"Burden of the Netherlands (Holland),"

by Eben

"O People of Holland, Return to the God of Your Fathers!"

You have made yourself a sewer, and you pollute the whole world that comes through your world-class, Ishtar-guarded gates, and think nothing of it. You pride yourself that you have established a haven for immorality. You pride yourself on the wisdom of your neutrality, which along with your mountains kept your enemies from attacking you. But you pass laws protecting immorality and drug use and killing of old people and also the unborn. How wise is that? Your evil-doing stinks in My nostrils. You worship the false god of tolerance. The beast of humanism is your ruler."


Beast at Gate of Amsterdam and Gate of the Netherlands


"You once knew Me, and honored and worshipped Me above all gods made by men, even the gods of commerce and finance that prevail yet today in Western nations. No, not you, but your Fathers revered me! Their churches and prayers weren't empty as yours are today! But YOU, their children, mock and scorn your Fathers, just as you mock and scorn Me whom they loved dearly and served faithfully. So I will punish you severely to bring you to your senses, and make you bow your proud neck. You are a white-washed tomb. Your "high" culture stinks, because you paint over a dung-heap and celebrate it as a work of art.

You do not honor your friends, but betray them. You pride yourself in your capital's free zones for immorality, but I will make you a barren wilderness, that even the sea birds will not tarry in or find anything pleasing to them.

Your technology and genius in industry will not save you from what is coming. What beautiful churches and edifices and museums and art galleries and mosques you have to enjoy and show visitors how advanced you have become! Your "high" culture will be thrown out in the gutters of the streets like garbage—you cannot eat your fine, beautiful things, and you will starve in your palaces and fine museums and fine shops and fine avenues.

I will take your ill-gained wealth, which is used to dishonor me, and give it to My People and to My Church. They will use it for righteousness-sake. It no longer is yours, it is Mine to give to them. This will come upon you soon, unless you turn back to the God of your Fathers.

You can find Me, I have never moved. You have moved. Your name is correct—-you are NETHER from Me—distant, self-removed, even indifferent and cold as polar ice in your hearts.

But if you will now confess and give me your hearts and lives, I will relent, but I will still punish the great evils in your midst though you have served as a haven for Christians and missionaries have gone out from your midst with supplies and support.

Your evil shall not remain--I will not tolerate one spot of it. You must be completely cleansed, people and nation, of your filthiness. You will be made to stop killing the old people and the unborn and the rejected young children. Unless that is done, nothing will be left of you and your nation though you have rested secure in your mountains and high valleys for hundreds of years. For I will not suffer the foul stench of you and your ways any longer. Return to your God--my Love awaits you! I am Jesus, Savior and Lord of all! Why choose death, destruction, and everlasting disgrace? I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father but by Me. Call on My Name, and I will answer you and save you. Remember the Prodigal Son? It is My story. I will run like the Father I am to greet you with open arms if you will take one step to return. Do you not see My tears? I water the ground at My feet with My tears, waiting for you. Do not keep me waiting longer. I have waited a long, long time for you, My sons and daughters, my precious prodigals! I am waiting still, out on the road in all weathers.

For those who harden their hearts like a shell around them: There is a snail in the Bay of Naples that likes to eat a certain small creature, but it cannot digest it, and it eats the host snail from within, leaving only the shell. That snail is you, little mighty-in-your-own-eyes! The evil thing within you is growing and devouring you, and not so slowly. You cannot stop it--only I can, but you must turn back to me and call on Me.

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