"Editorial Comment: A Word on Britain's Greatest Spiritual and National Need, Revival,"

by Rev. Dr. David Hathaway, Editor and Founder, Prophetic Vision Magazine and Ministry, Fall 2007

We are facing a worldwide challenge on two major issues! The first issue is poverty, social deprivation and climate change. While these are of great concern to Christians, they are issues which can also be dealt with by socialists, humanists, atheists, pop-stars and our secular, ungodly governments via our taxes!

However--these poeple will never give to pay for the preaching of the Gospel--that is something that can only come from those who have a personal experience of Christ and are born-again by the Holy Spirit and are obedient to God's word.

In Britain we have a new prime minister--Gordon Brown. In his first interviews he referred to his background growing up under his father's influence in a Presbyterian Manse. He referred to his "moral code" and spoke of his "social gospel" he received from his father and his own commitment to world poverty and social needs.

However we know from the Word of God, and from our own British history, that only the preaching of a powerful Gospel under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, a Gospel of salvation, repentance and conversion through the atonement of the Cross, will change the lives of individuals and nations. The "social gospel" does not change men's hearts but simply their environment.

We are living in desperate times and the Gospel I preach has been proved to be the power of God to change lives in Russia. We now need to see that same power of work in Europe.

The other major issue is Europe itself. The sad final legacy of British Prime Minister Tony Blair was to sign up to the new version of the EU (European Union) Constitution--his determination to leave with his popularity intact meant that he accepted the deception of the other leaders, leaving a time bomb for Gordon Brown to deal with. Politicians need to learn the first lesson we have to learn after our conversion--how to live amongst the sinners yet without accepting their sin. We are "in" Europe but must not be "of" it. In my film, "The Rape of Europe" and the book "Babylon in Europe," I show where Europe is spiritually and in Scripture, typified by its symbols, the "Woman on the Beast"--Rev. 17--and the "Tower of Babel."

If we want to avoid the wrath of God and retain a freedom to preach the Gospel, Britain must not sign up to the atheism and apostasy of the European Constitution. Some of the laws passed by our government during the time Tony Blair was in office would in Old Testament times have caused us to have been destroyed like Sodom and Gomorrah--thank God we live under a dispensation of grace.

What a rebuke that the converts of our missionaries in Africa are the ones who call us back to the authority of God's Word as the basis of our doctrine and theirs are the fastest growing churches in Britain today.

There have been times of moral and social decadence in our past. Then it was only the great evangelists, men like Wesley, General Booth--and in more recent times Evan Roberts, Smith Wigglesworth, George Jeffreys and others--who through preaching the power of the Cross of Christ and the sacrifice for sin, brought change in men and a revolution in society.--David Hathaway

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