"Christianity or Islam? You Decide!"

By Sir Lionel Luckhoo

A Humble Ambassador For God

About the Author

Sir Lionel Luckhoo went to meet the Lord in 1997 at the age of 83. He gave up all he had to tell the world about what he had studied because of the urgency God put in his heart.

  • Sir Lionel Luckhoo was twice knighted by Queen Elizabeth
  • The only person ever to be an Ambassador for two Sovereign Nations, Guyana and Barbados
  • Judge of the Supreme Court in Guyana
  • Named for 14 years as the world's most successful advocate (Guinness Book of World Records)

Christianity or Islam?

About 5 billion people live on plant Earth. About 2 billion claim the Christian Faith and about 1 billion choose Islam. This is not to deny that the spread of Islam in recent years is a matter of grave concern to the body of Believers.

In the Middle East we have unease and disquiet if not war. Why? It is all over a tiny strip of land, Israel. What is the contention about? Israel has no oil, no mineral wealth, no gas, nothing to make it a prize possession. Yet all around Israel there are Arabs, whose main concern is to spread Islam over the world. The Quran says, "Do not be friends with the Christian or the Jew." The absence of love is translated into "hate."

Six million Arabs possess 3 million square miles, yet a handful of Jews occupying 30,000 sq. miles of tiny Israel are threatened. Truly this is a sign of the End Time. But the main battle is not one of country vs. country, rather it is: Islam vs. Christianity.

The Bible teaches: You must know Jesus, accept him as the Son of God. Accept His resurrection and then you will have Eternal Life. If you fail to do so then your end is hell, the Lake of Fire.

This means millions of Muslims are literally going to hell. God loves you and He loves the Muslims just as well. For this reason He moved on me a few years ago to analyze the Quran to show it was not the Word of God. I wrote a small book on this subject pointing out that the Quran was on a collision course with itself as it approbated and reprobated. Now God has me writing a follow up from a different perspective. Like my former book which has gone around the world, distributed freely, not sold, this puny effort of mine will be to the Glory of the one and only Living God. I have entitled it: Christianity or Islam? You Choose!

If I were to say Islam is a false teaching, many Muslims may close this book and read no further. But if were to set out, clearly and simply, why they should come to this conclusion, they are free to read, accept or reject, for God has given man free moral choice.

In going around the world, I have come across people who, despite the visual evidence, still claim that man never went to the moon. Well, what we accept is a matter for each of us. All I seek is an unbiased mind to look at the evidence, and then decide for yourselves whom you will serve.

The creed of Islam is the doctrine of Allah. Islam maintains an uncompromising monotheism. It denies the Biblical doctrine of the Trinity, quite wrongly associating it with trinitheism. The Quran affirms the virgin birth of Jesus, but not His pre-eternal existence, and is confused about His Crucifixion and Resurrection and does not adhere to the Biblical version. Let me take the stand that the Quran does not accept Jesus's crucifixion and resurrection. Now, Muhammad is considered in Islam to be the last and greatest of all prophets. Jesus is deemed merely a prophet, but inferior to Muhammad.

Readers of the Quran find that Allah (which means God and is not the name of God, the name of God in the Bible is Hebrew, Yahweh) is portrayed as stern and harsh rather than compassionate and loving. Judgment Day in the Islamic religion will be heralded by signs, the dead arising bodily and joining the living, then each will be assigned to Paradise or Hell.

Pious believers in Allah can expect abundant sensual pleasures in Paradise: perpetual luxury, comfort, food, mansions, maidens and virgins. The wicked will suffer in the hot blasts and molten metal of Hell.

From time to time I shall pose questions for my readers. Now here is the first: If Muhammad were the seal of the Prophets, why was his coming not mentioned in the Bible nor in his own book the Quran?

Second question: Why is not a single prophecy concerning Muhammad in the Bible or Quran? Whereas Christ Jesus is found time and again, and what the Quran says about Jesus places Him way above the founder of Islam.

Islam recognizes Jesus to be far more perfect and sinless than any human being could be. The Quran states, "I bestow on thee a faultless son." Christ was without sin, pure and above reproach.

It is to be noted that "Jesus" is mentioned 97 times, yes, ninety seven times, in 93 verses of the Quran. He is called the "Spirit of God" 7 times, whereas Muhammad is mentioned a bare 25 times in the Quran. My third question to the reader is: Why should the alleged lesser be identified over the writer of the Quran?

It may be useful at this stage to make a factual comparison between my Lord Jesus and Muhammad. This would serve to bring into focus: Is Jesus God? Was He Deity? What kind of man was Muhammad?



1. Born of the Virgin Mary in 4 B.C.

1. Born of Aminah in 570 A.D.

2. No Earthly father

2. Earthly father Abed Allah

3. Never married

3. Married to 15 wives

4. Lived a sinless life

4. Was sinful

5. Never prayed for forgiveness of His sins

5. Prayed often for forgiveness

6. Waged no war

6. Waged 66 battles

7. Ordered the death of no one

7. Ordered the death of many

8. Established Mercy and Love

8. No mercy and the sword

9. Established a Spiritual Kingdom

9. Established an Earthly Empire

10. Died by Crucifixion at age 33

10. Died of pneumonia and poisoning at age 62

11. Arose from the grave, Alive

11. Still in the grave, Dead

12. Old Testament predicted His 1st and = 2nd=20 coming

12. No such prediction

13. Theme: Love

13. Dedication to war

14. Mentioned in Quran 97 times

14. Mentioned in Quran 25 = times

Let me pose one question: Can you read the comparison and still cling to the belief of Islam? Can you? Islam was founded by Muhammad, born in 570 A.D. Our very calendar was changed from B.C. (before Christ) to Anno Domini (In the year of Our Lord) because and to mark the significance of the Resurrection of Jesus whom Muhammad terms a mere prophet inferior to him.

I have stated that the Quran is very vague about the Resurrection. Yet in Surat Maryam 19-33, the Quran states with reference to Jesus, "Peace on me the day I was born and the day I die, and the day I shall be raised alive." This is clear that Christ became incarnate, died and was raised from the dead. This was according to Prophecy, and this agrees with the Gospel accounts and finds its way into the Quran.

Today some 2 billion people from more than 225 countries pay allegiance to Jesus who sits at the right hand of God, all in keeping with the Quranic statement of Surat al Imran 335, "Lo I am gathering thee and causing thee to ascend unto me." Yet teachers of Islam carefully omit such passages.

Prophecy in the Bible is the greatest aid to credibility, and the crucifixion and resurrection are themselves seen and written hundreds of years before the birth of Jesus. Read, for example, Psalm 22, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" which was written 1000 years before the crucifixion (see Mark 15:34). "They pierced my hands and feet," describes wounds Jesus suffered (John 19:17-18). All of this refers to Jesus, yet Muhammad elects to declare, He is not the Son of God.

Then, in Isaiah 53 we find another historical prophecy made many centuries before the crucifixion. In verse 7, "He was oppressed and afflicted, yet He did not open His mouth, He was led like a lamb to the slaughter, and as sheep before its shearers is silent, so He opened not His mouth." Again this refers to Jesus the Christ, written before His birth.

In Zechariah 11:12-13 the Bible sets out the price of betrayal, 30 pieces of silver. It has always struck me that although Satan knows this passage of Scripture, he could not make it 29 or 31 pieces. It had to be exactly as foretold, 30 pieces of silver. The exact amount paid to Judas. Then, of course, we come to Christ's own predictions. Let me just cite them. You can look them up in the Bible. Never forget the Bible is God'ss Word and He places it above all else, see Psalm 138:2. The passages I refer to are: Matt: 16:21-23; Mark 8:31; Luke 9:22; John 3:14-16.

Perhaps the entire Christian Faith could be summarized in one verse from the Bible: John 3:16, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

Then of course there is the testimony of secular historians, of which Flavius Josephus is the most outstanding. He wrote "Antiquities to the Jews", Book 18, Vol. 3, p.379, "Jesus was crucified yet appeared alive on the 3rd day." Read it. This resurrection is not a myth. It is for real. The Jewish Talmud records that "Jesus was crucified one day before the Passover."

Tacitus, a heathen and Roman wrote in A.D. 55 about the crucifixion and the suffering. Then Pliny the Younger and Suetonius along with Thallus, Philegon and Lucius all refer to the crucifixion. Lucien the Greek historian told of the death of Jesus writing, "the Christians continue to worship this great man who was crucified in Palestine, because He brought a new religion to the World."


Let me examine this whole proposition, Christianity or Islam, from a different perspective. Examine the Quran. Numerous passages of the so called inspired Quran originally appeared in the Old Testament more than 1000 years, yes 1000 years, before the prophet of Arabia, Muhammad, was born.

Muhammad clearly depended upon some of the Holy Bible teachings for his "revelations." Here are a few examples: "the night of Power is better than a thousand months," Surat al Sadr 97:3. Now compare this with Psalm 84:10, "For a day in your courts is better than a thousand." Then, in Surat al Fathah 1:6, we find, "Show me your straight path." The same as "Teach me your way O Lord and lead me in the straight path," found in Psalm 27:11. Let me give a third illustration, in Psalm 37:29, "The righteous shall inherit the land and dwell in it forever" which compares with Surat al Anbrya 21:105, "My righteous slaves shall inherit the land and dwell there forever."

May I advert yet again the Quran which mentions Jesus 97 times but let me add it also mentions the New Testament characters such as Zechariah and John the Baptist, and the disciples of Jesus. This shows that Muhammad was versed in the New Testament. His familiarity causing him to adopt many passages from the Bible and insert them into the Quran.

Remember Jesus died in 30 A.D. The New Testament was written in Greek around the First Century and Muhammad was not born until 560 A.D. The question I pose is this: Was Muhammad receiving a revelation or was he taking from what he read? Was he utilizing knowledge and transposing them into the Quran?

Now, there are 131 passages in the Quran in which the Bible is referred to as The Law, Psalms, and Gospel. Further, numerous passages parallel passages in the New Testament, which is 600 years older than the Quran. From all of this as a lawyer trained to make logical deductions, I humbly but definitely state as follows: Muhammad borrowed some of the contents of his "revelations" from the truly inspired text of the New Testament scriptures. This is my humble submission to you. Do you agree? It was not a fresh revelation given to him.

In studying the history of Muhammad, one finds fickleness, which is unlike Jesus who was always the same. Let me dilate on this. Muhammad communicated to his early followers in Mecca that when saying their prayers they should face the Quiblah. Their physical direction was to be towards KAABAH, that is, they must face Kaabah when praying.

When he migrated to Medina, he changed the Quiblah to look towards Jerusalem. This was evidently to please the predominant Jewish population in Medina. Then 17 months later he changed his mind, on each occasion blaming Allah and said they must pray looking towards Mecca. Three different directives and Muhammad blames Allah for the changes.

Man makes mistakes. He needs to correct them. But God never errs. And if Allah were Yahweh (Jehovah) there would be no such fickleness. God never contradicts Himself. "Messages from heaven" was the explanation Muhammad offered to justify his political and moral conduct as well as to match his religious precepts. Battles were fought, executions followed, wives were added and territories annexed under the pretext of the sanctions of Allah. I pause to ask yet another question of my readers. Does this equate with your concept of God? Are you still accepting Islam?

Islam advocates polygamy, 2 or 3 or 4 wives and unlimited divorce. Matt 19:4 says "He made them at the beginning male and female." If God wanted man to have 4 wives He would have made more than one Eve for Adam. Yet according to Islam, a wife does not possess the corresponding right to divorce her husband. Indeed wife scourging is portrayed and permitted. See Surat al Nisa 4:11-76. The men can have unlimited concubines. This practice abrogates God=92s command against fornication (Surat al Nisa 4:24). Question: Is this religion founded about 600 A.D. the religion of Islam the one you still accept?

May I turn to another aspect? History is full of the use of the sword and religious oppression under Islam. About one million Armenian Christians were savagely slaughtered by the Turkish Muslims and all of this was sanctioned by Islam.

In Islamic countries, Christian missionaries are forbidden to preach to Muslims or to have any Christian activity. In fact, a person has to be a Muslim to claim citizenship in Saudi Arabia. Of course Muslims take quick advantage of Christian countries like the USA and England. You will find mosques even replacing churches. Ask any Muslim if a Christian would be allowed to set up a church in his society? Of course not, let those in the dark remain there, seems to be the attitude.

The anti-Christ is not merely a man who appears shortly before the coming of Jesus, but also a Movement, which denies that Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God. Communism is anti-Christ, and today we have the biggest anti-Christ movement, Islam. If only the Christian world would recognize this and pray, pray for all Arabs, the Muslims, and all who know not Jesus. Islam is anti-Christ and aims to destroy Christianity.


The increase of numbers of Islam bespeak one thing to me, the end is near, at the very door. The horrendous calamities (the Bhopal and Bangladesh tragedies, the volcanic eruptions, the earthquakes, the immorality) all bespeak the end, especially as God has brought back the Jews to the land He gave to them. Since 1967 they have reoccupied Old Jerusalem and that spells the end of the day of the Gentiles. "This generation (40 years) will not pass away but that all will be fulfilled." He, my Lord Jesus, can come back at any moment. Are you ready? Have you sought to save your brother? Pray for the Muslims. Do so now. They must accept Jesus now as their personal Savior or be dammed forever.


From the foregoing let me draw some conclusions that seem to be a natural sequitur:

  1. Muhammad was clearly collecting prose and poems and trying to edit them when he died. The narratives are disjointed and even contradictory. Surely if God sent down the Quran in Arabic from Heaven, He would have used better organization and an orderly sequence of facts and events. The chaos we find in the Quran is certainly not from a God of Order.
  2. The Quran misquotes the Bible and makes factual, historical errors. Let us take the case of Abraham. The Quran says he had 2 sons when he had 8. He is credited with 2 wives, but he had 3. He did not live in Mecca but Hebron. Then comes the glaring error, he was about to sacrifice Isaac his son. The Quran states that it was Ishmael. The struggle between Isaac=92s descendants and Ishmael's continue to this day. They each felt they would bless the world. Wrong. It was Jesus who blessed the world.
  3. The 4 promises made by God to the Arabs have been fulfilled (Gen 17:20) "As for Ishmael I have blessed him=85but my covenant I will establish with Isaac." With =BE of the world's oil the Arabs have been richly blessed. There are about 200 million Arabs and about 10 million are Christians. God's promises in the Bible have been kept.
  4. Similar errors could be pointed out in the Quran about Moses. As for example in Numbers 1 & 2, the Bible states the cow sacrificed was red. The Quran uses the same concept but gives the color of the cow as yellow.
  5. The word Paracleton in the New Testament is used, says Islam, with reference to Muhammad. It is a Greek word, which means comforter and is used of the Holy Spirit that came to the Apostles on the day of Pentecost. The Holy Spirit is the 3rd person of the trinity (Matt 28:19), the Inspirer of Scripture (2 Peter 1:21) and the companion of Christian Believers (John 16:9-11). It certainly was an evil diabolical thing for Muhammad to ascribe to himself as the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God, not a mere man like Muhammad. When Muhammad wrote the Quran, he clearly had the Bible before him and sought to make changes, which did not add to his veracity, but clearly revealed him to derogatory terms.
  6. Islam teaches that you are not to befriend the Christian or the Jew. The Christian Bible is love centered. We must love even our enemies. Of the 99 excellent names of God in the Quran, not one is love. Why? Not one is Father. Why? In the Bible God is presented as a loving father who wants us all to be his sons, his children.

Jesus paid our sin debt. He became our ransom. He gave himself as a sacrifice for our sins that we might have life and have it more abundantly. Muhammad never did this. Only Jesus did because He was God incarnate. I defy the most devout Muslim to say: Muhammad is Islam; in the same way that the Christian declares that Jesus is the Rock of the Christian Faith.

Jesus became the messenger and the message. He said I will give the fountain of the water of life freely to him who thirsts. He who overcomes shall inherit all things and I will be his God and he will be my son. Can Muhammad so declare?

There is only one God. Muslims contend the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit =3D 1 + 1 + 1 =3D 3. What they fail to realize is that our minds are finite and God is infinite. One day we may understand more. For the present let us be content that 1 x 1 x 1 =3D 1.

Muslims, God loves you and has always loved you. Discard the spurious, the idle and grasp at the substance. Look again at the comparison between Jesus and Muhammad, then you decide.

Christianity or the 600 AD religion of Islam?

The choice is yours.

You will be choosing

Heaven or Hell.

Jesus said that only those who believe and accept Him as the Son of God would enjoy eternal life. If you do accept Him and ask Him to come into your heart as personal Lord and Savior, He will transform your life. To reject Jesus or treat Him merely as a prophet would be for you to determine your Eternal Life in the Lake of Fire separated from God forever and ever. For this reason I implore you, my brothers and sisters of the Islam Faith, you must accept the Deity of Jesus. You can experience this life-changing phenomenon by repeating this simple prayer:

"Dear Jesus, I accept you as the Son of God, raised from the dead by Him. Forgive me of my sins I have committed. I invite you to come into my hear and be my personal Lord and Savior."

Now tell someone you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

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This article was published in part by DECISION magazine, June 2010 Issue; but here it is re-published in its entirety.

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