"Witchcraft in America—-How bad is it?"--

Part I, by Ronald Ginther

The Apostle Paul, followed for days by a demon-possessed soothsayer in the Roman-colonized city of Philippi, Macedonia

Witchcraft, an abomination forbidden in the Bible repeatedly from the Old to the New Testament (see the many scriptures, by category, below) has become pervasive and widespread and "big huge" (to employ the current hyperbolical tendency in American slang).

Most evangelical Christians may not know this, or conveniently look the other way. To be kind to the churches, we will say that we are not equipped by our churches to deal with witchcraft, because churches and their leaderships are not equipped to teach us. Well, it is high time to wake up, lay people and pastors and elders! The Bible commands us to be ever alert to the Devil and his maneuvers, lest we find ourselves picked off by Him and fall to his temptations.

Many Christians use horoscopes in one form or another (they are everywhere, at the checkout stands, in magazines, on TV). They have fallen to the Devil, whether they realize it or not.

Is there such a thing as a "psychic junkie'? There is now, according to the Today Show, which just featured a young woman who says that she became hooked on psychics and what they had to offer her concerning her various problems. One problem that became very big was paying her rent, which became nigh impossible for her to do thanks to her addiction to psychics! Did the psychics help her by enabling her to kick the habit? Apparently not! She had to go "cold turkey," and then when she had achieved some release she created a "Psychic Junkie" website to help others like herself get of the psychic bandwagon. She has, I understand, also written a book. The Today Show anchorwoman asked her if she has truly kicked the habit. Well, no, she isn't completely off the stuff, she admitted with some embarrassment, because she can't (won't) give up Tarot cards, and she still indulges in palm reading. Nevertheless, she claimed she's "in recovery." Ah, huh! Sounds like a junkie's denial, doesn't it? And doesn't this indicate the tremendous hold witchcraft can exert on a person? She must have started off with the idea that one little call to a psychic wouldn't hurt, it might even help her a little. Yes, it helped her, it helped her to become a Psychic Junkie putting out as much as 1 grand a month to psychics. Were the psychics right?--what per cent were they right? the stunning, blonde Today Show hostess asked her. "About 5 per cent of the time the psychics were right on," the victim replied, then added that was enough to keep her going back to them. So, a little bit will "help," and that same "little bit," that 5%, will hook you into a real bankruptcy! As for the spiritual bondage, she doesn't recognize the signs, I believe, because she says she is still not going to give up Tarot cards and palm reading, and both are stock in trade in the practice of witchcraft. She isn't thinking soberly yet, apparently. Just one item of involvement with witchraft will be sufficient to draw her back in. There is no such thing as being a little bit involved with cancer. You either have cancer--and it will kill you eventually, sooner or later--or you don't have cancer. Witchcraft is a spiritual cancer, even more deadly than the medical disease, since this kind of cancer destroys BOTH body and soul. This young woman needs prayer for deliverance and salvation. She is still on the slippery slope heading downwards--and doesn't understand that.

This was an individual's case, but now let us see how pervasive witchery has become in the U.S. generally.

Why should there be an article devoted to exposing witchcraft and sorcery in America? There are a number of good reasons. The problem it poses as a threat to America is now great, probably greater than any terrorist cell with nuclear suitcase bombs in its arsenal.

It is no longer local in nature (such as Wicca covens operating in certain chief cities).

Two centuries after the notorious Salem witch trials (featured in Arthur Miller's classic Broadway play, "The Crucible"), and Nathaniel Hawthorne's anti-Puritan novel, "The Scarlet Letter" that pilloried the Puritans for their public exposure and punishment of an alleged adulterous young woman (who later turned out to be the victim of a cowardly Reverend you let her take the blame he deserved), these world-class works of art are still championed and used by the highly educated liberal establishment in the universities and colleges and high schools to attack and discredit all the Puritans of Massachusetts and, by implication, all Christians and the Bible who hold to any standard of morality. Unlike Christianity, which is discredited today among the intellegentsia, witchcraft has grown respectable and "mainstream" and permeated every major area of public life and penetrated into the highest levels of government and military.

Our nation's public schools are fundamentally affected too.

Entertainment and the media and the infamous telephone 900 psychic call numbers are also purveyors of witchcraft.

Our mainline, already liberal-run churches and the big money foundations (with funds in the billions) will soon (if they are not already) be greatly affected and dominated by witchcraft. It is okay in Christian families already for the children to read the Harry Potter witchcraft-school and witchcraft-teaching series of children’s books. Pastors, with an eye on the church rolls, ignore the witchcraft issue and say nothing to their congregations and the parents involved lest they rock the boat. Fathers who may know better look aside as mothers educated (i.e., indoctrinated) in liberal-run schools approve the witchcraft-laden books their children want to read. Though we may be hated for taking a stand against it, we must not trivialize or ignore the vast impact of witchcraft when our own relatives and family are opening the door right into their homes for their children to be indoctrinated by attractive popularizations of witchcraft designed to capture children's minds, hearts, souls, and futures.

I also believe our churches and pastors that are Bible-based need to become informed and active in praying fervently and with understanding against this, and to encourage parents to exclude this from their children as reading material or even viewing material that promotes witchcraft in any shape or form. The Harry Potter series with its budding sorcerer, Harry, in training at an aptly named Hogwarts School of Witchcraft, will no doubt spin off into wildly popular videos, games, children's and even clothing styles. I just saw a young woman with a Harry Potter tee shirt in the chiropractor clinic where my mother goes for treatments. By the way, have you seen those owlish, black-rimmed glasses and trenchcoats on pathetic young boys lately? They are a dead give away that the parents don't have a clue as to the nature of Harry Potter--which is a bad one, despite the charming aspects of this so-called children's series.

Before Harry Potter but preparing the way for Ms. Rawling's magical magnum opus, there were all sorts of games dabbling in the occult and demonic characterizations such as that innocent looking but highly dangerous game, “Dungeons and Dragons,” which first introduced many children, perhaps a whole generation, to the occult and demons back in the Eighties. This game taught children to cast spells and led to suicides among youths and young adults when their occult contact and spell-casting began to show disastrous effects of deep depression and confusion and even demonization in their lives. Lives destroyed! Suicides! Is this an innocent game? A Christian family I knew as somewhat more than acquaintances but less than close friends had a son who played D and D in his teens, and when he entered college he became depressed, and when he could not fight depression any more he took his life. His website continued after his death to be on-line, and I visited it and found he had been active in getting former teen friends to email him and discuss D and D with him. Evidently, he never had a clew as to what was bewitching him and fueling his depression. His parents, obviously, permitted the game and perhaps never realized what had cost them their son until it was too late.

Is witchcraft harmless, and thus should be made available to children and young people?

Ms. Rawlings thought so, and made multiple millions of dollars with her world best-seller--but at the cost of the ruin of countless, naive individuals across the globe.

An introduction should not have to be so long, but it shows only in part why we should take serious notice and take appropriate action. From public facts available in the newspapers and media, this much can be easily known.

1. The U.S. military (thanks to the court sanctioned acceptance of religion constituting any belief in God, regardless of whether that “God” may be Satan, has sanctioned and authorized practicing satanists to be U.S. armed forces chaplains. In other words, witches' covens have been sanctioned in the U.S. military, and they are being financed by the U.S. taxpayer (this means my tax money, with yours, is going to pay these witches masquerading as chaplains!).

Lately, they have moved a step further into darkness and Satanic bondage, muzzling the Christian chaplains--that is, seeking to ban their use of "Jesus" in prayers!

They also allow Moslem clerics to be chaplains, even those with radical Islamic or Wahibist connections and seminary training. So in order for Christians to be chaplains, the law has tolerantly included Satanists and Moslems as on equal standing with Christians to minister to the spiritual needs of our U.S. servicemen! Is it any wonder to you that horrendous rapes and murders are taking place now by gangs of servicemen conspiring together? The latest incident also involved servicemen who evidently would not report it, even if they had not taken part in the atrocities inflicted on innocent Iraqi girls and women. Why didn't they speak out, or try to prevent the schemes the rapist-murderers were concocting while on duty? It is clear that the standard of character has sunk very low, that they would say nothing to stop this from taking place. Were they afraid they might be shot by "friendly fire" if they spoke out? Probably! But now they are in worse trouble, and their reputations and careers in the Army are ruined forever. Is that better than taking the bullet as an honest serviceman? They decided it was, so now they will have to face court martials, loss of their careers, disgrace, and imprisonments and possible execution for complicity. Can you imagine the demoralization witchcraft is causing in the armed services? The actual perpetrators of the crimes will be prosecuted, but what about the ripple effect of witchcraft? It spreads and spreads, as long as the source, the pollution of witchcraft, remains untouched and active in chaplaincy of the U.S. armed forces.

2. The public schools, though the public school system in America was founded by a Christian educator, have also granted “equal status” with secularism, humanism, and satanism. Christians are not allowed to present evangelical Christian programs, but abortionists and satanists can do so, and be funded by the schools. Oregon schools have led the way in this. But schools in California go so far as to indoctrinate classes in Moslem teaching and Moslem prayer techniques, though they fiercely reject any mention of Jesus in the classrooms or certainly any instruction about Him.

It is all part of the liberal agenda for America's radical reconstruction, which has as its aim the removal of the Judaeo-Christian foundation of the nation and its institutions and the substitution of "toleration," "diversity," "multiculturalism," "religious pluralism," and whatever else they care to add to the witches' brew.

The Moslem aspect must be mentioned because it is a part of the changeover from Christian-based education to a secular, humanist, and ultimately a Moslem and satanist-based educational system in the U.S, we believe. Moslems, of course, will detest and try to sever the association with satanists and the occult, but the secular-humanist administrations and establishments and ruling elites in charge will continue to promote this union of oil and water, clay and iron, with the exclusion only of evangelical Christianity beliefs, all in the name of freedom and the First Amendment and various Supreme Court decisions and, of course, that misguided, egalitarian, secular-humanist-made mandatory decree, “There shall be no discrimination whatsoever based on absolutes and moral values."

This policy comes with a high price, indeed: rapes on campuses, cheating in the classrooms, buying of theses by graduate students (a former friend of mine at the university bought his, then had the gall to brag about it to me, while I was working so hard on my thesis! He had been intelligent in my eyes before he said this, but now I saw he was nothing but a lazy fraud and a fool!

He thought I was on his level, obviously, by boasting about it to me, but he was very mistaken.

Deterioration is taking place all through the infrastructure in America, thanks to witchcraft and the toleration of such a terrible evil. De Toqueville in the middle of the 19th century, a French intellectual and social observer come to investigate the reasons for American society's unparalleled rise to greatness, finally concluded after touring the country that it was righteousness being preached to the people from thousands of pulpils in Bible-believing churches that produced the phenomenal growth of America in his time. Are the students in the grades and in high schools taught what he had to say about America? Probably not! He is just too admiring of American society and its achievements as a free people to leave the stomachs of the liberal educators and administrators unturned. If we had a time machine so we could go and bring him back, after a look around he would probably conclude the opposite--America's decline and catastrophic decay are due to the lack of such preaching! And we are just now about to fall head-first into the pit, thanks to decades of Crossless Gospel and the preaching of prosperity, self-esteem, so-called positivism, and materialism.

It is the preachers, who are no longer preaching the Gospel and holding their flocks to the standards of righteousness, who are responsible most of all for the collapse of American society and all its once marvelous infrastructure and world-admired institutions. Our educational standards have been lowered so often no educator in George Washington's day, for instance, would think Americans are being educated. What passes for an education at the high school level today is not even sufficient for the graduate to use to read his Diploma! A H.S. Diploma used to be equivalent to a college education--you need go no further to succeed in business. Now a college education is not even the equivalent of a public grade school's a hundred years ago. Just look at the textbooks they once used! Look at the extensive Bible material the Texas public school system required knowledge of by the students in order to pass the performance tests! Textbooks that require science, math, English, history, and such, can't be used now, because our students and teachers would not be able to intellectually handle the material or the proper English it may come written in. Can diversity, multiculturalism, gender issues, sex-education (read promiscuity without parental oversight), abortion for teens, homosexual rights, separation of church and state bias, socialistic labor theory, and anti-American views replace a traditional education and its curriculum and not impoverish the student intellectually and morally? These things are not educational, they are indoctrination, as home schools that teach the fundamentals and private, traditional schools have proven with their resounding high test scores.

When the newly completed, world-acclaimed, billion dollar transit tunnels of Boston lose their ceilings and kill motorists, it is just another sign that Massachusetts, dominated by liberal agendas since the 1960s at least, is decaying and falling apart physically, long after it has decayed and fell apart spiritually by turning first to Universalism and then to secular-humanism and denial of God

Equality, a level playing field, so to speak, is worshiped by secular-humanists, though they do not define equality in its classic sense. For them it really means equality only for some, the "some" or "groups" they have chosen! Under their system and rule, Christianity is pushed out by its so-called “equals.” Only a Christian-based educational system can extend freedom to others--as, with certain regrettable exceptions, it has generally proved the last 230 years. All the other groups and belief systems take freedom away, without exceptions. History and secular-humanism and Islam's current behavior prove that fact, whereas history has shown conclusively that the freest society on Earth ever known was founded and constituted by Christians (Christians, certainly not Moslems, Hindus, and so on, and certainly not satanists, secularist-humanists, and all else). Even with the horrors of the Inquisition, the Crusades, the Anti-Semitism, and including the mistreatment of Indians and the enslavement of blacks, Western Civilization made progress in freedom beyond anything Africa, Asia and the Middle East ever knew (with the one exception of Israel), and continued to outstrip them with each passing year. We are not speaking of tribal societies, of course, but comparing nations and civilizations, when we say that Christianity-based Western Civilization has always been the most free and productive civilization and continues to be out ahead of all others on earth. Yet, to hear the secular-humanists, Western Civilization has nothing good to commend it, nor has it ever produced anything admirable in the social sense--both flat, outright lies and falsifications on the level of George Orwell's Doublespeak or the Big Lie of the Communist or Marxist State. To these sour skeptics, the story of Western Civilization and America in particular is all about poor, downtrodden immigrants struggling and suffering for nothing, being killed with bad working conditions and underpaid and exploited by big business--all in all, never getting anywhere for all their sacrifice in coming to this country, never ever carving off a piece of the American Dream for themselves. America is the culprit, taking advantage of the masses, bullying weaker countries, hopelessly divided by the race issue, nearly broken up in the Civil War that it deserved-- and on and on. Patriarchal, racist, imperialist, run by big business, exploitive, and environment-unfriendly, America is the arch enemy to these people--and I cannot help but wonder, do they really have it so bad at the hands of America? They enjoy educational and economic advantages and civil liberties and mechanical conveniences the rest of the world would give body organs to share! If America were so bad as they paint it, why are so many millions striving to get in still after 230 years of our nation's founding? Why? Common people are not so stupid as not to know a good thing from a bad thing. Irving Berlin suffered a lot of criticism for being a Jew, but it was much worse for him when he composed the classic, "God Bless America"! He let them know how much he appreciated America, as an immigrant from Russia, with this song. America had been very good to him and his family. He never regretted coming. He wanted only to use his musical gift to tell the world about America's goodness as his thank you to his beloved adopted country--this his critics, suffering from a yellowish, anti-America jaundice, could never forgive. We need more such brave, honest men and world-class song writers as Irving Berlin.

My own grandparents, Alfred and Bergit Stadem, were first and second generation Norwegian immigrants, and they worked very hard, right through the Great Depression and the dust storms on their little farm out on the South Dakota prairies. They enjoyed few of the mechanized advantages common today, but persevered through the difficult times, trusting in God, not government or men, to help them earn a living and raise a large family. They had no complaints or feelings they had been victimized, just because conditions were very rough at times. America was their land of shining opportunity, in their view, and that never changed as long as they lived. Their unswerving faith and hope, added to their vibrant love of America the land of the free and the home of the brave, proved sufficient to carry them triumphantly, even smilingly, through the worst tests and shocks and losses of life. They knew all of them--crop failures year after year, drought, the "Dirty Thirties" dust storms, the Stock Market crash and subsequent bank failures, abyssmal low prices for farm products, the Great Depression, World War I, World War II, sudden deaths in the family... but life in America was worth it all! In America, which was virtually witchcraft-free then, life held a wondrous promise, guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, but initially guaranteed by the Creator Himself, who had, according the words of the Founding Fathers, endowed us all with inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

My grandparents were devout, sincere Christians. They were not just church members but actual participants, serving long and faithfully in a variety of roles in their church and community. Most people in America then were Christians, and knew what they believed. They did not just call themselves Christians, they had a knowledge of their core Christian beliefs and could express them to anyone who asked. But this is no longer the case with the Christians of America, in large part. Up to the First World War, most army servicemen knew God and the Bible, and the precious, saving name Jesus Christ was not just a cuss word but a Savior and Lord to them. Since the First World War, a certain chaplain who later became a missionary in British Columbia noted the rapid decline in Bible knowledge and knowledge of God among the army servicemen. By the Second World War only half of the servicemen retained belief in God and knew their Bible. What is it today? Just as Britain's population has been polled whether they consider themselves heathen (the word used in the poll) or Christian or any number of other things listed, the majority choose Christian as their faith, and yet only about 2 per cent of the British attend church. Obviously, Britain, where Satanism and pagan rites are flourishing, is not a Christian nation any longer--nothing like it was, say, during the time of the Wesleys' revival in the early 19th century. America too, which has a large evangelical following and has experienced two Great Awakenings, or nation-wide revivals of Christian faith, is not quite yet where Britain is today, but the U.S. army chaplain's account of the deline of Christian faith in their midst is not very encouraging.

Is America still a Christian nation? Before the Korean War, it certainly was a Christian nation, something the liberals, without any historical proof, deny. If it is not any longer a Christian nation, what is it? Is it Satanist? Is it Gaia-ist (Mother Earth worshiping?)? Satanism is America's fastest growing religion, some authorities report. Islam is also making rapid progress. Christianity, on the other hand, is put increasingly on the defensive, as it is driven away from the mainstream, a process called marginalization. Marginalization seems to be a deliberate agenda of the media and leaders of liberal views,--all those who aim to separate religion from the public sphere (religion being defined by them as Christianity, not Islam or Satanism or Secular-Humanism, which are approved belief systems).

How can Christianity be singled out like this for exclusion in a Christian-founded nation? How can it be stated, falsely, that the Founding Fathers were virtually all Deists, or non-Christians? How can a secularized America be raised up on the ruins of the Mayflower Compact and numerous Christian colonial and state charters? What is the rationale for this?

Simply answered, the rationale is toleration, whether you have it, in some people's opinion, or you don't have it. We are also being brainwashed to think Christianity is a base religion, guilty of "hate crimes," because it is exclusive, whereas other religions are inclusive and, therefore, good. Let us examine this false proposition. Is polytheistic, seemingly all-inclusive Hinduism superior to Christianity? U.S. intellectuals were particularly attracted, along with other secular-humanist U.S. intellectuals, to this aspect of Hinduism, that it could absorb virtually anything from other religions and exclude nothing--or so it seemed to them. [Tolerant Hinduism--it is a fiction. The U.S. intellectuals who so admire Hindu India are silent about Hinduism's woeful record on human rights, and remain so, of course, even now when Hindu mobs are persecuting, beating, and killing Christians, burning down their churches and homes, all across India!

On the other had, Christianity appeared against the foil of Hinduism as rigidly exclusive, intolerant, and mean-spirited.

But was this intellectually-admirable, "Galbraithian Hinduism" truly equal or even better than Christianity in a moral sense? U.S. intellectuals and seeking hippies flocked to Hindu and Buddhist temples and monasteries, eager to learn from their vast store of non-Christian wisdom and lore, all thought superior to the Gospel, the Word of God, and Christian beliefs and values.

But the question remains. Was Hinduism superior to Christianity? In the social sense alone, not even considering the doctrine of salvation in Christ alone, there is no redeeming value in Hinduism. That sounds radical, but the truth says it. The unspeakably cruel and oppressive Aryan Caste System is the basic legacy of Hinduism--something the U.S. intellectuals individually deplored but did not publicly speak out against--since, by doing so, they would have seemed, in the eyes of their peers, to be espousing or approving Christianity--God forbid!

Hundreds of millions of men, women, and children for centuries, actualy for thousands of years, were condemned and doomed by the Hindu religion and Aryan caste system to be "dalits," or what we in the West term "untouchables" or "pariahs." Dalits have no human rights under the Hindu caste system; they are not classed with humans, they are lower than animals, in fact, and treated as such.

But there are other cruel practices that only Christians combatted and brought to an end. It was a Christian missionary that beat the drum of the conscience in India so hard and long he got that entire nation to halt purdah (the old, old Hindu practice of a widow throwing herself on her husband's funeral pyre).

How about polygamy? Slavery? Prostitution? Poverty? Racketeering? Government corruption? Child labor? Women's rights? Christianity alone has made the most progress in those vital areas and in stopping social evils that had depraved, oppressed, and destroyed humanity for thousands of years. The things that Christianity proscribes, on the authority of the Bible, is sin, which includes homosexuality, adultery, murder, theft, lying, swearing and impiety--the Ten Commandments, in other words. This holding to the reality and belief in the existence of sin is something liberals can never forgive, since from the time of the French Revolution and St. Just (according to Bishop Fulton Sheen, man was thought supreme, beyond the restrictions of the commandments governing good and evil in society).

St. Just's philosophy, evidently, has won out over Christianity. You will not see liberal notables like Britain's Everest-conquering Sir Edmund Hillary and America's gamut of liberal pundits ranging from university educators and the various media and political commentators and grant-dispensing foundation establishments to the talk shows on TV and radio (not to mention Hollywood film makers and stars) acknowledging this basic truth about Christianity--that we owe all the major advances in Western Civilization on both sides of the Atlantic to Christianity (even freedom and governing free societies came earlier to the Jews, from the time of Moses the Lawgiver and onward to the Judges, than it ever did in Greece, despite some advancement by Greeks).

Our nation's Founding Fathers looked to the Bible's Old and New Testaments for the fundamental precedents and procedures and wisdom in forming the separation of powers and checks and balances philosophy that made this new government the best in the world and U.S. society the freest and most productive on earth. You will not hear this truth given by liberal instructors or read it in their liberal-philosophy-dominated books and texts and lectures. Since they have proscribed Christianity in their lectures and comments in class (and ignoring Christianity's true role is just as bad as outright hostility), they have created the ideal giant petri dish for the cultivation of witchcraft in their universities and schools. Nature, as was said, abhors a vacuum. So does society abhor or eschew a vacuum. Society and all its institutions WILL be filled with witchraft and Satanism, if Christianity is removed and repudiated.

Government has incurred the inroads of pervasive witchcraft, which spreads like an invasive microorganism or disease into every branch of government from whatever point of entry it has achieved. With America, a most significant point of entry has been the U.S. presidency. Since F.D.R., it became known and was reported in the papers that three U.S. presidential wives (while residing with incumbent presidential husbands have consulted mediums. Who knows how many other presidential wives and family members did so? We owe these wives and their complicit husbands for the decline of American leadership and government in the last four and an half decades. How can this be said? The kings of Israel, when they were Godly and God-fearing, led the nation in righteousness and the result was that Israel prospered and went forward in development. Just the opposite occurred when they were not Godly and God-fearing. The rulers that were wicked men (there was one woman ruler, the usurper Athaliah (a descendant of Ahab and Jezebel, by the way) led their nation into catastrophic deline. Morally, the national leader has a tremendous influence on all beneath him. We can place blame squarely on Presidents Roosevelt, Truman, Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Reagan. We need not talk about the good any of them did--since witchcraft is a gross evil in the eyes of God and as such is not part of any "trade off." President Reagan, for instance, is credited with helping bring down the Soviet Empire, but that does not at all exonerate him for being complicit with witchcraft in the White House. When it became know what his wife was doing (she excused herself, saying it was to relieve her of her insecurity and fears), did he apologize to the nation and purge his own household of the abomination? Witchcraft is also not partisan; it flourishes on both sides of the political spectrum. It infects everything--everything!

Another example of how the President affects succeeding administrations is with adultery. A spirit of adultery evidently resides and flourishes unopposed in the White House. President Roosevelt had his long-time lover, Lucy, known to many in government circles but not opposed (evidently, even his wife Eleanor was complicit in this adulterous affair, not speaking against it or leaving him if he would not give the woman up). Then came President Kennedy with his numerous lovers, making their trips to the White House for a rendevous with him, with the national press turning a blind eye (and winking the other one!). From boyhood he was, despite his immense personal charm, an absolute cad (to use the old term that fits him best). After this rich young profligate's sex spree in England with girl after girl (his younger brother Robert joining in) while their father Joseph Kennedy the former bootlegger served as U.S. ambassador to the Court of St. James, he turned deathly ill from several maladies. Yet he continued the love affairs, one after the other. He was really too sick to be presidential timber, but he kept his bad health secret, as he kept his flings secret, deceiving the American people so he could be a candidate for the presidency. A life-long libertine following his dad's example, he was off celebrating with wine, women, and song on board his yacht when his beautiful but pathetic, young wife bore his son alone in the hospital. That wasn't an accident--it was his choice. Then came a smiling, charming, engratiating, amoral satyr of a man who slavishly admired and copied President Kennedy--William Clinton, who outdid even the Kennedys, throwing discretion to the winds and carrying on with White House interns, defiantly, even to the point of impeachment proceedings (and he was, remember, impeached in the U.S. House of Representatives).

The spirit and practice of witchcraft is intertwined with government. Government has many secret research projects, such as "remote viewing," funded by tax monies, and these projects are regularly reported on the radio talk shows (such as Art Bell’s highly popular and nationally syndicated programs, which have received the approval of U.S. sorcerers, by the way) as being attempts to use "magic wand tanks" of psychic mediums to attain possible military application for the fallen or unregenerate mind’s ability to manipulate objects from a distance. There are also many other forms, which are standard occult practices, by the way, that are reported on Art Bell programs and elsewhere, reported by the very participants for whatever reason they have to make this public (perhaps, self-promotion, a desire to gain speaking engagements that pay well, more jobs along this line, or to show the American public how important and respected they are in the views of the U.S. military and government).

Witchcraft and hurricanes--is there any connection? This smacks of God's judgment to many who reject the idea categorically, but we can dismiss their denial just as categorically--for the Bible tells of numerous instances where God judged nations and particular Israel for wickedness, using weather and climate---so why should we in America be immune, the lone exception? God has not changed. Only our pride would make us think we are worthy of a different kind of treatment and a different kind of God than the Bible describes!

First, in answering the question, Hurricane Katrina’s major blow against the U.S. infrastructure has clearly many economic ramifications, even without dealing with the possibility of God's judgment. High prices at the pump and the spike of trucking and transportation costs, not to mention many other effects on our society that remain to be identified-—the disaster has laid bare the fabric of this nation in a way that shows the moral sickness and rot that has become endemic in American life. This moral sickness (spread like gangrene through all our nation's torso and limbs) will bring us down--if it is not soon arrested. In particular, a natural disaster exposed the full extent of corruption of civil leaders and populace in New Orleans. Even members of the New Orleans city council admitted the city's wickedness and said such a storm as Katrina was necessary to "cleanse" the city.

All this impinges and dovetails with the occult and witchcraft movement that is taking over America increasingly, thanks to the open door policy of tolerance and promotion at the expense of Christian values and beliefs. Lousiana, and New Orleans as the U.S. Capital of Voodoo, spread witchcraft to the whole country. Does it not bear responsibility for that? After two hundred years of this, perhaps the Lord decided the time of reckoning had come for that city and state. It received a devastating blow to the extent it may take decades for the whole coastal region to recover--although God brought much good out of the destruction and upheaval in Lousianian society (the refugees who fled found haven in Bible-believing churches where many hundreds, if not thousands, were saved and born again, something that probably would not have happened if they had remained in New Orleans and had not been struck by the hurricanes). A second point to be noted is that Katrina has been connected to 9/11 because of the effort to equate by some the recurrent problem of racism in U.S. society. The U.S. government, it being charged on the B.B.C. and in other venues by American blacks, one a bishop, is racist because it reacted slowly to the disaster suffered by American blacks in Louisiana and Mississippi. Perhaps it is, though blacks fill many government positions today and must share in the blame now. Blacks also work for FEMA, which has come under heaviest attack by critics. This charge, though it needs to be addressed, is beside the point we need to consider concerning witchcraft as the primary evil. We are being spiritually attacked as never before in America by the forces of the occult and witchcraft, along with Moslem beliefs being promoted, all under the umbrella of the secular-humanist agenda for America. It is a complex, diverse society, so the whole gamut of the threat to evangelical Christianity must be accounted for (which we cannot do in a small article like this). We must as Christians make individual effort to inform ourselves by reading the best Christian writers and commentators on these subjects. Then we must make informed decisions and choices (with the Holy Spirit guiding us!) when we vote or do anything in our homes and schools or jobs that impinges on our religious freedom or Christian beliefs. Our churches are also vital in these areas of individual responsibility. It is high time we Christians came out of the closet and also pull our heads from the sands of denial and ignorance. We cannot afford to lose an entire society (though Josh McDowell says we have virtually lost an entire generation already).

Meanwhile, America is still under massive, unrelenting attack. America is, in a nutshell, being reconstructed to serve the agenda of secular-humanist courts, judges, and school administrations.

How has this sickness and rot been exposed? What is being exposed? The flood of occult books, games, videos, with the effect on school-age children, has long been on the scene. Author Rawlings' Harry Potter series, for which the children and the schools and teachers have been long prepared, accomplished a major break-through for the occult and witchcraft, as we again note. Not just children were affected. Mature adult Christians even succumbed to Harry Potter, thinking it innocent fun. I discovered that a family friend who defended Harry Potter to me was, earlier in her life before her conversion, involved in the occult. This explained to me her tolerance and advocacy of Harry Potter! She had been weak in that area, and so fell easily back into it when presented with a seemingly harmless form of the occult. Millions of Christians, like her, might well be falling into witchcraft, because of prior involvement with the occult before their conversions. We see an entire generation, including Christian children in Christian homes, accept witchcraft literature or witchcraft-promoting literature in a children’s story form. This occurs at a time Of declining belief in a Satan or Devil. People still believe in a heaven and a God, but they no longer accept the existence of Satan as evidenced in the Bible. Youth increasingly do not believe in the Devil’s existence, though they may even be youth leaders in the best Evangelical churches. The question is not even addressed, or it may be they might be asked To sit down. But they are not asked to do so, since their core beliefs are not even really known. Josh McDowell in his excellent book, “Beyond Conviction to Belief,” addressed this great problem With the change in core beliefs by Christian youth in the U.S. We of the older generation assume The youth process truth as we do and did, but they do not. We are losing them, therefore, While they sit in the pews and listen to us preach sound Bible doctrine and the way of salvation Through Jesus Christ.

This “greening of America” is part of the many-pronged attack on this country from within. This attack comes from the so-called “green” activists or environmental forces in the country, and it connects with the occult and to abortion and to secular-humanism. These forces are unified in their desire to reconstruct America into a "paradise" that animals would like, no doubt, but it is doubtful that human beings could live in it. Imagine a society without indoor plumbing and toilets, no factories, no automobiles, no transport systems for carrying produce from one part of the country t the other--this kind of America is a nightmare world that the "greeners" want to bring about any way they can, even if it means using the tactics of "eco-terrorism," litigated closure or outright destruction of dams, factories, refineries, nuclear power plants, mink farms, new housing districts, and so on. What they will achieve, rather than a paradise or utopia, is barbarism, anarchy, starvation, and catastrophic decline and death--all which the infamous, mass murderer Pol Pot tried to bring about in Cambodia, with his forced de-urbanization of the cities to bring back the agrarian glories of the ancient Khmer civilization. He was a true "greener," only he had more power than the green party groups enjoy today in America, being dictator of an entire country. This has nothing to do with genuine environmentalism, which was created by the Lord God, by the way, when he put Adam and Eve to work in the garden of Eden as horticulturalists, with the responsibility of cultivating and caring for it. Kews and Rigley's gardens in England nothing over the Garden of Eden. This most beautiful garden that ever existed on earth was in their hands--and how could God do this, unless he gave them the special abilities and great intelligence to care for it properly?

PLEASE GO TO PART II of "Witchcraft in America--How Bad is It?": "The Poverty/Witchcraft Connection," by Ronald Ginther. Scripture references dealing with witchcraft, forbidding it, are given at the end of Part II.

"The Poverty/Witchcraft Connection," by Ronald Ginther

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