Preface to "Fire Over the Holy Land,"

by Gordon Lindsay

This preface will introduce you to one of the most exciting accounts you could ever hope to read, as it chronicles the miraculous deliverance of Israel, militarily, from the juggernaut of the combined forces of Egypt, Syria, and Jordan (which were supplied by the Soviet Union), in the Arabs' 1967 attack on Israel. We present this here to encourage you to contact Christ for the Nations and secure a copy of this incredible 64-page book.

During the six days of June 5-10, 1967, a lighning war began and ended in the Holy Land--a war that stunned the world by its brevity and by the utter defeat of one [everyone seems to be the intended word--Ed.] of the participants. In a series of swift and furious battles, lasting less than a week, Israeli forces defeated Arab armies far superior in number and equipment, thus changing the power balance in the whole Mideast.

In a few days Israeli troops and planes turned the Arab challenge into a humiliating rout. They raced to the edge of the Suez Canal, from which Israeli ships had been barred for many years [even with U.S. as an ally!--Ed]. They seized the Old City of Jerusalem and the territory east to the Jordan River. They opened the blockade of the Tiran Strait which Nasser [the ambitious, foolish Egyptian dictator who aimed to become leader of the Arab World] had instituted several weeks earlier and finally occupied the Syrian high ground northeast of the Sea of Galilee, thus eliminating the base of the long harassments on Israel's mnorther border.

Israel did this without help from any of the great powers. She accomplished it in spite of the fact that most news commentators predicted ultimate disaster for her. THE REASON FOR THEIR GRAVE MISTAKE IS THAT THEY DID NOT KNOW BIBLE PROPHECY [emphasis is mine--Ed.].

In view of these startling events, people everywhere are asking: what is the meaning of this great upheaval, this convulsion in the Middle East that has shaken and affected the world? Where is it leading? Does it have a prophetic significance? Does prophecy give us a clue to its eventual outcome?

That these events do have a profound prophetic importance is certain. It is the purpose of this book to give the answer to many of the questions being asked concerning these things, such as:

Why has Russia taken such an interest in the Middle East? What has prophecy to say about the destiny of the Soveit Union?

What is the cause of Egypt's hostility to Israel? What does the Bible reveal about Egypt's destiny?

Will Russia and the Arabs succeed in destroying Israel? What about Jerusalem and the Jews' hope to rebuild their temple soon? What is Israel's destiny?

These and many other questions that people are asking, are given a Scriptural answer in this book.

In get information on a most exciting video, which you can order, go to Sid Roth's website for "Against All Odds," which details the incredible miracles of divine intervention and deliverance that saved Israel, war after war since its very founding day of independence in 1948, a day on which all the surrounding Arab nations attacked to wipe out the newly declared state of Israel in its crib.

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