuart Hawkins wrote a fine poem about a man who turned round, just in the knick of time, and frantically beat his way through the "madding crowd" of his fellow fools and lunatics and made it back somehow to the narrow gate that leads to life. You can access this poem at the Poetry center on

HOORAY FOR OUR LATEST WORLD-CLASS DUNCE OF THE MONTH, KEITH ELLISON, Esq., OF MINNESOTA! HE REALLY DESERVES AN EXTRA BIG SLICE OF THE POPPYCOCK CAKE! Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison is hereby awarded center stool and his pointy dunce's cap in our Dunciad. Wear the pointy cap proudly, Keithie, for you have earned every milimeter of it! I know something about lapsed or reprobate Catholics--they make some of the wildest sinners and reprobates known to Western Civilization. My small, select group of friends in college were very likable individuals, and highly talented and creative, but woefully lapsed Catholics morally and spiritually, so I have known lapsed Catholics personally. Madonna is said to be one too--and we all know how wild and profane this "rock star" can be, even staging a mock crucifixion of herself as Christ on stage--surely, one of the most blasphemous shows ever produced in history against Christ--which is saying something about what lengths lapsed Catholics can go to in their rebellion and flight from God! In any Moslem country, without an army protecting her, this devilish, obscene caricature of Mary the Madonna would be dragged out into the street and skinned and dismembered and beheaded on the spot for committing a comparable act of sacrilege against Mohammed!

Fitting right in with Madonna and my former friends in college, Keith Ellison is the first Moslem Congressman, and the radical Moslems of the world are ecstatic, of course, and the Moslem orifice, the tv news channel, has proclaimed the news far and wide how he has sworn in on a Koran, not a Bible. This reprobate Catholic turned Moslem at age nineteen and now an anti-American, Anti-Christ Congressman, was voted in by the wierd electorate of Minnesota (who also put a low-brow wrestler named Ventura into the governership of the state for what good reason, other than that he would support the liberal and leftist agenda in the state?). "Keithie" took pride in swearing in on a Koran, not a Bible, he took from the library of Thomas Jefferson. He thought this would justify himself in the eyes of Americans, who would be impressed that Jefferson himself respected the Koran enough to have it in his library at Monticello! How mistaken! The report has now leaked out somehow that this Koran was Jefferson's because he and the new nation over which he was President had to go to war against the North African Moslem nations, called the Barbary Pirates, and their wicked rulers who were attacking American trading ships and enslaving the crews and holding them for ransom too if they could get it.

Evidently, Keith has no knowledge of American history, or he would have found this out before he put his hand on Jefferson's copy of the Koran. It should have burned his fingers! You see, President Jefferson wanted to know why the Moslem rulers of Morocco and Libya hated us Americans so, when we were a new nation and had no former relations with them. Because we are taught to treat Christians and Jews thusly from our holy Koran, he was told by a Moslem representative from the Barbary Coast. Has anything changed? Jefferson did not think it wise to remain ignorant about the religion that taught such things, so he got a Koran to read it and possibly understand what this religion was all about. I am sure he was rather disturbed by what he learned. Unwittingly, the former Catholic Christian, Keith Ellison, swore himself in on this Koran of Jefferson's. How appropriate! It was Jehad then, and it remains Jehad now--all-out, unconditional warfare of Islam against Christianity and the Jews and free, democratic Western Civilization! The Moslem clerics and muftis say it is World War III, but our politically correct Washington D.C. commentators and the U.S. government refuse to believe they are serious--and they are absolutely serious, as the attacks of 9/11 ought to make it perfectly clear. The Barbary Pirates are back! With nuclear suitcase bombs, and secret cells in our major American cities, just waiting for the cell phone call from their leaders in Pakistan or wherever they are headquartered. We are said to have these sleeper cells of Islamic terrorists in Miami, New York, Houston, San Francisco, and other cities--waiting to receive the call to go and detonate their suitcase nuclear bombs. As Pastor Hagee of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio explains, ten of these suitcase nukes going off at the same time in our major cities would crush the United States of America!

Yet there is still some hope, if we Christians who love America and our freedom stand firm and pray to God for deliverance! America did it back in Jefferson's time, and won the war under Jefferson as President--when America was but a fledgling of a country against centuries-old, experienced robber kingdoms on the Barbary Coast of North Africa. We had only a makeshift army of commandos and some ships at the time, but God showed them how to get the best of the Barbary Pirates on their own turf! They were outflanked by a suprise march of hundreds of miles across the desert round to the blind side of their sea coast fortress they did not expect the Americans to attack by! The Marines have a rousing battle hymn and theme song that goes, "From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli..." Tripoli still exists. It was a main robber city of the Barbary Pirate Coast in Jefferson's day, and is located in present-day Libya, which has not changed its tigerish stripes in the least and remains a Moslem Barbary Pirate Kingdom under Muammar Gadaffi (the daffy, narcissistic, tinpot country despot who at least had the sense recently to abandon his nuclear arms program after he saw what President Bush did to Saddam Hussain).

For our next classic dunce in the calvalcade of the Dunciad, the President of Iran with the unpronounceable name, for he says to the whole Moslem world, "Imagine a world without the United States and Israel (I had first mistakenly entered "Iran" instead of "Israel, which is probably a wish fantasy of Freudian slip of mine!)," and he threatens to use nuclear bombs when he gets them against both America and Israel in frequent speeches. Nobody can stop this dictatorial dunce, not the United Nations, not the U.S., not Israel--he says over and over. It is Iran's right to get the nuclear weapon--and Iran is going to get it, whether the world likes it or not. This strutting, little coxcomb of the Muslim radicals needs to be taught genuine history (as most Moslems are taught so wrongly, he too denies the Holocaust, the Shoah, and had a recent conference of Holocaust deniars meet with him in Tehran). He would know, if he had any knowledge of history, particularly of his own nation of Persia (which the British changed to Iran), that Persia was ruled once by a devout Jew by the name of Mordecai, who was Prime Minister under the Persian emperor. A Jew will someday rule again over Persia, as well as every other nation on earth. His Name, which is above all other names, is Jesus Christ. The Bible says, that at the footstool and Name of Jesus Christ, every knee shall bow, and every confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord. The 11th Iman, the Mahdi, that the president of Iran is looking to come and conquer the world for Allah--what is he? Even if there ever comes such a man, he will have to bow his knee and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord over Persia and the whole earth! It is not a matter of debate or theological discussion. It is going to happen. The Bible says so, and everything the Bible prophets and Jesus Christ have declared in prophecy has come to pass, and will come to pass! Jesus Christ will rule, not from Tehran, but from Jerusalem His holy City and Capitol of His everlasting kingdom. Maranatha!

Dunce Three: The liberal or leftwing electorate of Minnesota is a collective dunce; if there is such a thing, they're it! They just passed, in Minneapolis, a law limiting the size of houses to be built. They are playing Big Brother, as someone said on the radio--it was Rush Limbaugh in his inimitable way. Apparently, they think to halt Global Warming in its tracks (not to mention the evil housing industry in Minnesota) by this action. Hooray for you, dear voters of Minnesota! You are proving once again the insanity of your liberalism. Just how do you think you are entitled to decide for people what size house they need or should have? Yet you are doing what no communist government probably achieved--keep housing from being built by people who can afford what they want and need. Hooray for you! We are dying to see what next you dream up and vote on! It ought to be a gas! (no pun on the U.S. energy crisis intended, an energy crisis that you helped create by voting in Congressmen and Senators who vote against U.S. offshore drilling and drilling in Alaskan oil fields, so that we are dependent on the terrorist-ridden Middle East reserves and we can be their hostages whenever the oil sheiks and cartels decide to turn off our oil supply. You won't even let us have nuclear power as an option, so now we have to face turning the clock back in this country to the preindustrial 18th century! Save the poor sweltering polar bears drifting on ice floes, unable to fend for themselvesd and earn a living because of Global Warming, but forget about the people who depend on cheap energy to maintain a lifestyle that is still the envy of the whole world despite your contempt for a nation that provides you with all the amenities you could ever desire. How about you giving up your beautiful homes and Lexis cars and second homes in Florida (I know how you live, for I lvied in Minneapolis for years)? How about you giving up flying to your various condos in Cancun or Hawaii or Thailand or Malaysia to save on carbon emissions? How about giving up your corporate and private jets? How about giving up your cruisers and houseboats and speedboats? Am I touch a nerve by this time? How about giving up your heated double-story, triple-level homes and indoor pools--heated all through the long winters of Minnesota, then air-conditioned the rest of the year? How about giving up your designer clothes bought at exclusive shops at the supermalls to save the children from slave labor in sweatshops in China and Thailand and Malaysia and India? How about you curtailing your lifestyle to be a little less hypocritical? I know you expect the whole nation to give up its lifestyle before you do! Your're Minnesotans, proud to be on the cutting edge of sheer lunacy (no pun intended in the use of "sheer")! You've had it good since birth--and you're not going to give up the good times and conveniences, even while you wave posters against the WTC and Global Warming carbon emissions and SUVs and child labor. You give up what you have first--reduce your living quarters to third world huts with outdoor toilets and bicyles for transporation, and then you maybe can tell us to follow suit. Pathetic hypocrites! You fool nobody but yourselves!

Number Four Dunce is Cosimo Cavallero, Esq., of New York. His Chocolate Jesus exhibit (yes, Jesus our Lord is portrayed in chocolate with arms outstretched as he was on the Cross), planned to debut after Palm Sunday and four days before the celebration of the Crucifixion by Roman Catholics at a New York hotel has been scratched by the hotel. The hotel's ludicrous "Creative Director" has resigned, after the hotel received a lot of angry letters and calls, some of them death threats. Why should people get angry about this mentally sick exhibit? the "artist" and the sponsoring Creative Director of the hotel wonder so innocently and unconvincingly. Well, for one thing, it disregards modesty and decency and portrays Jesus as naked, without a loin cloth. That is supposed to be shocking--and gain the exhibit some notoriety and press coverage which it doesn't deserve.

Moreover, it is targeting the Roman Catholics and other Christians who observe the Crucifixion and Death of Jesus Christ with reverence. This is persecution of specific religious groups and the Church of Jesus Christ in general. Thirdly, the "art work" is definitely sarcastic and ridiculing of Jesus, His Death of the Cross, and the title plays on the theme of Jesus's sweetness, for Jesus is called "Sweet Jesus" by many Christians, the fake artist knows full well. This is blasphemy, using chocolate as a kind of innuendo, the lowest form of ad hominem attack on a person. The "artist" is using this innuendo to attack Jesus and His crucifixion, ridiculing Him and what he accomplished on the Cross for all of us sinners, including the Creative Director of the hotel and the "artist," Cosimo Cavallero.

Cavallero is so pathetic and creepy a blasphemer, such a disgusting gutter rat, he is not worth further comment. But please don't kill him or threaten him with death by force feeding him chocolate! Let us pray for his salvation. Why should Satan gain the victory and stuff his soul into hell?--it is stuffed enough with billions of souls already!

The self-excusing, cowardly British sailors ("Methinks they plead their innocence too much!") recently released by the grinning dictator of Iran, who have just sold the rights to their pathetic stories so they can capitalize on their moment of ill-fame. By their own choice, not unwittingly as I first thought (giving them the benefit of a doubt), they became pathetic, little Chamberlains, playing an old song of appeasement to a modern counterpart of Adolf Hitler. Instead of doing their duty, they chose to act like international peace brokers, "concerned about the serious political ramifications" if they resisted the Iranians' attack. Who made them peace negotiators? They had their duty as soldiers to do--but they chose to surrender to the aggressors and then go along with Iran's propaganda that Britain was the aggressor, not Iran! The result will be very grave, for Britain the appeaser who backed down to Iran the aggressor. The BBC and even the U.S. media will spin it to a favorable slant for the Iranians, making America and Britain the aggressors and Iran the victim. The Iranian mouse had roared at the lion, and the cowardly lion has backed down and even treated the incident as a victory and the spineless sailors as heroes! In the same way Neville Chamberlain returned from the Munich debacle with Hitler to much applause and smiles, bringing what he thought was "peace in our time," but was actually World War II. It is absurd to say that the fight was hopeless, since the Iranians had all the advantage, and the Brits had nothing but their rubber boats. What did King Hezekiah of Judah have when the superpower of the day, Assyria, besieged Jerusalem with his mighty army of 185,000 men? What did our Founding Fathers have, when they set out to fight the superpower of the day, Great Britain, for independence? What did Israel have when she was attacked by all the surrounding Arab nations on the very day she declared independence in 1948? If you value your freedom and independence, you trust God and fight the enemy with whatever you have at hand! You never win by surrendering--as these British sailors think they plucked victory from the jaws of defeat by willingly handing themselves over to their attacking enemies, the Iranians. Did they care at all for their country, or for the woman sailor in their midst who would probably be gang-raped? What country did they really represent?--for they served Iran's purposes fully, not Britain's! If I were British, I wouldn't want them back! They couldn't be trusted to guard a shopping mall! Instead, send them to Iran and see how they like living where there is no freedom whatsoever under a brutal dictatorship of Islamic, anti-democratic mullahs bent on precipitating a nuclear World War III and imposing Sheriah law on whatever is left after the radioactive dust clouds settle.

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