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"For the word of the Lord is right, and all His work is done in truth."--Ps. 33:4

I Peter 4:8: "But the end of all things is at hand; therefore, be serious and watchful in your prayers."

"A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself, but the simple pass on and are punished."--Proverbs 22:3

"A wise man scales the city of the mighty, and brings down the trusted stronghold."--Proverbs 21:22

This last verse tells us that we can attack and overcome the spiritual strongholds of our nation's capital, if we ever decide to wake up as Christians and use the authority given us in Jesus' Almighty Name. We do not have to suffer dumbly and meekly under the scepter of wickedness that is being wielded presently by Barack Hussain Obama and his thuggish crew of co-conspirators. No, we can overcome them, every last one of them! We do it spiritually, not with the gun but the sword of the Spirit and the Word of God! We use this sword with the power and authority of the Word of God and the Name of Jesus which is above all names and authorities on earth, including Obama's. He is a false god, and shall be overthrown, as surely as God is in heaven and His Son is Jesus Christ! So let us not rest or give up until he is cast down from his seat of power, and can do nobody any more harm. All those standing with him, let the same be done to them by God's almighty hand. We have this right as heirs of Christ, to resist the Devil and cause him to flee from us. But first we must submit to God, or all our striving against wickedness and evil in high places in government will be in vain and achieve nothing. Are we submitted to God? Submission to God is the precondition, and we must submit to God and his rule in our lives and hearts before we can wield the sword of the Spirit and the Word and oust these usurpers from Washington. It just isn't Washington where these wicked people and powers all roost. It is a primary center, but there are many such strongholds in our land today that just as powerful and spreading Voodoo, Satanism, godlessness, immorality, hedonism, rebellion against parental authority, pornography, child abuse, false teaching, anti-Semitism, lawlessness, and perversity of all kinds. We must cast them ALL down if we are to take back our country for Christ and the Gospel's sake. Either we do this, or let the Devil take America and use our nation to serve the causes of wickedness or evil. Which is it to be? I say we choose life, choose life and righteousness for our nation and people and the children! Let us submit humbly, repentantly, to God our Master and then we can fight and cast down the strongholds of the enemy throughout this great land.

WORLD'S GREATEST BOOK CAN BE UNDERSTOOD IF GIVEN A CHANCE: Beyond question, the greatest book in the world is the Bible, and the greatest Book is about the greatest Person, Jesus Christ (Yeshua the Anointed).

The Books of the Bible


I am my neighbor's Bible,

He reads me when we meet;

Today he reads me in my home.

Tomorrow in the street.

He may be relative or friend,

He may be strange to me;

He may not even know my name,

Yet, he is reading ME.

I heard two human devils speaking on the radio the other day. What they said was partly true, but a part-truth is not the truth, it is still a lie. Anyway, one said to his agreeing buddy-devil, "Most Americans would say about Christians that they have no love." All right, I thought, that is true, I am guilty, I have no love. But Christ has! I go to Christ for my stock of love, as any love I have within my own self isn't worth trying to generate. My love will run out, it will fail, but not Christ's inexhaustible love. No one can fulfil the Love Chapter, or live up to it, except Christ. But it is Christ in us who loves others. In myself, I love only myself, I must confess. But Christ in me loves the unlovable. Christ in me prompts me to love my enemies, even these two human devils smugly lying on the radio. By the way, what they said was a generality, they were tarring all Christians, no exception. I suppose that would include Billy Graham and Ruth Graham, right? And Mother Teresa? Or my missionary relatives who are sacrificially working to bring the Gospel in Columbia and South America, sometimes at the risk of their lives. They have lost their lives too serving as missionaries--when they could have lived much quieter, easier, more affluent lives in America! These were tarred with the same brush. Well, even if they were right, and they are so incredibly wrong they couldn't possibly be thinking with their God-given brains, God still has love for everybody, since He sent his Son Jesus to die for them and pay for their sin, sparing them hell if they want to accept His Son's gift of grace. "For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whosoever [including the two radio jocks I spoke of] believeth on Him should not perish but have everlasting life."--John 3:16.

"The Forbidden Book," Exploration Films

"Pottery and Papyrus," A Look at the Dead Sea Scrolls and particularly the "Great Isaiah Scroll", by Karen Speerstra, ALCW Scope, 1977

"Essene Scrolls Center

"The Holy Land Experience," Orlando, Florida

There exist what we call "Bible Lands." The Holy Land is Israel, but the Bible lands comprises Egypt, Greece, and particularly Turkey (Asia Minor, also called Anatolia), as these figure prominantly in the New Testament and the Early Church. The Christian faith was first solidly established in Asia Minor, chiefly by the Apostle Paul. For Asia Minor's atlas and photographs from a tour of ours and Paul's epic missionary journey maps, go to:

"Atlas and Pivotal Role of Asia Minor in the Christian Faith and Early Church

The Bible scriptures can be found on these little "BITE SIZE" scrolls, and they can be "spooned" out with a tiny wooden paddle, one a day. What a delightful gift for someone dear, or get one for yourself and others for family and friends! Your Christian bookstore ought to have it, or they can order it.

Ever wonder what the Biblical power button is as to how you can get your prayers answered, and be assured even while you are praying that God will hear and answer you? We all want answers to prayers, right? There is a plain and simple way that the Bible teaches us. It is the only way God has provided, so that we need try no other way. First see the Twenty Seven Promises or Assurances in Scripture, and then go to the catalytic or enabling or empowering scripture after the 27th verse:

Twenty-Seven Scriptures to Assure You That Your Prayers Are Answered

"You've Got the Time" Audio NEW TESTAMENT (NIV Version) on MP3 Discs is available free from:

"Faith Comes By Hearing" (Enter Promo Code YGTT8)

Bible Treasures

"Bible Atlas & Map Center"

B.I.B.L.E.--"Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth"--Acronym by Pastor John Hagee, Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, Texas.


What if you found or fell into a state where you couldn't speak, or for some reason could not be heard by anyone you needed to get a message to? What then? What if you had no pencil or paper or couldn't use an email? Sign language, which should be taught to everyone in public schools early on for just such emergencies (let the silly genderism, multiculturalism, diversity, and amoral gay agenda propaganda go, and teach things that really will be of use to students for a change!), can also be used to transmit and preach the Gospel, and here is a little sample of sign language with a timeless message:

READ YOUR BIBLE, WHEN...You worry, Read Matt. 6:1934

You are lonely or fearful, Read Psalm 23

You are in sorrow, Read John 14:1-6

You are grateful, Read Psalm 103

Others fail you, Read Psalm 27

God seems far away, Read Psalm 139

You need courage, Read Joshua 1

You are discouraged, Read Isaiah 40

You are in danger, Read Psalm 91

You have sinned, Read Psalm 51

You have failed, Read Psalm 38

God has rescued you, Read Psalm 34

You want to praise God, Read Psalm 100

You want to be like Jesus, Read John 15

Responsibility overwhelms, Read Matt. 11:28-30--No. 201, The Tract League, Grand Rapids, MI 49534-1329, or go to:

The Tract League

The Timeline on How We Got the English Language Bible:

Great Site

Welcome to the Emmaus Walk!

"Welcome to the Emmaus Walk, or How to Walk out of Darkness and Deception Into the Light!", by Ronald Ginther, Founder of the Emmaus Walk

Ronald Ginther's "About Me" info is available here:

"About Me," by Ronald Ginther

My profile on Angelfire dealing with my butterfly metaphor:

My Profile

"CONGRESS DECLARES BIBLE THE WORD OF GOD," Public Law 97-280, October 4, 1982, Statute 1211, Approved October 4, 1982


Each day of life, each breath we breathe, is a gift of God we cannot pay for. Even the rocks will cry out, the Lord said, if we do not praise God for our blessings! Well, let us praise him, even for the "little things" we take for granted, if we cannot think of big things to thank Him for. But how about his suffering and dying on the Cross to gain our salvation? That is always something to thank him for!

How about the crash of the Libyan Afriqiyah Airways plane in Tripoli, Libya, on Wednesday, killing 103 people? One lone Dutch boy, 10 years old, survived miraculously. He is in a hospital in Tripoli, being cared for, with fractures of his legs.

Are we thankful for life truly? What about all these people, French, Dutch, South Africans-- their lives suddenly snuffed out in a horendous crash that left only the tail partially intact. Please, God, forgive us for not thanking you for each and every moment of life that yu have given us!

It does not matter what they try to do in Washington, there is no hope for America whatsoever without the Bible and a turning back to biblical principles and a repentent, true reverence toward God. Go to Charles Stanley's messages, "America's Future," offered on his website:

Charles Stanley's "America's Future"

"The Ten Commandments," How We Have Broken Them All in America and Warrant God's Judgment Upon Us and our Nation, by Ronald Ginther

Why was our nation created? On what principles was it created? How about our Constitution, the main document upholding our freedoms and liberties and setting forth the various parts and functions of the government over us, that is supposed to be a Republic and a representative body of elected civil servants not rulers.

The foolish nation that dares to ban and repudiate the Ten Commandments is itself banned by and repudiated by God and his sacred laws. Here are the very words our Founders used and inscribed in the founding document, that set forth exactly what "we the people" are all about in establishing "The United States of America":

"We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, p;romote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

After this epochal event, a new nation rose upon this sad, tyranny-oppressed earth, and led forth in liberty and freedom for all men for many generations and under the leadership of forty two presidents (not including the current president who is that in name only, being a tyrant in the making!).

After such a glorious beginning, with Christians leading the entire enterprise, how dare this nation's leaders and judges now ban and repudiate the Ten Commandments in its schools and courts and other public places! We are all paying a terrible price in castastrophic increases in crime, teen pregnancy, immorality, spousal abuse, child abuse, abortion, perversity, drug use, and now in declines in our economy and the losses of jobs by millions. Lift that odious, blasphemous ban, America! Lift it, Supreme Court! Don't delay either! Our future depends on it, if we are to have a future, that is. God cannot relent from judgment and bless us again as long as we abolish and repudiate the Ten Commandments and the whole counsel of God. If he did otherwise, he would be a liar and the Bible a gigantic hoax. But we know it is true, and He is the One True God over the whole earth, including this proud, wayward, immoral America we got after we threw away the Ten Commandments in the Sixties. A pox on the Sixties, anyway. Those years were the beginning of the end for America. We have not recovered, we are tottering toward total collapse.

Ten Required Subject Courses (plus six elective courses) are now on-line. Questions are being appended to those subjects and courses, so please return for them.

Required Subjects:

1. Christian Education

2. Prayer

3. Holy Spirit

4. Biblical Science

5. Foundational Principles

6. Witnessing (includes Apologetics) and Discipleship

7. Types of Christ (OT)

8. Bible Covenants/Israel/Bible Atlas

9. Christian Hope and Character

10. The Prophetic Calling

Electives (this is a partial list):

1. and 2. Christology (based on Christology book offered on this page)

3. Intro. to Hebrew (Zola Levitt book, information how to order it offered on this page)

3. Intro. to Greek

4. "Messianic Prophecy" Course by Zola Levitt (information on it and how to order it on this page)

5. History of the Cradle of Judaism and Christianity, the Middle East, as well as the history of Islam and some of the other anti-Christ cults and atheistic philosophies and environment, secularist, and animal activist movements (including the Evolutionist theory of Darwinism) affecting Christianity significantly.

"Course Articles Center"


"Requirements for Certificate"

The Emmaus Walk Certificate of Excellence

Zola Levitt Ministries offers 12 courses in the Institute of Jewish-Christian Studies. These courses are all excellent, since Zola Levitt was no small authority on the Bible and Jewish studies (and he enlisted a number of experts and authorities in Bible scholarship as well), so you may want to do most of them, or all, but the course, "Messianic Prophecy," is one in particular that you might want to do in order to satisfy an elective requirement in the Emmaus Walk. ZLM will charge you $49 for this one course, or something close to that amount. You can find out about this Institute by going to ZLM:

Zola Levitt Ministries, and The Institute for Jewish-Christian Studies


Daily Audio Bible with Brian

Daily Bible-Reading Guide for a Year

A Reading Through the Bible guide is also available at the back of "Light For My Path," Illuminating Selections from the Bible, by Humble Creek Press. See the details below on this page.

Some Bible Resources:

"The Bible, The Whole Story," is now on DVD. "Seven major doctrines of Scripture are explained in Zola's clear and informative style. The Bible is covered from Genesis to Revelation. A useful teaching tool for beginner and expert alike."--from the "New and Updated from ZLM" catalog list. In this book Zola Levitt teaches about the Abrahamic Covenant, The Law, Prophecy, The Messiah--Why Jesus of Nazareth?, Grace--the Gift of Absolute Forgiveness, The Church, and the Kingdom (the future thousand-year reign of Christ on Earth). Please contact Zola Levitt Ministries for this DVD. It is #DBWS, $39, for 2 DVDs.

The "Grafted In Decal" is available from TBN for any lovegift. Please specify it when you send it.

For one elective credit for the Emmaus Walk:

"Bible Resources Center"

"Messianic Christology" is a "must-read" for all Bible students. It will give you information you won't find most everywhere else--and from a Jewish perspective too, which can open windows of insight and illumination that Gentile sources have no access to, unless by quoting Jewish sources.

Read and do a review of this absolutely terrific book, and you have your Christology requirement for the Emmaus Walk degree certificate half taken care of. I cannot draw from it here, as it is copyrighted, but the material is excellent, and the appendices are also wonderful, every word of them, so don't stop reading when you come to them!--Founder of Emmaus Walk

Another Bible resource:

Crosswalk Bible Website

We highly recommend this on-line bookstore for Christians, the Faith and Freedom Bookstore. Categories of its offerings are: Bibles, Books, Children's Music, David Barton (American heritage) books, Audio Books, DVDs, Christian Bestsellers, Christian Parenting, Christian Business and Leadership, Magazine Subscriptions:

"Faith and Freedom Site/Bookstore"


Coming, excerpt from Betty Baxter's testimony book, which Oral Roberts in the foreward declared the greatest miracle he had ever seen or heard about, and that is some recommendation coming from the man who witnessed thousands of God's miracles over his many decades of healing ministry. Betty Baxter was a hopelessly crippled child, whom the doctors had given up trying to help and sent home to die. She was so crippled, with her internal organs such as heart and kidney completely ruined, and St. Vitus Dance causing her to shake uncontrollably, that no one but a praying mother thought there was any hope for her. But God...return to her incredible but true, authenticated story here soon.

Basilea Schlink's "Hope for Man in a Hopeless World" contains a message that is all the more timely now that Iran is becoming the biggest threat to both the West and Israel. The Soviet Union's nuclear threat has been replaced by Iran's. If they get one nuclear bomb in their hands, the mad mullahs will use it. They will not sit on the ultimate weapon. When Basilea Schlink sounded the nuclear war alarm in 1967, it wasn't Chicken Little crying that the sky was falling, it was a holy woman of God who had exsperienced the terrors and destruction of the bombing of Darmstadt, Germany, in WWII. Is anyone taking heed today? Just when people think judgment isn't going to fall, it falls! Judgment catches them off their guard, complacent, even asleep. Or they are busy sinning, mistreating others, cheating on their spouses, neglecting their responsibilities, voting for ungodly leaders who promise to give them things, indulging themselves in gourmet coffees and desserts, running up debts for luxuries and lifestyles and houses their incomes cannot support or pay for--they do these things while justifying them with lies, supposing no one, not even God, will ever hold them responsible. Wait a minute! We're not just talking about "those other people"! Let's be honest. Don't you and I have pretty much the same attitude? Maybe something else will hit us before Iran does, but it is clear Iran is building up for the knock-out punch. 9/11 was just a warm-up for what is coming. Just what day it will come, God alone knows. But we know we will not escape judgment if we do not repent. Basilea Schlink had us tagged right when she titled her concluding chapter, "Really the End of Time? Nobody Believes It".

"Hope for Man in a Hopeless World," by Basilea Schlink, an Excerpt

There are plenty slick snake oil venders posing as evangelists in religious venues today, but Evangelist Bill Cloud, a Hebrew scholar and preacher, held the TBN audience spell-bound with Perry Stone hosting the program, showing from scripture God's plan to make "One New Man" in Christ, joining Jew and Gentile, the wild olive branch (Gentiles) together with the Jew (the true, natural, original olive branch and root). How? Get Cloud's book, "Wheat and Tares." The scriptures tell of this plan, which is nothing that man thought up! You can go to Clouds website and check out this book and the writer and also the scriptures that he lists:

Bill Cloud, "Wheat and Tares"

From the back cover: "Are the wars and brutalities that we read about in Africa merely happening? What is energizing the government leaders or insurgents in the land? How about the tyrannies and ethnic cleansing you hear about around the world? What kind of activity is going on in the spiritual realm behind all the terrorism in the world? What dynamics and objectives are at play in the spiritual realm?

"The Word of God tells us that we live within two realms; the natural realm and the heavenlies realm. Our everyday life is played out in the realm of the natural and the unseen. The Scriptures are filled with real life examples of the two realms interfacing. Simply look at the lives of Job, Elisha, Daniel, Peter, Abraham, Joshua, Mary, and many others.

"When the Christian life is lived according to God's design, it requires more than our natural capacities and senses. It requires supernatural power on every front. We need this radical power to live set apart and distinct in this world. We need this power to live out the ministry and mission Jesus left us on earth to do. This supernatural power is based upon a supernatural authority given to us in Jesus Christ. This moves far beyond mere theological jargon; we are talking about the reality of Christ in real life application.

"Jesus designed His church to advance rather than remain bunkered; to come against the evil one, not cower in fear. We are to march forward i n His authority. We are to look for and come against anything that raises itself up against the knowledge and truth of God. The time has come for those who are called by Jesus' name to rise up, and walk in the authority and power promised them."--Mike Riches, the Senior Pastor of Clover Creek Bible Fellowship, located in Tacoma, Washington. Mike and his wife Cindy have served at Clover Creek for over 22 years. They have two daughters. [Mike Riches and his wife have since moved to England, and are pastoring there. You can find them on the Internet, however. Their books are still available. This book is copyrighted by Revalesio Ministries, www. The workbook and course, "Living Free," which I took at the Clover Church, is terrific and foundational for every Christian, if you really want to exercise the authority over the enemy granted you in the name of Jesus. Why be the Devil's stooge and patsy, which he can run over any time he chooses? You can as a Christian with authority put him exactly in his place, and take the offensive against his evil plans and actions in your life and family. I have found this true in my own experience. I used to be so run over by the Devil, and couldn't figure out for a long time why. I was following the Lord sincerely and steadfastly, yet I lacked power and authority, and couldn't stop the Devil from messing with me and my family. Well, I finally saw, by God's Spirit, that the fault was with my own perspective. I thought and acted passively, not actively, utilizing the authority in Christ already granted to me in the name of Jesus, which is the Name that is above all other names and authorities and powers on earth. It made all the difference. I can now walk a more triumphant life in Christ than ever before. I am not the prey of Satan, a passive little puppet's whose strings the Enemy liked to pull just to give me a bad day if he could. Now I can turn and give him a bad day, every day!!--Ed].

You can go to view the excerpt too from the chapter, "Faith in Action." It describes the "Jesus-Ministry and walking boldly in it, and how to conduct spiritual warfare effectively and scripturally to gain the souls for the Kingdom you may have been praying for, for years and years. Or you may be yearning for victory over things that you know are wrong, but which you can't get free of even though you are a faithful Christian. Or you may be getting the stick from Satan through other people, and not know how to turn that rod back upon him for a change! Whatever the problem, you and I need to exercise the already God-given authority we have in the Name of Jesus! That is how the Apostles first raised the dead, healed the sick, delivered the demoniacs, and lived victorious lives in Christ--they knew how to exercise the authority that is in the Name of Jesus which is above all names and all other powers in heaven and earth.

Excerpt on Operating in Christ's Authority, from "One World--Two Realms," by Mike Riches

We have an excerpt for you from the book that sums up what his message to us is concerning the role of a dictator and how he gains control and then corrupts a whole society (which can be a great lesson for us Americans to study as we see an emerging or wannabe dictator in this country called Barack Hussain Obama).

"An Unexpected Confession," Excerpt from "Saddam's Secrets", by Georges Sada

Since we all were bombarded with so many lies by the liberal media for so long (about 6 or 7 years during the Bush Administration) that Saddam Hussein had no WMDs (and even the U.S. intelligence community said so, and the White House itself agreed!), General Sada's testimony stands against them all with the unpalatable truth few are still inclined to face in our government. General Sada names those who also are saying the same thing, that Saddam had those weapons, used them, and was constantly seeking more of the same to use them too when he so decided. As an insider, a flying ace in the Iraqi air force, also a teacher in the Iraqi military academies who on occasion taught even Saddam Hussein and many of the top brass, not just the classes of ordinary military men, General Sada makes a clear case that Saddam Hussein indeed had WMDSs and had no quibble with using them against anybody, including the U.S. Tell a lie long enough most people tend to believe it. But I know I never believed it. I knew my history of Iraq, ancient and recent, and I knew about what he did to the Kurds, and suspected he wanted to do Israel in as well. Why are we Americans generally so ignorant of the Middle East and its politics and its leaders and culture? It is unexcusable, since we are all so tied to it and what goes on there, primarily due to it being the source of our oil that drives so much of our economic engine. Ignorance exacts a heavy price. Haven't we been paying it? Look, two wars have been fought there by us in that one country alone in the last two decades, and now a third is brewing between Israel and Iran, that could turn nuclear if we don't step in between (and all signs say that Obama has no backbone, no stuffing, no resolve whatsoever to stop Iran from aggressing and attacking Israel with even a long range missile carrying a nuclear warhead. We have paid a steep price for our ignorance, and now we may pay a much stiffer price soon in the loss of some of our own cities? Who knows what will happen in order to take down Iran from its bid for power over the whole Middle East? The mad mullahs and ayalollahs of Iran are itching for a catastrophe that they believe will precipitate the return after a thousand years of the Mahdi, the Moslem messiah of the Shiites.

We need to return to this subject, and will.

Iraq, as General Sada fully reveals to us, paid a horrific price for all those years of oppression, murder, and mayhem under the dictatorial Saddam Hussein. Thank God he was finally stopped and brought to justice and executed for his crimes, but look at the price in lives--over 1 million Iraqis and Iranians alone. He also exterminated hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, Kurds, Marsh Arabs, and even his own brethren, the Tikritites. His own family members fell under his ax whenever they crossed him, His leading government officials and military men lost their heads just to keep them all in terror and obeying his commands without question and hesitation, no matter how crazy and damaging to Iraq.

Israel paid a heavy price as well, as Scud missiles from Iraq thundered down and blew up in Israeli neighborhoods during the First Gulf War. Only at the last stages of preparation for the attack on Israel was General Sada able to dissuade Saddam from deploying chemical warheads on those missiles and sending the entire Iraqi fighter air squadrons with chemical warheads too in a suicide mission.

So please read the first excerpt if you still haven't but return for yet another excerpt on this important subject, which is still a source of great ignorance and obfuscation on the part of the liberal media.

From the back cover : "'The Forgotten Refugees' explores the history and destruction of Middle Eastern Jewish communities, some of which had existed for over 2,500 years. Using exgtensive testimony of refugees from Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Iraq, the film recounts the stories--of joy and suffering--that nearly one million individuals have carried with them for so long. Segments on the contributions of Middle Eastern Jews to politics, business and music testify to the enormously rich cultures which fleeing Jews left behind. The film weaves personal stories with dramatic archival footage of rescue missions, historic images of exodus and resettlement, and analyses by contemporary scholars to tell the story of how and why the Arab world's Jewish population declined from one million in 1945 to several thousand today. "

"'The Forgotten Refugees' is an essential corrective to the false impression that only the Arabs of Palestine suffered as a consequence of Israel's War of Independence. The reality is that entire Jewish communities, in some instances predating not only Islam but Christianity, were destroyed with innocent Jews scattered across the world. This dramatic story is vividly recalled in rare documentary footage and in the personal accounts of those who endured this trauma but succeeded in rebuilding their lives in Israel and elsewhere. "-- Professor S. Ilan Troen, Stoll Family Chair in Israel Studies, Brandeis University, Editor, Israel Studies

For more information :

"The Forgotten Refugees" Film Clips

"Jacob's Dozen," the story of the Israelite Tribes born of the sons of Jacob, their destinies prophesied in the "Blessings of Jacob":

Jacob's Dozen" is a book I thoroughly enjoyed. There are few books of this scholarly caliber and deep, spiritual worth being composed nowadays. The popular books for Christians come and go, make a brief stir, then vanish forever into the dustbin of hasbeen bestsellers. This one will be different, as it is solid and will prove itself over time. It can be used as a devotional, and I think the author had that in mind too, as it chapter by chapter calls the reader to move deeper into commitment and holiness and worship of the Lord through what he shows us about the Tabernacle. But this way it is so much more interesting, than being given points without any illustration. Object by object in the Tabernacle, we proceed from the outer courts, to the curtains and the veils, and finally to the Holy of Holies. But that is a spiritual journey. We can all go on this spiritual journey, through the means of this wonderful book. It isn't a big book either, so there is no excuse for poor readers or those who have little time. A chapter is two or three pages. Take a chapter at a time, and use it as a devotional! You don't have to sit for hours, you just need twenty minutes. But it will be meaning-packed, spiritually enlightening. You will discover meanings and truths you never guessed were portrayed in the Tabernacle. And along the way you will probably even discover something more life-transforming, the fact that each one of us is a Tabernacle, an earthly Tabernacle with the Spirit of God inhabiting us!

I don't need to remain ignorant all my life about the main features of the Bible, not when there are such wonderful resources as this available for a reasonable price. I have just received this book. There is also a poster picture you can order of the tabernacle that is suitable to be framed. I am excited to read this book and learn much about the tabernacle, which is really a figure or foreshadowing of Christ on the Cross and his work of substitution and sacrifice for our sins. Why do you think God was so detailed in his instructions to Moses and the artisans? It was because this tabernacle portended Christ in every aspect of his divinity and humanity and his work of salvation. It is the picture of God's master plan of redemption! That is why God gave complete instructions for its construction, down to the smallest detail, and when completed it was no doubt the most perfect and most holy building on earth, absolutely unique and wholly devoted to the One True God! No wonder that those who showed contempt for God and His laws, as even the sons of Aaron did when they brought unsanctified fire into the sanctuary, were struck dead by God himself. Anyone who as much as spoke against the Tabernacle in the general congregation among the tents of Israel was given the death penalty. This was Christ Himself prefigured, and all that Christ won for us sinners on the Cross. Without the blood covering their capital sins within the sanctuary, Abihu and Nadab the sons of Aaron were exposed to the fierce anger and judgment of of a just God, and thus died on the spot. That is the case for all sinners not covered by the blood of Christ who come into his presence. But thanks be to God, who provided Jesus, whose blood covers our sins, or we would suffer the same fate when we stand before Jesus at the Judgment.

David M. Levy's, "The Tabernacle: Shadows of the Messiah," is available for only $14.95. The poster's price is $4 and measures 18 inches by 30 inches and is printed on heavy stock suitable for framing. Wonderfully illustrated and authentic in every detail, showing even the Shekinah Glory blazing out of the Holy of Holies through the Tabernacle roof. Go to Friends of Israel website, or write to: The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, P.O. Box 908, Bellmawr, NJ 08099.

I am finding THE TABERNACLE a most wonderful book for devotions and meditation. Though it covers every feature of the Tabernacle, it does not contain too much detail or scholarly description and historical material, so that you are lost in the details, but rather the details point you to Christ, and you cannot help but be led in the Spirit to get down on your knees to worship God.

The chapter about the Veil of the Tabernacle and Temple is especially beautiful and meaningful. I learned new things about the Veil, which I am sure you will benefit from too. For that reason I plan to excerpt this section, so that you will be sure to get a taste of this book, if you weren't inspired enough by my previous words to look into it. You need to! It is a rare experience, and will reward you beyond anything I can say about it.

From the book, "The Veil" excerpt. Please go to:

"The Veil," an Excerpt from THE TABERNACLE by David M. Levy

For the excerpt of "Islam and Terrorism":

"Quran Presents False Christianity," An Excerpt of "Islam and Terrorism" by Mark A. Gabriel, PhD and Former Iman

OPEN LETTER TO SECULARS, LIBERALS, ATHEISTS: Who will stand between you and the jehadist Muslims seeking with violence to establish the Islamic Republic of America once you eliminate the Christians and all Christian heritage in this country? We Christians are the only ones who stand between you and them. You have joined with the Muslims in order to maintain your own positions while attacking everything Christian and seeking to drive us into the shadows. But once we are out of the way, if you should win out, there is no longer anything that will restrain the Muslims from enslaving and even killing you. They will do with you as they have done with Christians and Jews ever since Mohammed rode out with his thousands of Muslims to subjugate the Jewish and Christian kingdoms in Arabia and the Middle East and North Africa. You will be able to make no deal with them, as they are friends with you only temporarily, while they are harnessing their power and numbers and tightening their grips on this society and also in the nations of the European Union that also has no control over them and is seeking to placate them with special privileges, including the enclaves of Sharia law in Britain and elsewhere. Again, who will stand between you and the Muslims when we Christians are removed from the public sphere? Remove the dam (which is Christianity and the Constitutional liberties and freedoms our Founding Fathers upheld in the creation of our country), and all the Muslim waters behind the dam will burst without restrain down upon you, just as they did in the Jonestown flood of the 19th century. Are you prepared for the result of your own suicidal, self-destructive, irrational choice, to side with your own future destroyers against your true protectors? We do not force you to belief, though we preach the Gospel to every man, but they will force you to convert or take the consequences of not converting: death, or at the least, heavy taxation and a servant class status in Moslem society. We value no conversion that is forced, but it is the chief means the Muslims imploy, because they do not value free will and freedom of conscience. Which will you have rule over you? The rule of Constitutional law that protects your freedom and say what you will and do what you please (as long as it hurts no man or inflicts death), or draconian Sharia law, which reduces you to either servitude or death if you do not accept a forced conversion of yourself to Islam. You have so far chosen the latter. The time is growing short, the days dark, and the storm clouds are gathered over your heads, about to break with unbelievable fury and destruction. You helped gather those very storm clouds! Choose life, choose freedom and life! Choose sanity. Do it now. Your time is running out.

What the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haji Amin el-Husseini, the pre-eminent Arab Muslim leader of the World War Ii era--viewed by Hitler and the SS as a "Muslim pope--did to the Jews (pressuring Romania and Hungary to cancell 480,000 visas, thus condeming that amount of Jews to the death camps and gas ovens of Himmler and Hitler--his role is described in Andrew Bostom's article, "Hitler and Jihad," reprinted in Levitt Letter, May 2010), Muslims can do to us now that they have acquired the weapons of mass destruction they have yearned to possess for many years. They finally got enough billions to buy anything they want from Russia and China and North Korea, and they have the weapons now to unleash upon us in America and throughout the West, not to mention Israel. I do not have to prove any of this. You should suspect it and take the proper measures if you still want to preserve your lives instead of trying to exterminate the only people who stand as a wall between you and the jehadists. The FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and the U.S. military cannot protect you, for the enemy is now within, permeating all echelons of the U.S. government and military.

I know that Jesus Christ will protect us, and has promised us protection, but you have placed yourselves beyond the pale, right into the Red Zone. If you refuse every last warning you get from God's word and from His people, what hope is there for you? You have thrown away any chance of escape from these diehard jehadists carrying the banner of Mohammed the conqueror.

Concerned for you, Ronald Ginther, Founder of the Emmaus Walk Messianic School of the Bible

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BIBLE PICTURES OF ITSELF is a wonderful thing, is it not? The Bible describes itself as LIGHT, FIRE, SEED, BREAD, MILK, HONEY, MEAT, GOLD, SWORD and HAMMER. If you had those things in the natural, you wouldn't need much else, right? Think what it would mean in the spiritual! You can order this tract from: Faith, Prayer, and Tract League, Grand Rapids, MI 49504, Bible Book Mark No. 162 ($1.80 per doz., $11 per 100).

Click on Healing Channel or for the "The Story of Jesus" booklet

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"Missions Center"

Testimonies of Martyrs Center:

You cannot believe the secular news of mainstream media, for they always claim there are Christians rioting, when it turns out every time that it is Muslims rioting and then going on rampages in Christian homes, businesses, and churches, almost always because of a Muslim incitement, by an iman's preaching of hate in the mosque, or by a Muslim telling a lie against the Christians, usually that a Christian has torn up a Koran (which no Christian would do in those Muslim dominated societies, since they are trying to get along as best they can with their Muslim majority neighbors!

Despite the secular news trying to pass the blame to Christians, the cold, chilling fact always is: Islam (Muslim society) is presently torturing and killing more Christians than the Romans ever killed in all their persecutions, no doubt. You can go to the Voice of the Martyrs website and obtain the magazine, which gives updates on the latest persecution and also killings of Christians in the "Country Summary" section that lists the nations A through Y. You won't find a more complete picture of what is going on with persecuted Christians.

Growing tired of the havoc and disruption they themselves created, the imperial Romans quit persecuting Christians for lengthly periods of time, whereas the Muslim persecution and killing of Christians goes on day after day, year after year, without letup, not matter what damage it does their own societies and economies. If the world were reduced to a complete wilderness, utterly desolate, and all Christians were eradicated, Islam would call that worth the sacrifice! [If you think that is an extreme statement, it comes straight out of the mouths of Iran's president and its chief ayatollah!]. The United Nations turns a blind eye to the slaughter and mistreatment of Christians worldwide, of course, as most of its policy is now directed by authoritarian and Muslim regimes. This is not a body composed of free nations seeking the freedom and welfare of humanity. Its members are largely elite-ruled dictatorships, either secularist or religious, but all hostile to freedom and particularly hostile to Israel and the Jews and Christians. We should not be paying one cent to its maintenance. The humanitarian aid can be done by Christian organizations, the United Nations, with all its corruption and incompetence, is not necessary.

Imagine all the Christian Martyrs of this new century, 2010, being acknowledged by the United Nations, it would stretch for blocks and blocks round and round the United Nations Secretariat building and its grounds. They need to acknowledge the truth, that more Christians are being killed and tortured by Muslims than even the Communist Chinese, who are doing all they can to stop Christians in their country who will not bow to the "registration" or compromising of their faiths by submitting to government control of what they preach and practice. Having read "The Heavenly Man," telling of one pastor's torture sessions in prison and his miraculous deliverance, we know the Communist Chinese are particularly brutal toward Chinese Christians, imprisoning, torturing, killing, even to harvesting their organs for sale while they are alive, but the Muslim societies are far worse. Muslim societies will not permit converts of their own Muslim people to Christianity, and if they occur, they bury them in concrete head down or to their necks in dirt in the public squares before killing them by beating them to death, followed by decapitation of course. Men and women are treated this way. This is the Islam that masquerades as a humanitarian religion with a compassionate heart! This is the retrograde society that Obama praises to the sky and which he thinks is so superior to America!

We must also mention that Islam is persecuting Christians who were former Muslims, with a passion! They are branded "Apostates". That term alone carries the sentence of death in Islamic society. Though many have fled to America to be free, they are under fatwas by imams back in their former homelands that call and sanction anyone going and killing them. I watched three former Muslims turned Christians testify to Jay Sekulow on his TV program, telling how they are being hounded and followed and must, with their children, live under the threat of death daily. Seeking to inform Americans and the government so that they can literally survive being killed by Muslim assassins sent to kill them, they have founded an organization called "Former Muslims United." A former Muslim was just recently murdered in Canada. It can happen here as well. This is such an outrage! All Americans ought to be told about this going on, as soon as possible. For Sharia law, which is spreading everywhere, after the building of mosques (up to 6,000 so far in the U.S. but not one church in Saudi Arabia, whi funds these mosques with our petrodollars!), is the engine of Islamic terrorism and Islamic takeover of democratic Western societies. In the mosques it is taught that the Muslims coming to the U.S. to live must not assimilate. They are also taught in some mosques to hate America and to fight against America until it is overthrown and an Islamic Republic under Sharia Law is raised on the ashes of what was America. So much for the "religion of peace," that many secularists still insist on calling Islam. To go to the website to help the targets and victims of Sharia law being enforced:

Former Muslims United

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There are numerous Christian ministries that deal with Christian activism. We have recommended a number to you, but you can easily find them on your own. "Campaign Save America," founded by Bob Fraley, is one you might consider supporting in some way, either with volunteer work or in actual money gifts. The website is:

Campaign Save America

In Bob Fraley's excellent booklet, "Campaign Save America," has an excellent account of America's Christian founding and what God did to revive the faith of Christians after that founding as well. We will give you an excerpt of the spiritual founding as well as the Awakenings that the Holy Spirit produced to recall America back to God at various times. We are due a Third Awakening, and if we do not have one, we are indeed lost as a nation. There is no more desperate and dark time than this one we are now facing in America. Please return for the excerpt.


First Christian Settlements, Founding of America, and Great Awakenings, Intervention Numbers 1-6, "Campaign Save America" booklet, by Bob Fraley

"Christian Activism Center"


QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "I sincerely hope when President Obama goes in for his annual check-up, the doctors at Bethesda will do a brain scan. Surely something must be terribly wrong with a man who seems to be far more concerned with a Jew building a house in Israel than with Muslims building a nuclear bomb in Iran."--Observation by Burt Prelutsky, a syndicated columnist, reprinted in "The Lamplighter," Nov-Dec 2009, p. 15.

What is the End-Time Destiny of the Jews and Israel? The media and the newspapers can't tell you, with any accuracy and lack of left-wing bias. Here it is, Scripturally!

"The End-Time Destiny of the Jews," by Rev. Christopher F. Squire

For intelligence gathering, this has to be a prime site, called the Debka File, emanating from Israel:

The Debka File

Replacement Theologians and anti-Semites (including the Presbyterian Church USA and your divestiture attacks on Israel and your pro-PLO versus Israel stance, a policy the Simon Wisenthal Center says amounts to a declaration of war against Israel), beware! If you are so foolish and brain-dead as to attack the Jews, you are sticking your finger in God's eye, of which the Jews are the apple!

For the editorial of "Malevolent Momentum" concerning attacks by U.S. denominations and others on Israel, go to "Israel My Glory" magazine, May-June 2010, page 6. These attackers are identified by Israeli p.m. "Bibi" Netanyahu as Islamic Amaleks. Remember how bitter and vicious the Amalekites were to Israel in the earliest days, well that spirit is still alive and well in the world, and evidently growing in strength by leaps and bounds in American mainline church denominations and even in evangelical circles! How tragic and foolish this is! God still means what He says, that whoever blesses his people of Israel will be blessed, but whoever curses Israel will be cursed! God doesn't change his mind on this. We are really in for it, when God decides the grace period for our nation and people is ended and we receive the deserved judgment and destruction that a curser of Israel his Chosen People must bring to us, if God is a God of Justice, which he truly is.

We hope to put an excerpt from Mr. Bostom's article in the Levitt Letter as well as a picture of the mad Mufti having a chat with Hitler on this page soon. You can go yourself to Mr. Bostom's site for this if you don't wish to wait.

"Andrew Bostom, and the Hitler and Jehad Connection

"Friendship for Israel Center"

"Supernatural Hatred of Israel," by Hal Lindsey, Levitt Letter March 2009

"General Wingate, The Father of the Israeli Army," by Hochstein, Levitt Letter Excerpt, June 2009

Again, what is Israel's claim to the land founded on? Or, "Where Does Israel Get the Right to Claim Palestine?" by Wim Malgo:

"Where Does Israel Get the Right to Claim Palestine?" by Wim Malgo, Excerpt from News from Israel, February 2010


God is a friend of all peoples He has created, that is clear from the scriptures. At the same time we must add this: He is not a friend of man's religions. Ecumenism is not of God. Why can I say this with Biblical authority? Because God does not recognize any religion as legitimate in his holy eyes. Religion is a creation of Cainite man to placate and satisfy the demands of a Holy God which can never do so. Religion is a total failure from the get-go. It is truly, as Karl Marx described it, an "opiate of the people." Yes, as someone said wisely, Marx did say something true once in a great while, for he said that, and the Bible agrees with the statement. New Age Religion, which has along with Secularism, infected the U.S. government, Federal and State levels, and mainline denominations, and educational systems, the media, and even the military, seeks to unify all religions on earth under the global World Government it desires to be created. New Age Religion also is a total failure from the get-go. It cannot please God, and it will never please God, and it will never unify the earth and establish global peace, which is its goal. It is anti-Christ in spirit and teaching, and will always be a persecutor of true believers in God, and so it will be joined to the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet and suffer total judgment and destruction in the lake of fire.

This said, one beast is the same as another in God's eyes. Judaism is a black beast and Islam is a brown beast, and they are presently fighting it out. Actually, they have been fighting sporadically for hundreds of years, ever since Islam's founding in the 7th century by Mohammed. Witness the slaughter of the resident Jewish tribes and Jewish critics by Mohammed in Mecca, and this occurred in the very beginning of his career once he returned from Medina where he had fled.

As shown in a vision or dream by a missionary lady, who was the daughter of a missionary prayer warrior I visited in Bethehem in 1982, Judaism is a black beast and Islam is a brown beast. They were like giant dinosaurs fighting it out. Well, that is God's view of them, not hers. God loves the Jews, they are the apple of his eye, as the scriptures say, and he made an everlasting covenant with them regarding the land of Israel and their destiny as a people too, but Judaism, the religious system that Jews have maintained for thousands of years that turned against him, denied him as Messiah when he came the first time, but it still is a beast, a wicked beast devised by sinful, unsaved, Cainite man's vain attempt to placade a holy, righteous God with his own sin-soiled deeds and offerings.

We have stated this before on these pages, but it needs to be repeated, as there is a powerful, growing movement in evangelical circles working to get evangelicals across America to accept the ecumenism and the New Age Religion's agenda, at least the part dealing with acceptance of Judaism as a world religion on par with other world religions. Yes, they are "on par," in a sense, with each other. They are all lost, condemned, sinful, failed systems devised by lost Cainite man. But they are not on par with the Bible, they are not on par with the Gospel, they are not on par with Christ, they are not on par with God, and will never be with truth if God's Word is true, and God's Word is everlastingly true.

The movement in the evangelical churches we speak of is identified also as Dual Covenant theology. Some evangelicals, some evangelists have endorsed this heresy. What they are religiously getting in bed with is a black beast from the pit of hell! Christ and Belial cannot be joined, just as Christ said! What an abomination, to think you can join Judaism and Christ, or Islam and Christ, or any other Cainite world religion to our holy Christ. Christ is Christ, the Son of God, the Anointed One of God! He cannot be joined to anything unholy, sinful man has created. There is no such thing as a completed Jew, in the sense that he can retain his Judaism and still know Christ as Savior and Messiah. He never ceases to be a Jew, true, and there is no reason whatsoever for him to deny his Jewishness and his Jewish heritage and the teachings of the Torah, with the feasts, traditions, customs, etc., that make them a Jewish people, but Judaism without Christ is a beast, a black beast full of sin, idolatry, and rebellion. That Judaism is not of God, it is really an enemy of God. That Cainite religion never saved anyone in the Old Testament period. It all pointed to Christ coming to save them, that is only value it had. You cannot call that Judaism a product of Abraham, who believed God, the scriptures say in Hebrews, and that was accounted him by God as righteousness. What did Abraham, you ask, believe God about? It was about the Seed of the Woman promised long before him in the Garden of Eden just after Adam's fall. It was about the Promised Messiah, the Seed of the Woman. Abraham believed God, and he proved his faith by his obedience when God commanded Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, right? Right! But what about the other Jews. Well, they were all sons of Abraham, spiritually, or they were not. They were his true sons if they believed God exactly as he demonstrated. If Jews believed God and then sacrificed after the Mosaic laws were promulgated, that was reckoned to them as righteouness in the coming substitution and death of Y'shua on the cross. Judaism, which still denies Christ, and lacks the sacrificial system of the Temple and doesn't teach justification by faith alone by Jesus Christ the Messiah, cannot save any one, pretends that it is is still a covenant religion and "observant" Jews, who obey the 613 laws of Judaism, will be saved thereby. You have to be spiritually blind to believe that. Paul said his fellow Jews were spiritually blind, all thsoe who rejected the Messiah and attempted to obey the law (*the 613 laws of Judaism), since he said it was impossible, since the law was only instituted to drive men to Christ, the only Jew who actually could and actually did fulfill all the requirements of the Law perfectly. Anyone else who presumes he can obey the Law perfectly, something only Christ the Sinless One, could do, is the most prideful and blind imposter! So let the Bible be true and every man a liar! Paul, James, Christ himself say so--there can be no salvation apart from Jesus and His perfect work on the Cross paying the penalty for all sin men ever committed and ever will commit. There can be in God's eyes no Dual Covenant, which would legitimize "sincere" or "orthodox" or "believing" practicioners of Judaism. They all, being sinful men, cannot help but fail to fulfil the Law. There is only one legitimate, soul-saving, sin-absolving Covenant, the New Covenant of Jesus Christ established in His holy blood.

When I was visiting Israel on two trips, I happened to find out that there is a division religiously between evangelical Christianity and Judaism. It is not the evangelicals' fault. Evangelical bookshops in Jerusalem were firebombed (and you don't hear of any Orthodox synagogues or bookshops being bombed, do you?), and it wasn't the Muslim militants or Intifada then that did it. It had to be the Orthodox or Hassidic Jews who lived in a certain quarter of Jerusalem. They still aggressively and even violently oppose and attack evangelical missionaries in Israel, and there is the recent, most murderous and savage incident of the pipe bombing of an innocent Messianic Jewish boy at his own home (more about this later perhaps). We were told on a tour best not to drive or walk into the Orthodox Jewish quarters of the city on their Sabbath, lest we be stoned if we aren't wearing the right amount of clothing for the Sabbath. Understandably, none of us were particularly desirous to go and see that area of the city, on any day!

In "Voice of the Martyrs" Magazine, Special Issue 2008, page 17, this is printed regarding Gaza and the West Bank: "There are about 2,000 Arab evangelical Christians in 30 churches. Political turmoil has created an environment where it is easy for militant Islamic groups to persecute Christians. Many Christians left following the Hamas takeover of the Gaza Strip. According to the Christian Broadcasting Network, across the border, in the city of Arad, Israel, Messianic Jews face persecution from some ultra-orthodox Jews. The Messianic Jews ask for prayer for their persecutors, not that persecution will stop, but that it brings glory to God. Christian leader and bookstore owner Rami Ayyad, 30, was kidnapped and murered in Gaza on october 6, 2007. Christians feel the murder was religiously motivated. Rami is survived by his wife and three children."

That business in Arad has a cause, it is the ugly and dangerous, even murderous black beast of false Cainite religion operating in Israel, which is run by secularist Jews today, and also largely influenced by Orthodox Jews (but not all, for some deny the State of Israel as a legitimate entity).

All this may seem confusing yet, but it can be boiled down to this: no religion, no religious system, no matter how many good works it produces, can satisfy God. Christianity too is a religion, and it is just as much a savage and murderous beast as Islam or Judaism. What color may it be? I don't know, but I think red would be an appropriate color for all the Jews and Arabs slain by the Crusaders in the Name of Christ whose name they defamed by their cruel and unchristian acts, or the Inquisition of Catholic Spain that tortured and killed Jews and Arabs alike if they refused to convert to this unholy Cainite religion of Roman Catholicism. Yes, most of the secular critics would admit that religions do society good, to some extent, and that is true. But they are an "opiate," a blindness, a false way to God. Only Christ is the Way to God. He said so! I believe it! The Bible didn't say Judaism is a second way to God. Only Christ is! The Bible didn't say Islam and Mohammed are the way to God, only Christ is--That is what the Word of God proclaims. Buddha, Hinduism, Oprah Winfrey and her New Age religionist gurus, Secularism, Liberalism, Native Indian religions, Animism, Shamanism, Materialism, Humanism, and all other false religions too, are the wrong way, vain, futile, and lead souls only to hellfire. Messianic Jews, if they believe in Jesus as Savior and Messiah, are disciples of Christ, true believers. They need not give up their Jewish observances, if they point to Christ, as they certainly do. We are not speaking of Christians and Jews, we are speaking of true believers. True believers do not give up their ethnicity or their customs and traditions, unless those are Christ-denying things. For years it was thought by Christians of non-Jewish background that Jews should get rid of all their Jewishness, and any observance of Jewish feasts, etc., was abhorrent and unChristian. Wrong! Yes, we are neither Jew nor Greek, male nor female, bond or free, IN CHRIST. But Christ came not to eradicate culture, ethnicity, and customs, but to bring Himself into our hearts and lives, which transforms everything. Many Jews today either do not practice any religion (having lost all faith in God due to the Holocaust) or they hold to some branch of Judaism, which is a vain, failed Cainite religion. Those people don't realize (and are not taught by rabbis who ignore Isaiah 53 telling of the Messiah as the Suffering Servant (Who is unmistakenly Jesus/Y'Shua), that their festivals and scriptures and even their customs point to Jesus/Y'Shua, so they depend on the hocus pocus of waving a chicken over their heads at Yom Kippur to bring them forgiveness of their sins, since they don't have a temple and a sacrificial system anymore to do the job and gain them God's forgiveness.

How hopeless is that? But many people Jewish people are coming to Messiah, Y'shua our Lord and Savior, and they remain Jews too, only they have Christ, not dead, Cainite religion in their hearts. Thank God for Jews for Jesus and other Messianic Jewish groups that go with the Gospel to their brethren! They ought to be supported, by BGEA too which has not been a friend in the past of Jews for Jesus. Our goal is the same after all: bringing the Gospel " the Jews first, then to Samaria, and to the uttermost parts of the earth." That is our Great Commission as believers in Christ, given us by the Lord Jesus himself. Everybody needs Christ to be saved--with no exception!

With that said, we can also say with assurance that God loves the people who practice Islam just as much, only in his eyes Islam too is a beast, the people are not. But they need Christ Jesus just as much as the Jews His Chosen people. We all, whatever race, whatever Cainite religion we espouse, need Christ. We need Christ, and to let all religion go where it should go: to hell with the Anti-Christ and False Prophet and ultimately the Devil. Religion does not save anybody, Jew, Greek, Moslem, or American. Religion is the main problem, the supreme barrier to God. But the Jesus of the Bible, He only can and will save us from our sins that condemn us to judgment and hell. Jesus only will reconcile us to God our Father and Creator. Jesus only will bring peace to this world and to all peoples, kindreds, and tribes and tongues. Jesus only can--nothing else, nothing added, ONLY JESUS. And thank God for that! Otherwise, we would have to work our way to heaven, which would be a failed attempt from the start, and we would die without hope after a lifetime of producing good works, all for nothing! Thank God, we can believe the Savior, Jesus, and be forgiven and saved and enabled to walk the pilgrim road to heaven. God will be with us then, personally, guiding each step we make. We will his Word too, to shine on our path like a bright lamp. It will enable us to be conquerors of our sinful, carnal nature and also to be a blessing to others. It will feed our spiritual life and give us growth in godliness as long as we remain teachable in heart and spirit. It will also give us hope for each day no matter how bleak the circumstances or how strong the attacks of the enemy. God didn't birth us into his kingdom and then abandon us! We have his Holy Spirit within us, and also the Word of God, and the fellowship of other Christians in church. All this is given us to make sure we will make it safely to the Celestial City up ahead.

Sir Lionel Luckhoo, knighted twice by Queen Elizabeth, and judge and envoy of two sovereign nations at the same time, Guyana and Barbardos, was also a champion horse racer and, late in life, came to know the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ the Savior. He wrote a most powerful analysis, being a supreme court judge and also a lawyer also who won hundreds of cases with his brilliance and knowledge of the law. He could spot lies amidst the truth, and tell the difference. He examined both Christianity and Islam, compared them, and this is the result:

"Christianity or Islam, You Choose!" by Sir Lionel Luckhoo


A pastor of a main Nazareth church, a valiant Christian and Arab champion with a mission to bring Christ to his brethren the Arab peoples, worked with the author and has this book, the True Koran (or Qur'an) (or Furqan, which we have in our Emmaus Walk possession) available:

"The True Furqan" at

Dr. Michael Gabriel has a portion of a chapter we will "excerpt" that will put to rest the notion that Islam and Christianity worship the same God. We hope to have it on-line soon.

World Net Daily, for Story of Sheik Masab Yousef's Believing in Jesus Christ

Anti-Semitism Center:

"Anti-Semitism of the Church Fathers"

Islam vs. the West Center:

"The Movie Fitna"

VINE AND BRANCHES has a video featured:

To obtain the video (donation of $20) go to:

"The Third Jihad," VINE AND BRANCHES

"The Erosion of Freedom," by Norbert Letts, Lutheran Digest, Fall, 1965


Bob Fraley's booklet gives an excellent account of America's founding, and also shows how Martin Luther and others re-discovered the Gospel that had been lost for long centuries. Satan is attacking America, because America has been a special creation like Israel by God Almighty, formed for his purposes. Our Founding Fathers knew this special role for America. They said so! America is a shining city set on a hill. America is for the propagation of the Gospel not only in the Western Hemisphere but the whole world. America is a beacon of righteousness and God's favor. All this Satan has conspired with his godless confederates in American society today to pervert and destroy. Fraley describes the two Great Awakenings and the leaders--Moody, Charles Finney, A. B. Earle, Whitefield, and others--who preached the Gospel and hundreds of thousands of people in America were saved, their lives transformed, and their society with them. He tells how these moves of God provided the foundation for the founding of our Country and the writing of our Constitution and Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence, not to mention, colonial charters and later the states' constitutions. Did they think this country was Christian? Would you agree that the Supreme Court has something to say about that question? The Supreme Court, in 1892, stated in the case of THE CHURCH OF THE HOLY TRINITY VS. THE UNITED STATES: "Our laws and institutions must necessarily be based upon and embody the teachings of the Redeemer of mankind [Jesus Christ]. It is impossible that it should be otherwise and in this sense and to this extent our civilization and our institutions are emphatically Christian. This is historically true from the discovery of this continent [by a Catholic Christian, Christopher Columbus] to the present hour; we find everywhere a clear recognition of this truth. These many other matters add a volume of unofficial declarations to the mass of organic uttererances that this is a Christian nation."

Excerpt of Bob Fraley's "Campaign Save America"

What is it that these presidents would say, if they could speak to Obama today? You can know these presidents' views about whether America is Christian or not, because their views are recorded, and we can quote them, one after the other!

Open Letter to the President:

"Barack Hussain Obama, you went to the rest of the world and proclaimed that America is not a Christian nation. You are proven a shameless liar by all we said and wrote and instituted when we helped frame and unaugurate and lead these United States of America from inception to full-grown nationhood! It is evident that you believe that if you declare a lie boldly enough, you can make it the truth, whether it is or not. But you cannot change error and falsehood to truth, no matter how many fine-sounding words you plaster over the falsehood. Truth and Falsehood are diametric opposites, they are not play dough in your hands that you manipulate for political advantage or expediency. God stands by truth, while He is the eternal enemy of falsehood and error. You are flying in God's face as the God of Truth, when you treat the truth in this fashion. The Word of God stands as your refutation and your rebuke. May you not be held accountable for what you are doing against the truth. You have defamed America which has graciously made you its representative leader. You are twisting the truth in all kinds of issues, deliberately, in order to deceive and manipulate people. It is evident that, by doing this, you are following your father, the Devil, who is the father of lies. Return to God, repent, and He will graciously forgive and pardon you, through the shed blood of His Son, Jesus Christ! Do it now, for now is the day of salvation, not tomorrow.--by Ronald D. Ginther, an Evangelical Christian and proud descendant of legal Norwegian immigrants of the line of Sjur and Oline Stadem, from Bergen and Vik, Norway, in the 1860s.

Excerpt from "Campaign Save America" booklet by Bill Fraley will soon be on-line

On PREVIOUS HOME PAGE 62, go view the warnings that the Lord Jesus gave Bishop Curtis "Earthquake" Kelley concerning the coming terrorist melt-down of America if we do not repent soon. You can find this featured on the Red Alert, though it could just as well be featured in this center.

"The Second Coming," by Billy Sunday

"The Second Coming," Part II, by Billy Sunday

"The Second Coming," by Billy Sunday (delivered shortly before World War II's cataclysm)

Liberals and secularists, and even some foolish Christians (and I don't say "uneducated," for some have PhD's and are Doctors of Divinity!) who don't know their own American history, like to question that George Washington was a Christian. Could anybody but a true Christian, full of reverence for God and Christ, pray this?

"Almighty God, we make our earnest prayer that Thou wilt keep the United States in Thy holy protection; that Thou wilt incline the hearts of the citizens to cultivate a spirit of subordination and obedience to government; and entertain a brotherly affection and love for one another and for their fellow citizens of the United States at large.

And finally that Thou wilt most graciously be pleased to dispose us all to do justice, to love mercy, and to demean ourselves with that charity, humility and pacific temper of mind which were the characteristics of the Divine Author of our blessed religion, and without a humble imitation of whose example in these things we can never hope to be a happy nation. Grant our supplication, we beseech Thee, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."

Thinking that they need to apologize to the world for America, PhD-holding secularists in American Ivy League universities write lot of books critical of our American heritage and claim that the man who prayed this prayer was not a Christian but was a Deist! They can cite no references, of course, with the lame excuse no reputable scholar would give that there is no need for evidence. That is how entrenched ignorance and secularism are in our universities today, which are training the next government leaders! We are in sad shape, indeed, in American educational circles!





Thursday, May 6, is the National Day of Prayer! Franklin Graham is the 2010 Honorary Chairman of the 59th Annual National Day of Prayer. He states in "Prayer For Such a Time as This":

"In 1952 the U.S. Congress set aside the National Day of Prayer as a time to intercede for our nation and its leaders. The Bible commands us to regularly and fervently pray 'for kings and all thsoe in authority' (2 Timothy 2:2; NIV). It also informs us that the initiative for national spiritual healing and renewal lies with followers of Christ (see 2 Chronicles 7;14).

"I believe our nation is in a perilous spiritual state. We must pray. We must call on God to heal our land, forgive our sins, and leade us in the path of righteousness. Please join with believers across this great nation on Thursday, May 6, and the days following as we cry out to the Lord for His mercy and help.

"I will be on my knees. I hope you will be on yours. Thank you and God bless you."

We might also be in prayer for the lady judge (evidently of the Woodstock generation) who has just now ruled that the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional, declaring that there is no tradition for it in our nation's founding. The nation was called to prayer at the forming of the Constitutional convention in Philadelphia. Our leaders humbly knelt and prayed, at Benjamin Franklin's urging, and our nation was born! Abraham Lincoln called for a national day of prayer. Franklin D. Roosevelt went on the radio and called America to prayer. Dwight Eisenhower, at his inauguration, led the gathering and also the nation in prayer for himself and the nation. Since 1952, 59 calls for national prayer have come from presidents too numerous to mention. Yet there is no tradition for the National Day of Prayer in our history?

Excerpt From Leading the Way's "My Journal": "The Heating Plant"

Charles Spurgeon was a great British preacher during the 1800s. One Sunday evening five college students were in town decided to visit Spurgeon's church to hear him preach. They had arrived early in order to secure their seats. As they were waiting for the services to begin, a man approached them. He said, "Gentlemen, let me show you around. Would you like to see the heating plant of this church?" The students did not want to spend time in a furnace room since it was a hot summer day, but they obliged the kind stranger.

"The students followed the man down the stairs to the basement level. The man pointed to a door and told them, "This is our heating plant." As he opened the door, the students saw 700 people bowed in prayer, seeking God's blessing on that evening's service. As the man closed the door, he introduced himself as Charles Spurgeon.

"One of the things that made Charles Spurgeon such a successful preacher was his dependence upon God in prayer. What is the 'heating plant" of your life like? Is it strong and persistent prayer, or is it a cold room with just a flickering flame?"--Joshua and Michael Youssef. You can contact MY JOURNAL at:

Barack H. Obama has just defamed the National Day of Prayer as well! He finds it more convenient not to choose a church in Washingto to worship the Lord in--claiming that it would be too much a disturbance to other people in the church. Last Christmas he did not attend church, but went to a gymnasium instead. Now with the National Day of Prayer, he did not attend or call for it or support it in any way. In fact, Franklin Graham was denied, after being invited, to hold prayer at the Pentagon, because, the Obama White House stated, Franklin Graham had made remarks against Moslems. What Franklin has said, he repeated, is that he deplores the horrid treatment of women by Islam, something Obama and his government ignores as it caters to Muslim dictatorships and authoritarian regimes round the world. Franklin Graham, asked to comment on the dismissal, stated that he believed this was a "slap in the face of evangelicals." So it is! He said that Moslems have prayer and every access to government to conduct their services, and he has no problem with that, but when he criticized Islam for doing exactly what it does against women and also humanity, this is not permitted and he is shut out.

"And the Light Shineth in Darkness," Message to Americans, by Dr. Twilah Fox, Part I

Part II, Twilah Fox Message

"When God Departs--Is God Leaving America?" by David Wilkerson, 11-18-1991

"Revival Center"

Christian Women's Center:

Hats off to Jan Brewer, Arizona State Governor! She has signed the Arizona state bill that simply mirrors the Federal laws regarding the borders and illegals, to enforce it, which the Federal Government has refused to do despite constant pleas to Obama by Jan Brewer, letter after letter. Going on the Shawn Hannity program, she said they have never responded to her letters! Imagine that! Ignoring a state governor! How much more will they ignore the letters and petititions of more ordinary U.S. citizens! The Obama representatives have even apologized to China for the Arizona law, as if it is a big mistake the Arizonans made in passing this law for their own safety and welfare. Arizona is not going to back down. 77% of the citizens stand behind their governor and this bill. They are fed up with the drugs, the human traffiking, the crime spilling into their streets from the illegals who cross over by the thousands over the unpatrolled, uncontrolled U.S. border with Mexico. Phoenix is highest in kidnapping in the U.S.! Jan Brewer stated on the Hannity show that Arizonans are fed up with the millions and millions they must pay out for the cost of incarcerating and apprehending these criminals, not to mention the social welfare and health care and education and all the rest (which these illegals pay nothing for!). Boycotts hurt people, the very ones the liberals say they are so concerned about. Jan Brewer said she wouldn't support a boycott, shutting off Arizona's power to Los Angeles in return for Los Angeles slapping a boycott on Arizona, but if L.A. refused to pay its power bill (it gets 1/3 of its energy from Arizona), they of course would be forced to shut off their power (just as any houseowner who refused to pay his bill gets his power shut off). Something to think about, you liberals ruling L.A.! You are hurting both your own people and also Arizonans who are simply wanting to have walls on their house. A house without walls, Jan Brewer said, collapses! So too with a country without borders, which refused to protect them, as the Obama regime is doing right now. The polls are showing that most Americans support the moves to enforce our own Federal laws governing the borders--and want the illegals stopped from taking over our country and committing crimes everywhere they please, while draining our state treasuries of funds that should be going to support the social services due legal citizens. Jan Brewer said that can't continue any longer, there is no money to keep paying out for these illegals. She said they had to cut back, cut back, cut back, and it is absolutely necessary to stop this sacking of the state treasure by illegals--not in blue yonder, but now! Hence, the Arizona law which does not support profiling (as the liberals claim falsely, most without even having read the 16 page bill, posted by the way on Shawn Hannity's webpage). Even the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder admitted to a questioner (I heard the interview twice on the radio, so this isn't hearsay) that he hadn't read the Arizona bill, though earlier he had condemned the bill for racial profiling. They are shown to be liars, caught red-handed with their politization of the issue, when actually it is the Obama regime's default that brought forth the Arizona bill.

Go to Jan Brewer's webpage or the Arizona State webpage and encourage her and tell her how much you appreciate her and her brave stand against the Federal Government's utter failure to enforce Federal laws on the border. You certainly cannot go and congratulate Obama for enforcing such laws! He has done just the opposite, and has just had the Mexican president to a White House dinner, with Mexican foods featured, at which he no doubt apologized again for the Arizona bill while assuring the Mexican president that he will do all he can to squelch Arizona and its brave attempt to stem the flood of illegals, drug runners, prostitute rings, and even terrorists into that border state. What he said publicly about the statements he made, I take no stock in, for he said what he thought we might believe, not what he actually said. Whenever he says anything, he usually has an ulterior motive quite the opposite of his statement, and if you take the opposite meaning, you probably have the truth with this man. That is what a sad case he is as a man--no integrity! He will not get away with one lie, one deception of his, for it is all being recorded by the books in heaven. The Bible says so! That is not my own idea. One day these books will be opened, and everything he really said with the Mexican president will be exposed along with all his other lies to the American people and the world. He needs to repent before that terrible day breaks upon his head! Grace is not unlimited. It will run out one day for him or you or me, if we do not repent while we still have grace extended to us.


If you have a mother, remember her with something that speaks of your love and gratitude! You may not get another chance, life being what it is, transient and temporary, here one day, gone the next! Don't live with regrets, give honor where honor is due now. The Bible says, in the Ten Commandments: "Honor your father and mother, that thy days be long upon the earth."

Want to live long and well? Honor your parents as God commands you. It is health to your body, peace to your heart, happiness to your life. You will never have health, peace, and happiness, the Bible says, if you do not honor your parents. I didn't say that, the Lord God said it.

But what if you parent wasn't a good one, what if your mother wasn't a real mother to you? For the undeserving mother, try forgiveness. It can mend a lot of broken things, including the hurt in your own heart and life. Set her free with forgiveness, but most of all, set yourself free of your resentment and unforgiveness! If you don't have a living mother, or never knew her for some reason, well, find a mother out there, there are plenty who need some encouragement and some love, and even if you aren't her son and daughter, give her some honor as a mother. God will take that as obedience to his command, and bless you in return!

My mother is 100 years and more now. She still deserves all the love and gratitude we can possibly give her--and she appreciates every bit of it too!

I wrote this poem to her and to all mothers:


Without mothers, what would there be?

Not even a world to see?

Thank God for mothers, they are God's gift!

So let's all join to give them a lift!

I think of how Mary stood suffering by Christ's side,

she valiantly endured until her precious son died.

The questions thick flew round her little bowed head,

dark and troubling despite all He had said.

"If he were God, why is he here

shamed, condemned, with wicked thieves hung near?"

"If he were God, he'd have the power

to crush the Romans and make them cower!"

"If he were God, this wouldn't be,

he'd be the King of all to see!"

What was it she prayed,

as her friends moaned and cried?

His disciples all fled,

but she never denied.

Steadfast and true, she held fast to the end,

though His hurts she couldn't soothe,

nor the wounds in his body mend.

To lose her First-Born son in this terrible way,

she never could have guessed when he was a child at play.

Yet God had a Plan that was greater than she knew.

When Christ was raised gloriously, ascending on high,

He rose as her Lord and Savior, and she ceased to wonder "Why?"

Wonder what to do with yourself sometimes, feel at loose ends somehow, or disconnected from other women spiritually--look up the local chapter of AGLOW INTERNATIONAL. There are many in each state. You will love it, and it could be a life changing experience for you, as it has been for countless women throughout this country and across the world.

"Jewel in the Shadows: the Story of Abigail in the Bible," by Ronald Ginther

American Bible Society, and Debbie Midkiff Video 1

"Hero on a Guardrail," Debbie Midkiff's story in the American Bible Society Record

For Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern's Proclamation of Morality, go to:

Oklahoma State Proclamation of Morality, by Okla. State Rep. Sally Kern


Stuart Hawkins and his wife were happy souls, and happily married for many years, as this photo shows without doubt. Stuart Hawkins, a Pacific Northwest poet from Olympia, has this to say to his Mom in a special poem:

Thanks Mom

For not having an abortion

Thanks for bearing me

Inside you with love

And care

And anticipation

My life may be troubled

Perhaps I will cry more than I will laugh

But no matter what

I thank you

For that greatest gift of all


We called attention to the millions of black Americans being targeted by Planned Parenthood, putting their offices and "clinics" right smack in the heart of black communities. Here in Washington State, in Tacoma, there is a Planned Parenthood clinic smack center in the Hilltop neighborhood, which is the heart of the black community for thousands in Tacoma and Pierce County. I attended a Church of God in Christ church for 8 years. My pastor was black. An elder said to me that there was this Planned Parenthood clinic right in his neighborhood on the Hilltop, in Tacoma, and he was very displeased, too, for he could see why it was there: blacks were the target of this odious, racist-energized organization founded by Margaret Sanger, who was part of a movement for eugenics that included people who called for the elimination of certain races, while she called for the elimination of the "unfit" and the "feeble" and the poor.

That elder may have expressed what he did to me, but none of the others in the church did, so he was an exception. We also rued the fact that few black leaders were calling attention to this, and alerting their people. But now more and more are doing so, even taking commanding roles in the Tea Party movement, to stop the juggernaut of the socialist government presently in charge and to try to regain our Constitutional freedoms at the next two elections--God permitting. We salute these black leaders, who are often pastors and evangelists.

You all know that "M.I.A" means "Missing In Action" and is applied to U.S. soldiers lost over in foreign wars and conflicts, but not forgotten here by loved ones who try so hard to find out what happened to them so they can have some closure (which we ought to support and sympathize with!). But "M.I.A." can also mean "Missing In America" and be applied to the forty and more millions of American unborns who have been ruthlessly slaughtered in abortion mills for the sake of commercial profit and political expediency (Democrat Party expediency, to be specific). We have a poem that is called "Mia" which tells of a little "angel" in heaven who is sent by God on a special mission. She may not be American but she is one of those unborns who are aborted or killed so that her parents do not have to raise her. How many have there been total of these Mia's since humanity began? It must total a billion or more. But here is one you can identify with out of that incomprehensible number of children who were torn away from their rightful parents and brothers and sisters, relatives, friends, and homes. They were sent by God to live on the earth and never got the chance once they got here. Heaven's seemingly most insigificant "angel," Mia is chosen by God the Father to proceed on the most important mission to that date. We all take it for granted that we have life and are living on this earth and weren't "aborted," which is a nice politically acceptable term for "slaughtered" or "murdered" or "slain," but what about all the "Mias"? What about all the "Johnnies"? See for yourself:

"Mia," by Eben

Bible Greats, as Portrayed by Eben:

"Bible Greats" by Eben


Remember Louis Farrakan? You have to remember him, as he is in the news frequently, being quoted. He represented the "Nation of Islam," and was its chief representative. But how did this false religion get started here in America. Please return for the excerpt soon from this great booklet by an authority on this subject.

In the first half or so of the 20th century in America, Evangelist A. A. Allen was a great man of God who had a great healing ministry, but tragically succumbed to the sin of alcoholism and lost his ministry. How could that happen to him, when he had a genuine, nationally-known healing ministry? It is a genuine tragedy, but he wrote a tract message that still rings true, and presents Judas in the most reliable, scriptural way. Judas is a virtual enigma, for how could a disciple of Jesus come to betray the Lord like Judas did? He knew Jesus was innocent of any wrong-doing, and testified so to the chief priests, but he nevertheless handed him over to them for trial and execution, all for thirty lousey pieces of silver, certainly no big fortune even back in those times. What did he gain? Nothing but contempt and a premature death, and hell's eternal fires on top of it! What drove a man to such folly and self-destruction? Yes, we see people all the time plunging to destruction around us, for the equivalent of thirty pieces of silver too, and even less, without a thought of the consequences either. People seem prepared today to sell their souls for literally nothing. President Obama sold his soul for the Oval Office and the multiple millions he has gained through his contributors from abroad and the sales of his spurious autobiographies. That is somewhat understandable. But for nothing at all? Our souls are the most precious thing we possess--yet we treat them as valueless sometimes, right? I know I did, before I was brought to my senses by the Lord and restored to Him.

The Tract League

"Christian Greats Center"


Do you find yourself right now all tied up in a dark cave of addiction, enslavement to sin, or depression, hopelessness and despair, or abuse and woundedness? Are you out of luck, out of work, out of money, out of hope, or just plain "busted"? Even all of these thing together? I've been in this horrible dark cave I have just described, and the Lord set me free! I wouldn't be alive now to say this to you right now if that weren't true! I had no intention of ever following the Lord or believing in God again--but He didn't give me up for lost, he followed me and brought me back to Himself, setting me free from all the horrible sin and bondage in my life and putting me on the path to heaven and happiness with him forever. You can be free too--but only through Christ's Resurrection Power!

"The Wonder of Wonders," by Edwin Raymond Anderson

The best series I have ever seen on the Crucifixion and Death of Jesus Christ has to the Kyle Idleman-narrated "The Easter Experience," produced by City on a Hill.

The Easter Experience Series, Kyle Idleman narrator, City on a Hill

Since this is the heart of spring, the Dogwood Tree is blooming at my mother's, right in the front yard facing the street. We have in honor of it Eben's retelling of the Dogwood Legend, a charming story, that tells of Christ and his tree. It is called "Mia's Journey," by Eben, featuring a young, seemingly insignificant "angel" in heaven who is sent on a strange but wonderful journey to find the tree on which the Lord will be crucified for the sins of the world. See how she discovers her identify is tied up with forty million unborns, who like her are all "MIA," or "Missing in America." It can be accessed at our Northwest Poetry website:

"Mia's Journey," by Eben

"Resurrection Center"

Big Bad Wolf Business Center:

Ahem! British Petroleum, which is BP and runs a lot of AM-PM gas and booze outlets in the US. I am not against so-called Big Oil. I am glad they are big, so they can do the big jobs that need to be done to explore and find the oil our nation needs, both here and abroad. Government can't do a decent job exploring for oil and then developing it for the use of the country and its consumers--it would mess everything up royally, we all know that. But here our Government thinks it can tell BP what and how to do what only BP knows how to do, as if our Government is the expert in the business of extracting oil and running oil rigs! That got us into this mess in the first place-- Government interfering in the operations of the oil companies to the extent nothing can be done right. Government, make no mistake, created the oil spill--just as Government created the economic melt-down of the housing mortgage market. Government is not going to be the solution now with this oil spill any more than it was the solution for the mortgage fiasco that it created. But of course BP is the culprit, as the Government would have us believe, not all those do-nothing-wells in Washington!

Not that BP is guiltless! As a human organization, it isn't going to be innocent. Neither is Britain innocent as a party to this. Liberal, Labor Party-run and ruined Britain owes us something, after the BBC's angry, condescending lecturing of us and its poisonous, virulent bashing of us in their press for so many years, as an embarrassment to the Globalized world community because we dared to act like a sovereign nation with our own foreign policy, not taking dictates from the United Nations like Britain was so inclined to do (even though Tony Blair opted for joining Bush in the unpopular Gulf Wars in Iraq and even committed to Afghanistan).

That USA-bashing, so popular with the British government and the media for so long, is now returning to haunt them no doubt, as British Petroleum fouls some of our nation's most pristine beaches and wildlife habitats in the Gulf of Mexico. Thanks a lot, you liberals of Britain! What did we do to deserve this from you? We buy your products, your oil too, enriching you with billions of dollars for year after year, and then you turn and gum up our beaches and islands and kill the wildlife and fish too with your horrible messes from that blown-out well! Thanks a lot, liberals of Britain! And shame on you, for your malfeasance that led to this ecological disaster. I am certain your pride and arrogance is now slapping your own face for a change for all the slander and lies and bad mouthing you have done over the last ten to fifteen years during the Bush Administrations primarily. Obama is against all these big oil companies, and he doesn't particularly like Britain either, since it still stands in his memory as a colonialist or imperialist power that once "oppressed" his relatives in Kenya, one of whom was a Mau Mau sympathizer at the least. He won't let you get off his hook, if he can help it. Well, I don't approve anything he does, for he has his own socialist power agenda and his own enrichment always foremost in all he does, but surely this is retribution, a foretaste of divine judgment in store for you. The birds are returning to roost, are they not? This is exactly the kind of thing that will happen to all nations that abandon God and then attack other nations with slander and lies, as you liberals of Britain who have controlled and directed Britain for decades, have done. A divine pox on all your house! And the pox is the new conservative P.M. of Britain too, if he remains true to his principles declared in his campaign for 10 Downing Street. This has to be a bitter blow to all you, who were expected a shady deal in the backrooms to keep you liberals in power even with the nefarious Gordon Brown, the anti-Semite and PLO-hugger. But you have had to swallow it, and it has lodged in your throats, choking you no doubt! It is a sad day when the best that could happen for a wayward Britain staggering into financial melt-down due to liberalism's corruption and wild spending sprees for social services is a bitter pill to those who are supposedly the educated, refined classes in Britain. Well, you are not immune to judgment and being cast down from your high places, as this latest upset in your government, once liberal but now with a Conservative as prime minister, has amply shown us and the world. But there is much more to come--you haven't drunk the cup to the dregs yet, and the dregs probably have the potency of the hemlock that Socrates once drank.

BUY AMERICAN, NOT OBAMA-NATION! Please do not buy anything from the Obama-nationalized General Motors Corporation. It is a stinking rathole that is consuming billions of our tax dollars, and its pension plan is also in big trouble. Guess who will have to pay to fix that too? Let this utterly ruined corporation die a natural death of insolvency, as soon as possible, a victim that was once a leader in our free enterprise system, but which was bled white by unions and then strangled, given the coup de grace, by the crooked unions in collusion with the crooked Democrat government and crooked "Presidente" Obama.

Buy Ford. Ford refused government bailout funds (our tax money!). We know that Henry Ford was a peacenik of epic proportions, even getting up a "Peace Ship" full of peaceniks. If I remember rightly, this ship of well-intentioned fools was sailing on the high seas for the cause of international peace when World World War II (or atleast the Nazi blitzkrieg inflicted on Poland in 1939) broke out. A very active and imaginative man like Ford with too much money on his hands and a lot of friends who weren't led by the Spirit of God can be forgiven this unscriptural plan to end all war and usher in World Peace. They should have known that only Jesus, the Prince of Peace, will bring World Peace, true World Peace. That period of World Peace is called the Millennial Reign of Christ. The Bible describes it in the book of Revelation. They had the Bible the same as we do, but they thought they might pull it off without Jesus being physically present, before the Second Coming. Well, they failed, absymally. And so has every other peace brainstorm man has ever had. Those peace signs that the Left like to wear and parade around, if there is no cross there (and there isn't a cross, they are vain and futile--worthless. There is no true and lasting peace without Christ. Man will never establish peace on this earth. The so-called Pax Romana was actually riddled with endless struggles and wars and civil wars, as various claimants fought for the imperial throne. Countless battles with barbarians also occurred. Some peace that was! It was a peace of a sorts, enforced by the brute force of the Roman military, but within the Roman Empire there were innumerable struggles and wars from its founding under Caesar Augustus to the last so-called emperor who wore the crown, Romulus Augustulus.

Peace aside, and Henry Ford's craziness aside, he introduced America to mass production like no one before him and made an excellent car for generations, transforming America for the better, did he not! And they still do! And it is American, MADE IN USA, another GREAT plus.

"The First Hour for Men"

"Little prayer, little power, more prayer, more power, much prayer, much power"--quote from Pastor John Hagee's mother, who is a woman of powerful prayer at age 95.

Prayer Center


"Global Warming (Climate Change) Hoax Center"

Witnessing Center:

Creationism Center:

"The Genesis Flood," the History and Impact of the Book, by Dr. John C. Whitcomb


We haven't mentioned before that we have a Northwest Poetry Center that you can access, which will give you some spiritual poems as well as poems that are centered directly on current, hot button moral and political issues. We believe like the great Spurgeon, a firebrand of a preacher in 19th London, that our faith ought to be active in the public arena, strenuously engaged, dealing as powerfully as we can with the issues of the day, not ignoring them like self-blinding ostriches with their heads stuck in sand. Christ confronted the issues head-on, did he not? He struck at sin, death, the devil, and had some pointed things to say to his human enemies too, did he not? He didn't tackle the Roman Empire for the reason he had far bigger foes to confront and defeat, and the Roman Empire was insignificant compared with them. You can go to Northwest Poetry at:

Northwest Poetry

This is a most excellent magazine for you to inform you on Christianity and Israel, which you cannot separate and still have the true Christian faith!

A great little magazine devoted just to Israel that is pocket sized:

If you want to do yourself a great favor and boost to your Christian faith, subscribe to this wonderful "little in size but huge in spirit" magazine from Worcester, England, by writing to: Editor Justin Lawrence-Smith, Elkanah, 37A Battenhall Rd, Worcester WR5 2BQ, ENGLAND. You can also subscribe by going to the website. The internet website for ANCHORED is:

Anchored Magazine

There are four issues a year, and they are great, with spiritually encouraging stories, humor, games and puzzles, poetry, and illustrations, all helping the weary, footsore Pilgrim take heart and make it the rest of the way to the yonder glorious Celestial City of the Lord.

This magazine is excellent, and free of charge, edited by Pastor David R. Barnhart. You will get wonderful articles about what faith in God really is, biblically, in terms of the front-line issues of homosexuality in the churches, feminism, apostasy, the persecution of Christians, and the threat of Islam to all Western society.

There is also the article of a Jewish writer cited, that tells of Lincoln's love for Jerusalem, and his desire to travel there, expressed to his wife. David R. Barnhart's blog features the Lincoln article and the link to it.

David Barnhard's Blog for the Lincoln article

David Barnhart also wrote an article about the Reformation that we need to take heed to especially now, 495 years since Martin Luther contronted the Roman Catholic church and Papacy for the gross errors of its faulty, unbiblical theology as well as its venal corruption shown in sales of indulgences to bring in huge amounts of German money to finance the building of St. Peters in Rome. Pastor Barnhart cites the contested issues centered around grace, faith, and the imposition of ecclesiastical authority over the authority of the Bible. In a number of ways, the churches are in worse shape then they were in Luther's day, Pastor Barnhart points out, since now the core teachings of the Christian faith are being compromised and even rejected by theologians and churches:

"A New Reformation for the 21st Century," by Pastor David R. Barnhart

If you want a free subscription of this cutting-edge Vine and Branches Newsletter, email:

Please go to David Barnhart's most recent letter, for Summer 2010, which is excellent, which was written in response to the recent ruling of a federal court that the National Day of Prayer is "unconstitutional":

"Abiding Word Ministries Letter, Summer 2010, by David Barnhard

This issue has a terrific section on Islam, comparing Christianity with this religion of Allah and Mohammed. Want to know the differences. Allah and the God of the Bible are not the same. Christ Jesus is not the same as the "Issa" of the Quran. They cannot be reconciled in any way. But there is a way to reach the beloved Muslims with the message of truth that can set them free. The late Sir Lionel Luckhoo, descendant of an indentured Indian laborer in the Caribbean, shows how.

Going right to the source, we now have the uncopyrighted and complete version for you of Sir Lionel's brilliant exposition:

"Christianity or Islam, You Choose!" by Sir Lionel Luckhoo


We heartily recommend the cartoons of the Levitt Letter, which are clearly the best in the Christian and even the secular magazine world. You cannot possibly find their equal--just try! And I won't hold my breath either!--Ed.

"Cartoon Center"


ON THE CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN CONFERENCE AND CRUISE MANIA: Christians have their celebrities, just look at the rosters of the conferences that are being held all over the country, and even on the most luxurious cruise ships. This is the way to really be a selfish pig and still think good of yourself, that you have gone on a "spiritual retreat" and this is kind of like doing the Lord's work, only you have every conceivable luxury and all kinds of entertainment doing it. It is your opportunity to "love yourself," and "enjoy your life" and throw all restraints to the seagulls, right? Who is kidding whom? Christians, have you bought into the Madison Avenue scam that says: "You deserve it!" Hear that oinking sound in the audio, by the way? Where is it coming from, if not from people's flesh and carnal natures? Well, Madison Avenue caters to the pig in all of us, and it can always count on plenty of piggishness in human nature, which is why Madison Avenue does so well at what it does--it targets us in our weakest place--our carnal, uncrucified seat of natural appetites and selfishness. Madison Avenue can't lose!

We hear that all the time, whether it is a cruise, or a box of Lady Godiva chocolates, or a new car, or clothes--the list of expensive things we Americans and Christians are told we deserve are endless. This is ridiculous. It is the world, driving us with its lusts and greed into throwing our money away on things we probably don't need and, thus, depriving the evangelistic ministries and church work of badly needed funds. Go on that luxury cruise to Alaska! YOU DESERVE IT, RIGHT? I would not say you don't, as there is nothing wrong with a cruise that God is blessing you with, so I couldn't possibly know if you should take it or not--but Madison Avenue says you deserve it, whether you do or not--Madison Avenue just wants you to spend your money (which is really God's money) on things of the world so you have less dollars for God's kingdom. As far as cruises go, they can be ungodly, carnal things, even with hundreds of Christians on-board. I have heard about such cruises, where the Christians forget all about their Christianity and dive into the bars and casinos and really "live it up," and after the cruise is over they go back to sitting in the pews as if they hadn't done any of that. But they were seen--by my late pastor and his wife, who related how they saw Christians on a cruise ship acting like heathens and justifying themselves too--after all, it was only a cruise, and not the real world, right? Wrong! You can't take a vacation from God, Christians, and still call yourself one! If you don't act the same on land as you do onboard a cruise ship, you are probably playing games with God, and He isn't fooled. You are a fraud, a backslider, a carnal Christian. You can't turn your spirituality on and off like the water tap. You are either the same onboard a cruise ship as you are in church circles, or you are just playing a masquerade game. Get real! You may be left when the Lord comes for his Wise Virgins, for if you are playing the above games, you are definitely in the camp of the Foolish virgins. That is most dangerous. If you really want a cruise, let Godf arrange it in his time and way. And try to think first of sending someone else you know for sure is deserving--someone who couldn't possibly afford it. That would truly be a blessed thing to do, and God will work it out for you too in time, if it is to be.

As for conferences, with their celeb key speakers, all paid something rather helfty, what real good are they? They cost more than they produce, spiritually. That is easy to prove. Think of all the money it takes to get to such a conference if it is not in your state. Many people fly to them, across country! Then they have to take time out from work, many of them. Somebody has to pay for that lost time at work. They pay an entrance fee too. Then there is the cost of room and board. With no exception these events are held at 4 or 5-star resorts or hotels or the biggest, most expensive arenas and domes. The food is pricey and so are the accommodations at the hotels. Everything has to be First Class, with Deluxe added, for King's Kids, right? Ja, you betcha! Now just total up those items--transportation to and from the conference, conference fee, hotel, meals, transporation in town, and various other expenses such as books or CDs and DVDs you might buy, and maybe add some contributions to various speakers' ministries--well, you get the idea! The conference fee is but a drop in the bucket compared to all your other expenses. And the Kingdom of God is probably out all that and more, since you might as well subtract the total bill from anything you could have given to God and His work. If you are conscientious, and pay over and above that amount as though you hadn't taken that conference, well, that is a different matter, but chances are you will be strapped for cash afterwards, and have to save up or even pay off credit cards you used while doing this conference. Add all these conferences together with all the expenses people have to pay to attend them, and it must cost Christians in the multiple millions. Meanwhile, ministries that supply Bibles to the Third World, disaster relief, orphans, widows, evangelism, the preaching of the Gospel, crusades--they get the short end of the stick. This needs to change. But you won't see the keynote speakers calling for the change. It has to be people like you and me. We are the ones that are the whistleblowers, not those who profit from the system that is draining off tens of millions and probably hundreds of millions from the Lord's work. Yes, conferences could be of spriritual benefit to some people, but why couldn't they get the same thing from just going to websites of ministries and reading books or even reading their Bible and studying it. Clearly, these conferences are not really necessary, they are a luxury, a frill. Only a rich society can afford these conferences centered on fancy hotels, the way they are being conducted. But how long will God permit us to throw money away like this. It cannot be much longer.

I like Rev. R.W. Shambach, the founder of Shambach Miracle Revivals, the way he has conducted his ministry for his many years in the preaching and healing ministry. He has had a tent, not being content with a comfortable church building venue which he could have if he wanted (as he started such churches and left them for others to lead). He goes everywhere with that tent, even to the Big Apple. He has been here in my hometown at the local fair, which is one of the country's largest. He preached a wonderful message of deliverance from demons, which I have on tape from my mother's collection. It is excellent in every way. A tent? Yes, that is all he cares to have, apparently. No Crystal Cathedral for him! By the way, Dr. Schuller started out far more humbly. He had a trailer set up in a parking lot, and conducted services for his "drive up" church there. It attracted even movie stars! But now he has his Crystal Cathedral. Fine for him! I just prefer a tent, that is all, and Christ too did not have a place to lay his head, being very much like the homeless (see a section below dealing with the Homeless in America). R.W. Shambach goes to where the people are, with his portable tent, and doesn't expect them to come to him, centered in one place at one time. What a difference. Christ also was like that, right? He went to the people, going by foot all over Galilee and north of that and then down to Jericho and Judea and Jericho--many trips he made, on foot, living in the open most of that time, living like a vagabond would. That is so humble, is it not? He didn't have a nice ministry center in some city or town and people had to go to him. No, he took his earthly tabernacle, Himself, to them!

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"Bible Quiz Center"

Quotes Center:

"The heaviest end of the cross lies ever on His shoulders. If he bids us carry a burden, He carries it also."

"As well a gnat seek to drink in the ocean, as a finite creature to comprehend the Eternal God."

"I am certain that I never did grow in grace one-half as much anywhere as I have upon the bed of pain."

"There is dust enough on some of your Bibles to write 'damnation' with your fingers."

"Do you think to come to Jesus up the ladder of knowledge? Come down, sir; you will meet him at the foot."

On Acts 26:28: "Almost persuaded to be a Christian is like the man who was almost pardoned, but he was hanged; like the man who was almost rescued, but he was burned in the house. A man that is almost saved is damned."

"The most useful members of a church are usually those who would be doing harm if they were not doing good."

"The preaching of Christ is the whip that flogs the Devil. The preaching of Christ is the thunderbolt, the sound of which makes all hell shake."

"A sermon wept over is more acceptable with God than one gloried over."

"I would rather lay my soul asoak in half a dozen verses [of the Bible] all day than rinse my hand in several chapters."

Please go to the excerpt from Christian History Magazine that gives Spurgeon's view on "the separation of church and state":

"Who Should Run the Schools?", Commentary on Spurgeon's views on the "Separation of Church and State"

"Evangelism and Church Growth Center:

WHAT ABOUT THE POOR AND "DOWN AND OUT"? Liberals don't care for the homeless and the "down-and-out," not nearly as much as they say they care! Their actions show their true indifference. Christians and Christian churches have always been in the forefront of efforts to help these people "get a leg up" or just to receive the mercy of a nourishing meal and a safe place to sleep out of the weather. This has been the case for two thousand years in fact, ever since Christ walked the earth! Today, churches and Christians are not remiss, for they continue the compassion and care of Christ for the homeless, the orphan and widow, the sick, and the hungry.

The homeless, where do they fit in? The main point about them has to be: they do not fit in American society and not many churches as there should be have a place or ministry for them either (for if all the churches did something, you wouldn't see the droves of homeless and hungry and the wandering teens in the streets today of most large American cities). I recently viewed the Carolina Stories documentary about the homeless in Columbia, So. Carolina. As the documentary made clear by showing us real people and letting them speak their own minds, some clearly don't want to fit in, they are parasites pure and simple, and they choose this "lifestyle" because it gives them a drug culture at their fingertips and they don't have accountability to anyone and they can get handouts in plenty of places, etc., etc. As for the drawbacks, well, they going to suffer those regardless, sooner or later. Those folks are foolish, and fooling themselves if they think this is the way to live, as it will end in their destruction, with no ifs and ands and buts!

But for those who want to fit in and become productive citizens, we have real cause to help them if we can. They also appeared in the documentary

As shown in the documentary on KCTS public TV, the homeless come in a variety of types and levels. Protein, a young black homeless man (if that is his real name, I can't say), narrated the documentary, as he guided the camera on a tour of a homeless person's usual day in Columbia, South Carolina. It started with him and about fifteen or twenty others leaving while it was still dark a public tax-supported Winter Shelter building, by bus marked "Special", to the downtown, where they were let out to do their homeless thing.

We watched him as he walked about the barely moving streets, encountering and asking "What's up?" with every homeless person he met, and heard Protein tell about everything that he does as he went first to the job center to do day work. He said it was a good source of such work, but this day he didn't find any, then went to get breakfast at a UMC (United Methodist Church) kitchen. After a good breakfast he went to the library when it opened at 9, glad to get in a warm, clean place like that and also check his emails on his Yahoo account, and then on to get clothes and shoes he needed at the Salvation Army (which provided not only his clothes ticket but he was given a bus pass to get to the place where the clothes were housed in a nice, clean building, which looked like any regular clothing store). After he selected exactly what he wanted, he had it checked out, and he walked out of the built up area of city and stashed the sack of clothes in a safe place in a wooded area, which he would pick up later (preferring not to walk around with a plastic bag that would advertize that he was homeless). He spent a little time then with a couple of homeless in a clearing, one of which sang with a guitar about ? I couldn't make out the words, but his song was sung heartfully, in a Country Western way. Protein showed us his favorite secret place of meditation in a culvert next to a flowing stream, then went for a free meal at some other soup kitchen, and finally a ride home on the "Special" bus express to the Winter Shelter. There was a full body check for weapons, head to foot, by a security guard, before he was allowed into the shelter, which seemed to hold hundreds of people, with no rowdiness or loud talking going on, however. The shelter looked like a warehouse, but it appeared clean and there were bunks with plenty blankets, shower, laundry, bathroom--all the essentials a homeless person needed to find rest for the night and a safe place to sleep, as well as bathroom and laundry for his clothes and a shower. There was an eating area with tables, and at the counter he was offered a doughnut and a drink, but he took only the doughnut, ate it at his picked spot at a particular table, then he ended the day by going to lie down on the top bed in the bunk assigned to him.

This might sound like a free loader's lifestyle to you. But Protein had to hustle to do this guiding round Columbia showing us a day in the life of the homeless. He had to walk miles that day, to get to these various places, and he didn't find work for the day, so he earned no money for any expenses. I don't know if the documentary work paid him anything either, though it might have later. Yes, he got two free, tasty, filling, nutritious meals for the day (which was substantially more than I get here at my own home, for he showed us what he got, itemizing everything), some nice free clothes (shirts, pants, and a pair of shoes he picked out himself), and saw his friends downtown and socialized a lot (though he was bad-mouthed by a couple of professional "homeless" which got him angry enough to spout some "F" words that got bleeped out, but he soon shrugged it off and continued happy as he had begun the day). All in all, I saw no gangs roughing up anybody, and they didn't mention that was a problem there. Columbia seemed to be a rather nice place to be homeless in. Some homeless people complained, but none very angry, except for the two abusive old men who gave Protein a bad time. Most others said it was a good city they wanted to make it in. A few were in the blame game, for that is going to happen in this population of entitlements we have in the liberal-run U.S., taking no responsibility whatsoever for the fix they were in, but claiming they were even being starved--which is not the case, unless they were so obnoxious in line at the various soup kitchens they had to be put outside (which is what I believe happened with these two bad-mouthing characters shown in the documentary). But we also heard legitimate cries of the legitimate oppressed, such as one young man who confessed he had committed a felony, something like 7 years previously, and he had done time in prison for it, but now he was still suffering daily for it, since he couldn't get work to support himself and his family, wherever they were, I don't know. Whenever he applied, they checked his record and found the felony of course and his conviction and his prison time, and he got no work! How was he going to ever pull himself up by his bootstraps by working for an honest living if it was going to be denied him--if he wasn't going to be given a second chance? Good question! That is legitimate! Society is dead wrong to deny him a second chance, but it does. It certainly does. Everybody knows it does this to those released from prison after they served their sentences, but the oppression goes on, year after year. We all know that it is next to impossible for any felon to ever get a job if his record ever comes up. On every application you have to list your police record and convictions, right? I had to sign so many times, practically sign my life away, just applying for a security officer's minimum wage job, and I have never had a police record! How do you think a felony (though it was paid for in time served in prison) affects your getting a job? It probably eliminates you! That is the employer's right, of course, but it is not society's. Society shouldn't brand people for life like it does, turning these men free on the streets after they spent prison time for their offenses, then expecting them to go clean and not go back to criminal behavior, while denying them any chance of an honest job! Their record is not expunged after a certain period of years of good behavior. They are branded for life, which is crime that society commits against them. Christ would give them a second chance. He is the Lord of Grace, after all. His Grace is free, whereas society will make you pay forever for what you did. At least that was true in South Carolina at this recent date.

For all I know, homeless people can read this in the library, even at the downtown city library in Columbia, S. Carolina! Many go on the Internet there, as Protein did. I saw that Protein, who seems a most energetic and personable young man, with a tremendous lot of energy, couldn't find any work in So. Carolina, and even the Winter Shelter closed, so he went back to the hellhole of downtown Los Angeles. I do hope he found out about the Barnetts' City of Hope (I hope I have the name right) in that huge converted hospital complex downtown L.A. they have turned into one of the greatest ministries to the homeless in this country and possibly the world. That is so sad if Protein doesn't find it or it doesn't find him, unless he finally finds another church or ministry that helps legitimate, wanting-to-work homeless get a leg up.

What can we do for him? What can we do for such as him?

I know there are resources that were not mentioned in this documentary by any of the homeless persons interviewed by Protein. In Columbia the homeless individuals couldn't name any churches they knew that gave rehab or job help, yet churches were feeding the homeless there on a regular basis, good food too, with smiling people at the counter! Surely, some job referrals and some rehab too could be added--if the state could only get its priorities in line and help out some with some funds? But if not in Columbia, there are other cities that do more, and they are large cities too. Churches do exist in Florida, for example, that are largely attended by homeless people, and they answer to their special needs and really welcome them in and don't ignore them because they may arrive dirty and smelly. These churches with a true heart for unfortunate people are pastored by former homeless people or former addicts who have turned to Christ, and so they know how to talk to people caught on the dark side of American life. I should be able to list them here, but I didn't take down the names and websites of the ministries, or keep them by my laptop so I could find them again, but they keep coming up on TBN and Daystar's programs, so I will be trying to get those for the homeless that might be checking in here from time to time.

Protein at one point in the day before he went for a meal sat down in the UMC church and listened to a lady pastor speak, and he seemed to respect what she said. He had said things about God also in the documentary that indicated he was not anti-Christian. I don't know if he is a saved, born-again Christian or not, but he wasn't opposed to Christ, that was clear to me. I do know that God is willing to help him, as this was testified to him by a young man in the Salvation Army center who took his information and gave him the ticket for his new clothes. He too had been homeless, he said, but God had helped him get back into productive society with a job and a new life.

God can help all the Proteins of the world who seek him, but can't help those who reject or deny him, as those illegitimate "homeless" guys I mentioned a couple times before this. God says in his Word: "For the oppression of the poor, for the sighing of the needy, now I will arise," says the Lord. "I will set him in the safety for which he yearns."

This is the hope for my own life and situation as well, even though I have a job and am thankful for it, regardless of the pay, which is better than most jobs of this kind in other parts of this country, by the way.

Does Protein have a police record? Where is his family? Where did he come from? His parents? We hear nothing about such things, and perhaps that is best, for this documentary would expose him to attack if he let too much personal information get out on himself, which some people might want to use against him later. But God knows all about Protein. We pray for him, because of that, and God will hear any prayer for him and knows exactly where he is, how he is, and what he needs. I can help Protein with simple prayers, even if I will probably never hear about him again, nor ever see him in this life. What a God we have!He alone is able and willing to help all the Proteins of the world! He helped me, after all. I have not had a home of my life at any time in my life. I also rented places. I had a mobile home, but no permanent place, and I had to pay usually for my site on which it set. Now I have no mobile, but live with my aged mother, helping to care for her. Still no home! But I have, the Lord tells me, a home in heaven he has specially prepared. I may not have a home of my own I can call mine, maybe I never will, but I have that heavenly home to look forward to, and it will be far better than anything Trump or Gates has to enjoy now or boast about. They can have their mansions and penthouses! I'd rather live in a tiny cubbyhole of a bedroom at mom's, really her old sewing room, than live in a mansion now and not have assurance of salvation and being with Christ forever. How about you, friend? What is it you really want? Do you want that Obama-promised Street of Dreams mansions, or do you want Christ alone? Choose Christ! He will never let you down, whereas you never can tell about Obama or any government program that promises much but delivers pathetically little or nothing. Christ has all riches and will provide what He has promised--every time, and on time. Jesus Never Fails!

My mother has supported the Union Gospel Mission in Sious Falls, SD, since the 1930s, and she still does, most generously. My dad was one of the founders too, as it transitioned in the 1940s to a greater ministry than it had before. My mother worked to get speakers for the programs and services. My dad preached in it and also on street corners, even while working full-time to support a growing family in the tough time of the 1930s. But here is the calender for 2010, sent by the Union Gospel Mission, and the captions deserve being shared with you along with the original art pictures by Jennifer Boeke. Please write and obtain your own copy, and tuck in a love gift to the Mission if you can. The Mission supplies: 3 meals served daily, nighty chapel service 8 p.m., 48 beds for women and children, 70 beds for men, discipleship program, Thomas F. Morse Learning Center, Volunteer opportunities, monthly newsletter, USD Medical Clinic every Tuesday A.M. Besides all this, it supplies clothes and household items of all kinds at very minimal cost, seeking to earn money to support the ministry, not make a profit. Write or call or go on-line to: 701 E. 8th St., Sioux Falls, SD 57103, tel. (605) 334-6732. Or go and email the director, Fran, at:

Caption for May 2010:

"Mothers with children make up the fastest growing segment of the homeless population. Pray that God's blessings will shower over all moms."

"Deserving of Love"

"As a mother comforts her child,

so will I comfort you..."

--Isaiah 66:13 (NIV)

What does she deserve?

Some may say, "She made her bed--now let her lie in it. This is not our problem, after all she made her choices--she has what she deserves."

But Christ says what she deserves is love, care, and be warm, clothed, safe, fed, and nutured. What she deserves is the chance to know her Savior and the love He extends through His Body, the Church. For our hands are to be His hands reaching for her, extending mercy, love, and a lift up out of the darkness.

Art and thoughts by Jennifer Boeke

Jawbone of Judgment Center:

Joel Osteen may have tried to change his stripes or spots with a public apology after a fatal interview with Larry King on "Larry King Live," but I can't buy it, as for him to disavow the primary Christian doctrine and truth that Jesus in only way to be saved tells us that this is no mere stumble, it is a plunge off the cliff, theologically:

"Is He, or Isn't He?", excerpt from ISRAEL MY GLORY, Jan/Feb 2009, article by Steve Herzig

Hell's pit has no lock on it and is emptying out its inventory of demons, and it is vast! Millions no doubt are flying up and spreading across America, which has been turned over to the Devil by the President of the United States when he proclaimed to the world that America is not a Christian nation. No other president in our history has ever said that, much less proclaimd it publicly to a world-wide audience. He was stating his official U.S. policy when he made this infamous proclamation. Make no mistake about it, God Almighty took notice. The demons unleashed are now flooding our nation as never before. We will see their effects in increased violence, filth and porn, economic chaos, corruption high and low in government, divorce, abuse, teen pregnancy, drug use, the runway spending of the Obama regime and the galloping interest on the trillions we owe our nation's creditors, not to mention the illegals who have flooded into our country by the millions and are draining the our social services of resources and even bankrupting states like California--these have been in epidemic proportions before, but we will see incredible increases. After he made this proclamation from hell, what happened to us? We have seen innumerable calamities coast to coast, have we not? The unemployment rate is in the double digits in some states. How about the floods and tornadoes? How about the oil spilling by the hundreds of thousands of gallons from the destroyed derrick in the Gulf of Mexico, which is a disaster that will draw the Exxon Valdez oil spill, it is said. The President will not get away with what he said--there are vast, terrible consequences for all of us. We are already seeing a huge array of them taking place before our eyes. These are not the usual disasters--the derrick oil spill is beyond the usual, far beyond, even unprecedented, if the experts are correct. The economic "downturn", since this President took office, is also unprecedented [and, friend, just take a look at the unprecedented plunge in the stock market that just took place, May 6, on the National Day of Prayer--go to the Reality Check section for our remarks!--Ed], unless you except the Great Depression of the Thirties. And we are not through with 2010 yet, there is probably more to come, perhaps much more. God help us! God have mercy on us, a sinful, God-abandoning nation led by a lying, godless, Christ-denying President.

"It is no secret what nukes can do...

what they've done for others,

they'll do for you..."

--Sorry for paraphrasing the lyrics of the late great Stuart Hamblen

Letter on opposite side of the picture: "This photo of me--sitting on Saddam's throne in his palace--was taken just shortly after I helped overthrow his terrorist regime.

"Looking at the mural behind Saddam's throne--nuclear missiles flying towards America--could it be any clearer that Saddam was a threat that needed to be removed?"--Hiram Lewis, U.S. Army in Iraq

"Who was Saddam Hussain: A Retrospect, an Except of "Who is Saddam Hussein," Mideast Watch, Special Report, October 1990

Howard E. Kershner, Ph.D., writes in the Lutheran Digest, Fall 1966, how socialism is a dead end, in his article, "The Future of the Welfare State." Actually, a socialist welfare state has no future you would want for yourself and your children! See for yourself if you want what Obama and his crew proposes for America and your children:

"The Future of the Welfare State," by Howard E. Kershner, Ph.D., Lutheran Digest, Fall 1966


THE UNSEEN FRIEND: "When I look back I have no doubt that Providence guided us, not only across those awful wastes but across the storm-white sea. I know that during that long and racking march of thirty-six hours over the unnamed mountains and glaciers of South Georgia, it seemed to me often that we were four, not three. I said nothing to my companions, but afterwards Worsley said to me, 'Boss, I had a curious feeling on that march that there was another person with us.'"--Shackleton, famed Antarctic explorer

Dear Mr. Graham: I think people ought to be free to do anything they want, as long as they aren't hurting anybody else. Society places too many restrictions and outdated laws on people, I believe. For example, if I want to enjoy what some label as pornographic movies, I don't consider it anybody else's business. What I do with my time and money shouldn't be anyone's concern. Preachers who preach against such things ought to be held legally liable for infringing on other people's freedom and privacy, I think.--G.K.

Dear G.K.: This is a complex question in our society, and I would not pretend to be able to speak about the legal issues it raises. However, let me make two comments.

First, most societies have rtealized that unrestrained freedom inevitably hurts others and hurts society as a whole. One reason is because a person who is concerned only with pursuing his own freedom is really very self-centered, and a society full of self-centered people eventually falls apart because no one is really concerned about anyone else, including those who are in need. In addition, it is impossible to avoid influencing others by our actions, even if we don't intend to do so.

Second, most societies realize that total, unrestrained freedom hurts the individual. I realize you will not agree with that right now, but the person who is being hurt the most by your behavior is you. In fact, you have become a slave, a slave to your own desires and habits. The Bible talks about being enslaved to "ever-increasing wickedness," and says "Those things result in death!" (Romans 6:19-21). The real issue you face is this: Will you continue to turn your back on God? My prayer is that you won't, but that you will turn to Christ and discover the perfect freedom He offers, the freedom from sin and its consequences.

[Today, a whole generation of Boomers and their descendants are being fed the lie that everyone can do as they please and desire to do, it is their right, and women have a "right" to abort children already conceived and developing in their wombs too, if they so decide to get rid of the baby. It is infanticide, murder of innocent children, in God's eyes, but the so-called "reproductive rights" trumpeted by our unbiblical laws and norms have supplanted the Bible and the Word of God in today's society and law--with disastrous consequences both to to individuals and to the whole society. Death is the result, not only for forty million plus unborn Americans that were killed in the womb, but for the society itself, which is declining and will continue to decline until it collapses and falls apart just as the Roman Empire did, and the Greeks before them. It is high time to return to life, to the commands of God which bring life, not death, and give up the philosophy of death and the culture of death it creates in America and the secularized world.--Ed.]

Billy Graham: "Overeating"

Dear Dr. Graham: I know I have a problem with my weight, but I can't seem to do anything about it. When I run into a problem or something else that causes me anxiety I head for the refridgerator--although I know it isn't good for me and I don't know like what I have become. Could God help me to deal with this, do you think, or is He really concerned about such trivial things?"--Mrs. T.R.E.

Dear Mrs. T.R.E.: God is concerned about everything that concerns us, because He loves us--and yes, He is concerned about your problems with overeating. More than that, He wants to help you overcome this.

No problem is too trivial for God--and in reality, this is not a trivial problem. It is one which cold affect your health, both physically and emotionally. Yews, food is a gift from God, and He gave us the ability to enjoy it. But like almost anything else--food can be used in a wrong way, and the bible warns about those "who drink too much wine or gorge ourselves on meat"--Proverbs 23:20.

The key is to get at the root of your problems. Why is food so important to you? One reason, I suspect, is because that has become an escape from your problems. Problems make you anxious or unhappy--and food counteracts those feelings by making you happy, at least temporarily. But this means you have not learned to face your problems and discipline is important, and you need to take practical steps to avoid overeating. But youy also need to face your problems honestly, for only then will you really conquer your addiction to food.

Ask Christ to come into your heart and then ask Him to help you turn your problems over to Him. "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you" (I Peter 5:7). Christ can replace your unhappiness and anxiety with joy and peace, and that will make the difference.

Here is practical help you can use to get free of addictions, as there is a specific section on addictions. This workbook is a course I took at a local church that knows how to help people get free and live free. You can contact the church, and get the book on "Strongholds" and the one listed above in the Recommended Books. Please go to the excerpt, that gives the Intro to the workbook, for that will tell you more about what this is offering you. The insights and methods of this course and workbook are invaluable aids, if you really want to be transformed and free of addictions of all kinds.

The best thing, beyond this, is the way it can identify your Creative Design. God created you for a unique person, each of us has a Divine Design. But do we now it? Having taken this course, I know mine, and it is wonderful. I don't have to be confused and wonder what my purpose is in this world. I know the Design God created for me and my life since before the foundation of the world. You can know yours too. Contact this ministry and see how you can find out your own Divine Design as a unique person in God's hands, and also get free of your addictions and hang-ups and generational curses or "shadows." It is available, but you have to take the little bit of initiative to make contact. I made my little effort to contact them, and I was rewarded with incredible things I never could have guessed on my own. God gave Clover Church this ministry to us, and I took advantage, and so I can testify that every single Christian on earth ought to check this out. You will never regret you did. I wouldn't trade what I know for a million dollars. I really mean that. I am a minimum wager earner, but you can keep your million bucks, I will never, never give up what I learned through this course. This means more to me than any amount of money.

If you really think you can "handle it," you need to think again. You need to consider that the greatest, most accomplished servants of God did not have that godless, rebellious, self-centered, proud attitude at all. They knew how infinitely frail and weak they truly were to accomplish anything for the Lord, in fact, they knew their UTTER INCAPACITY, their powerlessness, to serve God in any way acceptable to Him. But listen to this great men, he knew the secret of how to spiritually "handle things."

Hudson Taylor has some wonderful encouragement for us who are struggling to run the race of faith:

"We are asked to do an impossible task, but we work with Him who can do the impossible."--Hudson Taylor (Founder of China Inland Mission)

LIVING FREE Introduction and "Pray in Great Faith"

Dunce of the World Center:

We must not let this guy get off the hot plate. "Bucky" Ellison is a dunce, an absolute boobie who needs to go in this section, if anybody does! He refused to be sworn in as Congressional representative from Minnesota, choosing the Koran instead, a book that does not uphold any of the freedoms and liberties we all enjoy in this country thanks to the Constitution, which is based in large part on the truths of the Bible, not the Koran. The books do not compare at all, and the Bible is the only Word of God, not the Koran. Yet this dunce choose the Koran. Let him have it! But he supposedly took the oath to uphold the Constitution, which he cannot uphold if he remains true to the Koran. Please go to the Christianity or Islam article by Sir Lionel Luckhoo when it comes on-line soon. This shows the absolute difference between the Koran and the Bible and the God of the Bible and Allah. If Ellison wants his Koran so much, why not let him go to Saudi Arabia and remain there in that Wahabist hellhole of a 7th century, monarchical dictatorship, rather than just make a "holy pilgrimage to Mecca," which he did using funds from a terrorist-supporting organization.

This unAmerican low-life isn't worth mentioning, except that he needs to be stopped and thrown out of office as soon as possible. Minnesota is liberal, but it can vote in true conservatives on occasion, and so there must remain some people there who love this country and its freedoms, its Constitutional liberties and its God-given rights. Such people can dump this guy in a trash basket in Mecca, if they get the votes out by awakening fellow Minnesotans to what a bad apple Ellison is.

"The Vine and Branches," Spring 2009 issue says this about Ellison: "According to Fox News, 1/8/09, Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison's pilgrimage to Mecca last December was paid by the Muslim American Society of Minnesota (MAS), an organization with ties to Islamic radicals. According to terrorism expert Steven Emerson, MAS is the de facto arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S. [the Muslim Brotherhood centered in Egypt, the cultural and religious center of the Islamic world, spread across the Middle East and produced Al Qaida and Osama Bin Ladin, the suicide bombers, the Jehadist attacks on Israel and the West by numerous spin-off terrorist organizations--Ed.]. Emerson said that the agenda of MAS is to "impose Islamic law int he U.S.," in order to "undermine U.S. counterterrorism policy." The trip, funded by the Muslim American Society of Minnesota, was fully reviewed and approved in advance by the House Ethics Committee," Ellison's office said in a statement to Fox News. until June 2007, MAS of Minnesota featured writings of Islamic clerics that praised Hamas and urged Muslims to "wage Jihad unto death."

All right, Minnesotans! Minnesota voted him in, now vote him out! It is up to you to send this shady character back to Mecca, permanently!We are counting on you to do the right thing!



There is only one way of salvation, which is considered the most hateful thing to say in this secularized world. But that is the absolute truth, in a world that denies absolute truth! Look for the coming excerpt on this:

The Bible teaches us, Old and New Covenant parts, to obey the civil authorities and submit to them, even under dictatorship if that is what we have (such as Paul advised Christians under the Roman emperor, and we know how bad the emperors and persecuting they could be), but that doesn't preclude revolt of the oppressed people (though revolt was suicide in the Roman Empire, such as the Jews found out on two occasions) or escape or immigration if possible to a freer country. Our forefathers who knew their Bible and its call to be peaceable subjects of the British monarch chose to immigrate rather than submit to tyranny any longer. The Puritans, for quite some time, chose to try to reform society, and that proved impossible, even after the Puritan general, Oliver Cromwell, conquered the monarchy and made himself head of state. But that wasn't really what they wanted as Puritans, as it was another tyranny. So eventually the Puritans gave up the reforming and emigrated in tens of thousands to America, joining with the Mayflower pilgrims to found American colonies and new societies based on law and freedom and biblical principles.

Keeping this in mind, how do we regard Barack Hussain Obama, officially the president of our country? What if he has become a usurper of our Constitutional freedoms and liberties and not only that is working to tear them out of our nation and make us an authoritarian socialist state, where the central government decides everything for the masses beneath? Not only this, we see him depreciating Christ and Christian values and morality, our entire Judaeo-Christian foundation and civilization, while promoting Islam and secularism at the same time. Rick Warren of all the bestseller books series who hosted him as a presidential candidate with other candidates at his Saddleback Church, should be apologizing for his evident liking for Obama, though I haven't heard him do this, just that he has been hobnobbing with the terrorist regime of Syria and also Muslims here in America, assuring them we value them and their god highly as evangelicals.

Well, Rick Warren is nothing but a compromiser, and unAmerican at that! But what about this wolf Obama? Shouldn't we submit as Christians? No! Not in the least. We must obey the laws, but we must never obey unjust laws that interfere with the propagation of the Gospel and the furtherance of the true Church Christ is Head of. Already this godless, secularist, and now Islamic-dominated society is demanding we evangelicals shut our mouths, but we must declare the truths of God and the Bible all the louder and in every place we can! Declaring Christ in a private business is going to get you out of your job quickly, in most places, so you must use discretion and wisdom, and share Christ at breaks, not during work hours, or before work or after. Being a Christian consistently, upholding Christian values and doing the best work you can, will make you shine in the work place, and that is a great witness, even if it is largely silent. But you can invite workers over to your home to speak to them, or show them love and concern of a true Christian while sharing a good meal with them! Or write cards or letters to them on various occasions that will come up, on holidays, anniversaries, sick days, etc. Invite anyone who seems wanting more of God to church. If you go on a camping trip at your church, invite a person you work with along! There are all sorts of ways to show Christ to them in your work place, without standing on your desk and preaching and having yourself escorted out by security. I need to practice and work harder at these things myself, though I work alone and do not see anyone normally except a roving supervisor now and then. But I do see some workers occasionally, and I am praying for their safety and also that God draw them closer to him.

But, again, HOW TO WE RESPOND TO THIS TYRANT, OBAMA? Well, we submit but with some real qualifications. We must try to vote him and his people out of power as quickly as possible and vote our consciences for better representatives who will support godly values and Constitutional liberties. We can emigrate, if we have the means, but where will you go that is any better or different? Chances are, you won't find it better, and may face the same challenges in your new country. Revolt? Well, it may come to that yet, if our elections turn out to be rigged. We know Obama and crew have untold billions now at their disposal and squadrons of Brown Shirters (called ACORN) to intimidate voters and Tea Party meetings (they are already doing that), and the unions are helping him too with their union bullies. They will probably make every effort to rig the coming election as much as they can to stay in power against the will of the people which, according to many polls, is solidly against Obama and the Democrat Congress.

Returning to our opening statements, would you say Obama speaks for America? Yes, in the official sense he does, we would agree. But in God's eyes? God will hold him responsible for every lie he has uttered, every grab for unjust advantage, every bribe, every enrichment of himself at public expense, and everything else he has done to drag the Name of Christ into the mud before his Muslim friends and tyrants the world over. In the sense of our origins, Obama clearly does not speak for America. He loathes the original America we defined. He fights against it, he wants to eradicate every vestige of it if he can as quickly as possible. So I can fortrightly declare, Obama does not speak for America. He speaks for a culture that is not America (since he is not culturally American). He speaks as an alien, a barbarian, in the Oval Office. He puts on a show of being American, going to ball games, declaring at Rick Warren's disaster of a symposium that he is saved believer in Christ, but it is shallow pretence that is not hard to see through. This unAmerican President is the total opposite of what our forefathers intended us to have as a leader. They would reject Obama, and even deport him back to wherever he really came from--Indonesia? Nigeria? They would look upon him as yet another King George, a tyrant that could not be borne even by long-suffering Christians. They saw it their right and duty under God to do everything it took to throw off the yoke of that tyrant, and so I do believe we are no different, we have every right and duty to throw off Obama's yoke as quickly as possible, while voting in godly men and women to take the places of his wicked and tyrannous government.

Why do we celebrate Memorial Day? Here is my view of it. We celebrate not a day, of course, but the servicemen and servicewomen who are defending our liberty and nation, even going so far as to defend oppressed peoples against terrorist forces of Islam in other countries where we stand to gain nothing territorially or financially. Our nation's wealth and blood is lavished upon other nations, in fact, In Iraq of late and also in Afghanistan. Our bases and stationed troops are in Germany to protect that part of Europe from any future Russian offensive, and also across the world, all very expensive and draining on our resources. Why do we have those overseas bases? They cost us greatly, and tie up our hands and resources that we could use in our own country, but our nation has traditionally put the highest value on freedom and human dignity, and we are always opposed to tyranny of any shape or form. We know the present "administration" in the White House and Congress does not share those traditional values with us who still do. They cosy up to dictators and tinpot tyrants the world over. They refuse to take the side of the oppressed Iranian people who by the millions want to be free of the Islamic Republic's dictatorship. They denigrate our military, in poor and tardy funding, and also by word and action. The commander-in-chief is no commander-in-chief in any worthy sense of that term. He apologizes for America to its chief enemies, and depreciates our glorious heritage in Judaeo-Christian origins and foundations. He treats our enemies as friends (Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Islamic Middle Eastern despotisms, Russia, etc.) and our friends as enemies (Israel is the chief example, but we know he has also given insults to Britain). He does nothing about North Korea, which has now torpedoed a warship of free South Korea in international waters. His rubber-stamp Congress even passed the bill that would made homosexuals a special group in the military, which will destroy its morale and fighting effectiveness.

Why would he want to celebrate Memorial Day? It stands for everything he loathes--a free, independent, sovereign United States of America, standing proudly on its great foundations of truth, justice, freedom, and godliness. He seeks in every way to destroy this nation which has been so unwisely and hastily put in his charge-- and it is being destroyed and torn down before our very eyes. The military is just one of his targets. But we thank God for our military, which has sacrificed so much to defend our nation through the last two hundred years and more. The United Nations will never defend us. Our military has that duty. It has performed that duty magnificently. We thank every service person in the military! We owe them so much, and it cannot be repayed. But we pray that they will receive what is due them for their service and sacrifice, and no less! God bless our military!

A champion of liberty right here in my homestate of Washington is Walter Backstrom, a local newspaperman and a conservative black. Yes, a "conservative black"! He makes no apologies, and in fact his book about his life is, "No Excuses," and we intend to get a copy and read it. You can go to his website and find it, by typing in his name into any search engine.

He has received death threats because of his ardent stand for our Constitutional freedoms and for his stand against anti-life abortion, and for parental involvement with their children in the schools, and for traditional marriage, traditional morality, and and the whole Judaeo-Christian heritage we have in this exceptional nation of America. You would do well to check out this brave, valiant, godly man. I wouldn't think twice about voting for him for President of the United States! He has the breadth of vision we need for unifying the country without sacrificing our core values and our foundational Judaeo-Christian heritage. We desperately need such men, and are their others of his caliber? They are few and far between these days!

Secession has been threatened by Texas Governor Rick Perry. More power to him and such as him? Will the runaway, unconstitutional leftist power elite holding Washington and the White House take notice if states such as Texas broke away from the Union? You bet they would! It is not likely today that the Federal Government would allow it, and stay within its constitutional bounds in dealing with states who have a clear right under the Constitution to leave the Union if they so decide. The Chief Executive we have right now and his toadying government would no doubt use the U.S. military to suppress Texas or any other state that dared invoke states rights and secede from a Federal system that has usurped far more power than the Founders and Framers of our country ever envisoned in their worst nightmares. Freedom has eroded drastically in the last 250 years. Government has invaded every area of our lives, and is dictating to us how we should live, while taxing us heavily for an overgrown bureaucracy and then taking our wealth and giving it to those who do not work or pay taxes but vote Democrat Party line (they can even be illegals and in prison, and stil vote the same as true citizens, as far as the Democrat Party is concerned!). We have far, far less freedom, individually and corporately, than any citizen in colonial times and later in early America in the 18th century. George Washington and James Madison and Thomas Jefferson would be astonished to see how little freedom we think we can accept as our lot under our magnificent Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Amendments. We are wretched paupers, comparatively, living in a cowshed, whereas they lived in a palace of the rights of free men.

If you don't know we have experienced a profound, revolutionary, anti-democratic regime change in this country, you are not aware of what is clearly going on. I do not believe a landslide for limited government candidates in the next election will be able to turn the clock back significantly. Political means are not enough to save us, for the underlying engine is a demonic spiritual power--Satan and the anti-christ spirit himself. Authoritarianism is firmly installed in the White House and Chief Executive, and the Congress, with supporting "state media" all okaying and rubberstamping whatever the regime does and says. But this is obvious. It has become obvious within a matter of weeks, with the rapid fire issuance of executive orders without Congressional oversight and the regime leader's appointment of dozens of "Czars" to govern, also without Congressional ovesight, all sectors of national life and security. In Germany it was different. Nazism came in as a sheep, not a full-blown wolf as we see fast developing in the sheep-coated Obama Regime. Hitler came in after wooing the German electorate with promises for hope and change and a better life, and for a time it seemed he was fulfilling his promises too, as the economy revived, confidence was restored in the national currency and finances, and the people were able to get jobs and become prosperous once again. But the wolf came forth in the man they elected, and he led all Europe, not just Germany, into destruction. Here we have what is an authoritarian who is not hiding his true nature and agenda but has been open about it (only few believed it, when he said what he was going to do with America and making it over).

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a German pastor whose love of his country and people and the his deep Christian convictions drove him to do something to save his country, and so after years of warning Christian pastors in vain about the threat Hitler's National Socialism presented he joined forces with a group of German patriots who tried to rescue Germany from Hitler's clutches by attempting to assassinate him. They nearly succeeded, but they failed, and were arrested. Would assassination help us regain our lost freedom in our present state? The regime is scanning websites and email looking into every corner of this society for potential assassins, as it uses all its powers to ferret out suspect Christian militia groups and arrest them. It isn't worried about the Left, which is its main support, but it ought to be, as it is the violence-prone Left that is really this regime's Achilles heel. It is the Left that would most probably assassinate Barack Hussain Obama if he doesn't fulfil their Leftist agenda for the de-democratization of America and the making-over of the country into a socialist state after the European model.

Bonhoeffer now is a hero, an ideal man and patriot to millions the world over, not just in Germany, whereas Hitler has gone down in history as a human devil, a monster of a man who caused the horrible deaths of tens of millions of innocent men, women, and children. Bonhoeffer, just the opposite, has gone down in history as a great man. Yet truly great men can have wracking self-doubts on occasion, and so did Bonhoeffer.

His poem written in the prison where he was held right to the last days of his life, then hung by one of Hitler's last orders, is available here:

"Who Am I?" by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Please return to look for the excerpt we plan to have here on Edmund Burke, the great (perhaps the greatest) orator and conservative voice in Britain in its entire history. Winston Churchill was a most powerful speaker too, and a greater writer than a speaker, but Edmund Burke surely had no peer in his own time nor in any before or after him. He stood most valiantly for constitutional government and liberty, and his words ring forth like the strongest alarm bells now that we are losing our constitutional liberties and representative government, our Republic being replaced by an authoritarian socialist, centrally-planned and regulated state under the new Obama Regime.

Excerpt on Edmund Burke's Views of Liberty and Constitutional Government, from "The Age of Aristocracy," by William B. Willcox, is on-line

The SEATTLE TIMES article about the airliner crash in Libya, killing 103 people, including 61 Dutch citizens, has to be another product of biased liberal reportage and a news editor that is being told what to report and not to report. Let me just quote a paragraph: "Libya's transport minister Mohammed Zaidan, said the plane's two black boxes have been found and turned ovr to analysts. he said the cause of the crash was under investigation, but authorities had ruled out a terrorist attack."

Really? How do they know it wasn't a terrorist attack, if the cause is still under investigation? And who are these "authorities"? Obviously, they are Libyan. Libya is a terrorist-sponsoring state, so how can these "authorities" be believed. And we know that Holland is under attack by terrorists, since the cartoons about Mohammed appeared in a Dutch publication. Theo Van Gogh, a well-known Dutch filmmaker also was murdered, stabbed to death, in the street in Holland, after helping produce a film depicting the horrors of Moslem suppression of women. Did the human rights and the feminist organizations get really upset about this? I don't recall a peep out of them, since the perpetrator of this heinous crime was a Moslem supposedly defending Allah and Mohammed against infidels! The cartoonist producing the Mohammed cartoon that is won him a death warrant by Muslim clerics, a fatwa in fact calling all Moslems to go and hunt down and kill him (and he has since been attacked in his own home by an ax-wielding Muslim, but escaped), ask him if he is being attacked by Muslim terrorists or not and how it feels!

We really cannot believe the newspapers when it comes to Muslim terrorists. The plane had 62 Dutch citizens on board, and for Holland to lose 61, that is a great tragedy for a tiny nation of only a few million people in total population. The Muslim terrorists out gunning for the Dutch cartoonist are delighted with this news no doubt. Perhaps they helped bring this plane down somehow. How good is South African airport security anyway? A liberal-elite-run society, it probably refuses to do profiling of dangerous Muslims. And the airliner was Libya's. Two strokes of three against this airliner making it safely to Amsterdam, right? When will the West wake up to the situation we face? We are being fought with, we are engaged in World War III with the Muslim jehadists spread out across the world and all through the Western countries and America too. They have their jehadist organizations everywhere, installed in mosques, training at militia camps within the U.S. states, infiltrating even the FBI, CIA, and the Pentagon and the military and the U.S. Capitol. Our liberal-run government commends "jihad" as a "spiritual purging" exercise of the Muslim faithful and refuses categorically to deal with Muslim jehadists in our own midst and abroad--calling them not Muslims terrorists, which they are, but "extremists," lumping them together with "Christian extremists, conservatives, and rightwingers," according to Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano's white paper mememoradum sent out to all U.S. law enforcement agencies. The U.S. government is more concerned with ultra-right militias of so-called Christians, who were raided in the upper Midwest recently in a forest camp and hauled away to prison. They think them the major threat, whereas they wink at the growing numbers of jehadists in our midst, all Muslims, all determined to bring the violent overthrow of our government and our free way of life. It is time to wake up, fellow Americans, and all of us who know the Lord Jesus need to fervently pray. We can pray for our persecutors and enemies, for their salvation, but we also need to pray that our country not be destroyed by our enemies and also our own government, which is so misguided it has made friends with these packs of ravening wolves, while carrying on a largely cosmetic war against the Taliban (also Muslim, by the way) in Afghanistan.

If nothing else has convinced you before, let this give you the obvious conclusion: this proud, anti-God, Christ-hating world's system is perilously fragile, riding on a slender thread, which may snap at any moment, for the slightest reasons and mistakes by people. A single typo by one of the stock exchangers is said to have caused the plunge, the major part of it, that is, that sank the Dow Industrial Average 1,000 points, almost like a ship that struck an iceberg and sank straight toward the ocean bottom 2 1/1 miles beneath at a speed of 40-50 miles an hour! In minutes 1,000 points lost, and over 1 trillion evaporated! Doesn't that shout into your ear like it does mine, that this world is not my home, nor yours either. That we have a Better Country awaiting us in heaven, if we are truly God's children? The people who are hanging to this lost, dying old world and this broken economic system that can crash at any moment just because of a mistaken typo, they need to know their true Anchor is Jesus Christ, He is their Lifeline thrown to them, He is their Ark that will carry them out of the Flood of tribulation and destruction that, according to the Bible's prophetic warnings, will soone engulf the entire globe with catastrophes Kissenger, Buffett, Obama, Trump, Oprah, Prince Charles, Al Gore, George Bush I and II, the Rockefellers, and all their Bilderberger, Global Government-is-the-answer cronies will never be able to control and manage. Christ only is the Answer to the world crisis! Christ only! And they reject Christ, and in the face of this current meltdown, they of all people should be sinking to their knees before Christ, pleading for forgiveness right now, asking that He take over their hearts and lives and the affairs of this world, since they are surrendering everything to the Lord of lords, and King of kings!

When dealing with the Federal U.S. Government, it should always be kept in mind that the bread the federal government hands you almost always has big, razor-sharp teeth hidden in it, and what you eat, may actually be eating you!

Horror stories are already coming out concerning the Federal Government's departments coercing private, even intimate information out of U.S. Citizens! They must be confronted, challenged with the Constitution! Write a letter of protest and claim your Constitutional rights not to testify against yourself and not to answer such ridiculous, personal questions as will be demanded by the Government. Plead the 4th and the 5th Amendments if you can. A man did this, and he received an apology, and the manager of the government department that sent the "census survey form" or whatever they chose to call it said the matter of how they handled them would be investigated and reviewed. By the way, we can go to the American Center for Law and Justice, which is headed by Jay Sekulow in Washington, D.C. Go to their website and let them know what you are facing, if you get a census form of any kind demanding private information and also threatening you with a $5,000 fine for non-compliance and even prison.

Yes, the Federal Government has hired 1 million census takers to go to your doorstep and get the information you may not want to give the Government, but God will be with you, if you believe your rights under God and the Constitution are being violated. It is wise to know what is Constitutional and not Constitutional. I know myself that the Scritures say, in Paul's words, there is neither Jew nor Greek, male or female, free or slave, in Christ Jesus! Also the Constitutional is both color-blind and race-blind. The Constitution only recognizes one "race"--American. Anything else is not considered a citizen of this country. Anyone or any agency that demands you tell your "race" or "color" is outside the bounds set by our Founding Fathers in our nations's founding documents. That is clear.

State these things plainly and without anger or rancor, but you have a right to state them, according to the First Amendment which guarantees freedom of speech. God will be with you, as He promised, if we are challenged and must defend our rights under God, and these are inalienable rights He gave us, long before there was a United States of America.

Since this seemingly catastrophic plunge of Wall Street, have you asked yourself or anybody, what kept the melt-down from going all the way? Why aren't we totally bankrupted, at least so far as the stocks and securities registered on Wall Street which no doubt totals trillions in value. The plunge to the bottom stopped. First reports noted a "typo" of a certain stock trader or a "glitch," but later commentators said it was nothing of the kind. It was managed, instigated by a group of investors who are Washington's biggest lobby. It has a name too, this group, which would mean nothing to us but is recognized above most every other lobby's name in Congress. This group includes crooks such as Soros, so you can tell what this group is about: aggrandizement at the expense of America. George Soros is a shameless, conscienceless socialist or even a firebrand of a communist financier and profiteers off the misery of others, even whole countries. According to a commentator, this man was chiefly responsible for the present melt-down of Greece, which has nearly brought a domino effect, a cascading collapse of other financially unstable, over-spending nations such as Spain and Ireland, which has frightened the planners of the EU into divying up a trillion euro bailout fund to keep the EU from going belly up. I would love to see the EU go belly up, as it is a godless union that may well produce the Anti-Christ at the rate it is going. A Cardinal on CHRISTIAN NEWS has just warned Europeans that a Europe must turn back to Christian roots or it will have no future at all. How right he is! The same applies just as much to America, Canada, Australia! We see the world's billionaires apparently operating above the laws of God and man, able to destroy the stock markets and financial systems of entire nations merely for their own financial benefit. Soros is just one of those who have learned how to do this. They ought to be in prison, but they are free to operate, as they have the money to bribe all the politicians and entire governments, and have our own Congress bribed as well. But God...we can pray to God to knock the teeth of these predators down their throats. They go about like Satan, like a lion, seeking whom they will devour next. Well, God calls these men wild beasts, and he has the power to hunt them down and deal with them. God can come to our aid and deliver us from these oppressors. But we must call on God our protector! We don't have to be robbed and impoverished so that this cartel of godless, conscienceless billionaires can be further enriched and empowered. They want to gain control of the entire earth and do with it whatever they want--mainly to establish a one world government under their control. But God...He can take his whip and drive these wild beasts into cages where they belong!


May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble; may the name of the God of Jacob defend you;

May He send you help from the sanctuary, and strengthen you out of Zion.

May he remember all your offerings, and accept your burnt sacrifice. Selah.

May He grant you according to your heart's desire, and fulfill all your purpose.

We will rejoice in your salvation, and in the name of our God we will set up our banners! May the Lord fulfill all your petitions.

Now I know that the Lord saves His anointed; He will answer him from His holy heaven with the saving strength of His right hand.

Some trust in chariots, and some in horses; but we will remember the name of the Lord our God.

They have bowed down and fallen, but we have risen and STAND UPRIGHT [our emphasis--Ed].

Save, Lord! May the King answer us when we call."

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