"God Has a Plan for my Life"

Why this song is significant to me:

This little song from my mother's church's bulletin "happened" to come to my notice today when I was cleaning out my car and at the same time praying for a friend whose wife left him, and seemingly there is no longer hope she will return. He is a Christian, and yet there seems to be no difference when marriages break up, whether you are a Christian, believing in Jesus, or not. But that is the Devil's lie, which we must not believe one moment! He will then use discouragement and even depression on us, to give up all our faith in God, just as he tried with Job when his family (and wife, who did not stand with Job spiritually or even as a loving wife).

This song reminds me that the Plan God has for us, isn't changed just because the circumstances of our lives may be so bleak. Jesus appeared IN THE STORM to the disciples in their sinking boat, and He calmed the wild wilds and waves with a word, "Peace be still." So too with us--we can expect him to show up when we are faced with impossible things--the real giants--that threaten to defeat us. But let them threaten, just as the wild waves and winds threatened the disciples, who grew fearful and took their eyes of faith off Jesus. Let us not do that, and keep our eyes on Jesus. This little song will stand as a reminder that we have a Rock of Safety to run to, as long as we look to Him and not to people for what we need. Hearing from God in this song, I could not help but sing and praise God on the spot, whether neighbors thought it strange or not!


God has a plan for my life.

God has a plan for my life.

I just can't wait to see, what's in store for my life,

'cause God has a plan for my life.

1. Before I was born, God was watching from above.

He paid close attention, as I was formed with love.

He knew just how special I'd turn out to be,

'cause God has a plan for my life.


2. It won't all be easy, but God will understand.

Through all the hard times He'll be there to hold my hand.

He knows just how special I'll turn out to be,

'cause God has a plan for my life.


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