The Emmaus Walk Presents:

"Burden of America,"

by Eben


President Reagan said the Bible "has formed not only American culture but also the cultures of many other nations around the world." In a message for observance of National Bible Week Nov. 24 to Dec. 1, he said "we sometimes forget that for most of America's history, the only book most Americans possessed was the bible."

It "formed not only our language," he said, adding that it "remains far and away the most popular of all books." He said "the principles it contains are of timeless relevance and its beauty is forever discovered anew by millions of Americans."--from an newspaper article in the time of the Reagan Administration

God the Father calls to America and says: "Return home to my arms, beloved sons and daughters of America. Return home to Me! I am waiting for you, standing out on the road, looking for you! Why do you wander in a foreign country, where no one cares for you? You will suffer, starve, and die there! Come home! Come home! I have been waiting for you, and I am waiting for you still. Come home!"

"America, you exalt what is evil. You call evil good and good evil. I have not allowed you to be destroyed utterly before this time. I held back your judgment. Even the destruction of the Twin Towers was a mercy, for your enemies planned far worse than attacking them and also burning your five-sided temple of war in your capital. They planned to sever your head from your body, but I have held them back on a leash too. You think it is your own hand that is saving you from destruction, but it is Mine alone. Continue to boast, you proud nation, it will come back to haunt your ears when you are fleeing to any dirty hole in the rocks that you can find, but you will find no refuge then.

"Before then I will send a last repentance before the Lawless One comes to rule the earth for a time. I do that to honor the remnant of my faithful ones that still live in your midst, and also to honor the ones who founded your nation with a covenant I sealed. The Lawless One and his beast will be a savage oppressor, and take away your vaunted freedoms, even the freedom to do your former evils. You will be made righteous at the edge of his sword. Even he will be disgusted by your abominations and will punish you severely for continuing in them. Slay your unborn and call it good, lay with your daughters and praise yourselves, ruin the widow with high priced medicines and health care she cannot afford, reward the criminal, punish the victim, encourage the evil-doer--you do this and more, and have no shame. You should have your head put in a stock in every public square, but there are not enough stocks, nor enough squares, to hold you all!

"Instead, I will make you a horror to hiss at before the whole world. The world will see your downfall, and rejoice in the streets, even as the Palestinians rejoiced to see your New York towers fall and crumble into dust. You hate my holy Word, your courts outlaw my Commandments, and you teach your children to mock My holiness and wallow in your own depravity without shame. You dress in solemn black robes and levy verdicts against the helpless, who cannot speak for themselves. You put them to death, with cruelty you would not use even on animals, which are protected above human beings in your nation. What wild beasts you are! You are lawless, while priding yourself on the "rule of law" that has formerly governed only the jungle. Now you have applied that "law" to your entire land, so that you are free to do anything and commit any crime except the crime of naming a sin for what it is--an offense to Me. You have lost all fear of Me and your coming judgment--that is how mighty you think you are. You think you can supplant Me on the throne. You think you now rule instead of Me--and it will always continue that way, because you follow the boasting of your serpent-clefted tongue and think by that serpent tongue you will always prevail. I will reach and tear your serpent's tongue out, by the root! I will cast it into hell, into everlasting fire. Take care you are not attached to that tongue! Sever yourself now from it before it is too late.

"I am coming with a sword. I have My Word on one edge of it, and My judgment on the other. Choose, for you worship Choice, do you not? I give you what you worship. Choose! You have already chosen judgment. Why not choose life instead? Why not choose to return to your senses? Why not choose to escape utter destruction, America? My hand is letting go of the fury that strains to destroy you, root and branch. You will fare worse than Babylon, Assyria, and Rome, I can assure you. Forty million unborn slaughtered by your choice for convenience while you attack the sanctity of life and the sanctity of marriage! I will require those forty million among your living--that means you, and you, and you! You will be made a smoking ruin, coast to coast! Only the heartlands will escape the worst that comes--since they have not turned completely harlot as you have done. I take no pleasure in destroying a nation. You have destroyed yourself, if you do not repent quickly, and turn from your violence, blasphemy, pornography, oppression of the poor, pride, lying, stealing, cheating, divorcing, traffiking in the sexual Gulag with women and children, lawlessness, judicial homicide, judicial persecution of the innocent and Christians working with wayward youth, robberies in corporations and all areas of business and society, abortion, immorality, sodomy, murder, rape, abduction and abuse of children, and neglect, abuse, and even murder of helpless or sick elderly men and women, and all the other abominations you condone and propagate, which are so many that libraries could not contain all the books that would list them.

"You pride yourself on your universities and shrines to intellect which fill your land, yet you have enthroned Stupidity and Imbecility. They wear the robes of great scholarship, and you parade them up and down in majestic ceremonies that impress you but make Me want to vomit. The most unmannerly, senseless, filthy-tongued beast is accorded your highest credentials and degrees and honorariums. Criminals who smile at the rape of children waltz hand in hand with your college and university presidents to the podiums of your meeting places, where they receive your thunderous applause for every ignorant ranting attack such creatures can think to make on virtue, decency, order, and law. You pervert your own history, warp your own minds and intelligence, and then turn to make your children worse than yourselves! That is your legacy--bestiality and sodomy and blasphemy and murder. I thought you would be shocked some when your children rose up to murder dozens of other children in schools. But no! You took away all means for the schools to protect themselves against the animals you yourselves created by removing my Commandments and all moral teaching, as well as the Bible. You accepted the killings in the schools, just as you accepted abortion and made it a virtue. You sanctioned genocide in your midst, though you condemned its practice among the nations. What a hypocrite you are! The world looked at you as a laughing-stock when your presidents, Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, and William Clinton, used their palace and throneroom for sexual assignations, but you thought you were still praiseworthy. To this your press agreed among themselves to turn a blind eye! But I the Lord God saw it! You hid nothing from Me! You send armies and set some nations free, overthrowing bloody tyrants that threaten you in various ways; you even defended Israel and My chosen people, and I blessed you for that; but that is not enough to cover your own transgressions. You continued right on in your evil-doing, did you not? You even grew worse and more brazen at it!

"Who is worse than you? You say there are no standards, no absolutes, that can be used to judge you--but your own deeds judge you. I can stand aside, and let your own deeds judge and cast you into hell and the lake of fire! I offer salvation and restoration, not judgment and destruction. I am a Savior and Lord, not a Shiva the so-called, the false destroying god of the East. Mock on, and Assyria, Babylon, Rome, and Tyre will rise up and condemn you for greater sins than theirs--for you were given the Gospel of Christ, from the beginning of your nation, but you chose darkness and evil-doing over My Kingdom and My Holy Commandments. I never ceased to offer you salvation and goodness, but you mocked them and pushed them away. I will not let you continue in your rebellion and unrighteousness. Turn back quickly from the abyss! I have enough forgiveness, even for your great sins against Me.

"You crucified Me again when you crucified the poor, the elderly, and the disabled and unborn! You filled the whole land with blood and the graves of your victims. I have heard their cries, voice and unvoiced. Run back to Me now, as fast as you can, and I will reach out and save you, like a throwing of a life-saver to a drowning sailor in the water. I am your only Hope. Lately, when you slew most cruelly My child in Florida, using unjust courts and impious, lawless judges to sentence the innocent woman to a cruel death you would not think to impose upon one of your serial killers or child rapists, you wrote your own verdict. Preferring the law of the jungle to My grace and New Covenant, you will perish by that law if you do not heed the fate of the great and proud ship that ran herself against the edge of my angel's sword in 1912. The Burden of America is ended."

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