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"Is America an Evil Empire?"

Answering Anti-America Critics, by Ronald Ginther

In the view of mostly undemocratic nations and even in the view of many Americans sadly enough, America's mistakes and inhuman acts are always dwelt upon to the exclusion of the whole picture--the "Trail of Tears," the Salem Witch Trials, slavery before the Civil War (which, by the way, culminated in the very costly Northern States' defeat of the Slave-holding Southern Confederacy (the Confederate States of America), a Union victory that was preceded by Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation.), are invariably trotted out to somehow prove that America is the problem with the world.

America's nuclear-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Second World War against Imperial Japan are added to the black list of America's so-called crimes, crowned these days with a scientifically untenable "Global Warming" (America is routinely labelled as the world's greatest polluter by the envious Third World nations, who would pollute even more than this country pollutes to gain the same level of economy--something we know is a fact, since under the Kyoto anti-Global Warming agreement the Kyoto Treaty nations are allowed high levels of pollution to bring their economies up all the while the economy of the U.S. would be lowered to reduce its level of pollution).

No wonder President Bush would not ratify this patently hate-filled, unjust treaty, seeing clearly that it is a direct attack to destroy America's economy and leading position in the world so that other nations can legally seize all our markets and industry and wealth for their own without having to create them themselves with their hard work and brain.

We have been subjected to the endless litany of America's so-called "crimes" against humanity and the world eco-system. But where is there mention of William Penn, the founder of Pennyslvania, and his great accomplishments of peace with all men, regardless of religion, economic station, and race? His achievements reflect things that are supposed to be highly valued by the very same people who attack America for its "crimes." Why is he being ignored by them?

There are many, even countless Americans to be admired, but like William Penn they will not be mentioned, unless they are made to serve current political issues and party views that downgrade America.

The conclusion we must make is simply this: America is hated more for its wonderful accomplishments than for its crimes, which number far less than its achievements for the sake of the betterment of all humanity.

It is understandable that poor, envious nations will resent and hate America for its high standard of living. But how can hatred for America be understood that has grown up with on this soil enjoying all of America's advantages, or most of them.

In other words, how has such an animosity for America grown up among those who have gained most from being born American? Would these same detractors move to Russia or even France since they hate America with such a passion?

America's homegrown critics' own words testify that they even believe America is a big mistake and should be completely wiped from the face of the earth (the line taken by Iran and communists and various Islamic tyrannies and terrorist organizations), or, failing that, completely reconstructed along radically different economic and social lines (the line taken by the Democratic or liberal parties).

These critics, homegrown or international, could not be more wrong in their views, or more self-deceived! It matters not what renowned universities they have graduated from, or how many degrees they earned there. These critics are profoundly blinded by their own prejudices and bigotries and warped view of history.

Why is America admirable. There are many reasons to admire Ameica. America, the creation of godly, freedom loving men, has been the greatest nation on earth, not because of its material wealth and productivity and the highest GNP in the world, but because it has fought and won freedom for hundreds of millions of people who otherwise would not have it today. No other nation has been able to play this role as America has done repeatedly in the two centuries since it was founded.

America is being called, wrongly and stupidly, an "Empire" by ignorant, prejudiced critics. What kind of empire frees the enemies it conquers and then gives them aid so that they can rebuild and become prosperous, free societies? What kind of empire even gives aid to help its enemies when they suffer devastating natural disasters such as killer earthquakes and floods and and droughts and tsunamis? No empire in history acts like this nation has acted on behalf of humanity and its welfare. Empires are ordinarily, by their nature, greedy and oppressive and undemocratic.

The Soviet Union, for instance, was an empire, and it sucked the economic life blood out of its satellites.

The Muslim Ottoman Turkish Empire did the same; though rich, it kept the whole Middle East backward and socially and economically depressed--a terrible legacy for which we are all paying the price today in Middle East misery and terrorism.

Despite the lies, the record says just the opposite--that America has been singularly blessed by God and has blessed the whole earth in a singular way. Even if America vanished today, its contributions to the good of humanity will be remembered for all time to come. It hardly matters if the Palestinians rejoice to see the downfall of America (just as they danced in the streets of the refugee camp in Beirut on 9/11)--they benefited too from American generosity and compassion, and America sought again and again to secure a homeland for them, which their own Arab brothers in neighboring states did not seek for them (Yassir Arafat turned the homeland down, preferring his life-long career of terrorism to peace and prosperity and a free society!).

America has been a far better friend of Arabs and Muslims than they have been to each other--as the record testifies amply. Who stood up for Bosnia, which is Muslim, when attacked so viciously by so-called Christian Serbia? Not Europe! It was America--of course, it would be America. America's heart is big enough to take the hurts of the whole world to heart AND DO SOMETHING! Unlike the United Nations and most of Europe, America never stands idly by when people are suffering famine or oppression by wicked rulers. It is criticised for going out of its way to help all over the globe--but the people who are helped do not criticise Ameica any more, if they once did. They know then who their true friend is--America!

America's arch-enemy headquartered somewhere in Pakistan, Osama bin Laden, the pathetic servant of hatred and false religion, who hates America above all over nations, is no one's friend--he can only take advantage of people for this own hateful agenda. He will sacrifice anyone's life for his own aggrandisement. We shall see him brought to justice--sooner or later--before God, or before man--but certainly before God. It is not whether it will happen--it is just a mere question of when.

Yes, after observing things for many years and reading all the books I can get my hands on, I am well aware of America's grievious sins, false religions, mad pursuit of pleasure and self-indulgence, immorality, bribes and corruption in high and low government circles, its lust for violence, its worship of celebrities, its dive into the pits of pornography, its drugs, its role as the biggest arms merchant on earth, and all the rest of it--but it is not an Empire in the sense that is being promoted by anti-American Americans in the press, in government, and Hollywood, and by common people. Challenge them if they use this term. It doesn't hold water when you know what the facts about America are. Unfortunately, the facts are not being given us today by many books, commentators, news, schools, educators, and the media. That challenges each one of us to go get the facts that are being denied us all.

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