Romans 8:17, 18- "Now we are children, then we are heirs--heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in the sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory. I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed to us."


"God's Man,"

Carrying the Gospel to "Alayaska," the "Great Country," by Mrs. C. K. Malmin

--Prepared for the 50th Anniversary of Mission Work in Alaska--

Chapter 4

Fifty years of mission work has covered a period of years in which Alaska has passed through a tremendous transition. The radio and the airplane have streamlined transportation and communications.

One of our best known missionaries, Sister Anna Huseth, who came to Teller in 1920, saw the beginning of this period.

She gave eight years of intensive and consecrated service in the field. She traveled by dog team to all of the stations, and it was through her efforts that Shismaref was established as a permanent station.

On her sickbed at the Deaconess Home in Chicago she had the pleasure of hearing that the L.D.R. would not only build but also permanently support the mission there. God bless Sister Anna's memory.

Rev. and Mrs. Elmer Dahle, who have been in the field longer than any one of their predecessors, were given the building and care of this mission. They had done outstanding work at all three stations and had made extensive improvements at Teller.

Pastor Dahle also took charge when Mary's Igloo was moved and the mission rebuilt. On his furloughs he has traveled almost continuously in the interest of the Alaska Mission.

Miss Helen Frost has just returned on furlough from Mary's Igloo. She first went north in 1926.

Her kindly ministrations both in nursing and in spiritual guidance have endeared her to her people. The loyalty of our faithful missionaries who are willing to serve in our remote outposts, surely deserves our deepest gratitude.

There are many more names who hold a place of honor on the roster of Alaska missionaries. They have given of their best, and their work will live after them.

We remember Sister Agnes Nostdahl, who did not return. She rests near the mission at Teller in the little cemetery, near the grave of Mrs. Brevig and her little daughter.

Mrs. Brevig loved to gather wild flowers with the children.

We think of the Rev. and Mrs. Skavlan, Sister Mabel Lien, Miss Anna Mathison, and Ruth Dahle; Mr. and Mrs. Jess Olson, Gablo Hanson and Mable Gunderson; the Rev. and Mrs. Edson Hartje who served at Shismaref; Martha Brennum, and Sister Magdalena Klippen.

Sister Magdalena you would like to meet. She has the same happy twinkle in her eye that made Sister Anna so charming. Her ready smile needs no coaxing, and I am very sure that Mary's Igloo people have not forgotten her.

Before I close my story I would like to go back to our Teller station where Rev. and Mrs. Klyve have been working so faithfully for several years.

I am sure that they would find their duties still more interesting if they knew that at least four young women in our church claim this as their birthplace. I am sure these girls would like some day to see Teller again; Dagny Brevig came back to teach.

The other three are much younger. Allalie Fosso, Mildred Malmin, and Kiatcha Dahle, former students at Pacific Lutheran College and St. Olaf, have all heard the stories of the north, and love them.

And we their parents are thankful that these homes where we once lived are in good hands. Our cruise of memories must come to an end. It is time to say "Ko-yanah, Ah-lene-mekh," (Thank you, and good-bye.)--Mrs. C. K. Malmin (Missionary to Alaska)

We request kind permission, if there is anyone who can give it for the re-publication of this old monograph, published by the NLCA, Literature Committee of the women's Missionary Federation, Minneapolis, Minnesota (date unknown). My mother, Pearl A. Ginther, who gave me this old missionary account to use, has given her approval, and we hope that it receives the same from all viewers, whom we mean to bless by it. Contact: Ronald Ginther, P.O. Box 212, Puyallup, WA 98371

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