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"For the word of the Lord is right, and all His work is done in truth."--Ps. 33:4

I Peter 4:8: "But the end of all things is at hand; therefore, be serious and watchful in your prayers."

WORLD'S GREATEST BOOK CAN BE UNDERSTOOD IF GIVEN A CHANCE: Beyond question, the greatest book in the world is the Bible, and the greatest Book is about the greatest Person, Jesus Christ (Yeshua the Anointed).

The Books of the Bible


I am my neighbor's Bible,

He reads me when we meet;

Today he reads me in my home.

Tomorrow in the street.

He may be relative or friend,

He may be strange to me;

He may not even know my name,

Yet, he is reading ME.

"The Forbidden Book," Exploration Films

"Pottery and Papyrus," A Look at the Dead Sea Scrolls and particularly the "Great Isaiah Scroll", by Karen Speerstra, ALCW Scope, 1977

"Essene Scrolls Center

"The Holy Land Experience," Orlando, Florida

There exist what we call "Bible Lands." The Holy Land is Israel, but the Bible lands comprises Egypt, Greece, and particularly Turkey (Asia Minor, also called Anatolia), as these figure prominantly in the New Testament and the Early Church. The Christian faith was first solidly established in Asia Minor, chiefly by the Apostle Paul. For Asia Minor's atlas and photographs from a tour of ours and Paul's epic missionary journey maps, go to:

"Atlas and Pivotal Role of Asia Minor in the Christian Faith and Early Church

The Bible scriptures can be found on these little "BITE SIZE" scrolls, and they can be "spooned" out with a tiny wooden paddle, one a day. What a delightful gift for someone dear, or get one for yourself and others for family and friends! Your Christian bookstore ought to have it, or they can order it.

Ever wonder what the Biblical power button is as to how you can get your prayers answered, and be assured even while you are praying that God will hear and answer you? We all want answers to prayers, right? There is a plain and simple way that the Bible teaches us. It is the only way God has provided, so that we need try no other way. First see the Twenty Seven Promises or Assurances in Scripture, and then go to the catalytic or enabling or empowering scripture after the 27th verse:

Twenty-Seven Scriptures to Assure You That Your Prayers Are Answered

"You've Got the Time" Audio NEW TESTAMENT (NIV Version) on MP3 Discs is available free from:

"Faith Comes By Hearing" (Enter Promo Code YGTT8)

Bible Treasures

"Bible Atlas & Map Center"

B.I.B.L.E.--"Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth"--Acronym by Pastor John Hagee, Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, Texas.


What if you found or fell into a state where you couldn't speak, or for some reason could not be heard by anyone you needed to get a message to? What then? What if you had no pencil or paper or couldn't use an email? Sign language, which should be taught to everyone in public schools early on for just such emergencies (let the silly genderism, multiculturalism, diversity, and amoral gay agenda propaganda go, and teach things that really will be of use to students for a change!), can also be used to transmit and preach the Gospel, and here is a little sample of sign language with a timeless message:

The Timeline on How We Got the English Language Bible:

Great Site

Welcome to the Emmaus Walk!

"Welcome to the Emmaus Walk, or How to Walk out of Darkness and Deception Into the Light!", by Ronald Ginther, Founder of the Emmaus Walk

Ronald Ginther's "About Me" info is available here:

"About Me," by Ronald Ginther

"CONGRESS DECLARES BIBLE THE WORD OF GOD," Public Law 97-280, October 4, 1982, Statute 1211, Approved October 4, 1982


If you are without work, are you still grateful? It might be a hard test, indeed, especially if you haven't saved for a rainy day, and live in liberal-dominated states like California and Michigan and can't see your way to emigrate to a Red State like Texas where there still is a growing economy and politicians wise enough to be willing to keep their hands off it. But look at these facts. What if you were without work in a foreign country, and you couldn't speak the language? I know from experience that is a hellish experience! A person could not be more helpless and optionless? Are you an English-speaker, in America or a Western country where English is common? Well, that is a tremendous asset. I've been out of money in a non-English speaking country, and let me tell you it is a life and death situation, when you can't communicate with anyone. It is truly horrifying. Anything is manageable, or seems to be, if you and the people around you speak the same language. So, if you have English, and you are American, be grateful! Millions, even hundreds of millions, lack that one great advantage you probably take for granted. Yes, they have their native languages, but they don't know the one language that will really help them climb out of their poverty and low class status--English. Forget Spanish, forget French, forget Chinese, forget Swahili, forget Dutch or German, the linqua franca is English, and will be for a long time to come, even if America falls from its superpower position. Secondly, are you able to work and not sick and weak? If you have health and are able-bodied, well, that is another tremendous asset!

Thirdly, but not necessarily this order, do you know God is able to help, able to save, able to prosper you, able to lead you--truly a loving, caring, compassionate, providing God, unlike all those false gods out there with all their vain promises! Well, that is the chief reason you have to be grateful! With Almighty God on your side, who can be against you? What does it matter if the whole world is against you seemingly, if you have God, you are in the majority, you are on the winning side. GOD IS THE WINNING SIDE! Don't you like being on the winning side? Get with God, and you will be. Don't you love this? I do.

Fourthly, got some food, got some friends, got some shelter, got some clothes, got some transporation? Maybe, all you got for transportation is your two feet--but you still got more than the paraplegic! Well, if you have some transporation, a roof over your head, clothing, some food, however little it may seem to you, that is far, far more than most people on this sad, old earth have got--and isn't that reason to be grateful to God who provides all these good things for you? If you had to produce this yourself from scratch--well, that is clearly impossible. Nobody can produce all the necessities of life by his or her own efforts--they are gifts of grace and mercy. But God has promised every child of His will not go without them.

I think I know some minimal circumstances in my own life, experienced even in the rich country of America. I lived in a rat-infested berry shack until I was nine, and had to sleep under leaky roofs, with our central heating being a wood stove, and no bathroom and hot water to wash in, and food was scarce in a family of eight kids and a parent earning mininum wage for a lot of hard work, and we cut the banana, if we had one, eight ways! After I was nine, we moved to a regular house, but the income didn't change much, and we still had to slice that banana 8 ways. A wicked stepfather who ran up huge bills buying old cars that weren't worth what he paid for them and impoverished us further, who never worked but lived off my mother and us--that didn't help us get ahead in life. As kids we "picked up" seasonal work in the fields, working most of the spring picking berries, berries, berries until the vines quit producing, so we could cash in our punched berry tickets for a set of new school clothes and new shoes, but those were the only clothes and shoes we got--they had to last the school term! We didn't earn enough for any other expenses--so we just had to go without the things and activities and amusements such as movies that other kids around us enjoyed. I mowed a number of lawns after school, but I only got paid a couple dollars for hard push mowing on those big lawns, and so it didn't begin to pay for the things the other kids enjoyed, because their parents could afford to give them big allowances. My older brothers and sister were popular in school and much better at finding jobs than the younger, more insecure ones in my family, which included myself. They earned on their jobs after school enough money for clothes and activities and even a car. My sister dated and got a car a boyfriend loaned her when he went into the service, so she didn't need to buy a car. The rest of us in the family never even dreamed of doing the same, and we didn't. Afirmative Action came on strong in union-dominated Washington State, and when I came of age to get work, I couldn't get any entry level jobs to earn money for school, because I wasn't the right color (black, I suppose ). So I persuaded my longsuffering mother to take out a bank loan, so I could go to college, and away I went to a good Christian school (it later turned flaming liberal and isn't half as good now as it was in the 1960s, but thinks it is!). Most of the time I had no food, and knew some real periods of outright starvation, since they didn't hand out food stamps then. Education was my only hope to get ahead. But that never panned out for me. I had no courage on my own, without a father and without brothers who would encourage me. I was fortunate an uncle had a landscaping firm, and he hired me, and I worked for him for some years, with Air Force service intervening. Afirmative Action saw to it I didn't get administration building college student jobs either, but I did work in the college cafeteria scrubbing pots and pans, and plus the Veterans Bill benefits I gained after serving in the Air Force for three years, I went to a state college with low tuition and squeaked through, helping myself out with a janitor job in the dorm to pay for my room rent of $40 a month.

After getting a B.A. and then a M.A. I still had to find work. But where, and what ? Teaching English was what I was trained to do, and I tried for years, but they always said I had no experience and they wanted people with prior experience--Affirmative Action again, no doubt.

Trying again over a period of years of turning up nothing in Washington State, I broke through the glass ceiling of Affirmative Action in Oregon of all states, which is even more liberal than Washington. But the Lord must have opened the door for me, as afterwards I heard that others were furious I was chosen over them, and they had really counted on getting it, since it was considered a plum. I got to teach English literature at a nice community college in Tillamook, and that is something you normally have a chance at only after you do hack composition and remedial English courses first for years. My first job teaching! It was glorious! I taught that course, then went on to teach at two more colleges, before I hanged up my shingle, as I found that the job is really too stressful for my temperament. But I loved the teaching evenso, and some of the students are unforgettable. It was a great privilege, and though the educational systems are pretty bad, the students are for the most part in community colleges there to learn, and that is exciting. Since leaving teaching, I went back to the only work I had besides landscaping, and that was security work. It is minimum wage work, but my sites have no stress to speak of, and I am my own supervisor 9pm-5 am on a night shift. That to me is wonderful, and though it is a constant struggle on the wage we get, I like the exercise of patrolling and the fresh air and even the wildlife including feral cats and rabbits I often see can be very interesting. It is also a pretty secure job, as in rough times economically the crooks are all the more active, and so the need for security goes up, not down.

But you say, telling about your life doesn't help me, I've got this big bill in front of me, and no money, or not enough money, to pay it. The rent is due, the power is shut off or going to be shut off, I won't have even heat and here it is winter, and the kids are crying for something to eat... well, you still have got God, don't you? Call on Him, see what God tells you to do, either wait or take some step of faith? God doesn't always send aid packages of blessings down like a drop of emergency supplies from a helicopter. He may ask you to do something. Or he may just say, "Wait and trust, beloved!" Whatever he says, do it. It may seem crazy to your thinking, but if God says it, do it! He will make a way where there seems to be no way. He can split the bare rock and send forth a stream of provision to you. Read the Bible account of how Elijah had run out of provision. The stream where he was, during a terrible drought in Israel, had run dry. The wild ravens by God's direction had brought him food too, but now God told him to travel north, and see a certain poor widow (widows are poor, so this must have seemed a crazy thing to ask a prophet to do! ). But Elijah obeyed God. He went to the poor widow for food, though she was as bad off as anyone could be at that time in that society. in fact, this widow was about to starve to death, and had a young son to care for too. Was she grateful? We cannot say. But we know she was obedient to God, and that is enough for God. For Elijah asked her to make a meal for him out of the last food she had on hand, and she did what the prophet asked, offering to God all she had left. She might have starved to death after that, and perhaps she expected that fate, but God saw this act of obedience and he could not help but respond with a great miracle. God rewarded her, with provisions for the whole remainder of the famine, while her neighbors still trusting in their false gods perished from starvation. God may ask that of you and me, in desperate circumstances, to do the crazy thing, trust God regardless of how bad our circumstances look. "Trust and obey " goes the old, sweet Gospel song, and it is so true. But even better, let us trust, obey, and give thanks, even when it seems we are going to get nothing from God. That will be very pleasing to Him. For such a grateful person, in the midst of distress and want, won't Almighty God pour out his richest blessings? Surely, if the Bible is true, he will! The Bible tells us of many people who were in desperate circumstances, but they just didn't depend on their own strength or ability or the help of neighbors and family, they called out to God, and God came through for them, proving that his promises are always true, no matter how bleak it may look to us in the present circumstances.

It does not matter what they try to do in Washington, there is no hope for America whatsoever without the Bible and a turning back to biblical principles and a repentent, true reverence toward God. Go to Charles Stanley's messages, "America's Future," offered on his website:

Charles Stanley's "America's Future"

"The Ten Commandments," How We Have Broken Them All in America and Warrant God's Judgment Upon Us and our Nation, by Ronald Ginther

The foolish nation that dares to ban and repudiate the Ten Commandments is itself banned by and repudiated by God and his sacred laws. How dare this nation ban and repudiate the Ten Commandments in its schools and courts and other public places! We are all paying a terrible price in castastrophic increases in crime, teen pregnancy, immorality, spousal abuse, child abuse, abortion, perversity, drug use, and now in declines in our economy and the losses of jobs by millions. Lift that odious, blasphemous ban, America! Lift it, Supreme Court! Don't delay either! Our future depends on it, if we are to have a future, that is. God cannot relent from judgment and bless us again as long as we abolish and repudiate the Ten Commandments and the whole counsel of God. If he did otherwise, he would be a liar and the Bible a gigantic hoax. But we know it is true, and He is the One True God over the whole earth, including this proud, wayward, immoral America we got after we threw away the Ten Commandments in the Sixties. A pox on the Sixties, anyway. Those years were the beginning of the end for America. We have not recovered, we are tottering toward total collapse.

Ten Required Subject Courses (plus six elective courses) are now on-line. Questions are being appended to those subjects and courses, so please return for them.

Required Subjects:

1. Christian Education

2. Prayer

3. Holy Spirit

4. Biblical Science

5. Foundational Principles

6. Witnessing (includes Apologetics) and Discipleship

7. Types of Christ (OT)

8. Bible Covenants/Israel/Bible Atlas

9. Christian Hope and Character

10. The Prophetic Calling

Electives (this is a partial list):

1. and 2. Christology (based on Christology book offered on this page)

3. Intro. to Hebrew (Zola Levitt book, information how to order it offered on this page)

3. Intro. to Greek

4. "Messianic Prophecy" Course by Zola Levitt (information on it and how to order it on this page)

5. History of the Cradle of Judaism and Christianity, the Middle East, as well as the history of Islam and some of the other anti-Christ cults and atheistic philosophies and environment, secularist, and animal activist movements (including the Evolutionist theory of Darwinism) affecting Christianity significantly.

"Course Articles Center"


"Requirements for Certificate"

The Emmaus Walk Certificate of Excellence

Zola Levitt Ministries offers 12 courses in the Institute of Jewish-Christian Studies. These courses are all excellent, since Zola Levitt was no small authority on the Bible and Jewish studies (and he enlisted a number of experts and authorities in Bible scholarship as well), so you may want to do most of them, or all, but the course, "Messianic Prophecy," is one in particular that you might want to do in order to satisfy an elective requirement in the Emmaus Walk. ZLM will charge you $49 for this one course, or something close to that amount. You can find out about this Institute by going to ZLM:

Zola Levitt Ministries, and The Institute for Jewish-Christian Studies


Daily Audio Bible with Brian

Daily Bible-Reading Guide for a Year

A Reading Through the Bible guide is also available at the back of "Light For My Path," Illuminating Selections from the Bible, by Humble Creek Press. See the details below on this page.

Some Bible Resources:

"The Bible, The Whole Story," is now on DVD. "Seven major doctrines of Scripture are explained in Zola's clear and informative style. The Bible is covered from Genesis to Revelation. A useful teaching tool for beginner and expert alike."--from the "New and Updated from ZLM" catalog list. In this book Zola Levitt teaches about the Abrahamic Covenant, The Law, Prophecy, The Messiah--Why Jesus of Nazareth?, Grace--the Gift of Absolute Forgiveness, The Church, and the Kingdom (the future thousand-year reign of Christ on Earth). Please contact Zola Levitt Ministries for this DVD. It is #DBWS, $39, for 2 DVDs.

The "Grafted In Decal" is available from TBN for any lovegift. Please specify it when you send it.

For one elective credit for the Emmaus Walk:

"Bible Resources Center"

"Messianic Christology" is a "must-read" for all Bible students. It will give you information you won't find most everywhere else--and from a Jewish perspective too, which can open windows of insight and illumination that Gentile sources have no access to, unless by quoting Jewish sources.

Read and do a review of this absolutely terrific book, and you have your Christology requirement for the Emmaus Walk degree certificate half taken care of. I cannot draw from it here, as it is copyrighted, but the material is excellent, and the appendices are also wonderful, every word of them, so don't stop reading when you come to them!--Founder of Emmaus Walk

Another Bible resource:

Crosswalk Bible Website

We highly recommend this on-line bookstore for Christians, the Faith and Freedom Bookstore. Categories of its offerings are: Bibles, Books, Children's Music, David Barton (American heritage) books, Audio Books, DVDs, Christian Bestsellers, Christian Parenting, Christian Business and Leadership, Magazine Subscriptions:

"Faith and Freedom Site/Bookstore"


There are a lot of things concerning our national security to be learned yet from this terrible character called Saddam Hussein that the Washington Establishment and Radical Socialist Obama regime still does not want us to know. This book contains most or all of those things, in case you were wondering what the "secrets" may be. As Georges Sada explains, "Saddam" in Arabic means "Crasher," as in two cars crashing into each other, or car crashing into a bank or house. Saddam was violence personified, and so it is most apt for him, wouldn't you agree? It became a popular name all over the Middle East, yet the man who made it famous and a household term was one of the great monsters of human history. Sada says that his name ought to be "Haddam," Destroyer, as he did not just crash into things, he aimed first and foremost to destroy everyone who crossed him or even those he thought might oppose him.

The Lying Left in America, many of whom, like Congressional Democrat Rep. McDermott of Washington State, were in Saddam's pay, used him to undercut and discredit the Bush presidencies, but Saddam Hussein's record is clear enough, he was a mad dictator akin to Hitler and Stalin and aimed every bit as much as they to dominate and enslave the world. This book by Georges Sada, an Air Vice Marshal, or 2-star Iraqi Air Force General, gives the most chilling and incredible account you could possibly find on Saddamm Hussein. It is an insider's account, not a commentator's. Sada worked for Hussein, as a loyal Air Force officer and career jet pilot and training officer in the various air academies. He was a chief expert on aircraft and weaponry and pilot training for Iraq for many years. Saddam used him and let him live as long as he told him the truth--something he knew few if any of his other officers dared to do. Even Saddam, Sada says, needed to hear the truth now and then, though he was mostly impelled to do whatever he wanted, no matter the cost or damage to others. Sada's testimony apparently stopped Saddam's chemical-warheaded attack on Israel, and he used only the missiles instead in the first Gulf War. But he had WMD's, Sada shows us. He was nobody's patsy and so he shipped them out in 2003, just before the U.S. and Coalition forces charged into Iraq soon after Saddam's conquest and rape of Kuwait. Saddam was a threat to not only to Israel, but to the whole world. And God used the Bushes to stop and finally put him out of commission completely. This story is a must for any Christian and conservative who wants the truth on Saddam Hussain. Georges Sada is an Assyrian Christian, which means he comes from the original people of Iraq (which was ancient Babylonia and Assyria), and therefore his people predate the Arabs and Muslims by 7 centuries and even a millennium! This is as good as it can get--hearing from Sada. Our liberal media are both ignorant and deceivers--and cannot be trusted. But this is a trustworthy account, which is the reason Washington has turned a blind ear to it. They don't want the truth in Washington, it would change all their politics overnight, if they followed the truth, rather than their own selfish, corrupt, power-crazy agendas.

The "Secrets"? Here are just a few:

1. Top UN officials, the son of the UN Secretary General among them who was a close friend of Saddam Hussein's sons, were involved in the Oil for Food scam, siphoning off hundreds of millions of dollar. The program was designed, ostensively, to stop Saddam from using petrodollars for military and weapons. How did it go wrong? Saddam sold to the UN workers and officials a credit for a barrel of oil for $4 and they resold it for many times that, making it worth their while to help him divert the oil in this way to earn billions for his own private fortune as well as build up his military and weapons systems. The Iraqi people did not get the food they were supposed to get from this UN program--they got starvation, disease, malnutrition, horrific infant and early childhood mortality rates. Iraqi oil was shipped to Iran, which "laundered the dirty oil" for sale abroad as it was then marked "Iranian oil" despite the fact monitoring specialists and inspectors from the UN could still identify it as Iraqi (they were bribed and paid off to look the other way). Saddam was never strapped for cash, consequently. He built 64 palaces, many of them during the time of the worst sanctions after the 2nd Gulf War. His personal fortune was reckoned at 30 billion. He had almost unlimited money to buy weapons and help terrorist regimes and bribe Western and American diplomats, Media, and government officials.

2. Two-termer Democrat President Bill Clinton was perceived in the Muslim world as a spineless coward and America a paper tiger, as he never fought back after our embassies, ships, and military were viciously attacked by Muslims all over the world. 9/ll was the direct result of Clinton's malfeasance, cowardice and ineptitude at the helm, for the Muslims pulled out all stops, totally unafraid of America thanks to his policies of appeasement and cowardice. He wasn't just sleeping on the job, he was "sleeping around " on the job, as the whole world knows.

3. Muslim Arabs are not indigenous to Iraq, they are relative newcomers in most of the nations of the Middle East and North Africa. Thousands of years of high civilization transpired before Mohammed was a gleam in his father's eye. Once he was assured he was a prophet and had a god named Allah firmly in his grasp, along with a holy book to justify his activities, he and his followers rode forth conquering their neighbors in the 7th century. His neighbors included what is now Iraq, which had already experienced seven centuries of a flourishing Christian civilization (which had continued even under the fire-worshipping Zoroastrian religion of the Sassanian Persians who ruled most of the Middle East south of the Byzantine Empire. Among the many Christian peoples of the area were the Assyrians, who did not leave regardless who ruled over them. It is the Assyrian Christians who are indigenous, Iraq's original people, as the Indians are indigenous in America. Before they became Christians, they lived two thousand years or more before that in Iraq (Ancient Babylonia and Assyria), and you can't get more indigenous than that. They furnished the soldiers for the Assyrian kings, for the Babylonian kings, and for the Persian kings, and even fought against Alexander when he came to conquer the Persians. Fighters, indeed! But when the Gospel came, the Assyrians were tamed, and they became God's sheep, though they were still able to provide good, strong, brave soldiers for the Muslim Arab rulers of Iraq, as Georges Sada can testify.

4. Secret: George Bush Senior and George Bush Junior did not understand the Middle East and displayed almost total ignorance in a number of critical decisions of war strategy. If you can be "tone deaf, why not "culture deaf ? " They were culture deaf to an extreme.

Though he had soundly defeated Saddam in the 1st Gulf War, President George Bush I seemed to have forgotten he was Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, and as a globalist career diplomat put the interests of world diplomacy over our own national security when he chose not to remove Saddam Hussein from power, citing no authority to do so according to the arrangement with the United Nations. This was most astonishing to the Middle Eastern countries! Saddam himself was overjoyed and jubilant even in the midst of his defeat. He immediately declared himself the victor of the war, since he was still in power, and the circumstances were visibly in his favor. The U.S. spent 80 billion, and Saddam was still on the throne (one of dozens) in Baghdad, thumbing his nose at President Bush and the United Nations and George Bush! What a spectacle! To this day the senior George Bush excuses himself (and has others make excuses for him too) for the most incredible incompetence and lack of foresight (you would have thought a CIA director would have foresight, but he lacked it to a phenomenal degree). If you fight a war, fight to win, and that includes removing the enemy leader, does it not? Oh, not in George Bush Sr's book--but he was a career administrator in the CIA and served in Congress, he did not come out of the military. His son came out of the military, and years later finished the job by removing Saddam from power, bringing him to trial, and Saddam was executed. By then it was too late. Saddam had massacred hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, who had risen up against his regime at the time of the 1st Gulf War, and who now had no support from America, which pulled out the troops immediately after the defeat of Saddam's military. Saddam was left free to massacre the innocent and freedom-loving Marsh Arabs in the south part of Iraq, and to continue his military build-up. Because of Pres. George Bush Sr's failure to remove Saddam the first time he had the chance, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis lost their lives. There are pits all over Iraq today filled with the bones of Kurds, Marsh Arabs, Iraqi freedom fighters and ordinary citizens, many thousands of them little children. The huge system of torture and death chambers he ran "processed" women and children by the untold thousands, for Saddam tried to wipe out whole communities and tribes he thought were a threat to his power. The things he did to human beings cannot be told here. And the Left is outraged by "waterboarding" at Gitmo? What hypocrisy and deceit is this! And they refuse to try enemy combatants as enemy combatants, giving them all the rights of counsel (paid by U.S. tax dollars) and a civil court trial as if they are as good as U.S. citizens? They deserve nothing more than tribunals, at best. Obama is guilty of deceit, as he is now using drones in Pakistan to kill Muslim terrorists, so they can't be brought to trial. What good is that? We are thus deprived of all the invaluable information these terrorists might have given us, to stop all kinds of future attacks they are no doubt plotting and connected with. Getting such information is vital to the success of the war, and depriving ourselves voluntarily is suicidal. We cannot win if we shut off our best source of information, the terrorists themselves, either by putting them in our civil court system for trial or by killing them outright with drones in Pakistan or Yemen or wherever else these rats are training for attacks on America.

As for George Bush Jr., his ignorance of Iraq and the Middle East played into the hands of his enemies. He militarily defeated Saddam and held him for trial by Iraqi courts, but he could not make peace with an army, and so despite Georges Sada's advice to the U.S. military governors, a power vacuum developed, the cities were vast urban jungles in which terrorists could thrive--and did thrive. Donald Rumsfeld (his middle name ought to be "Duck"), Secretary of the Defense Department under Bush II, was just as ignorant. I am not impressed by his "giant intellect." He had tunnel vision. He thought in terms of a small, specialist army that could be deployed from major bases on limited objective missions, then returned to the secure base. This did not work from the start. There was no secure place in Iraq if you did not secure the cities with Iraqi police and security forces. But Bush and Rumsfeld refused to employ the defeated army forces, and these men were unemployed, impoverished, hungry. They were also armed, for they had all the war materials they could want, given them from the warehouses when the war was over. Bush II and Rumsfeld also refused to use the Baathist party administrators, as they had supported Saddam as his political party. All during this time, I recall how utterly frustrating it was to watch Iraq's security deteriorate while the bungling team of Rumsfeld and Bush continued the same policies which were clearly failing, month after month after month.

So they deliberately created another dangerous vacuum, this time in Iraqi leadership, as they had no local Iraqi administrators in any number to draw from for an interim Iraqi government and local administrations and no military police or civil police either--and the teeming cities containing millions of people were consequently wide open for terrorists to exploit as bases. When the bombings of our bases, barracks, military checkpoints, and Iraqi police hqtrs, along with the blowing up of Humvees full of our brave troops, escalated daily, Conservatives, studiously ignored by George Bush while he courted his enemies on the Left, drummed the airwaves for a change, and with the leftist Democrats already calling his war in Iraq a failure and a mistake from the start, he was forced to let Rumsfeld go and let General Petraeus take over the re-organization of the U.S. and Coalition's efforts in Iraq. Petraeus understood the Middle Eastern cultures. He soon turned things around, getting the Iraqi tribes and factions to work together more and eventually turn against the foreign Arab terrorists in their communities.

The U.S. body counts in the liberal press have gone down dramatically, and though bombings continue, they have not prevented Iraq from being stabilized and democratized by Iraqi citizens. Iraqis see this, General Georges Sada says in the book, and they are thankful for the war that removed Saddam and the Baathist party and their despotism and bloody regime of many decades.

3. The WMDs were real threats, are real threats, and will continue to be real threats. Syria is the prime site for the storage of Saddam's WMDs. Iran may have some too. Lesser amounts may be in the hands of Hamas and Hizbollah and Fatah for use against Israel at a time they decide is best to pull a surprise, coordinated attack.

[Sidney Krauthammer, Syndicated Columnist for the Seattle Time, April 17, 2010, A13: "A timely reminder: Syria has just been discovered transferring lethal Scud missiles to Hezbollah, the Middle East's most powerful nonstate terrorist force. This is the same Syria that was secretly building a North Korean-designed nuclear reactor until the Israeli air force destroyed the facility three years ago." And couldn't these Scud missiles be fitted with Saddam Hussein's biological and chemical warheads? That could be the reason these Scuds are being turned over to Hizbollah by the Iranians, for use with the biological and chemical weapons stockpiled in Syria by Saddam Hussein.--Ed.]

Saddam Hussein deployed biological and chemical weapons from aircraft against Kurdish towns and villages, killing thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of Kurds. He also used his WMDs against the Marsh Arabs at the mouth of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, trying to exterminate them all by eradicating and poisoning their marsh habitats. He had chemical weapons ready to deploy against Israel in the 1st Gulf War, but decided not to use them, after receiving a report from Gen. Georges Sada about the severely capability of his own Soviet-made aircraft. The Israelis would sight his incoming fighter planes (which had Soviet radar scanners that were greatly inferior to the state of the art radar of the Israelis') loaded with chemical weapons and shoot them down, Sada informed him. It would be a turkey shoot. Long before the Iraqi planes detected the Israelis, they would be sighted at the border and shot down! They would not even see the enemy before they were blasted from the skies, with the toxic payloads scattering on the people of Lebanon and Syria. Secondly, if only one or two Iraqi planes got through and cross the border and released its chemical weapons, Israel would most certainly unleash its nuclear weapons on Iraq, for they had missiles targeted for Iraqi's three main cities, Mosul, Baghdad, and Basra. They might even vaporize a number more cities and towns, leaving Iraq a radioactive wilderness. Faced with the fact that most all his planes would be shot down and not even get to cross the Israeli border, and that the price of one or two getting through by some fluke would be the nuking of his capital and main cities at the very least, Saddam called it off. Perhaps he realized it wasn't worth it.

As for his nuclear plants, he had one at Osarik, which the Israelis destroyed with their bombers with a preemptive strike. He made strenuous efforts to buy nuclear warheads from China, according to Sada. In time he could have obtained nuclear suitcase bombs for use against America and the West and Israel. He was, as Georges Sada knew very well, capable of inflicting mass destruction anywhere he chose, by whatever means he had (biological, chemical, and nuclear) and did not care if Iraq itself was destroyed in the process, for if he was to die, he made it abundantly clear, he didn't care what happened to Iraq (this was the same attitude Hitler had, i. e., "The German ( Iraqi ) people failed me, so let Germany ( Iraq ) be destroyed! ").

These are just three of the politically incorrect "Secrets" we the people aren't supposed to know. The book has many more! You will probably find out everything you ever wondered about the Gulf Wars and the maladministration of the two Bushes and also the failure of the Europe and the West to contain Saddam and deal with him properly and timely (they hate American "unilateralism " yet shirked their own responsibilities time and again! ). Have any lessons been learned from this? The lessons are in this wonderful book, if our government leaders and officials would read it instead of continue to ignore it. It is then up to ordinary American people as ourselves to learn the facts and to make them known however we can to the world. If we love America, love freedom, love the liberties that God gave us so abundantly in this country, and want other people in the world to share in these blessings too, then we must not be silent about this book and what Gen. Georges Sada sacrificed so much to make known to us and the world.

A final word: This is not more conspiracy theory. I never had time for conspiracy theories, and don't have any now. This is just insider's facts, take them or leave them. Theorize until the cows come home if you choose, but I want facts! Facts from insiders, not commentators. It is much more too--it is wisdom that could save us, save America, save the Middle East from destroying itself in suicidal hatred for Israel and stop the fratricidal warfare among the Muslim sects and communities and tribes.


Imagine, letting a carload of terrorists go free after they were caught by Gen. Sada's own Assyrian Christian bodyguards plotting to blow him up with his family in his own house! That is what Georges Sada was told by Jesus to do, when he prayed before he was to turn the terrorists over to the Iraqi authorities to be hung.

Did it work? Two years later, the young men have shaved their beards off, dress nicely, and study at school to become doctors and other professionals that the new Iraq needs to rebuild from the ravages of Saddam's many years in power.

Friends told Sada this was most foolish of him, that the young men would return to finish the job. Sada replies that he would do it anyway even if it cost his life, because it was the right thing to do. That is how unacademic Georges Sada is about doing what is right. HE LIVES WHAT HE PREACHES AND LETS GOD TAKE CARE OF THE CONSEQUENCES! This is the message that is transforming Iraq. They see in Iraq that the Christian faith has the answer to the intertribal and sectarian rivalry and fighting that infects and poisons and tears Iraqi society apart, generation after generation. No other message can offer a true alternative to Iraq or any other country in the Middle East. We can no longer think we in America live on an island nothing can touch, and the rest of the world beyond our coasts is not going to affect us in any significant way if we ignore it. That insular view will kill us if we let it. The world is now made small by technology, air travel, a globalized economy, and electronic communications. What happens in the Middle East impacts us all powerfully, right at the gas pump and at the business where we work or cannot find work and in Congress and the bills that they pass. If there is peace in the Middle East, we all stand to gain. A Middle East in turmoil, will drag down the whole world. It cannot be peace enforced at any price, nor at the price of truth and human values. Israel cannot be sacrificed so that the oil pipelines to the West will not be shut off by the Arab suppliers. It is all one cloth, granted with many threads and patterns. Take out one thread, the whole tapestry will collapse. There must be mutual respect, understanding, and even trust. The Christian faith can lead the way to reconciliation and peace. Georges Sada found that it works, that Christianity truly is the way of peace for all people. And Jesus truly is the Prince of Peace. Politics, force, superior weapons, massive armies--they cannot achieve peace, though they may be needed to protect borders and keep any possible enemy from exploiting weakness within them. Peace treaties, UN sanctions, Oslo Accords--they will never achieve peace in the Middle East and the world, unless you have Christ, the Prince of Peace, shown to the world's combatants in a real, down-to-earth way. Gen. Georges Sada showed what a Christian is like, and how a true Christian acts, in the most challenging encounters with perhaps the most bloodlthirsty dictator in the world. We can all learn a lot from what he did and what he saw happen, when he trusted himself to the Lord and obeyed whatever the Lord told him to do and say in those life and death encounters.

"Forgotten Refugees," DVD giving the liberal media-suppressed story of the million Jews, robbed and expelled without any their possessions from all the Muslim Arab nations in the 20th century:

From the back cover : "'The Forgotten Refugees' explores the history and destruction of Middle Eastern Jewish communities, some of which had existed for over 2,500 years. Using exgtensive testimony of refugees from Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Iraq, the film recounts the stories--of joy and suffering--that nearly one million individuals have carried with them for so long. Segments on the contributions of Middle Eastern Jews to politics, business and music testify to the enormously rich cultures which fleeing Jews left behind. The film weaves personal stories with dramatic archival footage of rescue missions, historic images of exodus and resettlement, and analyses by contemporary scholars to tell the story of how and why the Arab world's Jewish population declined from one million in 1945 to several thousand today. "

"'The Forgotten Refugees' is an essential corrective to the false impression that only the Arabs of Palestine suffered as a consequence of Israel's War of Independence. The reality is that entire Jewish communities, in some instances predating not only Islam but Christianity, were destroyed with innocent Jeew scattered across the world. This dramatic story is vividly recalled in rare documentary footage and in the personal accounts of those who endured this trauma but succeeded in rebuilding their lives in Israel and elsewhere. "-- Professor S. Ilan Troen, Stoll Family Chair in Israel Studies, Brandeis University, Editor, Israel Studies

For more information :

"The Forgotten Refugees" Film Clips

"Jacob's Dozen," the story of the Israelite Tribes born of the sons of Jacob, their destinies prophesied in the "Blessings of Jacob":

Jacob's Dozen" is a book I thoroughly enjoyed. There are few books of this scholarly caliber and deep, spiritual worth being composed nowadays. The popular books for Christians come and go, make a brief stir, then vanish forever into the dustbin of hasbeen bestsellers. This one will be different, as it is solid and will prove itself over time. It can be used as a devotional, and I think the author had that in mind too, as it chapter by chapter calls the reader to move deeper into commitment and holiness and worship of the Lord through what he shows us about the Tabernacle. But this way it is so much more interesting, than being given points without any illustration. Object by object in the Tabernacle, we proceed from the outer courts, to the curtains and the veils, and finally to the Holy of Holies. But that is a spiritual journey. We can all go on this spiritual journey, through the means of this wonderful book. It isn't a big book either, so there is no excuse for poor readers or those who have little time. A chapter is two or three pages. Take a chapter at a time, and use it as a devotional! You don't have to sit for hours, you just need twenty minutes. But it will be meaning-packed, spiritually enlightening. You will discover meanings and truths you never guessed were portrayed in the Tabernacle. And along the way you will probably even discover something more life-transforming, the fact that each one of us is a Tabernacle, an earthly Tabernacle with the Spirit of God inhabiting us!

I don't need to remain ignorant all my life about the main features of the Bible, not when there are such wonderful resources as this available for a reasonable price. I have just received this book. There is also a poster picture you can order of the tabernacle that is suitable to be framed. I am excited to read this book and learn much about the tabernacle, which is really a figure or foreshadowing of Christ on the Cross and his work of substitution and sacrifice for our sins. Why do you think God was so detailed in his instructions to Moses and the artisans? It was because this tabernacle portended Christ in every aspect of his divinity and humanity and his work of salvation. It is the picture of God's master plan of redemption! That is why God gave complete instructions for its construction, down to the smallest detail, and when completed it was no doubt the most perfect and most holy building on earth, absolutely unique and wholly devoted to the One True God! No wonder that those who showed contempt for God and His laws, as even the sons of Aaran did when they brought unsanctified fire into the sanctuary, were struck dead by God himself. Anyone who as much as spoke against the Tabernacle in the general congregation among the tents of Israel was given the death penalty. This was Christ Himself prefigured, and all that Christ won for us sinners on the Cross. Without the blood covering their capital sins within the sanctuary, Abihu and Nadab the sons of Aaron were exposed to the fierce anger and judgment of of a just God, and thus died on the spot. That is the case for all sinners not covered by the blood of Christ who come into his presence. But thanks be to God, who provided Jesus, whose blood covers our sins, or we would suffer the same fate when we stand before Jesus at the Judgment.

David M. Levy's, "The Tabernacle: Shadows of the Messiah," is available for only $14.95. The poster's price is $4 and measures 18 inches by 30 inches and is printed on heavy stock suitable for framing. Wonderfully illustrated and authentic in every detail, showing even the Shekinah Glory blazing out of the Holy of Holies through the Tabernacle roof. Go to Friends of Israel website, or write to: The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, P.O. Box 908, Bellmawr, NJ 08099.

I am finding THE TABERNACLE a most wonderful book for devotions and meditation. Though it covers every feature of the Tabernacle, it does not contain too much detail or scholarly description and historical material, so that you are lost in the details, but rather the details point you to Christ, and you cannot help but be led in the Spirit to get down on your knees to worship God.

The chapter about the Veil of the Tabernacle and Temple is especially beautiful and meaningful. I learned new things about the Veil, which I am sure you will benefit from too. For that reason I plan to excerpt this section, so that you will be sure to get a taste of this book, if you weren't inspired enough by my previous words to look into it. You need to! It is a rare experience, and will reward you beyond anything I can say about it.

From the book, "The Veil" excerpt. Please go to:

"The Veil," an Excerpt from THE TABERNACLE by David M. Levy

For the excerpt of "Islam and Terrorism":

"Quran Presents False Christianity," An Excerpt of "Islam and Terrorism" by Mark A. Gabriel, PhD and Former Iman

"Book Reviews Center"

BIBLE PICTURES OF ITSELF is a wonderful thing, is it not? The Bible describes itself as LIGHT, FIRE, SEED, BREAD, MILK, HONEY, MEAT, GOLD, SWORD and HAMMER. If you had those things in the natural, you wouldn't need much else, right? Think what it would mean in the spiritual! You can order this tract from: Faith, Prayer, and Tract League, Grand Rapids, MI 49504, Bible Book Mark No. 162 ($1.80 per doz., $11 per 100).

A Christmas gift to me held some surprises other than my head. I was surprised to read the cap's tag which said "Made in Vietnam." A communist country making hats with "Jesus" printed on the back, "I love Jesus" on the side of the bill, a sewn Bible with a Cross on the cover on the front, and this message about the Bible itself, "When All Else Fails...Read the Instructions"! Maybe they don't allow them to be sold in their domestic market, if they have one. But they at least manufacture them and ship them out to the Christian market in America. How in the world did this happen? Amity Press in China prints tens of thousands of Bibles, we know. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is associated with Amity Press, if I remember right. I think we have given to them for the printing of Chinese Bibles. They do not supply the Underground Church, sorry to say, since the BGEA does not support the Underground Church movement. How else can the church operate freely, without government control, if they are not operating underground. Government registered and approved churches in China are subject to state conrol as to what they can preach and whom they can baptize. That is not acceptable to most Chinese Christians, so they endure the terrible government actions against them year after year and continue to mushroom in numbers. I have read articles about these churches and the various pastors and congregations and the horrible suffering they must endure to continue the Lord's work. But a persecuted church is a healthy church (which says something not so good about us in America!). They may well be the biggest missionary sending church in the world. Their numbers are said to exceed those of all the Christians in Western Europe. It is hard to believe that they could have grown to such a size if they had submitted to government supervision and the restrictions on number of baptisms and what they preach of the Gospel. I really hope the BGEA will reconsider its position regarding the Underground Church of China. They are ignoring the giant, and cultivating the mouse (the mouse being the government approved Christian churches). The giant needs a immense amount of Bibles, and will suffer any persecution and torture and imprisonment of the Chinese authorities to obtain copies (which are illegal, since the government did not authorize their manufacture and importation, and are subject to seizure and then the beating and imprisonment of anyone caught with them in the raided churches). China is a two-faced dragon. On one side, there is the fire-breathing dragon that most Christians know all too well. On the other side, however, facing west, it is Smiley Face, and it smiles at the foreign press and the foreign churchmen, including Franklin Graham, while severely restricting what they can do in China and allowing them only guided tours to see what the government chooses for them to see and nothing else. Foreigners are beguiled and charmed by Smiley Face Dragon into thinking that they can eventually negotiate an easing of the government's restrictions over time, by convincing the Chinese rulers they are an influence for the good of Chinese society. TBN is utilizing this approach, and whether it works or not, I cannot say, though they seem to be winning access to the television markets of China so that Christian programming can be viewed by millions. Perhaps, they can obtain limited concessions of this sort. The fact that Amity Press is printing Bibles in China, though a limited number that doesn't begin to satisfy the enormous demand for them, is some consolation and proof that their thinking is not totally false. But do those Bibles go to the Chinese? I have heard that they do not, that they are exported, just as these Gospel-preaching caps from Vietnam are exported. It is something to ask the BGEA, if those Bibles they feature in their articles on China are really going to benefit Chinese Christians in China or not. Perhaps, if they are going to Chinese Christians, they are only being given to those in the government-registered churches, which means only a tiny minority is being supplied. What about the other tens of millions of Chinese believers? They want and deserve Bibles. How can they be ignored and left out in the cold? We in America have more Bibles than we know what to do with, and the ones we have are largely unread. Chinese evangelist and Bible smuggler Nora Lam is deceased, but her daughter continues her evangelistic ministry to China, and there are a number of other ministries and churches that smuggle contraband, illegal Bibles into China to the Underground Churches. I think they are addressing a legitimate need, and no one else is really doing that, including the BGEA. Amity Press is just far too limited a production, and who knows what happens to those Bibles? It is hard to guess how this need is going to be met. Perhaps one day when the Christians are able to reach sufficient critical mass of numbers and persuasion, the Government will back down from its position of persecuting the Underground Church and allow it to operate its own printing presses. That would be the best case scenario, but until then untold millins of Chinese believers are enduring hardship of all kinds, because they cannot access a Bible, and also if they have one, they are subject to brutal government reprisals. Who is speaking for them? The BGEA is not, nor are the mainline Protestant churches, nor the World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches, not Amnesty International, nor any of the other so-called human rights organizations. It is small advocacy Christian groups like VOM, "Voice of the Martyrs," that goes to the aid of these oppressed brethren. If you want to support your fellow Christians in China, to help them gain a Bible or to get release from prison for possessing a Bible or attending an Underground Church, contact VOM's website. They can use any help you or I can give. One day we will face all these presently anonymous, faceless Chinese brethren, and they will be looking at us and wondering, did these Americans pray for us in our distress, did they ever donate enough for a Bible to be brought to us, did they care?

Click on Healing Channel or for the "The Story of Jesus" booklet

Missions Center:

"Missions Center"

Testimonies of Martyrs Center:

Islam (Muslim society) is torturing and killing more Christians than the Romans ever killed in all their persecutions, no doubt. Growing tired of the havoc and disruption they themselves created, the imperial Romans quit persecuting Christians for lengthly periods of time, whereas the Muslim persecution and killing of Christians goes on day after day, year after year, without letup, not matter what damage it does their own societies and economies. If the world were reduced to a complete wilderness, utterly desolate, and all Christians were eradicated, Islam would call that worth the sacrifice! [If you think that is an extreme statement, it comes straight out of the mouths of Iran's president and its chief ayatollah!]. The United Nations turns a blind eye to the slaughter and mistreatment of Christians worldwide, of course, as most of its policy is now directed by authoritarian and Muslim regimes. This is not a body composed of free nations seeking the freedom and welfare of humanity. Its members are largely elite-ruled dictatorships, either secularist or religious, but all hostile to freedom and particularly hostile to Israel and the Jews and Christians. We should not be paying one cent to its maintenance. The humanitarian aid can be done by Christian organizations, the United Nations, with all its corruption and incompetence, is not necessary. p> Imagine all the Christian Martyrs of this new century, 2010, being acknowledged by the United Nations, it would stretch for blocks and blocks around the United Nations Secretariat building. They need to acknowledge the truth, that more Christians are being killed and tortured by Muslims than even the Chinese. We know the Chinese are brutal toward Christians, imprisoning, torturing, killing, even harvesting their organs for sale while they are alive, but the Muslim societies are far worse. Muslim societies will not permit converts to Christianity, and if they occur, they bury them in concrete head down or to their necks in dirt in the public squares before killing them by beating them to death, followed by decapitation of course. Men and women are treated this way. This is the Islam that masquerades as a humanitarian religion with a compassionate heart! This is the retrograde society that Obama praises to the sky and which he thinks is so superior to America!

"Testimonies of Martyrs Center"


"Christian Activism Center"


"I sincerely hope when President Obama goes in for his annual check-up, the doctors at Bethesda will do a brain scan. Surely something must be terribly wrong with a man who seems to be far more concerned with a Jew building a house in Israel than with Muslims building a nuclear bomb in Iran."--Observation by Burt Prelutsky, a syndicated columnist, reprinted in "The Lamplighter," Nov-Dec 2009, p. 15.

What is the End-Time Destiny of the Jews and Israel? The media and the newspapers can't tell you, with any accuracy and lack of left-wing bias. Here it is, Scripturally!

"The End-Time Destiny of the Jews," by Rev. Christopher F. Squire

For intelligence gathering, this has to be a prime site, called the Debka File, emanating from Israel:

The Debka File

Replacement Theologians and anti-Semites, beware! If you are so foolish and brain-dead as to attack the Jews, you are sticking your finger in God's eye, of which the Jews are the apple!

"Friendship for Israel Center"

"Supernatural Hatred of Israel," by Hal Lindsey, Levitt Letter March 2009

"General Wingate, The Father of the Israeli Army," by Hochstein, Levitt Letter Excerpt, June 2009

Again, what is Israel's claim to the land founded on? Or, "Where Does Israel Get the Right to Claim Palestine?" by Wim Malgo:

"Where Does Israel Get the Right to Claim Palestine?" by Wim Malgo, Excerpt from News from Israel, February 2010


A pastor of a main Nazareth church, a valiant Christian and Arab champion with a mission to bring Christ to his brethren the Arab peoples, worked with the author and has this book, the True Koran (or Qur'an) (or Furqan, which we have in our Emmaus Walk possession) available:

"The True Furqan" at

Dr. Michael Gabriel has a portion of a chapter we will excerpt that will put to rest the notion that Islam and Christianity worship the same God. We hope to have it on-line soon.

World Net Daily, for Story of Sheik Masab Yousef's Believing in Jesus Christ

Anti-Semitism Center:

"Anti-Semitism of the Church Fathers"

Islam vs. the West Center:

"The Movie Fitna"

VINE AND BRANCHES has a video featured:

To obtain the video (donation of $20) go to:

"The Third Jihad," VINE AND BRANCHES

"The Erosion of Freedom," by Norbert Letts, Lutheran Digest, Fall, 1965


Bob Fraley's booklet gives an excellent account of America's founding, and also shows how Martin Luther and others re-discoverd the Gospel that had been lost for long centuries. Satan is attacking America, because America has been a special creation like Israel by God Almighty, formed for his purposes. Our Founding Fathers knew this special role for America. They said so! America is a shining city set on a hill. America is for the propagation of the Gospel not only in the Western Hemisphere but the whole world. America is a beacon of righteousness and God's favor. All this Satan has conspired with his godless confederates in American society today to pervert and destroy. Fraley describes the two Great Awakenings and the leaders--Moody, Charles Finney, A. B. Earle, Whitefield, and others--who preached the Gospel and hundreds of thousands of people in America were saved, their lives transformed, and their society with them. He tells how these moves of God provided the foundation for the founding of our Country and the writing of our Constitution and Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence, not to mention, colonial charters and later the states' constitutions. Did they think this country was Christian? Would you agree that the Supreme Court has something to say about that question? The Supreme Court, in 1892, stated in the case of THE CHURCH OF THE HOLY TRINITY VS. THE UNITED STATES: "Our laws and institutions must necessarily be based upon and embody the teachings of the Redeemer of mankind [Jesus Christ]. It is impossible that it should be otherwise and in this sense and to this extent our civilization and our institutions are emphatically Christian. This is historically true from the discovery of this continent [by a Catholic Christian, Christopher Columbus] to the present hour; we find everywhere a clear recognition of this truth. These many other matters add a volume of unofficial declarations to the mass of organic uttererances that this is a Christian nation."

"Presidente" Obama, you went to the world abroad and said America is not a Christian nation. You are proven a shameless liar!

On PREVIOUS HOME PAGE 62, go view the warnings that the Lord Jesus gave Bishop Curtis "Earthquake" Kelley concerning the coming terrorist melt-down of America if we do not repent soon. You can find this featured on the Red Alert, though it could just as well be featured in this center.

"The Second Coming," by Billy Sunday

"The Second Coming," Part II, by Billy Sunday

"The Second Coming," by Billy Sunday (delivered shortly before World War II's cataclysm)

Liberals and secularists, and even some foolish Christians (and I don't say "uneducated," for some have PhD's and are Doctors of Divinity!) who don't know their own American history, like to question that George Washington was a Christian. Could anybody but a true Christian, full of reverence for God and Christ, pray this?

"Almighty God, we make our earnest prayer that Thou wilt keep the United States in Thy holy protection; that Thou wilt incline the hearts of the citizens to cultivate a spirit of subordination and obedience to government; and entertain a brotherly affection and love for one another and for their fellow citizens of the United States at large.

And finally that Thou wilt most graciously be pleased to dispose us all to do justice, to love mercy, and to demean ourselves with that charity, humility and pacific temper of mind which were the characteristics of the Divine Author of our blessed religion, and without a humble imitation of whose example in these things we can never hope to be a happy nation. Grant our supplication, we beseech Thee, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."

PhD-holding secularists in American Ivy League universities write books and claim that the man who prayed this prayer was not a Christian but was a Deist! They can cite to references, of course, claiming there is no need for evidence. That is how entrenched ignorance and secularism are in our universities today, which are training the next government leaders! We are in sad shape, indeed, in American educational circles!





"And the Light Shineth in Darkness," Message to Americans, by Dr. Twilah Fox, Part I

Part II, Twilah Fox Message

"When God Departs--Is God Leaving America?" by David Wilkerson, 11-18-1991

"Revival Center"

Christian Women's Center:

Wonder what to do with yourself sometimes, feel at loose ends somehow, or disconnected from other women spiritually--look up the local chapter of AGLOW INTERNATIONAL. There are many in each state. You will love it, and it could be a life changing experience for you, as it has been for countless women throughout this country and across the world.

Are you married to a blockhead? The kind of jerk who started off great in wooing you, but since the honeymoon has forgotten who you are, and seemingly doesn't care? He takes you utterly for granted, doesn't he? He tramples on your feelings, time after time. He forgets anniversaries but remembers the times to watch all his favorite ballgames. He doesn't give you a box of candy and flowers or at least a card on Valentine's Day either. This man is an absolute ingrate! He has failed to appreciate you or all that you do for him and the family. If you had only known what he was really like! You made a big, a very big mistake on him! Is that what you are thinking? In your secret heart? Are you even expressing these things to a girlfriend? Or are you complaining at church to your prayer group, asking time and again for prayer for him? Well, here is another, better way that will get results you will like. A divorce is never the answer to living with a selfish, self-centered, insensitive blockhead of a husband. There is an answer--no kidding. And here it is--lived by a real person to show you the way out of your seemingly hopeless dilemma:

"Jewel in the Shadows: the Story of Abigail in the Bible," by Ronald Ginther

American Bible Society, and Debbie Midkiff Video 1

"Hero on a Guardrail," Debbie Midkiff's story in the American Bible Society Record

For Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern's Proclamation of Morality, go to:

Oklahoma State Proclamation of Morality, by Okla. State Rep. Sally Kern


We called attention to the millions of black Americans being targeted by Planned Parenthood, putting their offices and "clinics" right smack in the heart of black communities. We also rued the fact that few black leaders were calling attention to this, and alerting their people. But now more and more are doing so, even taking commanding roles in the Tea Party movement, to stop the juggernaut of the socialist government presently in charge and to try to regain our Constitutional freedoms at the next two elections--God permitting. We salute these black leaders, who are often pastors and evangelists.

Bible Greats, as Portrayed by Eben:

"Bible Greats" by Eben


Obama is just too obvious a Chicago crook and is probably not the sophisticated, suave, seductive Anti-Christ, but he is certainly doing a lot of the things the Anti-Christ will do as we compare Obama to what the Scriptures say about the Anti-Christ in Revelation. Arno Froese has composed the following tract warning about the Anti-Christ and making his case, a good one, that democracy will elect him into power. We know the European nations have democratically ushered in an authoritarian government, that is nearing its final stages where a dictator will be taking over as head of state. The Western democracies are that in name only, for they are now controlled by radical secular elites that know how to get round constitutions and democratic processes in order to institute authoritarian and even dictatorial governments. Obama is part and parcel of this power-grabbing elitist group. He has aggrandized himself financially and seized unconstitutional powers and is rapidly turning America into a socialist, authoritarian state after the European model.

It is clear from the signs that we have only a short time before the Antit-Christ emerges. But he will be democratically lifted to power, Arno Froese declares. That sounds like Western society and also America to me. We will be electing the Anti-Christ, if we are not raptured soon! Most Christians are so compromised with the world and so deluded by the Emergent Church movement and outright Apostasy in the churches that they will not have a clew, and will help elect the Anti-Christ, just as evangelical Lutheran church people in Germany voted for Adolf Hitler, thinking he was the answer to German's economic and social problems.

This message as I have given it so far isn't the Gospel, but it is a warning we should heed, for it perfectly describes the situations we see right now in our world, that are shaping up to produce the Anti-Christ. Now is the day of salvation, now is the time to turn to Christ for salvation, before the Anti-Christ comes. How about you, friend? Have you made your decision? Is it Christ, or are you going to take your chances with the world and its coming satanic ruler, the Anti-Christ? He will seem like Obama appeared to his masses of duped followers, a Messiah-type, who has the answers to every need and problem. But he will end by destroying the world, causing the deaths of most of the people on earth! That is his answer to the world's need, his contribution to world peace. But Christ will defeat him and then come to be the Prince of Peace, the King of kings and Lord of lords that will turn this world into a paradise once again. If you don't want the Lord, you can have the Anti-Christ, friend, who will destroy you once his true aims are exposed. But I will take Christ!

In the first half or so of the 20th century in America, Evangelist A. A. Allen was a great man of God who had a great healing ministry, but tragically succumbed to the sin of alcoholism and lost his ministry. How could that happen to him, when he had a genuine, nationally-known healing ministry? It is a genuine tragedy, but he wrote a tract message that still rings true, and presents Judas in the most reliable, scriptural way. Judas is a virtual enigma, for how could a disciple of Jesus come to betray the Lord like Judas did? He knew Jesus was innocent of any wrong-doing, and testified so to the chief priests, but he nevertheless handed him over to them for trial and execution, all for thirty lousey pieces of silver, certainly no big fortune even back in those times. What did he gain? Nothing but contempt and a premature death, and hell's eternal fires on top of it! What drove a man to such folly and self-destruction? Yes, we see people all the time plunging to destruction around us, for the equivalent of thirty pieces of silver too, and even less, without a thought of the consequences either. People seem prepared today to sell their souls for literally nothing. President Obama sold his soul for the Oval Office and the multiple millions he has gained through his contributors from abroad and the sales of his spurious autobiographies. That is somewhat understandable. But for nothing at all? Our souls are the most precious thing we possess--yet we treat them as valueless sometimes, right? I know I did, before I was brought to my senses by the Lord and restored to Him.

The Tract League

"Christian Greats Center"


Do you find yourself right now all tied up in a dark cave of addiction, enslavement to sin, or depression, hopelessness and despair, or abuse and woundedness? Are you out of luck, out of work, out of money, out of hope, or just plain "busted"? Even all of these thing together? I've been in this horrible dark cave I have just described, and the Lord set me free! I wouldn't be alive now to say this to you right now if that weren't true! I had no intention of ever following the Lord or believing in God again--but He didn't give me up for lost, he followed me and brought me back to Himself, setting me free from all the horrible sin and bondage in my life and putting me on the path to heaven and happiness with him forever. You can be free too--but only through Christ's Resurrection Power!

If you want to know that Easter isn't just about eggs and bunnies and cards and tulip flowers, Billy Graham tells us in a wonderful way what the Resurrection of Jesus Christ really means in our Christian lives:

What the Resurrection Means in our Christian Lives, by Billy Graham, an excerpt from his April 2010 Decision Magazine message, "The Greatest News Ever Heard"

"The Wonder of Wonders," by Edwin Raymond Anderson

The best series I have ever seen on the Crucifixion and Death of Jesus Christ has to the Kyle Idleman-narrated "The Easter Experience," produced by City on a Hill.

The Easter Experience Series, Kyle Idleman narrator, City on a Hill

"The Dogwood Tree Legend," retold by Pearl A. Ginther, mother to the founder of the Emmaus Walk School of the Bible

Resurrection Day, or Easter as it is popularly called, is not coming, it is here already, as we live on the Day of Resurrection all year long! We celebrate it all year long, not just on Sunday at church on Easter Day. Without the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and its reality in our lives, we have nothing to go to church for, nothing of God to put our faith in, and nothing to hope for ourselves when these measely little lives are over. But with the Resurrection, we have everthing worth having in life here and in the next!

Since this is the heart of spring, the Dogwood Tree is blooming at my mother's, right in the front yard facing the street. We have in honor of it Eben's retelling of the Dogwood Legend, a charming story, that tells of Christ and his tree. It is called "Mia's Journey," by Eben, featuring a young, seemingly insignificant "angel" in heaven who is sent on a strange but wonderful journey to find the tree on which the Lord will be crucified for the sins of the world. See how she discovers her identify is tied up with forty million unborns, who like her are all "MIA," or "Missing in America." It can be accessed at our Northwest Poetry website:

"Mia's Journey," by Eben

"Resurrection Center"

Big Bad Wolf Business Center:

BUY AMERICAN, NOT OBAMA-NATION! Please do not buy anything from the Obama-nationalized General Motors Corporation. It is a stinking rathole that is consuming billions of our tax dollars, and its pension plan is also in big trouble. Guess who will have to pay to fix that too? Let this utterly ruined corporation die a natural death of insolvency, as soon as possible, a victim that was once a leader in our free enterprise system, but which was bled white by unions and then strangled, given the coup de grace, by the crooked unions in collusion with the crooked Democrat government and crooked "Presidente" Obama.

Buy Ford. Ford refused government bailout funds (our tax money!). We know that Henry Ford was a peacenik of epic proportions, even getting up a "Peace Ship" full of peaceniks. If I remember rightly, this ship of well-intentioned fools was sailing on the high seas for the cause of international peace when World World War II (or atleast the Nazi blitzkrieg inflicted on Poland in 1939) broke out. A very active and imaginative man like Ford with too much money on his hands and a lot of friends who weren't led by the Spirit of God can be forgiven this unscriptural plan to end all war and usher in World Peace. They should have known that only Jesus, the Prince of Peace, will bring World Peace, true World Peace. That period of World Peace is called the Millennial Reign of Christ. The Bible describes it in the book of Revelation. They had the Bible the same as we do, but they thought they might pull it off without Jesus being physically present, before the Second Coming. Well, they failed, absymally. And so has every other peace brainstorm man has ever had. Those peace signs that the Left like to wear and parade around, if there is no cross there (and there isn't a cross, they are vain and futile--worthless. There is no true and lasting peace without Christ. Man will never establish peace on this earth. The so-called Pax Romana was actually riddled with endless struggles and wars and civil wars, as various claimants fought for the imperial throne. Countless battles with barbarians also occurred. Some peace that was! It was a peace of a sorts, enforced by the brute force of the Roman military, but within the Roman Empire there were innumerable struggles and wars from its founding under Caesar Augustus to the last so-called emperor who wore the crown, Romulus Augustulus.

Peace aside, and Henry Ford's craziness aside, he made an excellent car! And they still do! And it is American, another plus.

"The First Hour for Men"

"Little prayer, little power, more prayer, more power, much prayer, much power"--quote from Pastor John Hagee's mother, who is a woman of powerful prayer at age 95.

Prayer Center


One volcano under a glacier in Iceland is probably putting out more carbon emissions than all the cars and factories and power plants in the world combined. It doesn't take long for a single volcano to do that. Look at that immense cloud of volcanic dust drifting slowly toward Russia (which deserves it, in a way, after sending that deadly radioactive Chernobyl cloud across northern Europe in the other direction). Just one volcano has grounded half of Europe's airliners and kept hundreds of others in America from going anywhere too! Just one volcano burping! What if the dozens of others in Iceland and its vicinity all lit at the same time? They would shut down the world in a New Ice Age, because their emissions in a matter of days or a couple weeks would shut out the sunlight and keep it from warming the earth. This could happen. The Lord could allow it to happen, due to the abandoning of God by so many nations in Europe and elsewhere. It is so pathetic, to hear the newscasters. They haven't a clew what to do, except wait it out. But God is not waiting for them, he is in control. He is in charge, not the mighty European Union nations. They don't seem so mighty now, do they? It just goes to show, once again, that man is absolutely puny, and has not the slightest control over the weather or the forces of nature and the earth. We are completely helpless when these forces act up, are we not? Who could stop a tsunami? Nobody! Yet the nations get together in high-style in climate conference summits, such as the ludricrous fiasco in Copenhagen recently, to seek ways to control the planet's weather and climate! How utterly absurd! They cannot control one volcano in Iceland, much less the entire climate system of Planet Earth!

These leaders and nations are absolutely mad, crazy, looney, brain-dead, delusional, and plain stupid! Imagine how heaven is laughing at these overstuffed egos, as they concoct new conferences and schemes to control what is totally out of their control, since they would have to be Almighty God to carry out such plans. And that is the basic problem with them, they do think they are God. THEY ARE GODS, IF YOU LISTEN TO WHAT THEY SAY, THEY ARE CLAIMING DIVINE POWERS. They have abandoned God, but substituted themselves as the pitiful replacement. The Scandinavian countries are themselves culpable, for they are in the forefront of climate control and reduction of human-made carbon emissions in order to "SAVE THE PLANET FROM EXTINCTION." It is ironic that a volcano opens up under their back porch in Iceland and shows them up to be utter fools who cannot do a single thing to stop the emission of greenhouse gases from it! These countries' leaders are absolutely insane, lunatics! They are pathetic to the nth degree. Yet they parade around in their fancy clothes before the cameras as if they know what they are doing, and talk like they alone can save the planet, when it doesn't need saving by them in the least, for God is in full control. I am heartily ashamed, sickened, by my Scandinavian relatives in Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. They used to disply more common sense, but this shows they have lost it altogether after they abandoned God. The Bible is right about them and all like them, for it says "The fool says there is no God."

"Global Warming (Climate Change) Hoax Center"

Witnessing Center:

Creationism Center:

"The Genesis Flood," the History and Impact of the Book, by Dr. John C. Whitcomb


We haven't mentioned before that we have a Northwest Poetry Center that you can access, which will give you some spiritual poems as well as poems that are centered directly on current, hot button moral and political issues. We believe like the great Spurgeon, a firebrand of a preacher in 19th London, that our faith ought to be active in the public arena, dealing with the issues of the day, not ignoring them like self-blinding ostriches with their heads stuck in sand. Christ confronted the issues head-on, did he not? He struck at sin, death, the devil, and had some pointed things to say to his human enemies too, did he not? He didn't tackle the Roman Empire for the reason he had far bigger foes to confront and defeat, and the Roman Empire was insignificant compared with them. You can go to Northwest Poetry at:

Northwest Poetry

I wrote a little poem not long ago, actually a song, about the Titanic, which remains the premier symbol for proud, misdirected, God-abandoning America and Western Civilization:

Lullaby for TITANIC


Beneath the waters so cold and deep

A once great ship has gone to sleep.

No stewards, no crew, no Countess of Rothe,

Their lives fill the dustbin that conquered the Goth.

Refrain: Lullaby, Lullaby, rest thy soul, child,

Till you die;

Lullaby, Lullaby,

The wheat and tares together lie.


Fins fan the rust of staterooms’ dark decay,

Their gold and jewels in Time’s hand slip away.

No ship horn blast, no thundering steam,

A ghost lies in pieces—a gray, silent dream.


So sleep on, Titanic, your unreaped souls

Await the great Trumpet and the wrath of Bowls.

Your voices were stilled when you drank the last wave.

An Astor beds with stokers, a reverend with the knave.


The city shyster turned the bed

The village matriarch was laid—-

The Rubaiyat of Khayyim with Grey’s pure, milk-white maid.

So sleep on, gray Dreamer, until the last Trump,

And the angels cast doom on the earth’s blasted stump.

We know that the ship was stuffed with treasure (and carried the world's richest people as well), showing the vanity of gold, jewels, bank certificates and stocks-- like its owners, this treasure became fish food! Some of the wealthy indeed saw this before they died or escaped, leaving all their money and jewels behind in their staterooms and taking only essentials. How about us? Are we that wise? Or are we still loaded down with this world's goods, trying to save them and us at the same time. It won't work. Those material things have an anchor deep in our hearts, and they will drag us down into the pit itself when we try to fly heavenward. Jesus said "you cannot serve both God and Mammon." Mammon will drag us down to hell, only God in our hearts can take us heavenward. Take the Titanic as an example of what choices we truly have as living human beings. Jesus is the Ark, the only safe place to escape to. Those little lifeboats they brought along on the Titanic proved cruelly insufficient, there weren't enough, and then the privileged rich got off in some of them, while most people had nothing but cork and sawdust vests (and not all got them either), with which to sink or swim in the bitter cold Atlantic. If you want to be saved from off this mortally damaged, sinking U.S.A., then enter the Ark of Jesus Christ now. Don't delay! There is going to be a Too Late.

This is a most excellent magazine for you to inform you on Christianity and Israel, which you cannot separate and still have the true Christian faith!

A great little magazine devoted just to Israel that is pocket sized:

If you want to do yourself a great favor and boost to your Christian faith, subscribe to this wonderful "little in size but huge in spirit" magazine from Worcester, England, by writing to: Editor Justin Lawrence-Smith, Elkanah, 37A Battenhall Rd, Worcester WR5 2BQ, ENGLAND. You can also subscribe by going to the website. The internet website for ANCHORED is:

Anchored Magazine

There are four issues a year, and they are great, with spiritually encouraging stories, humor, games and puzzles, poetry, and illustrations, all helping the weary, footsore Pilgrim take heart and make it the rest of the way to the yonder glorious Celestial City of the Lord.

This magazine is excellent, and free of charge, edited by Pastor David R. Barnhart. You will get wonderful articles about what faith in God really is, biblically, in terms of the front-line issues of homosexuality in the churches, feminism, apostasy, the persecution of Christians, and the threat of Islam to all Western society.

There is also the article of a Jewish writer cited, that tells of Lincoln's love for Jerusalem, and his desire to travel there, expressed to his wife. David R. Barnhart's blog features the Lincoln article and the link to it.

David Barnhard's Blog for the Lincoln article

David Barnhart also wrote an article about the Reformation that we need to take heed to especially now, 495 years since Martin Luther contronted the Roman Catholic church and Papacy for the gross errors of its faulty, unbiblical theology as well as its venal corruption shown in sales of indulgences to bring in huge amounts of German money to finance the building of St. Peters in Rome. Pastor Barnhart cites the contested issues centered around grace, faith, and the imposition of ecclesiastical authority over the authority of the Bible. In a number of ways, the churches are in worse shape then they were in Luther's day, Pastor Barnhart points out, since now the core teachings of the Christian faith are being compromised and even rejected by theologians and churches:

"A New Reformation for the 21st Century," by Pastor David R. Barnhart

If you want a free subscription of this cutting-edge Vine and Branches Newsletter, email:


We heartily recommend the cartoons of the Levitt Letter, which are clearly the best in the Christian and even the secular magazine world. You cannot possibly find their equal--just try! And I won't hold my breath either!--Ed.

"Cartoon Center"


ON THE CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN CONFERENCE AND CRUISE MANIA: Christians have their celebrities, just look at the rosters of the conferences that are being held all over the country, and even on the most luxurious cruise ships. This is the way to really be a selfish pig and still think good of yourself, that you have gone on a "spiritual retreat" and this is kind of like doing the Lord's work, only you have every conceivable luxury and all kinds of entertainment doing it. Who is kidding whom? Christians, have you bought into the Madison Avenue scam that says: "You deserve it!" We hear that all the time, whether it is a cruise, or a box of Lady Godiva chocolates, or a new car, or clothes--the list of expensive things we Americans and Christians are told we deserve are endless. This is ridiculous. It is the world, driving us with its lusts and greed into throwing our money away on things we probably don't need and, thus, depriving the evangelistic ministries and church work of badly needed funds. Go on that cruise to Alaska! YOU DESERVE IT, RIGHT? I would not say you don't, as there is nothing wrong with a cruise that God is blessing you with, so I couldn't possibly know if you should take it or not--but Madison Avenue says you deserve it, whether you do or not--Madison Avenue just wants you to spend your money (which is really God's money) on things of the world so you have less dollars for God's kingdom. As far as cruises go, they can be ungodly things, even with Christians on-board. I have heard about such cruises, where the Christians forget all about their Christianity and dive into the bars and casinos and really "live it up," and after the cruise is over they go back to sitting in the pews as if they hadn't done any of that. But they were seen--by my late pastor and his wife, who related how they saw Christians on a cruise ship acting like heathens and justifying themselves too--after all, it was only a cruise, and not the real world, right? Wrong! You can't take a vacation from God, Christians, and still call yourself one! If you don't act the same on land as you do onboard a cruise ship, you are probably playing games with God, and He isn't fooled. You are a fraud, a backslider, a carnal Christian. You can't turn your spirituality on and off like the water tap. You are either the same onboard a cruise ship as you are in church circles, or you are just playing a masquerade game. Get real! You may be left when the Lord comes for his Wise Virgins, for if you are playing the above games, you are definitely in the camp of the Foolish virgins. That is most dangerous. If you really want a cruise, let Godf arrange it in his time and way. And try to think first of sending someone else you know for sure is deserving--someone who couldn't possibly afford it. That would truly be a blessed thing to do, and God will work it out for you too in time, if it is to be.

As for conferences, with their celeb key speakers, all paid something rather helfty, what real good are they? They cost more than they produce, spiritually. That is easy to prove. Think of all the money it takes to get to such a conference if it is not in your state. Many people fly to them, across country! Then they have to take time out from work, many of them. Somebody has to pay for that lost time at work. They pay an entrance fee too. Then there is the cost of room and board. With no exception these events are held at 4 or 5-star resorts or hotels or the biggest, most expensive arenas and domes. The food is pricey and so are the accommodations at the hotels. Everything has to be First Class, with Deluxe added, for King's Kids, right? Ja, you betcha! Now just total up those items--transportation to and from the conference, conference fee, hotel, meals, transporation in town, and various other expenses such as books or CDs and DVDs you might buy, and maybe add some contributions to various speakers' ministries--well, you get the idea! The conference fee is but a drop in the bucket compared to all your other expenses. And the Kingdom of God is probably out all that and more, since you might as well subtract the total bill from anything you could have given to God and His work. If you are conscientious, and pay over and above that amount as though you hadn't taken that conference, well, that is a different matter, but chances are you will be strapped for cash afterwards, and have to save up or even pay off credit cards you used while doing this conference. Add all these conferences together with all the expenses people have to pay to attend them, and it must cost Christians in the multiple millions. Meanwhile, ministries that supply Bibles to the Third World, disaster relief, orphans, widows, evangelism, the preaching of the Gospel, crusades--they get the short end of the stick. This needs to change. But you won't see the keynote speakers calling for the change. It has to be people like you and me. We are the ones that are the whistleblowers, not those who profit from the system that is draining off tens of millions and probably hundreds of millions from the Lord's work. Yes, conferences could be of spriritual benefit to some people, but why couldn't they get the same thing from just going to websites of ministries and reading books or even reading their Bible and studying it. Clearly, these conferences are not really necessary, they are a luxury, a frill. Only a rich society can afford these conferences, the way they are being conducted. But how long will God permit us to throw money away like this. It cannot be much longer.

Tiger Woods has no more claim to being a bigger sinner than you or I. But he has such a big name, that everything he has done is magnified, and it is made so much of because he was supposedly looked up to by so many people, they cannot let the mess go that he made. They have to keep talking about it, discussing and analyzing and embroidering every last detail of the manure pie. THAT is sin on their part. To spread the icky manure further than it would go naturally, that is to produce even more evil. The Bible forbids this practice. The news people and commentators and newspaper pundits who are profiteering off his sin, they ought to shut their big, flapping mouths, and take a drop in their pay if that is what it costs to shut up, rather than heap even more condemnation upon themselves in the coming Judgment. He who is forgiven much, forgives much. That principle is true and Biblical. If we follow that, we will escape condemnation for what we have done ourselves in sinning against others.

To view "King of Pop," on Jews for Jesus Website


"Bible Quiz Center"

Quotes Center:

"The heaviest end of the cross lies ever on His shoulders. If he bids us carry a burden, He carries it also."

"As swell agnat seek to drink in the ocean, as a finite creature to comprehend the Eternal God."

"I am certain that I never did grow in grace one-half as much anywhere as I have upon the bed of pain."

"There is dust enough on some of your Bibles to write 'damnation' with your fingers."

"Do you think to come to Jesus up the ladder of knowledge? Come down, sir; you will meet him at the foot."

On Acts 26:28: "Almost persuaded to be a Christian is like the man who was almost pardoned, but he was hanged; like the man who was almost rescued, but he was burned in the house. A man that is almost saved is damned."

"The most useful members of a church are usually those who would be doing harm if they were not doing good."

"The preaching of Christ is the whip that flogs the Devil. The preaching of Christ is the thunderbolt, the sound of which makes all hell shake."

"A sermon wept over is more acceptable with God than one gloried over."

"I would rather lay my soul asoak in half a dozen verses [of the Bible] all day than rinse my hand in several chapters."

Please go to the excerpt from Christian History Magazine that gives Spurgeon's view on "the separation of church and state":

"Who Should Run the Schools?", Commentary on Spurgeon's views on the "Separation of Church and State"

"Evangelism and Church Growth Center:

Jawbone of Judgment Center:

OBAMA THE GOODYEAR BLIMP: Barack Hussain Obama has said, "I expect to see Mars," and soon he may well wish he were there, as things get too hot for him on earth after people wake up and realize the tremendous damage he has done everybody (including his fanatical supporters who worship the veryground he walks on). This imposter of a president is the dupe of every low, filthy demon that comes down the pike in Washington. They all have his ear. Lust for power, greed, deceit, arrogance and pride, resentment, bitterness, hatred for a free and prosperous America, racism, hatred for Jesus Christ--what isn't he taking in? These wicked spirits have given delusions of grandeur and lying counsels to previous presidents, we know, but not so many as now, feeding the hollow man that is Obama, filling him with delusion after delusion. He has become so puffed up on his own glory, it is a wonder he does not lift off the ground like a blimp! They might even have to tether him, to keep him from floating away! But there is a danger with gas bags such as him. They tend to blow up after a while, the explosion touched off by a tiny spark of natural or friction-made electricity in the air running up a thin wire. Silos full of wheat also tend to blow up if the ventilating system isn't working to remove the dust that accummulates. It is the dust that is so explosive, and Obama is chock full of such whirling dust and chaff of wickedness. He will, even if left to himself, blow up (in fact, there is a prophecy of such an explosion or implosion in his administration!). No one needs to throw a bomb or grenade, he will blow himself up by the sheer pressure building up inside of his over-inflated ego's gas cells.

Washington anchorwoman on a primetime MSNBC panel discussing this picture: " It looks like missiles or something--could be Saddam was phantasizing, since he suffered from post-imperial-syndrome after the loss of the Babylonian Empire in the 6th century B.C. when the Medes and Persians captured Babylon..."

"It is no secret what nukes can do...

what they've done for others,

they'll do for you..."--Sorry to the late great Stuart Hamblen

Letter on opposite side of the picture: "This photo of me--sitting on Saddam's throne in his palace--was taken just shortly after I helped overthrow his terrorist regime.

"Looking at the mural behind Saddam's throne--nuclear missiles flying towards America--could it be any clearer that Saddam was a threat that needed to be removed?"--Hiram Lewis, U.S. Army in Iraq

"Who was Saddam Hussain: A Retrospect, an Except of "Who is Saddam Hussein," Mideast Watch, Special Report, October 1990

It isn't true what the liberal media says about Saddam Hussein, to minimize him and the threat he presented to Israel and the West; he certainly DID HAVE weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), and his Iraqi Air Force equivalent of General, Air Vice Marshall Georges Hormiz Sada, testified here in the U.S. to investigative committees in the government and also on Fox's Hannity and Colmes and other news outlets that Saddam Hussain shipped them out by air to Syria and Iran on Boeing jets when he knew the U.S. was coming forcibly to take them away.

As I recall General Sada's testimony from an interview on TV, speaking as a son of an ancient Assyrian and Christian from a community that predates the Arabs and Islam by 700 years if you just count the Christian era, Sada alone had the courage and integrity to tell the dictator the unpalatable truth to his face when he asked his opinion concerning his plan to bombard and wipe out Israel with missiles carrying chemical warheads. Nobody else would tell him the truth, whether this was going to be an all-out success or not. He had to suspect that unanimity in the staff and military boards was because they all lied to him, fearing for their lives. But were they correct, if they feared to tell him the truth when it contradicted his intentions? Saddam Hussein was not an utter fool who believes people who are under his power and who fear for their lives if they ever once cross him. He couldn't have seized control of an entire nation without a massive amount of cunning and ambition and ego drive. No, he had all that in his portfolio plus enough Hitlerian bloodthirstiness to make him a threat not only to everyone in the Middle East but the entire world. This monster of a man knew, however, nobody's testimony under duress could be trusted, and so he needed one man to tell him the truth, so he spared General Sada's life after he told Saddam it was a foolhardy venture, bound to unleash Israel's nuclear arsenal against all of Iraq's cities. Saddam, hearing this, was stopped in his tracks, and he ordered the chemical warheads removed, though he had some of the missiles fired into Israel. This was remarkable, sparing Sada's life, since he spared no one else's who dared to contradict him. He did not shrink from killing his own family members. He killed them whenever they opposed him, and he even shot dead top government leaders with his own gun at point-blank range who crossed him in any way. Another time he called his top leaders in government, then selectively decimated their number by hauling them out and summarily executing them without trial. [This was described by a man who was present in the gathering but escaped being called out, depicted in a harrowing news program I watched.--Ed.]

Air Vice Marshal (General) Sada tried to tell our U.S. Government and President Bush the truth about Saddam Hussain's WPM's, but the politically correct, RHINO mindset that infected and hamstrung all top levels of the government and the Presidency and White House prevented them from believing it or taking advantage of it politically against their increasingly hostile and aggressive liberal critics in the media and in Congress. The Bush administration bent over backwards to its critics and went with the utterly stupid CIA reports--which are so blind-sided, they are a total farce in espionage. Imagine how much Saddam Hussein was laughing when he heard about those reports, which President Bush gulped down without a question, reporting afterwards to the the nation that he had been misled and mistaken about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.

[President Bush, wherever you are! Why can't you listen to an Assryian Christian general when he tells you the truth? Did he get anything beyond his own life when he told the truth to his former commander, Saddam Hussein? He has no agenda, he simply is an honest man, telling us exactly what he saw and experienced when he was in Saddam's own regime, serving his country loyally but not at the expense of the truth.]

But Washington, even the White House, was so fearful and infected with liberalism by President Bush's time that they could not recognize an honest man of integrity when they saw one standing up before them, testifying at the risk of his own life that Saddam Hussein indeed had weapons of mass destruction, chemical and probably biological weapons too hidden away, then flown on top secret jet flights to storage sites in Syria and apparently also Iran. Well, we have not heard the last of this, as those weapons are still in those places, able to be used and deployed against Israel and the West. No doubt Israel knows exactly where they are, and they will strike to eliminate them, as they must do this or forever have this sword of Damocles hanging over their heads.

[President Bush, whether you ever see this or not, you will find out someday you are most remiss--that you cannot recognize a true testimony from a false one, and even if you did recognize the truth, you obviously do not have the courage and integrity to make it public. No, you bowed once again to the liberal left, where a lot of your sympathies secretly lie. Your father is the same as you are, and he approved of what you do, though it ran contrary to the interests of the national security of America (and I am not even going to go into your abysmal defense of the U.S.'s southern borders!). Now, largely thanks to you and your father, we have a socialist and even Marxist, anti-American president who cares nothing for America and its national security, and is compromising our country every chance he gets, exposing us to attack by all our enemies. You will have to bear a large part of the responsibility for this!--Ed.]

We have become a nation of pathological liars! Where is the truth being spoken? Not in government, not in Congress, not in the courts, not in the top military echelons, not in the schools and universities, not in business--where is it being spoken? Truth is a lost language here in America. Lying has become a way of life, a chosen lifestyle. Look at the Chief of Liars, Barack H. Obama (whose very name may be a lie), spout off to the American people, who feed on his lies. But not so many as before are swallowing what he spews out, they are gagging on it. Soon it will be coming out their nostrils! This is what happens when we believe a lie, ingest it, and it pollutes and defiles us from within, then boils up and bubbles out our mouths, nostrils and ears, a contagious avian flu of falsehood that infects everyone with a terminal illness on contact.

"How's all that hope and change going for you?" But that is a rhetorical question. It is plain it is not true hope and true constructive change, just the opposite in fact. This is how it is going:

Howard E. Kershner, Ph.D., writes in the Lutheran Digest, Fall 1966, how socialism is a dead end, in his article, "The Future of the Welfare State." Actually, a socialist welfare state has no future you would want for yourself and your children! See for yourself if you want what Obama and his crew proposes for America and your children:

"The Future of the Welfare State," by Howard E. Kershner, Ph.D., Lutheran Digest, Fall 1966


THE UNSEEN FRIEND: "When I look back I have no doubt that Providence guided us, not only across those awful wastes but across the storm-white sea. I know that during that long and racking march of thirty-six hours over the unnamed mountains and glaciers of South Georgia, it seemed to me often that we were four, not three. I said nothing to my companions, but afterwards Worsley said to me, 'Boss, I had a curious feeling on that march that there was another person with us.'"--Shackleton, famed Antarctic explorer

"TRUST" by Billy Graham:

Letter from former convict in prison to Billy Graham: "Dear Dr. Graham: Recently I was released from prison, and it has been really hard on me. My biggest problem is that I became a Christian and committed my life to Jesus while I was in prison--but now no one believes me. I guess I can understand that, but they believe I am still the old person I once was and some of my family don't even want anything to do with me. How can I convince them that I have really changed?--K.Y.

"Dear K.Y.: In all likelihood they will not believe what you say, no matter how persuasive you try to be. It is basically a question of trust, and in the past you have probably given them little reason to trust your words. The Bible says, 'The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in men who are truthful' (Proverbs 12:22). The same could be said of most people; we are naturally suspicious of an untrustworthy person.

"What will persuade them? The most convincing argument will be your life--showing by the way you act and live that Jesus Christ has truly changed you from within. Jesus said, 'let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven' (Matthew 5:16). This means not only that you stay out of trouble in the future, but that your life begins to demonstrate the love and purity of Christ. 'You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self...and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness' (Ephesians 4:22,24).

"Avoid places and people who will try to turn you away from Christ. Instead, get in a church where Christ is preached and where you can grow in your relationship with Christ. Then pray for your family. In God's time they will come to see the change in your life and receive you back--and perhaps come to Christ themselves."


When dealing with the Federal U.S. Government, it should always be kept in mind that the bread the federal government hands you almost always has big, razor-sharp teeth hidden in it, and what you eat, may actually be eating you!

Horror stories are already coming out concerning the Federal Government's departments coercing private, even intimate information out of U.S. Citizens! They must be confronted, challenged with the Constitution! Write a letter of protest and claim your constiutional rights not to testify against yourself and not to answer such ridiculous, personal questions as will be demanded by the Government. Plead the 4th and the 5th Amendments. A man did this, and he received an apology, and the manager of the government department that sent the "census survey form" or whatever they chose to call it said the matter of how they handled them would be investigated and reviewed. By the way, we can go to the American Center for Law and Justice, which is headed by Jay Sekulow in Washington, D.C. Go to their website and let them know what you are facing, if you get a census form of any kind demanding private information and also threatening you with a $5,000 fine for non-compliance and even prison.

A good case in point of late for Unconstitutional meddlings in the lives of private U.S. Citizens is the U.S. Census Bureau, which has sent a census form to you to fill out by this time, asking you to fill out who and the number of "who's" are living in living under a particular roof at your address. This question is fair and legitimate, but after reading it I am convinced it is not an innocent census after all, it has real teeth, a shark-like, sinister agenda lurking beneath the surface. How do I know this? Simple! It asks an unconstitutional thing that government, particularly the U.S. Government, has no right or Constitutional right to ask you and me. I cannot rephrase or stress the constitutional issue enough. It is asking what RACE you and I are and to declare it on the census form. This seems innocent, but on a census form how can it do this? I can volunteer such information, but this Census Form makes it plain that I better comply, using the threat of a fine or worse, if I balk.

Constitutionally, this cannot be asked, or if it is asked, we should not give them the answer, for it is NONE OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT'S BUSINESS! The Constitution of the United States, as written and amended, is color blind. It is not a case of "supposed to be color blind," or even "maybe color blind," it is color blind! It recognizes no color of citizen. It recognizes no race of American citizen. It only recognizes the citizen as American, born in the United States, and guarantees his or her inalienable rights endowed to him and her by the Creator. That is what it says, along with the Bill of Rights and the Amendments to the Constitution. A Color Blind, Non-Racist Constitution is what we have right from it was voted on and ratified by all the states of the Union! That is the document we have, and can claim as our heritage and our guiding document for this nation and its laws governing all of us. No legislature and no Federal Government in Washington is above the Constitution and Bill of Rights, nor is any judge in any court you name above the Constitution. The courts may decide constitutionality of laws and bills passed by state legislatures and the Congress, and the Supreme Court can even overturn decisions by lower courts, but the Constitution is above every established government and court--they are ALL bound by it. They all are issued or denied authority by it, they are all bound to uphold it and not go beyond it in any way. This is called the rule of law. Anything less is authoritarianism, force, and imposition of unlawful power over us the American people.

The U.S. Census of 2010 goes beyond the Constitution, plainly, shamelessly, trying to find out your race and my race so it can apportion social service benefits, free health care, amnesty for illegals, lollipops and freebies of all kind, etc. to the particular groups and races the Democrat Party has targeted to enlist in its eternal support. The White House is part and parcel of this unconstitutional scheme.

I do like what Russ Limbaugh has suggested, that where the blank on the Census form says "Other", check that when it asks for race, and write "AMERICAN" in block letters below. It is suggested you check or enter any race or ethnicity, which is not constitutional for the Census Bureau to ask or demand. But check "Other" then write "AMERICAN" as to what you are as a race. "AMERICAN" is the only race the U.S. Constitution recognizes and accepts and legitimizes for true U.S. Citizens. "AMERICAN" is the only "color" our color blind U.S. Constitution recognizes. No race, no color, no creed, can be put down and still be Constitutional. I followed Russ's excellent suggestion gladly, as I have chosen to stand on the Constitution and the rights it has delineated, which my Creator God has originally bequeathed me, as no man created them, no government has given them to me. What a government gives, it can and will take away sooner or later! Remember the slice of government-issue bread--you take a little bite of it, and it will take a big bite of you! So, Citizen, stand on your Constitution as the bedrock of your freedoms, stand up for them now, or they (the Orkish foes of our rights and freedoms under the Constitution and our Creator) will enslave you under Saruman's banner, as surely as Happy Donuts opens its doors at 5:30 a.m. and the Golden Arches shine all night.

On this issue and many others today, our Christianity's "rubber" hits the road, does it not? We have been forced into a corner by this Census, and we must declare for the truth we know of the Bible and the Bible. It cannot be avoided, this test of our convictions.

Psalm 20 is but one of many great, comforting psalms for us to read and take to heart in this distressing time. David, who composed many of them on the run from his enemy, King Saul-- who had become a tyrant and was actively using all the powers of state to find, subdue, imprison and execute the innocent David for doing absolutely nothing against him. God Almighty will fight for us against these unjust, relentless forces of tyranny, darkness, and destruction that have seized control or our once free nation at the very top and are now trying to divide us racially so they can continue their objective of dividing Americans up into government-dependent, and therefore controllable minorities.

"Psalm 20:

May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble; may the name of the God of Jacob defend you;

May He send you help; from the sanctuary, and strengthen you out of Zion.

May he remember all your offerings, and accept your burnt sacrifice. Selah.

May He grant you according to your heart's desire, and fulfill all your purpose.

We will rejoice in your salvation, and in the name of our God we will set up our banners! May the Lord fulfill all your petitions.

Now I know that the Lord saves His anointed; He will answer him from His holy heaven with the saving strength of His right hand.

Some trust in chariots, and some in horses; but we will remember the name of the Lord our God.

They have bowed down and fallen, but we have risen and STAND UPRIGHT [our emphasis--Ed].

Save, Lord! May the King answer us when we call."

The U.S. Federal Government and the White House are hiring something like a million census takers with our tax money to pay for them. Why this big push by the Obamites to number us all? It will probably be the most expensive census in the history of the world, if the Obama's "spend us all into bankruptcy" track record holds true for its performance. Anything this administration from Hades does is suspect, to say the least. If it seems like a census, then it is probably something more, something even sinister. Obama is a man of guile, and his adminstrators all are infected with deceit from the top, "Presidente" Obama, as well as what they brought individually to the table. So when the Government "Census takers" call, as they threaten to do if they find gaps on your form or anything they do not like, we can as Christians call on the Lord, and He will give us the words to say to these misguided people who are serving a racist agenda while thinking they are serving their country. We must pray for love and patience, and even give them the word that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. That should speak to someone in their organization who is seeking a way out of the dying world and doesn't know that Way is called Jesus! The U.S. Census poop sheet also threatens us with a $5,000 fine. But know that Almighty God is still in charge, despite their threats of retaliation if we refuse to give any information above our name, telephone number, and number of people and their names at our address. Anything else is unconstitutional, and it will not stand before the Court of the Lord, nor will it stand in a free and open trial in the courts that follow the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Perhaps a kangeroos court will find us guilty, but that is the risk I choose to take, as God is my ultimate judge, not man. We can stand upright on God's Word, and He has promised to defend us, no matter who comes against us to force us into slavery to them.

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