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Tom and Jerry's Ice Cream Company, an international favorite, joined in some kind of unholy union with the British conglom, Unilever, has made headlines for weeks, but while Tom and Jerry's is hard-core BDS anti-Semitism, there is such a thing as under-the-radar-anti-Semitism. That is more insidious, as it can operate without any scrutiny and any outcry by the people who know what anti-Semitism is: pure, unadulterated EVIL. McDonalds Corporation guilty of soft anti-Semitism. It does not come openly out for BDS and anti-Israel/Pro-Hamas politics, but it is an anti-Semitic corporation. Bye bye, McDonalds! The sword can cut both ways. I no longer patronize McDonalds, and I used to drop by almost every other day for the smaller items at least. I liked the hash brown, the apple pie, the coffee. Many days it was my breakfast! I have since found out I do not need McDonalds, and until it finds out that anti-Semitism does not pay, whether soft or hard-core, I shall not be back!


Agribusiness is Big Business in America. Culprits are abounding in this new kind of agriculture that is more business than is good for it. GMO has become a household term. Ethanol is a way to use genetically modified corn that is unfit for human consumption but just right for processing, leaves, stems, corn, the whole plant except the roots, into fuel supplement. It is not cost effective, however. So this "green energy" scam is subsidized by the long-suffering, long-exploited American Tax Payer, such as myself, to the tune of billions and billions. Ethanol is not good for vehicle motors, but that doesn't seem to bother the legislators. GMO corn to make ethanol goes down the tank, literally, and deprives millions of poor people world-wide food on their tables, since it is more profitable to grown corn for fuel now than as a food staple to feed people at a low cost. It is criminal, truly, to support this industry. I have seen one gas outlet that offers non-ethanol gas. I shall be switching to it despite the fact some relatives who farm have gotten rich off growing and promoting GMO corn for use as Ethanol.

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