Prophetic Dreams,

By Ronald Ginther



In the late 70s, when I was at Bible school in Tacoma, I had a dream. It is coming to pass now. At the time nothing of the kind was going on. I went to the late Rev. David Teeter, the Bible school founder and director, and told him the dream, and he did not say it was a false dream. He made some comment that spoke of persecution against Jews in America was possible in his estimation. Indeed, events have proved that out 100%! I see now the dream was true, since it has come to pass in the many synagogue vandalism cases, the massacres of Jewish congregants in services in their synagogues, the virulent campaigns on college and university campuses across America against Jews and the State of Israel which is under rule of a Jewish majority and was founded as a Jewish state in 1948.

I had nothing to gain by promoting this dream. It was not even personal to me, except that I had come into contact on my job with the large, affluent Jewish community in Minneapolis the following year, and the fellow I worked alongside with was a Messianic Jewish Christian. I had not been studying the problem it presents, nor was I even concerned by it, however. Yet I had this dream (not knowing I was going to be in Israel in a year or two!). The dream was simply this:

I saw an ugly, depressed area of downtown of a big city, the inner city such as you would find in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, or Minneapolis, Minnesota, and there were Jews, wearing yellow star patches on their chests. They were being harassed, or persecuted, and some were being rounded up for taking to concentration camps.

Anti-Jewish, anti-Israel hate in America? There wasn't any at that time! NONE WHATSOEVER IN THE NEWS! Yet I sensed that this was going to come about in America. How? Yet now we know not only that there is anti-Jewish persecution going on in this country, but also who is behind it. The so-called moderate, peace-loving Islamic societies in America are definitely involved in a promoting hate for Israel and the Jews--as is shown in their parades with their placards condeming Israel and the Jews. These parades and their messages were unthinkable, utterly unknown, back in the 70s. They even know of terrorists in their midst, who are recruiting and taking contributions, but they are silent about this--and silence is complicity.

In thirty years since I had the dream the whole political and cultural landscape of America has changed radically. Now we see these anti-Jewish, anti-Israel parades and demonstrations of the so-called peaceful moderates of American Moslems and hardly blink an eye--we have been so indoctrinated to think that we must tolerate everything Islamic people do. We see that the dream is being fulfilled in this development, but we also need to know that the Islamic medresses (so-called religious schools associated or located at mosques) are teaching anti-Jewish, anti-Israel hate. These schools are mainly financed by Saudi Arabia, to promote its Wahibist Islamic theology. Saudi Arabian money also flows by the millions to American colleges and universities, and they are turning anti-Jewish, anti-Israel. Mainline churches and denominations are also being turned anti-Jewish, anti-Israel. They are anti-Semitic, in other words. You see "divestment" programs being promoted at their church conventions. These are weapons fomented and put forward by anti-Jew, anti-Israel enemies to destroy Israel's economy. The United Nations is already solidly in the camp of the anti-Jew, anti-Israel forces, and slowly but surely the entire American society is being captured to this world-view. Secular humanists, particularly, do not care for Israel. They favor Islam, despite its oppression of women, and its intolerance toward minorities, including Christians. They favor anything that does not belong to the Judaeo-Christian civilization--and favor its enemies, which is a melange, a witches' brew of gay activists, abortion providers, eco-evironmentalists, radical (and terrorist-complicit) Islamics.

The yellow Star of David patches? Did you know, as I just learned, that the patches were not invented by the Nazis, who required all Jews in Germany to wear them? Actually, the Moslems first required Jews to wear them, when they ruled the Middle East and ruled over the land that was once the Jews' homeland. This is a significant item in the dream--which recalls not only the Nazis and the Holocaust, but also the Moslem connection.

DREAM #2 & #3:

I had more than one dream about war in America, which seemed to be a nuclear war. It may not be a traditional, Cold War-type nuclear exchange, as you would imagine between the U.S. and Russia--but it was nuclear. I shared this dream with my current pastor and his wife, and it took place sometime in the late 80s. I know where I was when I told them, and their response was, they did not disbelieve it, so it could not be rejected out of hand and was not treated that way. Could it too be meant for some years afterwards? Could it happen fairly soon? Dreams are given to warn us by God to prepare. How can we be prepared? We must begin by praying. If we just brush aside His warnings, which sometimes come in dreams and visions, we will probably not be prepared for what happens. The people of Noah's time rejected his warning, preached to them day after day for a hundred years, not only in word but in his building the ark, the haven of safety for them, right in sight of them, so that they could have no excuse for rejecting God's means of salvation when doom struck. God's wondrous, saving ark, Jesus Christ, is here, waiting for us to board! We will be swept away with all the other mockers and scorners, the same type that mocked and scorned faithful Noah, unless we heed the Gospel, which contains prophecy as well. All scripture is given to instruct and help us find the Ark and board it while there is time. Even if we have become Christians, by believing in Jesus as our Savior and Lord, there are millions, billions, who have not--they are the ones we must warn by our words and godly examples. We are responsible for them, since we are set, like the ark of Noah, in their midst! For this reason, these little dreams of mine are offered to you, to help you recover the urgency of our responsibility to be a light, a lighthouse beacon light, in this darkening, doomed world.

FIRST NUCLEAR ATTACK DREAM: I was an Airman E3, later titled a Sergeant in the Air Force, in 1965-1968. I was in Colorado Springs at Ent Air Force Base, in the center of the major commands of the U.S. Army and Air Force, including the Cheyenne Mountain Complex of NORAD (the North American Air Defense Command headquartered under a mountain in nuclear war-protected buildings), and I had this dream. I told it to a fellow serviceman, and he said that though he had classified knowledge about nuclear arms, my dream pictured something that was like or the same as what he knew was classified. He would say nothing more, realizing this was forbidden to him. He did not have to tell me anything more--that was enough, and, anyway, I had not asked for any information.

In the dream I was standing in a World Trade Center type building, a Manhattan-type skyscraper, and the windows were in front of me--broad, unobstructed windows, very wide. I was feeling the greatness of the scene, and proud and arrogant. At that moment a kind of parachuted device floated down the side of the building, still with many levels to go before it struck the street level, and I understood instantly what it was: Doomsday had struck. We were all going to be blown up to atoms by that device. It was just a matter of seconds, before it detonated. I stood there, realizing there was absolutely nothing I could do--we were all going to atomize, the building was going to blow up, perhaps with the whole city.

SECOND NUCLEAR ATTACK DREAM: I saw a large, riverine city, and it appeared to me to be Portland, Oregon, the most urban area of it along the Columbia River. Probably it was. The bridges were down, destroyed somehow, and the city was cut off from the outside world. It could not be reached. It was, like the pieces of the fallen Roman Empire in the West, "on its own." I saw the mayor who could do nothing to help his city, and I saw a command center panel, which was what you would see in a missile launching facility. Had missiles been aimed and sent at American cities, destroying much of them and leaving their bridges lying in heaps in the rivers--cutting off the survivors from the rest of the country. This was a nation, if Portland, Oregon, was the city--of such cities--lying helplessly in ruins, isolated pieces struggling to cope with impossible situations. Portland, Oregon, on its own! Imagine that! It cannot survive alone. It will perish. But without air travel, bridges, and trains and cars and highways, it will starve and perish. Its economy will vanish overnight, if such a city is cut off. Its food stocks and medicines and potable water supplies and electrical heating and appliances operating on electricity will disappear or fail to run, causing a total shut-down of lights and machinery and life-giving infrastructure such as hospitals overnight. All business will shut down. Looters and violent criminals will rule the cities--there will be no law and order, it will be anarchy. Millions will perish, because they have no means to even get out of the isolated cities, and where would they go? The wooded or mostly open fields or mountains of the countryside cannot help them--there isn't the resources there to help them--they are doomed. And even if there was help waiting there, how would they get there? The vital bridges, the lifelines of the highways and the train trestles across the rivers, are destroyed.

Since I had these dreams, much has happened that brings the time that such could happen to us as described in this little dream. It is very possible that Iran will strike the East Coast, clandestinely, without notification, with nuclear armed missiles, or North Korea, in agreement, could strike the West Coast at least. Its agents could also strike us from within with nuclear bombs they have brought in, or they could set off bombs on key bridges or highways, since they have hundreds of agents. We also are dealing with Al Qaeda operatives in the U.S.

They could do their dirty work, all in timing with the attacks by North Korea and Iran. China too could be a major player, just as Nineveh and the Assyrian Empire was attacked by a coalition force of its enemies and was totally destroyed in 612 B.C. We too may fall in a matter of hours--with no hope or means of recovery. Assyria struggled to survive, in a couple rump or splinter kingdoms in Syria, but they were soon attacked and stamped out of existence.

Imagine some such scenario here in the U.S., as what remains of the U.S. government and military retreat to various sectors of the country to try and save what is left.

They will be pursued by all its triumphant enemies, and destroyed, wherever they run. Once the gates are down, we cannot hope to save anything of the United States--unless our enemies are content with completely knocking us out as a superpower and reducing us to a shattered wreck that nobody would want.

All this is quite possible, and is imminent.

Our enemies are equipped, willing, and ready to deal us these death blows.

China may well be a major player, hoping that other enemies of the U.S. will deal the first blows, which will show whether we can keep standing or not and fight back.

And there may also be a neo-imperial Russia--which is not our friend but another arch-enemy under the KGB's Putin. He lusts for power and oil wealth--and will stop at nothing to obtain Russian supremacy and the destruction of the U.S.

There is also nuclear-armed Pakistan. This is no friend of ours. It provides a safe haven for terrorists, and a recruiting ground for them to use against U.S. forces in Iraq. It pretends to be a U.S. ally, and is a dictatorship.

Saudi Arabia also may play a role--funding terrorists as it does, it has billions in oil money to destroy us, and does not need nuclear arms since the terrorists can buy them from Russia. Saudi Arabia also pretends to be a U.S. ally, but meanwhile does everything it can to destroy us from within, since it persecutes Christians, killing every Christian in its borders it can get its hands on.

But if we fall to the first strikes and show we are helpless to retaliate against our anonymous foes, there will be the proof we are the paper tiger she has always said we are--and Communist China will leap upon us too (this shows we must know our enemies--and have active, on-going intelligence just who they are, or we cannot retaliate, nor fend them off when they make preemptive strikes).

Truly, this can happen overnight. It could begin in hours, or any minute. We are in the scales of God--being weighed, and being found wanting. Will grace continue to hold back Doom and Destruction? Will we be permitted any more time to repent and turn from or sinful ways of compromise with the wicked of the world, selling our national security for oil and friends who are really wolves in sheep's clothing?

When we are struck down, you can be certain that no one will come to our aid. Not one nation will help us, no matter how much help we have given in the past, when they were struck down by natural or man-made calamities.

We will be on our own, having rejected God's warnings, having passed by our last opportunities to seek God and repent.

Have we not, O America, arrived at the point described in the book of Nahum when mighty Nineveh, the metroplex and capital of a superpower state of ancient times, sat proudly on its heaps of gold and treasure, surrounded by seemingly impregnable fortresses and land and river walls and sluices, its arsenals overflowing with armaments, its barracks full of troops, with chariots and horses and bowsmen making their rounds on the great city walls, its marketplaces teaming with merchants and their goods from all over the world--enjoying a place of supremacy among the nations of the world, all while the armies of its enemies gathered round the city to strike the fatal blow?


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