"The Long, Lonely Road,"

Song's Lyrics by Duane L. Smith

October 23, 2003

[Sing through twice]

I'm walkin' that long, lonely way,

Just a'trustin' in Jesus

day by day!

If you're troubled, worried, burdened with pain,

just keep on trustin' in Jesus--

He'll break that chain!

Keep on walkin' that ol' path o' stone,

cuz you aren't really alone, when you walk it alone!

He'll dust you off, pick you up, and

He'll lead you to His throne!

You, keep on a'walkin' that long, lonely road; cuz Jesus will help you to carry that load!

Just listen to his words. He'll never, ever goad!

For the way gets easy, if

your heart's his abode.

The Lord'll help ya

walk that long, stoney road!

This song can appeal to anyone, but it can really speak to those who are incarcerated in prison. Surely, that life within the stoney walls is a long, lonely road, even with inmates to keep a prisoner company. Have you lived, or do you live, in a big city, full of crowds but seemingly no one who cares for you, whether you live or die? A crowd can be the loneliest place to be in this world, lonelier even than a wilderness or barren desert. Also, Christmas Time, when you are not invited anywhere and your family is too far away to join or they won't have you, is the year's most cruel time for some. Holidays are the worst days for those who are shut-in, or incarcerated, unable to share the time with their loved ones or families, or maybe they even lack loved ones and families. God knows this loneliness in all its forms and causes. He experienced it, being rejected even by his own family. His disciples fled away, leaving him to suffer alone on the cross. Only his mother, and a few women, and the disciple John came to be with him at the end, while before thousands had flocked to listen to him teach and share the bread and fishes and watch the miracles take place. He was a man of sorrows and loneliness. That is why we can trust ourselves to Him and receive His unfailing comfort in our times of loneliness, alienation, and sadness when you feel abandoned by even your friends. The composer, Duane L. Smith, walked that road all his life--but found Jesus to be his faithful companion. And look how Jesus went personally after His resurrection to comfort and give scriptures to those deeply troubled, worried, pain-filled disciples on the road to Emmaus! This is the kind of God He is!-- Ed.

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