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WE NEED TO DROP WAL-MART PROBATIONALLY FROM OUR BIG BAD CORPORATIONS LIST! This is from LAMPLIGHTER Magazine: "WalMart Update--In the last two issues of this magazine we reported news regarding financial aid that was being given to radical homosexual activist groups by WalMart. We are delighted to report that due to intense pressure from Christians, WalMart has announced that it will no longer supply such aid. Go to the WalMart website at and click on "Contact Us." You will find forms you can use to send a message to local stores or to the corporate headquarters. Write and thank them for changing their policy and encourage them to continue upholding family values. Your opinion matters!" Amen! To God be the glory! But a managment and ownership that could move a major corporation to support gays in such a radical way has slipped very seriously in the department of Biblical understanding and reverence of God's laws. We need to keep a watch on this. Also, WalMart is compromising its American roots, which are free and democratic, when it comes to inviting into its outlets and stores in China the Communist Party! What has Christ to do with Belial? The Communist Party is definitely of Belial and its satanic spirit from the Pit. How can WalMart be so naive as to think it will not be contaminated by Communism? You can't go to bed with the Devil and remain innocent.--Ed.

My "Boycott Disney" bumper sticker became faded a while back, and I changed cars anyway. But I need another such bumper sticker! Disney has just passed a company rule that authorizes the use of its public venues by same-sex couples and their various "celebrations." These venues have been used, and are being used, by families--and children will be on hand now to see the same sex couples and gays cavort, hug, fondale, kiss, even make "love." Thank you, dear Disney, for being there for the American Family and the innocence of children! You've shown us all your true stripe--green--for all the money you hope to get by tapping into the gays' big, juicy bank accounts. Well, you'll get the money from them, no doubt, by sucking up to them this way, as they flock hand in hand, groping as they go, to take over Disney World and Disneyland and "do their thing" in the full public eye--dancing with Minnie Mouse and Mickie and the other cartoon characters that children love so much. Your CEO, Mr. Eisner, was pushed out despite his statements he wasn't going to give up his chair to anybody (thanks to the prayers of Christians), and his ardent gay-promoting campaign was put on the table for a time, but now the obscenity he started is back stronger than ever. Well, you're going down, Disney! Your opulent cruise ship had an outbreak, in which people were getting deathly sick, and whatever it was, you are now spreading it to the entire country. Remember the Titanic? You're headed for the same depths in the cold, cold sea.

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